Lost Season 5 Finale Recap “The Incident”

Josh Holloway, LostHere we go, the season 5 finale of Lost.  Sawyer, Juliet and Kate are in the sub, Sayid, Jack, Ellie and Richard are with the hydrogen bomb, Miles, Hurley and Jin are in DHARMA-Ville and John Locke is going over the river and through the woods to Jacob’s cabin…to kill Jacob.

Before the episode started I had two theories: either this entire series is Jack’s dream while he’s on a space shuttle to become the first man to walk on Mars or Mr. Spock is controlling everything from his office in an alternate universe World Trade Center.  Congratulations to anyone who gets both references.

Oh ye Gods!  So some dude weaves on a loom and goes outside to the beach on the Island to catch and heat up some fish.  He sees a ship coming and another man walks up.  They talk about the end and progress and how the ship found the Island.

The second man wants to kill the first one, but for some reason he can’t.  The first man is Jacob!  And as the other guy leaves, we see the giant four-toed statue of Anubis standing tall right next to him.  This episode will be insane.

And the confusing flashbacks continue as a little Kate and her friend steal from a convenience store.  They get caught and the shopkeeper threatens to call the cops, but a mystery man says he’ll pay for what she stole.  The man is…Jacob!  Yeah, this is going to be one of those kinds of episodes.  Jacob makes Young Kate promise never to steal again.

Back to the sub, an older Kate wants to go back to the Island to stop Jack from detonating a hydrogen bomb.  Sawyer doesn’t really give a crap.  I love new Sawyer.

Sayid reads through Faraday’s journal and learns they only need to take the Plutonium core of the bomb to detonate.  Richard is worried about Ellie because she’s pregnant, but she isn’t scared because she knows her son will be safe.  Until he returns to the Island and he kills her, of course.

Dr. Chang is still scared about drilling into the pocket of energy, but Radzinsky is adamant.  Was I asleep this whole time, or did Radzinsky suddenly get a whole lot more power than he used to have?

30 Years Later: Sun wants to know who Jacob is, and Ben tells her that he’s in charge of the Island.  Richard is still confused about how John Locke came back to life, but Locke suspects it’s the same way Richard never ages – Jacob did it.

Ilana and Bram row up to the main Island with Lapidus,  Ilana thinks their pilot might be a candidate for their group, whatever that is.  Lapidus wants to know what’s in the box, and when they open it, all he can say is: “Terrific” in a classically ironic tone.

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90210 Episode Recap 1.23: ‘Zero Tolerance’

‘90210’: Ethan wants to find himself… in Silver’s pants. Hey-o!

Source: Zap2it.com Recaps

Previously on “90210,” I Moan was scammed by her sister, Adrianna and Navid rethought their married with children nonsense, Silver asked Dixon to prom and Liam kept kind-of hitting on Annie. Tonight is Sophomore Prom, woo hoo!

The Wilsons
Principal Harry (with Annie’s help) gives a PSA entitled “Zero Tolerance” about after-prom parties and the subsequent suspension if you get caught at one. Principal Harry and Kelly also have to threaten Liam with military school (via Liam’s stepfather) if he doesn’t put forth some effort and get involved.

Harry also asks Annie to be his snitch about the prom after-parties. Man, you can’t do that to your kid! Low, Harry, low. At the actual prom, Harry overhears about a party stocked with booze and makes an announcement about how he’ll be at the party with the police. *Cringe* Everybody thinks Annie snitched.

Silver & Dixon
Silver picks out a strapless pink princess prom dress and she looks beautiful, even if it isn’t very “Silver.” At the actual prom, she freaks out and won’t leave the limo, but Ade talks her down, saying they’ll hardly notice Silver next to an 8-months pregnant girl. Snerk.

The Prom King and Queen are announced as Dixon and Silver (as a write-in) and I hold my breath that a bucket of pig’s blood is going to come cascading from the ceiling. I wouldn’t exactly cry if Silver used her mind to lock the doors and burn the place to the ground, though.

No pig’s blood, surprisingly, and Silver’s acceptance speech (about how much she hates proms) is awesome. Dixon looks stunned and Ethan looks lovestruck. When Silver removes her crown, I Moan takes it and puts it on her own head, which is also awesome.

Silver tells DIxon she’s ready to come back to West Bev but he is totally pissed at her because he’s a “zombie, prom-loving loser.” Ethan compliments her right on the heels of Dixon’s exit and she looks thoughtful.

I Moan, Sneaky Sister and Liam
When I Moan goes prom dress shopping, her card is declined. The ensuing confrontation with Sneaky Sister has Jen coming clean about her financial woes (she’s still not completely honest, though). I Moan takes it really well and is more hurt by the lying than the money fraud.

After prom, I Moan takes Liam on the Paramount backlot. They run into Kelly, who spills the beans about his stepfather, and I Moan puts it together that he only asked her to get involved in stuff. I Moan berates him about how much she likes him, then realizes he looked on her Facebook page to find out she likes black orchids for her corsage. Awww.

