One Tree Hill Episode Recap 6.23 ‘Forever and Almost Always’

‘One Tree Hill’: Love, marriage and Nick Lachey

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My Tivo’s description of this week’s “One Tree Hill” promised “unexpected guests” at Lucas and Peyton’s wedding. This made me excited, picturing long-lost cast members like Karen, Deb, Whitey and even Dan. Who do we get instead? Julian, and…Nick Lachey. Yippee.

It’s wedding day for Peyton and Lucas, and it looks like they’re getting married without either of their parents in attendance. Just like their childhoods! (Aw, just kidding Karen. You were an actual parent. Larry and Dan, on the other hand…) Also MIA is their officiant, so Haley steps in, gets ordained online and does the ceremony herself. After a few glitches at the beginning things go beautifully (to match the beautiful lakeside setting) and Luke and Peyton finally make it official. Things can’t go too beautifully, of course, so at the end of the night when Lucas goes to get the restored Comet ready to show Peyton, her placenta previa strikes and he comes back into the house to find her passed out and bleeding on the floor. Will she be OK? I guess we have to tune in next week to find out!

In other news, Julian shows up to the wedding…with the actress who was supposed to play Brooke in the movie as his date. That’s creepy, Julian. Brooke loses it and her freak out leads her to find Nick Lachey in Peyton’s recording studio, force him to put on a tux and be her date for the night. Is bringing Nick Lachey a status symbol? Because my friends probably wouldn’t think so. It certainly makes Julian jealous, though, so mission accomplished Ms. Davis. After their dates disperse at the end of the ceremony they share a nice moment together and Brooke even admits she misses Julian before running away. Is there hope for those crazy kids? I’m thinking…yes.

Nathan is having a bad day of his own, as he found out that his fellow Chiefs player got the call to join the Clippers and not him. It puts a damper on his whole day until Haley takes him backstage during the reception for a little slutty wedding sex to cheer him up. Married people are hot! Especially when they take off their shirts. Thank you, James Lafferty.

Also in this episode: Mia and CHASE! are still sweating Mia’s revelation that he lost his virginity to Brooke (and I still do not care), Mouth and Millie are still going strong, and Skills is still with Jamie’s teacher.

Gossip Girl Episode Recap 2.24: Valley Girls

‘Gossip Girl’: ’80s flashback, on prom night

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What do you get when you cross “Gossip Girl” with “Pretty in Pink,” throw in a dash of “Mean Girls” and “Never Been Kissed,” a touch of “Less Than Zero,” a pinch of “Almost Famous,” and a smidgen of all of our collective bad memories of ’80s fashion? Yep — tonight’s episode. I’m just thankful there wasn’t any “Carrie” in the mix.

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very fine place to start:
Malibu in 1983 isn’t exactly the Golden Age for Lily. She’s been expelled from her boarding school in Santa Barbara, she’s been uprooted from New York to L.A., her parents have gone through a hideous divorce, and she practically has to stand on her head to get her father’s attention. She meets Daddy (Andrew McCarthy!! Who is looking good, by the way) and basically begs to move in with him, but he’s not terribly interested. which leaves her fleeing her insolent mother’s clutches in her shiny white Porsche, off to find her rebellious sister Carol, who’s bolted the family to live her own life.

Lily and one of Carol’s work pals find Carol at a bar, where No Doubt (who were all about 11 or so in 1983, but I know we’re suspending disbelief) is playing. Carol and her merry band of boys in her band are determined to get back their video from the feckless, skinny tie-wearing, blond, rich, creep who “directed” it for them. His name’s van der Woodsen, by the way. And the soiree at his house — where giddy partygoers are doing both the robot and the Safety Dance — turns into a brawl that Lily finds herself in the middle of. She surprises even herself with her scrappiness, and though she’s kind of mortified by how Carol defines “success” — I mean, she did sell the Beemer that mom and dad got her and invested it with a guy who’s making fanny packs — she also admires the fact that she’s independent.

Which is a bit of a change from the “I’m fine with the path you guys have laid out for me” line she laid on her father in a plea to let her live with him. But when you find yourself in the slammer, it’s not like you have a choice but to grab your inner pugnacity and hang on tight. Her one phone call interrupts her mother’s Jane Fonda workout, and Ceci is by turns mortified and highly irritated that Lily’s antics are messing with her plans for the future. Carol takes the phone as Lily begins to lose her nerve, and tells their mother to sit tight; Lily’s staying with her for a while. Then Lily learns that Carol sold her car to get the bail money, and is introduced to the joys of public transportation.

