90210 Season Finale Spoilers 1.24: “One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer” Prom After Party & Death!

Episode 1.24: The Last Shot of Light (Season finale) Airdate:May 19, 2009

‘90210’ finale: Is Brenda adopting Adrianna’s baby? Is Jim Walsh kicking the bucket?

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Judging by your interview with the girl who plays Naomi’s sister, plus the finale promos, I’m guessing Jen sleeps with Liam this week. Am I right? The promos made that pretty obvious, no? Yeah, Naomi’s sister was starting to seem a bit tame, but during tonight’s season ender, her evil nature will become apparent… And it’s all because little sis tried to put her in her place, just as Sara Foster said she would.

Brenda’s back! Brenda’s back! The best (and only) reason to watch “90210”! So, tell me, she’s adopting Adrianna’s baby, right?

Is it true that Jim Walsh returns for the “90210” season finale? I’m hearing this rumor everywhere. Is he the person dying or what? James Eckhouse is not appearing in the season finale and Jim Walsh is not dying. But when you watch tonight’s hour, you’ll understand why this scuttlebutt was started.

Sex, drugs & death. That’s what I heard will happen on the “90210” finale. So give us a clue! Well, the sex we’ve already covered (see above). The death? I think it’s sort of an end-of-season cliffhanger-type thing. And the drugs? The last two characters you’d expect to see stoned are getting super high tonight.

I’m going to miss Ethan next year. How is he written out of the show? Um, he’s not. Not really. I mean, he does have a big moment during the season finale… one involving Silver of course… But there’s no official “see ya” for him. Not yet anyway.

Why is “90210” getting rid of Ethan? Dustin Milligan is great. If they have to dump someone, why not Shenae Grimes?!! Oh, that’s not nice, now is it? No, but if you ain’t an Annie fan, you’re going to really like her last couple scenes this evening…

Question: What does the future hold for Annie and Liam on 90210?  Ausiello: Based on the finale, a straitjacket and an STD, respectively. Source: The Ausiello Files

Let’s talk 90210who’s gonna die? MICKEY: Before I tell you who dies, let me ask you this, Matty: Ever see the movie Carrie? Because it’s prom time at West Bev, and Annie is doing her best Sissy Spacek impression for us. It’s harrowing; you might even say she is driven to do some very uncharacteristic things, like maybe even kill someone! Who? It’s hard to say exactly, but in the same episode, Adrianna makes a choice, Ethan makes a declaration, and Liam makes a mistake — all three of which are life-changing. Source: TV Guide Online

Is anything going to happen between Liam and Annie on 90210?

Liam makes fun of Annie in the 90210 finale, but there’s nothing genuinely flirtatious going on. However, Liam definitely does have sex with someone who’s not Naomi! Ethan and Silver, by the way, totally connect in this last episode. Could that be the beginning of a short-lived somethin’-somethin’? Source: Kristin on E!Online

Preview of ‘90210’ First Season Finale: Naomi Vs. Annie

Nearing the end of the season, ‘90210’ tops it all with a mess between Annie and Naomi as well as Dixon and Ethan.

Preview of '90210' First Season Finale: Naomi Vs. Annie Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

See larger image The first season of “” will conclude on May 19 with a misunderstanding. Liam, being the bad boy that he is, said that he is not the boyfriend of Naomi, and thus Annie takes the fall. Naomi and Liam have revealed their honest feelings for each other and she decides to host an after-prom party at her new house, much to Jen’s disapproval. Showing up late, Naomi searches for Liam but is speechless when she finds him finishing up some business in her bedroom. A furious Naomi confronts and accuses Annie of sleeping with Liam, causing Annie to finally snap at Naomi and all the party-goers before leaving the party in a rage and doing something that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Adrianna and Navid spend their prom night in the delivery room and Brenda shows up to offer support. Dixon and Ethan get into a fight when Dixon accuses Ethan of having feelings for Silver. Harry and Debbie chaperone the after-prom party but leave early to lend their support to Adrianna at the hospital, along with Kelly.

