Bones Season Finale Episode Recap ‘The End in the Beginning’ – It was all a Dream!

‘Bones’ Finale: What the hell was THAT?

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Remember when some Obama press conferences threatened to bump this episode of “Bones” to next year, and fans raised a stink to make sure we got to see it? Perhaps our president was just looking out for us…. Yes, “Booth” and “Brennan” get busy — naked busy. Yes, they proclaim their love for each other. Yes, “Zack” returns. Yes, we see all the various lab assistants, and Jared is there, and Max, and Carolyn… and none of it matters, because it’s either Brennan’s new book (which she wisely deletes) or Booth’s coma-induced hallucination. Possibly both. What it isn’t is any good. “People say you only live once — but people are as wrong about that as they are about everything else.” So sayeth Hodgins’ voiceover, which ushers us into some B&B nookie. They’re smiley and happy and the bom, it chicka-wows, for about 5 seconds. But this Booth isn’t our Booth, and this Brennan isn’t our Brennan, they’re married nightclub owners, and a body is discovered in their club — “The Lab.” Just about all the recurring characters we’ve run into are connected to the club in some way:

  • Zack = Brennan’s assistant
  • Wendell = the club’s “doorman”/Booth’s heavy
  • Fisher = the club’s chef
  • Vincent Nigel-Murray = the club’s DJ
  • Angela = the club’s hostess
  • Hodgins = a pulp mystery writer who frequents the bar
  • Sweets = a bartender and aspiring musician
  • Daisy = a… slutty girl who has some unspecified role at the club and no rhythm
  • Cam = a detective
  • Jared = Cam’s partner — and he’s still Booth’s brother
  • Max = a corrupt councilman
  • Carolyn = the club’s lawyer
  • Clark = C-Synch, a rapper and MC who wants to play the club
  • Arastoo = a Persian real estate magnate who wants to buy the club
  • Gormogon = the name of Sweets’ band
  • The Gravedigger = a potentially mythical mobster who controls the city, and has Max in his pocket.

The dead guy was found in the bathroom, knocked out a shot in the head. Brennan — Bren in this incarnation — was working late but heard nothing. Cam thinks she must be having an affair, but of course she’s not because she and Booth — here it’s called Mr. B — are so very, very in love. The dead guy is was a mob heavy. Was he sent by The Gravedigger to intimidate Booth for not paying protection money? Was he sent by Arastoo to intimidate them into selling? Was he sent by C-Synch or his gangster brother to  intimidate them into booking him in the club? Was he pulled bodily from the nether regions of the writers’ after a particularly bad Jägermeister-and-hot-wings binge? Who knows?

Everyone at the club thinks Mr. B did the deed, because he loves Bren so very much and would do anything to protect her. So they go about obstructing justice 3in various ways — Zach handles the gun, which he finds in Vincent’s DJ equipment, destroying any prints that may be on it. Angela neglects to show a map of the club she drew for the dead guy — she wants to be an interior designer, so…. she draws floor plans of existing clubs on napkins?). Zack and Sweets hide, then destroy, Bren’s coat, which was used as a silencer. The list goes on.

After some banter and a few clues — Max says Jared works for The Gravedigger! Cam says Jared has a thing for Brennan! Max tells everyone not to use cell phone, because They can track your every movement! — Bren, Mr. B and Cam figure out that Jared was the culprit. He killed the mob heavy to protect Bren, because he loves her. He looks like he’s going to commit suicide by cop/Cam, but Bren gets between them and convinces him to put down the gun. Then Mötley Crüe plays, and it looks like Jared will walk for lack of evidence, and everyone lives happily ever after.