Caged bird pouting: As Blair & Co. wait for Serena to get sprung from the police station, Blair quite rightly notes that with four hours behind bars, Serena’s done more jail time than either Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan. Lily shows up to drop the charges and take Serena home, making some ridiculous argument about how having her daughter arrested was the right thing to do when trying to spare the family from scandal. Like Page Six never reads the police blotter. Then Serena drops her own bomb — Lily wasn’t her one call from jail; grandmother Ceci was. Dum dum dum…

Lily, royally mad at her mother for spilling the beans to Rufus about the son she had and gave away, basically orders her mother out of her house and out of her life. Serena, following in her mother’s footsteps, asserts her independence by deciding to stay in jail until her mother acknowledges that she can run her own life. Oh, brother. Lily goes back to the police station to find Serena gone — Dan’s sprung her and is taking her to the prom.

Lily goes to apologize to Rufus, and more or less acknowledges (with Lily it’s not always easy to tell) that she blew the proposal. He suggests she get over her mother stuff so she can actually be a mother to Serena. But he hasn’t quite forgiven and forgotten enough to mend their relationship just yet. He will, though. Wuss. Lily catches her mother as she’s departing and tries to mend fences, or at least to tolerate her mother and give her a hug. I’d like to throw back a couple of gimlets with Ceci, but amen she’s not my mom.

Prom Night: One thing after another seems to be going wrong with Nate and Blair’s Perfect Night — their hotel reservation canceled, all the limos have been rented (Say what? The economic crash has surely freed up several dozen downtown.), Blair’s dress is ruined, and the florist has sold out of peonies. It really is tragic. Nate suspects Chuck of sabotaging their night, which Chuck of course denies. Nate and Blair finally get there, the very vision of the prom she dreamed of — and sketched — in her pre-adolescent scrapbook. The Mean Girls decide to fix the Prom Queen election so Nelly Yuki would win, but Chuck comes to Blair’s aid, grabs the extra ballots and stuffs the box with votes for Blair — who catches him partway through and accuses him of ruining her night.

Of course Blair wins, and aside from the fact that none of them can dance worth a damn, the only other true reality comes when Blair realizes that her adolescent fantasy about going to prom with her high school boyfriend isn’t really the be-all that she thought it would be — in fact, the whole night already feels like a memory she should move on from. In the end, she kicks big, dumb, wooden-faced Nate to the curb, and realizes that Serena is really the Louise to her Thelma. Or maybe the other way around.

House Spoilers and Season Finale Recap!

‘House’ finale postmortem: Spoilers about tonight’s episode!

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House_lWARNING: Stop reading if you have not watched tonight’s episode of House. I mean it. Everyone else, onward and downward…

Among the many bombshells dropped in tonight’s House season finale was the discovery that last week’s massively hyped hookup between House and Cuddy, um, Never. Actually. Happened. It was nothing more than a figment of House’s Vicodin-soaked, Kutner-grievin’, Amber-obsessed imagination. Feeling a little duped, eh? Join the club. Of course, looking back, the signs were there. Series creator David Shore was always very careful to qualify his comments about Huddysex. Take a look:

“Yes, we have figured out the details surrounding Huddy having sex,” Shore told us last January, before adding, “It definitely won’t be what people expect. We have to do things our way, the House way. We wouldn’t want to have the characters do anything out of character.Two months later, Shore was equally as cagey about the impending romp. “I really don’t want to go into the particulars of [them hooking up] because we have found a really cool way to do it, and I don’t want to spoil it. But I will confirm that we are taking things forward [with them].” Bottom line: Technically, Shore didn’t lie. But he was playing me us a little. (BTW, both Shore and exec producer Katie Jacobs declined to be interviewed for this story.)

Other major developments in tonight’s finale and the questions they raised:

•    Chase and Cameron got hitched! Will it last? Will it lead to more screen time for the underused docs next season? Will Jesse Spencer make good on his (presumably tongue-in-cheek) threat to walk? (Nope to that last one; a rep for the actor confirms he’ll be back next season as a series regular.)

•    Kutner came back to life… in House’s head! Did Obama have to sign off on the cameo?

•    As we suspected, a downward spiraling House checked into a psychiatric/rehab facility! How long will he stay there? Might he bump into Wilson’s brother while he’s there? Will he pass the time by having more imaginary sex with Cuddy?

Ghost Whisperer Season Finale Spoilers: 4.23 ‘The Book of Changes’ Melinda & Jim’s Wedding!

