Heroes Season 4 Spoilers: Chapter 5 Redemption

Episodic Spoilers

First two episode titles of Season 4

Episode 4.01 – Orientation
Episode 4.02 – Jump, Push, Fall

Season 4 – First Set Pics of Claire and Gretchen

Here are the first set pics of Season 4 of Heroes (Volume 5 Redemption) featuring Claire (Hayden Panettiere).

If you look carefully behind a crew member then you will also see our first look at Madeline Zima playing Claire’s roomate Gretchen.

I believe they were filming some scenes of her on campus heading to perhaps a pep rally, so here you go.

NOTE: I assume these pics are from Episode 4×01 Orientation.

Season 4 – First Set Pics of Claire and Gretchen

(Click to Enlarge)

View More Pics Here: The ODI

Grunberg and Quinto Filming Scenes Together Today

Heroes star Greg Grunberg who plays Matt Parkman confirmed via his Twitter acct that he will be filming scenes with Zachary Quinto (Sylar) today. In fact he actually says that he is “getting ready to go in and beat up on Sylar” Last we heard Episode 4×02 was being filmed, but there is no confirmation of when this scene will take place. However, based on the set pics of ZQ and Milo last week and this Tweet it seems like all of you Quinto fans will get a decent dose of him early in the season. I am sure some of you are not happy to see more of Sylar, but if Matt is beating him up, then maybe you will feel better.

Episode 4.02/4.03 – Casting Call

Episode 4.02 starts 18th June and Episode 4.03 30th June

25-45, Male. JAPANESE. MUST SPEAK JAPANESE. Office drone in Tokyo desperate to end the monotony. Humor is not lost on him…GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive – Episode 4.04 – Casting Call

Episode 4.04 of Heroes begins filming on the 13th July 2009.

[DOCTOR CAMBRIDGE] 60s, female. Caucasian. MUST BE FLUENT IN SIGN LANGUAGE. Kind doctor in a NYC hospital. Compassionate and knowing with a vested interest in her patient…GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECUR

Source: SpoilerTV

General Spoilers

Casting News

Heroes has found an actress to torture Claire (Hayden Panettiere) as her new sorority pledge master. Tessa Thompson, who played Jackie Cook on Veronica Mars during the 2005-06 season, will play upperclassman Becky, who is protecting a secret of her own. Expect Claire and Becky to clash.
Source: TV Guide Magazine

Robert Knepper Confirmed as a Series Regular

At this past week’s Heroes Comic Con Panel, Robert Knepper who plays new villain Samuel hinted that he might have a much larger role than the initial 6 episodes he was scheduled for. Today we got official confirmation via our source with NBC that Knepper has indeed been cast as a series regular in Season 4 (Volume 5 Redemption). I have been a huge fan of Knepper since his role as T-Bag on Prison Break and I am really happy to see him signed on as a “series regular”. Also, confirmed once again is his ability as an “Earth Mover”.  Source: Heroes Spoilers

This just in: Bryan Fuller exits ‘Heroes’

Source: The Ausiello Files

Just as Heroes was gaining some creative momentum comes word of another setback: Bryan Fuller has vacated his post as consulting producer. The acclaimed Pushing Daisies auteur tells me that he left to focus on developing new projects for NBC, and not (as some have speculated) due to creative differences with series creator Tim Kring. “I’m crafting two pilots right now and it’s a lot of work,” admits Fuller, who has an overall deal with NBC. “It was just too hard to [juggle] Heroes and my development; something had to give.” Fuller’s exit was first reported by Herc at Ain’t It Cool News. Fuller returned to Heroes last December, shortly after ABC dropped the ax on Daisies. Many (yours truly included) credited him with the show’s end-of-season creative rebirth.

Season 4 – Spoiler Summary

Here is a little list of many of the spoilers for Heroes Season 4(Volume 5 Redemption) so far. This is a list by Digital Spy and does not have anything new that I could see.

Also I know these are not the only spoilers we know, but it is a good summary, so feel free to discuss below and if there are things missing let me know and we can add on to the list. For example, Hiro, Ando and Mohinder are not on the list and I know there are some details for Hiro and Ando out there.

Claire (Hayden Panettiere): is starting college in Washington, D.C. Gets two roommates, Annie (Rachel Melvin) and Gretchen (Madeline Zima), but predictably, Claire’s new life is far from straightforward. In the first episode, she discovers a body on the sidewalk, the result of a mysterious suicide. Meanwhile, she’s dealing with the fallout from her parents’ divorce process.

Nathan (Adrian Pasdar):… is Sylar. But that doesn’t mean Nathan’s going to be through and through bad next season. “I think there’s going to be a good redemptive nature to his behaviour this year,” Pasdar told Sci Fi Wire recently. “It’s nice to think it might end a little lighter. It’s nice to think it might end with a martyrdom kind of behavior thing in order to sacrifice himself to save the world.”

Peter (Milo Ventimiglia): has alienated himself from those cloest to him as he embarks on a one-man mission to save the world, one person at a time. Peter also finds a romantic interest in the form of a powerful woman. This is rumoured to be a hearing-impaired character called Emma, played by The L Word’s Deanne Bray.

