Smallville Season 8 Finale Recap ‘Doomsday’ Jimmy Dies!

FinaleWatch: Death spares not ‘Smallville’

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On this Very Special Episode of ‘Smallville,” Clark finally learns the true meaning of carpe diem… though it comes far too late to save one that has been close to him for a long time.

“Cosmic Boy” Rokk makes a cameo appearance on the roof of the Daily Planet to present Clark with another Legion ring… seeing as how he destroyed the last one. Rokk also drops word that, because of Clark’s mad respect for Chloe, he is destined to die tomorrow. Rokk can be a real downer sometimes. Speaking of bad tidings, Tess has been robbed of her precious orb, while over in Edge City, Chloe and Davis do a little stargazing.

The next day, Clark is typing his “goodbye cruel world” letter to the masses when Lois shows up on one hell of a caffeine buzz. She’s mad that he’s not doing more to find Chloe. To shut her up, he whooshes to a nearby phone booth only to call her as the Red/Blue Blur… here to save the day. With his help comes a price: publish the letter. She hesitates on that demand while making one of her own. If he agrees to meet her, she’ll go through with it. He sets a midnight meeting for a downtown phone booth. Heh.

After a prolonged absence, Bart and Dinah (Impulse and Black Canary) return to help Clark plan his attack: lure Doomsday to the Luthor Geothermal Facility, where he (it?) will be blown to bits. Oliver appears in the barn to (once again) voice his disapproval at the idea. Clark notes that Oliver isn’t the man he once was, what with the killing of Lex and whatnot. It seems Bart and Dinah can be easily swayed, because later that night, they team up with Oliver to stop Clark in his tracks with an Evil Kryptonite Dart!

Somehow, Jimmy got his hands on a decryption key for Tess’ computer… where he literally stumbles upon Lois. Together, they find a program tracking Chloe and Davis, which allows for Jimmy to make a hasty exit. Lois stays behind to watch video of Tess acquiring the orb and the impending doom should she decide to use it. Speak of the devil herself, Tess tries to keep Lois from finding out more about the orb, which leads to a catfight in the newsroom.

This time, it’s Jimmy who plays hero to Clark, removing the dart. As his reward, his use of context clues finally yields a positive outcome: Clark confirms to him that he is indeed the Red/Blue Blur. Before there’s too much explanation, he whooshes away to the geothermal facility… where he’s too late to the Doomsday party. Turns out, Chloe is no longer calming Davis enough to keep from unleashing the beast, so it’s determined that he must die. Oliver lines up his shot, but Chloe forces the Black Kryptonite onto Davis, causing the man and beast to become separate entities.

Clark joins the Doomsday Downtown Destruction already in progress. He saves a little girl from certain death, but after the beast knocks Clark into next Thursday, that apparently is the last straw. Our hero musters all his strength to blast him and Doomsday out of Metropolis and straight into the geothermal facility… which proceeds to explode in a fiery fury.

Later, Jimmy takes Chloe and Davis to what was supposed to be his final wedding present to his bride: a new home overlooking the city complete with a large stained-glass window. His reasoning was that no matter where she is in Metropolis, she could always look up and see home. Jimmy also reveals his knowledge of Clark’s secret AND apologizes to Chloe for not being more understanding of her situation. It’s a good thing they kiss, because Davis takes the opportunity to impale Jimmy with a large pipe. He seems upset that Chloe wasn’t really on his side, but working for/with Clark all along. She begs for her life, which distracts him long enough for himself to receive a metal pipe through the chest, courtesy of Jimmy. While Davis immediately dies, Jimmy dies the hero’s death in Chloe’s arms.

Jimmy’s funeral is sparsely attended: Chloe is there along with Bart and Dinah. Oliver stands on the other side, shedding his single tear. Clark is there, too… lurking in the background. Later at the stained-glass house, our hero pleads to Chloe to get rid of the place. She envisions it as a literal WatchTower; a place where the League can assemble to do the most good. Sensing he may no longer be useful to anyone, Clark pouts that perhaps he cares too much about humanity. Clark Kent is now apparently dead, having walked out on Chloe (who is now literally all alone.)

We end the eighth season with Tess heading toward the light that has illuminated the Castle Luthor background. I can only imagine what she’s thinking when out from the orb appears a figure in human form standing in the middle of a burning symbol of Zod.

‘Smallville’: Find out why they killed Jimmy

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Aaronashmore_lWARNING: Stop reading if you have not watched the season finale of Smallville. I mean it. Everyone else, onward and downward…

Talk about dodging a tall loophole with a single bound. In tonight’s season finale, Smallville managed to kill off an iconic Superman character without incurring the wrath of the evil mythos police. I’m referring, of course, to the death of Jimmy Olsen at the hands of a de-Doomsdayed Davis. The show later revealed (or strongly implied?) that the shutterbug’s younger brother is, in fact, the real Jimmy. Problem solved! Of course, that’s little consolation to Aaron Ashmore, whose three-year stint as faux Jimmy ended with a steel pipe through the chest. In this exclusive interview, Ashmore reveals why he was caught off guard by his dismissal, how he’d feel about a Chloe-Clark romance, and who he thinks really killed Jimmy Olsen.