Sneaky Sister and Skeazy Teacher
Ryan the Chaperone (should he really be around dressed-much-older high schoolers?) takes Jen Clark to prom. They talk to Kelly and it is revealed that Jen had her as a guidance counselor. Ouch. In the bathroom, Jen reveals that she slept with a guy from the registrar’s office at Yale and got to read her letters of recommendation. Kelly’s letter wasn’t terribly nice because Jen was a conniving, term paper-thieving narcissist. I hope Kelly beats her ass to a couture pulp.

Kelly tries to tell Ryan what Jen is actually like and he accuses her of being jealous. Maybe those two narcissists deserve each other. Meanwhile, Jen talks to her husband Olivier on her cell phone outside.

Annie & Ethan
Totally boring this week. Annie goes to prom with a theatre geek to prove to Liam she’s a nice girl, but ends up hurting theatre geek in the process. Ethan turns down lacrosse camp this summer in order to visit his dad in Montana and find himself. He clearly wants to have 1000 of Silver’s babies after her big prom speech.

Adrianna & Navid
Navid picks a fight with Ty, which sends Ade into labor. I’m guessing they get better stuff next week.

There are photographers and a red carpet at the SOPHOMORE PROM.

Gossip Girl Season Finale Spoilers: 2.25 ‘The Goodbye Gossip Girl’ Chuck & Blair Finally!

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.25 – The Goodbye Gossip Girl – Synopsis

“GOSSIP GIRL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“The Goodbye Gossip Girl” (TV-14, DL) (HDTV)

GRADUATION, GOSSIP GIRL DRAMA AND CLIFFHANGERS GALORE! — Gossip Girl decides to liven things up at the Constance Billard and St. Jude’s graduation by sending out a shocking and damaging email blast in the midst of the commencement ceremony, stirring Serena (Blake Lively) to come up with a plan of attack. The Mean Girls (guest stars Yin Chang, Nicole Fiscella, Amanda Setton and Dreama Walker) challenge Jenny (Taylor Momsen) to throw her hat in the ring to succeed Blair (Leighton Meester) as Queen Bee next year. Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) struggle to repair their relationship after Lily’s betrayal. As for the cliffhangers, Blair and Chuck (Ed Westwick) finally…and Serena is shocked by…and Georgina (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg) decides to…and Dan (Penn Badgley), Nate (Chace Crawford) and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) unknowingly….and it all happens in the series’ climactic season finale. Norman Buckley directed the episode written by Joshua Saffran (#225). Source: CW

Gossip Girl – Finale Review

In the meantime, we present you with the following hints, teases and Gossip Girl spoilers:

-A couple gets engaged … and stoned.
-Carter Baizen makes a surprise appearance.
-Vanessa will definitely be around next season.
-Reluctantly, J decides she wants to rule the school.
-When Serena tries to unmask Gossip Girl, it backfires. Hard.
-We find out Blair’s roommate at NYU, and it’s someone we know.
-While Jack Bass does not appear in the episode, he still plays a role.
-Someone we know – a dude – is falsely accused of being Gossip Girl.
-We now know what brought Serena to Santorini … or more accurately, who.
-Chuck Bass is branded a coward by Gossip Girl in the blogger’s shocking graduation blast, and for a while, he certainly lives up to the billing.
-Lily and Rufus’ long-lost love child, Scott, is alive, well, and in New York. No one knows his identity yet, but he has something up his sleeve.
-At no point in the episode does the following scene occur.[Nate and Blair kissing.] Props to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for thinking up and pulling off this ruse!

Source: Gossip Girl Insider

Gossip Girl – Latest from BuddyTV

With great power comes great responsibility, my Gossip Girl fans. And so it is my distinguished duty, since I got a little exclusive peek at the Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale episode, 2.25 “The Goodbye Gossip Girl,” to make like a classy lady and reveal a little… without giving away too much.In other words: SPOILER ALERT!Just promise me something: watch Gossip Girl on Monday! Even if you’re like me and were fundamentally appalled by the “Valley Girls”/Prom fiasco, still… WATCH THE FINALE. You don’t want to miss this episode. Your patience will pay off.Especially with THREE amazing cliffhangers that will leave you thinking, “I can’t WAIT for college!”On to the spoilers.

As you know from the CW episode synopsis for “The Goodbye Gossip Girl,” the hour revolves around Serena trying to sniff out Gossip Girl’s true identity.

But what you didn’t know is…

Before five of our favorites can get their names called at graduation, Gossip Girl does some name-calling of her own: Whore, Coward, Weakling, Insider, and Irrelevant. Guess who’s who….

Someone’s unrequited love is revealed… for Dan.

Jenny gets unlikely competition for the Queen B title from someone who once threatened Blair’s own ascension.

Leighton Meester could be pulling dorm drama double-duty this fall.

