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‘True Blood’: The true Reverend revealed

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True Blood” begins to pick up the pace this week, with storylines that have long been on slow burn finally taking some dramatic turns.

We start out with a killer teaser this week featuring my favorite bad-boy vamp Eric feeding on one of the hotel’s working girls. He stops when Lorena enters the room and he greets her with the revelation that he was the one who summoned her to Dallas. Naughty, naughty, Eric! I Methinks he wanted a little distraction for Bill, no? He confirms that he wants something from Sookie and needs Lorena to keep Bill busy while he gets it. I can’t wait to see how this shakes out!

This week also features another lovely flashback! This time we get to see Lorena and Bill in Prohibition-era Chicago. It seems the Bill of 80 years ago wasn’t so human friendly, as the flashback involves Lorena and Bill seducing, torturing and killing a rich couple for fun. Aw, they’re just like old school Angelus and Darla! Them having sex on the bloody bed while their female victim lay there dying was deliciously disturbing. It’s nice to be reminded that vamps aren’t all kittens and TruBlood and rainbows.

Bill and Isabel decide to send a fellow human, Hugo, with Sookie to infiltrate the Fellowship, with them posing as an engaged couple. They exchange notes about dating vampires, which hee! It turns out Hugo wants to be turned so he can be with Isabel forever, which Sookie admits she has never even thought about before. I think it might come up at some point. Just a hunch. Sookie and Hugo go on their mission, which starts out great until Sookie reads Reverend and Sarah Newlin’s minds and realizes they know EXACTLY who she is. Ruh roh! The Reverend tries to lure them into the basement, but when they try to flee he and his henchman drag them down there against their will. Bill senses Sookie’s danger but is stopped by Lorena making her appearance. Will Jason be the one to discover his sister in danger? Here’s hoping.

Jason gets tapped to participate in the infamous and prestigious “Meet the Sun” ceremony, which is basically a vampire torture/murder ritual. What an honor! While building the torture device, Jason and Luke get in a conversation about infidelity and abstinence. Jason considers becoming abstinent for at least 30 seconds, but I doubt it will stick. Especially when Sarah later cries on his shoulder, reveals to him that they are being trained to start a war with the vampires, and puts it out there that she is supposed to be with him, not the Reverend. God told her so and everything! Jason confirms that Sarah got the go-ahead from God for them to have an affair, and he dives right in there in the church. Now that’s the Jason we know and love!

Andy questions Lafayette about his disappearance and loss of pizazz since he’s been back. He starts yelling at Lafayette and this causes a PTSD-type reaction on Lafayette where he sees Andy’s words coming out of Eric’s mouth. Very effectively creepy. Terry recognizes Lafayette’s pain, runs his cousin off and comforts Lafayette. Later, Pam shows up in Merlotte’s walk-in and informs him that Eric is demanding Lafayette get back in the V business. Eeenteresting.

Hoyt’s mother canceled his phone because Jessica was calling him late at night. Hoyt demands his mother turn the phone back on and one-ups her concern about Jessica not being a proper girl by confessing that the reason she only calls him late at night is because she’s a vampire. Awesome. Hoyt drives to Dallas and surprises Jessica in her hotel room, and they have a very sweet reunion. I hope this doesn’t end badly.

Tara and Eggs go on a water heater pump rescue mission to appease Maryann’s completely bitchy reaction to the house’s old one breaking. While on the road Eggs has a very strong deja vu moment that causes him to go wandering down a road he says he’s never seen but can navigate with ease. His trek leads him to a ritual sacrifice-looking site where he senses he witnessed some very bad things go down. They return to find the house trashed and Maryann hosting a giant orgy in Sookie’s backyard. An orgy in which Arlene and Terry are participating! They witness Maryann’s obvious instigator role (and no doubt notice that the site they happened upon earlier looked just like this) but can’t help but join in. It’s like some sort of group forced rape, and it’s icky. Cut it out, Maryann.

