Supernatural Season 5 Spoilers & Scoop: Probable Season 6!

Supernatural – Episode 5.22 – Swan Song – Promotional Photos

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Supernatural – 5.22 – Swan Song – Press Release

THE APOCALYPSE – The entire season has been leading up to this showdown between good and evil. With the Apocalypse looming, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realize they are out of options and make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever. A beloved character is killed. Posted on KSiteTV. Steve Boyum directed the episode with teleplay by Eric Kripke and story by Eric Gewitz (#522).
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Supernatural – Repeats to Air on Friday’s

LOS ANGELES ( — “Supernatural” is heading to Friday nights as repeats of the series will follow “Smallville” at 9:00/8:00c starting May 28.
Said news comes on the heels of today’s announcement that encores of the short-lived CBS drama “Moonlight” will assume “Supernatural’s” regular Thursday, 9:00/8:00c time period on June 3.
The move will undoubtedly fuel speculation that “Supernatural” will permanently take residence there for its sixth season.
The CW announces its 2010-11 season lineup on Thursday, May 20.
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Supernatural – Scan from TV Guide about Finale

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Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes to Midnight – Space Sneak Peek

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – 2 More Sneak Peeks

Supernatural – 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Sneak Peek

Supernatural – Latest from Kristin – 27th April 2010
Dean is about to embark on very dangerous and expensive deal with Death. And no, we’re not talking financially
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Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Promotional Photos
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Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Promotional Photos
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Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes to Midnight – Press Release


“SUPERNATURAL” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

“Two Minutes to Midnight” (CONTENT RATING TBD) (HDTV)

BOBBY SELLS HIS SOUL TO HELP STOP THE APOCALYPSE/DEAN GOES HEAD TO HEAD WITH DEATH – Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) tells Bobby (Jim Beaver) he will give him the location of Death (guest star Julian Richings), the fourth horseman, in exchange for his soul. Knowing Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) need that fourth ring to stop the Apocalypse, Bobby reluctantly agrees. Sam and Dean confront Pestilence (guest star Matt Frewer), but he unleashes a deadly virus upon them, so Castiel (Misha Collins) must intervene on their behalf. Dean has a meeting with Death to discuss Lucifer, and an unholy alliance is formed at a very high price for Dean. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble (#521).

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Supernatural – Episode 5.20 – The Devil You Know – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.20 – The Devil You Know – Synopsis

“SUPERNATURAL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“The Devil You Know” (CONTENT RATING TBD sptv050769) (HDTV)

SAM AND DEAN FACE OFF AGAINST THE HORSEMEN — The demon Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) he can help them find the remaining Horsemen rings so they can trap Lucifer. The brothers are doubtful until Crowley leads them to Brady (guest star Eric Johnson), the Handler for Pestilence (guest star Matt Frewer) and Death. However, Brady refuses to give up their locations and sets Pestilence after the Winchesters…. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Ben Edlund (##520).
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Supernatural – Latest from EW – 14th April

Question: Supernatural’s 100th episode is this week! To celebrate, how about a May sweeps scoop?
Ausiello: Exec producer Sera Gamble tells me that Dean’s looming face-off with Death is hands-down one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show.
Question: Any chance Meg (Rachel Miner) will be returning to Supernatural before the end of the season?
Ausiello: No
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Supernatural – Episode 5.19 – Hammer of the Gods – Promotional Photos

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Supernatural – Episode 5.19 – Hammer of the Gods – Synopsis

“SUPERNATURAL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“Hammer of the Gods” (TV-14, DLSV sptv050769) (HDTV)

LUCIFER (MARK PELLEGRINO, “LOST”) RETURNS — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are kidnapped by a group of gods, including Kali (guest star Rekha Sharma), Ganesh (guest star Keith Blackman Dallas) and Bladur (guest star Adam Croasdell) and held hostage in a small hotel. The gods want to use Sam and Dean as bargaining chips to stop the Apocalypse, but Gabriel (guest star Richard Speight, Jr.) shows up and warns them that if Lucifer finds them he will kill them all. Unfortunately, one of the gods turns on the rest and Lucifer appears. Rick Bota directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin with story by David Reed (##519).
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Supernatural – Season 5 DVD and Blu-Ray

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Exclusive: ‘Supernatural’ to ‘end with a bang’ in 2010 (but there’s a catch)

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Supernatural-Jared_lSupernatural creator Eric Kripke is sticking by his word that his CW thriller will bow out next May after five seasons. Sort of.

“I did set out [to] tell a five-season storyline,” the exec maintains. “Quite frankly, I never expected [the show] to make it to five years. But now that we’re in our fifth year, I have every intention of ending the story with a bang and not drawing it out or watering it down.”

Relax, Supe Nazis. Here’s that catch I promised you… “That having been said,” Kripke continues, “I’m looking at this season as the last chapter in this particular story. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story. Buffy did it. The X-Files did it. You close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one.

“One of the things I like about this show is we don’t draw out mysteries endlessly,” he adds. “We’ll answer a bunch of questions this season and then pose some new ones next season.”

Of course, that’s assuming there is a next season. The CW has yet to renew Supernatural for a sixth go-’round. And even if the show does come back, would Kripke still be involved? “I don’t know,” hedges Supe’s fearless leader, who doesn’t have a deal in place beyond season 5. “I’m going to cross that bridge when I get to it.”

What say you, Supe fans? Would you prefer to see Sam and Dean go out with a bang next May? Or are you cool with the show continuing on and running the risk of limping to the finish line like The X-Files and Buffy? And the even bigger question: Is there Supernatural life after Kripke? Sound off below!

Supernatural – Picked up for a 6th Season

So are you Supernatural Fans happy to see a 6th Season?

First it was Smallville, now Supernatural. A couple of days ago we reported that Smallville had been picked up for a tenth season. Industry sources in Vancouver provided CinemaSpy with the tip, indicating that while the official announcement has not yet been made, behind-the-scenes it’s all but a done-deal. Today we’ve been informed that Supernatural, too, has been confirmed with another season, in this case its sixth.

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Supernatural – Episode 5.13 – The Song Remains The Same – Promotional Photos

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Supernatural – Episode 5.13 – Episode Name Change

Episode 5.13 that was known as “Back to the Future II” has just been changed to “The Song Remains the Same” today by the CW… Maybe they had issues using the Films name.. who knows…

Supernatural – Episode 5.13 – Back To The Future, Part 2 – Synopsis

JOHN WINCHESTER IS BACK — The angels send Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) back in time to kill John (guest star Matthew Cohen) and Mary (guest star Amy Gumenick) Winchester before they can conceive Sam (Jared Padalecki) knowing that if Sam was never born then Lucifer won’t be able to use him as his vessel. Castiel (Misha Collins) sends Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) back to 1978 so they can stop Anna, and the two brothers are reunited with their parents. Mary recognizes Dean as a hunter since he visited her in the past once before but tries to keep the truth from John. Steve Boyum directed the episode written by Sera Gamble & Nancy Weiner (#513).

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Supernatural – Episode 5.14 – Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid – Promotional Photo .

Supernatural – Episode 5.14 – My Bloody Valentine – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.15 – My Bloody Valentine – Synopsis


Castiel (Misha Collins) helps Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) hunt down Cupid (guest star Lex Medlin) on Valentine’s Day after townspeople start to kill each other for love. However, after Cupid tells them he’s innocent, they discover Famine (guest star James Otis), one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has arrived in town.

Mike Rohl directed the episode written by Ben Edlund (#0515).

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Supernatural – Episode 5.15 – My Bloody Valentine – News from EW

Loathe Valentine’s Day? Then you’re going to seriously heart Supernatural’s fittingly dark take on the candy-and-flowers holiday.

First, some casting scoop: Southland’s Lex Medlin has been tapped to play Cupid in the Feb. 11 episode, titled a “My Bloody Valentine.”

Now the plot deets: When couples all over town start engaging in obsessive, compulsive, and deadly behavior, Sam and Dean launch an investigation. With the help of Castiel, they learn that Maryann from True Blood a naked Cherub (Medlin, above) may be involved and track him down for questioning.

The spoilery twist: The ******** *a**** may be the real culprit!

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Supernatural – New BTS Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.18 – Point of No Return

The 100th episode of Supernatural will be called “Point of No Return”

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Supernatural – Episode 5.19 – OMFG – Casting Call

[KALI] (20-30’s).. A beautiful Indian woman, wearing stilettos, pencil skirt and a low cut top, she looks like the hottest lawyer you’ve ever seen. Intimidating, calm, powerful, always in control, sensual with a sensitive side, but can be deadly when she wants something. She’ is a leader with plans and the determination to put them in place.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (4)

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Supernatural – Sera Gamble Interview

The boys are back! Supernatural, the People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy series finally returns on January 21. TV Guide Magazine told you all about that first episode—Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) check into a psychiatric hospital and things get all mental—and creepy of course. We asked executive producer Sera Gamble to share with us some more of what the show has to offer in the coming months. Look for tragedy, pathos and plenty of black humor.

On February 4, you’re doing a “Back to the Future” episode when Sam and Dean time travel to 1978. What are they attempting to do?

Sam and Dean go back to try to save their mom and dad—from a threat that also travels back in time from 2020—Terminator style.

What are the consequences if they don’t succeed—or they do?

If the baddie succeeds, Mary and John [Amy Gumenick and Matthew Cohen, above] will be murdered—and Sam and Dean will never be born. So, you could say the stakes are pretty high for the guys.

Is it a heartbreaker?

Definitely. Sam seeing his parents is heart-wrenching—particularly his mom, because she died when he was just a baby. When he first meets her, he’s so overwhelmed he can’t even speak. But I think the most heartbreaking story is Mary’s. She’s done everything she can to leave hunting behind and have a normal life with John. But as the episode unfolds, we see her realize she can never escape.

For Valentine’s Day you have “My Bloody Valentine,” airing February 11, with a Cupid. This being Supernatural, what kind of havoc does he or she create?

Well, for starters, he shows up stark naked and gunning for hugs! Sam and Dean are investigating a series of gory murder/suicides—all people who were desperately in love. They suspect the culprit may be the supernatural being who made the matches to begin with—a Cupid [played by Southland’s Lex Medlin, as first reported by] gone rogue. So they capture and interrogate him. All I can say is, he is a very loving dude. It’s hilarious.

What else can we look forward to before your Olympic break?

Anna [Julie McNiven], the fallen angel, will make a reappearance. You’ll find out what happened after Castiel [Misha Collins] turned her in last season.

How is the Apocalypse storyline advanced? Do any more harbingers of doom appear?

The Horsemen are active in upcoming episodes—you’ll meet Famine, and find out some of what Death has been doing since Lucifer [Mark Pellegrino] raised him. Other upcoming episodes will also touch on events and creatures from the Book of Revelation. One involves the dead rising—in the form of zombies who seem so benign and reasonable that Dean and Sam are torn: They’re technically monsters, but are they a problem that needs to be solved?

Anything else you can tease?

The search for God will soon yield a solid lead. The Archangel Michael will be introduced. We will answer the question, “What does Castiel act like when he’s drunk off his ass?” And the brothers will go to Heaven. Yes, actual Heaven.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Three Clips From ‘Supernatural’ Season 5 Premiere

Taken from the first episode called ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, the clips show changes in relationship between Dean and his brother Sam after the Devil is accidentally released by the latter.

Three Clips From 'Supernatural' Season 5 PremiereSource: Ace Showbiz TV News

See larger image More scenes from the season premiere of “” is released, showing the first fight between Dean and Sam after the latter broke the seal. Sam keeps apologizing to Dean about what he did but Dean is angry because Sam keeps bringing it up instead of cleaning up the mess. The brothers then agreed to work together in bringing down the devil. In another clip, Chuck the Prophet mistakenly strikes Sam with a stick because in his vision the Winchester is looking nothing like normal. Chuck then delivers a startling message about Castiel, telling the brothers that the angels have exploded him into pieces. Also, Zachary talks some sense into Dean that the Apocalypse is now, and that they must work together to stop it. It is believed that the fifth season will be the last of the series. Creator Eric Kripke said he didn’t quite expect to see it beyond five-season storyline but never excluded the possibility for another one too. “That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story. Buffy did it. The X-Files did it. You close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one,” he explained. The episode called “Sympathy for the Devil” will kick off the whole season 5 on September 10.

Supernatural – Episode 5.01 – Sympathy for the Devil – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.01 – Sympathy for the Devil – Official Description

APOCALYPSE NOW — Picking up where the finale left off, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) watch as the Devil (guest star Mark Pellegrino, “Lost”) emerges from Hell. The brothers and Bobby (Jim Beaver) deal with the aftermath of Lucifer rising and the stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (guest star Rob Benedict) that Castiel (Misha Collins) was blown to bits by the archangels. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Eric Kripke (#501).

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Supernatural – Episode 5.02 – Good God, Y’All – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.02 – Good God, Y’All – Synopsis

In hopes of defeating Lucifer, Castiel decides to search for God; Bobby’s friend, Rufus, begs for help when demons begin attacking his town.

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Supernatural – Episode 5.02 – Good God, Y’All – Synopsis

“Good God, Y’all” (TV-14, LV) (HDTV)

IS THIS THE END? — Castiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he is going to search for God, who will be able to defeat Lucifer. Bobby’s (Jim Beaver) old hunter friend, Rufus (guest star Steven Williams), is panicked about demons attacking his town, and begs Bobby for help. Sam and Dean arrive at the town and realize there is a spell over the townspeople, making them hallucinate that they are demons and causing them to kill one another. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble (#501).

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Supernatural – Episode 5.03 – Free to be you and me – Synopsis

ADRIANNE PALICIKI GUEST STARS — Not sure he trusts himself anymore, Sam (Jared Padalecki) decides to give up hunting, but a late-night visitor (guest star Adrianne Palicki) won’t let him off the hook that easily. Dean (Jensen Ackles), intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel (Misha Collins) to find the Archangel Raphael, as Castiel believes Raphael knows God’s location. Miller Tobin directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver (#503).

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Supernatural – Episode 5.05 – Fallen Idol

Episode 5.05 has been officially named as “Fallen Idol”. It was formally known as “Celebrity Skin” during the auditions/draft scripts.

This is the episode featuring Paris Hilton

Supernatural – Latest from Paris Hilton

Still on set shooting, the scenes are going great! A lot of stunts and fighting scenes! 🙂

Just wrapped on set! So much fun working on Supernatural. Jared and Jensen are so nice and such great actors. I had a great time. 🙂

I’m so tired and sore from all the stunts and fighting scenes while shooting yesterday.

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Supernatural – Episode 5.06 – I believe the children are our future – Casting Call

[JESSE] 11-year-old boy (10-13 to play 11), he is a smart and sad all-American kid who is wise beyond his years and way too serious for his age – and has a real independent streak. Adopted as an infant, he has no idea of his lineage, simply perplexed by his uncanny powers. A firm believer in all things kid-like, such as the Tooth Fairy and the danger of joy buzzers. He is faced with a very grown up decision. Please denote age next to your suggestions …RECURRING GUEST STAR

[JULIA] In her early 30s, mousy and pale, Julia looks like she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in about eleven years. Sort of meek, she becomes overtaken by a dark, dark force…GUEST STAR

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Supernatural – Searching for new Recurring

I recently received a tip that Supernatural was planning to unveil its version of the Tooth Fairy in this season’s sixth episode. Well, the following casting prattle explains why…

Jesse: An all-American boy age 11 who is wise beyond his years. He was adopted as an infant and remains perplexed by his unusual powers. He possesses a childlike innocence—he believes in the Tooth Fairy (Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!)! He suddenly finds himself faced with a very adult decision. Recurring role.

Got casting tips? Post ‘em below!

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Supernatural – Episode 5.07 – The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester – Casting Call

Director: Robert Singer

Writer: Sera Gamble

Filming: 10th September – 21st September

[PATRICK] 30-40, charismatic, extremely likeable and charming, with a devil-may-care attitude and a twinkle in his eye. He is a well-dressed, expert card shark and poker player, with a wicked sense of humor and an unnerving ability to read people. A slick con man and thief who enjoys toying with everyone around him. However, he also is capable of genuine empathy for certain players, and he’s deeply committed to Lia, the love of his life…GUEST STAR (15)

[OLDER DEAN WINCHESTER] Between 70-80 years old, he is Dean (JENSEN ACKLES) aged into an old man. He hasn’t lost any of his verve, or edge, just his speed.sptv050769…GUEST STAR (20)

[LIA] 20s, she is a BEAUTIFUL, troubled woman in cahoots with her boyfriend, Patrick. Empathetic, but also eventually lonely….GUEST STAR (15)

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Supernatural to end 2010 (Kind Of)

uperantural creator Eric Kripke is sticking by his word that his CW thriller will bow out next May after five seasons. Sort of.

“I did set out [to] tell a five-season storyline,” the exec maintains. “Quite frankly, I never expected [the show] to make it to five years. But now that we’re in our fifth year, I have every intention of ending the story with a bang and not drawing it out our watering it down.”

Relax, Supe Nazis. Here’s that catch I promised you…“That having been said,” Kripke continues, “I’m looking at this season as the last chapter in this particular story. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story. Buffy did it. The X-Files did it. You close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one.

“One of the things I like about this show is we don’t draw out mysteries endlessly,” he adds. “We’ll answer a bunch of questions this season and then pose some new ones next season.”

