One Tree Hill Episode Recap 6.23 ‘Forever and Almost Always’

‘One Tree Hill’: Love, marriage and Nick Lachey

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My Tivo’s description of this week’s “One Tree Hill” promised “unexpected guests” at Lucas and Peyton’s wedding. This made me excited, picturing long-lost cast members like Karen, Deb, Whitey and even Dan. Who do we get instead? Julian, and…Nick Lachey. Yippee.

It’s wedding day for Peyton and Lucas, and it looks like they’re getting married without either of their parents in attendance. Just like their childhoods! (Aw, just kidding Karen. You were an actual parent. Larry and Dan, on the other hand…) Also MIA is their officiant, so Haley steps in, gets ordained online and does the ceremony herself. After a few glitches at the beginning things go beautifully (to match the beautiful lakeside setting) and Luke and Peyton finally make it official. Things can’t go too beautifully, of course, so at the end of the night when Lucas goes to get the restored Comet ready to show Peyton, her placenta previa strikes and he comes back into the house to find her passed out and bleeding on the floor. Will she be OK? I guess we have to tune in next week to find out!

In other news, Julian shows up to the wedding…with the actress who was supposed to play Brooke in the movie as his date. That’s creepy, Julian. Brooke loses it and her freak out leads her to find Nick Lachey in Peyton’s recording studio, force him to put on a tux and be her date for the night. Is bringing Nick Lachey a status symbol? Because my friends probably wouldn’t think so. It certainly makes Julian jealous, though, so mission accomplished Ms. Davis. After their dates disperse at the end of the ceremony they share a nice moment together and Brooke even admits she misses Julian before running away. Is there hope for those crazy kids? I’m thinking…yes.

Nathan is having a bad day of his own, as he found out that his fellow Chiefs player got the call to join the Clippers and not him. It puts a damper on his whole day until Haley takes him backstage during the reception for a little slutty wedding sex to cheer him up. Married people are hot! Especially when they take off their shirts. Thank you, James Lafferty.

Also in this episode: Mia and CHASE! are still sweating Mia’s revelation that he lost his virginity to Brooke (and I still do not care), Mouth and Millie are still going strong, and Skills is still with Jamie’s teacher.

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