Ugly Betty Episode Recap 3.21: ‘The Born Identity’

‘Ugly Betty’: Be my baby

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Being a good friend, Betty consoles Christina after the DNA test proved baby William was actually Wilhelmina’s. Imagine Betty’s surprise then, when William is stolen at Mode, and it turns out Christina is the baby-napper. You see, Xtina believes that Wil faked the DNA results (okay, which one of you readers called it?), and that William is actually hers and Stuart’s.

After a madcap run from the law and finding sanctuary at the Suarez household, Betty and Christina with William in tow call upon a higher power: Claire (cue angelic chorus). She arranges for another test to be administered, but at the last minute, cops (alerted by Marc who was eavesdropping) arrive on the scene. Later, Betty somehow appeals to Wil’s better nature (as if), and Wilhelmina holds a press conference to reveal that ach, William is a good Scottish laddie after all.

While all this is happening, Meade has been preparing to wow investor Cal Hartley with an awesome presentation, complete with omelet bar (really, if anyone wooed me with a food bar, I’m theirs). The presentation — with Mr. Hartley’s reluctant acquiescence — is put on hold, however, when the William-napping is discovered.

The next day when all the baby stuff is resolved, the Meades try to fire Wilhelmina since she no longer has a legal/blood hold on the company, but oddly enough, Hartley makes Wil’s position in the company mandatory or he won’t sign. He claims her sharky-ness is what’s important and will balance out the Meades’ niceness, or something lame like that. Whatevs.

Finally, Hilda and Archie‘s relationship deepens as he announces he’s running for Queens borough president and asks her to be on camera with him. It’s a big step, as if he wants her “in his future.” Yes, I’d say so. During the filming of the announcement at the Suarez home is of course when the baby-nappers make their appearance, but nothing goes amiss.

In the end, the saddest thing is that Christina (wah!!!!) and Stuart decide to move back to Scotland with little William. I mean, we knew that Ashley Jensen was leaving “Ugly Betty,” but since Christina was Betty’s only real friend, I’ll certainly feel the loss.

Overall, this was an okay episode that was somewhat unsatisfactory, probably because it’s just set-up for what comes later. I want a more Betty-centric episode with Matt and/or YETI.

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  1. I thought it was by far the best episode of the season.

  2. Another week, another great Ugly Betty episode…so glad it’s back.

    I knew it couldn’t be Willie’s baby, and I’m glad they at least got that part right instead of trying to get for a really shocking twist. However, I really wish they would’ve found a way to keep Christina on the show…I thought she was a great character. I’m interested in seeing how they fill that void – I think Betty needs some sort of similar confidant…we’ll see.

    The scene at the end was so beautiful, I’m really glad they used the song “Layers” by Asobi Seksu – this is the second week in a row where I thought they used a perfect song at the end to convey the emotion of the scene. A video clip of the scene/song is at

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