Of course, that’s assuming there is a next season. The CW has yet to renew Supernatural for a sixth go-’round. And even if the show does come back, would Kripke still be involved? “I don’t know,” hedges Supe’s fearless leader, who doesn’t have a deal in place beyond season 5. “I’m going to cross that bridge when I get to it.”

What say you, Supe fans? Would you prefer to see Sam and Dean go out with a bang next May? Or are you cool with the show continuing on and running the risk of limping to the finish line like The X-Files and Buffy? And the even bigger question: Is there Supernatural life after Kripke? Sound off below!

Source: EW

Supernatural – Eric Kripke Interview

Supernatural exec producer Eric Kripke gave us such good scoop on Season 5 back in July, so we thought we’d go back and try for some more. With new episodes set to return Thursday, September 10, the cult show’s creator tells us about writing for God, Castiel’s future, President Sarah Palin and what 2014 will look like for the Winchester Brothers. Think zombies. And then there’s what we all want to know: Could there be a Season 6?

You have Lucifer [Mark Pellegrino] as a character. How about God? Where’s the High Holy been?

I know it sounds nuts, but God will be a character on Supernatural this season. He’s vanished from Heaven, which is why the Angels have taken over the joint, but we’re planning on God’s return, probably around the end of the season. This story thread has generated much hilarity in the Supernatural writer’s room. We ask ourselves questions like, “Well, what’s God’s motivation in this scene?” And then we start laughing, cause, you know, Gossip Girl just ain’t having these problems.

How will God enter into the battle?

Tune in.

Who will play Him—or Her? (Well, why not?)

You’ll see.

What can you tell us about Castiel [Misha Collins] and his future on the show? Haven’t the Angels turned against him? Will he basically be in the same condition as the Hunters?

Cass returns to the show as a hunted fugitive. All of Heaven is out to kill him. Some of his powers are beginning to fade. In short, he’s totally boned. But on top of that, he has an interesting story arc. Now that he’s cut off from heaven, he’s learning more and more, how to be human. Which leads to stories that are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and hopefully both. But he still looks the same—trenchcoat, tie, Misha’s face. No worries there.

Will any of the hunters be back this season to help Sam [Jared Padalecki] and Dean [Jensen Ackles] and Bobby [Jim Beaver]? If so, which ones?

We plan on bringing back practically every hunter who’s alive and kicking. It’s the Apocalypse, and it’s all hands on deck. Ellen [Samantha Ferris]. Jo [Alona Tal]. Rufus [Steven Williams]. Also, Chuck [Rob Benedict], though he’s technically not a hunter. I love bringing back characters that the boys have a history with—it leads to more interesting scenes—at least, I hope they’re more interesting. Who knows? You tell me.

How will the Apocalypse develop through the season? Will it literally be hell on earth?

Well, that’s the tension of the season. Things start bad—North Korea’s arming up, swine flu rips across the country, hurricanes slam into American cities—oh wait, all that is going on now. But seriously, we start bad and get worse. And the big question is, can Sam and Dean short-circuit the Apocalypse, before the planet is roasted alive?

What will we see when the show leaps five years into the future? Were you joking at Comic-Con when you said Sarah Palin would be President? If you weren’t, is that an indication of the aforesaid hell on earth?

No, we weren’t joking. Like I said, it is the Apocalypse, after all. Beyond that, the world in 2014 is a entertainingly nasty place to be. The Croatian virus, introduced in Season 2, has spread worldwide, resulting in a 28 Days Later situation. Our band of hunters have resorted to living in the woods, protecting as many terrified survivors as they can. When we meet our heroes in the future, we’ll see that time has changed them. Especially Castiel. But on the plus side, Chuck is living with the guys at the refugee camp, and he’s still as neurotic as ever.

Any hints on the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

They don’t ride horses. They drive muscle cars. The first horseman will be played by Titus Welliver, a brilliant actor and one of the regulars on Deadwood.

Will we see the boys’ dad, John Winchester, again? If so, could it be with an actor other than the super busy Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

It will either be Jeffrey, or we won’t do it. And yes, it is a matter of working out schedules. I’d love to make something work, if it was possible.

Are you looking to wind the show up as you have often said at the end of Season 5?

At the beginning of Supernatural, I had a five year plan, and, with some notable exceptions, I’ve stuck with that. And so, now that I’ve come this far, I feel I gotta take it the rest of the way home. Yes, this season, we are going to wrap up this storyline. We’re not going to stretch it out into Season 6, or otherwise dilute it. We’re going to make sure it’s told with a bang. This chapter is over, but that’s not to say another chapter won’t begin. If we returned for Season 6, we would commence a new epic storyline.

With your competition this season—Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Fringe and the NBC comedies—do you identify with Sam and Dean? Your doughty little show against the big guns?

Yes. I’ve always felt like the screaming Japanese tourist underneath Godzilla and Mothra. But honestly, that’s where I like to be. I like being the underdog. That way, you can still surprise people.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

We’ve met young Dean and young Sam in past Supernatural flashbacks, but season five will include a flash-forward to 70-year-old Dean Winchester, and he’s exactly the old coot you’d expect him to be. (Watch With Kristin)

Castiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he is going to search for God, who will be able to defeat Lucifer. Bobby’s (Jim Beaver) old hunter friend, Rufus (guest star Steven Williams), is panicked about demons attacking his town, and begs Bobby for help. Sam and Dean arrive at the town and realize there is a spell over the townspeople, making them hallucinate that they are demons and causing them to kill one another. (IO9)

Executive producer Eric Kripke says that God Himself (or Herself) will enter the apocalyptic battle at some point late in the season, although he’s mum on the how and the who’s-going-to-play Him (or Her). Until then, it’s going to be all-out Armageddon; it’s 2014 and the Croation virus has spread across the world, Sarah Palin is president of the United States, and the hunters live in the woods, trying to protect the survivors. Castiel has now been cut off from heaven and as his powers start to fade, he becomes more and more in touch with his humanity — with sometimes funny, sometimes poignant results. As we mentioned before, Ellen, Jo, Rufus, and Chuck will all appear this season, and there’s a chance we’ll see Papa Winchester as well, but only if Jeffrey Dean Morgan is available. And the nature of Titus Welliver’s role has been revealed: he’ll be playing one of the muscle-car-driving Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (TV Guide Magazine)

Sam and Dean’s inability to maintain meaningful long-term relationships with the opposite sex will continue throughout season 5. “We’ve returned to a conceit that works for us and that the fans seem to be able to swallow without vomiting, which is that there’s a girl in every port,” says series creator Eric Kripke. “We certainly have a lot of guest star female love interests that the boys help save and interact with. But at the moment, there are no plans for a longstanding romantic relationships.” (Michael Ausiello)

Anna does indeed return for season five. She first appears in episode two and is slated for additional appearances. (Watch With Kristin)

Picking up where the finale left off, the season premiere Sympathy For The Devil, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) watch as the Devil (guest star Mark Pellegrino, “Lost”) emerges from Hell. The brothers and Bobby (Jim Beaver) deal with the aftermath of Lucifer rising and the stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (guest star Rob Benedict) that Castiel (Misha Collins) was blown to bits by the archangels. (KryptonSite)

“I don’t think I’ll ever give up the back story of how that [Ruby’s] knife got its powers,” creator Eric Kripke says. “I like to leave some things mysterious. And that’s likely to remain mysterious.” (Michael Ausiello)

“The Colt pistol is making a comeback,” Eric Kripke says. “I was actually in the [writers] room today breaking episode 10 and the cult pistol is in episode 10. And it also pops up a little bit earlier as well. The cult emerges as the boys’ best strategy to shooting the devil in the face.”(Michael Ausiello)

Jim Beaver said to expect a huge Bobby-related twist early in Supernatural’s fifth season. He says, “There’s something pretty big that happens with Bobby in the first episodes. Really big. It’s going to have a huge impact on his relationship with the boys—but I don’t know what that impact is, because I’ve only seen the first three scripts.” (Watch With Kristin)

Comic-Con Spoilers

D & S are going through a destroyed house. Samturns a corner and CHUCK slams him in the head with a toilet plunger. Then Chuck tells the boys Cas is Dead, Dean is PISSED. Then Chuck feels the angels coming and it’s Zach. With ATTITUDE and Dean is PISSED. AGAIN. Great scene between them. And then Dean’s had enough and uses the blood glyph to kick their asses out (Zach has angel minions).

Episode 4 will be the Future Episode.

– Episode 4 of this season will be set five years in the future and is described by Kripke as his “28 Days Later episode”.

– This year will be the most optimistic season of the show ever. After spending the majority of last season tearing the Winchester family apart, this season will bring them back together.

Eric Kripke: ” We’ll be doing a story on Celebrity Ghosts, including a homicidal Abe Lincoln

Rufus will return to Supernatural and they are trying to bring back as many hunters as possible this season

Ellen and Jo Harvelle are coming back to supernatural in season five

Comic Con 2009: God to Finally Appear on ‘Supernatural’

The producers are cautiously approaching the story idea of God who ‘has left the building’ throughout most of the show.

Source: Ace Showbiz

Comic Con 2009: God to Finally Appear on 'Supernatural' See larger image Two things that “” will offer a lot in the fifth season are the re-appearance of old faces and a bunch of new but interesting characters. During the show’s panel at San Diego Comic Con, producers Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble, supported also by screenwriter Ben Edlund, explained that mythological creatures from the bible and even God himself may come at some point of the show. Since the new season will jump on the apocalypse wagon, The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse is part of the plan. Kripke joked that these people will be modernized, saying “The Four Horsemen are not going to be riding horses but color coordinated muscle cars. Why ride a horse when you can be in a Mustang?”

About the God’s part, Gamble explained that they are “approaching it cautiously”. She said, “There is a lot of doubt because a lot of characters are angry at God for not stepping in and doing something about what’s going on.” During a backstage interview with E! Online, Kripke shared, “I’m not going to reveal how or where, and he’s not going to thread in anytime soon, but this is the big season and we felt we couldn’t bring on the devil without bringing on God, too, and again, it brings us no end of amusement that our little show has these characters and we’re asking these kinds of questions.”

Another tidbit coming from the writer’s room is the possibility of having celebrity ghosts. One icon mentioned was ex-U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. On which actors are returning for more action in season 5, the producers can confirm Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle), Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle), Adrianne Palicki (Jessica Moore) and Steven Williams (Rufus Turner). For one thing, they only got into production up until the sixth episode, thus the future is not foreseen. The “Supernatural” panel was missing the lead stars and because they were catching up with the shooting schedule in Vancouver. Two other stars, Jim Beaver and Misha Collins however, were present in support.

Episodic Spoilers

Exclusive – Episode 5.01 – Casting Call

[SUSAN] Female; mid 30’s-40; attractive, vulnerable, gentle and sympathetic wife (we can’t give the storyline…but it is a great role) GUEST STAR

[MEG] 30; she is a sexy ruthless and violent emissary of a dark and bloody power (this is a great recurring role) GUEST STAR RECURRING; PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 5.01 – Script Sneak Peek

Here there is the transcript:


Dean Struggles. As —



I always knew you were a big, dumb, slow, dim pain in the ass, Dean. But I never dreamt you were so V.I.P. I mean, you’re supposed to ice the Devil? You? if I’d known, I’d’ve ripped your pretty, pretty face off ages ago.





(rolls her eyes)

Try again. Go back further.



Yep — it’s our old Season One Adversary, the Demon Meg! In a new meatsuit. She smiles.

Source: TV Guide

Supernatural – Episode 5.01 – Sympathy for the Devil – Promotional Photos

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  1. Gary Jones

     /  June 11, 2009

    Look it was going to end at some time and it’s coming soon. i understand as a supernatural fan myself that it’s hard but look face it they’ve made there decision we can’t do anything about it. Indeed it will be hard to see supernatural come to an end but as fans we have to be strong.

  2. ap

     /  June 15, 2009

    i dont think it should go to 6… i want the story to be fresh and not drawn out. i also want more hunters. i think it would be cool to bring back some people that many miss like for example: jo, ellen, missouri, rufus… ect who knows…. but it would be cool to see where the have ended up!

  3. Joe

     /  June 18, 2009

    Okay Literally folks if your going for a Sixth season what could you do more after the Lucifer and Demon war? It’d be stupid and annoying to have Lucifer live and be a cliff hanger for the sixth season. Five enough. As we all know Kripke knows best c’mon!

  4. Lisa

     /  June 20, 2009

    Listen here u worthless boobs leaving comments lyk there shudnt b a season 6….I think there shud b a 6th season bcuz i wana c wat the piece of crap lucifer looks like…now go eat a whole box of dry cereal

  5. Jess

     /  June 20, 2009

    I agree with Lisa totally…i mean im a fan of dis show.. I’ve watched almost all the episodes. And I think they’ve been gud so far so why stop now. Some pieces of craps not mentioning any names(Joe) , well you guys can shut up about what more could you do for a season 6. Maybe your dumb selves cant think of nothing but the cast and creators sure can. Well I love this show…so Dean and Sam keep rockin. :/

  6. The Dood

     /  June 21, 2009

    If they can carry it through 6 seasons then by all means go for it. I think they’ve got plenty to fill season 5, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they can get 2 more seasons in.

  7. karen

     /  June 21, 2009

    I have to say this is the best show on tv yes it helps with having to look at Dean for a whole hour but i think that this show has not let me down and if it does go to season 6 it still wont let me down if everyone is happy to carry it on then i say keep up the good work boys your geat xxx

  8. sam

     /  June 21, 2009

    I can’t wait 4 the next season to start, an i will b gutted when it does finish. there’s never really bin anything like this show, yea ok we’ve had buffy, angel, an that lot but it doesn’t compear. so roll on september so i can have my weekly dose of supernatural again!!

  9. emma

     /  June 21, 2009

    i’ll keep watching as long as they keep making them, it’s not my place to say whether they can think up stories or not, they keep surprising me anyway.
    but if i can put in a request-a bit more nakedness…please!

  10. claire

     /  June 21, 2009

    I would be sooo gutted if it ended at season 5! The boys are great and it is the only show on tv that mixes humour, sibling rivalry/love and action as well as suspense. I have just watched season 4’s finale and I’m already feeling down because ill have to wait for the next season 😦 oh well! Season 1 2 and 3 boxset, here we come again 🙂

  11. vikki kirk

     /  June 22, 2009

    i think there should be a sesion 6 i love the show i have seen every one more than twice i got all the dvds and watched them over and over again xxx

  12. Laura

     /  June 22, 2009

    Me And My Mum Are Huge Fans Of Supernatural And We Think There Should Be A Season 6 To See Where The Story Ends Up. How Great Would It Be If They Brought Out Supernatural The Movie With All The Old Characters Such As John And ellen…. etc.

    I Cant Wait Until Season 5 Starts I Will Miss The Show So Much But I think I Will Watch All Of The Seasons All Over Again :D:D xxxxxxxxx

  13. pippa

     /  June 24, 2009

    bring on a season 6,i have watched this show from day one four years ago unfortunately im in england n have to wait a little bit longer,but every year i find myself scanning the tv mags in anticipation of the shows return,this programme has got better and better over the years and the characters have grown and matured very nicely lol over the years,so keep it coming,i could never get bored with this show…but one question remains….SAM OR DEAN ??? decisions decisions

  14. Laura

     /  June 24, 2009

    pippa i couldnt pick id have both of them aha me n my mum always talk about who we would have but id have them both lol

  15. pippa

     /  June 25, 2009

    i couldnt agree more laura…definately got to put it on my things to do before i die list lol….sam and dean lol

  16. brian n

     /  June 25, 2009

    lmao at laura and pippa and we will see what lucifer looks like in season 5 i read the whole of that up the top and it says he appears in episode 1 and 3 and others and they should carry on season 6 because they could have the angels like castiel have a war on lucifer and the demons and sam n dean could become angels or something theres no end of things that could happen or sam could become a demon and dean could become a angel working against eachother sort of like that episode where they didnt know eachother that was episode 17 season 4 ‘ its a terrible life ‘ again theres no end of things that can be done 😀

    I LOVE THIS PROGRAMME miss it 😦 cant wait for september keep up the good work 😀

  17. stephen

     /  June 25, 2009

    This show is awesome. There isn’t much out right now that even begins to compete with this show. I’ve spread the news about this show to everyone I know and so far everyone has loved the show and gone out to buy every season. That’s something to say. If they can continue to keep true to this story and keep it innovative and RockN then I hope it goes to season 10 as one of the greatest shows in history. Noone I know will complain. BTW, ruby is so hot..if I was Sam, I’d forget about your old flame and go for

  18. stephen

     /  June 25, 2009

    This show is awesome. There isn’t much out right now that even begins to compete with this show. I’ve spread the news about this show to everyone I know and so far everyone has loved the show and gone out to buy every season. That’s something to say. If they can continue to keep true to this story and keep it innovative and RockN then I hope it goes to season 10 as one of the greatest shows in history. Noone I know will complain. BTW, ruby is so hot..if I was Sam, I’d forget about your old flame and start new.

  19. Mikey

     /  June 26, 2009

    The grammar on this board is absolutely horrendous. (Lisa and Jess) I can’t even understand what you are saying; how old are you?