When did you find out that Jimmy wasn’t long for this world?
About six months ago, right around the time we finished shooting “Bride.” I knew that Jimmy was going to get hurt in that episode and go on a little hiatus, so I talked to the producers and asked, “Guys, where is this storyline going?” And they said, “Well, we have an idea to send Jimmy on a bit of a downward spiral and, in the end, sacrifice himself for Chloe.” That’s what I originally heard. I didn’t know that that was necessarily going to happen this season. It happened a little sooner than I had anticipated.

Were you disappointed?
Of course. I really enjoyed working on the show; to be sent off kind of sucks. But, at the same time, it works great for the story. And all things run their course. I guess Jimmy on Smallville had run his course.

Any chance he’s not really dead?
I don’t think so. Not that I’ve heard.

When word leaked that two major characters were dying, no one suspected Jimmy because of the whole mythos thing. Did you think you were safe because of that?
Absolutely. That was my first reaction. That being said, Smallville has taken some little turns here and there from the comic books.

So, Jimmy’s little brother is the real Jimmy, right?
That’s how I read it. There’s always been a bit of a discrepancy in how old Jimmy is compared to Clark and Lois, so this is a way of clarifying things. Jimmy [is supposed to be] 10 years younger than them, so Jimmy’s little brother showing up totally makes it stick to the mythos.

What reason did producers give you for killing him off?
I know when [the idea of] Jimmy coming to Smallville first came up, DC Comics had a bit of a problem because of the age difference thing. But the producers really wanted to bring the character in because they thought they could do some interesting stuff with him. I believe [producers] had reassured DC that by the end of the series — or at some point — they would rectify that [by making it clear that he’s] not the real Jimmy Olsen.

How do you think fans will react to Jimmy’s death?
It’s a mixed bag. It depends if you like Jimmy or not. There are a lot of people that probably think he’s a really annoying, bumbling kind of guy, which, you know, there’s no doubt about that. He’s not the hero; he’s the everyman. And I always questioned why people got so annoyed by that. [On the other hand], I think people who are big Jimmy fans are going to be bummed. But I think it’s a nice way for him to go. I think he redeems himself and [emerges as] a bit of a hero after being so self-conscious and jealous [this season]. He had a lot of good qualities as well, but he took a dark turn at the end. I’ll be interested to see how people take it.

Are you a “Chlark” fan?
Abso… well…. romantically, I don’t know if it would work. That’s yet to be seen. But there’s a very strong bond between those two characters. And you can see it in the show. Their scenes together are always really great, and they’re always played really well by Allison [Mack] and Tom [Welling]. The connection is really, really nice.

What’s next for you?
I’m headed to L.A. tomorrow to hit the job hunt. I ‘m in Toronto right now, where I just shot an episode of The Bridge. It’s a Canadian-produced television show that CBS picked up. It’s a procedural cop drama and I get to play a beat copy, which was really sweet. It’s tough after being out of the audition game for three years. I’m going to try and see what the options are.

Ugly Betty Episode Recap 3.22 ‘In The Stars’

Adele and aliens invade ‘Ugly Betty’s’ wedding

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It’s wedding madness on “Ugly Betty,” and that means workplace powerplays, relationship soul-searching and proposals — of the matrimonial and indecent kind. Oh, and British soul sensation Adele.

The Sketches and Patterns

– Marc, Betty and Matt are assigned a final YETI project — mix music and physical science for a creative photo shoot that could make or break their futures. They have a fun idea: Get a singer (Adele) to perform at an alien-themed affair at the Planetarium. Genius, eh? Problem is, Matt’s bored with publishing and wants to focus on art, so he’s slacking big time.
– Cal Hartley questions Wilhelmina’s judgment when she presents a black wedding dress layout and tells Claire to collaborate with her creatively. Yeah, that’ll work.
– Elena is looking into a great job opportunity in California, so Papi’s upset that she’s thinking of a future without him. He doesn’t do the bicoastal apparently.
– Daniel is uncertain about the wisdom of proposing to terminal Molly, but eventually decides it’s worth it because of the happiness it will bring her.

The Fitting and Sewing

– Mama Hartley pleads with Betty to use her wiles to convince Matt to at least finish the project so he’s not doomed to a life as a declasse dilettante, since he has a pattern of doing that (Exhibit A: Slideshow of almost achievements). Our good girl is conflicted, but does convince Matt to put some effort into the project as a last hurrah, and he comes through … until he discovers his mom’s meddling.
– Wilhelmina and Claire. The claws come out. A model’s dress is ripped in the process. ‘S okay. It was ugly.
– With the Suarez family seal of approval, Papi proposes to Elena, who doesn’t exactly jump up and down and scream, “Si!”
– Wedding planning starts out swimmingly with Daniel bowing to Molly’s wishes, but then she calls the whole thing off. And it’s not cuz he says “toe-MAH-toe.” Wedding planning is all surface stuff, and Molly gets all existential since this will not make her life perfect.