All of which served to kill time until we got to the big moment — our Brennan, the real Brennan, at the real Booth’s bedside when he wakes up. The operation was a success, but he had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and he’s been in a coma for four days. Booth talks about how real that weird dream he just had felt, then looks at Brennan. “Who are you?” Dun dun DUN! Wait, they had to give us 43 minutes of pointless story just to get us to that one moment? Really? Sigh.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • The show apparently hoped to distract us from the train wreck of a script by giving us some decent lines and some fun visuals. We see Booth in a sleeveless shirt, and later in his boxers and a shirt. He also sports a fetching pink robe at one point. Brennan is working the four-inch stilettos and pencil skirts.
  • Bren is still very logical, while Mr. B is all emotion
  • Fisher, on Zack’s reaction to discovering the body: “He screamed like slutty girl number one in a teen horror flick.”
  • UnSweets on his employment: “I’m a bartender. I’m practically a psychologist!”
  • UnCam accuses Bren of being a cold fish. Mr. B disagrees — “What you are is Iceland — cool to the touch, but underneath you’re all volcano.”
  • UnVincent, when he and UnZack find the gun: “I’m English. We don’t use guns. We use our foreheads.” He also describes UnZack as “the type of moron who goes to jail for a murder he didn’t commit…”
  • UnVincent on his prospects after arrest: “I’m not going to fair well in jail. I’m lovely.”
  • Mr. B: “should I be upset that everyone thinks that we’re murderers, or just happy that everyone is trying to help us get away with it?”
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  1. BugKiller

     /  May 15, 2009

    You forgot to include the classic meta-reference made by bartender / musician Sweets about his band, Gormogon.

    “Hi, we’re Gormogon. Everyone thinks I’M Gormogon, but that’s just the name of the band.”

    I laughed for a good minute after that in-joke to all of the fans last season who would have sworn on their mother’s lives that Sweets was Gormogon’s Apprentice.

  2. BugKiller

     /  May 15, 2009

    Also, you forgot Grayson “Birimbao” coming back as the C-Sync’s gang-banging brother.

  3. Megan

     /  May 15, 2009

    @bugkiller I caught that injoke too! I love Sweets, he was adorable when he was performing. Loved the comment about Zack being the kind of moron who goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.
    I really hope Bones has jumped the shark…guess it depends on the season opener for S5. If they deal with the ‘amnesia’ arc well, then my faith will be restored.

  4. Megan

     /  May 15, 2009

    @bugkiller I caught that injoke too! I love Sweets, he was adorable when he was performing. Loved the comment about Zack being the kind of moron who goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.
    I really hope Bones hasn’t jumped the shark…guess it depends on the season opener for S5. If they deal with the ‘amnesia’ arc well, then my faith will be restored.

  5. Megan

     /  May 15, 2009

    woops, double post cos I wanted to fix my mistake of saying I hope it HASN’T jumped the shark 😛

  6. kfoul1

     /  May 15, 2009

    THIS WAS THE WORST EPISODE EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!! FOX WILL BE HEARING FROM ME!!! they promised a sex scene from Booth and Bones that would NOT be a hallucination.. but there we go, it was either a dream or a fantasy..
    yes, the little innuedos and hints were funny but it wasnt the show i love. i was confused the entire episode as to when it would all tie together. sure enough in the last 2 seconds reality returns and booth doesnt remember Bones.. 😦 just stupid.

  7. tomieblu

     /  May 15, 2009

    I thought it was great.

  8. Booth does remember Bones in the end! They talk about how he was in a coma and stuff. DUH!! He loves her, how could he forget her?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? OMG! I am in love with this show, I can’t wait fo’ S5.

  9. Beingkc

     /  May 15, 2009

    I agree ^ Booth can’t just forget her!! Dats impossible…… Their isnt a show without Bones AND Booth. I wont simple settle for one…………

    They end up together i mean… Duh. Known it from the beggining.

    We waiting fo season 5!! Hurry up……….