    Anyway, yes a sixth season would be awesome, but only if Kripke is the one who makes it. He is the one who created SPN, its brilliance belongs to him, and him only. Hopefully they do not continue without him.

  20. Marci

     /  June 26, 2009

    I am a big fan of Supernatural and would love to see it go on. I would like to see it end as a good show than have it drag on until people loses interest. As for Jared and Jensen they may want to move on. Jared had to turn down a movie role because it conflict with supernatural. I would love to see them in other roles too.

  21. Martin

     /  June 27, 2009

    Mikey, I’d say that Lisa and Jess are the same person, and I tend to think people write like that because they WANT to annoy others, no-one could be so brain-dead and still be able to use a computer. Or at least they shouldn’t be – computers should require before start-up that the user type a legitimate sentence (spelt and grammatically correct) about why they want to use it before they can, but that’s another point altogether.

    I have been a fan of this show since day dot and I’m glad it was given an ending at season 5. If a show goes on for too long, it can ride on its own coattails, become so full of its own self-importance and the wants of the fans that it fails to remain coherent as we’ve seen with LOST (not unlike what Jared alluded to in the interview). Life goes on, and we all have to move on at some stage no matter how hard it is…

  22. Aman

     /  June 28, 2009

    Hey folks, we all agree Supernatural totally rocks and its great that season 5 is only a few months away. The boys have stated they are signed for season 6, which again is awesome. I don’t think we should worry whether the show is coming to an end in the near future but we should enjoy the quality, laughter and suspense it brings. If they go beyond season 6 then wicked – I personally think the show could go on for many many season, just like smallville. There are many stories and directions the show could follow and just because Lucifier will be in season 5 does not mean they can’t use him for many seasons – who knows what powers the boys, in particular Dean will gain – maybe season 5 see Sam join Lucifier and Season 6 see Dean bring Sam back etc…. So rather than worry lets just enjoy the ride until it reaches its final destination 🙂

  23. Livi

     /  June 28, 2009

    I think supernatural should go on past season five. Fans will never get tired of wathching it….. Well I surely won’t .

  24. mark

     /  June 28, 2009

    i think still it could go ferther with out dean himself just
    make the point of sam fall in love with ruby and his powers become even more stronger then they wear be for hi was marred to her and as it gos on
    they have kids wich have the same powers as sam and sam teches them to
    become as good hunnters as he is to stand by his and rubys side.

  25. pippa

     /  June 29, 2009

    didnt sam and dean team up and kill ruby at the end of season 4..maybe they will bring her bak as a redhead as she has been a blonde and a brunette

  26. whoo i new they would go on and make supernatural season 6 Jared and Jensen are teaming up for a season 6. i cant wait. thanks you Jensen and Jared so much and Eric also and all the cast and crewand who help with the show.. I hope that Supernatural will always be the number one Tv show on our Tvs..

  27. Livi

     /  June 30, 2009

    I don’t they should bring ruby back. I like it better when Sam and dean get along and it seems that the only thing keeping them apart is ruby. I still think that Sam should use his powers and pluse I kinda like the bad boy Sam….. Not that the sweet little brother version was any less hotter….. Let’s face….. He’s just naturally hot!

  28. Livi

     /  June 30, 2009

    Jenson ackles is just so hot and playing a funny, tough, and of course an awesome brother. And has anyone else heard of the rummor about jensen playing captin America? Well if it’s true than I totaly agree. He has the body and the skills. If uv ever seen at least one supernatural you’ll agree that he is a skillful actor the way he pulls off his funny jokes to the way he fulfills his part in being a sweet caring older brother. The compassion in his voice when he says sammy you know he loves and when it comes to someone trying to hurt his little brother, the way he delivers his lines u can tell… NO ONE MESSES WITH SAMMY.

  29. K.

     /  July 1, 2009

    In all honesty I thought after the way the 4th season went that there would be no way they could go on after season 5 but I was wrong. Depending on how it’s played out the show can go on and i truly hope it does. My whole family and I are great fans of the show. I’m not going overboard here, it is the best show on tv. I don’t watch anything else. Nor does my family.

    Do what you got to do to keep the show going. I look forward to the seasons to come.

    (Little confused as to why you called Lucifer, Satan. They are not one in the same but ok.)

  30. B

     /  July 2, 2009

    Honestly…i think its like what Jared said in the article…if they still have a good story and an arch for the characters…then let them go on to a season 6….i personally dont want to think that this fall is the last season i watch this show….but i also dont want it to turn in to smallville….i mean i love both shows….but they’ve dragged out smallville for so long that they’ve pretty much lost the whole Superman story. I mean they’ve killed off lex luther….Superman’s arch enemy !!! i dont want that to happen to Supernatural….if it is better for it to end at season 5….then i will deal….cause i dont want to see a season with a crappy story line just for the sake of adding on another season.

  31. Samantha

     /  July 3, 2009

    It’s best to leave the limelight while they’re still at the top. And after all, there wouldn’t be much thrill after the Lucifer arc.

  32. tony

     /  July 3, 2009

    I hope they drag out like buffy the vampire slayer I want as much as I can get a buffy reunion would be great

  33. tony

     /  July 3, 2009

    yeah jenson can act his butt off second only 2 johnny depth

  34. Heather

     /  July 4, 2009

    Okay so first off I have to say I never saw the show until my friend told me about it. I watched ALL seasons in a week. I hate having to wait for season five. I DONT think the actor they have lined up to play Lucifer is a good cast because Lucifer is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL, thats why temptation looks so good and that guy is not beautiful. Lucifer prides himself on beauty and all other things. HIS NAME IS NOT SATAN look into it guys Satan was nto a name they gave the angel Samueal aka Lucifer. It stood for something else.. I have to say we just have to see how season five goes.. If it looks like they can go to six and still have it be awesome then they should but noone can know until the story plays out. As a writer you dont have control how it goes characters and events play themselves out. you can change things but the story comes as it comes. I love this show its quickly become a fav of mine and I love looking into the lore… LILITH was ADAM’s First wife for those of you that dont know.. Yes Adam and Eve but she was a bitch so Adam asked for a new one and got Eve and being a bitch Lilith left the garden and there are a bunch of lores in that but basically she IS the first demon.. I love how they use Religion mythology to add to the story line… GENIUS!

    So lets not be dicks and lets say see how it goes. if its enough then sadly its enough if it can go then lets ride the RIDE!!! Because lets face it we all love good vs evil shit it’s just cool.

    LEt me know what ya all think 😉

  35. castiel

     /  July 5, 2009

    there shouldnt be a season 6 i mean if krikpe is not going to be on there shouldnt be any at all

  36. if supernatural does end in season 5 their should really be a movie even 24 is getting their own movie and supernatural is better than 24

  37. Heather

     /  July 5, 2009

    I agree Charles but what type of movie would they have its hard to beat God vs devil thing I mean fights dont get much bigger.. make them have a family maybe? See i dont think a movie would work but your right they are better than 24 I love this show and that sam WOW I would sooo not kick him out of bed LOL dean either hahaha j/k

  38. i am only 15 and i love this show their should really be more ppl my age that watch this show

  39. Livi

     /  July 5, 2009

    I’m 15 too and I love the show! I agree with u Charles there should be a movie but it would be kinda hard to find a plot for it . I’d watch it though I love the winchester ( especially Dean)….. SAMs cute too he just needs to wear his bangs again he looks cuter with them.

  40. well livi if theirs 1 cute person in the show its the blond ruby and its rare to find a girl that liks the show

  41. well livi if theirs 1 cute person in the show its the blond ruby and its rare to find a girl that likes the show

  42. trisha

     /  July 6, 2009

    i love supernatural and cant wait for s-5, it does have to end sometime but not just yet and s-6 well i will be pinned to the tv for mths, love it, xx

  43. jessica

     /  July 6, 2009

    im 15 also and i do think the show should go to season 6 because the appocalypse could go on for 2 seasons because of lucifer being so powerful but the angels say that dean will kill him idk sams right hes not as strong as he was from when he came back from hell but i think its possible for season 6 to happen

  44. I think that Supernatural should only go any further if the story allows it to go that far, it wouldn’t be good for the show to get lost for being too big. Well, I believe there’s enough material to go further than season 5 but it will depend on how season 5 ends up to be!

  45. since the apocalypse started and its hell on earth doesnt that mean the dad and some other hunters are coming back

  46. Livi

     /  July 6, 2009

    I was thinking that the other day, the dad should come back but…. I thought the dad got out of hell because on the epipde all hell bracks loose the dad came out but when he dissapeard a light shown behind him. I may be wrong though correct me if I am wrong though. And chuck, I have four girl friends that watch the show. And yeah I guess ruby I ok. I didn’t like the new one though.

  47. i have a myspace and everything but no one i know likes this show so if anyone want to add me just ask<no 40 year old pervs xD

  48. Timmo6

     /  July 6, 2009

    Supernatural is the best ever!!!!!! they should keep going on forever!!!

  49. Livi

     /  July 7, 2009

    Ahhh!!!! I can’t wait for season! I have watched the show since the beginig and iv only missed it twice. Anyhoo…. DEAN IS SOOO HOT!!!!! WHO AGREES!!!?!?!!!!!!? Sam is too but I’m for dean 🙂

  50. Livi

     /  July 7, 2009

    Hey…. Deans bat man.

  51. was it dean or sam who was in a horror flick a while ago

  52. Livi

     /  July 7, 2009

    They both were Sam was in Friday the 13th and dean was in my bloody valintine. Havnt seen either if any one does let me know what u think. 🙂

  53. fri the 13 is cool but my bloody valentine is a dumn 3D porno

  54. MARC

     /  July 8, 2009

    Hey we want more perhaps even a movie. I think there should be more of the spin off programmes where they explore the urban legends.
    I have seen every episode since the beginning and i can not get enough. Hurry up September

  55. Livi

     /  July 8, 2009

    Even my bloody valentine wasn’t a good movie it’s not deans fault I still think he would make a great captin America.

  56. Anna

     /  July 8, 2009

    I absolutely love this show. Go Team Winchester! Love ya Dean-Machine =]

  57. Livi

     /  July 8, 2009

    One of my favorit parts was when dean walks Into the room and he sees Sam sitting on a chair and he says…. Are u drunk? And Sam says…. Yeah… So? Then he says… Ur bossy…. Ur short. I thought it was funny. LOL

  58. Livi

     /  July 8, 2009

    Anna…. U r so right! Dean is a Dean-machine!

  59. Danielle

     /  July 9, 2009

    I read most of the comments but then I got bored (whoops) but I would like to add firstly to charles somewhere ^ that I was rather under the impression the the fanbase of the show was a majority of women (80%+) between the ages of 20-40ish….I mean ive watched shows like this all my life but now in my 20’s I enjoy the philosophical and big questions they get to grip to like human nature etc etc just as much as the totty. Ive been a fan of Jensen for over a decade but I wouldnt have continued to watch the show if I thought it was crap! I am in totally agreement with Jared if they jump shark for real i’d stop watching I too was a fan of lost but I stop watching in season 2 because I was like ugggh but supernatural is going from strength to strength and season 4 was the best yet!

    I think the season 5 will surprise us all for where ever you thought it was going!! I.e. a big show down good vs evil with dean and sam on opposite sides I doubt it will! The idea of a sympathetic devil is awesome! I love it!!!!!!!!

  60. Livi

     /  July 9, 2009

    Supernatural is awesome and it is hard to find a girl fan who wathches the show and actually pays attention to it… Not just the hot guys. Even though 80% of girls watch it only 15% actually have a clue wats going on. Most responses to what do like mostly about supernatural would be answered with….. The hot guys…. Mine would be I love the way That they brought dean back so he can help angels and also save his bother. I’m also glad ruby is finaly dead and now hopefully Sam and Dean can start working things out in the next season. Another possibility that I would like would be that Sam turns evil and dean has to find a way to bring his brother back.

  61. Toni

     /  July 9, 2009

    Bring the Jo Harvelle back to season 5 or 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dean love Joooo uuu uuu uuu :D:D:D

  62. Nessa

     /  July 10, 2009

    im so excited!!
    i want to see season 5 and i hope it ends on season 5 because when they make good searies longer they screw them up..!!
    Dean girl 4ever..!!
    an i wont use the slash..!!

  63. Nessa

     /  July 10, 2009

    and no jo harvelle please.. such a little b*tch.!!

  64. vanessa

     /  July 10, 2009

    well atually i think im in that 15% of girls who now all about the show!!
    and yeah i have to admit ruby is such a good actress…i thought she was good… damn it!!
    i really do want some evil Sam like in “Born under a bad sign” but even worst!!
    and meg is back!!
    And the actor playing Lucifer is pretty bizarre…

  65. Angie

     /  July 10, 2009

    Well im waiting for season 5 and i ust cant get enough supernatural!!!
    i have watch every season like a hundred times!!
    and its so bad for me that here in my country [[mexico]] the season would be aired almost until november or october and i really cant wait!!

  66. 2 more months until sep 10 but it would suck if in the last episode it ends like the sopranos

  67. Livi

     /  July 10, 2009

    I don’t see how the show could end bad it’s way too good. I’m gonna miss this show;-( I hope it goes past the fith, no sixth, no seventh…. Oh I don’t want it to end. I love supernatural!!!!!!!!

  68. i use my psp a lot and wanted to say that in the psp store thing u can download every episode of supernatural which awsome xD

  69. Kaia

     /  July 11, 2009

    Cant wait for Season 5! Jensen and Jared very well done! keep doing what you do!!! GREAT JOb!

  70. vmark

     /  July 11, 2009

    fi Da seasons kick butt so far ….season six definetely …..but i wonder wwat happens 2 bella(abbie) …if dean saw her in hell or nnot….anywayz…rock on supernatural

  71. Livi

     /  July 11, 2009

    Woo! Go supernatural! And that’s a good question….. What did happen to bella….. Wonder if Sam like her still? And on the psp thing…. Are they free cause if they are I’ll be a tiny bit angry cause I sold mine….. Ooppsy. He he LOL !!!!! …… Love supernatural!!!!! Go Dean…. He’s a hotty…… Sam too luv u guys!!!

  72. their not free but their cheap only 2dollars

  73. Nicole

     /  July 12, 2009

    Personally, I love this show so much. If they can make a 6th season from it then I will be over joyed because I’ll get to keep looking at Dean, and possibly Castiel if they keep him for 6. But if it turns out that it is going to be a pointless season then I will be disappointed in Kripke. I’m pretty sure he could get at least two more seasons from the apocalypse and Lucifer being set free but if they wrap that up in 5 then 6 would be kinda boring. Look at Angel. They did the whole apocalypse thing and then that show just got boring and uninteresting. But as I said at the beginning and as a lot of people have been saying, I will be thrilled if they make a season 6.

    Best of luck Supernatural crew and we all love you!

  74. will

     /  July 13, 2009

    all i wanna say is i love supernatural soooooo much xx jensen and jared are defo my 2 favourite actors and i can’twait for seaso 5 x unfortunately i live in the uk so i will have to wait untill january bt oh well it will be worth the wait. Jared and Jensen well done your both amazing actors keep up the good work.

  75. killermachine

     /  July 13, 2009

    i want to see rufus on de show, and how he fight the winchester (or join them, haha),.. becoz , just cause…. haha

  76. asd

     /  July 13, 2009

    we’re all gonna laugh at this when there is season 15

  77. Livi

     /  July 14, 2009

    I hope supernatural doesn’t turn into smallville cause….. Is it just me or is smallville turning into a sopoperah….. The guys are cute ….. Not as much as dean but…. Ya know

  78. sgt,

     /  July 15, 2009

    does anyone think blonde ruby was way hotter than brunett ruby cuz i i do

  79. hell yeah sgt has a point

  80. livi

     /  July 15, 2009

    Well guys hate to break it to ya….. Rubys dead….. But the hotty LIVES!!!!!! ….. I’m talking about dean….. Yes very tall, funny , cute , handsome, charming, ….. There’s a whole list LOL but to sum it up dean is sooooooooooooooooo….. Hottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!…..!!!!!!!……:-)

  81. Ashley

     /  July 15, 2009

    Look here all of you neanderthals shut the heck up (this only applies to those against the show continuing)….stop dissing the show i mean come on if you are a true fan you would be stoked about a sixth season not putting it down… im happy they are planning on a sixth season i mean why not as the show went on it got more views and better and better and ive been a huge fan since the day this show aired in 2005 and ive seen all the episodes and ik they can find something amazing to make of the show still there are still so many things that may be answered and think about it a season really is not that long


    mmm sam and dean 😀

  82. Ashley

     /  July 15, 2009

    ps guys livis right rubys dead so who cares about the skank i hated her

  83. Livi

     /  July 16, 2009

    Woooo!!!! Go ashley!!!! U r so right about ruby. I mean if it weren’t for ruby Sam never would have gone dark side….. He’s still cute though…. No one blames ya sammy…… Uuhh! Hate ruby>:( anyway supernatural should go on to the sixth season… No wait they should go farther! Love ya dean soooooo much go hotty!!!!

  84. Livi

     /  July 16, 2009

    Did anyone else here that jared( Sam ) was offered a part in the upcoming G.I.JOE movie….. I think he would have been perfect for that kind of role!