Episode 4.23: Book of Changes (Season finale) Airdate: May 15, 2009

Wedding bells ring for Melinda and Jim. Source: CBS

Question: Got any scoop on this Friday’s Ghost Whisperer season finale? Ausiello: Melinda gives birth in the opening minutes, but there’s a twist, the birth takes place during a time jump. Source: The Ausiello Files

Melinda worries for her unborn child when she experiences a visit from a ghost. Guest cast: Gordon Bradey: Graham McTavish, Zoe: Jaclyn Desantis, Jeremy Bishop: Jason Brooks, Carl The Watcher: David Clennon, Faceless Child: Hailey Sole, Thief: Timothy Lee Depriest, Josh Bedford: Bruce Davison, Nurse: Wendy Washington, Det. Sam Blair: Ion Overman, Minister: Alfonso Freeman. Source: CBS

Preview of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ 4th Season Finale: Book of Changes

On the verge of her wedding to Jim, Melinda is visited by a ghost that may endanger her baby, in the May 15 season finale of ‘Ghost Whisperer’.

Preview of 'Ghost Whisperer' 4th Season Finale: Book of Changes
See larger image It is time to wrap up “” with the season finale on May 15. In “Book of Changes”, wedding bells ring for Melinda and Jim. But when a ghost pays Melinda an unexpected visit, she worries for her unborn baby. The significant of the Watchers will be revealed in this episode. Show runner P.K. Simonds explained previously how the Book of Changes relates to their abilities, saying “Over the very, very long span of time that they’ve been watching, (the Watchers) have observed that history tends to repeat itself.” “That gives them a certain ability to make a pretty good educated guess about what the future is. They are able to know something about what’s taking shape, let’s say, in a character’s womb. And yes, it’s possible to know certain things about the gift that might be growing.” It had been revealed that Melinda’s baby will play a huge role as her “apprentice” for the fifth season.

Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Episode 23 “Book Of Changes” Finale Preview!

Summary: Melinda hopes she can protect her baby after a ghost visits her. The Watchers holds an important detail about the baby & the book of changes!
The Watchers includes a warning of beware. The Book holds everyone who has died and came back
I think some of the names are: Jim Clancy, Sam Lucas, Andrea Moreno, Eli James & Zoe Hamod. The Book is the key to everything.
There are a lot of spirits watching over Melinda, but the balance coould shift leaving Melinda’s baby in danger.

Melinda Is Pregnant With Jim’s Baby!! Melinda & Jim Plan Their Wedding!! They Get Married while Melinda is pregnant There will be a season 5 which includes the baby & the gift!!!!
Watch This Friday 15/5/09 only on CBS @ 8pm =)

Ghost Whisperer “Book of changes” promo – Season Finale

James Van Praagh Video Blog for Book of Changes Season 4 finale


Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.23 – Book of Changes – Promotional Photos

Source: Copyright CBS


Jim Clancy 711 is November 7 (episode he died in)
Sam Lucas 1411 is November 14 (episode we met Sam Lucas and Jim jumped into him)
Andrea Marino 2804 is April 28 (when the plane crashed in Season 1)
Eli James 310 is October 3 (Season 4 premiere and we meet Eli, he died in the fire but Jim brought him back with his paramedic skills)
Zoe Ramos 1505 is May 15 (Season 4 Season Finale, she will die I guess) And the wording under Zoe’s name is “She helps the listener join the dead”


Melinda Gordon 2509 is September 25, possibly Season 5 premiere and that date is a Friday.

That looks like Melinda but in another time. Look at the dress…and necklace.

Season 5 Spoilers!!!

Ghostly whispers about next season (yes, next!), include: Dr. Jim (?!), a certain baby’s special gifts, the “Book of Changes” and a possible Grandview space-time continuum!

Are we going to see more of the Watchers on Ghost Whisperer? Ghost Whisperer show runner P.K. Simonds says we will “definitely” see more Watchers and begin to learn about how the “very important” Book of Changes relates to their abilities: “Over the very, very long span of time that they’ve been watching, [the Watchers] have observed that history tends to repeat itself. That gives them a certain ability to make a pretty good educated guess about what the future is. They are able to know something about what’s taking shape, let’s say, in a character’s womb. And yes, it’s possible to know certain things about the gift that might be growing.”

Do you have any inside info about Ghost Whisperer? Show runner P.K. Simonds broke the news to us that Melinda is preggers with Jim’s baby, but that’s not all he had to say about Ghost Whisperer’s newest castmember: It’s a “very special baby with an important role to play,” who will inherit unique abilities from Melinda. But Melinda’s “new, young apprentice,” says Simonds, also possesses “other kinds of gifts that we haven’t explored on the show yet.”