  10. Beingkc

     /  May 15, 2009

    P.S. Zach has got to come back 😦

  11. Jess

     /  May 16, 2009

    that was the worst episode of television ever! it was stupid and pointless! the whole thing was a waste of time! i was so looking forward to it and was completly let down!! that fact that he awakes and says how real it was then doesnt remember her doesnt even make any sence at all if the dream felt real then wouldnt he think she was his wife??? so very confused and dissapointed how can you write such a great season then follow it with that! i really hope season 5 starts out amazingly or they will have lost a very loyal fan

  12. Kars

     /  May 16, 2009

    @ Frank… i see where you are coming from with the whole discussing of the coma and all and how he cant forget who she is but at the very end the last thing he says is “Who are you?” which means that he in fact doesnt remember her as of now… but of course that is not going to be at all a permanent thing cuz that would completely ruin the show… and on a side note i think the episode was good…confusing…but good although i think CitC would have been a better season ending episode but thats just me… and i think the episode was both Brennan’s book and Booth’s coma dream… which obviously just proves what we all already know about how they feel bout each other and that they are going to get together… well thats it i guess cant wait til Season 5!!!!!! =D

  13. nee-nee

     /  May 17, 2009

    That episode was awesome and really exciting. it was really funny and cool to see all the squints together and see booth and bones together… i also love how the hallucination/fantasy finishes with Bones announcing she’s pregnant i mean that’s just awesome!!! it was really sad to hear booth say “Who are you?” to bones because she is practically crying over his bedside table when he says that… i really hope they become closer and Zack better be coming back because he’s just awesome… this was one of the best episodes ever! I can’t wait for Season 5 and and i can’t wait to see Booth and Bones get even closer than ever!x

  14. Zara

     /  May 17, 2009

    I think that the finale, while definitely fun and might have been made to fit mid-season, was a gigantic cop-out of a finale, and reminds me of last season — although at the end of S3 at least they had an excuse. Where in the S3 finale they rushed to fit in half a season’s worth of clues into one ep, this time they just dropped the ball.

    All of my legit questions — forget the tumor, what about the BABY? what about angela and hodgins getting back together? what about sweets finally growing a backbone and getting aggressive with booth and brennan in session? etc etc — got ignored for the sake of an implausible cliffhanger.

    Myself, I was just confused at the end. Why should I believe that dream to be Bones’ new book or Booth’s anesthesia dream when the whole thing was narrated by Hodgins? If Booth has been hallucinating, how do you explain the fact that his mid-season escape from the Gravedigger would not have been possible without some help from beyond the veil? Why bring back everybody BUT Russ Brennan in that dream?

    I’m sure this is not what the writers/directors meant to convey at the very end, but my impression of Booth’s asking “Who are you?” was simply that he was disoriented and meant to ask Brennan whether she was his wife from his dream or his partner from real life. I’d be confused, too, waking up from some weirdness like that.

    I was excited at the prospect of Booth and Brennan hooking up, but honestly some of the fun would be taken away and they’d have to shove in lots of useless breakup drama that I don’t find fun. It was disappointing enough with Angela and Hodgins — can’t believe it took them til the second-last episode to figure out what I was yelling at the screen while they were breaking up — and I’m not sure I could take it with Booth and Brennan. Now: if they stayed firmly entrenched in denial and tried still to have the baby? THAT I would love to see.

  15. Shonalee

     /  May 18, 2009

    All was ok in a way.. bt the last part where booth doesnt remember who brennan is.. was not that great!!!

    I hope the start of Episode 5 is better….

  16. Jena

     /  May 18, 2009


    It just hasn’t happened yet.

    I’ve watched the episode many times now, and I am fully convinced the sex is real. It’s a scene from the future.

    “The End in the Beginning” I’m quite certain is the final scene from either the Season 5 finale, or the series finale (though I think it lacks a lot to be the series finale’s final scene).

    The significance behind the alarm clocks and the change in time from regular to military time, plus all of the white light flashing, is to break from reality to Booth dreaming. During the sex scene, if that’s what we’re gonna call it, the clock read 4:47. In the next scene, 0543 appeared on a slightly different alarm clock. Who else thinks in military time but our very own Booth. The time appearing in military time is significant because it indicates we’re now in Booth’s head.

    The Hodgins’ voiceovers are simply Brennen reading what she’s writing outloud. It’s not a new TB book… TB writes books about Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist who solves crimes. There was no need for an anthropologist on this case however. It was a nice and simple who-dun-it to solve… also indicative that it’s Booth’s imagination, without all the technical jargon that comes with Squint investigations.