  85. ruby might be dead she might come back as a red head =0

  86. Livi

     /  July 19, 2009

    I don’t think ruby should come back cause dean and Sam would probably want to kill her.

  87. yeah it could fill in some episodes until the final battle

  88. livi

     /  July 20, 2009

    i thought that once a demon was stabbed by the knife they died? cause dean did that to ruby. once again…………….. GO DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya

  89. Livi

     /  July 22, 2009

    Can’t wait till the new season! Supernatural should definetly go past the sixth season…. Can’t get enough of those hot winchesters!…. Luv ya ! 🙂

  90. hana

     /  July 23, 2009

    I just read all that stuff at the top of the page, it seems like Jared really likes the show and would sign up for more if they decide to, but Jensen just didn’t seems as in to it and wants it to end at 5 or 6. Any one eles get that feeling?

  91. charity

     /  July 23, 2009

    I read all the comments above some are questionable but hey if the season does end at 5 then we have to deal with it but if they have enough juice to go on we’ll cheer them on all the way. In my opinion with how well season 4 went they might even go past season 6. Being a major fan I hope they do.

    Go supernatural!!!

  92. Kristy

     /  July 23, 2009

    I agree, I would love to see Supernatural go beyond season 6 if they could continue to think of good story lines. I wouldn’t want it to turn into Smallville either, I used to watch it faithfully but then it turned into a soap opera. And I’m pretty sure that a demon is supposed to die when it’s stabbed with the knife so we’ll see if Ruby actually stays dead this time like she’s supposed to lol.

    And I’m in the 15% of girls who understands the show too, yes I LOVE Dean but I also enjoy the challenges that the lore presents, I almost always do my own research after the episodes are over, it’s nice to know there are other girls who can look at them without DROOLING, I think it’s disgusting the way girls look at them like they’re a piece of meat, it makes girls no better than guys who do that to us. So to the other 15% of you girls-ROCK ON!!

  93. francesca

     /  July 24, 2009

    i love supernatural i dont normally watch this type of show but i love jared and jensen even though i love sam and jared more than dean and jensen yeah i’m in the same sistuation as pippa still love it got up to season 3 on dvd ,got all the magzines that follow it and the three novels based on the show in which there are new advebtures for sam and dean
    ps i’m a sam girl forever.

  94. francesca

     /  July 24, 2009

    dont bring back ruby,meg or jo hate them

  95. Georgina

     /  July 29, 2009

    I absolutly love supernatural….. cant wait for season 6!! jyst dont bring back the bad guys who have already been killed… that just annoys me when they’re supposed to be dead and they come to life again. whoop whoop go supernatural !! =]

  96. nikki

     /  July 31, 2009

    while i have loved supernatural from the very first episode, and appreciate the hotties, as well as the Story lines, i really cant see it going beyond season 5. there are ways of course, but i feel it could actually ruin the show if Kripke was not involved. as an english fan, there is a bit of unsureity at the moment as to wether it is going to be broadcast, but have been told it is changing tv stations. shall be travelling the web looking for clips once you americans are being treated to the much awaited season 5! woohoooo bring it on Lucifer!!!!!!

  97. Foreverwolf

     /  August 2, 2009

    For myself, as deeply a devoted fan as I am of Supernatural, I would prefer if Kripke didn’t bow to viewer or network pressures. I’m sure he has a vision for how he wants the series to end, and I have faith that when the time comes, he’ll deal his last hand and walk away.

    I don’t care how many seasons it goes on, or doesn’t, as long as I see a clear ending to the story line. Both boys dead and mourned as unsung heroes would be great, however, I suspect that won’t happen. You know, a nice, gut wrenching tear jerking heart stopping final episode that leaves not a doubt in your mind that it was a brave fight, but one ultimately lost for the Winchesters.

    Okay, sure, it would allow for spin offs, but with Kripke, Jensen and Jared gone, let’s face it. How many people are actually gonna watch it?

    Mr. Kripke, do your thing, fulfill your vision, and then walk away, head high, and proud of a great send off.

  98. fags read this

     /  August 5, 2009

    I lve supernatural

  99. Livi

     /  August 5, 2009

    I don’t see how supernatural can go on without the winchesters….. Well dean cause isn’t he the only one who can stop the apocolyps? And besides…… He’s HOT!!!

  100. Jade

     /  August 6, 2009

    I am slightly pissed that they have killed of Castiel, he was one of my favorite characters.

  101. Livi

     /  August 6, 2009

    Cas died!!!! I thought he was gonna be in the next season??? Well if he died then that’s horrible! At first I didn’t like him I thought he was too random but now I like his charicter! Second to Dean! Love u guys!!! Sam too:)

  102. Toby

     /  August 6, 2009

    Cas might get “killed” in the opener, but since Misha Collins is signed on for the season, you can guarantee that he’ll be brought back rather quickly. So don’t weep those tears for Cas just yet.

    Looking forward to the season, and hopefully they continue with a solid story arc. If they do bring the show back for another season or two, I hope it’s not at the sake of quanity over quality.

  103. death note is sort of like supernatural only better

  104. joshan em

     /  August 8, 2009

    huh,inlove wit supernatural..seson 97 anyone?

  105. stephaniew

     /  August 10, 2009

    season 6? helllllllllllllllllllll nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! take it all the way to season 10 if ya can!!! i totally got my bf who didnt think hed like it in to it. hes as addicted as i am. amazing show. great stories, and actually alot of humour. love it love it love it. we love sam and dean. hell with my bfs attitude he could BE dean lol. keep it going kripke. we’ll keep you up. go for the guiness record of longest running tv program. we wont let you down!!!!

  106. david morrissey

     /  August 12, 2009

    Supernatural is the greatest show on Earth and they should keep making it forever!

  107. supernatural is great but i hate the fillers but the redheaded angel was hot

  108. Ashby2508

     /  August 15, 2009

    It’s bound to end at some point. And will definitely go out with a bang.
    How people say supernatural has Filler Episodes I don’t understand. The full Storyline didn’t kick in till the end of season 2. I’ll admit a lot of the Episodes haven’t been running parallel to the storyline. Which may contradict my “No Filler Episode” Statement but if you think about it, it really doesn’t.
    It’s about the brothers fighting off evil. Then their family background comes into it and you have the main storyline there. But as for filler episodes.
    I personally don’t think it has any.
    I thought season 5 was the last one? I’m not complaining if there’s 6 though. =]

  109. Let me just say this to dn real quick….FUCK YOU AND THAT JAPANESE SHOW DEATH NOTE!!! Because Supernatural comes 2nd to NONE! I bet they don’t have a bad ass car like Dean’s 1967 Chevy Impala or cool rockin cast do they??!! And to be clear- that was a fucking rhetorical question.

    Alright now that that’s said- I am a HUGE fan of the show. I’ve recorded every season 4 episode and have every other season on DVD. Now im gonna be honest, I have never really been a sci-fi geek of shows or movies like those dam Star Trek and Star Wars nerds, but im a Supernatural geek lol. I know everything about the show and I even wear the same pendant as Dean (Jenson Ackles) and it would be the only reason I would ever go to a Comic-Con. And lets face it Dean has great taste in music, style, and girls. Which reminds me the blonde-Ruby (Katie Cassidy) totally hotter dudes!! Lol That girl is smokin mmm! But the bitch is dead to clarify. The show will always be awesome as long as Sam (Jared Padalecki) or Dean (Jenson Ackles) never leave. You guys are awesome and I have complete faith that y’all will exceed well past season 6. GREATEST SHOW EVER!!

  110. to kaz u do have a point the bloned ruby was effin hot

  111. Ashby2508

     /  August 16, 2009

    How can you even compare Death Note to Supernatural. There both amazing shows in their own right. There completely different types of TV shows. The only show I can think of that is slightly like Supernatural is True Blood. And because true blood is fresh and new (I live in UK) I prefer that. But overall Supernatural is better.
    @KAZ 2Y5. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You think supernatural is second to none.
    I disagree. My OPINION is Lost is second to none. =] But only marginally over Supernatural. There are a lot of good TV shows out recently. Lost, Supernatural, Fringe, Heroes, True Blood, Warehouse 13. Many to choose from! =]

  112. biggun

     /  August 20, 2009

    if theres gunna be a season 6 it should get back to basics. the best eps in the series were tha ones where they were just straight out hunting. unfortunatley it seems to happen with alot of good series eg. x files they get to caught up with character developement an ongoing story line than fun. to me the best series of super was the one that got me hooked, the first one, the one where they hunted an had a loose story line running through it. that was fun. when you get to character driven you turn it into a soapie, an i hate sopies, thats for mid afternoon watching….an i love the winchester boys more than i’ve liked any series for a long time, lets not draw the characters out into a farce, thats all i’m sayin.

  113. Nai

     /  August 22, 2009

    Ok firstly, to all you stupid girls that are like “deans so hot” or “sams so cute” you cannot claim to be supernatural fans unless you know the storyline and the lore as well although i agree that dean is very very hot . I love supernatural it is as someone said second to none other so fuck you dumb ass people who try to compare it to some ridiculous japanese crap. Secondly Kaz and the other people that said blonde ruby was hot you are right even as a straight girl i can agree by the way Kaz you are seem totally awesome and definatly a hardcore supernatural fan. I believe they should continue the story as long as possible when it ends it will be sad but until then i will enjoy every episode and the journey it takes us on.

  114. Day

     /  August 22, 2009

    I got a name for a new show— “Everybody Hates Ruby”… I also hate ruby from the very start. I do agree with you.. I think they shouldn’t end it at 5.. the show is doing great!

    Dean and Sam! You ROCK (my world)!

  115. Scarlett

     /  August 23, 2009

    I think that, as long as Kripke is on board and there is a good story-line, there should definately be a sixth season. This show has been true so far and I am sure two more seasons would not disappoint. Kripke knows best. Also, Jensen and Jared make this show complete. No one else would be able to convincingly play their part.

  116. Jade

     /  August 27, 2009

    OMG i luv supernatural its mii all time fav program in new zealand we only halfway through season 3 it sucks really bad can’t wait till seasons 4 and 5 come out please please make 6 and maybey a 7th and 8th its my life

  117. Alex

     /  August 28, 2009

    I think its great that there gonna make a 6th season i mean , its the apocalypse , im sure that could last two seasons at the least

  118. I am SO excited!

  119. house

     /  September 1, 2009

    look supernatural season 5 has to be good in order for them to continue like they said in th interview if i read the season 6 script and it seems to be way too far fetched then why even bother i think 6 seasons could be pulled off i mean look at the facts of the last 4 seasons yellow eyes in seasons 1 and 2and alot of good subplots and seaching for dad seasons 3 and 4 lilith was the main villin also even better subplots creative episodes even with a shortend season 3 was ruby really a deamon that could be good so if lucifer is the main villin for 2 seasons i think good subplots with the angels demons and and sam and dean creating more impressive ways to destroy enemies season 6 could be possible i just hope they dont run out of ammo all great rated shows end in 6 seasons aka sex and the city lets hope supernatural can do the same with a HUGH movie finale

  120. ems

     /  September 3, 2009

    omg!!!!! i love castiel soo much y the hell do they kill him off!!!!!!!! hes so sweet just wanna giv him a big hug 🙂

    and well i woodnt complain if they did 10 seasons of hotness tbh, i dont no wot im gona do on sunday nights wen it finishes 😦 😦 😦

    sam and dean phorrr yes plssssssssssssssss 😀

  121. livvy

     /  September 3, 2009

    i think there should be a season six to see wat goes on with this lucifer and to see wat happens to sam considerin the powers to be honest i reckon he will turn and dean in an angel and the last one will be against the two brothers….

  122. loving dean

     /  September 3, 2009

    i love watching dean hes hot!!!! i would not carry this season out once they kill lucifer what else is there just continuing fighting thats it eventually you would get bored with it and not watch it then guess what it ends like buffy that show sucked but dean you are hot as hell sam you need to listen more lol love the show all of them hurry and let season 5 come out

  123. gonzalo-

     /  September 7, 2009

    you cant seariesly want the show to go on i mean look what hapend to smalvile

  124. Yeah Im talking to you!

     /  September 8, 2009

    For ya bitches in the first couple of comments. I am on Joes side. I dont think there should be a season 6 for the fact that what else is there to do? The baddest Mo Fo is Lucifer. And who else are they gonna make the villain. It just doesnt make sense. And it wouldnt seem right. I mean are they gonna go back to hunting wendigos. I say stop it at season 5 and give it a kick ass ending. Before they get writors block and fuck everything up. Ya just want it to keep going cause ya bitches dont got lives. Ya just in it for the dudes. Face it! Youre not going to marry them. And if u wanna watch them watch fuckin re runds. So fuck off. You aint makin sense yourself about continuing. Its assholes like you that ruin a show.

  125. Andrew

     /  September 8, 2009

    Buffy did not limp out. Supernatural can only hope to wrap everything up in the brilliant way Jos Whedon did on Buffy.

  126. livi

     /  September 8, 2009

    okay this is to all u people who keep posting bad stuff about my show!!!>:( STOP IT!!!!! This is not for u guys to put the show down im tired of reading all of u guys insulting posts. this is for POSITIVE, GOOD reasons for the show to CONTINUE not stop so if u want to post bad stuff then do it on a website thats against the show dont come and put down a show that so many people are trying to promote!!! Supernatural is awesome and i can think of many things that they can do with the show. They have the BEST cast and crew they will figure away for the show to continue so i vote for the show to go until the cast and crew decides that it is time for it to end and i know that when it comes to a sad end, all great things do, the fans will love the series finally and will remember it for the great show that it is

  127. Amanda

     /  September 8, 2009

    YOU GO LIVI! This is my fovorite show and you are all horriable people for talking crap about it. BRING ON SEASON 6, 7, 8, WHATEVER I CAN GET. Hot guys+ mythological creatures=

  128. Amanda

     /  September 8, 2009


  129. Jessica

     /  September 9, 2009

    OMG!!!!!! Don’t be so boring with such fit guys to watch and an exciting show each time and i don’t want it to end LOL! I think season six sounds wicked and what the hell maybe they will do more so ha! This is the BEST SHOW EVER! So you can shut up and if you don’t want another season don’t watch dddeeerrr!!!!!

  130. Kit

     /  September 10, 2009

    Loved the show from the start but wish they’d stop pandering to the fan girls. Once was funny but enough!

    The scripts were very plot driven but now there’s a little bit of a need to keep the lcd viewers engaged which detracts from otherwise tight plotting, clever writing and some solid performances.

    Both Ackles and Padalecki have grown and matured in their roles; the ensemble cast is strong and production values have improved massively – remember the days when the scenery moved and the Impala didn’t?

    I’d like to see if series 5 delivers the punch that earlier series did, whether or not the main storyline is resolved. if it can’t do that it shouldn’t be renewed.

    I’m sure that the cast and crew all have other projects that they’d like to get involved in before everyone gets completely typecast. J & J may be glad to break out of the CW/WB stable next year when their contracts are up, at least in terms of career progression – you can’t be a teenage wet dream for ever. I mean would you be able to suffer those Cons with as much grace as they seem to muster?

    In the meantime I’m sufficiently intrigued by Series 5 to have Sky installed so that i don’t have to wait another year to see it in the UK

  131. candie

     /  September 10, 2009

    I love supernatural and I say bring on season 6 & more I believe in the show I love the actors Jared & Jensen from when I saw season 1 on spetember 13th 2005. I will keep watching supernatural as long as yall keep airing it on thursdays I’m glued to the tv until the show is over. I feel supernatural is far from over.

  132. candie

     /  September 10, 2009

    I’m glad season 5 is finally here & I hope to see the brothers get back together how they were I don’t like them fighting apart or against eachother. But I believe there could be more than a season five because even after lucifer is sent back to hell there are still gonna be demons on the earth & plus even though this is a story about family & horror ect… it also centers around sam winchester so I also believe that as long as sam still has struggle to stay good to fight for what’s good there is gonna always be a story point blank & I agree with one of the fans I would like to see something happens to lucifer vessal & sam ends up becoming lucifer vessal & deam teams up with bobby to save sam I mean come on there was talk in season four about sam and what the yellow eyes demon had planned for him but it never went anywhere & there is one other thing I would like to see pertaining to sam but its much more sadder but it will have a happy ending sam with struggle demon blood and staying on the side of good & trying to deal with the guily and the loss of his brother trust takes a toll on him & trys to end his because his father words huants him save sammy or kill him but dean arrives just in time to save him. But I also think it should pass five because its my favorite show I will contiue to watch it but I don’t wanna see dean being no one vessal not even an angel because he is too much of his own man to allow it. But I would like to see ruby the demon come back even if its a different charater.

  133. candie

     /  September 11, 2009

    Of course last night show was a blast but I thought Dean was too hard on Sam. Like this is how I see it Sam was right Dean left him Dean chose to make that deal for Sam. If Dean hadn’t went to hell I’m pretty sure Ruby wouldn’t have been able to get so close to Sam and as far as Sam goes with the demon addiction I hope it won’t be a problem for long but at the same time this is just my opion I don’t see it as that far fech because Sam does have demon blood in him so its only natural he would need a bit of that in him to survive… but I love the show each season is better than last and I’m pretty sure season five won’t be an exception either… all I can say is love show and how its ruts around the brother cause im pretty sure it can’t be easy to not only make a new movie each week but to also keep it center around the boys if not one of them. And once again I say this as long as Sam has that struggle to maintain good and Dean has that will to save Sammy than yall could contiue on writing the showing. But I didn’t like the ended of the what does that mean when Dean said I tried what he is giving up on his brother if anything this is the time when Sam needs his brother more than ever.

