Burn Notice Season 3 Spoilers!

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Burn Notice – Season 3 – Cast Promotional Photos

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Burn Notice – Season 3 Promotional Posters

Burn Notice – Upcoming Episode Info

Episode 3.05 – Signals and Codes
A paranoid mathematician enlists Michael’s help to stop the vice president of a defense firm from selling company secrets; Michael tracks down a new contact in the intelligence community.

Episode 3.06 – The Hunter
When he hears about an operative from his past who is hunting him, Michael turns to a prominent member of Miami’s underworld for help; a man approaches Michael with an offer.

Episode 3.07 – Shot in the Dark
Michael, Sam and Fiona help a young boy whose family is being terrorized by his abusive stepfather; Michael’s new contact returns with an interesting proposition to help Michael get back into the intelligence community.

Episode 3.08 – Friends Like These
Barry enlists Michael’s help in tracking down his money-laundering client list, which has been stolen; Fiona disagrees with Michael’s attempts to reconnect with the intelligence community.

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Burn Notice – Episode 3.01 – Friends and Family – Promotional Photos

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Burn Notice – Episode 3.03 – End Run – Promotional Photos

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Burn Notice – Episode 3.04 – Fearless

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Burn Notice – Episode 3.05 – Signals and Codes – Promotional Photos

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Burn Notice – Casting News

Burn Notice has tapped Tony and Golden Globe-nominated actor Ben Shenkman to join the cast as the man of Michael Westen’s dreams: a dude who can make his burn notice disappear forever. Shenkman, last seen raging against Derek for killing his ailing wife on Grey’s Anatomy, will play the recurring role of Tom Strickler, a smooth-talking, gregarious freelance spy broker who offers to cancel Michael’s (Jeffrey Donovan) burn notice in exchange for an unspecified — and potentially lethal — job. Shenkman’s on board for a minimum of four episodes, the first of which will air midway through the show’s third season (debuting in June). Source: EW

Burn Notice – Episode 3.02 – Casting Call

[PATRICIA] Female, 30s, any ethnicity. A pretty Suburban soccer mom who has recently separated from her husband, Howard. When their son is kidnapped, her first reaction is to blame her estranged husband. But despite their animosity, it’s clear that she cares more about him than she lets on. GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

[HOWARD] Male, 30s, any ethnicity. A mild-mannered, buttoned-down sales manager who once put his job ahead of his family. When his young son is kidnapped, Howard feels responsible and discovers a courage he didn’t know he had. sptv050769 GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

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Burn Notice – Episode 3.03 – End Run – Casting Call

[CARVER] Male, 40s, any ethnicity. An engineer type. A mid-level employee in the R & D division of a weapons manufacturer. Intelligent… but thinks he’s smarter than he really is. A life-long bachelor with an abrasive personality, Carver is short on patience and has a quick temper. He’s also a gun nut, who doesn’t hesitate to take the law into his own hands…GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

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Burn Notice – Episode 3.04 – Fearless Leader – Plotline and Casting

Michael tries to get Detective Michelle Paxson off his back by handing over her latest prime suspect, crimelord RICK HEINEKER; trying to get to Heineker via one of his henchmen, TOMMY D’ANTONIO, Michael discovers to his surprise that Tommy’s actually a decent guy who winds up helping them put Heineker away. Meanwhile, Sam is tortured by an IRS auditor, STACEY CONNOLLY…

[STACEY CONNOLLY] Male, in his late 20s to 30s, an IRS desk jockey, Stacey is a bookish, humorless (to the point of funny), by-the-book auditor who’s come to do an audit on Sam’s rather whimsical tax documentation for the past four years. A bit vindictive in his obvious intent to make Sam pay–and pay and pay–Stacey turns out to have a personal agenda vis a vis Sam, who dated his mother when Stacey was just a kid…LARGE GUEST STAR (12)