So great that Jim remembered himself on Ghost Whisperer, but what’s next? Do they still have two guys playing one character? According to Ghost Whisperer show runner P.K. Simonds, “We might catch a couple of glimpses” of Kenneth Mitchell, the actor who plays Sam, during the remainder of the season, but that’s it. And we’ll see David Conrad as Jim, but everyone on the show still perceives him as Sam. “He can’t resume [his Jim life] exactly, because Sam Lucas doesn’t have a license to practice emergency medicine, but obstacles are also opportunities. He finds a new direction that actually allows him to go after a specific dream he’s always had.” Like, say, Jim’s dream of medical school? Looks like Grandview residents might eventually enjoy Jim’s bedside manner via Dr. Sam Lucas… Source: Kristin on E!Online

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap 5.22 “Marry Me A Little”

‘Desperate Housewives’: Underneath the mask

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Desperate Housewives” is gearing up for next week’s big finale, so tonight featured far more setup than payoff. Luckily, it also featured a number of amusing one-liners. And a number of valuable lessons about the dangers of plastic surgery, robbing yourself, overspending, and having a private conversation while an evil mastermind is listening in on the phone. I hope you all were taking notes!

Susan and Jackson take Dave on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. They’re getting married! Jackson totally knows Dave was backstage at the club that night! But he’s an illegal immigrant and easily taken care of! While I’m sorry Jackson got deported, I have no faith that Katherine really planned to follow through on that alimony “Mike” promised after she and Mike got married, so…this is definitely for the best as far as Susan is concerned. You know, aside from Dave still being on the loose and targeting her son. And aside from her ex-husband still being on track to marry her friend.

Bree, in the meantime, is seriously Up to No Good. She must reeeeeally want to keep her money, because trashing her own house must be the worst kind of torture for Bree (though hilarious to watch). At first, when Orson got all sentimental and sweet on her, I thought he knew what Bree was up to and it was calculated to make her have second thoughts. But his surprise and disappointment at finding the storage unit with all the “stolen” loot seemed genuine. I’m also going to point out that if it’s a mask that’s easily re-ordered and paid for, than it probably wasn’t worth “stealing” in the first place. And can we take a second to talk Bree and Karl? Because they’re totally going to hook up, right? (And yeah, EW.)

Oh, Gaby. Gaby, Gaby, Gaby. I mean, okay, her friend’s tragic tale from Tiffany flatware to soup kitchen meals was a bit more nuanced than I thought, but still. Someone needs to sit our friend down and make her watch the MC Hammer episode of “Behind the Music,” because it shouldn’t be news to Gaby that money is a finite resource. Luckily, I guess, it doesn’t sounds like both kids are college material. (“Bobblehead”? Mean, but it totally cracked me up.)

Tom’s midlife crisis is, at this point, grounds for divorce solely based on annoyingness. I mean, his family was bordering on financial collapse just a few episodes ago, and he’s considering plastic surgery as a way of youthening his way back into the workforce? Maybe you should just spend five minutes on the internet, buddy – it’s not like Twitter is a state secret. The plastic surgery victim Lynette introduces Tom to will probably feature in my nightmares tonight – he looked like the love child of Joan Rivers and an alien. Terrifying.

Favorite quotes:

  • Tom to his college friend, guessing how he looks so young: “Diet? Exercise? Eating a bowl of stem cells every morning?”
  • After Susan threatens to call off the fake marriage. Jackson: “They’ll send me back!” Susan: “It’s Canada, not Iran!”
  • As they enter their ransacked house. Bree: “Orson, we’ve been robbed!” Orson: “It wasn’t me. I swear.”

Smallville Season Finale: Clark vs Doomsday!

Episode 8.22: Doomsday (Season finale) Airdate: May 14, 2009

Oliver tells Clark he must kill Davis, as Doomsday is a serious threat and must be stopped at all costs. However, Clark struggles with taking a human life, so the Green Arrow and his team decide to take matters into their own hands. Lois takes on Tess, but the fight takes a shocking turn. Meanwhile, Chloe gets caught in the middle of Oliver and Clark’s battle over killing Davis. Aaron Ashmore also stars. Source: The CW

Episode 8×22 (Season Finale) – Three New Promo Pics

(Click to Enlarge)