Source: BuddyTV

‘Gossip Girl’: Blair’s New Year’s escapade becomes public knowledge…

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Leightonmeester Still dying to know what exactly went down with Blair and Jack Bass on New Year’s? Well you — and Chuck — will find out Monday, thanks to Gossip Girl, whomever she (or he) may be. The online tattletale plays a big part in next week’s “GG” season finale when she kicks off graduation festivities by calling the elite of Constance and St. Jude out. I won’t spoil all of her accusations… just one: Whore! She calls Nate Archibald a whore. Which he kind of is. What else can I tell you… Well, there will be a marriage proposal (any guesses?), the friendly reunion of a former couple (no, I’m not referring to Chuck and Blair), the return of a character we haven’t seen in a little while (oh, the possibilities!) and… a weird preoccupation with headbands. The character that’s coming back? Okay, fine, it’s Carter Baizen… and he’s bringing some big news with him. News about someone we met this past Monday. News that will no doubt affect next year’s storylines. As for Chuck and Blair, the episode belongs to them and that’s all I’m going to say on that subject. Something I will, however, happily elaborate on is the hotness of Dan and Serena’s half brother who, as previously reported, shows up in the finale.

VIDEO: Who will be Constance Billard’s new Queen B Gossip Girl?

…no one, if Jenny Humphrey has anything to do with it.

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2 Finale Clip: Little J for the New Queen'Gossip Girl' Season 2 Finale Clip: Little J for the New Queen

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
The Mean Girls are persuading Jenny to take over Blair in the competition to reign the whole school as the Queen, on the May 18 season finale ‘The Goodbye Gossip Girl’.

See larger image The fight for the new Queen throne is given a sneak peek via the just-released “” clip. With the seniors’ graduation approaching closer, the Mean Girls are looking for someone to replace Blair and they are challenging Jenny to throw her hat in the ring. The season finale of “Gossip Girl” is scheduled to air Monday, May 18. Some scoops regarding Jenny’s fate in the episode have been thrown out, hinting that she will take the chance to rule the school although reluctantly. Also, she will get an unlikely competition for the queen title from someone who once also “threatened Blair’s own ascension”. In another development, Gossip Girl decides to liven things up at the Constance Billard and St. Jude’s graduation by sending out a shocking and damaging email blast in the midst of the commencement ceremony, stirring Serena to come up with a plan of attack. Lily and Rufus struggle to repair their relationship after Lily’s betrayal. Their long-lost lovechild, Scott, will appear for the first time in this episode, played by actor Chris Riggi.

Jessica Szohr Spills on the Future of Gossip Girl

Source: Kristin on E!Online

We just caught up with Jessica Szohr in New York and got the rundown of Vanessa’s romantic future. Here’s what she spilled:

What’s Up With Vanessa and Nate? Jessica tells us that V will get over Nate’s dalliance with Blair sooner rather than later. According to Szohr, “Obviously, Vanessa’s a little bit hurt because that’s her boyfriend, but what comes around goes around, so I’m sure Vanessa will be all right.”

What About Vanessa and Dan? Could Danessa ever hook up? Jessica tells us, “I don’t know if I could see Vanessa and Dan together because now that she’s come back and accepted his loving Serena, and he’s always there for her through so many things with Nate, I think they’re just good friends. I don’t know if they’ll ever date. But it’s Gossip Girl, so…”

Will There Be More Between Vanessa and the Basshole? Jessica tells us, “Vanessa hates Chuck…that’s what’s fun about it. We’ll see.” Sounds like there could be more spiciness in store for those two, somewhere down the line…

What About Vanessa and Lesbianism? Could V ever take up with one of the ladies if she exhausts the local supply of eligible bachelors? (Her sister Ruby is in a lesbian pub band…) “For the ladies? I don’t know, maybe she will.”

Now, who’s stoked for Monday’s Gossip Girl finale?

Question: Could you please give us some juicy scoop on the Gossip Girl finale? It would really make my day. Ausiello: One of the cliffhangers involves Georgina … and Dan, and another Blair and Chuck. Actually, the latter is less a cliffhanger and more a itisaboutfreakingtime. Source: The Ausiello Files

The season finale revolves around the gang trying to smoke out Gossip Girl. (Michael Ausiello)

[Serena] uncovers the identity of someone connected to GG, but not GG herself. Source: The Ausiello Files

I’m hearing there will be multiple cliffhangers, one of which may include an appearance by Rufus and Lily’s presumed-dead love child. Source: The Ausiello Files

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.25 – The Goodbye Girl – Promotional Photos

Source: GG Fan

You made a potentially sarcastic remark about Gossip Girl‘s Serena and Nate happening. I need to know if there is anything to that remark, because I am more hopeful than I should be about Serenate finding their way back together. Please help! MICKEY: I will downgrade my previous sarcastic remark to say that the possibility of Serenate is alive and well through the end of the season. But Serena’s season-finale suitor is someone entirely different — and surprising. If it’s a happy ending you’re looking for, forget it. Though Blair hears some magic words, her fall is looking increasingly shrouded in dread. Welcome to NYU, B.!Source: TV Guide Online

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2 Finale Preview: Blair and Chuck Finally'Gossip Girl' Season 2 Finale Preview: Blair and Chuck Finally

‘Gossip Girl’ will wrap it up next Monday with a bunch of cliffhangers, including the ‘finally’ moment of Chuck and Blair.