Angela (Cristine Rose): Talking about episode 3, Rose told E! Online: “I learned that 20 years ago, Angela made a decision that is going to come back to bite her in her rear end. Angela tries her best, but she keeps screwing up.” Rose added that in the same episode, there will be a “huge change” for Mama Petrelli.

Matt (Greg Grunberg): is feeling guilty over the Nathan/Sylar affair but is trying to live a normal life with his wife and son. Grunberg has posted on his Twitter saying that he has been filming scenes where Matt “beats up on Sylar”. Matt also gets a new partner ( Battlestar’s Rick Worthy), an experienced LA cop who Matt turns to for advice.

Noah (Jack Coleman), Tracy (Ali Larter):… and Angela, among others, are forming The Company 2.0. But this time, The Company claims to have good intentions, with the aim of uniting heroes around the world. But there’s also a new, sinister organisation on the scene – one that treats people with abilities in a “dangerous and potentially deadly new way”.

Samuel (Robert Knepper): is a brand new character, described as a “charismatic and evil” man who will “veer into the lives of all heroes”. Check back in with Tube Talk tomorrow morning for an exclusive interview with the ex-Prison Break star talking about his new role!
Source: Digital Spy

Adrian Pasdar talks about why they cast an 11 year old Nathan: “I absorb a memory from an article of clothing that sends me back in time to when I was 11,” he explains. “Something happened to young Nathan but old Nathan doesn’t remember it. How can that be? It has to do with a character we have met before.” (Michael Ausiello)

Cristine Rose, who plays the imperious Heroes matriarch Angela Petrelli, says, “I just read episode 4.03 and—oh, I get chills just thinking about it—I learned that 20 years ago or so, I made a decision that is going to come to back to bite me in my rear end. Angela tries her best, but she keeps screwing up. Oh well, she stays afloat with a sense of humor and a glass of wine.” (Watch With Kristin)

Season 4 – Update on Claire, Annie and Sylathan

Ausiello from EW revealed some new spoilers about season 4 confirming that Claire and her roommate Annie will have some “kind of” romantic relationship!? He also confirmed that Adrian Pasdar revealed why they were casting a Young Nathan. Apparently Sylathan (as Nathan) absorbs a memory from a piece of clothing reminding him of something that happened to him when he was 11. I wonder if this is connected to the shocking thing from Angela’s past??

Here is the actual post on EW:

Question: Is it true that Claire on Heroes is going to have a romantic relationship with Rachel Melvin’s new character, Annie? Ausiello: That’s true. Kind of. I’m not sure about a full-blown relationship, but I can confirm that the college roomies will engage in a little Sapphic experimentation. At least that’s the plan.

Question: Heroes scoop please? Ausiello: Remember me telling you that producers were casting an 11-year-old version of Nathan? Well, thanks to Adrian Pasdar, now we know why! “I absorb a memory from an article of clothing that sends me back in time to when I was 11,” he explains. “Something happened to young Nathan but old Nathan doesn’t remember it. How can that be? It has to do with a character we have met before.”
Posted By: The ODI

Claire May Have a Lesbian Storyline on ‘Heroes’

In the fourth season, the cheerleader is now a college student who shares more than just a room with her new friend.

Claire May Have a Lesbian Storyline on 'Heroes' Source: Ace Showbiz
See larger image More and more spoilers are coming out for the fourth season of ““, especially the ones circling ‘s character Claire Bennet. In a recent scoop, EW’s Michael Ausiello gives a “that’s true” to the question whether or not there will be a lesbian storyline for Claire and her new roommate. In the new season, Claire is graduated and heading to college. She will live with another girl named Annie which is played by “Days of Our Lives” actress Rachel Melvin. Words are, they will share more than just a room. The hint about the same sex relationship made its round last month but it was never this close. “I’m not sure about a full-blown relationship, but I can confirm that the college roomies will engage in a little sapphic experimentation. At least that’s the plan,” Ausiello revealed. “Heroes” will be back on NBC on Monday, September 21. Hayden Panettiere said that a new mysterious group will surface as opposite to The Company. “The next season of Heroes has a lot of characters that are coming in,” she told MTV News. “There’s something called The Carnival… which is kind of the opposite of what The Company was. There’s a lot of new, cool characters.”

Season 4 – Spoilers from First Day of Filming

As most of you know the Heroes cast and crew were back on set this week hard at work beginning filming on Season 4 (Volume 5 Redemption)! This note from Adrian Pasdar details how the first day went:

What a great first day we had. Shot a load of stuff in my office, no dialogue, just me acting up a storm. Solo. Then Mr Q joined us and the fireworks began. What a gentle man. This is going to be an amazing season. Everybody dropped by the set at one point or another today. This is one seriously tight cast. I am a better person for knowing all of them I feel lucky. This was apparently posted on Pasdar’s Youtube Channel BuckShotWon. Source: The ODI

