America’s Next Top Model Spoilers: Cycle 12 Finale!

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12: Finale Recap

Source: Reality Wanted

This week on America’s Next Top Model, it was the final episode of the season! Three girls remain: Allison, Aminat and Teyona. They received scripts and realized that they would be shooting their CoverGirl commercial. When they got to the set, they found out they were doing both a commercial and a photo shoot. Aminat was the first one to shoot the commercial and did a good job minus the fact that her personality was lacking. Her eyes weren’t showing any emotion either. Allison forgot her lines in front of the camera but managed to pull through. Teyona got caught up in her nerves and she started crying.

The next day, it was time for the first elimination of the episode. Teyona made it clear in the commercial that she was nervous but her photo really connected. Allison’s commercial wasn’t bad and her photo was beautiful. Aminat got some claps for her commercial but her photo wasn’t up to par with her commercial which lead to her elimination.

The two finalists, Allison and Teyona, went straight to a photo shoot for Seventeen magazine. Whichever girl wins America’s Next Top Model will have her photo on the cover of the magazine.

It is time for the final runway walk for Rosa Cha to determine the winner of America’s Next Top Model. Teyona looked great in her bathing suit and Allison did a surprisingly great job. The last part of the show, the girls were painted in black and had to crawl across the runway. It was a very artsy but weird end to a runway show.

The girls finished the show and went straight to the final elimination. Allison made Tyra shocked and amazed with her walk. Teyona’s walk felt a bit robotic at times but when she put her hands on her hips she owned the runway. The judges deliberated intensely and now for the moment we have all been waiting for…drum roll please!

And the winner is…TEYONA!!!

(Image courtesy of The CW)

Top Model Judge Paulina Porizkova Gets Fired

Source: TV Guide

America’s Next Top Model judge Paulina Porizkova says she’s been fired from the reality competition series. Only one night before the Season 12 finale of America’s Next Top Model (Wednesday at 8 pm/ET on CW), Porizkova told late night host Craig Ferguson she was axed — on her birthday, no less. “Listen, do you know why I am in Los Angeles … because I am looking for a job because I was fired by America’s Next Top Model on my birthday,” said Porizkova. So why did the model, who replaced model Twiggy in Season 10, get the boot? “The reason I was told I was fired was because it seemed that America’s Top Model has gotten too fat, and they needed to cut some fat. And the fat was me.” The fat is metaphorical, of course: Porizkova is still practically a stick figure. Porizkova also said the show’s producers felt she had an “ego problem” of which she was unaware.

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 12 Finale Preview

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
‘America’s Next Top Model’ is down to three and they have to work out CoverGirl commercial shoot before crawling on the runway.'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 12 Finale Preview
See larger image With Celia being the latest kicked-out contestant of ““, three remain to steal the crown next week. Aminat, Allison and Teyona will face the CoverGirl challenge in the finale and only two will strut their moves in the show’s “most provocative” runways. On the Wednesday, May 6 episode, Celia was in the bottom two along with Aminat. The judges were complaining of Celia’s old look which could be a problem when she has to do the cover for Seventeen magazine. So they admitted Aminat in, with the warning that she has got to work it in the photo shoots. The finale for the 12th cycle will air on Wednesday, May 13. They have to complete their CoverGirl commercial before one is eliminated. Then, the two finalists shoot their Seventeen magazine cover, and show the judges their fiercest moves when they, literally, crawl down the final runway.

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  1. dominique

     /  May 14, 2009

    WTF teyona iz a stiff lil robot she didnt deserve to win. I wanted amnat to win but since she got eliminated i was hoping dat allison wud win. But tyra chose the worse model ever! Wats wrong wit tyra this season i think shes gone a lil nuts.I think this show wuz called Americas Worst Top Model. UGHHHHHHHHH Im so freakin pissed. Even the person on american idol i wanted to win didnt win which was danny :). WHATS WRONG WITH THE WORLD!!!!!!!

  2. Telisha

     /  May 14, 2009

    dont hate who has done the best through out the season T .has, her pictures was consistant and she has a good sense of humor..her runway walk was better..she was just nervous.

  3. goba & losh

     /  May 14, 2009

    i think allison should have won because she is kind of wierd and there has never been a model like her and she took good pictures and her walk was actually good but im glad that teyona won instead of amina

  4. I think the concept of the “Top Model” is great. It has been creaed in so many countries now.
    In Australia, it has been running for about 4 years (I think) and I look forward to it each week / season.
    Australia’s Next Top Model also had one of the judges axed. Jodie (the Host of Australia’s Next Top Model) suffered a massive dose of Stage Fright just before the Live Finale of last season and refused to do the show. As result, she was axed – Rightly so in my mind too.
    I believe the the Next Top Model shows are more than modelling. It is about creating a support network with role models. Jodie simply couldn’t practice what she preached.

  5. All in All cycle 12 was a dissapointment! this show all about just looking weird and different not if your a pretty model or anything!

  6. Vote for Allison. She has a beautiful face, with a perfect body and a smooth skin…

  7. Camilo Acari Sanchez

     /  May 15, 2009


  8. @Camilo Acari Sanchez:
    Are you think we have a black president?

  9. doctor my eyes

     /  September 6, 2009

    this is for Camilo Acari Sanchez. You are a stupid bleep bleep bleep. A.N.T.M. is full of women from every walk of life including black women. They are all beautufil. But the best woman wins. You’re a dumb ass. Don’t watch to the show. Stick to all white situation comedies, you ignorance asshole!

  10. steve9186

     /  March 30, 2010

    i am disappointed in this season.. because i really thought that allison should win because out of all the contestants, she was definitely the most improved.. and she isnt bad..shes pretty.. she is even in fact more like a model…

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