[TOMMY D’ANTONIO] Male, 40s to 50s, a low-rent, slightly past his prime thug trying to climb the criminal ladder, Tommy is one of kingpin Rick Heineker’s satellite wannabes, inept but eager, always trying to get Rick interested in one of his schemes, and constantly humiliated by him instead. Truly a terrible crook, Tommy is thrilled to be flattered by a young, ambitious hoodlum (Michael using an assumed name), complete with his own crew, and he’s even more excited to discover during a small robbery job that they’re truly talented. Thinking to use his new crew to work his way into Heineker’s good graces, Tommy is horrified when Rick wants to try them all out on a job that’s purely a suicide mission, and can’t bring himself to offer it to Michael. Stunned to learn that Michael isn’t who he seemed to be, Tommy agrees to help them bring Rick down–after which, he decides to go straight.sptv050769..LARGE GUEST STAR (15)

[RICK HEINEKER] Male, 40s, cold, calculating, and heartless with a cruel streak, Rick is a crime kingpin who makes his living ripping off drug dealers. A guy who delights in humiliating his low-level thugs like Tommy, Heineker repeatedly rebuffs Tommy’s efforts to go in on a job with him. However, when Tommy comes to him with a new and talented crew, Heineker decides to bring him in on his next job–knowing full well it’s a suicide mission for them…GUEST STAR (14)

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Burn Notice – Episode 3.05 – Casting Call

[SPENCER] In his early 30s, any ethnicity. Schizophrenic. Excitable. Manic, but endearing. MIT graduate. A broken math genius with a big heart. Spencer is now a window washer at a Halliburton type company, where he uncovers a plot to sell the names of undercover spies. Spencer is passionate about stopping the plot, and delusional to the point that he thinks aliens are behind it all. Seeing what the disease has done to him will break your heart…GUEST STAR

[SHANNON PARK] In her 30s, any ethnicity. A Vice President in the Tech Division of Stone Kittredge, a private defense firm a la Halliburton. Whip smart, with an overwhelming sense of competence… Shannon possesses a mastery of her field. As icy cold as she is intelligent, she has a dark presence and no morals. She has used her high-level clearance to steal encryption software and has been selling the names of covert operatives… three have died so far because of her actions, and she has no intention of stopping…GUEST STAR

[DIEGO RENZA] In his 40s, Latino. Charming, friendly, suave, but not in a cheesy way… imagine George Clooney if he were Latino and had spent the last twenty years working as a field operative for the CIA. Diego has traveled the world, and been in his fair share of hot spots. Now, he’s more than happy running out the clock on his career working at a black-bag CIA distribution center in Miami. His simple life of shipping boxes for the government is threatened when Michael lands on his doorstep… and Diego makes it very clear he’s not interested in helping Michael get back in.sptv050769..GUEST STAR. POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE.

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.06 – The Hunter – Plotline and Casting Call

When Michael finds out he’s being stalked by a group of vengeful but mysterious Ukrainians, he turns to JAMES BECK, an importer of hijacked cargo with ties to Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, before the uncooperative Beck can help, Michael is kidnapped, along with Beck, by his adversaries, who turn out to be working for the Russian PYOTR CHECHIK, a ruthless Russian mobster who is not a fan of Michael’s…

[JAMES BECK] Male, 40s, African American, a hard-core, intimidating, well-dressed man, Beck is a successful truck hijacker who ships his stolen cargo to the highest bidder; as Fiona puts it, he’s “like FedEx for the caviar and Kalishnikov set.” Well-connected in Eastern Europe, Beck is more of a businessman than a thug, and he’s not happy when Michael, who’s learned that some Ukrainians are after him, tries to befriend him for some information. He’s even less happy when he’s kidnapped along with Michael by the Ukrainians, who assume he and Michael are partners. Furious at being reliant upon Michael’s survival skills as they flee their pursuers through Florida swampland, Beck would prefer to just shoot as many people as he can to get himself out of the situation, but he’s forced to concede that Michael’s plans are generally better than his own when it comes to staying alive. Ultimately wounded when one of his own schemes goes awry, Beck is kept alive by Michael’s efforts, and in the end admits to a grudging respect for him…LARGE GUEST STAR (7)

