24 Season Finale Recap: Jack’s Day 7 is Over, Will He Live to See Day 8?

“24” wraps with plenty o’ melodrama

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Believe it or not, “24” manages to wrap-up Jack Bauer’s seventh day to a most fitting conclusion… the day is saved, yet we’ve only just begun. Also, the character development knob is turned to 11 for the final two hours.

Thanks to the Cisco TelePresence™, Olivia can be interviewed by the Justice department without having to leave the White House. That’s a good thing, because she’s already attracted enough unwanted attention to warrant Aaron calling Ethan. He initially doesn’t believe the Greatest Secret Service Agent EVER, but the power of Aaron’s guilt is too much to deny. Ethan initially succeeds in retrieving the flash drive containing the audio and nearly makes it off White House property, but Olivia puts the kibosh on that. Knowing that card is the only thing keeping her in the position of power, she negotiates with Ethan to give it up. The agent eventually finds the card, which Olivia promptly destroys… except Ethan handed off the real card to Aaron all along! Thanks to automobile technology, he listens to the incriminating evidence in the car while Olivia hyperventilates to Martin. Should have thought about that before you put a bounty on Jonas Hodges head.

Meanwhile, the Tony Almeida convoy is truckin’ down the highway when Cara forces Jack to free the beast. He even shoots the random FBI guy riding along for dramatic effect. Once Tony is free, he and Cara take a very-weakened Jack as hostage, whisking him away to the dreaded undisclosed warehouse. Renee makes an effort to locate Jack, using the combined, yet bitchy forces of Chloe and Janis to locate him. As it turns out, Jack is only being held because once he’s dead, the pathogen can be extracted from his organs to reconstitute more weapons of mass destruction. Who knew Tony could be so resourceful. He recognizes this, which is why he begs Cara to have Alan Wilson formally allow him to join the Coalition Gang.

Back in the Connecticut Avenue tunnel, Renee tries to hail Kim without causing too much of a ruckus. She has Kim paged to the white courtesy phone at the gate, only to keep her long enough to raise Bob and Sarah’s (yes, that’s their names) suspicion levels. Bob takes it upon himself to secure Kim… so he begins shooting up the terminal; particularly the agents headed his way. Sarah takes Kim hostage, yet the spunky blonde Bauer stabs her to not only get away, but to have the bad girl go down in a barrage of bullets. Bob is shot as well, yet he breaks free. Kim gives chase (allowing her to awesomely utter Daddy’s favorite phrase!), but manages to make the smart move by alerting the police. Bob nearly breaks free, but multiple shots through the windshield lead to his car flipping over and catching fire. This gives Kim the chance to put on her common sense hat by reaching into the engulfed car to retrieve the laptop. And that’s just the first hour… the final 60 minutes blow that out of the water.

It took Olivia just over half a day to knock Ethan from his position of power… but he returned the favor in a fraction of that time. When she realizes she didn’t destroy the actual flash drive; well, the look on her face is priceless. All he wants is for her to come clean to Mama President. It’s a touching family gathering when Olivia reveals Jonas is dead (mostly) because of her actions. While she doesn’t directly appeal for Mom to sweep the matter under the rug, she does bring to light that Roger is dead because of Jonas. A weakened Henry takes his daughter’s side by encouraging his wife to cover the whole mess up… for the good of the family. Lucky for us, Allison Taylor comes from the School of David Palmer and does the right thing by having Olivia remanded into federal custody. She may have just lost what family she had left, but she’s earned my respect.

The Jack and Tony chase sequence leads to a taxi garage, which Jack tries to blow up using leaking fuel and a flare. Tony finds a forklift to force open the garage door and take Jack back into custody. Before when I said Jack was a hostage only because of the pathogen inside him? Yeah, no. He’s just using his former friend to gain ultimate access to Alan Wilson, who as it turns out was Tony’s target all along. Alan was the man pulling the Charles Logan strings: the Sentox gas attacks, David Palmer’s assassination, the guy who had Michelle Dessler (and, as it turns out, his unborn son) killed AND colluded with Jonas to help General Juma unleash the terror in DC. The man has been busy, that’s for sure. Tony is ready to end his reign by strapping a bomb to Jack.

Surprisingly, Alan decides to meet Tony in person to determine whether he’s worthy to join the gang. The comprehensive security sweep looks efficient, but when you fail to account for FBI helicopters, you might as well have sat on your hands. Renee and company sweep in to take out most of the redshirt bad guys. Meanwhile, Cara safely moves Alan into the warehouse, only to have Tony kill her in front of her boss. Dude, that’s just harsh. He launches into his monologue against Alan… it appears he’s taking many years of frustration out on Alan’s kidneys. Just before the two reach their most awesome moment, Renee and Jack bust in to wound him. The last we hear of Tony is his telling of the dynamic duo that they’ll be sorry. So much for honoring Michelle.

Since Tony spared his life, Renee won’t be extracting much info from Alan. She even goes as far as to ask Jack (on a gurney) what he would do. Not surprisingly, he can only really suggest “whatever it takes,” so long as it a choice “you can live with.” You can almost see Renee transform into Jack before your very eyes.

What is somewhat surprising is that Chloe and Janis make up in a way you’d expect those two characters to do so. After that, Janis takes a series of forms for Renee to sign, who has just arrived with Alan to the interrogation room. When Janis refuses Renee’s order to leave, Agent Walker goes ballistic; she busts the door keypad and has Janis handcuff herself at gunpoint. Alan is calm and cool in the room… that is, until he catches a glance at Renee’s crazy eyes!

By this point, Jack is clinging to life by the thinnest of threads. He calls for Muthadi, the imam of Jibraan’s mosque, to sit and pray with him. Behind all the tangled webs that is Jack Bauer, he is simply a man. Dr. Sunny confirms nothing more can be done for Jack, aside from morphine that will put him in a coma. It’s at this point Kim arrives, desperately begging the good doctor to go ahead with the radical stem cell treatment. We end with Kim sitting on her father’s hospital bed… taking his hand, not ready to let him go.

07:59:57… 07:59:58… 07:59:59… 08:00:00

So what are your thoughts on Day Seven? Is “24” back and better than ever? Are you pumped and ready for next season?

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  1. JB

     /  May 19, 2009

    Its obvious Jack wouldn’t die this season as its been known for a while that Kieffer Sutherland signed on for Season 8, however he has hinted that he wants his role to be toned down, and I think hes at the point of maybe wanting Jack to retire or be killed off altogether, but hey, in the end, I’m sure money talks as to whether Jack sees a season 9 or not….I do think however, that its pretty obvious that Renee is being primed and trained to take over the reigns as the female version of Jack Bauer in season 8 and possibly beyond, as Jack will be probably be saved and ok from the stem cell treatment, but still have some sort of lingering or maybe permanent effects from the pathogen, which would allow another character to come to the front, again whom I suspect will be Renee……

  2. Lois

     /  May 19, 2009

    this was a great 24 season ending show!

  3. Lois

     /  May 19, 2009

    Love 24!

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