Posted By: The ODI

Executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders officially confirmed the return of Tom Welling and Erica Durance, so count them safe. Speaking of the finale, Cassidy Freeman says Tess Mercer is on the hunt for Davis, “Because I want Clark to accept the fact that he is Superman, and I don’t think he can do that until he fights Doomsday.” Throw down! Source: Kristin on E!Online

[Erica Durance describes the finale as “heartbreaking, surprising … and magical.”] Source: TV Guide Online

[The special guest that will appear in the season finale and then return next season] shows up in the final scene, and he’s going to cause big problems next season.  Source: The Ausiello Files

One of the returning Justice Leaguers is now known: Alaina Huffman is back as the Black Canary. The other Justice Leaguer is revealed: Future Nightmare on Elm Street star Kyle Gallner speeds back for the season finale in a return engagement as Bart Allen/Impulse. Source: KryptonSite

Preview of ‘Smallville’ Season 8 Finale: Doomsday

The fight between Clark and Doomsday brings back a couple of Justice Leaguers and a Legionnaire, in the season finale of ‘Smallville’.

Preview of 'Smallville' Season 8 Finale: Doomsday Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image Through the just-released preview, Clark finally comes to knowledge of what he has to do in the final battle against Doomsday. The season finale of “” airs May 14, bringing back one of the Legionnaires as well as other Justice Leaguers.
Oliver tells Clark he must kill Davis, as Doomsday is a serious threat and must be stopped at all costs. However, Clark struggles with taking a human life, so the Green Arrow and his team decide to take matters into their own hands. Lois takes on Tess, but the fight takes a shocking turn. Meanwhile, Chloe gets caught in the middle of Oliver and Clark’s battle over killing Davis. Based on some scoops released in prior weeks, the members of Justice League that will assist Clark in defeating Doomsday are Bart Allen aka Impulse, and Dinah Lance aka Black Canary. While the Legionnaire that returns is reportedly Rokk Krinn aka Cosmic Boy. “Smallville” has been picked up for a ninth season. Co-executive producer Brian W. Peterson said that they have had some preparations on who will be back in the new season. He said, “We introduced several this year that we’ll probably bring back next year. We loved Zatanna. We looked at a few others that we want to introduce, but we’re going to wait for Comic-Con to release all that.”

Desperate Housewives Season Finale Spoilers: Will Dave Really Kill MJ for Revenge? 5.23 and 5.24 ‘Everybody Says Don’t / If It’s Only in Your Head’

Episodes 5.23 and 5.24: Everybody Says Don’t / If It’s Only in Your Head (Season finale)
Airdate: May 17, 2009 from 9 to 11 p.m.

Hour 1 written by John Pardee and Joey Murphy; directed by Bethany Rooney; Hour 2 written by Jeffrey Richman; directed by David Grossman

The previous four finales have featured eight deaths, four characters held at gunpoint, three weddings, three new kids, two women arrested, two affairs revealed, the beginning of an affair, an engagement, an almost-engagement, a kidnapping, a fake suicide, a fake pregnancy, a hit and run, over a hundred thousand in stolen drug money, and a woman attacked with a hockey stick.

Gaby’s niece Ana (Maiara Walsh) moves in with her.

Orson threatens to blackmail Bree over the robbery she committed. A menacing thug threatens Orson to stay away from Bree. Bree can’t comprehend the beating Orson receives. Richard Burgi guest stars as Karl.

Lynette’s upset with Tom’s idea that he go back to school, but she eventually adapts. Is Lynette’s cancer back? Nope, she’s pregnant!

Susan accepts Dave’s “friendly” gesture. Gale Harold continues to appear as Jackson. Lily Tomlin appears as Roberta. Dave’s finally ready to have his revenge, and both Susan and MJ are in danger. Before Mike and Katherine can elope, he’s called away to deal with an emergency. The mystery comes to an end.

Reportedly, the show has dropped the plan to have a character from the first two seasons return in the show’s final five minutes. Instead, the season will, however, end with a jaw-dropping twist that Marc Cherry came up with at the last minute.

Near the end of the show, DH will take a small step into the future; nowhere near as much as five years, but perhaps more like the six months between the end of season 2 and the start of season 3, or even the one month jump near the beginning of season 4. In the final minutes, a couple will marry.