Sam must have listened to my pleading, because he finally asks Daphne about her scars! She doesn’t know what happened, she says just got jumped in the woods. Daphne then encourages Sam to tell his loved ones about his shapeshifter status, as all her friends and family know about her. While frolicking in the woods together later, Daphne turns into a very familiar pig and catches the eye of Andy, who recognizes her and chases her through the woods. (Andy running through the woods yelling “PIG!” was the comedy highlight of my Sunday, by the way.) Sam questions her on why it seemed Andy knew her in pig form, and she slyly distracts him with sexual favors. She then leads him to the edge of the orgy, where several of Maryann’s black-eyed followers drag him towards all the sex-having. That’s when Maryann puts on the bull’s head, starts chanting, and everything goes to black as we listen to Sam scream. Finally, things are starting to get good!

Random thoughts:

  • I simultaneously like and hate the vamp necessity of “claiming” their humans amongst other vamps. This love/hate relationship is mostly because of how stupid the vamps sound when they are claiming someone. It makes me giggle.
  • Bill’s combination French/Southern accent in the flashback was sort of hilarious. He sings like an angel, though. Is that Stephen Moyer’s real voice? If so, very nice, Steve.
  • I loved the scene when Sookie and Hugo first meet the Reverend and his wife. Anna Paquin played that perfectly, and the actor playing Reverend Newlin was quite awesome as well.
  • For all of you spoiler-hounds, don’t forget to check out our Live Blog and an awesome trailer from Comic-Con!

Favorite quotes:

  • “Baby? I’m over a thousand years old.” – Eric
  • “I considered booking you in the room adjoining theirs but I thought that might be a bit…over the top.” – Eric, to Lorena
  • “I don’t know what to tell you. I wish I had a fancier crib for you to squat in, but I don’t.” – Tara, to Maryann
  • “All of ’em put together ain’t half as bad as if you do it to a vampire. Or to a dude. Or a vampire dude. That’s, like, cream de la cream [sic] of sin, no repentance for that. Straight to hell, baby.” – Luke, on sex outside of marriage
  • “Stupid f***ing pig.” – Andy
  • “I’m so happy I could cry but I don’t wanna because it’s really gross when I do.” – Jessica

‘True Blood’: Sex on fire

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True Blood” has always made no apologies for playing up the more seductive side of vampirism, but this week almost the entire cast gets into the game, leaving us with one sexy hour of human, vampire, shapeshifter and even fundamentalist fun.

Once again the show picks up right where we left off last week, with Sam playing dumb with Daphne re: his shapeshifter status. Lucky for him, she turns out to be a shapeshifter too! Ah, supernatural love. They proceed to spend the rest of the episode alternately getting it on and swapping shapeshifter secrets. When will Sam notice the claw marks on her back? Considering how much time they spend in the buff, I’m thinking quite soon.

In Dallas, Sookie chases Barry the telepathic bellboy down but he refuses to talk to her about their mutual gift for fear of what could happen if the ruthless Dallas vamps found out. Sookie offers to teach him how to control his telepathy, but he ends up quitting this job and disappearing to escape her scrutiny.

Sookie, Bill and Eric meet with the local vampires to discuss the Fellowship of the Sun their potential ties to Godric’s abduction. The Dallas vamps want to raze the entire operation, but Eric and Bill disagree. Sookie offers to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun in order to find out who abducted Godric. Eric demands it to happen despite Bill’s protests, and we learn via flashback that the reason Eric is so determined to find Godric because Godric was his maker. While Bill and Sookie are saying their horizontal goodbyes back at the hotel, a mysterious female vampire roams the hallway outside their room, obviously looking for them. Is this mysterious vamp Bill’s maker? I can’t tell (she looks different, but that is probably because of dress/makeup) but if it is her that will definitely cause some trouble!

