House Season 6 Spoilers & Casting Scoop!

During November sweeps, House, Cuddy, and Wilson will attend a medical conference together. (Michael Ausiello)

Executive producer David Shore revealed this about the season premiere: “[Franka Potente] is the sister-in-law of one of the inmates, who develops an attachment to House, and House develops an attachment to her, but it’s complicated.” (Watch With Kristin)

Cuddy knows that House made imaginary love to her last May. “It’s referenced in an upcoming episode,” creator David Shore says. “She’s aware of it and she confronts him. She wants to know where all that stands.” (Michael Ausiello)

Only Wilson and House will appear in the season premiere, which takes place at the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. After that, look for Foreman to take the lead back at Princeton-Plainsboro, which will cause a rift in his relationship with Thirteen. (TV Guide)

Cameron and Chase’s first significant fight as a married couple will take place in episode 4. And it’s not going to be pretty. (Michael Ausiello)

The character who gets fired is not leaving the show. (Michael Ausiello)

Casting Call

This episode films between the 10th and 20th of August. [JACK] Male, 9-11 to play 10, Caucasian, THIN, GUEST STAR, Source: SpoilerTV

House and his asylum mates are going on a field trip to an amusement park in the two-hour opener. The show shot scenes on location at Universal Studios last week. House was working the Skydiving Fan. (Michael Ausiello)

Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson) says his character’s romantic prospects this season are all but nonexistent. (Watch With Kristin)

New Promo of ‘House M.D.’ Season 6

Take a look at how House is doing in his new residency, the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital.

Source: Ace Showbiz

New Promo of 'House M.D.' Season 6See larger image One of the first promos of FOX’s “” has been shared, bearing the tagline “What happens when the doctor becomes the patient?”. The sixth season of the medical drama will pick up where the season 5 finale left off, with House’s delusion coming to a serious level. Driven by Wilson, House voluntarily admits himself to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. In the promo, House is seen wandering, sleeping restlessly, and struggling while being escorted back to the building. Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda has been cast as House’s psych hospital roommate for at least two episodes. “House M.D.” is scheduled to return with new episodes on September 21. The show receives the nomination of Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series through and Best Drama Series at the upcoming 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Winners are announced on September 20 through a gala aired live on CBS.

House (Fox) James Earl Jones has signed on to guest star in an upcoming episode this fall. He will play an African dictator who becomes a patient at Princeton-Plainsboro.

Season Six Secrets

When we last saw Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), he was walking into a mental institution and wrapping his head around his hallucination of having sex with Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

Sure, we were mad at first for the big sex scene fake-out, but we were happy to learn at last night’s House event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills that a true Huddy hookup might just be in store for season three, which starts shooting very soon and hits Fox on Sept. 21.

House executive producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore, along with Hugh, Lisa and Omar Epps filled us in on House’s mental state, Huddy’s romantic state and the state of things at Princeton-Plainsboro…

House Has Gone Crazy: “This season opener is really going to begin shortly after those doors close behind him. We’re going to wake up there and going to cover—storytelling wise in two hours—two to three months and that journey of rehabilitation that House feels he may or may not need, that he does need,” says Katie. “It’s not a full-on rehabilitation. House won’t be perfect in any way. I describe it as if there’s a hole in his heart, maybe he’ll leave with one more piece, but the House is still there.” Don’t expect the whole season to take place in the mental institute though: “It’s not going to be that much, but that two-hour premiere is basically exclusively there,” adds David.

Paging Dr. Nolan: Who has the lucky job of diagnosing one of the most famous diagnosticians in the world? That job is left up to Dr. Nolan, played by Andre Braugher, whom you may remember from Gideon’s Crossing. Katie describes the surely to butt heads pair: “House’s version of how well he needs to be to go back to work and Nolan’s version of how well he needs to be to go back to work is very different. You can check yourself in voluntarily, and you can leave voluntarily, but whether or not he’s going to be permitted to practice medicine is another story. Before he is going to be allowed to practice medicine, Dr. Nolan needs to make sure House is on much sturdier ground than at the end of the season.”