We won’t know who dies until next year. We’ll see what appears to be a dead body in the 90210 finale, but the person’s face will remain hidden. (Watch With Kristin)

Liam will sleep with someone in the finale … and it’s not Naomi! (Or *****!) Source: The Ausiello Files [Note: “Annie” could fit in the asterix clue.]

Sex, drugs, alcohol and murder. “Oddly enough all of those things happen in the finale,” teased 90210 star Rob Estes at last night’s Paley Festival event. Wait, murder?” There may be a death at the very end of the season.” That’s right kids, someone in America’s most famous zip code may be saying goodbye for good. Also, not one, but two students are leaving West Beverly High, and we have the deets on a freak-out that will shock you, especially since it comes from someone other than resident bi-polar gal-pal Silver (Jessica Stroup). Executive producer Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair  tells us, “There are some rash actions at the end of the season where one of the characters makes some decisions that may have very serious consequences, life and death consequences if you will.” Though everyone assumes Ethan will bite the dust, since Dustin Milligan is leaving 90210 this season, Rebecca confirms that the cliffhanger death has nothing to do with Ethan. So where does the big death take place? “A lot of stuff happens during prom. There’s love that’s finally fulfilled and yet because of various circumstances, potentially destroyed forever. There’s love, there’s death, there’s heartache, heartbreak,” says Rebecca. […] Rob spills, “In the final episode of the season, Annie (Shenae Grimes) blows her top. It’s the cliffhanger from hell. It’s a great surprise. Liam just keeps pressing her, saying ‘When are you going to lose it? You’re not really as good as you pretend to be,’ and she’s not.” Matt Lanter innocently says, “Liam is doing some teasing, but he teases everyone.” Oh it’s much more than that. Adds Ryan Eggold, “Annie definitely goes crazy. Not in the way Silver does, more like ‘What the heck am I doing in my life kind of thing.’ She has a very interesting last moment in the finale.” Could Annie be on a death-ward spiral? You’ll have to tune in to the finale. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Shenae Grimes tells us that the finale will be the culmination of all the reunions that have happened so far this year, saying, “We have Shannen back, Jennie’s here, so it’s a really good time.” Apparently there’s lots of drama in the episode, “especially with Little Miss Annie, so stay tuned. It’s going to be shocking, that’s for sure. I was shocked; my jaw dropped, so I hope yours will too.” And according to AnnaLynne McCord , “We’re shooting the finale right now, so Shannen’s in this Cleopatra wig, and I come in and she’s like, ‘Baby!’ and I’m like, ‘Shannen?’ I didn’t even recognize her; she had the wig and the eyes.” And Shannen says, “There’s something about me and a child, there’s something about me and Cleopatra, and it’s just one episode; it’s the season finale and that’s it.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

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     /  May 13, 2009

    Ohhh come on Ethan and Silver??? No way….What about Dixon?????It’s too pity for him!!We like both Ethan and Silver
    and that will be the moment we gonna DISLIKE them a lot!
    Ethan should live…He seems a good guy and Dixon is
    his friend! Get the couple of Annie and Ethan back…
    Naomi:so crazy…so looser…
    Who is going to die???Will we see it in the next season?
    Any guesses???
    Thank a lot for the information bonniekaryn!!
    We want more spoilers………….

  2. goba & losh

     /  May 14, 2009

    naomi is so anoying and shes so easy and desperate for liam hes such a bitch in the show. we want silver and eithen to get together dixon is nice but he gets mad for everything. we think jen is gonna fuck liam she has already fucked one of naomis boyfriends eithen and shes just using naomi cuz shes broke. and brendas gonna adopt adrianas baby. maybe eithen will die cuz for the summer hes gonna go backpacking with his dad probably in the mountains and it says on the internet that someone dies from a cliffhanger and hes also not gonna come out in the 2nd season. annie is gonna hav a attack on naomi and shes probably gonna get drunk and hav sex with someone

  3. kannon

     /  May 17, 2009

    UMMMMM…. seriously… I think that Liam and Ethan should hook up, eventually we shall see lot of fun and despite I love this show it REALLY NEEDS SPICE I T UP… and please more of brenda we love her!!!!


