Greek Season Finale Recap 2.22 “At World’s End” Will Cappie & Casey Get Together?

‘Greek’ Finale: It’s the end of the world as they know it

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It’s season finale time on “Greek” and all you loyal fraternal viewers know what that means: it’s time to do the Casey/Cappie dance yet again. Where does all this drama go down? At the “End of the World” party, of course!

Casey’s drama is the main story of the finale, with her fretting over Max’s imminent return which just happens to coincide with the return of her feelings for Cappie. Things seem to be going well with their reunion until Casey falls into an open manhole cover (random!) and somehow this makes her realize that she’s in love with Cappie and has been all along. I know it makes no sense, but just go with it. She finally tells Cappie how she feels and he doesn’t buy it — he thinks she’ll regret choosing him over Max and lays out all of his faults (the ones that she’s so pointedly thrown in his face so many times before). Of course, Max catches them post-conversation and senses the awkwardness, knowing something is up. Cappie gentlemanly falls on the sword and tells Max he was the one hitting on Casey. Aw, Cappie. To her credit, Casey doesn’t lead Max on and tells him that although he’s the perfect guy, he’s not the perfect guy for her. Casey leaves the party alone and Cappie sulks on the roof until Ashleigh confronts him and basically tells him to man up and be with Casey once and for all. The episode ends before we find out what his decision is, so I guess we’ll have to wait until August to see what happens. I for one hope they finally put Casey and Cappie together, because up to this point their relationship has been a lot of tell and no show, and I’m ready to see what they would really be like as a couple. How about you guys?

Panhellenic holds a meeting to punish the Kappa Taus and ZBZ’s for the prank with Frannie’s float. Although the KT’s get off with nothing but a two week social suspension (which won’t even start until after they have an epic “End of the World” party that weekend), Frannie and her minions have it in for Ashleigh and threaten to punish her by reporting the incident to the university, which could result in a suspension for Ash. Holding the girls to a higher standard really just feels like a double standard, now doesn’t it? Even though what they did to the float was a little cruel, Frannie still sucks. Ashleigh goes the blackmail route to get Frannie to back off, but in the end good old fashioned shame is all it takes for Frannie to drop the complaint. In the process, Frannie finally realizes that IKI is a hot mess and disbands the sorority and makes her plans to leave Cyprus-Rhodes for good. I’ve enjoyed Frannie in the past, but her character really has nowhere to go and it’s time for her to leave.

Calvin and Dale spend the episode together trying to avoid having sex with the respective objects of their affection, and generally being hilarious. They even go so far as to take a purity pledge together, although Calvin qualifies his as only being pure of sex with Grant: all other sex is still on the table. Hee. Dale even goes so far as to pretend to be Calvin’s boyfriend in order to throw Grant off track. There is nothing funnier than Dale pretending to be gay, by the way. The purity pledge doesn’t really work for Calvin, though, considering he ends the episode by planting a huge smooch on Grant. Awesome! I am so ready for Calvin to have an actual relationship.

Rusty and Jordan are happy (and even grossly making up a celebrity couple name for themselves) but all their together time is taking its toll on Rusty’s studies. His professor gives him a chance to bring up his grade but Rusty ditches to party with Jordan and the KT’s. I’m sure this will come back to bite him next semester…

Favorite quotes:

  • “We can go. I feel kind of Betsy-ish having a drink at noon.” – Ashley
  • “She is the Energizer seduction bunny.” – Dale
  • “It smells like Hugo Boss and brimstone in here.” – Dale, upon entering Calvin and Grant’s bedroom
  • “Paging Dr. Grey! No wait, you are more like Joey Potter. No, you’re worse. You’re the F-word. Felicity.” – Ashleigh, on Casey’s romantic indecision
  • “But it’s not the end of the world. Don’t you read the scriptures I leave on your pillow? There will be signs!” – Dale
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