Hugh on Playing Crazy: Hop on the crazy boat, because we’re in for quite a storm. Says Hugh, “House’s sickness is an indispensable part of his skill, possibly his intellect, and if not his intellect, than his identity. All of us fear change because we fear even the things we dislike in our lives, we fear that they are nonetheless part of us, and if we surrender them then we will become some how less.” For his time in the mental hospital, Hugh has shaved his head, saying “I have a slightly institutional look.” However, being institutionalized is not all serious though, “There is just a small musical element to it. I’m completely out of my depth; I should not be doing it, but life is about risks!” jokes Hugh.

When the Doctor’s Away, the Kids Will Play: When it comes to who’s going to be in charge with House missing in action, Omar says that Foreman is stepping into the foreground: “That’s sort of a natural progression. However, even in a mental institute, I would imagine House would still be in charge.” Unfortunately, with every doctor trying to be the boss, it may not be good for Foreman and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde). “I think the stress of trying to take over the team is obviously going to have a strain on their relationship.” Even if Foreman takes the lead, it’s not going to be easy. Omar adds, “It’s going to have a tremendous effect [with House gone]. Everyone is going to be second-guessing themselves. In that sense, House is a crutch for them. When all else fails, just go to him and he’ll have the answers. The reality is, the other doctors are not willing to take the risks that he takes.” Finally, don’t expect House to waltz back into Princeton-Plainsboro ready to take over again: “You don’t emerge from a psychiatric hospital and just get your medical license back all that easy. That differential diagnosis division is still going to be functioning, but whether he’s going to be at the head of it initially or not, that’s the question,” says Katie. Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, House Adam Taylor/FOX

Once He’s Healed:
Fans are still reeling over the imagined coupling of House and Cuddy, but Lisa tells us, “I loved the way they handled it because for one thing, it means they can still have sex. Because they haven’t done it yet. In another way it shows what he wishes he had, which includes an intimate relationship with her, wanting to live with her and wanting to be off drugs. I think we learn a lot about him and we still have the opportunity of exploring it, because it hasn’t been explored even though we got to shoot that sexy scene.” Katie seconds that notion, “I think all those emotions, sparks, difficulties and the push and pull is still there. I think the only reason why he hallucinated that hallucination with someone he works with is because somewhere that’s in his mind.” Source: E!Online

‘House’ season 6 video, get your first look

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

House” fans who tuned into tonight’s MLB All-Star Game got a special treat: the brand spanking new trailer for season six, complete with scenes from the season premiere. No worries if you missed it, we’ve got you covered. The quality of our video is ghetto at best, but a ghetto glimpse at House inside the psychiatric facility is better than nothing, no?

Will House stop being crazy? “No,” says Robert Sean Leonard. “It would be like Quincy suddenly getting nice and loving examining dead bodies. There are certain things that are just givens about the show, and one is the general makeup of House’s attitude and personality. He may stop hallucinating but he’d never stop being sarcastic.” Adds series creator David Shore: “It depends on how we define better. That is the question. How sick is he? Does House want to get better? Can he get better? And how much better? And how much will the team be told and how will the dynamic shift with House away? Those are the questions we are going to deal with in the first bunch of episodes, and perhaps even the whole season to a certain extent.” (Michael Ausiello)

Executive producer David Shore talks about how is in charge while House is gone, “We are going to have some fun with who is going to be running the diagnostics department. We’re not bringing in anyone new right now, so it’s going to be somebody you know.” (Watch With Kristin)

Will we ever know for sure if Cuddy realizes what House imagined happened between them? Please reassure us that they won’t drop this sizzling hot storyline! As the cast teased last week, a lot of this season has to do with House (Hugh Laurie) working his way back to sanity and realizing his feelings for Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). To answer your question specifically, David Shore says, “I think she does know. Actually, we had some discussion about it. I think him standing on the balcony, screaming out ‘I slept with Lisa Cuddy!’ [gave it away].” Source: Kristin on E!Online