The Runway Show

– Matt comes to his senses and assures Betty that while he’s a flibbertigibbet with his vocations, he’s constant in his love for her. To prove it, he gets the previously canceled Adele to show up at the Planetarium for the shoot. As guest stars go, she was kinda sweet. Happy ending all around cuz they won the project.
– The Meade women go to Hartley, and Claire acknowledges that Willie is right, bowing out of the catfight for the good of the magazine. The twist is that this focus on the company’s well-being impresses Cal, and he promotes Claire to Sr. VP of Meade, which means she’s now Wil’s boss. Ha!
– In another act of sacrifice, Papi encourages Elena to pursue the job in California by buying her a ticket (a little extreme, no?), saying that if he’s committed to her, he’s committed to what’s good for her. Aww! Lady, figure out how to have them both.
– Daniel and Molly have an impromptu wedding at Betty’s Planetarium shoot, and it’s all kinds of weird and fun. As they’re packing for their honeymoon in Bora Bora, Molly collapses …

The Buyers Say …

– Matt is showing more and more kinks in his armor. I understand not everyone can find one thing to be super-passionate about, but that does not mean shirking responsibility and leaving your teammates and girlfriend in the lurch. Get over yourself for the time it takes to finish the project and then moon over art. Selfish jerk.
– I wasn’t thrilled with Wilhelmina’s contrived way to stay at Mode, so I’m psyched that Claire will be more active on the magazine and has hand over her.  – How awesome was it that was Jodie coming onto Marc? It’s about time he was preyed upon. I still miss Cliff though.
– Fun quote — Betty: “We can’t just paint stars on your ceiling and call it the Planetarium. This is Adele, not Amy Winehouse.”
– I know shows need to be creative about advertisers, but the Cherry 7-up plug was pretty clunky.
– One of my favorite just plain oddball moments: Wilhelmina shrieks, “Out of my way, alien,” at an alien and then screams silently behind the glass.
– Where can I steal Claire’s chunky turquoise necklace?
– I like Daniel, but the whole Molly storyline still isn’t working for me. Does that make me dead inside?
– Where’s Archie? I want a good Hilda or Justin subplot soonest.

Bones Season Finale Episode Recap ‘The End in the Beginning’ – It was all a Dream!

‘Bones’ Finale: What the hell was THAT?

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Remember when some Obama press conferences threatened to bump this episode of “Bones” to next year, and fans raised a stink to make sure we got to see it? Perhaps our president was just looking out for us…. Yes, “Booth” and “Brennan” get busy — naked busy. Yes, they proclaim their love for each other. Yes, “Zack” returns. Yes, we see all the various lab assistants, and Jared is there, and Max, and Carolyn… and none of it matters, because it’s either Brennan’s new book (which she wisely deletes) or Booth’s coma-induced hallucination. Possibly both. What it isn’t is any good. “People say you only live once — but people are as wrong about that as they are about everything else.” So sayeth Hodgins’ voiceover, which ushers us into some B&B nookie. They’re smiley and happy and the bom, it chicka-wows, for about 5 seconds. But this Booth isn’t our Booth, and this Brennan isn’t our Brennan, they’re married nightclub owners, and a body is discovered in their club — “The Lab.” Just about all the recurring characters we’ve run into are connected to the club in some way:

  • Zack = Brennan’s assistant
  • Wendell = the club’s “doorman”/Booth’s heavy
  • Fisher = the club’s chef
  • Vincent Nigel-Murray = the club’s DJ
  • Angela = the club’s hostess
  • Hodgins = a pulp mystery writer who frequents the bar
  • Sweets = a bartender and aspiring musician
  • Daisy = a… slutty girl who has some unspecified role at the club and no rhythm
  • Cam = a detective
  • Jared = Cam’s partner — and he’s still Booth’s brother
  • Max = a corrupt councilman
  • Carolyn = the club’s lawyer
  • Clark = C-Synch, a rapper and MC who wants to play the club
  • Arastoo = a Persian real estate magnate who wants to buy the club
  • Gormogon = the name of Sweets’ band
  • The Gravedigger = a potentially mythical mobster who controls the city, and has Max in his pocket.

The dead guy was found in the bathroom, knocked out a shot in the head. Brennan — Bren in this incarnation — was working late but heard nothing. Cam thinks she must be having an affair, but of course she’s not because she and Booth — here it’s called Mr. B — are so very, very in love. The dead guy is was a mob heavy. Was he sent by The Gravedigger to intimidate Booth for not paying protection money? Was he sent by Arastoo to intimidate them into selling? Was he sent by C-Synch or his gangster brother to  intimidate them into booking him in the club? Was he pulled bodily from the nether regions of the writers’ after a particularly bad Jägermeister-and-hot-wings binge? Who knows?