  134. Yes, I agree on the only bringing back Jeffery as John.
    Anybody else would not flow right.

  135. candie

     /  September 11, 2009

    Does anyone have any idea of what epsiode in this season the brothers will get their bond back…

  136. Seraphimia

     /  September 13, 2009

    Best to end on a high and what better way then to finish the ‘book’ so to speak. I think if they came back with a new story after this one found a conclusion it would always be in the shadow of the previous story. Tough act to follow.

  137. candie

     /  September 17, 2009

    Watching tonight show its a blast glad to see ellen and jo are back but poor poor bobby he can’t walk and that was a nice twist with dean pendant that sam gave him when they were younger. And I’m say this again I believe in supernatural I believe if the show really wanted to it can make a come back after this season season doesn’t have to be a goodbye

  138. candie

     /  September 18, 2009

    I thought this season the writers are gonna be bringing the brothers back together… why at the end of the show they have them parting for???

  139. Sarah

     /  September 18, 2009

    I so hope there’s a 6th season… I’m sorry but it’s supernatural… I don’t think it could suck even if they tried. I’m all for a new storyline… But it’s got to have the boys!!

  140. Hey I love Supernatural

  141. Shelby

     /  September 23, 2009

    Supernatural should totally go out with a bang. i will really miss it but what evs i’d rather be talking about how amazing it was from start to finish. not how lame it got at the end.

  142. candie

     /  September 24, 2009

    Jus finishin watchin 2nite’s show wow wicked is all I can say sweet sam luciefer vessal wow & dean is micheal vessal so what’s that mean dean & sam gotta fight to the death I hope not so I guess the question is will sam accept??? Or will dean be able to save him or will dean kill him??? I hope not but what was up with dean he is happier without sam by his side… I hope sam & dean find there way back to eachother but if that doesn’t happen & sam accepts I hope you bring ruby back cause sam gonna need a compaion. And hey I hope that girl sam met in this espoide is a keeper.

  143. Shelby

     /  September 24, 2009

    Omg! Changed my mind supernatural should never ever end. jeez sam is kind of screwed up!!

  144. Paul

     /  September 24, 2009

    To be a fan of the show I think you need to be honest with yourself about what would make sense thematically. Like most action/horror/thriller stories, this series boils down to a clear battle between good and evil. What in human mythology is the example of the ultimate manifestation of ultimate good and evil? God and the Devil,both of which have entered into season 5.
    The entire series has built up to this final conflict. As Kripke has stated, this conflict will be resolved in season 5. No more cliffhangers, no more continuing to drag out this mythology. So let’s be honest with ourselves, is there anyone where to go but down after this conflict is resolved? Absolutely not. Why? because it is the ultimate conflict brought to it’s pinnacle. Sure they can pick different cultures or religions, different myths etc. to play with, but at best, it will be re-hashing too many similar themes.
    Don’t let blind love of a show not let you see the light for when it needs to end. If the show gets enough ratings it will continue, but believe me it’s going to go downhill if it does. Come one”Jump the Shark.” The writers and creators never intended for the show to continue. Isn’t there something nice about a complete well told story anyways? Let’s hope that Kripke doesn’t blindly follow a paycheck and strives for some artistic integrity. The show should shift back to the more episodic nature it displayed it’s first two’ish seasons either. It would just be awkward. A new mythology must unfold and it can’t get much bigger or better than God.

  145. Luciano

     /  September 25, 2009

    Well, the thing is, they have to defeat Lucifer as to survive for a next season, but thinking about it, Lucifer going down, there is no hell anymore, so nothing else to hunt, it will be as Raphael said, Paradise. I don’t think the show should go to another religion like bringing the Greek Gods, no way, that would be bad. I am not con season 6, I want it to happen but being plausible,…

  146. candie

     /  October 5, 2009

    I saw thursday show glad to see that dean & sam are back again working together but I got wonder why he change his mind does he think he can stop sam from saying yes to the devil did dean think because of there long time apart him & sam that is why sam said yes so past dean decide to try and save the futuer or did he final realize how much sam needs him in his life. But anyways my point being is supernatural if they really wanted to make a come back they can because my feel is this they are tryning to put too much in this season trying to fix the brothers relationship trying to stop the devil trying to bring God into this season my thing the brother’s relationship is what makes the show and without that uh there nothing. And you forget sam & dean only came face too face with 1 horse man there is still 3 more they have to come face to face to & than there is God how will he take to the brothers with dean refusing micheal and sam being the devil vessal & all.

  147. Josephine Meucci

     /  October 7, 2009


  148. Shelby

     /  October 8, 2009

    Hey any of u guys now the significans of Jared and “The House Of Wax” (oh and Paris too)… They Were Both In The Movie! Kinda Ironic, eh?

  149. Melo

     /  October 20, 2009

    I mean as fan we should have a say so because Supernatural is know my favorite show and 2 c it come well reather know its coming to and ends is lame this show is worth watching and seeing as there arent any re runs it keeps u on your toes to make sure that Thursday is a day u won’t forget I say keep it going 20 more season because it’s probabley the best shoe o the CW

  150. i sincerly hope this isn’t the last season. i adore supernatural.

    and im completly in love with dean. i am very happy the boys are

    working their way back to being brothers. i was so happy when

    dean killed ruby. i hated her. i like jo. i want dean to get with jo.

    they make the perfect couple. want i don’t want to happen is for

    sam to be the devil and dean to be michael. it would be horrible.

    i don’t want them to kill each other. also i want john to come

    back. but only by jeffery dean morgan. but, sadly if the show is going to end, i want the boys to save the world. and as a reward i want god to give them what they always wanted. a normal life. with john and mary.

  151. bert

     /  November 1, 2009

    bring on season 6 with sam and dean


     /  November 15, 2009

    Hey you guys,dean and sam,I love your show. I would like to see another season and still go out with a bang. I want the end to work out on Jensen and Jared’s side and for them to be truly happy. This is my favorite show and I would never want to see it end,but every good thing has to come to ans end. I am truly your #1 FAN!!!

  153. Cynthia Kornahsuer

     /  November 15, 2009

    Hey! I am truly a big fan of you guys, Jensen and Jeared, and of Supernatural. I do want this show to go out with a bang, but I don’t want it to end this season. Sometime in the show I would like to see you two saving the world and getting what ya’ll deserve for risking your lives for everyone’s elses. I hope you guys like doing the show as much as I love watching it. I would like to see the show to go on for a couple of more years, but, in the process, I want you to enjoy doing it. So, I hope you guys want to keep doing the show even though your contracts runs out. I love ya’ll, Jensen and Jearead! Hope to get to see you in person one day. You should come visit Georgia.

  154. Lie Thing Thing

     /  November 18, 2009

    I love Supernatural cause for me it shows close relationship in family, it reminds us to aware the war between evil & good, the technology can carry us away to ignore others, to become individuallistic. So, I hope the writer & creator must TAKE CARE THE STORIES, MAKE THE GOOD STORIES, DON’T BE ABSURD, ESPECIALLY STORY ABOUT GOD. I live in Indonesia, I saw season 1 until 3. Send regards to all crews and all casts of Supernatural. Thank you

  155. Alice

     /  November 23, 2009

    I absolutely enjoy the action and attitudes towards the two brothers, sam and Dean. The actors are perfect and so are the story-lines. Fantastic!
    If it were to carry onto the next season, well i would say start fresh again. I mean, like they did for season 1 and 2, maybe some for three, the two brothers hunt random creatures around random areas while also coping closely to hunt normally together and without having the restraint to defeat so powerful, they go through all this drama just to defeat it. Bring some laughter back between the two brothers again, and if you want to add a twist, go ahead but just be careful not to twist it too much. 🙂
    It would be funny to see Dean and sam prank each other again, like brothers should really do.

  156. livi

     /  November 25, 2009

    I agree Alice the boys should go back to the good old days, pranks and all! 🙂 thats what i loved most about the winchesters ❤
    I am loving the 5th season!! there is so much humor. Cant wait till season 10 LOL love u guys!!! 🙂 ❤
    i really like the way that the winchesters life fit with lucifer and Michael's history, one brother a perfect solder to his father and the other, not wanting to obey. this falls perfectly with the past seasons. i have to admit though, even though i love Dean, i am gonna miss Joe. 😦 she was the best girl in Supernatural! i loved her attitude and everything and she was perfect for Dean. 😦
    Anyway i think that supernatural is doing very well and based on what iv seen i can say that they can continue to stay strong for at least another 2 seasons but hopefully we will get more cause i LOVE this show so much. 🙂

  157. Cool Kid

     /  November 27, 2009

    Wow u guys are a bunch of creepy stakers arn’t u!? like omg i bet u all could call what sam or dean said before they even said it. and i bet that all of you have seen every episode even though you just started watching it two years ago. and you probably picture yourselfs in the shows when you watch them as sam and deans sidekicks. and u’ve watched that one episode so many times that you could not only reciet all the lines from memory but also act out the whole show and you’d still watch it a million times more. am i right are you guys really that lame? i personally think that behind the scenes sam and dean are “BUM BUDDIES”

  158. livi

     /  November 28, 2009

    You are so right mister “Cool Kid” i have seen every single episode some more than once and yes i can recite some of the episodes and yes sometimes i can guess wat sam dean R gonna say before they say their line but thats wat a true fan is!!! And thats wat a GREAT AMAZING show deserves, GREAT AMAZING fans!!!! And u know wat sometimes i do wish i was a character in the show. who wouldn’t want to?!?! And u may read this and be like wow this girl is upsets or im a loser or i have no life wat ever u may think of me but im telling u i DONT CARE wat u think about me just keep ur criticism about the show to yourself!! 😡 and about the whole calling Dean and Sam “BUM BUDDIES” wats that about? do really have that little to do that u feel the need to think of random rude names to call people u obviously dont know….. really? thats pretty sad!
    so in summery,
    Supernatural is a great show and if u dont think so then thats ur opinion so stay off of a site that was made for helpful comments to the show not ur criticism! and Dean and Sam are now Losers!!! They happen to be two of the most best, funny actors iv seen and there both hott!!!
    oh by the way im watching supernatural right now!!! woo!! go supernatural!! give us more seasons!!!

  159. Cool Kid

     /  November 30, 2009

    Wow Livi u are a little srewed up aren’t you? For One my dad is MISTER cool kid i’m just Cool Kid, for two i think sam and dean are hot, and for three the whole time i read you’re comment i was killing my self laughing. oh and the thing about wanted to be in the show, um i wouldn’t want to cause what if i was going to get one of them to start shooting a scene and i walked in on them… i would be scared for life!!!! have you watched the show!? for example the one when the trickster sent them through all those different tv shows, they were riding a double bike at the beginning of the show, and only gay “BUM BUDDIES” would ride a double bike!!! What do you have to say about that!!??

    P.S I’M A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Cool Kid

     /  November 30, 2009


  161. Awsome Kid

     /  November 30, 2009

    Hey peep-skillets! i totally agree with Cool Kid!!! and livi i was just wondering if you have a secret labratory that you stalk dean in!!!!???? Do you also stalk this website also??!!

  162. Cool Kid

     /  November 30, 2009

    Hollah Awesome Kid!! (high five)

  163. Awsome Kid

     /  November 30, 2009

    Hallah Cool Kid!!! (high five also)

  164. livi

     /  November 30, 2009

    like i said i dont care wat u think. anyways just cause u watch a show and think the actors are cute doesn’t mean u actually believe its real. and since u pointed out ur dads a minister my friends dad is a pastor, i go to a Christian school and attend church and volunteer at are youth group. i love church and i dont see how me watching the show affects my faith its not like im gonna go satanic or something. i watch it just cause the guys are cute and its funny. oh and have YOU watched the show cause the whole thing was that they had to play the roles that the trickster gave them ( for those who have not seen the show the trickster has a scene of humor) and about the thing where u walk in on them…. well ill just leave u alone on that idc wat u think thats ur opinion. And im not obsessed with Dean… well maybe a tad.. And yeah ” Awesome Kid”why would i have a lab to stalk Dean? thats creepy.

  165. livi

     /  November 30, 2009

    lol oky doky little miss read thingy i did i thought u put minister lol but it was mister but other than that i still mean wat i put. so sorta ignore the first 4 sentances 🙂
    But any ways im pretty sure Sam and Dean aren’t gay they are just doing wat they are told to do for the show

  166. anny

     /  November 30, 2009

    Woo!!! i agree Livi! there is no way for sam and dean to be gay, they are just playing the roles that the directors want them too. I love this show and i love Dean too! ❤ Go Supernatural!

  167. Awsome Kid

     /  November 30, 2009

    Well you never know livi you could very well have your own little stalkers room that whoever you wanted to stalk, you just go in there and have your little high tech stalking equiptment that is secretly hidden inside your bedroom. But trust me on this one sam and dean are gay!!!! there is a way anny that they could be gay just like any other people who are gay! (not trying to offend any gay people on here!!!) but just thought i would put that out there!!!

  168. anny

     /  December 1, 2009

    watever guy u believe wat yall want to i know their not and besides Jareds had girlfriends before and he dated one of the crossroad demons but watever i dont really care.
    I love supernatural!!!!!! u guys are the best!!! 🙂 give us more seasons!!! 🙂

  169. Cool Kid

     /  December 1, 2009

    Hey anny guess what i have a gay teacher and he had girlfriends just so no one caught on that he was gay so… “OH SNAP”!!!!! Oh and livi don’t get mad at awsome kid, he… she… it… yeah it, was just saying what we all were thinking!!! Ain’t that right awsome kid!!??? oh and livi even though the trickster was, who if YOU watched it would realise he’s actually the angel GABRIEL, telling them to do they seceritly enjoyed it!!!

  170. Cool Kid

     /  December 1, 2009

    P.S Um if they bring on more seasons yhen what will the seasons be of because when Dean saw the future it looked pretty much destroyed and everyone was dead and you’ll probably say “NO DEAN WILL GHANGE THAT” but guess what when dean went back in time and saw what happened to sam when he was a baby he tried to change it but what happened…?

  171. Awsome Kid

     /  December 2, 2009

    well guess what anybody could be gay because thats just how this world works… you could gay for all i know! and for one i was trying to tell you how 2 people could be gay, and im not believing it, i know its true because thets just say i walked in on them once!!!! HORRLIBLE SIGHT!!!! for two i am not a guy and for three it doesnt matter if you date a gay guy or not!

  172. anny

     /  December 2, 2009

    lol how could u have walked in on them?? do u know them or something?? or do u know where they hang out and live together, cause if you do unless u work with them u sound more like a stalker than Liv does?

  173. livi

     /  December 2, 2009

    lol yeah thats a good ? Anny
    and can we quit disscussing wether or not they are gay its getting kinda dumb guys :/ and there very much could be other seasons cause they could always make away for them to change the future…. u never know…. 🙂
    and plus, if fans like it so much y would they stop!?!?

  174. Cool Kid

     /  December 3, 2009

    Ya i agree with livi here the whole bum buddies thing is getting old, Awsome Kid. And calling them gay, not cool, really they could send the supernatural living goverment after us. but seriously we’re making fun of supernatural not them, kay Awsome kid move on. Oh and livi, anny i’ll bet u both a hundred bucks there’s not gonna be another episode.

  175. livi

     /  December 3, 2009

    wait are we betting on a new season or new episodes?? lol cause i want in lol

  176. Cool Kid

     /  December 7, 2009

    Ya we r betting on i knew season of supernatural. and i bet that their won’t be a new season.

  177. indaknowman

     /  December 11, 2009

    Cool kid…..ur gna lose ur money, both kripe and paldecki were in uk oct 09 and both stated that season 6 is a deffo starter……Sadly though that will be their lot.

  178. indaknowman

     /  December 11, 2009

    The Geek Files recently published a report from the UK ‘Asylum 3′ Convention, at which both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki appeared to sign autographs and participate in organized talks to discuss “Supernatural” and take questions from the audience – while there, the duo expressed their thoughts about the possibility of a sixth season to The Geek Files – and when asked, Jensen Ackles commented that “We find out around January time if the show is going to be picked up again for another season.”

    And would he want to return for a sixth season? “I have to. I have a six-year contract.”

    Okay, so it may seem that Jensen isn’t very excited about the prospect of a sixth season – but he (and Jared too) has already commented this year about the strain of working so much and so long on the show, which is understandable considering he and Jared are on screen in almost every scene of every episode.

    When Jared was asked about his plans for after the fifth season wraps, he answered “Supernatural Six. My best guess is that Supernatural will go beyond season five.”

  179. Clayton

     /  December 11, 2009

    We can’t assume that it will become old and drawn out. The show has been doing pretty well with staying fresh. I think I would love to see a new story line

  180. Cool Kid

     /  December 13, 2009

    I think if they do go to a sixth season their their just gonna drag along with the apocalyps. the apocalyps will never happen and it will either get old lose all its fans and have to be cancelled in the middle of the sixth season or it’ll turn into a complete soap opera that only losers like and since theirs alot of those lately will have enough fans to go to the end of six. but it’s starting to get really lame if you ask me.