I’d like to know if we’ll see more of Cuddy as a mom in the future on House. I like the idea of her being a working mom; she could be such a good role model for women if they’d convey this storyline properly. We asked Lisa Edelstein if she wants to see that as well, but she’s more interested in the Huddy relationship than keeping up with Cuddy’s baby. Lisa tells us, “I’m eager to see what they do with the House and Cuddy storyline. The baby is fine, but I don’t think it’s really about that. I’m sure it will be woven through, but it grounds her to have a child. I think it gives her more of a life than she had. But ultimately it’s not about that, the show is not about that. The show is about the hospital and the inner relationships at the hospital.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Will Thirteen and Taub be leaving at the end of this season? They will have completed their three-year fellowships by then. Will Chase and Cameron come back, or will there be new fellows? House executive producer David Shore says it’s too early in the season to know if they’re going to be introducing new characters. He says, “We don’t have any plans on that. As we get closer to the end of the year we might, but I don’t think we’ve mined everything we can with the six fellows we’ve had there.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Casting Call

This episode will film between the 29th July and 7th August.
[AMPUTEE] Male, 60s-70s, Caucasian, looking for ACTORS who have ONE arm / hand amputated…
Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive – New Season 6 Casting Calls

This episode will film at the end of July.

[ABEDNEGO] Male, 40s to 70s, AFRICAN, former world famous soccer player, now President of Fifa, the worldwide soccer organization. Please note if actor speaks any African languages. NO SOCCER SKILLS REQUIRED. GUEST STAR.

[SAM] Male 20 to 30’s, AFRICAN, currently the star of the South African soccer team. Please note if actor speaks any African languages. NO SOCCER SKILLS REQUIRED. GUEST STAR.

[NANDIRA] Female, 20s to 40s, AFRICAN, sister of SAM. Please note if actor speaks any African languages sptv050769. GUEST STAR.

[JANE] Female, Chinese, 50s-70s, Actor must speak non-accented English. Please note if actor speaks Mandarin, GUEST STAR.
Source: SpoilerTV

Lisa Edelstein thinks House & Cuddy are still headed for sex

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

The Paley Center for Media hosted a “House” panel last night, during which a great deal of info regarding the upcoming fall season slipped out. The highlights? The story will pretty much pick right back up where it left off in the finale, with House being admitted to a mental institution after hallucinating a sexual encounter with Cuddy. The season premiere will cover the three month span that House is in rehab. While there, House (who’ll be sporting a shaved head, fyi) will be spending a lot of one-on-one time with a doctor by the name of Nolan (“Gideon’s Crossing”‘s Andre Braugher). Of course, House doesn’t feel he needs to be locked up and in therapy, but he needs Dr. Nolan’s seal of approval if he ever wants to practice medicine again, so there will be some friction no doubt… hope Nolan’s not gonna be another Officer Twitter-type. The team back at Princeton Plainsboro is going to go a little crazy without House around to check their work. Thankfully, though, our guy won’t be gone for long. He will return to the hospital and, ultimately, have to deal with why he was hallucinating about Huddy sex. Said Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy), “I loved [the hallucination storyline], it means they can still have sex because they haven’t done it yet! But [the hallucination] shows what he wishes he had, wanting an intimate relationship with her and wanting to be off drugs.” So, yeah, thoughts? Do you agree?