Everyone at the club thinks Mr. B did the deed, because he loves Bren so very much and would do anything to protect her. So they go about obstructing justice 3in various ways — Zach handles the gun, which he finds in Vincent’s DJ equipment, destroying any prints that may be on it. Angela neglects to show a map of the club she drew for the dead guy — she wants to be an interior designer, so…. she draws floor plans of existing clubs on napkins?). Zack and Sweets hide, then destroy, Bren’s coat, which was used as a silencer. The list goes on.

After some banter and a few clues — Max says Jared works for The Gravedigger! Cam says Jared has a thing for Brennan! Max tells everyone not to use cell phone, because They can track your every movement! — Bren, Mr. B and Cam figure out that Jared was the culprit. He killed the mob heavy to protect Bren, because he loves her. He looks like he’s going to commit suicide by cop/Cam, but Bren gets between them and convinces him to put down the gun. Then Mötley Crüe plays, and it looks like Jared will walk for lack of evidence, and everyone lives happily ever after.

All of which served to kill time until we got to the big moment — our Brennan, the real Brennan, at the real Booth’s bedside when he wakes up. The operation was a success, but he had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and he’s been in a coma for four days. Booth talks about how real that weird dream he just had felt, then looks at Brennan. “Who are you?” Dun dun DUN! Wait, they had to give us 43 minutes of pointless story just to get us to that one moment? Really? Sigh.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • The show apparently hoped to distract us from the train wreck of a script by giving us some decent lines and some fun visuals. We see Booth in a sleeveless shirt, and later in his boxers and a shirt. He also sports a fetching pink robe at one point. Brennan is working the four-inch stilettos and pencil skirts.
  • Bren is still very logical, while Mr. B is all emotion
  • Fisher, on Zack’s reaction to discovering the body: “He screamed like slutty girl number one in a teen horror flick.”
  • UnSweets on his employment: “I’m a bartender. I’m practically a psychologist!”
  • UnCam accuses Bren of being a cold fish. Mr. B disagrees — “What you are is Iceland — cool to the touch, but underneath you’re all volcano.”
  • UnVincent, when he and UnZack find the gun: “I’m English. We don’t use guns. We use our foreheads.” He also describes UnZack as “the type of moron who goes to jail for a murder he didn’t commit…”
  • UnVincent on his prospects after arrest: “I’m not going to fair well in jail. I’m lovely.”
  • Mr. B: “should I be upset that everyone thinks that we’re murderers, or just happy that everyone is trying to help us get away with it?”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Finale Episode Recap: Are Izzie & George Really Dead?

What will happen on Grey’s Anatomy next season? Are George and Izzie goners? E! Online’s own Marc Malkin has an inside source who says that T.R. Knight is leaving Grey’s Anatomy due to issues with executive producer Shonda Rhimes. Sources tell, “That story is utterly false. Nothing at all has changed in T.R.’s status.” Rhimes has also gone on record debunking new rumors that an entirely different actor would play George thanks to plastic surgery. However, we all know Shonda toed the lines of truth last season and likes to keep the audience guessing. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Latest Grey’s Rumors Ripped as “Ridiculous,” “False” and “B.S.”

Source: TV Guide Online

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is nipping in the bud talk that the role of George — who last was seen barely alive after being mauled, mangled and mashed in a bus accident — will be recast with a new actor. “A hilarious, ridiculous rumor” is how Rhimes, via Twitter, qualified the speculation. Getting someone new to play a surgically made-over George would conveniently pave the way for T.R. Knight to vacate the role and exit the ABC serial, as has been rumored for many, many months. The increasingly dusty buzz has been that Knight’s disenchantment with his Season 5 storylines begat his conspicuously decreased screen time… which, in turn, is said to have disenchanted Knight even further.

Now, E! Online is reporting that Knight just this week negotiated his departure from Grey’s — a neat trick, seeing as he’s still on contract through Season 6, if needed. “That story is utterly false,” one well-placed source tells “Nothing at all has changed in T.R.’s status.” A second industry insider deems the aforementioned blog posting as “total B.S.” Rhimes herself recently told, “There have been lots of rumors about T.R., but T.R.’s never said anything. Take from it what you will.”

ABC entertainment boss Stephen McPherson also has weighed in on the uncertain future of Knight’s character, as well as Katherine Heigl’s ailing Izzie. “They’ve both signed on [for next season],” he told reporters at ABC’s upfront. “I can’t say whether or not they’ll both be there.” Reps for ABC and Knight declined to comment for this story.

In the last few minutes of the Grey’s Anatomy finale, we see both George and Izzie coding in different rooms; their spirits meeting at the famous elevator, but will they both be pronounced dead when the show returns in the fall? That’s all up in the air now and to be determined…..

A tear-jerking season finale for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Shockingly Izzie dies…. But it may not be such a shocker. She’s played by Katherine Heigl, who’s leaving the ABC medical drama to concentrate on movies. Source: AP, 5-14-09

Grey’s Anatomy finale recap: Did Izzie and George die?

Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

“Grey’s Anatomy” ended Thursday night with two characters’ lives in jeopardy. Viewers will have to wait until next season to see if Izzie Stevens and George O’Malley are alive.