[PYOTR CHECHIK] Male, Russian, 35-55 years old, MUST SPEAK WITH AN AUTHENTIC RUSSIAN ACCENT. A mobster/warlord the leader of a criminal syndicate, powerful, ruthless, smart, “bad temper; good shot,” Chechik had a bad run-in with Michael some years ago, has finished fifteen years in prison, and is now going after him with an army in tow. A man who seems to enjoy the hunt, Chechik follows Michael and Beck through a Florida swamp, where he taunts Michael over a two-way radio, explaining to him how his business has changed from provincial to international, providing him a “Ukrainian team, Hungarian weapons, Russian funding.” A crafty and tenacious enemy, Chechik ultimately proves no match for Michael.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (31)

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Burn Notice – Episode 3.07 – Shot In The Dark – Casting Call

[TOM STRICKLER] Male, Any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Free Lance Spy Broker. A fast talking hustler, Strickler makes a living by contracting current and former spies to do work on the side. He’s like a talent agent, but for spies. A born salesman, Strickler is charismatic and gregarious, but underneath the charm is an edge that can turn deadly under the wrong circumstances. He offers to cancel Michael’s burn notice in exchange for an unspecified job — a blind date that could easily get Michael killed. He waits and watches while Michael wriggles and twists — but ultimately Michael decides that he has no choice but to accept a deal with the devil…GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE. MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR A 4-EPISODE ARC FROM 4/29-6/10. LOOKING FOR NAME ACTORS ONLY.

[APRIL LUNA] Female, Caucasian, in her 30s, April is a pretty young mom with two children, 13 year old Joey and 3 year old Danny. Unhappily married to a local politician with mobster connections, Erik Luna, she’s in the middle of a messy divorce from her husband, who regards “spouse” as a synonym for “punching bag.” Facing a bitter custody dispute, she fears that Erik will use his cash and connections to take her children away — and when Michael agrees to take her case, she sees the first glimmer of hope..GUEST STAR (10)

[JOEY] Male, Caucasian, 12-14 years old, he’s the son of April Luna and the stepson of Erik Luna. He loathes his stepdad Erik for his quick fists, and is determined to kill him, free his mom and half-brother, and live with the consequences. Caught by Michael while in the act of trying to boost a weapon from Fiona’s apartment, he spills his story, and cannot believe it when Michael agrees to clean up his family dispute without using an attorney or a shotgun. But Joey is an impatient kid without trust or foresight, who tries a second time to eliminate Erik the direct way…GUEST STAR (6)

[ERIK LUNA] Male, Caucasian, in his 30s, handsome and arrogant, Erik is a rich, well-connected local politician with mobster connections; he’s on every political board, he’s a big deal down at the docks, and he owns a piece of the local country club. He’s the face of the operation, with his brother Quinn providing muscle and guns to back him up. He’s certain that he can put over any crooked deal he dreams up. A little too cocky, he’s in the middle of a custody battle with his wife April, and he intends to leave her with no kids and no money, but with maybe a pair of black eyes to remember him by. Having been foolish enough to sell some very pricey (and confiscated) luxury cars without his brother’s okay, Erik has left himself open to attack from outside, and Michael mercilessly exploits that advantage, convincing Erik that he cheated on an unstable psychopath who’s out to kill him. Quickly reduced to a state of babbling paranoia, Erik winds up locked in a nuthatch by his brother Quinn, who can’t afford to have a madman as his front.sptv050769..LARGE GUEST STAR (13)

[QUINN LUNA] Male, Caucasian, 40, he is Erik’s older brother and the muscle of the family, a mobster with a commanding presence, a permanent scowl, and a staff of bodyguards. The guy who built the Luna family empire over the cracked skulls of his rivals, he’s let his smooth-talking, polished brother become the front for the family enterprises — only he can’t afford to have Erik betray him or lose control in any way. A professional smuggler who ordered his brother to marry April so that he would look respectable, Quinn has to take serious action when he’s convinced (by Michael) that Erik has lost his marbles…GUEST STAR (13)

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.08 – Friends Like These – Plotline and Casting Call

Michael sucks it up and does a small but vital job for the slippery Stickler, who promises to clear Michael’s burn notice as a quid pro quo. At the same time, he agrees to help Barry (who’s just as slippery financially as Stickler is slippery politically) to retrieve a vital business ledger that has been stolen by extortionists…