  181. sykesy =)

     /  December 18, 2009

    season 5 sounds really good and i think season 6 will b just as good as all the others but only if they have a different story line other than the apocalypse because then it will drag on and will lose fans(wouldnt lose me though). i think a really funny episode would be if godzilla came into it or big foot because through all the series sam and dean have always said that they weren’t real….and btw people really need 2 learn how 2 spell croatoan. lol. COOL KID (lol) ur so negative it wouldnt lose fans because it has so much action thrill (nd what most shows lack) humour all in one…so shove that up ur pie whole nd lick it!!!! =)

  182. Cool Kid

     /  December 19, 2009

    ya well at least it only takes me one try to spell hole. and i’m not negative i’m just right. this show is started to get really lame!!!

  183. livi

     /  December 20, 2009

    i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 and i should never stop!!!!!!!!!!! sykesy =), i agree with u!!! yeah cool kid y so serious lol
    and negative lo. this is one of the bestest shows eva!!!! no wait it is the best!!! ha ha ha!!! 🙂

  184. livi

     /  December 20, 2009

    lol and the show is not getting lame but i know wat is!!!!!! 😛

  185. Cool Kid

     /  December 20, 2009

    Hay haven’t heard from livi in a while thought i scared you off.and Let me guess livi you want me to ask what and when i do your going to say something about me arn’t you. And i ain’t that negative see i’m just tired of those Jensen and Jared making fun of Canada EH!!!!!

  186. Cool Kid

     /  December 20, 2009

    and skye… blah blah what ever. anyways what kind of a name is that and why is it blue. are you “SPECIAL”?

  187. damn right i am…..nd it aint skye its sykesy its my last name/nickname….and whats up with the name “cool kid” ur clearly not all that cool!! nd i agree with livi u are lame and ur starting 2 bore me already so im gna stop tlking 2 u!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Lee123

     /  December 21, 2009

    I love Supernatural and think it is one of the best well written Sci-Fi fantasy show since Buffy. That being said PLEASE do not drag this show out with some limp d**k spinoff like they did with Buffy. This is a HUGE problem with Networks and successful Sci-Fi shows that they want to drain every last bit of creative juice from a program until it quits being interesting “ie. Smallville which has quickly become standard Saturday morning fare”. This show is popular because it does play against the rules “like that takeoff of popular television shows they did a couple of weeks ago, that was ingenious”. This show deserves a proper end. If the network wants to start a new program how about a new story about the youth of Bruce Wayne aka Batman it could be called “Gotham”. Thanks.

  189. Awsome Kid

     /  December 21, 2009

    Oooh cool kid you just got owned!!!

    *High Five Syskey!! *

  190. livi

     /  December 21, 2009

    ha ha lol yeah!!! u tell em Syskey!!!! ha ha
    and how do u get ur letters to tern blue like that thats cool!
    And yeah “Cool Kid”…… sykesy is right!!! ur so NOT cool, kid . >:P

  191. Cool Kid

     /  December 26, 2009

    Ouch!!! Why Must We Always Pick On The Little Guy!!?? And why does everyone say their not gonna talk to me anymore but still keep talking to me!!?? and Awesome Kid you spelled “SYKESY” wrong!! And fine since I’m not cool just because I’m not a Supernatural Stalking freak then i will change my name to
    Un-Cool Kid! So after this message that will still be the awesome, Supernatural-loving-Goverment fearing, (Awesome Kid’s afraid of them too) Cool Kid we all know and love, I’ll just have a name everyone will like!!!>:P, 2 U 2 Livi!!!

  192. Erin

     /  January 5, 2010

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a sixth season!!! Supernatural is so awesome, i really dont want it to end!!! There needs to be a sixth season! xoox

  193. Awesome Kid

     /  January 7, 2010

    hahahaha omg cool kid (i mean un-cool kid) ur so funny! NOT!!! i dont really care if i spelled sykesy wrong because me and him are buds!! plus just sykesy is the only one who said they would stop talking to you so Ha in your face!!!

  194. Kazababes74

     /  January 8, 2010

    I LOVED watching Supernatural and yes we are waiting on the big finale, but what can I say there is loads of room for more SUPERNATURAL. A lot of people will slate the show talking about Buffy & X Files doing another storyline – were they successful – YES and if the fans are for it then why not – they are also still settling dvds after years of being finished!!!!! Supernatural took Sci-Fi to a different level. Great storlines. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE do a Season 6. LOVE IT LOADS FROM SUNNY SCOTLAND. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  195. kelli

     /  January 18, 2010

    Id rather see it go out in all its glory then crash and burn like X files did. it was drawn out after its sixth season lets not do it with Supernatural pleeaasse the show is awesome as it sets. to do something different would mean loomed disaster.

  196. corinne

     /  January 18, 2010

    I love supernatural and I can’t wait for this weeks new epsiode. I’m sitting watching re-runs. Season five is great, and I’m was just reading all yall comments and things. Yea its true we are fans and the two actors have a 6 year contract ut seriously would you want supernatural to be drag out or end with a bang I would rather remember how it ended with a bang not just so lame.

  197. Ashley

     /  January 24, 2010

    I love Supernatural! I want it to continue to other seasons. Charmed lasted beyond 5 seasons & still ended well. But If this is the end I have seen possible ways of good spin-offs…Like a look into their lives as children with their dad or them as teens. Because of the glimpse into their past that were given. I say don’t end the show, just have possible new directions!!!!

  198. Alice

     /  January 25, 2010

    If they can pull out another epic story line I think a 6th season would be great, the only thing I don’t think would be good is if they went back to S1 style and had sort of stand alone episode storylines as I think that would get tired quickly. But otherwise rolls on the 6th season LOL. And keep Cas, I love him!

  199. Un-Cool Kid

     /  January 25, 2010

    Does nobody care any more about how me and awesome kid are doucheing on this totally gay ass television show. like come on it’s a freaking soap-opra.
    GAG BARF UPCHUCK VOMMIT PUKE BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. david

     /  January 26, 2010

    i think dat un-cool kid is so annoying GET A LIFE and stop being such a bitch on here.

  201. sam

     /  January 26, 2010

    i think that lucifer posses sam and dean is possesed by michael and they have a big showdown somwhere and then god appears

  202. sam

     /  January 26, 2010

    i agree with david

  203. Un-Cool Kid

     /  January 26, 2010

    Thank You!! All i wanted was for sombody to mention that everyone who goes on this stupid website HAS NO LIFE!!!

  204. david

     /  January 27, 2010

    dude seriously if u don’t like this website den y do u keep commenting?

  205. Daniel

     /  January 27, 2010

    Just to clarify: “Un-Cool Kid” lives up to his name. You are uncool and you need to grow up and get some balls, kid

  206. Awsome Kid

     /  January 28, 2010

    Trust me you guys if you do go on this website than really YOU have no life! and un-cool kid does live up to HER name so really she cant grow any balls if we want to go all technical here! lol

  207. david

     /  January 28, 2010

    listen up “awsome kid” you obviously have no life if u go on the website all time and “un-coll kid”is a girl.OMG it sounds like a bloke that hasent got balls to reply to the comments.

  208. Daniel

     /  January 29, 2010

    How does Awesome Kid know if Un-Cool Kid is a girl. Maybe they’re screwing or they’re the same person. Tricky.

  209. bella

     /  February 3, 2010

    I dont think they should make a 6th season.this is my fave show and all but i mean what else can they do after a friggin would just drag on and be stupid.if eric kripke dont wanna do it then they should just quit.unless casitel is gonna be on it then i watch it but he prolly wont because thats what always happens on shows where they make it go on for to long

  210. bella

     /  February 3, 2010

    and too the bitches who keep callin people boobs and what not fuck you its our goddamn opinion so shove it

  211. bella

     /  February 3, 2010

    and un cool kid fuck you you stupid cunt why the fuck would you tell someone that if they go on this website they have no live when your on you dumb bitch.and i dont know what kind of soap opera your watchin but this aint no fuckin soap opera and your the one with no lives your on a website about a show that you hate leavin comments about how much you hate it

  212. david

     /  February 4, 2010

    well said bella so un-cool kid why don’t you just fuck off. and bella well done

  213. Daniel

     /  February 4, 2010

    Go on bella, tell ’em. They ain’t nothing but a pair of bitches. I mean, why go on this website and post comments when you don’t even like the show? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but we don’t need to hear it over and over again.

  214. wazza

     /  February 4, 2010

    i say carry supernatural on maybe make a feature film or 2 its the best program iv seen its right up there with bones nd i think every episode is always fresh but maybe we need 2 see more ov deans past and not always sam but hey il watch it for as long as you film it

  215. Michael

     /  February 12, 2010

    I’m a Huge Fan of Supernatural I Have 4 Seasons on DVD & I Want a Season 6 Too Be On TV & I’m Watching Supernatural on It’s Fifth Season & I Have Too Wait For New Episodes Until Marth 25 2010 I Wish I Diden’t Have Too Wait So Long For New Episodes It’s My 1# Favorite Show on Thursday Nights My Favorite is Dean & I Like Sam Too & There Angel Friend Castiel.

  216. Jess :)

     /  February 18, 2010

    Personally in my opinion its up to Eric Kripke and the writers and all the other cast to decide when they want to finish it because no ones opinion is better than the creators of supernatural. If they want to carry it on for 6th season thats fine by me and if they don’t well, tough luck. Im sure that Eric Kripke being a extremely talented person that he is will create a perfect ending for all the Supernatural fans. And for the record does any fans look past the fact that they’re hot and maybe have a look at how much talent the actors (And i aint just talking Jensen and Jared) have for a change. Also choosing Mark Pelligrino to play lucifer (Nick) i think it was a perfect choice he’s very talented.

    Eric Kripke’s decision all the way!

  217. sam

     /  February 18, 2010

    ive downloaded all epiosdes and i hope there is going to be a sixth season,Oh, and i feel sorry for everyone who does’nt watch superantural espeacially uncoolkid and awsome kid.

  218. Awsome Kid

     /  March 2, 2010

    Hahaha you guys are HILARIOUS!!!! you are getting so offensive over nothing! And ya un-cool kid and i are cousins… we really arent screwing each other also DANIEL! Plus Bella we arent coming on here all the time, the last time we came on here is january 28th, thats like 1 month ago and we also werent calling anyone boobs. lol
    You guys are hilarious! (i know i already typed that)

  219. david

     /  March 3, 2010

    listen u stupid BITCH/BASTARD i don’t care wot u have to say just go fuck urself

  220. Awsome Kid

     /  March 3, 2010

    I’m a total dick-head who can’t even spell AWESOME right. I just come on this website because I’m a prick!

  221. Daniel

     /  March 3, 2010

    We know you are. We’re glad you finally admitted it. I could cry!

  222. Awsome Kid

     /  March 4, 2010

    un-cool kid just wrote that cause she cant come on here anymore cause she is a little prick so ya 🙂

  223. Awsome Kid

     /  March 4, 2010

    And she just wishes she was as cool as me cause i have awesomer clothes than her

  224. i dont mind if awesome kid spelt my name wrong…..btw i’m a girl lmao. and i honestly have no idea how i got it blue lol. where u from anyways??

  225. nd people stop being nasty awesome kid. i like him hes cool!!! 😉

  226. just read read the conversation nd actually i think david sam and bella are COMPLETELY right!!!!!

  227. Awsome Kid

     /  March 5, 2010

    omg sykesy i thought we were friends! 😦 oh ya and uncool kid thinks you are pretty cool because you remember our conversations from a long time ago! and i am so happy you are back because daniel was trying to be me and saying im a little prick! ya thats right i caught onto that! it has the same picture right now!

    P.s. both of us are from CANADA!!!! WOOO WE WON THE MOST GOLD METALS!!!

  228. Awsome Kid

     /  March 5, 2010

    p.s.s EH!

  229. david

     /  March 5, 2010

    awsome kid can’t you see dat no-one on this website wants 2 listen to ur bullshit anyymore

  230. livi

     /  March 5, 2010

    OMG!! wow i havnt been on here in a while…kinda miss arguing with uncool kid lol. im mean cool kid… lol 😛
    lol anywazzz I L-O-V-E SUPERNATURAL!!!!! 😀 give me more seasons!!! 😀

  231. Un-Cool Kid

     /  March 5, 2010

    Livi soo good to hear from you we missed you. omg livi you call me cool kid. Yay, i love you. And David, Daniel, and Bella screw off this is between us and livi and sykesy. (Sam you too i bet thats not even you’re real name you probably only use it because of sam winpester)

  232. mark

     /  March 6, 2010

    listen un-cool kid david and daniel and bella will get involved if they want to its not up 2 you wot they do.

  233. mark

     /  March 6, 2010

    I am a little gay boy. dont listen to me.

  234. daniel

     /  March 6, 2010

    i ain’t got no balls

  235. Awsome Kid

     /  March 6, 2010

    me and un-cool kid can’t even spell winchester properly because we spelled it winpester and we just walk the streets at night

  236. Awsome Kid

     /  March 8, 2010

    ya because we are cool like that! we walk the streets at night because we are wannabe gangsters yall! especially if a yellow truck starts following us around!

  237. Nicolas

     /  March 9, 2010

    I love Supernatural, it wouldn’t surprise me if they went in production for a sixth season. But it does seem to trail to an end. BTW, there a lot more story to be told. There are a few I can demons and creatures they could added to the show.

  238. thing thing

     /  March 10, 2010

    I love supernatural, I love Sam and Dean, keep BROTHERS

  239. Un-Cool Kid

     /  March 13, 2010

    Thanks david i never realized that mistake but you know you could just use your name instead of awesome kids. and i’m not a wanna be ganster awesome kid. and awsome kid start conparing pictures already jeeze. SUPERNATURAL ROCKS!!! (not) WOOO!!!! Mark i love you!!

  240. mark

     /  March 14, 2010

    i am not gay Un-Cool Kid
    yeah so just shut your mouth u dirty little poofter boy

  241. mark

     /  March 14, 2010

    i like supernatural and atleast we can spell WINCHESTER

  242. Un-Cool Kid

     /  March 14, 2010

    im a little poofter boy. i am a dumb arse

  243. livi

     /  March 14, 2010

    i love supernatural! ❤ 🙂 (Dean Winchester)

  244. Awsome Kid

     /  March 14, 2010

    Do you know what?! this website is gay and everyone on it is gay so i am not coming on it anymore!!!

  245. Jason

     /  March 15, 2010

    I love Supernatural and want it to come back for a 6th season. I’m also happy Jared Padalecki got married. Congradulations! I just hope Sam doesn’t become Lucifer on the show!

  246. Awsome Kid

     /  March 15, 2010

    well nobody cares wot u do yeah so u nd un cool kid shut up nobody likes u it wouldnt surprise me if ur the same person nd we all no that u r gay.evry1 is right except u nd un cool kid

  247. awesome kid

     /  March 15, 2010

    i have no friends nd i am a retard me nd un cool kid r the same person we are gay nd we like men

  248. mark

     /  March 15, 2010

    well awesome kid we no u r gay nd u have no friends

  249. livi

     /  March 15, 2010

    im so lost! lol and Jason- wen did he get married??? and whose his wife!?!?

  250. Awsome Kid

     /  March 16, 2010

    well for one mark i do like men! do you know why… cause im a chick and for two me and uncool kid are cousins from canada who like to make people mad and for three mark quit trying to be me! thanks

  251. Awsome Kid

     /  March 16, 2010

    sykseky should come back on here cause she at least likes me! 😦

  252. mark

     /  March 17, 2010

    who would wanna b skanks like u u probably r dumb arses u probably aint even girls u probably dont even no wot that means and dont talk 2 me like that again and atleast i have friends nd u must b dumb if u r from canada…….

  253. Awsome Kid

     /  March 17, 2010

    i am gay i am a bloke and i am dumb and me and my “cousin” are from canada the most trampy country in the world

  254. livi

     /  March 18, 2010

    To awesome kid and mark: Are u two the same person? and if so y are u trying to make it seem like ur Awesome kid? thats not so awesome, and plus u can tell that they are different cause of the little picture thing next to it…

  255. Awsome Kid

     /  March 20, 2010

    OMG!!!! you do not even bring our awesome country into it and livi you are so right because mark is trying to be like me!!! at least we ride polar bears and not fat kids!!!! thank you livi for realizing the obvious! I LOVE YOU TOO LIVI!!!!!!

    p.s eh

  256. david

     /  March 21, 2010

    awsome kid how bout u just FUCK OFF U FUCKING BASTARD CUNT. trust me u don’t wanna start any more shit. u said u were not comin on the website anymore and when we come on the website suprise u have commented on it.

    FUCKING TOSSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. Awsome Kid

     /  March 21, 2010

    I only came on this website cause that stupid little fuck mark kinda made me come on it cause when i said i wasnt coming on here again he just kept on commenting and totally dissing canada so i had to come back here

  258. livi

     /  March 21, 2010

    Awesome Kid: do u like the show?
    David: shut up, u have major issues and so does mark and fake awesome kid

  259. david

     /  March 22, 2010

    LIVI how bout u shut the fuck up or better still come make me shut up just don’t get involved

  260. ieda

     /  March 23, 2010

    im 19…i do think the series should go on with season waiting to watch the season 5…

  261. Awsome Kid

     /  March 23, 2010

    David: livi was involved in this from the start then you david decided to join in our conversation so suck on that
    Livi: i used to like this show but it became to sappy for my liking

  262. david

     /  March 24, 2010


    SLAG SLAG SLAG SLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  263. Un-Cool Kid

     /  March 24, 2010

    Whats a slag. and Livi nice to hear from you. i like how u don’t just start dropping f bombs every were. your pretty cool. and this website asked for awesome Kids Opinion.

