Supernatural Season 4 Finale Recap “Lucifer Rising”

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese, SupernaturalTHEN: Lilith wanted to break the 66 Seals to bring Lucifer to Earth.  Dean was recruited by the angels to stop it while Sam went his own route, drinking demon blood until he became strong enough to defeat her.  This difference in strategy caused the brothers to have an epic fight and vow never to speak to each other again.

NOW (actually, still THEN, since the opening scene takes place in 1972): At a Maryland convent in 1972, a priest is terrified when a demon rushes in and takes over his body.  The next day the priest fives a sermon to the nuns that his dad is locked away and that, ironically, he recently learned that the door to his cage is at that very convent.  The demon priest yells at the nuns and then his eyes goes Yellow before he has some fun.  That’s right…Azazel is Lucifer’s son!

Ruby and Sam stop on the side of the road.  Ruby thinks Dean was wrong to say what he said, but Sam actually agrees with him.  There’s something evil inside of him and Sam realizes what he has to do and he knows Dean is better off without him.

The camera cuts to Dean in a mirror image of Sam’s face when they first showed him.  Dean is feeling sorry for himself.  He claims Sam never wanted this and that he’s glad Sam’s gone.  Uncle Bobby gets fed up with their childish crap and turns on the tough love.  He yells at Dean telling him that family isn’t supposed to make you feel good and he should stop being such a whiny brat.  You tell him, Bobby!

Bobby also tells Dean that John was a coward and that Dean is more of a man than John ever was.  I understand the purpose of a pep speech, but I think if you spoke to Alastair and found out about the breaking of the first Seal, you might think differently on that matter.

Then Dean is magically transported to what I can only assume is Heaven’s waiting room.  It’s nicely decorated and there’s beer and burgers.  Perhaps this is Heaven for Dean.  Zachariah and Castiel show up, and Dean calls it The Suite Life of Zach and Cas.  The angels don’t get the reference, and even Dean seems a little ashamed that he just made a reference to a Disney Channel series.

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‘Supernatural’ Finale: Welcome to the apocalypse

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It’s been a season of ups and downs on Supernatural, so it only makes sense that the finale gave us the beginning of the end.

It’s a beginning that began in a convent in 1972, when Azazel figured out how to get a call to Lucifer’s cage and got the message that Lilith was the only one who could break him out. He was told to find the unholy one a very special baby. Flash to Sam getting a pep talk from Ruby about how he and Dean can patch things up after he saves the world. Meanwhile, Bobby is trying to convince Dean to reach out to his brother. Unfortunately, one thing the Winchester boys have in common is how stubborn they each are.

Also stubborn, are the heavenly host, who zap Dean to a room with no view before Bobby can convince him to find Sam. Zachariah and Castiel tell him there is only one seal left  and they want to keep him safe until the proper time comes for him to do….whatever it is he is supposed to do. It’s a topic they are still vague on, much to Dean’s annoyance. While Dean is cooling his heals, he calls Sam to apologize for their fight but gets voicemail. That’s because Sam and Ruby are busy torturing Lilith’s chef to get the location of the final seal. They decide to keep her around as an energy drink for Sam, so she pulls a switch by allowing the host to have control while she naps within. As Sam closes the natal nurse into his trunk, we get a view of how far down a dark road he’s traveled.

Also on a dark road are the angels, as Zachariah reveals to Dean that they aren’t interested in stopping Lilith at all. In fact, Lilith is the last seal, and Sam defeating her will bring Lucifer out of retirement, they’ll have a mighty war, Heaven will win and peace will reign on earth. He’s less concerned about the collateral damage of “truckloads” of humans. They just need to keep Dean away from Sam in the meantime. Which means Dean needs to try to appeal to Castiel’s greater nature to do what truly right.

Sam is struggling with ultimate right and wrong as well, which plays out in the decision to drink the nurse or not. He decides to listen to Dean’s voicemail, only what we hear is not what Dean said. Gone is the apology, replaced with a vicious threat denouncing sam as a monster beyond redemption. Sam decides to drink the nurse and save the world. Castiel has come to a decision too, breaking Dean free and taking him to the prophet to find out where the final seal is. Castiel promises to hold off the archangels and sends Dean to the convent.

Dean reaches the convent just in time to see Sam pinning Lilith in place with his mojo and for Ruby to flash him a smile as she closes the doors. He bangs on the doors, yelling for his brother and for a moment it almost seems like he will get through. Until Lilith taunts him about turning himself into a monster and not having the will to bite. His eyes go pitch black and with a few explosions of light, the first demon is no more. As her blood begins to run in a circle, Ruby reveals to him that he just broke the last seal.  She tells him that he will be richly rewarded as Dean finally breaks into the room. She tells him he’s too late, but he hardly seems to care as he guts her with the demon knife. Meanwhile, Lilith’s blood has formed a vortex, which becomes a pillar of light. “He’s coming” are the last words we hear.

In the last few weeks, many of us predicted the finale would come down to a conflict between the brothers. Were you surprised not to see that happen, but to have the real conflict be in how heaven and hell used them as pawns? Were you glad to see Ruby get killed? Will Sam be able to handle the guilt of having brought about the apocalypse? Will Dean be able to beat Lucifer? Is Castiel now banished from heaven for going against upper management? And where in the world is God in all this?

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