Melrose Place 2.0 Spoilers & Previews: Sydney Dies Again!

Melrose Place

Melrose Place” is the refurbished version of the ’90s series of the same name. It presents a batch of fresh cast such as , , and Stephanie Jacobsen who will play a group of young adults living in “an elegant apartment building”. It airs Tuesdays at 9 P.M. after ““.

Episodic Spoilers

Melrose Place – Episode 1.01 – Promotional Photos

Melrose Place – Episode 1.02 – Windward – Casting Call

[DOCTOR] Late 30s, an extremely handsome Doctor who works with ‘Dr. Michael Mancini’ (Thomas Calabro). CO-STAR ROLE, 1 line. Please submit all ethnicities Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive – Melrose Place – Episode 1.02 – Tigertail – Casting Call

Here are some additional roles for Episode 1.02 of Melrose Place called “Tigertail”

[TRUDY] Early 20’s, a sexy, fashionista stylist to the stars ala Rachel Zoe. GUEST STAR. Please submit all ethnicities.

[RICK] Mid 20’s, handsome, hip LA record producer that is interested in ‘Lauren’ (Stephanie Jacobsen). GUEST STAR. Please submit all ethnicities.

[DETECTIVE] 30 years old, African American, a tough, handsome LAPD detective. CO-STAR ROLE sptv050769.
Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive – Melrose Place – Episode 1.02 – Casting Call

Filming for this episode starts July 7th through to July 14th

GUEST STAR RECURRING. TOP OF [CALEB] 28 – 30 years old, good looking, very masculine gay publicist that works with “Ella” (Katie Cassidy). SHOW. Please submit all ethnicities.

[AMIR] Mid to late 20s, Persian, a fast talking, Beverly Hills native with deep connections to the underworld. GUEST STAR RECURRING.

[JASPER BARNES] Mid 20s, the hot British star of the latest blockbuster movie a la “Twilight.” Prefer British or Australian actors. MUST HAVE WORK PAPERS. GUEST STAR
Source: SpoilerTV

Melrose Place – Episode 1.03 – Casting Call

[VANESSA] Late 20s to early 30s, the very sexy, trophy wife of Michael (Thomas Calabro) and mother to his youngest son Noah…GUEST STAR RECURRING. Top of show. Source: SpoilerTV

Melrose Place – Episode 1.06 – Driftwood – Casting Call

[ANTON V] 30’s, the owner of a socially-conscious denim line that ‘Ella’ (Katie Cassidy) is representing at the PR firm, he’s cool, handsome, hip and is the living embodiment of his brand. GUEST STAR TOP OF SHOW

[HASSAN] 30’s, Persian, the handsome, globally “connected” boss who deals in stolen art and jewelry. LARGE CO-STAR ROLE.
Source: SpoilerTV

General Spoilers

  • The show is adding the recurring role of a Madame – and you’ll know why after watching the pilot. (Michael Ausiello)
  • The character to keep your eye on is Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s. Violet looks fresh off the farm, but our sources confirm what we first suspected after screening the pilot: There is something shady going on with that girl. (Watch With Kristin)

Melrose Place – Casting News

Looks like Melrose Place is getting more tenants – Josie Bissett is returning to her old haunt as a guest star, PEOPLE confirms. Bissett reprises her role as Jane Andrews Mancini, sister to Laura Leighton’s Sydney Andrews, in at least one episode and may do more, according to a source. Bissett joins original Melrose castmates Leighton and Thomas Calabro when the new incarnation airs on the CW network this fall. Meanwhile Bissett’s ex-husband, Rob Estes (also a former Melrose alum), appears on the CW in 90210. Source: People

‘Melrose Place’ welcomes Daphne Zuniga back

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Daphnezuniga Remember low key photographer Jo Reynolds, “Melrose” fans? Of course you do. Ms. Daphne Zuniga — maybe better known to the younger crowd as Brooke Davis’ bitch of a mom on “One Tree Hill” — will reprise the role of Jo on The CW’s “Melrose Place” spin off this fall. Zuniga will guest in two episodes, the network confirms. Wonder if her storyline will intersect with Michael, Jane or dearly departed Sydney’s?