  264. mark

     /  March 25, 2010

    u must b a dumbarse then if u dont no wot slag means…. “awesome kid u little mother fuker shut ur mouth

  265. Un-Cool Kid

     /  March 25, 2010

    what does it mean and be nice to awsome kid or i’ll find out werer you live and kick the shit out of you.

  266. Un-Cool Kid

     /  March 25, 2010

    P.S. shes only telling the truth. (sometimes the truth hurts)

  267. david

     /  March 26, 2010

    are u serious u fucking twat awsome kid is a reject just like u so get over ur selves

  268. mark

     /  March 26, 2010

    listen i basicly live the other side of the world u stupid little whore,slut wotever u wanna call urself.u livi, awesome kid r all fuking rejects

  269. Awsome Kid

     /  March 26, 2010

    ok dont be dissing un-cool kid either cause we arent the ones who are dropping the f bomb all over the place! if you guys are so concerned about us commenting on here why are you making a big deal about this? who asked your guys fucking opinion on our comments?

  270. david

     /  March 26, 2010


  271. Un-Cool Kid

     /  March 26, 2010

    watch your languge and leave livi out of shes a supernatural loving freek just like u guys. you don’t want to turn on your own people like hitler did do u.

  272. livi

     /  March 27, 2010

    David: Ur a loser!!! stop sayin F***!!!! Its stupid!!! (like u) and yeah fyi i think it was cool Kid and i who originally started this whole argument!! so if anyone should stay out of it it should me YOU!!!!!
    Un-Cool Kid- i do love the show!! ( i dont think im a freak thought lol) 😀
    MARK: UR THE REJECT!!! 😡 U LOSER!!! i dont even remember how the heck u got into this whole argument so i think u should stop getting involved!

    Supernatural: I love the show!!!! (dean) ❤

  273. david

     /  March 28, 2010

    livi i havent started yet so darling get over yourself

  274. livi

     /  March 28, 2010

    Dont call me Darling david!! im NOT YOUR darling!!!! and u need to get over URSELF!! 😡

  275. david

     /  March 28, 2010

    please u just drop ur knickers 4 any bloke u see cos u r a whore like that arent you and i will call u darling if i like just go suck ur dads knob

  276. livi

     /  March 28, 2010

    How would u know how i act if uv never met me before? 😡 and thats just sick!! YOU R SICK! And u just like calling people that u dont know darling cause all the girls u know wont let u call them darling. Oh wait forgot, any of the GUYS u want to call darling wont let u. 😡

  277. bell

     /  March 28, 2010

    Fuck off David!! i totally agree with livi! and yeah, u actually have no rite to call her darling!! i feel sorry for ya liv. 😦 (being called darling, mostly cause of who its from)

  278. livi

     /  March 28, 2010

    ha ha thanks bell!! 🙂 ur cool unlike someone i know ( David)

  279. david

     /  March 28, 2010

    bell how bout u fuck off and livi ill call u darling if i like


  280. livi

     /  March 28, 2010

    U little Creeper!! and dont talk to Bell like that!! i agree with HER!! U need to F**K OFF!! 😡

  281. katie

     /  March 29, 2010

    listen livi and bell leave david and mark alone. i think david is quite cute and you two are just complete bitches

  282. david

     /  March 29, 2010

    livi how bout gettin a life

  283. Bell

     /  March 29, 2010

    Wow… u loser!! if ur gonna pretend to be someone else at least make sure u change ur email thing to! cause u and katie have the same little picture thing!

  284. livi

     /  March 29, 2010

    WOW… PATHETIC!!…. and dont call use that katie (david) its not are fault u have to pretend to be ur own girlfriend! LOSER!!!
    And i do have a life!! unlike u!! i dont have to make up or pretend to be this other person so it looks like i have people who like me like u do!
    love supernatuarl!! ❤ DEAN! 🙂

  285. Bell

     /  March 29, 2010

    ha ha yeah David!! ur in love with ur inner girl! 😛 thats soooo funny!! howabout u getting a life a alose, u may consider finding real friends! not ur other half (the girl side)

  286. livi

     /  March 30, 2010

    cant wait till next thursday!!! new episode!!! 😀 LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!!!! ( Dean ❤ )

  287. david

     /  March 31, 2010

    this is just gettin stupid all this arguing so how bout stopping now cos i am

  288. natasha

     /  March 31, 2010

    no david is my m8 leave him alone u little whores and he can do without you 2 hassling him all the time just grow up

  289. Bell

     /  March 31, 2010

    i bet natasha is really David 😛 whoed wanna be his mate!?!!?Retard!!!

  290. Bob

     /  March 31, 2010

    David!!! ur such a loser!!! get over urself!! and your just mad cause the girls figured out wat u were doing. And natasha, BUDD OUT of there buisness!!!
    see david, wen u were over there talking crap about cook kid and the other people and all ( you know who) u didnt care but now that ur caught, ur embaressed and ur trying to act mature and say that u dont want to argue anymore!! and natasha , im pretty sure ur david too… so i have a ?, y do u make up girls?? do wanna be a girl?? yeah… i think u do… or ur realy desperate for a girl! i think that could be it too.

  291. livi

     /  March 31, 2010

    Bob: UR SOOOOOOO RITE!!!!! i bet he is too. and if not natash, u must be desperate or something… who would want to date taht loser!! 😛

  292. david

     /  March 31, 2010


  293. Awsome Kid

     /  March 31, 2010

    This website has asked for BOBs opinion!! So why dont you just get off of here and get a life DAVID!!!

  294. david

     /  April 1, 2010

    ive allready got a life thanks so why don’t you all just go and get screwed

  295. Bell

     /  April 1, 2010

    ha ha y dont u!!!! oh wait!!… no one wants to screw with u!!

  296. livi

     /  April 1, 2010

    O0O0O0OOoooooo!!! go Bell!!! so true!! 😀
    Awesome Kid: ur rite!! hey y dont u come on here that much anymore!?! bell and i need help making fun of this LOSER!!…. even though its not that hard! 😛 i would still be nice to have u chime in more often! 🙂

  297. livi

     /  April 1, 2010

    hey!! y’d my pic change?!?!… hmmm…? oh well… lol 🙂

  298. Un-Cool Kid

     /  April 1, 2010

    sorry livi we’re starting to get bored of this website. but David i swear u ever talk to livi like tha again and i will find out were u live and come kick the shit out of u. SUPERNATURAL SUCKS!!! WHOOOOOO!!!

  299. livi

     /  April 2, 2010

    lol yeah!! thanks Un-Cool Kid ( i think u should take the un off) lol except wen u say supernatural suck lol! u should say David suck lol 😛

  300. mark

     /  April 4, 2010

    livi u lickarse no u shouldnt take the un of the name it should be really un fuckin cool kid

  301. livi

     /  April 5, 2010

    wow mark… u have some serious prooobleeemooosss!!!!

  302. kyle

     /  April 5, 2010

    i think the show is good and what is all the arguing over can someone tell me please.

  303. livi

     /  April 5, 2010

    well at first we were arguing over whether the show was good or not then random people started joining in lol but at the moment its manly just over marks problems and stuff cause he hates the show or something… i love it though!!! 😀

  304. kyle

     /  April 6, 2010

    oh right i see well i like the show myself livi. what is mark saying about you

  305. livi

     /  April 6, 2010

    well he uses the f word alot lol and he hates un-cool kid and i lol but idk really! 😛

  306. kyle

     /  April 6, 2010

    haha yeah well i bet that bobby is going to be killed off

  307. livi

     /  April 6, 2010

    yeah probably… it seems like he realy isnt needed and well,… he does spend most of his time sitting in a wheel chair lol. but again im gonna sorta miss him.. 😦

  308. livi

     /  April 6, 2010

    yeah probably… it seems like he realy isnt needed and well,… he does spend most of his time sitting in a wheel chair lol. but again im gonna sorta miss him.. 😦

  309. livi

     /  April 6, 2010

    me personally, i kinda wish that they would just end the whole friends with angels and demons thing and just leave Dean ( ❤ ) and Sam ( 😀 ) alone in saving the world… cause they tend to have a better connection with each other and its funnier that way too! 😀

  310. Un-Cool Kid

     /  April 7, 2010

    Seroucly u guess i can’t believe your that much into this show like common they got the stupid zombie thing going on that is so last year. and they can’t get rid of castol (the angel dude) cause he’s some pretty good eye candy. my advice just don’t watch this stupid soap opera unless your watching it for the drop dead gorgiuse men on it.

  311. livi

     /  April 7, 2010

    the are HOT!!!!! ( DEAN) (:D ) lol and yeah that is the main reason y i watch the show but i think some have really good plots and are hilariously funny! 😀 :3 but mostly for the guys! 😀

  312. livi

     /  April 7, 2010

    heeeelllllssss yeah!!! there soooooo hot!!! but i also like the show, some of the plots are actually really good and hilariously funny!! 😀 :3 but i like the guys beeter lol ( dean ) 🙂 woo!! lol

  313. kyle

     /  April 8, 2010

    i like the show aswell my favourite character is dean because he is funny

  314. livi

     /  April 9, 2010

    I like him cause hes HOT!

  315. livi

     /  April 9, 2010

    and cause hes funny. ( but mostly cause hes HOT!!!) ❤ 😀

  316. Un-Cool Kid

     /  April 11, 2010

    well i think sams way hoter then dean and castiel tops em both. and dean has anger manijment issues.

  317. livi

     /  April 11, 2010

    ewwwwy!!!1 did u just say cas was hott?!?!?! yuk!!! DEAN!!!! IS WAY HOTTER~!!!!! ❤

  318. micho

     /  April 12, 2010

    iam one of the biggest fans of supernatural,,,, the story is gr8 and everything is fine,,, but the problem is hat if u watch it to much,, ull suspect that ur gay ,, come on guys,, where the heck are the women ,,, lisa shows up in eposide 17 of s05 and that is it,,, come on,,,,, wwweeeee need some frakin women 😛

  319. livi

     /  April 12, 2010

    I think its just fine with the two hotties! 😀 but thats just meee….. 😛

  320. Un-Cool Kid

     /  April 23, 2010

    Um excuse me bu three hotties!! And what was up with GHOST Hunters promo in the middle of the show. oh and even that Gabriel dude agrees that Dean has bum- Buddies.

  321. Ruby

     /  May 3, 2010

    I love supernatural and i hope it continues on with a sixth season. Oh and to the rest of ya’ll you do realize this is a website to post comments about the show. Not to annoy everyone with your personal criticism about each other right. Stick to the topic supernatural not who has the bigger balls.

  322. Daniel

     /  May 9, 2010

    I was trying to stick to the topic in the first place. But dickheads like Un-cool Kid started to mouth off so I retaliated.

  323. matt

     /  May 9, 2010

    wtf why is everyone arguing? i think there should be a series 6, end this chaper and go to the next who the fuck nows what would happen next doesnt just have be about lusifur and micheal, what about the angel of death? whould be cool to see him more (Y) 🙂

  324. louis

     /  May 13, 2010

    hey i felt 2in” tall when buffy came back then she tells every one she was in haven i stoped wishing for shows to continue after that so if it ends it was awsome and enjoyed every minute of the show if it goes to seasion 6 well then i will be ther to watch but as of now dean stuck to his promis and at least will have a sort of a happy life it will be missed if no return but not for gotten

  325. kirlyn

     /  May 13, 2010

    I love this show and I want it to continue on to the 6th season….. @ Livi I back you up 99% of the way….. Because I think Castiel is uber hot but Dean is way hotter….. And come on people don’t get ur knickers in a twist about a topic thread it won’t matter 6 months from now or even a flippin year

  326. Bernie

     /  May 13, 2010

    There should be a season six. It ended ritarded it should have better ending then that.

  327. Elizabeth

     /  May 14, 2010

    i really hope they allow supernatural to come back with a 6th season…..this show is great, it should not end like this, after all sam and dean have been through, i believe it should have a better ending….season 6 should be all about dean getting sam back to live and they ending together with their family….

  328. Mattew.W

     /  May 17, 2010

    Supernatural is a wonderful show, keeps me from being bored when i actually come home. hope the continue to season 6 as well, they have many different legends and lore that they could go of off if they needed to, and their imagination could be of some help again. Seen all episodes and kinda bummed to think supernatural might come to an end. Hope they can afford to keep Dean and Sam, cause i don’t know if I’d watch it anymore without them.

  329. Mattew.W

     /  May 17, 2010

    and i don’t really agree that the ending was retarded, they just left the ending open just encase they wanted to continue or not. Leaving Sam outside watching his brother. though i can’t help but think was it Lucifer or Sam there, Lucifer could have very well trapped Sam’s soul there or even just Michael we wont know until they decide to keep going or not. The next season could be to free Sam from The Fiery pits of hell. hmmm how interesting that would be, could be in the next series.

  330. Mattew.W

     /  May 17, 2010

    And agree with Micho on the aspect of the women, there needs to be more of them in the show, but it doesn’t necessarily say people are gay for watching it when there is no women in it. Now when they are talkin as a woman would about Sam dean or perhaps older women Bobby… never know not leavin anyone out, but yea then your gay, but not hating only stating, and if your gay you wont have any problem with it you should be comfortable with your sexuality. anyways, women would be a great addition to the show if continued.

  331. Mattew.W

     /  May 17, 2010

    Supernatural great show. few flaws if any.

  332. Un-Cool Kid

     /  May 21, 2010

    who mattew u wrote so much and i didn’t even read it all. like serisouly even though i don’t know what all u said i think your the biggest supernaturaul loving freak here. castiol is gay dean is gay sam is gay the show is gay. so was the ending except when dean got the shit kicked out of him that was hiloureis.

  333. Un-Cool Kid

     /  May 21, 2010

    p.s ruby i definetly have the bigest balls and what are you gonna do about it send the supernatural loving goverment after me. i dare u.

  334. Un-Cool Kid

     /  May 21, 2010

    p.s.s hey livi whats your opinion on the ending i like arguing with u not other people.

  335. Awsome Kid

     /  May 23, 2010

    Actually un-cool kid i have the biggest balls of them all

  336. livi

     /  May 25, 2010

    UN-cool kid- OMG!!! i LUV arguing with u tooo!!!! were so much better at it than than these other random, noise people!! they take things tooooo seriously!! i mean how could they possible believe you wen u say sam and dean are gay!!!!???!! i mean really… come on now… who ever thinks that MUST be GAY themselves…
    Awesome kiD- wat on earth are yall talking about now!?!? who has the biggest balls?!?!? WOAH!!!! i thought u were a girl ( no joke)
    But anywayzz about the show… i liked the ending, i admit… i felt tears comming on wen they did the flash back… back in the days wen sam was sammy and he was almost cutter than dean… 😥 i got sooo freaked out wen cas and bobby got killed!!! i was like NOOOOO!!!! and their brother!!! (i cant remember his name!!! ugh) i DONT like HIM!!! hes not cute at all!! oh wait!!! Adam!!! duh livi!!! oooo and im sooo happy cas got his “angel powers ” back!!! woo!!!! but im curios about the end.. is sam a demon??? 😦 is it really not sam, but lucifer?!?!? D: or is he just a spirit!?!?! i hope its not lucifer cause then hes probably gonna wanna kill that iky lady who stole “MY MAN”!!!!!! 😡 ( that actually wouldnt bother me at all) ( but just dont kill ben, hes kool) just like ud be UN-kool Kid if ud stop calling dean and sam gay all the time!!!! 😡
    But im pretty sure that they are going to make another season cause theres no way their gonna leave me hanging like this!!!! id be very upset!!! 😡
    k, so, im getting tired of typing ~~~~ LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!!!! DEAN= HOTTNESS!!!!!!! NOT GAYNESS (eeeheeemm UN-kool kid!)

  337. livi

     /  May 25, 2010

    oh and UN-kool kid!!!!!! dean getting the mess kicked out of him was in no way shape or form “hilarious” 😡 im sure dean could have kicked lucifers ass if he knew he wouldnt be hurting his brother!!! 😀 he just KOOL like that!! ( unlike others i know)

  338. livi

     /  May 25, 2010

    And Daniel, if anyones gonna call UN-kool kid a dick head… its gonna be ME!!!! dont believe me ask them yourself… they’ll tell you… thats just the relationship we get to have! 😀 lol but anywayzz 😡 even though u said it like for ever ago i just read it today and well… thats rude!!! even though he/she (im honestly not sure anymore.. no offense) acts like one YOU (not me) still DONT have the right to call him/her that!!! 😡

  339. livi

     /  May 25, 2010

    Sam= hot
    Dean=sexy, gorgeous
    Cas= confused angel among the humans
    SAM+DEAN+CAS= Confused hot SEXY gorgeous man
    SAM+DEAN+STEPHAN from the vamp diaries= HOT SEXY MAN WITH HOTT BODY!!! 😀
    lol 😀 ha ha so random!!! 😀 BUT SOOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  340. livi

     /  May 25, 2010

    WOAH!!iv typed alot!!BETTER READY ALL U UN-KOOL KID!!! 😛

  341. Un-Cool Kid

     /  May 31, 2010

    Well livi i love the way you told daniel off!! YOU GO GIRL!!! but the truth is sam and dean are still gay sorry… and The thing about damon yes but he has wierd eyebrows.