The two-hour One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-inspired season premiere will feature only two of the show’s main players: House and Wilson. Everyone else will show up the following week. (Michael Ausiello)

‘House’s’ new all singing, all dancing roommate

Linmanuelmiranda_290 “House” has a new roommate with a musical past. Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda has the honor of being cast as Dr. House’s roomie in the psychiatric hospital where he landed in last season’s finale, reports EW’s Ausiello. Miranda, 29, is best known for writing and starring in Broadway’s “In the Heights.” He’ll appear in at least two episodes in the upcoming sixth season. There’s no word yet whether or not he’ll bring his hoofing and singing skills into play for the role. Besides appearing on the stage, Miranda also made appearances on the new “Electric Company.” Miranda is just the first of the new, “interesting” faces that will be brought in to fill House’s psych facility experiences with a little color. We can’t wait for more. We weren’t certain what to expect with the new wave of doctors, but they’ve turned out to be great additions.

Meet House’s new roommate!

Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda has been cast as House’s psych hospital roomie, sources confirm. Miranda, best known for writing and starring in the Broadway musical In The Heights, will appear in at least two episodes beginning with the show’s sixth season premiere this fall. A House insider says producers are looking for other “interesting actors” to populate the psychiatric facility that became House’s home in last month’s finale. So if you’re an actor who excels at riding the crazy train, forward this story to your agent ASAP. Source: EW

New Casting Call

[STOMP] – male, AFRICAN AMERICAN or CAUCASIAN, 50s-70s, patient in a mental hospital. ACTOR DOES NOT SPEAK but constantly stomps to his own beat. looking for actors who are REAL PERCUSSIONISTS. Actors MUST be available the entire shoot and rehearsal (6/15-7/16). Source: SpoilerTV

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  1. Katie

     /  June 19, 2009

    I so desperately want the Huddy relationship to accelerate, I was like YAY episode 23 but then it wasn’t real and although I was sad it was ok because it means more dramatic plots and deep emotion, I felt so bad for him when he realised it wasn’t real, I was like NOOOOOOOOooooo! But it’s what he wanted, he wants a relationship with Cuddy and to live with her, that was sweet. Can’t wait for Season 6 I’m so desperate for some more, but I’m just gonna recap with old seasons for now.

    Can’t wait. I want more Huddy love! Awesome! Huddy forever.

  2. Epiphany

     /  August 2, 2009

    I really, really hope they knock BoreTeen on the head in season 6. Nobody’s interested in them – nobody. And it would be too much to have three couples on the show that work with each other. Chase and Cameron are married, House and Cuddy will be dripped until the series ends and that’s enough. Can’t say it loud enough – no more BoreTeen!

  3. Colin Macklin

     /  September 4, 2009

    The trailer for Season 6 looks awesome. Although they say that the whole Series will not be set in the Mental Institute, I hope that at least half of it is, just to freshen the sho up a little. In Season 6 I’d really like to see the return of Lucas Douglas (the private investigator from Season 5). Perhaps House could hire him to spy on his friends so that he could visit House in hospital and keep him informed on their developments. I would also like to see Michael Tritter return, as I really liked his asshole cop routine. Maybe he could have a sick family member and, remembering House’s skills, could break him out of the mental hospital to help heal them. I also want Amber and Kutner to keep haunting House. Just a few ideas.

  4. MrMe

     /  December 13, 2009

    Well the writers aren’t and cant give House what he wants, It’s house being misunderstood and treated like hes inhuman that makes us relate to him … well those of use who CAN relate to him. For everyone else hes an amusing character and if he is not suffering in the world their interest will wane.

    Now we know that Cuddy likes House, but I know women that like me that I will NEVER sleep with. Because women have a weird criteria system that has nothing to do with liking and love. They like house in their own way, have a fantasy about what their life should be, and that is why even young girls dont have boyfriends that their friends also like or approve of. House could never be approved by Cuddy’s standards, so she will choose to live in an Emotionless Swamp of a relationship, House will develop a relationship out of sadness with a more compassionate person, Cuddy will get jealous but still not date House, but she will take the time to destroy his relationship, and then not date him.


  5. Bailee

     /  March 16, 2010

    So like CHASE and 13 will be going out in upcomeing episodes!

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