How I Met Your Mother Season Finale Recap: The Goat, Linda Knievel and the Leap

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale: The goat, Linda Knievel and the leap

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I don’t know how else to say this, so I’ll just come right out with it – we got the goat tonight! “How I Met Your Mother” finally gave us the goat! Were you nearly as excited by that I as I was? I hope so, because if you weren’t nothing that follows will seem magical.

What? You don’t want to talk about the goat? You want to talk about Lily announcing to Marshall that she was pregnant? Yeah, that was a lie she told to stop him from plunging to certain doom. That wasn’t as good as the goat.

I guess, perhaps, we could talk about the Barney-Robin thing, after all, I’ve been a ‘shipper for much of the season. It does hurt me a little to talk about it though because Marshall decided that Robin wasn’t all that attractive, and I like Marshall so I don’t want to have to get into a disagreement with him.

Marshall also came up with the terrible idea (if you’re a ‘shipper) of Robin “Mosbying” Barney by declaring her love for Barney so that he would back off. That all may have worked if Lily hadn’t opened her non-pregnant (and yet pregnant in that Alyson is pregnant) mouth.

I did love the back and forth between Robin and Barney in the hospital though – that has to be one of the funniest scenes in a long time. It was kind of like the end of “Chinatown,” but played for laughs, of course. Clearly there’s a lot more to be explored in that possible relationship, but I hope the show doesn’t keep the will they/won’t they thing going on too long, and “too long” may not be that far off.

Enough of that however, on to Ted and the goat!

How is it that Ted couldn’t come up with a design for the Ribtown cowboy hat-shaped restaurant? I have to assume that indicated that Ted was never a terribly great architect, some Imagineer over at Disney probably has 12 different versions hidden away in his desk right now.

Maybe Ted did come up with an idea by his deadline, but if you ask me the restaurant looked more like a 15-gallon hat, not the more traditional 10-gallon one (perhaps due to the size of the patrons?). However, that wasn’t why he didn’t get the job. Let’s face it, Sven’s dino-with-a-cowboy-hat restaurant was truly awesome. At least Ted didn’t take the loss that badly, you know, except for the whole new career thing.

Ted as a professor works, the man loves speechifying. Do you think that just because the mother is in Ted’s first class we’ll get to see her soon? Does this make Ted the horny old teacher sleeping with a comely young student? I can see him in that role, too.

And then there actually was the goat. The show has been building the goat story since the first season, and I think they did a really good job capping it (probably) tonight. It was both funny and a moment which clearly marked Ted for the rest of his life (even if the hoof-print fades). I’d like more from the next slap and Robin Sparkles video, but for the goat story the semi-understated thing worked, after all, it’s not like Ted was going to have sex with the goat, so what more could they do with it. I do have two questions on the goat though: how did the goat keep getting the washcloth and once the goat had it, why did Ted keep trying to take it back (it wasn’t like the washcloth would ever be usable again)?

Odds and ends:

  • Our final quote of the night for this season – Marshall on how to design the restaurant, “it’s a rib joint for fat tourists, just make sure the doors are wide and the chairs are reinforced.”
  • Lily is not Linda Knievel. Yeah, I’m pretty happy with that fact, I like her as Lily, and it was really nice to have her back for a full episode tonight. I actually didn’t realize how much I had missed her presence these past few weeks.
  • What do you think we can look forward to next season? What do you want to see?
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