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image” will momentarily sign off from updating the scandal of Upper East Siders after Monday, May 18 episode. But before that, Blair and Chuck will heat things up with their complicated relationship that reaches the level of “tell me you love me”. In the episode called “The Goodbye Gossip Girl”, Gossip Girl decides to liven things up at the Constance Billard and St. Jude’s graduation by sending out a shocking and damaging email blast in the midst of the commencement ceremony, stirring Serena to come up with a plan of attack. The Mean Girls challenge Jenny to throw her hat in the ring to succeed Blair as Queen Bee next year. Lily and Rufus struggle to repair their relationship after Lily’s betrayal. It had been reported that the long-lost lovechild of them will show up his face in this episode. The character named Scott is played by actor Chris Riggi. As for the cliffhangers, Blair and Chuck finally…and Serena is shocked by…and Georgina decides to…and Dan, Nate and Vanessa unknowingly… and it all happens in the series’ climactic season finale.

Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester Anything you can share about the Gossip Girl finale? You know how we saw those Gossip Girl set photos where Blair kissed both Chuck and Nate on the street? One of them was a total fake-out. Teehee! In other finale news, Little J comes into her own (and there’s a nice rapprochement between her and Blair), Gossip Girl calls Nate a whore, you won’t realize Lily-Rufus spawn is already there until the very last minute and there’s a hint that several familiar background faces might become recurring or even regular characters in season three. (We’ll tell you more about the realistic prospects for those recurrences after you’ve all seen the finale on May 18.) Source: Kristin on E!Online

90210 Season Finale Spoilers 1.24: “One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer” Prom After Party & Death!

Episode 1.24: The Last Shot of Light (Season finale) Airdate:May 19, 2009

‘90210’ finale: Is Brenda adopting Adrianna’s baby? Is Jim Walsh kicking the bucket?

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Judging by your interview with the girl who plays Naomi’s sister, plus the finale promos, I’m guessing Jen sleeps with Liam this week. Am I right? The promos made that pretty obvious, no? Yeah, Naomi’s sister was starting to seem a bit tame, but during tonight’s season ender, her evil nature will become apparent… And it’s all because little sis tried to put her in her place, just as Sara Foster said she would.

Brenda’s back! Brenda’s back! The best (and only) reason to watch “90210”! So, tell me, she’s adopting Adrianna’s baby, right?

Is it true that Jim Walsh returns for the “90210” season finale? I’m hearing this rumor everywhere. Is he the person dying or what? James Eckhouse is not appearing in the season finale and Jim Walsh is not dying. But when you watch tonight’s hour, you’ll understand why this scuttlebutt was started.

Sex, drugs & death. That’s what I heard will happen on the “90210” finale. So give us a clue! Well, the sex we’ve already covered (see above). The death? I think it’s sort of an end-of-season cliffhanger-type thing. And the drugs? The last two characters you’d expect to see stoned are getting super high tonight.

I’m going to miss Ethan next year. How is he written out of the show? Um, he’s not. Not really. I mean, he does have a big moment during the season finale… one involving Silver of course… But there’s no official “see ya” for him. Not yet anyway.

Why is “90210” getting rid of Ethan? Dustin Milligan is great. If they have to dump someone, why not Shenae Grimes?!! Oh, that’s not nice, now is it? No, but if you ain’t an Annie fan, you’re going to really like her last couple scenes this evening…

Question: What does the future hold for Annie and Liam on 90210?  Ausiello: Based on the finale, a straitjacket and an STD, respectively. Source: The Ausiello Files

Let’s talk 90210who’s gonna die? MICKEY: Before I tell you who dies, let me ask you this, Matty: Ever see the movie Carrie? Because it’s prom time at West Bev, and Annie is doing her best Sissy Spacek impression for us. It’s harrowing; you might even say she is driven to do some very uncharacteristic things, like maybe even kill someone! Who? It’s hard to say exactly, but in the same episode, Adrianna makes a choice, Ethan makes a declaration, and Liam makes a mistake — all three of which are life-changing. Source: TV Guide Online

Is anything going to happen between Liam and Annie on 90210?

Liam makes fun of Annie in the 90210 finale, but there’s nothing genuinely flirtatious going on. However, Liam definitely does have sex with someone who’s not Naomi! Ethan and Silver, by the way, totally connect in this last episode. Could that be the beginning of a short-lived somethin’-somethin’? Source: Kristin on E!Online

Preview of ‘90210’ First Season Finale: Naomi Vs. Annie

Nearing the end of the season, ‘90210’ tops it all with a mess between Annie and Naomi as well as Dixon and Ethan.

Preview of '90210' First Season Finale: Naomi Vs. Annie Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

See larger image The first season of “” will conclude on May 19 with a misunderstanding. Liam, being the bad boy that he is, said that he is not the boyfriend of Naomi, and thus Annie takes the fall. Naomi and Liam have revealed their honest feelings for each other and she decides to host an after-prom party at her new house, much to Jen’s disapproval. Showing up late, Naomi searches for Liam but is speechless when she finds him finishing up some business in her bedroom. A furious Naomi confronts and accuses Annie of sleeping with Liam, causing Annie to finally snap at Naomi and all the party-goers before leaving the party in a rage and doing something that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Adrianna and Navid spend their prom night in the delivery room and Brenda shows up to offer support. Dixon and Ethan get into a fight when Dixon accuses Ethan of having feelings for Silver. Harry and Debbie chaperone the after-prom party but leave early to lend their support to Adrianna at the hospital, along with Kelly.

