Ugly Betty Episode Recap 3.22 ‘In The Stars’

Adele and aliens invade ‘Ugly Betty’s’ wedding

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It’s wedding madness on “Ugly Betty,” and that means workplace powerplays, relationship soul-searching and proposals — of the matrimonial and indecent kind. Oh, and British soul sensation Adele.

The Sketches and Patterns

– Marc, Betty and Matt are assigned a final YETI project — mix music and physical science for a creative photo shoot that could make or break their futures. They have a fun idea: Get a singer (Adele) to perform at an alien-themed affair at the Planetarium. Genius, eh? Problem is, Matt’s bored with publishing and wants to focus on art, so he’s slacking big time.
– Cal Hartley questions Wilhelmina’s judgment when she presents a black wedding dress layout and tells Claire to collaborate with her creatively. Yeah, that’ll work.
– Elena is looking into a great job opportunity in California, so Papi’s upset that she’s thinking of a future without him. He doesn’t do the bicoastal apparently.
– Daniel is uncertain about the wisdom of proposing to terminal Molly, but eventually decides it’s worth it because of the happiness it will bring her.

The Fitting and Sewing

– Mama Hartley pleads with Betty to use her wiles to convince Matt to at least finish the project so he’s not doomed to a life as a declasse dilettante, since he has a pattern of doing that (Exhibit A: Slideshow of almost achievements). Our good girl is conflicted, but does convince Matt to put some effort into the project as a last hurrah, and he comes through … until he discovers his mom’s meddling.
– Wilhelmina and Claire. The claws come out. A model’s dress is ripped in the process. ‘S okay. It was ugly.
– With the Suarez family seal of approval, Papi proposes to Elena, who doesn’t exactly jump up and down and scream, “Si!”
– Wedding planning starts out swimmingly with Daniel bowing to Molly’s wishes, but then she calls the whole thing off. And it’s not cuz he says “toe-MAH-toe.” Wedding planning is all surface stuff, and Molly gets all existential since this will not make her life perfect.

The Runway Show

– Matt comes to his senses and assures Betty that while he’s a flibbertigibbet with his vocations, he’s constant in his love for her. To prove it, he gets the previously canceled Adele to show up at the Planetarium for the shoot. As guest stars go, she was kinda sweet. Happy ending all around cuz they won the project.
– The Meade women go to Hartley, and Claire acknowledges that Willie is right, bowing out of the catfight for the good of the magazine. The twist is that this focus on the company’s well-being impresses Cal, and he promotes Claire to Sr. VP of Meade, which means she’s now Wil’s boss. Ha!
– In another act of sacrifice, Papi encourages Elena to pursue the job in California by buying her a ticket (a little extreme, no?), saying that if he’s committed to her, he’s committed to what’s good for her. Aww! Lady, figure out how to have them both.
– Daniel and Molly have an impromptu wedding at Betty’s Planetarium shoot, and it’s all kinds of weird and fun. As they’re packing for their honeymoon in Bora Bora, Molly collapses …

The Buyers Say …

– Matt is showing more and more kinks in his armor. I understand not everyone can find one thing to be super-passionate about, but that does not mean shirking responsibility and leaving your teammates and girlfriend in the lurch. Get over yourself for the time it takes to finish the project and then moon over art. Selfish jerk.
– I wasn’t thrilled with Wilhelmina’s contrived way to stay at Mode, so I’m psyched that Claire will be more active on the magazine and has hand over her.  – How awesome was it that was Jodie coming onto Marc? It’s about time he was preyed upon. I still miss Cliff though.
– Fun quote — Betty: “We can’t just paint stars on your ceiling and call it the Planetarium. This is Adele, not Amy Winehouse.”
– I know shows need to be creative about advertisers, but the Cherry 7-up plug was pretty clunky.
– One of my favorite just plain oddball moments: Wilhelmina shrieks, “Out of my way, alien,” at an alien and then screams silently behind the glass.
– Where can I steal Claire’s chunky turquoise necklace?
– I like Daniel, but the whole Molly storyline still isn’t working for me. Does that make me dead inside?
– Where’s Archie? I want a good Hilda or Justin subplot soonest.

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