  342. Un-Cool Kid

     /  May 31, 2010

    Dean+Sam= Bum buddies

    Livi+livi= to piles of awesomeness

    Me+Me= a million piles of awesomeness

    P.s.thank for spelling it kool and not cool (constipated overweighted overdated loser) that really means a lot to me!!

  343. livi

     /  June 1, 2010

    umm damon does not have weird eyebrows!!!! i bet u have weird eyebrows!! and Sam and Dean are NOT gay un-COOL kid!!! and i think Livi+livi= billions of piles of amazingnesssss!!!!!!!
    un-cool kid+ calling dean and sam gay = Billions of piles of lameness!!! 😀
    LUV ya dean! 😀

  344. david

     /  June 1, 2010

    hey everyone im back why is the arguing still going on seriously you lot need to get out more

  345. livi

     /  June 1, 2010

    U lot need to get out more??? okay then…. ha ha i like the way u make it seem like were gonna be happy that your back…. cause .. im not!! 😀

  346. RoCkeR

     /  June 4, 2010

    What kinda names are uncool kid and awesome kid?? is livi a girl?

  347. RoCkeR

     /  June 4, 2010

    I don’t get why people are arguing on this website when its just for supernatural FANS to comment on how they could better the show… Although it cant get better than it already is…

  348. livi

     /  June 4, 2010

    Wat kind of name is RoCker??? and wats with the EvErY OtHER LettEr DiFfERENt SizE??? Looks kida…. Un Cool….. and we argue cause thats how we roll! and wat kind of guy (straight) would name themselves livi??? come on now…. and we actually do give advise to the show and i think im one of the biggest fans of supernatural!!! ask any one who talks with me here! 😀 I think it was un- Kool kid who told me i was a freak cause i was sooooo obsess!! so please dont come into *OUR* business and start making fun of our names!! even though awesome kid, Un-Kool kid and i dont have the nicest comments to each other doesn’t mean we dont like each other… haha!! 😛
    ❤ LUV ya Dean Winchester
    ❤ LUV ya Damon Salivator!!! (im adding this one now!! 😀 )

  349. Nick

     /  June 5, 2010

    My bad. I just thought it was weird that people were arguing about the weirdest stuff on this site.

  350. Nick

     /  June 5, 2010

    I’m a pretty big fan of supernatural to. it kicks ass! but WOW your way obsessed. ha

  351. livi

     /  June 5, 2010

    I know! 😀
    love dean! 😀
    love damon! 😀
    (where is everyone???)

  352. jade

     /  June 5, 2010

    OMG! i LOVE dean! he is so smexy!!! 🙂

  353. jade

     /  June 5, 2010

    WOW! people on this website seem grumpy! You guys need to be nice to each other!

  354. Nick

     /  June 5, 2010

    4reallzzz! Finally some more people! it seems like no one gets on this site…

  355. Un-Cool Kid

     /  June 6, 2010

    i’m on this sight. and who ever said that this is a fan web site i am a fan… really i never knew a show could suck so much and its the end of the season so there is really nottin to argue about except everyone (except for castiols) gayness on the show. and the reason nobody goes on this sight is cause me and awesome kid confinced them that the show is lame so they agreed and left all supernatural related shit behind.

    p.s My eyebrows are perfectly normal thankyou very much.

  356. Nick

     /  June 6, 2010

    yeah castiol is…strange. and yeah possibly gay. and… nice to know your eyebrows are abnormal and weird lookin

  357. livi

     /  June 7, 2010

    yeah… i agree that Cas is weird…. gay…?…maybe.. but dean and sam…. NO WAY!!!!
    Un-KoolKid: i bet u have a unibrow lol and im pretty sure u didnt convince people that the show is gay…. im pretty sure no one is dumb enough to believe that LIE!!!
    p.s. UN-koolkid- do u watch the vampire diaries? and if soooo wat do u think about it?
    P.s.s. Jade: agree with the smexy dean thing but people here are not grumpy we just voice opinions open

    LOVE YA DEAN!!! 😀
    LUV YA DAMON!!!! 😀

  358. Un-Cool Kid

     /  June 7, 2010

    i sometimes catch the end of it before i watch supernatural so i kind find something to make fun of it for. and v-diaries seems pretty cool vampires r over stated though. catiol is so not gay and i do not have a unibrow i told u there perfectly nomally meet me on the first of octember in the middle of nowere and i’ll prove it to u. (dean and sam would be gayer then cas if cas was gay)

  359. Un-Cool Kid

     /  June 7, 2010

    I’M AWESOME!!!!!!



  360. Nick

     /  June 7, 2010

    haha whats up UNIBROW!!!

  361. Nick

     /  June 7, 2010

    ha this show is NOT lame ive been a fan since it started and yeah back then i had like no life but it turned out to be a really KICK-ASS show! i dont know any one that wouldnt like it besides cool. uncool whatever kid! ha

  362. Nick

     /  June 7, 2010

    And i agree with livi you cant convince ppl that supernatural is gay. its…AWESOME!

  363. Un-Cool Kid

     /  June 8, 2010

    shutup i can’t believe i’m actually letting you freeks get to me!!!!!!
    ya know what old supernatural was pretty sweat but like i said before its a fricken soap opera!!!!
    and i bet the reason you guys say i have a unibrow is because you guys have unibrows!!!!


    Deepist sympothy though… NOT!!!

  364. Nick

     /  June 9, 2010

    sweat? ha ok my bad. you probably have normal very…pretty eyebrows

  365. livi

     /  June 9, 2010

    well if they dont swing my way….?…. do they swing ur way…? i think u want them to be gay WITH YOU!! Dont drag them around with you!! they are sooooo not gay!!! 😡
    Luv Dean!!! ❤ 😀
    Luv Damon! 😀

  366. Un-Cool Kid

     /  June 9, 2010

    i’m a chick so they don’t swing my way ether and thankyou nick for that compliment.
    Luv Castiol 🙂

  367. livi

     /  June 10, 2010

    Cas is weird and stairs at dean waaaaaaayyyyy tooooo much…. hes kinda funny but i woudnt really mind if he didnt come back for the next season… BETTER BRING BACK SAMMMY NOT SAM, *SAMMY*!!! 😀 i miss little brother sammy 😦 SAMMY!! (not sam, SAMMY)


  368. Nick

     /  June 11, 2010

    livi. you are REALLY weird… i like that! ha. whats un cool kids real name?? im curious.

  369. livi

     /  June 12, 2010

    Nick-i dont know…. thats a good question…
    Un-KOOLKID- wats ur name?

    Luv Dean!!!!!! 😀
    Luv Damon!!! 😀

  370. Un-Cool Kid

     /  June 13, 2010

    Nick thankyou for admitting your curios that explains alot. (like why u watch the show.) also thats creepy you have an internet crush on livi. i can’t tell you my real name that would give me away. and dean is weirder than castiol is so whatever.

  371. livi

     /  June 14, 2010

    haha! wow UN-Coolkid…. what do u mean that giving ur name will give u away??.. i gave my name… didnt give me away to anything.. lol and if there is a gay charicter in this show it would be Cas cause well 1st he always gives these looong stars at dean for no reason and hes never been with a woman and well when he tried he got her mad…. oviously hes making sure he keeps a zero relation with women. so yeah.. and stop saying Deans un kool 😦 if he was hed admit it like u did and yall have the same name! so yeah!

    LOVE DEAN!!!!! 😀
    LOVE DAMON!!! 😀

    un-coolkid- ur VERY-UN-COOL… KID!!!

  372. Very-Un-Cool Kid

     /  June 15, 2010

    well livi i have this whole mistirius character going on and if i give u my name then i would lose my identity. maybe one day if u be nice to me i’ll tell u. and no castiol just doesn’t KNOW how to be with a women. remember when dean saw five years into the future well as soon as castiol became human he was surronded by women and he loved it. (even though i hate it i know my supernaturual, it comes with being an ex-fan)


  373. Awesome Kid

     /  June 15, 2010

    well i feel left out!!!!!!!!! nobody acknowledges me anymore 😦 and livi vampire diaries are pretty AMAZING but like un-cool kid said, vampires are way over rated and i want to kill the people who started the whole thing about vampires cause theres this chick in my class who is a vampire witch!!! trust me i was flabergasted! and i love Damon too!

  374. livi

     /  June 16, 2010

    Very-UN-coolkid: LOVE the new name!! fits well!! 😀 and ur not that mysterious… ur name kinda gives u away… VERY, UN, COOL….and ur a kid! so i dont see why u cant tell us ur real name…
    AwesomeKid: i havent been ignoring u. U just havnt posted anything in a very loooonnnngg time lol
    And the Vampire Diaries is such a good show!! Thanx4 agreeing!! and about Damon!! 😀 i cant figure out who i like more now!! DEAN or DAMON!!! 🙂 they are both really hot!! 🙂

    LOVE DEAN!!!! 😀 LOVE DAMON!!!!! 😀

    (i think their equal now, thats y they are on the same line now!1 😀

  375. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  June 16, 2010

    my name tels u nothing like who said i’m a kid!! and don’t u want to know awesome kids name bug her not me. and castiol tops em both off.

    LUV U CASTIOL!!!!!!

    (and i only nood one line to say it)

  376. livi

     /  June 16, 2010

    Well now im starting to think awesome kid is COOLer that YOU! so i choose to bother u! and why are u complaining!?!? as i recall you were the one who posted wheres livi i miss arguing with you! so dont complain! u asked for it bud!

    LOVE DEAN!!!!! 😀 LOVE DAMON!!!!!! 😀

    ( i dont NOOD one line to say it… i only NEED one line! )

  377. Awesome Kid

     /  June 17, 2010

    God just say your real name doofus and get this argument over with or i will tell them your name cause i happen to know it… thats right in going there!
    can i give then a hint Very-un-cool-kid????
    and why would they need to know my name cause i am cooler than you! SO !BAM!IN YOUR FACE!

  378. livi

     /  June 17, 2010

    I agree with Awesome Kid! and i also think that awesome kid should tell me Really-Un-CoolKids name 🙂

    Love Dean!!! 😀 Love Damon!!!! 😀 ❤

  379. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  June 22, 2010

    Fine awesome kid go ahead tell them!! my name is too long to type so can i just be kid or something. SUPERNATURAL!!

  380. Awesome Kid

     /  June 22, 2010

    ok so livi i will tell you what un cool kids name is if you agree that you will never say i love supernatural on this website again ok??

  381. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  June 22, 2010

    oh snap she’s got u there livi!! what shall u decide. and just in case this makes us seem like the same dude we’re not, totally different people all the way.

  382. Livi

     /  June 23, 2010


  383. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  June 23, 2010

    hot dam now u just have to wait for awesome kid to come back on this stupid site that is for the stupidest show in the world.

  384. Awesome Kid

     /  June 23, 2010

    ok her name is Heleentje Dijkstra. its a dutch name but originally her family came from Holland and they immigrated to Canada

  385. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  June 24, 2010

    true dat so ther you all go now you now my name. and livi whats your opinion on this show supernatural!!

  386. Awesome Kid

     /  June 25, 2010

    Livi??? are you there???

  387. livi

     /  June 26, 2010

    My opinion is that the show is Amazing!! and Dean is Amazing!!! and Sam! 🙂

    Love Dean! ❤ Love Damon!! 😀

  388. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  June 30, 2010

    well do u have some sort of feeling, maybe that starts with a L, that u would use to finish this sentence: I, Livi “blank” Supernatural!!! fill i n the blank (word has to start with L)

  389. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  July 2, 2010


  390. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  July 2, 2010

    dude your an ediot awesome kid you should have mad her say she hates supernatural.

  391. Cait Devereaux

     /  July 4, 2010

    Re: Lucifer and Satan there is confusion in scripture but the show isn’t exactly about facts is it?..more about legend and for most people the lore is that Lucifer and Satan are the same being..the fallen angel..but how about this….. Some believe that Michael (the only archangel mentioned in the King James bible) is also Jesus. Different religions based on the bible have a whole heap of ideas so no use trying to unpick it..just sit back and enjoy Eric’s take on it all.

  392. Very-Un-Cool-Kid

     /  July 5, 2010

    *cough* nerd *cough*

  393. livi

     /  July 8, 2010

    sorry bout being gone for so long…. i have a life outside of this website….. *cough,cough*

    Cant Wait till new Supernatural!!!!
    Love Dean!!!
    Love Damon!!!
    oooo and cant wait till new Vampire Diaries start!!! 😀

  394. Very-Un-Cool-Kid (Heleentje Dijkstra)

     /  July 12, 2010

    yeah well since supernatural isn’t on and its just reruns i’m not gonna be on her for the rest of summer. so one final word…


  395. I really love Supernatural and think they should continue after
    six seasons,it is getting better every season that goes by.I really
    like season 4 and when season 6 gets here I want no what to
    do.I have gotten used to seeing Sam and Dean,you need to go
    at least to season 13 if you can,I love this show so please go
    past 6 seasons.

  396. Awesome Kid

     /  July 18, 2010

    Awesome Kid is a dumb shit no 1 likes

  397. mark

     /  July 18, 2010

    i agree

  398. Un-Cool-Kid

     /  August 4, 2010

    who’s the fuck face imporsanating my cuz!!?? like real mature i thought we were over that faze!!! and mark u dumb fuck i know it was u look at the fucking times!!!!

  399. Awesome Kid

     /  August 4, 2010

    Holy fuck mark!!!!! what the fuck is wrong with you?? i havent even been on this site for like ever then you come and start dissing me and impersonating me?? i seriously thought we were over this!!!!! but you can go fuck yourself because you are a fucking dick

  400. Livi

     /  August 4, 2010

    Oh wow… A whole summer has pas and no ones changed…. Typical…

  401. Un-Cool-Kid

     /  August 4, 2010

    Livi do u still love Dean!? cause if soo than your right none of us changed!! And the sumer aint quite over yet!! Just got bored so i checked out what was happenin on the geek site and found mark being a total sob!! funny all us cool people came back the same day!!

  402. Livi

     /  August 5, 2010

    Yea just not mark!
    Mark : what a FAIL on trying to pretend that someone actually agreed with ur loser self!
    ( hint for next time: wait more than just 2
    Fu***** minuets!)

    ❤ dean!!!!
    ❤ Damon
    ❤ James Franco
    ❤ Paul walker
    see!! I changed! There are two new names in that list! 🙂

  403. Awesome Kid

     /  August 5, 2010

    Hahahahaha i find it so funny that mark is still coming on here cause he is always getting bashed and all! well un-cool kid you should check what people have writen about you on the gossip girl link, its kind of hilarous!!! and livi, its good to hear form you again

  404. Awesome Kid

     /  August 5, 2010

    Sorry i mean ghost whisperer

  405. Un-Cool-Kid

     /  August 5, 2010

    om doky can’t wait!! Livi who are the two new peeps on your list of ugly men!!??

  406. Livi

     /  August 5, 2010

    Google the. And are u saying crappy stuff about gossip girl too? 😡 that’s a good show!!! Almost as good as supernatural!!

  407. Un-Cool-Kid

     /  August 9, 2010

    is not!! it sucks just as many balls as the new supernaturals!!! livy just out of curiosity is your real name olivia?

  408. Greetings there!
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    BTW… have you ever been in Texas? .. fine State!

  409. Very Confused Fan

     /  August 15, 2010

    What the fu**!!!! I have know idea what u just said!!! And Frankly I don’t care probably like everyone else on this site because we’re here to talk about the stupid gay ass show supernatural not roofing!!!

  410. Very Confused Fan

     /  August 16, 2010

    sorry had something else on the mind when i wrote that!! i love supernatural but i don’t get what happened with sam!! seriosly is he alive or dead!? and is chuck god or what!? someone please clarify!!!

  411. Awesome Kid

     /  August 22, 2010


  412. Awesome Kid

     /  August 30, 2010

    Did anybody notice that there is a smiley face on the right hand side of this page and the top?? its wierd

  413. Livi

     /  August 30, 2010

    No life! *cough cough*

  414. Awesome Kid

     /  August 31, 2010

    sorry i was just really bored

  415. Un-Cool-Kid

     /  September 4, 2010

    haha!! really!?

  416. Un-Cool-Kid

     /  September 4, 2010

    Livi i’m in an arguing mood so… Dean sucks Sam’s balls!!!

  417. Livi

     /  January 18, 2011

    umm so i just read that last comment and ummm NOT KOOL!!!! 😡
    just thought id let u know sense its been 4everr scenes iv been on here…
    i dont even know y im on here…?
    annywhooo…. u can suck balls!!!!

  418. This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

  419. I needed to thank you for this good read!! I certainly loved every bit of it.
    I’ve got you book marked to look at new stuff you post…

  1. Supernatural trailer - EN World D&D / RPG News

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