We won’t know who dies until next year. We’ll see what appears to be a dead body in the 90210 finale, but the person’s face will remain hidden. (Watch With Kristin)

Liam will sleep with someone in the finale … and it’s not Naomi! (Or *****!) Source: The Ausiello Files [Note: “Annie” could fit in the asterix clue.]

Sex, drugs, alcohol and murder. “Oddly enough all of those things happen in the finale,” teased 90210 star Rob Estes at last night’s Paley Festival event. Wait, murder?” There may be a death at the very end of the season.” That’s right kids, someone in America’s most famous zip code may be saying goodbye for good. Also, not one, but two students are leaving West Beverly High, and we have the deets on a freak-out that will shock you, especially since it comes from someone other than resident bi-polar gal-pal Silver (Jessica Stroup). Executive producer Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair  tells us, “There are some rash actions at the end of the season where one of the characters makes some decisions that may have very serious consequences, life and death consequences if you will.” Though everyone assumes Ethan will bite the dust, since Dustin Milligan is leaving 90210 this season, Rebecca confirms that the cliffhanger death has nothing to do with Ethan. So where does the big death take place? “A lot of stuff happens during prom. There’s love that’s finally fulfilled and yet because of various circumstances, potentially destroyed forever. There’s love, there’s death, there’s heartache, heartbreak,” says Rebecca. […] Rob spills, “In the final episode of the season, Annie (Shenae Grimes) blows her top. It’s the cliffhanger from hell. It’s a great surprise. Liam just keeps pressing her, saying ‘When are you going to lose it? You’re not really as good as you pretend to be,’ and she’s not.” Matt Lanter innocently says, “Liam is doing some teasing, but he teases everyone.” Oh it’s much more than that. Adds Ryan Eggold, “Annie definitely goes crazy. Not in the way Silver does, more like ‘What the heck am I doing in my life kind of thing.’ She has a very interesting last moment in the finale.” Could Annie be on a death-ward spiral? You’ll have to tune in to the finale. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Shenae Grimes tells us that the finale will be the culmination of all the reunions that have happened so far this year, saying, “We have Shannen back, Jennie’s here, so it’s a really good time.” Apparently there’s lots of drama in the episode, “especially with Little Miss Annie, so stay tuned. It’s going to be shocking, that’s for sure. I was shocked; my jaw dropped, so I hope yours will too.” And according to AnnaLynne McCord , “We’re shooting the finale right now, so Shannen’s in this Cleopatra wig, and I come in and she’s like, ‘Baby!’ and I’m like, ‘Shannen?’ I didn’t even recognize her; she had the wig and the eyes.” And Shannen says, “There’s something about me and a child, there’s something about me and Cleopatra, and it’s just one episode; it’s the season finale and that’s it.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

One Tree Hill Season Finale Spoilers: 6.24 ‘Remember Me As A Time Of Day’

‘One Tree Hill’: Happy endings all around in the season ender

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

There’s been a lot of “One Tree Hill” talk this week, what with the departures of Hilarie Burton (Peyton) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) confirmed, however the season finale is still ahead of us and we haven’t touched too much on that. The ironic thing about Monday’s hour? While we’re accustomed to dramatic Tree Hill cliffhangers with loves and lives left in danger, this year, all your favorite Tree Hill characters live happily ever after. Perhaps with all the real life “OTH” drama going down, creator Mark Schwahn just felt like writing a few feel-good stories.  And, if you are a true fan of the show, I think you will feel good when you watch next week. With the exception of Dan Scott — who goes to visit Whitey during the episode — everyone’s future is looking bright right about now. Everyone’s… Lucas and Peyton’s, Brooke and Julian’s, Mouth and Millicent’s, Mia and Chase’s, Haley and Nathan’s. Yeah, Nathan turns a real corner on Monday, which had me tearing up and I think you will too because it’s a long time coming. Oh, even Victoria gets a happy ending. And we get a happy ending too, because Austin Nichol (Julian) will return to Tree Hill full time in the fall…

‘One Tree Hill’: Will Hilarie Burton come back as a guest star?

VIDEO: Will Tree Hill’s Nathan ever make it to the NBA?

Corners will be turned on Monday.

‘One Tree Hill’ Season 6 Finale Clip: Nathan’s Leaving

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
The happy news of Nathan’s signing as an NBA player is previewed through a clip from the ‘One Tree Hill’ May 18 season finale.