Jason begins God boot camp and shows leadership potential, which the Reverend picks up on. Sarah starts to resent her husband cutting her out of the decision making process with the Fellowship and decides starting an affair with Jason is the best way to get back at him. Jason tries to do the right thing and resist her advances but in the end does what we all expect him to and gives in. You know what they say about leopards and spots…

Tara wakes up from her night of debauchery with Eggs and finds Maryann in Sookie’s kitchen making breakfast. Maryann says she and Carl need to stay at Sookie’s now because the house she was living in before wasn’t hers and the owner is back. Tara tells her she can’t move in, and finally starts asking questions about what the history is between Maryann, Carl and Eggs. Unfortunately she doesn’t get any satisfactory answers. Maryann decides to use her powers for definite evil in retaliation, sitting outside Merlotte’s and causing absolute chaos for the workers and patrons inside the bar, and then being a calm support to Tara when she gets home. Tara has a change of heart and says she will ask Sookie if they all can live in the house together. I’m sure this will turn out well! Also, Gran is rolling in her grave right now, I am sure.

Lafayette finally comes back to Merlotte’s and stoically asks for his job back. Sam reads him the riot act for disappearing, and Lafayette doesn’t put up a fight or talk back but simply sits there quietly until Sam lets him return to work. I’m as worried as Sam is about this new, subdued, polite Lafayette.

Random thoughts:

  • Loved Terry’s “Good party!” to Sam and subsequent carrying of Arlene into the forest for some action.
  • I am really, really not enjoying this Soldiers of the Sun storyline. It sort of feels like it comes from a different show.
  • Bill sure has a lot of self-hatred for his race. (Species?) I know a “good” vampire is supposed to be a little self-loathing, but come on Bill. Your kind aren’t all bad, for cold-blooded killers.
  • Eric’s flashback was very “Let the Right One In,” with the speaking in Swedish (I think?) and the young, pretty male vampire.
  • Maryann and Eggs forcing themselves into Sookie’s house (with Maryann playing little Ms. Homemaker in one of Gran’s old aprons) immediately after Tara and Eggs had sex made me go to a very “Rosemary’s Baby” place. That’s kind of an obvious story, so I desperately hope I am wrong.
  • Hoyt and Jessica’s chaste phone flirtation was a very cute counterpoint to all of the more lurid things happening in the episode. Darn it, I want those kids to make things work!

Favorite quotes:

  • “You are going to be so sorry when I get an eating disorder.” – Jessica
  • “What are you, nomads? F***ing Bedouins?” – Tara
  • “Do you know what I think? I think that after all your trials, heartache and pain, God wants you to have a reward. Let me reward you, Jason. Let me help you find your way back to joy.” – Sarah right before, well, giving Jason some joy

Odds and ends:

  • I love that Alice and Henry both agreed that Henry should go to Bologna to get “trained.” You know you loved it too. Those two are still my favorite characters (save Reverend Stone) on the show.
  • What is up with Adrian’s need for the house next to Amy so that she can be with Ricky? Holy mackerel, that girl has a one track mind and it’s definitely on the wrong track.
  • I can’t even touch on the idiocy of David’s idea of ditching Amy and John and moving out of town. Idiocy. Complete idiocy.

‘True Blood’: Soldier boy

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This week on “True Blood,” Jason becomes a solider of God, Sookie meets someone just like her, Tara has a wild party and Eric wears a tank top. I’ll let you all guess which of those things I was the most interested in watching.

In the teaser this week, Jason gets pranked by his fellow cultists into believing his bunk mates were slaughtered by vampires. It’s just like a fraternity house, but with more Jesus! Jason spends the rest of the episode arguing about who in the Bible was the first vampire (discussed: Lazarus, Cain, Jesus, and Eve), having vampire target practice with the Reverend, and seriously coveting the Reverend’s wife. The Reverend and his wife invite Jason to be a part of “the Soldiers of the Son,” which basically sounds like a cult-within-a-cult. This requires he stay in the Reverend and Sarah’s house. Yeah. This isn’t going to end well.