Izzie, who suffered a brain tumor this season, underwent a risky surgery that threatened to take away her memory. Prior to the surgery, she told new husband Alex Karev she wanted to put a do not resuscitate order in place if anything went wrong. Izzie came out of the surgery and suffered short-term memory problems, which eventually disappeared. As she hugged Karev to celebrate gaining memory, she lost consciousness. Despite the DNR she requested, Karev urged doctors to try to resuscitate her and they did.

George, meanwhile, was inspired early in the two-hour episode to become an Army doctor. Later, friends planned to change his mind with an intervention. In the meantime, they operated on a dramatically wounded John Doe, who was bloody and near death after literally sweeping a woman off her feet to save her from an approaching bus. As Dr. Meredith Gray prepared to operate on the mysterious hero, he drew a “007” into her palm. With that, she realized with horror that John Doe, tragically, was George.

The two-hour show ended Thursday with the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital scrambling to save both lives. Izzie entered a flashback in which she stepped inside an elevator. The elevator doors opened and she was greeted by George in his Army uniform.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season finale: Izzie survives surgery — or does she?

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Tonight’s two-hour “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale was jam-packed with revelations — about love, healing, fighting cancer, DNR orders, Bailey’s marriage, and the fates of Izzie Stevens and George O’Malley.

Izzie’s surgery: The first hour focused on whether or not Izzie would let Derek remove her brain tumor. It’s an incredibly hard decision, since the tumor’s in a place where her entire personality and functioning lives. A test to gauge how she’d fare with surgery in that part of her brain shows huge problems. Dr. Swinder (Kimberly Elise) argues against surgery; Derek, unsurprisingly, favors it. Swinder’s had good results with drug therapy on another patient, Allison (Liza Weil), that made the tumor disappear. Initially, after careful consideration and a heartfelt and totally over the line talking-to from Meredith, Izzie decides against the surgery. Which forces Alex to abandon his “whatever you want” stance and lay down the law, telling her that not having surgery is not an option; it’s his life too, and he wants her to have it.

But then Allison codes and goes south in surgery, leaving her on life support — a heartbreaking turn of events that leaves even hard-core Swinder reeling. Izzie, who’s having hallucinations about discussing her situation on a beach with Denny, finally finds solace with George, whoassures her she already knows what to do. She finally  agrees to the surgery, but makes it clear she does not want to end up on a ventilator. She’ll do the surgery, but she’s signing a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. Which makes Alex crazy — until she explains that now she understands why Denny signed a DNR. If it comes down to it, she says, let me go.

Hour two opens with Izzie finally waking up from surgery, and thankfully being able to communicate, see, hear, and speak. She’s Izzie. But for the time being, at least, she has no short-term memory — her mind resets every five minutes. Mortified and determined to rescue her future, Alex works with her over and over to exercise her memory, first barking questions and then posting notes all over her room — which was charming in “50 First Dates” but staggeringly sad and anxious here. She knows something’s up and urges him to get it off his chest — and boy does he unload. You made me promise you wouldn’t live like this, he says. So now what do I do? Smother you with a pillow? Give you an overdose of morphine? Leave you?

Naturally, Izzie’s upset — it’s never good to hear from your husband that being married to you is awful. Later she relays the story to Cristina — and she can actually remember it on her own. Alex rushes back, thrilled that she’s improving, and she goes limp in his arms. Alex insists that they save her despite the DNR — and ultimately the Chief agrees, saying screw the DNR. How that one would make it past hospital counsel, I’ll never know. Izzie flatlines, and while we can hear them working on her, we see her go into the elevator with her prom dress on. The doors close. They open again, and the voices get louder — did they bring her back?

George’s decision: George works a case with Hunt and Callie — Charlie, a young Army Lieutenant who served in Iraq (Zach Gilford), wants them to amputate his lower leg, which seems healthy but is causing him incredible pain that doesn’t respond to any kind of treatment. His commanding officer sent him to Hunt at Seattle Grace, knowing that Hunt would understand Charlie’s feelings about not fitting into civilian life and the need to go back to war. But to do that, Charlie needs to rid himself of this pain and get a prosthetic leg. Callie’s horrified at the thought of cutting off a healthy limb, but Hunt sympathizes — and eventually George does too.

But it’s more than that. George really seems to have found his calling in trauma surgery, and in a switcheroo that’s designed to make us think it’s Hunt going back to Iraq (Hunt tells Cristina he needs to go back because his work there isn’t finished), George enlists to be a trauma surgeon in the Army. His relatively short trauma experience, combined with the fact that he’s just a second-year resident, seems suspect to me, but OK. Everyone spends a large part of the second hour panicked and plotting an intervention to talk George out of enlisting. Except for Arizona, who thinks he’s brave and awesome for signing up — which totally appalls Callie. Turns out that Arizona’s brother died in Iraq, so she supports anyone willing to go there and help.