'One Tree Hill' Season 6 Finale Clip: Nathan's LeavingSee larger image” season finale on Monday, May 18 is given a sneak peek of Nathan and Jamie’s scene. Nathan is preparing for his departure to join NBA, playing for Charlotte Bobcats. In the official synopsis, it is said that Nathan is released from the Chiefs, and is forced to face Haley and Jamie. A story arc has been created for Nathan in the next season. A character named Clayton will be introduced as a “young and brash” sports agent who represents Nathan’s basketball interest. Clayton, who is in his 20s, will be a close friend, ally, business partner as well as an advisor for Nathan. In the casting call, Clayton is described as “fiercely protective” of Nathan. On another news, it has been reported that instead of the traditional sad or shocking cliffhangers, this season will have a happy ending, including for Peyton and Lucas. When the execs decided to release and from the show, they have prepared a proper goodbye. E! Online provided a scoop, which may contain spoiler, that “Peyton and baby Scott beat the odds and live happily ever after in the finale.”

Hilarie Burton Reveals Truth Behind ‘One Tree Hill’ Departure

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
In an interview with EW, the Peyton of ‘One Tree Hill’ said that every decision was made based on goodness and that she and Chad Michael Murray face it as grown-ups.

Hilarie Burton Reveals Truth Behind 'One Tree Hill' Departure See larger image The dismissal of Peyton and Lucas from “” after 6 years of running had set up a roar among fans of the show. But here to provide the truth as well as some insights regarding the reason behind their characters’ exit is Peyton’s depicter herself, .
In an exclusive interview with EW, Hilarie wanted to deliver the message that she would never say bad words about “One Tree Hill” and that the decision was based on “adults being good to each other and being kind”. She elaborated, “I think everyone was kind of agreeable about the situation. There were a lot of really wonderful conversations. It wasn’t a rash decision; a lot of thought, emotion, and kindness was put into it.” When asked about the truth, Hilarie responded “There really wasn’t a lot of turmoil. It was a fabulous six-year run, which is how long my contract was for, and I feel really lucky to have been a part of the show. So when I hear that there’s turmoil or negotiations based on money it kind of hurts my feelings, because it’s not what’s been going on at all.”

In February this year, Hilarie had posted a video message where she was chocking up in tears in and said that she wished she has creative control over what was going on. Explaining her purpose in posting the video, she said that it was “to dispel the rumors that were being circulated. …People even back then were blaming it on money, and [on me] being high maintenance… Those rumors were really hurtful.” Warning! The excerpts below may contain spoilers to the May 18 season finale where Peyton and Lucas take a final bow. Speaking of her last day on the set she said, “We wrapped together. We were the last two in the last scene, and we opened up a tab across the street for our crew to say thank you and cried a bunch.” Additionally, Hilarie mentioned that she is open to re-appearance because the writers “didn’t kill” Peyton or Lucas. Hilarie is looking forward to new shows while working on a undisclosed webseries that will start shooting on Memorial Day.

Question: Bummed about Chad and Hilarie leaving One Tree Hill. At least tell me Lucas and Peyton get a proper sendoff in Monday’s finale.  Ausiello: According to EW’s Jennifer Armstrong, who screened the finale yesterday, Leyton “definitely comes to a natural resting place that feels right for them and ties up their story nicely; however, they do not get an actual sendoff of any kind.” Speaking of Chad and Hilarie’s exit, in the very near future I’ll be posting something every Tree Hill fan will want to read. Trust me. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Give me something about the One Tree Hill finale!
What else you got, Armstrong? “Brooke finally gets two things she’s long wanted, we find out the fate of Peyton and the baby, and Whitey (the retired HS basketball coach) and Karen (Lucas’ mom, played by Moira Kelly) appear.” Thanks for ID’ing those last two JA, ’cause I wouldn’t of had a clue who you were talking about. Still don’t, in fact. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Give us scoop on the new characters that will be joining One Tree Hill next season.  Ausiello: The three new faces include: Quinn, Haley’s free-spirited, strong-willed older sister; Alexis, a model-actress-crazy bitch in her 20s who Brooke hires to be the new face of her clothing line; and Clayton, a young and brash sports agent who takes on Nathan as a client. Source: The Ausiello Files

EXCLUSIVE Hilarie Burton on ‘Tree Hill’ exit: ‘It wasn’t a rash decision’

Source: The Ausiello Files

Hilarieburton2_lDid you hear? After six years of angst, heartache, and more angst, Hilarie Burton will make her final appearance as Lucas-lovin’ music mogul Peyton Sawyer on Monday’s season finale of One Tree Hill. (Her leading man, Chad Michael Murray, will bid farewell in the same episode.) On the eve of her swan song, the onetime TRL hostess is setting the record straight about the reason behind her departure, the “hurtful” rumors that precipitated it, and a certain video that left many of her fans going, “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Ms. Hilarie? (Warning: Potential spoilers about Monday’s finale below.)

There are a lot of rumors flying about why you’re leaving. What’s the truth?
There really wasn’t a lot of turmoil. It was a fabulous six-year run, which is how long my contract was for, and I feel really lucky to have been a part of the show. So when I hear that there’s turmoil or negotiations based on money it kind of hurts my feelings, because it’s not what’s been going on at all. I think my fan base in particular knows that money isn’t necessarily a big motivator for me, that’s why I work in the world of independent film.

