The Secret Life of the American Teenager Episode Recap 2.2 “What’s Done is Done”

‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’: Looking to blame someone

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Grace This week’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” focused on, as I think we all expected, the aftermath of Marshall Bowman’s death. Grace and Tom were very strong in their opinions about who was responsible, and neither of them thought Grace was innocent. Tom blamed Adrian for making sex looking like fun, and Grace blamed herself for having sex, but both essentially placed the blame on Grace’s actions on the evening in question. I understand where they were coming from, but I for one don’t believe that sort of thing to be possible.

As for the specifics of Grace’s logic, she figured that her dad was there to tell her what to do and what not to do, and because she refused to listen to her dad about having sex, God opted to take her dad away. Thank goodness Kathleen did her best to nip that idea in the bud. I do have to wonder whether Kathleen believed what she was saying however. There was a moment there at the end of the scene where Kathleen looked as though she too might blame Grace. I’m hoping that I misread her look – there was certainly nothing definitive about it – but I’m not sure I did.

Adrian certainly took the news that Tom blamed her pretty hard. She didn’t agree, but just because she didn’t agree doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. I have to applaud Adrian’s trying to protect Grace though, Grace said she didn’t want to see anyone – including Adrian – and Adrian did her best to dissuade people from going to Grace’s house. Adrian failed, Amy was going to go no matter what, but she tried and even called Grace her best friend.

Elsewheres tonight, wow was Amy annoyed at the idea of Ben babysitting. Now, if Ben has been over there every night since John was born, has he really not spent enough time with John for Amy to be comfortable with Ben watching John? Have they not tried some sort of “dry run” babysitting with Ben upstairs with John and Amy downstairs panicking that Ben was hurting the little one? Of course, maybe Amy wasn’t wrong because Ben did leave John with Leo and Betty.

Ah, Leo and Betty. Is Leo really engaged to her now? Talk about a whirlwind romance. After hearing Betty’s story about the “dog” that was a man who may still be her husband, I have to wonder if she’s just with Leo because Leo has enough cash to make her dog of a possible husband disappear forever. And, wasn’t it just last season that Leo still felt as though he never wanted to move forward from Ben’s mom?

Anne definitely indicated tonight that George wasn’t the father of her new pup, that it was David, but I wonder if that was solely because George denied that he could possibly be the father due to the vasectomy. I’d like to know if Anne has empirical evidence on the issue (did George admit to not having gotten the vasectomy in front of Ashley, that last “no” seemed inconclusive). David took the whole dad thing very well, but come on now, do you really think it ends there? With either David or George?

Odds and ends:

  • Kathleen’s hysterical laughter after Anne saying that she wasn’t telling people yet about the pregnancy – awesome, pure awesome.
  • Is George going to try to make a play on Kathleen? As fun as that might be to watch, I’m sticking with my stated desire from last week to see George and Anne get back together.
  • I really liked how happy Adrian was at the idea of being a part of a family and living in a house with said family. Definitely a good moment for the show.
  • Was that beer Jack was drinking after his fight with Grace? Is that going to be his big story for the season?
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