George is supposed to be spending his last day at SGH in surgery, and they really could’ve used his help with a horrible trauma that comes in — a John Doe pushed a woman out of the way of an oncoming bus, was hit and dragged for half a mile. He’s just broken into pieces with massive injuries, and the woman who he saved becomes convinced he’s her prince charming. Barely hanging on before his second surgery, John Doe signs a message on Meredith’s hand: 007. John Doe is George O’Malley. And when Izzie’s elevator doors open, he’s standing there in his uniform — on the other side. RIP, Dr. O’Malley. And great work, T.R. Knight.

Derek and Meredith: There’s work friction, of course — particularly over Meredith’s role in Izzie’s surgery decision. But after they watch Izzie and Alex on the way to Izzie’s surgery, they decide to get married at city hall, because Meredith says she doesn’t want to spend another day not married to Derek. As a newlywed myself, I definitely understand the impulse — both to take that plunge and avoid the wedding.

Just as they’re leaving for city hall, Meredith gets a page. Derek concedes that today might not be the best day to do this, but Meredith points out that every day is like this. There’s never going to be time to get married and have their lives unless they make time. And so, on a Post-It note from Cristina’s “something old, something new” offering, they have a very sweet conversation about what they want to promise each other… wait, is that a slowed-down cover of FLASHDANCE playing in the background? Good grief. My brain just cleaved in two, and I can’t decide: is that horrifying or awesome?

Not every set of vows contains the word “smelly,” and this allows them to declare themselves married. The pressure is off — the moment has been seized, love has been expressed, and amazingly, they’re the healthiest people in the place.

Bailey’s career: The Chief and Arizona are going head-to-head in a battle over Bailey (Arizona’s speech to the chief about fighting him and winning made me fall in love with her a little bit. And I cry when I get angry at authority figures too.), and the Chief plays dirty by wooing her with a whiz-bang surgery robot that is admittedly cool and finds Bailey making lightsaber noises. Her heart seems to be increasingly in peds, though — Arizona’s speech about seeing the joy must’ve broken through — and she gets the prestigious pediatric surgery fellowship.

But Bailey’s husband tells her that if she takes the fellowship, he’ll divorce her. When she asks the Chief if there’s still space in general surgery for her, he assumes she’s chosen her marriage over work. But nope — she’s leaving Tucker, because marriages shouldn’t come down to ultimatims. Right on, Bailey — be true to yourself. But she’s not sure she can handle the dissolution of her marriage and a new specialty all at once. Brilliant performance by Chandra Wilson, as always.

Cristina and Owen: Owen’s making progress in therapy, but he gets the notion into his head that he needs to go back to Iraq to finish his work. Cristina’s having none of it — patients still die, she says, and pushes him to deal with his life here. Namely, that he should tell his mother he’s home. With Cristina in tow, he goes to see his mom, and finally he can sleep — and without nightmares. He asks Cristina to make a go of it with him, and after watching Meredith, she finally believes that people can change, and that therapy can help. In a couple of very touching scenes in the boiler room and hallway, she takes a massive leap of faith and tells him she loves him. That is awesome.

Sloan and Little Grey: The gist: Mark asks Lexie to move in with him, a notion she completely blows off. Maybe in 10 years, she says. So in an effort to move on, he starts shopping for houses. It’s much-needed comic relief, and much less annoying than it sounds. And yes, he is a better woman than Lexie.

Exclusive: ‘Grey’s’ boss on finale’s Izzie-George shocker, Mer-Der ‘wedding,’ and more!

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Greysanatomy_lMaybe you just watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. And maybe you’re freaking out. Oh, who am I kidding, you are freaking out. Well, good news: Mike Ausiello got off the phone with series creator Shonda Rhimes and obtained exclusive intel on last night’s jaw-dropping climax. Will Izzie and John Doe George survive? Was that really Meredith and Derek’s wedding we witnessed? Is Jessica Capshaw here to stay? Yep. Rhimes answered all those questions and even found time to address the “ghost sex” controversy, Katherine Heigl’s Emmy chances, TR Knight’s alleged unhappiness, and more.

Rumors have been swirling all year that Katherine and TR wanted off the show. The season ends with both their characters’ lives hanging in the balance. Purely coincidental?
I don’t think there are any coincidences. I think Katherine’s stated publicly that she’s happy to stay. I think that there have been lots of rumors about TR, but TR’s never said anything. Take from it what you will.

This kind of cliffhanger almost seems tailor-made to capitalize on some of those headlines and generate buzz.
You have to remember, I have two shows. It’s not as if I spend a lot of time reading the press. We talk about stuff in the writers’ room that other people have read, but, mostly, we were really moving on character. Every year at the beginning of the season I pitch what the end of the season is going to be. And I literally sat down and pitched the last 10 minutes of this season at the beginning of the season, so we were headed towards the place that we knew we were going to go.

Do you know which one of them lives and which one of them dies?
Yes. And I don’t know that you should be saying “which one of them lives and which one of them dies.” I know what happens to the characters.

Have you shared this information with Katherine and TR?
[Silence] I don’t want to answer that. I don’t want to talk about my private conversations with the actors.