    The End in the Beginning, the title of the episode, is significant, because as Brennen’s is sitting in the hospital room, writing her thoughts, it’s the beginning of her realization of her own feelings for Booth. The End. . . well, it all leads to the first scene. Hart Hanson’s a bad liar… which is why I’m entirely certain he didn’t lie about the sex being real. And I fully expect to see the exact same scene we saw at the Beginning of this episode at the End of next season.

    Watch the episode a couple of more times, and see if you don’t agree with me. I now hate the episode a little less. 🙂

  17. ksjty

     /  May 18, 2009

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  18. Anna Hess

     /  May 18, 2009

    you forgot the best line. Bren says “I’m so glad we own a club and our job isn’t to solve crime.”

    I mean REALLY?????
    shes BONES!!!!

    i stopped this episode halfway throo and had to regai my patience before i watched it agin. wow

  19. elizabeth

     /  May 20, 2009

    Season Finale caliber? For this show? No Way! Had it been one of those Feb. sweeps shows, I would’ve found it amusing (if not at its usual excellence), but with Booth’s life on the line, to keep us waiting through what was – under the story line circumstances – nonsense, was foolish and I hope they never pull this kind of idiocy again. Heck, Bones is screwball enough without the “Dallas-Bobby-in-the-Shower” cheat that this was. (Including the bad writing. Kathy Reichs does not write like that!) Let’s hope Booth’s comment to Brennen was just from his confusion at waking up from a realistic dream where she was his wife and he needs her to help him return from Oz to Kansas. As for the comments that this was foreshadowing, I do think that may be possible, we did at least get a glimpse of how these two are starting to see how they really feel about each other, seeing as they are apparently the last to know.

  20. elizabeth

     /  May 20, 2009

    Oh, and BTW, thanks to those who pointed out the clocks and flashes, which I suspected were clues too. It does indeed make the title of the eppy more meaningful. Or, perhaps I should just saying meaningful, because when I read the blurb, all I could think was “huh”? Aside of course from the usual convention of “The [blank] in the [blank]” that they use for all the titles, it made no sense until you all pointed out the probable foreshadowing.

  21. Janey

     /  June 6, 2009

    WHAT the F*** That was a shocker and that’s not fair!!
    I mean the they lied to us saying that Booth and bones are getting together and we would loved to see happen ( sometime or a nother)
    BUT Booth didn’t remember Bones!? What the hell is that about?!

    Will he ever remember Bones??
    I think that everyone wants to know and have a lot of questions and will never get them answered untill S5 but I cant wait that long but I guess I have to and I hope HOPE HOPE that Booth will remember her If he dosen’t the will be Crazy and will make the hole show a ( well I hope You get the joke) a crime scene and LOL that would be bad. The hole show is Booth and Bones and take away Booth it will be like killing of Bones the main charater.
    well makers You better get this one right or the people who love this show will give you Hell to pay. peace out!!

    A Bones\Booth Fan

  22. I agree with every one who says “WTF, he doesnt remeber her! he kinda had a dream about her for 40-or-so minutes and what, wakes up and sees her but doesnt remember. thats like watching the terminator and seeing arnold swarchznegger and saying, “whos that” lol. bones is hot anyway and if booth and bones dont option (get together) then i have lost my faith in the show, boines is sexy

  23. Alvin

     /  July 31, 2009

    WTF! I want my 45 mins back!!!

  24. grace

     /  August 1, 2009

    I think u’re all being overly harsh I mean seriously what did you expect?! In the previous episode they left the plot at the hospital,so like in most shows they went with the patients view. I mean you couldn’t expect him to be fine or that they would seriously have sex. I mean let’s be realistic when they finally do the nasty it will be the series finale.
    The fact is the episode reflected how booth viewed his relationships, emotions, and prespective life within his psyche. The fact that he didn’t recognize Bones was realistic. How many of you after waking up can remember specifically the person in ur dreams and the details along with it. And if you do some of the time then take into account he just came out of surgery with complications!!!