[NATALIE RICE / WOMAN] Female, Caucasian, 30s, MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH AN AMERICAN AS WELL AS ANY OTHER NON-AMERICAN ACCENT. Natalie is an attractive woman local realtor with a picture of her son on her keychain. She’s been blackmailed into accompanying villainous Serbian extortionist Milovan Bakic on a driving tour of Miami while he sets up a chain of safe houses. Captured by Michael and Sam along with Milovan, Natalie puddles up, convincingly acting like a terrified, sobbing, wailing mess of a woman who insists that she’s just the driver. Busily pleading for a chance to save her life and see her son once more, it turns out that Natalie is not as vulnerable and innocent as she appears…GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECURRING.

[MILOVAN BAKIC / MAN] Male, Caucasian, 40s-50s, MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH AN AUTHENTIC EASTERN EUROPEAN ACCENT. Milovan is a foreign looking and scary as hell extortionist. He is a former torturer for an Eastern European intelligence service. Part of an elaborate scheme to extort $5 million from a hapless Barry, Milovan is captured along with his “stupid American driver,” realtor Natalie Rice. Familiar with every trick in the interrogator’s handbook, Milovan is stonily impervious to Sam’s best efforts to crack him wide open and find the location of the stolen ledger.sptv050769..GUEST STAR

[AMY] Female, Any ethnicity, 30s. She is the feisty girlfriend of Barry, the money launderer with the priceless ledger. In fact, Amy is not as interested in Barry as she appears, and she’s been offered $100,000 in order to help a pair of extortionists facilitate the theft of his ledger. Basically a clueless dupe who betrayed her doting boyfriend for a fistful of dollars, Amy is unpleasantly dragged into the real world when Michael and Fiona point out an awkward fact: her employers attached a huge firebomb to her brand new BMW… PLEASE SUBMIT MIAMI LOCAL HIRES ONLY FOR THIS ROLE, WHICH MEANS ACTOR IS WILLING AND ABLE TO TRAVEL AND BOARD THEMSELVES IN MIAMI.
Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.09 – Casting Call

[SEAN GLENANNE] – Male, IRISH, 30-45 years old, Fiona’s brother. LOOKING FOR NATIVE IRISH ACTORS ONLY. Charming, intense, well educated. A bit of a live wire, and no stranger to violence… imagine the male version of Fiona. Sean has a fiery passion for both love and war. Sean’s past may be slightly shady, but his intentions are noble. He’s lived his entire life in Dublin, and speaks with a flawless Irish accent…GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE.

Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive Burn Notice – Episode 3.11 – Friendly Fire – Plotline and Casting Call

It’s a time for unlikely liaisons, as Michael teams with a local gang leader and Sam teams with a detested former buddy in order to bring a notorious child predator to justice…

[MACK] Male, Caucasian, 50 years old. Sam’s old friend and former fellow SEAL, he is fit and looks like the original Marlboro Man. He and Sam had a mysterious “dust-up” and Sam still hates his guts for what he considers a past betrayal. Now with the Houston P.D., Mack lost two men on the trail of Rincon, a notorious child predator, but the case has been closed, and Mack is still determined to see justice served. He asks Sam to help him capture Rincon, and Sam reluctantly agrees. But while they’re blowing things up trying to get their man, the two men wind up mending some old fences as well…LARGE GUEST STAR.

[OMAR ENRIQUEZ] Male, Latino, 20’s to early 30’s. This good-looking gangbanger is the “king of the barrio,” but although he dabbles in criminal activities, he’s actually a benign leader who provides peace and stability in his neighborhood. Both perturbed and infuriated by Michael, who leans on him to help find a notorious child predator who has gone to ground in the area, Omar eventually joins forces with this mysterious gringo, who helps him battle a vicious gang leader that is muscling in on his turf. It’s an odd liaison, a quid pro quo that ultimately benefits both men…GUEST STAR

[FELIPE VEGAS] Male, Latino, mid 30’s to early 40’s. This steely-eyed and ruthless gangbanger is a drug-dealing scumbag who is muscling in on Omar’s territory. Insisting that Omar pay him regular “protection,” Vegas is the man protecting notorious child predator, Rincon, a former drug partner. He’s convinced that he’s invulnerable, but when Omar and Michael join forces, their unlikely alliance brings Vegas down with a big bang.sptv050769..GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT

[RINCON] Male, Latino, 30’s to 40’s. A SCARY looking gangbanger. He is “Evil personified,” and a notorious child predator who recently killed a couple of Mack’s fellow officers. Now under the protection of his former drug partner, Vegas, Rincon seems to have successfully eluded justice — that is, until Michael and his team come after him…GUEST STAR IS CREDITS WARRANT.