Katherine said in a recent interview that she was as much in the dark about Izzie’s fate as anyone. Do you keep this stuff close to the vest in order to prevent leaks?
There was a joke for a while there that if I got hit by a bus [no one would] know how to end the season. I do feel like a secret’s not a secret if anybody knows about it. It was really about trying to keep the storyline as secret as possible, because I wanted the last moment of the season to be a real surprise.

Did TR ask to be released from his contract?
I absolutely am not going to talk about any private conversations I had with the actors. I feel like that invades their privacy.

Why haven’t we seen very much of George this season? I understand that there are ebbs and flows on ensemble dramas but…
There are ebbs and flows. Every character this season has had a lot of ebbs and flows. And every season is shaped differently. With George, I really wanted you to not notice that he wasn’t there for most of this episode. I don’t think anybody noticed because of the way we laid it out this season. He’s an incredibly talented actor. And, actually, he was really lovely and elegant about lying there in all that very painful makeup and prosthetics for much of the episode with no words. That moment where he grabs Meredith’s hand is one of the most affecting moments of the episode, and it was without words.

There was criticism that the Denny hallucinations went on too long without an explanation. Looking back, do you regret not revealing Izzie’s diagnosis sooner?
Do I regret it? No. As writers, we had a lot of fun figuring out how we were going to tell that story. I don’t regret anything we’ve done. Every season is a learning process for me. This is my first television show. Granted, I’ve done five seasons now, but it’s still my first television show. As we head into season 6 everything is still a learning experience for me. It’s been a great, crazy experiment that has happened fairly publicly, but, for me, it’s been my learning process.

There was a period there where the show was being relentless mocked, especially where the “ghost sex” was concerned. Did you ever take it personally?
You’re the first person to tell me that, because I, of course, don’t read a lot of press. One thing we’ve gotten used to is being in the public eye and we learned to let everything roll off our backs. We knew where we were going; we had a road map. The rest of the audience didn’t know where we were going. We all thought it was really surprising that anybody thought there was a ghost on our show. We’re a medical show. We thought it was surprising that anybody would look at it and go, “Gee, that’s a ghost.” So that was surprising to us. But, other than that, we took it with a grain of salt.

Did the network stick by you during the initial backlash?
Yes. [ABC president] Steve [McPherson] and I sat down and talked about what we were going to do before we did it, and figured out how many episodes and everything. I’m in constant contact [with him].

Will Katherine be putting her name back in the Emmy race this season?
You know, I don’t know. I think she did beautiful work. I think she always does beautiful work.

Did Meredith and Derek really get married last night?
Their wedding was a Post-it note. We had a big series of discussions about it in the writers’ room. I felt very strongly — very very strongly — that the last thing Meredith Grey would do is put on a wedding dress and walk down an aisle. It just felt wrong to me, Meredith being Meredith. And the Post-it wedding will have big reverberations next season.

Will we still get an official wedding at some point?
I think they feel it is an official wedding.

Meredith and Derek fans felt a little cheated by the 100th episode because they were led to believe one thing and they got another.
Yeah, I saw a lot of people felt like, “Oh my god, they promised it was going to be a Meredith and Derek wedding.” I never said it was Meredith and Derek’s wedding, I said it was their wedding day.

Have you figured out how you’re going to work around Ellen Pompeo’s maternity leave next season?
We’re actually still talking about that. The writers have disbanded for the season and we’re going to come back together at the beginning of June, so we’re still talking about what we’re going to do and what that’s going to mean. Her maternity leave doesn’t actually come into play until later this season. We will have shot a number of episodes by that point. [And] Ellen is extraordinarily optimistic about what she’s going to be able to do. She’s such a trouper and I’m really am grateful to her for it. We’ll take it as it comes.

Will Jessica Capshaw be promoted to a series regular next season?
I can’t say because we have not renewed anybody’s contract for next season yet.

Are you happy with Jessica Capshaw?
I love Jessica Capshaw. And when I say love I mean love. She couldn’t be a more wonderful person, and I feel like the chemistry Arizona and Callie have feels like the Meredith and Derek chemistry to me. I find them delightful to watch.

Last question: Looking back at this season, what are you most proud of, and what’s the one thing you would have done differently?
There are a lot of things I’m proud of this season. I feel like the cast was clicking on all cylinders. I love the addition of Kevin McKidd and Jessica Capshaw. Those were additions that really worked for us. For me, I feel like this was the season where I found my joy in the show again. You do all these episodes of television and there are ebbs and flows and, for me, I feel like I really came back to the show in a way that had a lot more energy.

And what would you have done differently?
That would mean I have to admit that we made some mistakes, and I’m not going to do that. [Laughs]

Come on, you’re human.
We tried some stuff that didn’t work this season. I wish that we had been able to find Callie a love interest that sparkled sooner, but we found it in the end, so I feel good about that.

Supernatural Season 4 Finale Recap “Lucifer Rising”

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese, SupernaturalTHEN: Lilith wanted to break the 66 Seals to bring Lucifer to Earth.  Dean was recruited by the angels to stop it while Sam went his own route, drinking demon blood until he became strong enough to defeat her.  This difference in strategy caused the brothers to have an epic fight and vow never to speak to each other again.