A ‘90210’ Actor May Cross Over to ‘Melrose Place’

Source: Ace Showbiz
The executives have been talking about the possibility to bring over an established character on ‘90210’ to jack up the rating of new ‘Melrose Place’.

A '90210' Actor May Cross Over to 'Melrose Place'
See larger image The talks about a crossover event between “” and “” are heating up with the latest scoop from TV Guide suggesting that it would be a ‘he’. Questions were thrown about which character from “90210” will help to revamp the spin-off to ’90s “Melrose Place”. Ryan Eggold, who plays Ryan Matthews, has been deemed to be ‘the chosen one’. In response to this, Eggold said, “You know, I’ve been hearing this and I don’t know if it’s true either. But it will be fun to play this character Ryan as a twenty something in a show like that. Just to kind of open him up a little bit. I’d love to sort of check out a different passage of Ryan.” The first hint of a crossover came from Naomi Clark depicter on “90210”, . She said last month, “The producers have actually mentioned that to us. We don’t know who or where or what or when yet, but they want that very much.” Back in 1992, made a crossover to the original “Melrose Place” while she was playing Kelly Taylor on “Beverly Hills 90210”. Both “90210” and “Melrose Place” will premiere on September 8 on The CW.

Meet the cast of The CW’s ‘Melrose Place’

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Why so serious, Katie Cassidy? The CW just picked up your new series, the “Melrose Place” spin off.


A shot of all the stars, from left to right, Stephanie Jacobsen, Colin Egglesfield, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Shaun Sipos, Cassidy, Michael Rady & Jessica Lucas


Dude, who died?


Whoever/whatever went down, no doubt Sydney had something to do with it. Sydney!


Aww yeah, Laura Leighton‘s telling Cassidy how things are done up in the M.P.

Trailer & Preview

MAJOR spoiler alert: ‘Melrose’ twist revealed!

Source: The Ausiello Files

Melroseplacefight_lMelrose Place is back to its old dirty tricks. The CW’s forthcoming reboot of the classic ’90s sudser will launch this fall with the kind of bombshell revelation that would make Kimberly Shaw’s legendary scar bust open. Unfortunately, unlike that iconic cliffhanger, there ain’t a chance in hell this twist will remain unspoiled before it airs in September. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing leaks in the next week or so. Or today. Or right now after the jump. (Yes, that was your warning. Seriously, this is a gigantic spoiler, so head for the exit if you don’t want to know the bombshell at the center of Melrose 2.0.)

The Melrose pilot — snippets of which were unveiled to advertisers at The CW’s upfront presentation this morning — has been shrouded in the kind of secrecy more typical of an episode of Lost than a trashy primetime soap. “The pilot script isn’t being released to anyone — not even to writers who are meeting on the show,” an industry insider recently whispered. “There’s apparently some twist involving Sydney that they’re trying to keep under wraps.”

It’s under wraps no more: Someone murdered Sydney! Again!

Sources confirm that the dead body found floating face down in Melrose‘s trademark pool in the opening minutes belongs to none other than Laura Leighton’s bitchtastic ex-stripper. I’m told her death will set in motion a season-long murder mystery that finds nearly all of the show’s principal characters — particularly Syd’s ex, Michael (Thomas Calabro) — a possible suspect.

I know what you’re probably thinking: They brought Sydney back to life only to kill her off in the first 10 minutes?! Sorta. Yes, she dies (for real) right out of the gate, but Leighton will be sticking around. An insider confirms that Sydney will be seen via flashback in multiple episodes. Said flashbacks will explain where’s she’s been and what really happened after she became road kill more than a decade ago.