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice‘s Gabrielle Anwar Ponders a Combustible Coupling

Source: TV Guide Online

Gabrielle Anwar

Burn Notice (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET) is on fire, both figuratively and literally (usually thanks to Fiona’s pyrotechnic work). After opening its third season with a cool 6 million viewers, the USA Network action-drama has been spying impressive demos. But will things ever combust between Michael and his onetime lady love? Gabrielle Anwar offered TVGuide.com a peek at what’s to come.

TVGuide.com: That was some nifty knife-throwing Fiona demonstrated in last week’s episode.
Gabrielle Anwar:
[Laughs] Thank you. I fooled ya, huh? Yeah, that wasn’t me. I did learn how to throw that thing, but I confess that they wouldn’t let me do it if there was another human being within a mile radius.

TVGuide.com: So then what fun skills have you learned on the show? Is there anything you could pull off in a pinch? Maybe wire some C-4?
I could probably blow something up. But I think our props master, who is quite the genius, is reluctant to give me every ingredient in the recipe, just in case I ever have a pissy moment.

TVGuide.com: Jeffrey Donovan in real life boasts some mad martial-arts skills (including a black belt in karate and six years of aikido training). Does he ever show you moves?
When we do have a fight sequence, he shows me what to do because I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen if I, you know, flick my elbow this way or thrust my knee that way. He’s been quite instrumental in my not hurting anyone!

TVGuide.com: Fiona this season seems somewhat intent on making inroads on a relationship with Michael. Is that an accurate take?
I suppose so, yeah. She’s a girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t like to be crossed. She’s definitely setting out to get inside his head.

TVGuide.com: In the season premiere, her “I’m glad you are alive” was terse yet seemed laden with emotion.
Yeah, I don’t think that her verbal articulation is quite as seasoned as her physical expressions. She’s not one for mincing words.

TVGuide.com: Will the Michael-Fiona fans ever get more than a forehead kiss?
I hope so! We haven’t shot anything like that yet this season. But we do have some steamy moments.

TVGuide.com: Do you think there is a way to put them together and still keep things exciting?
I don’t know…. It depends on what your definition of “put them together” is. I know that in my own personal life, once something is taken for granted, no matter what it is, it loses that element of enigmatic passion. It’s the nature of the beast. I can’t imagine that Fiona would ever settle for a mundane lifestyle. I doubt that “Fiona settles down” would ever be in one of the episode outlines.

TVGuide.com: Moon Bloodgood’s new character, Det. Paxson, was billed on-screen as “Michael’s worst nightmare.” Might she prove to be a thorn in Fi’s side as well?
Perhaps, and possibly as more than an obvious physical [rival]. I think it’s more another element that’s going to keep Michael preoccupied, and away from me. I think that if Fiona was bothered by every absolutely drop-dead, stunning, gorgeous chick that came along, she may as well just head out of Miami.

TVGuide.com: There have been some recent headlines about Burn Notice‘s production having troubles down in Miami. What’s that all about?
Yeah. There’s some sort of political rumblings about the property that we use for our production offices and sound stage. There’s a possibility that it might be torn down. I’m not sure where it’s going.

TVGuide.com: Do you think the show would ever relocate and change its setting?
For what the show is right now, I can’t imagine it being anywhere else. It’s a key feature. I’ve heard Jeffrey say in interviews that Miami is a character unto itself, and I couldn’t agree more.

TVGuide.com: Plus, any place less warm wouldn’t allow Fiona to wear so little.
[Laughs] That is a very good point!

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