Question: Please tell me that Dave doesn’t kill MJ on Desperate Housewives. I don’t know if I could handle that. Ausiello: I can confirm that the finale includes a cemetery scene. And I can also confirm that MJ is in it. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: It would make my day extra Smurfy if you could tell me who’s coming back to Desperate Housewives, and if he/she will be back next season.  Ausiello: No one is coming back. That idea, first teased by Marc Cherry last month at PaleyFest ’09, has been scrapped. Source: The Ausiello Files

5.24 “If It’s Only in Your Head” – Promotional Photos

Click on to see larger pics (here)

On Set – 1 May

New pictures with Maiara Walsh, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, Eva Longoria (and Tony Parker), Carver twins..

‘Desperate Housewives’ Season 5 Finale Preview

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
Susan asks Mike whether he really loves Katherine, Lynette wonders if it’s cancer coming back and Dave makes a confession, in the 2-hour season finale of ‘Desperate Housewives’.

'Desperate Housewives' Season 5 Finale Preview
See larger image There will be a two-hour event on Sunday, May 17 for the last two episodes of “” season 5. “Everybody Says Don’t” airs first at 9/8c, followed by “If It’s Only in Your Head” at 10/9c. In “Everybody”, Lynette is upset with Tom for his latest “bright idea”. Orson threatens to blackmail Bree, and Susan accepts Dave’s “friendly” gesture. In “Head”, as Lynette adapts to Tom’s decision to go back to school, Orson takes a beating that Bree cannot comprehend, Gaby’s niece moves to Wisteria Lane, and Susan and MJ’s lives are in grave danger at the hands of Dave. “Desperate Housewives” has been renewed for a 6th season by ABC. Whether or not her character is really in danger that she may not be back next season, told E! Online, “I intend on having a job on Desperate Housewives next year, but it’s definitely (a) dramatic (finale).”

Dave takes care of Jackson (Gale Harold).

Season Finale – Press Release


ABC concludes the season of “Desperate Housewives” in a highly anticipated two-hour telecast, SUNDAY, MAY 17 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.
n the first hour, entitled “Everybody Says Don’t” (9:00-10:00 p.m.), Gaby runs into an old acquaintance who’s lost everything, Lynette is upset with Tom for his latest “bright idea,” Orson threatens to blackmail Bree, and Susan accepts Dave’s “friendly” gesture. The season’s mystery and suspense come to a shocking end in the second hour, “If It’s Only in Your Head” (10:00-11:00 p.m.), as Lynette adapts to Tom’s decision to go back to school, Orson takes a beating that Bree cannot comprehend, Gaby’s niece moves to Wisteria Lane, and Susan and MJ’s lives are in grave danger at the hands of Dave.

Clips of this telecast will be available at the week prior to air.

“Desperate Housewives” stars Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Marcia Cross as Bree Hodge, Eva Longoria Parker as Gabrielle Solis, Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt, Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Carlos Solis, Doug Savant as Tom Scavo, Kyle MacLachlan as Orson Hodge, Dana Delany as Katherine Mayfair, Neal McDonough as Dave, Shawn Pyfrom as Andrew Van De Kamp, Brenda Strong as Mary Alice Young, James Denton as Mike Delfino, Charlie Carver as Porter Scavo, Max Carver as Preston Scavo, Joshua Moore as Parker Scavo and Kendall Applegate as Penny Scavo.

Guest starring in “Everybody Says Don’t” are Gale Harold as Jackson Braddock, Richard Burghi as Karl and Lily Tomlin as Roberta. The episode was directed by Bethany Rooney and written by John Pardee and Joey Murphy.

Guest stars in “If It’s Only in Your Head” are tbd. The episode was directed by David Grossman and written by Jeffrey Richman.

Source: ABC

In the first hour, entitled “Everybody Says Don’t” (9:00-10:00 p.m.), Gaby runs into an old acquaintance who’s lost everything, Lynette is upset with Tom for his latest “bright idea,” Orson threatens to blackmail Bree, and Susan accepts Dave’s “friendly” gesture. The season’s mystery and suspense come to a shocking end in the second hour, “If It’s Only in Your Head” (10:00-11:00 p.m.), as Lynette adapts to Tom’s decision to go back to school, Orson takes a beating that Bree cannot comprehend, Gaby’s niece moves to Wisteria Lane, and Susan and MJ’s lives are in grave danger at the hands of Dave. Guest starring in “Everybody Says Don’t” are Gale Harold as Jackson Braddock, Richard Burghi as Karl and Lily Tomlin as Roberta. Guest stars in “If It’s Only in Your Head” are tbd. Source: ABC

Please clue us in on the Desperate Housewives finale! Will Lynette be adding to her clan? MICKEY: Read this and see if you still think that Marc Cherry would knock up the pregnancy-prone (and -averse) Lynette a fourth time. During that pregnant pause, I’ll tell you that a character from Seasons 1 and 2 will show up in the last scene of the finale, and I’m hearing that he/she will be presented in a very different light — that is, probably fully clothed. Source: TV Guide Online