     /  May 21, 2009


  5. pppersonpppppersonperson

     /  May 22, 2009

    you guys, remember, the phone is still on when the police come after liam, when he was leaving a message for naomi… i think somehow, she’ll help him out at that time… well actually, that wouldn’t work cuz it seems lyk she’s gonna get in trouble with the cops as well when you hear the police cars pull into her house… omg!!! i need to know what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe annie will commit suicide.. and no, for sure brenda is NOT adopting ade’s baby, cuz they said so in the episode, brenda was lyk: i can’t wait for you to meet her, so i don’t get why ppl are still wondering if she will adopt the baby? AND, ethan DOES NOT die, yes, it has been confirmed several tyms, yet he’s not gonna be in the story much longer, he’s going to leave =[ anyways, i hope ty dies, since he’s not really that important in the story, so if he dies, nothing will be lost, haha… i also hope silver isn’t the one who’s gonna die, plus, i heard the way that the person dies is that annie runs into them in her car when she was all mad and everything.. so… WE’LL SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys, does anyone have any clue when the next season will begin???

  6. pppersonpppppersonperson

     /  May 22, 2009

    OMG, OR MAYBE JEN COULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh, that would be amazing =]

  7. me

     /  May 22, 2009

    pppersonpppppersonperson….the cops do not come for Liam. Those are the military guys coming to take him away to military school. Remember, his step-father threatened to send him away if he didn’t get his $hit together?

    SAMANTHA….I agree – I would die if Brenda was my mom!!! Ugh! And remember Navid’s bach party? Dixon did get drunk that night & was a little more relaxed (unconcious!). Maybe he just needs some of he’s parent’s brownies!! LOL

    Anyone know what’s up with the car following Annie?? And did she actually hit anyone yet??

  8. white lion

     /  May 23, 2009

    i think liam dies because he slept with jen and jen dose not whant naomi to know and the military guys com and take him a way he could of got away from them and ran away and wound up getting hit by annie car.. she should never looked down at the the bottle ….

  9. shibat

     /  May 24, 2009

    Hi guys! Congreetz from portugal;)

    Well, i’ve seen the season finalle..daaam! i want more !

    Firstly: Ethan and Silver- NO WAY! I thought she was going to be with Dixon. This all ideia of they may break up because Ethan was sooo surprising!

    Secondly: Poor Annie. She hit an animal with the car, didnt she? And the car behind was from someone of her school wasnt it?

    Thirdly: Diam went to the military school. Naomi is so irritating–.’ DAM! the girl never keeps her mouth closed?XD

    Anyone knows when the next season starts again?

    I’m sooo ansious!

  10. oliviaaa

     /  May 26, 2009

    a straitjacket and an STD, respectively.

    i think Liam’s gonna end up with an STD from Jen

  11. lian

     /  June 11, 2009

    so listen, i’m dying to know who died.
    will you, PLEASE tell me. please please.

  12. lian

     /  June 11, 2009

    so listen, i’m dying to know who died.
    will you, PLEASE tell me. please please.

    and omg, i want ethan with ANNIE. NOT silver.
    and if silver goes out with ethan, it’s fucked up since
    she’s annies best friend.. & for DIXON of course.
    this is crazy! i’m dying here.

    i wanna know who died. PLEASEEEE.

  13. lian

     /  June 11, 2009

    i know for sure that it couldn’t be a girl who died,
    because the guy who was lying on the ground, dead..
    had a black tux on. which means, he had to be back from
    prom or a party or something.

    it can’t be liam- he went to military. [i think?] but he was
    in boxers the last time it showed him.. so nO. lol.

    it’s possible it’s ethan- but, he was with silver.

    it can definitley be dixon- because when silver went to talk to
    ethan, i’m sure dixon left the party.


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