Bones Season 5 Spoilers!

In the September 17 season premiere: The episode features a time jump that’s longer than two weeks but less than six months. And an MRI holds the answer to one of the show’s biggest questions. (Michael Ausiello)

“Rosie is out of the picture for now,” confirms series creator Hart Hanson, who adds that “Angela and Hodgins belong together every bit as much as Booth and Brennan — perhaps more. And they will get there. But it’ll be a rough, rough road.” (Michael Ausiello)

In the season premiere, Booth says those three little words…and Brennan says them back. Does it stick? You’ll have to tune in September 17 to find out. (Watch With Kristin)

Booth will demonstrate some pretty strong feelings for Bones right off the bat . . . and they might not be good. (TV Guide)

‘Bones’: Will Booth & Brennan smooch in the season premiere?

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Davidboreanaz The much-hyped Booth/Brennan sex scene which turned out to be little more than a figment of someone’s imagination came and went a couple months ago, but the cast of “Bones” is now back at work and we’re starting to hear a bit of intel on the upcoming fifth season premiere.

Will fans have a reason to smile again? Think so.

First of all, Booth’s amnesia? Not really an issue, at least not in the traditional sense. Apparently, when Booth asked Brennan who she was in May’s finale, he didn’t mean to imply that he didn’t remember her. Apparently Booth just wasn’t sure whether she was his partner, Bones, or his wife/baby mama from the hallucination/alternate reality he experienced while drugged up.

Because of his confusion, we’re hearing Booth will continue to struggle with romantic feelings for the good Dr. B throughout the season premiere and may even kiss her after rescuing her from a dangerous situation.

But just because B/B are sort of taking steps forward in their relationship, there’s no reason to think they’ll be back in the bedroom anytime soon. Executive producer Hart Hanson has already said that there won’t be any sex between them this season… a pretty daring statement to fans, many of whom are still bitter about getting blue balled by the season finale.

However, Hart and his cohorts were the ones who insisted the finale sex scene would be real, so it’s certainly possible that the whole “no sex this season” stuff could just be another bait-and-switch to prevent the surprise from being ruined.

Oh and p.s., on the non-relationship front, is reporting that Cyndi Lauper will be making her “Bones” debut during the season premiere as a psychic who attempts to help Booth and the squints solve a murder. Anyone else hoping this inspires Brennan to do an encore performance of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”?

Brennan was so on the baby train last season on Bones! How can she be going back now? She’s not going back as much as she’s staying undecided and unpredictable. (All the better to torture us with!) As Bones star Emily Deschanel told us when she was at the Monte Carlo TV Fest last week, “I loved the fact that Brennan was adamant about not having children, because with so many female characters it’s just a given that they want children, and I think that is a wonderful choice. I think its important to have people represented who have made the choice not to have children. But I also love and respect the fact that she’s unpredictable, and she did make that decision that she wanted to have children. These characters are so unpredictable, they have contradictions, and that was one thing I loved from the beginning of the show.” Source: E!Online

Will Angela’s old flame Roxie return to Bones next season? We caught up with Roxie (Nichole Hiltz) herself at the Los Angeles Times’ Envelope Emmy screening series, where she told us that she will not be back on Bones: “Not that I know of, unfortunately, but I loved being on that show. I loved playing that part. I wish it had gone on longer and been fleshed out a little bit more. Michaela Conlin is honestly one of the sweetest, loveliest girls I’ve ever worked with. There was no awkwardness whatsoever. I had a great time on that show. It’s a good cast.” Source: E!Online

“Booth’s problem isn’t remembering who Brennan is,” [Hart Hanson] tells me, “it’s remembering which Brennan she is. ” Source: The Ausiello Files

Emily Deschanel Says a Bones-Booth Pregnancy Unlikely Next Season

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Not only did Bones and Booth not have baby-making sex on Bones last season, they probably aren’t going to creating a l’il Brennan anytime soon, as Bones star Emily Deschanel says it’s unlikely her character will become pregnant anytime soon.

“There are complications along the way of [Temperance and Booth] discussing having children,” Emily explained during an appearance at the 49th Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco. “I think it’s very possible she will be pregnant in the future but I don’t think its going to happen right away. I think she has some growing to do.”

“Everyone is aware that once you get the two characters together you lose that glue that holds the show together, which is that sexual tension,” she said. “I think they are being very careful about how to move forward without destroying that tension.”

Emily also revealed part of season five’s guest-star lineup, which includes a very famous lady rock star…

Apparently performer Cyndi Lauper will be stopping by next year. Emily said, “I don’t think [Cyndi] will be playing herself, but I’m not sure what role she’ll play, they’re debating it now.” Emily says the guest gig came about when, “I sang ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ in one episode. She saw it and was interested in being in the show. She was an idol from when I was a child so I will probably be beside myself that day.”

Stephen Fry will also be back, and it’s still true that Emily’s sis Zooey Deschanel may stop by the Bones set one of these days. (FYI, Emily’s cinematographer father Caleb Deschanel has directed a Bones episode, and her mother Mary Jo Deschanel, an actress, guested on House last season as Kutner’s mourning mother.)

Emily says of the possible sister act, “[Zooey] is interested in being on the show, and I know [Bones executive producer] Hart Hanson would love to have her on the show. It’s just a matter of finding time where she’s available…It’s very difficult because she’s always working as an actor or touring as a musician or recording, she’s very busy. So just getting the time together to get her to work on bones has been difficult but hopefully by the end we will have her on the show.”

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