Seems a major character from the series’ first two seasons will return in the last five minutes of next month’s finale for a huge surprise. “DH” creator Marc Cherry wouldn’t say who, but when the panel moderator brought “Gaby’s gardener boy John” up, Cherry smirked and said, “Well I think we’re done here.” Does this mean Jesse Metcalfe is coming back to Fairview? Or was Mr. Cherry just throwing us off the trail of the returning character’s real identity? An insider tells me to expect Metcalfe back. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Kyle MacLachlan teases, “I think Orson is much more dangerous than Dave. I’m sorry, I like Neal [McDonough] very much, but in terms of danger quotient, Orson can do things with a gas mask, watch out!” Sounds like a mystery for next season, especially since Orson is to blame for Edie’s death. “As far as the scripts go, now they haven’t really addressed it, but I have a feeling it’s going to come back to haunt me,” adds Kyle. (Watch With Kristin)

Gabrielle’s niece, Ana’s first episode will be the season finale, but she’ll be back for an arc in the fall. (TV Guide)

‘Housewives’ wedding mystery: Who’s getting hitched?

Desperatehousewives_lIt may not be a game-changer along the lines of last year’s five-year time jump, but this should still get the kids talking: Desperate Housewives will conclude its season on May 17 with a surprise wedding, sources confirm to me exclusively. The nuptials are so top secret that even members of the show’s cast and crew don’t know who’s walking down the aisle. “People are being told on a need-to-know basis,” whispers a Housewives insider. “Marc [Cherry] doesn’t want a repeat of last year when the flash-forward thing leaked.” His hard-line approach seems to be working: I don’t have the foggiest idea who’s getting hitched.

Cast On Set – 1 May (a wedding scene)


‘Desperate Housewives’ finale: Is Dave Williams gonna die?

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The two hour finale of “Desperate Housewives” airs this Sunday and there are more than a few things going down. Tom Scavo’s constant mid-life crisis will continue. The latest? The poor guy thinks he’s going back to school… to major in Chinese.

But, more importantly, the season ender is the perfect opportunity to get some resolution on the Dave Williams story. Is Neal McDonough, who plays Dave, getting killed off?  His character, though not completely unlikeable, is a total loon, so he has to go at some point, right? The writers have led us to believe that he’s currently contemplating the murder of little M.J. Delfino.  And, come on, we can’t keep an attempted kid killer on Wisteria Lane indefinitely.  Also, Neal McDonough was gabbing with Barbara and the girls on “The View” this morning and when Joy said, “When they hired you, weren’t you supposed to die?,” McDonough responded with, “No, I’m the mystery for the year so I wasn’t supposed to die ’til the very last episode.” Uh, yeah, that’s this Sunday. So, I’m thinking either “DH” creator Marc Cherry had a change of heart and decided to veer off course, maybe getting Dave Williams a little mental help, so he can stick around.. OR Edie’s creepy husband will wave goodbye to Wisteria this weekend. Predictions?

Season 6 spoilers

ABC has picked up the show for a sixth season.

Julie (Andrea Bowen) will be back. Karl (Richard Burgi) will be back for many episodes.

Maiara Walsh continues to be a series regular as Gabrielle’s niece Ana.

Katherine becomes insecure as Mike pulls away from her.

While DH creator Marc Cherry had hoped to bring back a character in the final minutes of season 5, that’s not happening, but he’d like to bring back the character midway through next season.

I’m really worried about Susan after last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives. Dave is out for blood. What’s the scoop? Never fear, Teri Hatcher doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. “I intend on having a job on Desperate Housewives next year, but it’s definitely [a] dramatic [finale],” she tells us.  As we teased before, Susan’s not the only one in trouble on Wisteria Lane, so the real question you should be asking is, How far does Dave cross the line.  Source: Kristin on E!Online

Any word on if they’re going to replace Edie on Desperate Housewives next season?
While that does seem to be a common occurrence on our favorite fictional street, Teri Hatcher wants to make sure fans know that Nicollette Sheridan‘s Edie cannot be replaced. “I don’t think you can go at it like ‘replacing her.’ It will open up an arena for new, imaginative things to happen.” But Brenda Strong teased, “I think Wisteria Lane will definitely be shy of an Edie. I don’t think anything is written in stone, but there’s room for a new neighbor.” Thoughts on who should move in this time around? Source: Kristin on E!Online

Brothers & Sisters Season Finale Recap 3.24 ‘Mexico’

‘Brothers & Sisters’ Finale: Walker Family Vacation

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The Walkers head south of the border to “save” Tommy in the “Brothers & Sisters” season finale. On the way, we get some stunning disclosures, shocking revelations, and a long-overdue admission of guilt. Plenty of fodder for speculation over the summer break!

