Private Practice Season 3 Spoilers!

Private Practice: Violet Is Alive, but Is Her Baby?

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Spoiler Alert: Violet (Amy Brenneman) is alive! Let’s all take a moment to jump for joy now that we know she survived that makeshift surgery by the unstable patient stealing her baby.

Now onto the juicy stuff! Amy is dishing what really happened with the slicing and dicing of Violet’s belly, who comes to her rescue and who the real baby daddy is, so be warned. It can’t be all serious though; Amy has a good laugh telling the cast of Grey’s Anatomy to “calm the hell down.”

So can Pete (Tim Daly) and Violet survive this life-changing moment? Watch the video above to get the scoop from Amy, and then read on below for Tim’s opinion on the matter.

Private Practice, Tim Daly, Amy Brennemen, Chris Lowell ABC/RON TOM

Amy seems to think Pete and Violet can withstand anything, but can Pete really love a damaged Violet? Tim Daly tells us, “Violet is so f–ked up. She’s got something because a lot of people cut her a lot of slack. A lot of people love her despite all her difficulties, so I would say of course Pete could love her.”

What’s happened with Violet does spill over to the Oceanside Wellness Center. Tim teases, “There’s a lot going on. Violet is going through this trauma that she has to deal with, and that’s going to affect everyone around her. Naomi has quit. It’s all a big mess.”

What we’re really wondering about, though, is which guy is the baby daddy? Tim doesn’t help us out much there: “The baby might survive and either Pete or Sheldon might be the father. I found out who the father of the baby was yesterday. However it plays out, some poor schmuck—might be me—is going to have to act with a baby a lot.”

Did he just let slip that the baby survived the ordeal? Hit the comments to discuss!

Promo: Private Practice (Season 3)

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Question: Do you have anything scoopy for Private Practice? The season finale left me clinging to my seat and cringing in pain for Amy Brenneman! Ausiello: Two things I can share: Violet lives. And twenty minutes will have lapsed between the last frame of the finale and the first frame of the premiere.

Question: I loved Addison and Noah on Private Practice. I know Josh Hopkins is on Cougar Town now, but will he return to give closure to the storyline? Ausiello: Currently, there are no plans for Hopkins to return. Amanda Detmer, however, will be back as his wife.

Do you know if Violet and Charlotte are coming back on Private Practice? Good news! KaDee Strickland has confirmed her return for the third season, but it did come down to the wire. Says KaDee, “Until I got my pickup letter, I didn’t think I was coming back like the rest of us. I think Amy [Brenneman] got hers; I’m sure she did. It should be an interesting thing to see what they do when we come back.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

What’s the deal with the Private Practice season finale?! Is Violet being killed off? MATT: What, you don’t think crazy Katie can pull off her first C-section, using just a “how to” manual? And what of Charlotte, who just got canned by Bill Buchanan? I asked Amy Brenneman about both of those possible departures, and she said, “As far as I know,” both Violet and Charlotte will return for Season 3. Brenneman even hinted that things aren’t quite over for Violet and Cooper, romantically. “That’s the eternal love, let’s be honest,” she said. “So yeah, don’t give up hope.” Source: TV Guide Online

Private Practice – Tim Daly(Pete) Interview

Source: TV Guide

In its second season, ABC’s Private Practice prescribed much growth for Pete Wilder. Originally introduced as a bad boy for Addison to lust after, Tim Daly’s alter ego has since been revealed to have a noble past as a member of Doctors Without Borders. What’s more, when a fling with Violet caught afire and resulted in pregnancy, Pete stepped up to profess his paternal leanings. invited Daly to reflect on the character’s evolution, as well as wish for Wilder days ahead. When we spoke at the start of Season 2, you had certain hopes for Pete’s trajectory. How satisfied were you with how things actually played out?
Tim Daly:
I was pretty happy. He remains rather mysterious, and he seems to be vacillating between being a lothario and someone who wants to have a more meaningful relationship. We left him making a strong play for Violet, and in a very earnest way. I’m not sure where he’s going to wind up, but… I’m still interested in him. It’s funny — I like the character a lot, and usually when I like someone I wish them smooth sailing and a calm, serene life. But as an actor I hope that Season 3 offers nothing but trouble for Pete. It’s so much more fun when you have something going through a lot of s–t. Did you fear that a Pete-Violet hook-up would be a tough sell?
You know, I didn’t really think of it that way. I thought that Pete and Violet were oddly good together… Which we quickly saw. But the way they were abruptly thrown together, sometimes that can backfire on a story.
: Yeah, but I like working with Amy [Brenneman] so much, I thought we should just let it rip and see what happens. So far, it’s good. Again, relationships on television played out over a long period of time are only good when there are tons of problems, and clearly they have some coming up. I also feel there’s an inevitability to Pete and Addison at some point getting together. So many fans continue to reference that to me, so… we’ll see. Did you in fact have an issue with the message that the Pete-Violet-Sheldon/”two possible dads” story was sending? When I spoke to your longtime friend Amy Brenneman, she dismissed it as your “ego” talking.
Oh, no, no, no — she’s insane. [Chuckles] I do think that in a certain respect women have been struggling for so long to get men to take responsibility for the children that they father, and here we have a woman with two men saying, “I’m willing to be responsible” — and she is saying, “Ah, never mind.” I think it’s very odd, but the fact that I might disagree with it is great. I don’t need to be acting in a show where my point of view is at the forefront of a storyline. It’s almost better when I disagree. The thing that’s great about [Private Practice creator] Shonda [Rhimes] is that, whatever you think of her, she is unafraid to create controversy. She has this understanding that a lot of television executives certainly don’t, which is that when an audience disagrees passionately with a storyline, that’s not bad. That means they’re invested in it. Speaking of which, was there any discussion or hesitation about that very last scene from the season finale? The morning after it aired, I got this sense that ABC might have had some misgivings. [Pregnant Violet had been sedated by a crazed patient intent on surgically stealing her unborn baby.]
I don’t know what the network thought, but it stirred people up — and when entertainment does that, it’s a good thing. One of my favorite episodes we did this season was about euthanasia. Joel Grey played an old friend of mine who was dying of cancer and wanted Pete to help him die. That’s controversial stuff. We’ve done stories about abortion, and vaccination and autism…. For a television show that’s appealing to a large audience, that’s pretty cool.

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  1. Dharma Cory

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    I was just wondering when season 3 is starting????Does anybody know?

  2. Kirsty

     /  November 25, 2009

    Does Violets baby survive??????

  3. Does anyone know when i can purchase season 3 of Private Practise, i have seen up to the end of Season 2 and would love to continue watching


  4. Pete

     /  October 18, 2010

    Which doctor, more at home in seattle, turns up in california during season three?

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