Swoosie Kurtz to Return for Season 4

Last season former Pushing Daisies star Swoosie Kurtz made a guest appearance as Millie in Season 3 as Angela’s friend. Well word is that she will return with a storyline revealing who her daughter is and that it is apparently connected to the “shocking” storyline connected to Angela’s past. The big Petrelli Family secret also seems to link back to a crime that Nathan committed as a child. Here a quote thanks to TV Guide that explains a little more:
“In the third episode, a decision Angela made twenty years ago comes back to haunt her,” hints Christine Rose (Angela) of the flashback scene. Adds Adrian Pasdar (Nathan): “An incident occurred when Nathan was a boy that he has no memory of. He has to go and make amends for the crime he committed and the whole thing ends up very poorly.”
So has this changed your opinion about the Petrelli Family storyline!? I know many of you are tired of it, but what do you think of Millie’s return?
Posted By: The ODI

Rick Worthy Joins the Cast as Matt’s Partner

Rick Worthy Joins the Cast as Matt’s Partner “Battlestar Galactica” alumnus Rick Worthy is joining the cast of another sci-fi drama. Worthy is in negotiations for a recurring role on NBC’s “Heroes” next season, playing the new partner of Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg): an experienced and capable Los Angeles cop and someone who Matt can lean on for advice. Source: Hollywood Reporter

Rachel Melvin Joins the Cast as Annie

We have just been informed by our NBC contact that Rachel Melvin who most recently has been seen playing Chelsea in Days of Our Lives has joined the cast as Annie for Season 4. As many of you know from the casting calls and the leaked script Annie is Claire’s roommate. So I assume Claire will have two roommates, because we reported earlier this week that Madeline Zima also will be playing Claire’s roommate (Gretchen). Source: The ODI

Episode 4.01: Title Unknown Season Premiere Airdate: September 2009

Young Japanese Girl: 6-10, Female. Must speak Japanese. Sweet little Japanese girl who tries to save her kitten.Young Hiro: 12-15, Male. Must speak Japanese. Japanese boy to play young Hiro (Masi Oka). Young Ando: 10-12, Male. Must speak Japanese. Japanese boy to play young Ando (James Kyson Lee). Young Kimiko: 12-15, Female. Must speak Japanese. Japanese girl to play young Kimiko (Saemi Nakamura). Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.02: Title Unknown Airdate: September 2009

Episode 4.03: Title Unknown Airdate: September/October 2009

Season 4 – Even More Casting News

The very interesting casting news continues for Season 4 of Heroes. Ausiello from EW is reporting that both Ray Park (YES that Ray Park aka Darth Maul from Star Wars) and Deanne Bray (from the L Word) are close to signing deals as recurring roles for Volume 5 Redemption. Park known for his role as Darth Maul, but also as Toad in the X-Men movies and will be next seen in G.I. Joe playing Snake Eyes.

EW is reporting that Park will be playing the “knife throwing” character in the Carnival while Bray will be playing the hearing impaired love interest for one of the Heroes. Earlier this week Tim Kring informed us that Peter will be getting a new romantic interest. So I assume Bray could be this character and in the official casting call, the character was listed as Emma.

Here are the original casting calls for the characters as a reminder.
30s, male. Dangerous,a true “Carney” … Open to all races and ethnicity. GUEST STAR

25-28. Female, Attractive, smart and sensitive. A love interest for series lead HEARING IMPAIRED ACTRESSES ONLY

Source: The ODI

We mentioned a new hearing impaired female character that will play a love interest for one of the male leads, we have just learned according to the official casting call listed the character’s name is Emma who will first appear in Episode 4×03 not episode 4 as previously reported. Emma: 25-28. Female, Attractive, smart and sensitive. A love interest for series lead. Hearing impaired actresses only. Recurring guest star. This role will be in several episodes. Source: SpoilerTV

Matt Parkman will get a new partner/”mentor.” Claire will get a roomate. Source: SpoilerTV

We can absolutely assure you that Zachary Quinto is coming back next season. We’re hearing that Sylar is present in what’s described as “a very Fight Club-esque way.” The Heroes deaths will continue next season, and a few of your favorite characters may be resurrected in the process. (Pssst, that has nothing to do with our pal Sylar). Source: The Ausiello Files Zachary Quinto will without question be back next season. But I hear the show is also planning to introduce a cool and mysterious new villain. Tracy’s whole revenge arc will serve as a centerpiece of next fall’s “Redemption” volume. Source: The Ausiello Files

Bryan Fuller says that, “The Hiro story for season four is the best story we’ve ever come up with for Hiro. It’s so emotional and exciting and adventurous.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Look for one character to make a splashy return in Volume 5. Source: TV Guide Online

In season 4 we will learn more about Young Angela and her young friends and of course more about the early days of The Company. Source: SpoilerTV

Summary of spoilers revealed in Behind the Eclipse Q&A #17: We can expect a character with some sort of “earth” related ability and it will be “muddy”. Claire and Sylar will come to understanding with one another which stems from them having to deal with living forever. Lyle will not have an ability. Volume 5 will be called “Redemption.” There is not going to be any international uproar about Hiro and Mohinder being kidnapped, because they are part of those that are kidnapped and their governments do not know about it. We will see Nathan’s family again and at least one of his kids will have an ability. Source: SpoilerTV

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