How long have you known that you were leaving?
I’ve known for a little while. For me, it was definitely an emotional decision. And a professional decision as well. I got really, really lucky. One Tree Hill was my very first television audition; it was a fairytale. I feel really lucky to have that level of success right out of the gate.

Just so I’m clear, it was your decision to leave, not the other way around?
I think everyone was kind of agreeable about the situation. There were a lot of really wonderful conversations. It wasn’t a rash decision; a lot of thought, emotion, and kindness was put into it. I would hope that that‘s the story that gets out — that it was a bunch of adults being good to each other and being kind about the decision-making process.

Did The Powers That Be make a concerted effort to get you to re-sign?
The conversations that they had with me were very compassionate and very sweet. They told me that they valued me, and that meant a lot. And they also wanted me to be happy and challenged and excited. There was some confusion for a little bit as to what was going on, but I think everybody’s in a good place now.

Talk to me about the video message you made for your fans back in February. It seemed like you were maybe saying good-bye. What point were you trying to get across?
The purpose of that video was to dispel the rumors that were being circulated. I was on your end of it for a very long time when I worked at MTV, and I understand how the rumor mill works. Everybody wants a sensational story. People even back then were blaming it on money, and [on me] being high maintenance… Those rumors were really hurtful. Of anybody on the show, I was the one who was very excited about doing all the extracurricular stuff — the mall tours, the radio tours, going to the upfronts…  I loved my involvement with this show, and I really just wanted my fan base to know that I wasn’t turning my nose up at this wonderful opportunity I’ve had for the last six years. There’s an ugly trend where actors think they’ve surpassed the show that made them or the film that made them and badmouth it. I will never say a bad word about One Tree Hill. The entire shape of my world changed because of that show, so I’ll always be very affectionate toward it.

Have you spoken to Chad recently?
I was in L.A. last week and we talked. Chad and I are good friends. I won’t speak for him, but it was not a rash decision on either of our parts. He’s very compassionate toward the show and the fans. It’s not an easy decision, but we’ve got to be grown-ups sometimes. [CMM’s rep declined my interview request, saying, “Chad is no longer on the show and has no comment regarding the new season.”]

What was your last day on the set like?
We wrapped together. We were the last two in the last scene, and we opened up a tab across the street for our crew to say thank you and cried a bunch.

Lucas and Peyton don’t really get an official sendoff next week. Is that disappointing?
It’s like when you leave for college but you know your parents still have your bedroom set up. You never know if you’re going to have to come home… I got really lucky with my character; I got a full-circle story. It was, “Lucas and Peyton: Are they going to be together? Are they not going to be together?” And as we saw in this week’s episode, my character got everything she ever wanted.

Might you make the occasional guest appearance?
Never say never. They didn’t kill us. There’s nothing vengeful about it, and I think that’s because as much as we love them, they love us back.

What are you going to do now?
One Tree Hill was a great learning opportunity for me, and I’m excited to go and apply that elsewhere and see where I end up. I’m hoping the fans support whatever my next endeavor is. I’m actually curious what they want me to do… On the blog that I have for my production company, we’re producing a web series that we’re going to start shooting on Memorial Day. We’ve also got a television show that we’re turning into a graphic novel, and we’ve got a film we’re raising money for. I’m busy. And I’m keeping my business down in North Carolina. I’m still going to be in the neighborhood; it’ll just be in a different capacity.

Last question, and it’s a biggie: What happens to Peyton’s record company?
Who knows? Maybe she’ll take it with her. I get to be a fan of the show now, which is cool. I get to sit back and be a fan. I’m personally very excited to see where it goes. I understand they’re introducing some new characters… I have no doubt they will come up with something to reinvent the show yet again.

Will One Tree Hill‘s “Leyton” be back next season with mini Leyton? MATT: Alas, in the days since you sent in this question, the CW confirmed that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will not be returning for Season 7. The silver lining is that the actors’ final outing is a solid one. TVGuide.com’s Robyn Ross, who screened the May 18 season finale, reports that the hour “wraps things up in a little bow with no shockers to leave us hanging. Old faces were back, and dreams were truly realized. Perhaps it could’ve served better as a series finale, because I’d love to think this is the way these stories would have ended.” Source: TV Guide Online

One Tree Hill – Episode 6.24 – Remember Me As a Time of Day – Synopsis

“ONE TREE HILL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“Remember Me As A Time Of Day”

THE SEASON FINALE FINDS FAVORITE CHARACTERS’ LIVES ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER — Nathan (James Lafferty) is released from the Chiefs, and is forced to face Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Jamie (Jackson Brundage). On the eve of Peyton’s (Hilarie Burton) delivery, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton receive a surprise visit from Karen (guest star Moira Kelly). Dan (Paul Johansson) is on death’s door, while Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Victoria (Daphne Zuniga) prepare to re-launch Clothes Over Bro’s. Mark Schwahn wrote and directed the episode (#624). Source: CW

Nathan must face Haley and Jamie after being released from the Chiefs; Peyton and Lucas receive an unexpected visit from Karen (Moira Kelly). Source: SpoilerTV

One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton I need to know more about the One Tree Hill finale!
Are we sure this is a season (not series) finale? Because we’ve seen the last ep of One Tree Hill for this year, and all the storylines end so darn pleasantly! It’s positively unnerving! Source: Kristin on E!Online

‘One Tree Hill’ Season 6 Finale Preview: Peyton’s Life in Danger

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
In a rather sad tone, the preview of ‘One Tree Hill’ season finale next Monday shows Lucas’ personal dilemma when his wife is brought on stretcher.