NOW (actually, still THEN, since the opening scene takes place in 1972): At a Maryland convent in 1972, a priest is terrified when a demon rushes in and takes over his body.  The next day the priest fives a sermon to the nuns that his dad is locked away and that, ironically, he recently learned that the door to his cage is at that very convent.  The demon priest yells at the nuns and then his eyes goes Yellow before he has some fun.  That’s right…Azazel is Lucifer’s son!

Ruby and Sam stop on the side of the road.  Ruby thinks Dean was wrong to say what he said, but Sam actually agrees with him.  There’s something evil inside of him and Sam realizes what he has to do and he knows Dean is better off without him.

The camera cuts to Dean in a mirror image of Sam’s face when they first showed him.  Dean is feeling sorry for himself.  He claims Sam never wanted this and that he’s glad Sam’s gone.  Uncle Bobby gets fed up with their childish crap and turns on the tough love.  He yells at Dean telling him that family isn’t supposed to make you feel good and he should stop being such a whiny brat.  You tell him, Bobby!

Bobby also tells Dean that John was a coward and that Dean is more of a man than John ever was.  I understand the purpose of a pep speech, but I think if you spoke to Alastair and found out about the breaking of the first Seal, you might think differently on that matter.

Then Dean is magically transported to what I can only assume is Heaven’s waiting room.  It’s nicely decorated and there’s beer and burgers.  Perhaps this is Heaven for Dean.  Zachariah and Castiel show up, and Dean calls it The Suite Life of Zach and Cas.  The angels don’t get the reference, and even Dean seems a little ashamed that he just made a reference to a Disney Channel series.

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‘Supernatural’ Finale: Welcome to the apocalypse

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It’s been a season of ups and downs on Supernatural, so it only makes sense that the finale gave us the beginning of the end.

It’s a beginning that began in a convent in 1972, when Azazel figured out how to get a call to Lucifer’s cage and got the message that Lilith was the only one who could break him out. He was told to find the unholy one a very special baby. Flash to Sam getting a pep talk from Ruby about how he and Dean can patch things up after he saves the world. Meanwhile, Bobby is trying to convince Dean to reach out to his brother. Unfortunately, one thing the Winchester boys have in common is how stubborn they each are.

Also stubborn, are the heavenly host, who zap Dean to a room with no view before Bobby can convince him to find Sam. Zachariah and Castiel tell him there is only one seal left  and they want to keep him safe until the proper time comes for him to do….whatever it is he is supposed to do. It’s a topic they are still vague on, much to Dean’s annoyance. While Dean is cooling his heals, he calls Sam to apologize for their fight but gets voicemail. That’s because Sam and Ruby are busy torturing Lilith’s chef to get the location of the final seal. They decide to keep her around as an energy drink for Sam, so she pulls a switch by allowing the host to have control while she naps within. As Sam closes the natal nurse into his trunk, we get a view of how far down a dark road he’s traveled.

Also on a dark road are the angels, as Zachariah reveals to Dean that they aren’t interested in stopping Lilith at all. In fact, Lilith is the last seal, and Sam defeating her will bring Lucifer out of retirement, they’ll have a mighty war, Heaven will win and peace will reign on earth. He’s less concerned about the collateral damage of “truckloads” of humans. They just need to keep Dean away from Sam in the meantime. Which means Dean needs to try to appeal to Castiel’s greater nature to do what truly right.

Sam is struggling with ultimate right and wrong as well, which plays out in the decision to drink the nurse or not. He decides to listen to Dean’s voicemail, only what we hear is not what Dean said. Gone is the apology, replaced with a vicious threat denouncing sam as a monster beyond redemption. Sam decides to drink the nurse and save the world. Castiel has come to a decision too, breaking Dean free and taking him to the prophet to find out where the final seal is. Castiel promises to hold off the archangels and sends Dean to the convent.

Dean reaches the convent just in time to see Sam pinning Lilith in place with his mojo and for Ruby to flash him a smile as she closes the doors. He bangs on the doors, yelling for his brother and for a moment it almost seems like he will get through. Until Lilith taunts him about turning himself into a monster and not having the will to bite. His eyes go pitch black and with a few explosions of light, the first demon is no more. As her blood begins to run in a circle, Ruby reveals to him that he just broke the last seal.  She tells him that he will be richly rewarded as Dean finally breaks into the room. She tells him he’s too late, but he hardly seems to care as he guts her with the demon knife. Meanwhile, Lilith’s blood has formed a vortex, which becomes a pillar of light. “He’s coming” are the last words we hear.

In the last few weeks, many of us predicted the finale would come down to a conflict between the brothers. Were you surprised not to see that happen, but to have the real conflict be in how heaven and hell used them as pawns? Were you glad to see Ruby get killed? Will Sam be able to handle the guilt of having brought about the apocalypse? Will Dean be able to beat Lucifer? Is Castiel now banished from heaven for going against upper management? And where in the world is God in all this?

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