Entourage Season 6 Spoilers & Casting!

Autumn Reeser plays an upcoming junior agent at Miller-Gold who is hooking up with Gary Cole’s greasy character. (Watch With Kristin)

Running on E – Airing August 2, 2009
With production on his next film delayed, Vince (Adrian Grenier) searches for ways to amuse himself. Andrew (Gary Cole) tells Ari (Jeremy Piven) he’s ended his affair with a co-worker, but Ari has Lloyd (Rex Lee) keep an eye on him anyway. Drama (Kevin Dillon) auditions actresses to play his new love interest on “Five Towns”; Jamie-Lynn (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) takes Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) shopping for back-to-school clothes; and a bored Eric (Kevin Connelly) contemplates his next move. (TVOvermind)

Fore – Airing August 9, 2009
At a charity golf tournament, Vince and Drama up the stakes with teammates Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady. Having fielded an awkward situation with Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Eric gets an unexpected job offer. After refusing to break the “guy code,” Ari finds himself in the doghouse with Mrs. Ari (Perry Reeves) and Jeffrey Tambor. (TVOvermind)

Murphy’s Lie – Airing August 16, 2009
Eric considers the management-company offer while trying to patch things up with Ashley (Alexis Dziena) following a Freudian slip. Ari finally gets Mrs. Ari to forgive him at home, but an appearance by Mrs. Klein (Jami Gertz) tests his resolve at work. Drama tries to protect Jamie-Lynn from a disreputable network executive. (TVOvermind)

No More Drama – Airing August 23, 2009
Vince and Turtle decide to arm themselves after a break-in. Drama goes to desperate measures to repair his tarnished relationship with a network exec. On his first day at his new job, Eric butts heads with one of the managers over who can close Bob Saget as a client. (TVOvermind)

The Sorkin Notes – Airing August 30, 2009
Eric agrees to meet up with Sloan, but rethinks their whole relationship after Ashley calls him. Andrew’s meltdown puts a big deal in jeopardy. Fearing for their safety, Vince and the boys decide to call in the pros. (TVOvermind)

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  1. Rehinna

     /  November 1, 2010

    you know what all of you people you should stop saying all of these things on this post your note thing because they are not making another season because the thing that you can tell because on the season 5 they are already saying that season 5 is already the final season so there is no more seasons coming and they are good season but who made this season is very smart but the dumb thing is that he or she is not smart enought too make more, if I were you the writers I would make lots more seasons I wouldn’t care if it would take like a year I would still make more that you can make the other people happy that want more seasons to come out! thanks that’s all I have to say!!!

    OH, and Jennifer Love Hewitt if you are reading these messages I hope you are thinking about what I just said. thank you Lennifer and who ever made the other seasons, but too DAMN bad that thye not making any more! and I already bought all of the other seasons 1,2,3,4, but 5 I haven’t but I am going right know to go and buy it at Walmart, I hope that it is going to be a great season that 1,2,3,4 were, THANKS GUYS!! I LOVE YOU

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