    I thought overall the finale was interesting, enlightening, and yet brought enough mystery to have a successful 5th season.

  25. Eset

     /  September 2, 2009

    Im with Grace …

    If they jumped eachother it would be the end of the show!! Its all about the sexual tension!!

    I loved the episode! It was witty, and sure the whole ‘crime’ was a bit lacking but it was more about the character play than what had accually happened. I do not understand how you were all so lost and anoyed when watching it. It only takes a little imagination and patience to find out what was going on. It was like the ultimate AU fanfiction!

    As for Booth not knowing who she was a) he just came out of BRAIN SURGERY and b) he may have been trying to distinguish between ‘Bren’ and ‘Bones’.

    Any way I think it was brilliant. They gave a heap of shippy goodness aswell as funneh interaction between the characters.

  26. anonymous

     /  October 24, 2009

    those of you who are saying ‘what the heck?! how could he NOT remember her?!’, well, you’re right, but the writer of the episode wrote on his twitter/blog thing that Booth was really asking ‘which Brennan are you?’ like, is she Bones, his partner, or Bren, his lover.

    Love the show.

  27. kimbercheers

     /  December 24, 2009

    First off everyone just to let you know Booth will and can not ever forget Bones its not possible because you know they are going to end up together. they are made for each other. I mean that epsiode were bones was talking to Booth about wanting a baby. Think about she pretty much is saying to him lets have a kid no she does not come out and say it but she need to its written all over her face. Fact is Bones loves Booth as much as Booth loves her so he remebers her and they better get together

  28. Tessa

     /  March 15, 2010

    I actually really liked this episode. I know a lot of people obviously didn’t, but I thought it was great! I too think that the beginning sex scene was real somehow, the clock change thing kinda proves that. And I thought that Booth’s whole dream was such an interesting look into his psyche! How often do we get to actually see what’s going on in Booth’s head?? I think that the role each person plays reflects in a symbolic way either how Booth views them or how he doesn’t view them. And the references made were hilarious! The Lab was so awesome, I loved that 🙂 I think it was an interesting and risky break from Bones’ normal show outline.

  29. ADMHatter

     /  January 27, 2011

    I just saw this episode on tv, sadly i didnt get to watch all of it due to coming part way, however as much as I did love watching it because I like it when they do fantasy possiblities if they take forever to just put two characters that are ment to be together then we at least get to see previews of what it could be like for the time being. Example would be NCIS Ziva and Tony though the only thing I remember is the playfull banter between them and moments where it seems like they are screaming ‘I want to say I love you!’ and the night in paris.

    Also to those who feel that if season five didn’t have an amazing opening of season the show would lose a loyal fan that wouldn’t mean you were that loyal over one disappointing episode. (though i would assume you ment if it started going downhill from there on… but i can’t tell for sure)

  30. Maia

     /  February 19, 2011

    To whoever said that he didn’t remember and if it was so real y didn’t he remember that she was his wife , he wasn’t asking literally who she was, he meant who is she to him: his wife? his partner? just a friend? that kinda thing.

  31. Ariel

     /  March 7, 2011

    Look, I liked the episode if for nothing more than the thought of what their lives would be like if they werent “Booth and Bones” but just Seeley and Tempe. I admit, all the injokes were good. I liked watching that and going, “Hey! thats from season 2!” or whatever season some of the jokes were from. Everyone who has cut the show because it “wasnt what you expected” or “it didnt live up to your standards” who cares? It was still a good episode and a nice glimpse into maybe the future of Seely and Tempe as a couple. They cant fight crime forever, and even though we would all love for them to go on till the end, maybe they get a little older and want to own a club, and no longer fight crime. Get over it. I think Hart did an amazing job in creating an episode where Bones didnt have to solve the case with Booth, and they got to be on the other end of the questions Booth is normally throwing at people. I didnt look at it as an episode of day to day Booth and Brennan, I look at it as a glimpse into what their lives would be like if they were normal people. Not overanalytical Brennan and super sarcastic yet caring Booth.

    I LOVED this episode.

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