'One Tree Hill' Season 6 Finale Preview: Peyton's Life in Danger
See larger image” could wrap up the sixth season with a tragic ending. In the preview released for the May 18 episode titled “Remember Me as a Time of Day”, unconscious Peyton is brought to the ER by Lucas who got his hand bloody. The official synopsis is read: “The season finale finds favorite characters’ lives about to change forever. Nathan is released from the Chiefs, and is forced to face Haley and Jamie. On the eve of Peyton’s delivery, Lucas and Peyton receive a surprise visit from Karen (guest star Moira Kelly). Dan is on death’s door, while Brooke and Victoria prepare to re-launch Clothes Over Bro’s.” A scoop from E! Online reveals that Julian will also be in the finale, which could lead to the reconciliation of him and Brooke. Also, aka Mia will release a record on the episode. “There’s this amazing scene that we shot at a Best Buy, and they have a huge line of fans,” Voegele said. “Mia’s releasing her record, and Mia’s record is my record. So on the day that my album, , comes out in real life, Mia’s album, A Fine Mess, will be coming out on One Tree Hill.”

One Tree Hill finale! Julian appears in the finale, so maybe that means he and Brooke will finally decide to be together? Plus, both Mia—and her portrayer, real-life singer Kate Voegele—are releasing their albums in the OTH finale. “There’s this amazing scene that we shot at a Best Buy, and they have a huge line of fans. Mia’s releasing her record, and Mia’s record is my record. So on the day that my album, A Fine Mess, comes out in real life, Mia’s album, A Fine Mess, will be coming out on One Tree Hill.” A little confusing, but you get it! Source: Kristin on E!Online

Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton’s ‘One Tree Hill’ departures confirmed

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Though we’ve known for months that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton would not return to “One Tree Hill” this fall for the series’ seventh season, The CW has just now officially confirmed the actors’ exits. A network rep tells me they will be welcoming two new cast members, in addition to Austin Nichols, as series regulars.

Exclusive: Murray, Burton exit ‘One Tree Hill’

Source: The Ausiello Files

Onetreehillwedding_l It looks like One Tree Hill newlyweds Peyton and Lucas are about to embark on a permanent honeymoon. Sources confirm that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, whose characters tied the knot in last night’s penultimate episode, will not be returning for the show’s seventh season next fall. The CW is expected to formally announce their departures next Thursday at its upfront presentation.  Murray and Burton have been engaged in rather high-profile contract negotiations for the past several months. Ultimately, a deal couldn’t be worked out and both actors will make their final appearances in next Monday’s season finale. To fill the void next season, a Hill insider tells me that two new characters will be introduced. Additionally, Austin Nichols (Julian) is being promoted to a series regular. What say you, Tree Hill fans? Pumped for OTH 2.0? Too upset to even think about it? Let loose in the comments section.

Confirmed: Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton Exit ‘One Tree Hill’

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
The CW has given a nod to the departures of two actors playing Lucas and Peyton on ‘One Tree Hill’, and said that 2 new cast will be introduced in the seventh season.

Confirmed: Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton Exit 'One Tree Hill'See larger image The media have been reporting that is a goner from “” but apparently one more is leaving the show. His on-screen wife, Peyton, is not included in the next season’s story and thus is also out from the picture. The CW has confirmed the departures of the two actors to several media outlets, but no formal reason has been given. The characters got married on the Monday, May 11 episode but pregnant Peyton is wheeled to the ER on the next week’s episode. Fans of the show will be able to watch Chad and Hilarie, who have been in the show for 6 years, for the last time on the season finale that airs May 18. Additionally, The CW said that they will compensate the loss with two new characters, which details have not been elaborated further. Austin Nichols, who plays Julian, is also promoted as a regular. The rumors of Chad and Hilarie leaving the show erupted for the first time in late February when Hilarie posted an emotional video message to fans, saying “…I wish I had creative control over the show, and I don’t. But if I did, it would go on for a million years, and Peyton Sawyer would cry for you all the time – because she does that.” Few weeks later Chad, captured by a fan’s video during autograph signing, said “They don’t want me. I’m not joking” before then encouraging that fans “should do online, is start blogging and being pissed off that they don’t want that.” Although involved in a negotiation later on, Chad mentioned that the show wanted to save money.

What’s going on with Peyton on One Tree Hill? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby boy in the baby carriage, then comes…oops, can’t tell you that part. Mwa-ha-ha-ha. Yes, we’re evil. Source: Kristin on E!Online

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