90210 Episode Recap 1.23: ‘Zero Tolerance’

‘90210’: Ethan wants to find himself… in Silver’s pants. Hey-o!

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Previously on “90210,” I Moan was scammed by her sister, Adrianna and Navid rethought their married with children nonsense, Silver asked Dixon to prom and Liam kept kind-of hitting on Annie. Tonight is Sophomore Prom, woo hoo!

The Wilsons
Principal Harry (with Annie’s help) gives a PSA entitled “Zero Tolerance” about after-prom parties and the subsequent suspension if you get caught at one. Principal Harry and Kelly also have to threaten Liam with military school (via Liam’s stepfather) if he doesn’t put forth some effort and get involved.

Harry also asks Annie to be his snitch about the prom after-parties. Man, you can’t do that to your kid! Low, Harry, low. At the actual prom, Harry overhears about a party stocked with booze and makes an announcement about how he’ll be at the party with the police. *Cringe* Everybody thinks Annie snitched.

Silver & Dixon
Silver picks out a strapless pink princess prom dress and she looks beautiful, even if it isn’t very “Silver.” At the actual prom, she freaks out and won’t leave the limo, but Ade talks her down, saying they’ll hardly notice Silver next to an 8-months pregnant girl. Snerk.

The Prom King and Queen are announced as Dixon and Silver (as a write-in) and I hold my breath that a bucket of pig’s blood is going to come cascading from the ceiling. I wouldn’t exactly cry if Silver used her mind to lock the doors and burn the place to the ground, though.

No pig’s blood, surprisingly, and Silver’s acceptance speech (about how much she hates proms) is awesome. Dixon looks stunned and Ethan looks lovestruck. When Silver removes her crown, I Moan takes it and puts it on her own head, which is also awesome.

Silver tells DIxon she’s ready to come back to West Bev but he is totally pissed at her because he’s a “zombie, prom-loving loser.” Ethan compliments her right on the heels of Dixon’s exit and she looks thoughtful.

I Moan, Sneaky Sister and Liam
When I Moan goes prom dress shopping, her card is declined. The ensuing confrontation with Sneaky Sister has Jen coming clean about her financial woes (she’s still not completely honest, though). I Moan takes it really well and is more hurt by the lying than the money fraud.

After prom, I Moan takes Liam on the Paramount backlot. They run into Kelly, who spills the beans about his stepfather, and I Moan puts it together that he only asked her to get involved in stuff. I Moan berates him about how much she likes him, then realizes he looked on her Facebook page to find out she likes black orchids for her corsage. Awww.

Sneaky Sister and Skeazy Teacher
Ryan the Chaperone (should he really be around dressed-much-older high schoolers?) takes Jen Clark to prom. They talk to Kelly and it is revealed that Jen had her as a guidance counselor. Ouch. In the bathroom, Jen reveals that she slept with a guy from the registrar’s office at Yale and got to read her letters of recommendation. Kelly’s letter wasn’t terribly nice because Jen was a conniving, term paper-thieving narcissist. I hope Kelly beats her ass to a couture pulp.

Kelly tries to tell Ryan what Jen is actually like and he accuses her of being jealous. Maybe those two narcissists deserve each other. Meanwhile, Jen talks to her husband Olivier on her cell phone outside.

Annie & Ethan
Totally boring this week. Annie goes to prom with a theatre geek to prove to Liam she’s a nice girl, but ends up hurting theatre geek in the process. Ethan turns down lacrosse camp this summer in order to visit his dad in Montana and find himself. He clearly wants to have 1000 of Silver’s babies after her big prom speech.

Adrianna & Navid
Navid picks a fight with Ty, which sends Ade into labor. I’m guessing they get better stuff next week.

There are photographers and a red carpet at the SOPHOMORE PROM.

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  1. I love Silver! She always has such a good way of ‘stirring the pot’ and her style is the best! I also love how even when she’s feeling vulnerable, she can look like she’s in control – for example, even though she really hates the prom and doesn’t want to get out of the limo, when she finally does, she handles the situation with her Erin Silver swagger and her non-acceptance speech was awesome!

    I also love the song that played as they were entering the prom. It’s “Houses” by Great Northern, and it really has such a cool, confident sounding beat that fits Silver and the scene to a T! There’s a video clip of this scene at : http://modestcomplexity.blogspot.com/2009/05/90210.html

  2. gabrielspeaks

     /  May 13, 2009

    Bold and insightful post; The authors clarity on the issue petitions to white house and truth it brings to bear on the prospects for the future give us all reason for hope. The question is: Are people ready to hear the good news yet? I for one AM!

    Way to go, we’ re all behind you, and were all in this together.

  3. sars

     /  June 28, 2009

    whats the final song called in this episode where naomi and liam dance in the snow??

  4. robb

     /  November 15, 2009

    does anybody know what’s the song when naomi and liam dance in the final scene in this episode?

  5. connie

     /  November 15, 2009

    it’s The Orange Lights – Let The Love Back In

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