I know what you’re also probably thinking: Is this the story Heather Locker was pitched and ultimately turned down? Yes, that was supposed to be Amanda Woodward’s bloodied corpse floating in the pool. But when Locklear nixed the offer, producers approached Leighton. (Mystery solved: Locklear killed Sydney!)

Thoughts on the latest bomb dropped in TV’s most famous courtyard? Does this make you more or less excited to see Melrose 2.0? And are you relieved Locklear turned her back on the gig since this means Amanda will live to raise hell another day? Sound off below!

‘Melrose Place’: I’ve got the pilot script & I’m answering all your Sydney questions

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Is Sydney dead again? Is the “Melrose” spin off murdering her within the first few minutes of its pilot episode? Well, I happen to have the highly-classified script in my hot little hands and will be answering every “Melrose”-related question that’s come my way today. Ew, stop drooling…

Need your help confirming this is NOT true: There is a rumor that Sydney is dead in the pool in the Melroseopening. Please tell me they are not doing something this stupid. Um, she’s the main reason we want to watch it!
Yes, sadly — as reported on Friday — this seems to be the case. I had the great fortune of receiving and reading the script, which has been shrouded in secrecy, a few weeks back and when I reached the last line and there had been no mention of my girl Sydney, I had the startling realization that the chick they’d been calling by another name throughout the 50 plus pages was really the red-headed baby sister of Ms. Jane Mancini. And the realization was startling because, yes, this character is found face down dead in the pool just as Act 1 ends.

You have to explain this rumor that Sydney is killed at the very beginning of the new “Melrose Place”! How is that possible? She’s not going to be on the new series? She’s not going to even be in the first episode that much? I’m confused. Sydney — who’s probably just called by another name in the script I have because it was written before Laura Leighton signed on… though I suppose it’s possible that Syd’s trying to conceal her identity — appears throughout the episode in flashbacks both before and after her death and word is that she will continue to. Her murder is apparently the season-long mystery which must be solved.

Who is the blonde kid that Sydney is getting sexy with in the “Melrose Place” pictures you posted?
That would be David (Shaun Sipos) , the 21-year-old rich dude whom we see with Syd pre-pool scene. Definite suspect, but one that’s way too obvious. Plus, he seems to care about her quite a bit. In the script, he’s busy banging some hot blonde in a public bathroom when he gets an urgent text from her, pulls his pants up and rushes to her side. And that night, she tells him she’s done something terrible. She says that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but she was “trapped” …And hours later, she’s dunzo. By the way, David’s last name is “Patterson” in the script I have, linking him to Jake Hansen (Grant Show), but they’re now giving the character a new last name. David’s jerk of a father is in the pilot and he ain’t Jake.

Does Ryan Matthews from “90210” make the cross over to “Melrose Place”? It looks like he lives in a building with a courtyard pool!
Ryan doesn’t appear in the pilot script that I read, but I do believe CW Pres Dawn Ostroff said they are contemplating crossovers. Maybe he killed Sydney!

Is it me or does Ashlee Simpson look like a completely different person in the pictures for the new “Melrose Place”]?
Yeah, I think it’s the red hair she’s rocking that’s making her somewhat unrecognizable. And that red hair is no coincidence. Her character has got those colored locks for a reason…

Melrose Place – Clip 1

Melrose Place – Clip 2

Melrose Place – Clip 3

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  1. Jeff Brechbuhl

     /  May 30, 2009

    If Sydney is really going to die how about she’s dead for 5 minutes, sees Kimberly in Hell. Kimberly sends her back to life with an evil plot to kill Michael. She comes back and all hell breaks loose.

  2. sammy jo

     /  June 29, 2009

    killing sydney would be awful. i hope it’s not true! that’s the only reason i’d watch this reboot.

  3. Charity

     /  August 4, 2009

    Now I don’t know about everyone else but if I can recall……Sydney died in the original show in the 90’s when Sam’s father hit her with a car on her wedding day. What’s up with that ???????

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