Nora enters a cantina to the strains of an Ennio Morricone knock-off soundtrack…and immediately starts fumbling in Spanish. She discovers Tommy is on a spiritual journey and tracks him down to some sort of retreat center/ashram/hippie enclave/whatever. When Tommy is not produced for her immediately, she assumes he’s been brainwashed by a cult and calls in the troops — her children. Turns out Tommy is just out doing good deeds, but the Walker Family Hounds have already been released, so it’s time for a family reunion!

Justin and Rebecca
Rebecca is bubbling with enthusiasm as she tells Holly and David that she and Justin are engaged. Holly’s reaction is… let’s call it muted. Or bitchy. Bitchy could work. That’s what Rebecca decides — you just can’t be happy for me! You’re so pissed at the Walkers that you can’t see that this is LOVE!

Rebecca accompanies Justin and the family to Mexico, and she’s continues to fizz with happiness. She gives Justin a seriously nice watch, spills about his getting into med school, and proposes eloping in the village church. When Justin demurs, she gets pissy. But Justin fashions a ring out of wire, gets down on one knee in front of “God, Buddha and everyone I love,” and proposes. She accepts.

So all is well, right? Well… Holly shows David the bill for the watch — $20,000! That’s the down-payment for a HOUSE! — and tells him about the time Rebecca was 16 and sleeping with her (married with children) social-studies teacher. When he moved, she followed him to Chicago and lived off her mom’s credit cards, spending wildly, acting obsessively, and generally making a hash of things. Youthful stupidity, or the sign of mental illness? I’m putting my money on crazy. We’ll see next season!

Sarah, Holly, Saul and Ryan
Last week, Sarah and Holly agreed that they needed to get rid of Ryan, because he’s creepy obsessed with the idea that William caused his mom’s suicide, and that’s probably not someone you want to give a seat on the board. But now Sarah feels BAD, so she wants to give him a substantial severance payment and ask him nicely to go away. Sigh.

Because she’s headed to Mexico in Operation: Retrieve Tommy, she asks Saul to get Ryan the paperwork and convince him to sign. But Saul tells Ryan not to do it. Remember how William went to Reno to meet Ryan’s mom, and the next day she died? That’s not quite how it happened: William sent Saul to pay her off and tell her to go away. Saul was brusque about it — it kind of sucked to be his brother-in-law’s affair-breaking errand boy — and he felt responsible when he heard about her death. Now he wants to make it up to Ryan by keeping him on at Ojai. He’ll rejoin the company to keep an eye on the kid. Holly eventually agrees — but Saul will owe her. That’s NEVER good…

Kitty and Robert
Kitty and Robert fight over the potential separation, with Kevin playing referee. Robert doesn’t want to go through with it, but Kitty is adamant that she needs to take Evan and move back to Pasadena. When it still seems like there’s a potential brainwashing cult situation, Kevin calls Robert and tells him to get down there. Robert arrives in a chopper, and he and Kitty immediately start fighting again. Kitty announces that they’re separating.  Robert gives up — you know what? Fine. It’s over. I fought the separation because I knew if you left, you’d never come back. But if that’s the way you want it, I’m out of here. Of course, Kitty changes her mind at the last possible minute and runs after his chopper. He leaves without seeing her. Sigh.

Tommy and Kevin
The whole family is thrilled to see Tommy when he finally reappears from his supply run — he’s re-engineering the fountain in the town square, which has been broken for ages. The community he’s in imposes silence at meals… and you can imagine how that goes. Charades leads to an outburst, which leads to the family getting kicked out. Chalk up another quiet place the Walkers have been ejected from…

Most of the family panders and strokes Tommy — we support you completely! No judgment! — but Kevin can’t take it. You’re a schmuck, you betrayed us and abandoned your wife and child, and screw you. But guess what: Tommy agrees. He admits that he’s been a selfish bastard who hasn’t paid the price for his actions. He apologizes. He weeps. And he thanks Kevin for seeing him for who he is. I’m trying to change, he tells Kevin. When I have, I hope you see that too. So he’s staying in Mexico, at the spiritual center, to continue working on himself and performing good works.

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