After the credits, we jump right back where we left off last week with Bill playing interruptus to Hoyt and Jessica’s coitus. He orders Hoyt out of the house and is generally unreasonable in that stubborn Bill way, until Sookie makes him see that he needs to be more gentle with Jessica and really show her what being a vampire can be. She convinces him to take Jessica along on their Dallas trip. When they arrive, some funny business goes on with the driver and Bill figures out he was hired to abduct Sookie. Jessica gets some glamour practice on the limo driver and goes a little overboard, but Bill manages to learn that the Fellowship of the Son hired the limo driver to abduct Sookie and bring her to their church. Bill and Eric meet to discuss the church’s involvement, and Eric says that if they don’t find Godrick soon the vampires in his region are planning to start openly attacking humans in retaliation. When Bill questions the rationality of this move, Eric’s only reply is, “Well, this is Texas.” Ha! Back in the room, bellman Barry shows up with a tasty midnight snack for Jessica. More than that, however, Barry brings his own gift of mind reading to Sookie. Awesome! When they realize they are reading each other’s minds, Barry takes off running, with Sookie not far behind. Come back, Barry! I’m interested in this story development!

Tara tells Maryann she’s moving in with Sookie. Maryann acts supportive, but I doubt that will last. She shows her support by throwing Tara a wild birthday party at Sookie’s house. As with all of Maryann’s parties, she does some chanting and some vibrating, which the party goers (especially Tara and Eggs) seem to enjoy, all up until the point where things start to get just a little bit out of control…which is when Maryann reveals her creepy claws. I want to know more! Enough with the slow burn on this storyline, Alan Ball!

As we saw last week, Sam and Daphne do some skinny dipping and some male/female bonding. The next morning, Sookie finds out Sam is planning to leave town without telling her and reads him the riot act, apologizing for leading him on and making all kinds of excuses for being kind of wishy washy last season, but Sam doesn’t want to hear it. Sam drowns his sorrows by making out with Daphne at Tara’s party, where Daphne reveals that she knows “what Sam really is.” Eeeenteresting.

The Sheriff and the coroner are still stumped over what killed Tara’s exorcist. Andy tells the Sheriff about seeing the pig (the same pig that Tara saw when her car ran off the road). Obviously, Andy sounds like a crazy drunk, so the Sheriff assumes he is a crazy drunk and takes away his badge. In the Sheriff’s defense, Andy has totally been a crazy drunk lately. Here’s predicting Andy is the only one who figures out what Maryann is really up to but can’t get anyone to believe him.

Tara visits Lafayette and he pretty much gives her the blow-off, preferring to let his body heal on its own. He is sitting on the couch feeling sorry for himself when Eric shows up at his window and offers to give him his blood to heal his gunshot wound. Lafayette correctly guesses that Eric just wants him to drink his blood so he can track him in the future, and Eric admits that since Lafayette is so important to Sookie he wants to keep tabs on him. Eric’s obsession with Sookie is leading to something, but I can’t quite figure out what yet. Any of you have any (non-book spoiler) guesses?

Random thoughts:

  • Arlene’s little giggle at Daphne’s complaint about working hard was hilarious.
  • Tara’s birthday tears and confession to Eggs about always crying on her birthday was probably supposed to be heart wrenching and character-illuminating, but I found it quite a tired cliche. They’ve tried to give Tara more depth, but this took her character back about 100 paces for me.
  • Bill threatening the limo driver (Hank from Breaking Bad!) was AWESOME. That was the first time I’ve ever thought Stephen Moyer really pulled off the fine line between cheesy awesomeness and true menace that being a TV vampire requires.
  • I vote Eric sits around in a black tank top baring his forearms more often. Anyone with me on this?

Favorite quotes:

  • “Are you going to leave, or am I going to have to throw you out? Through a window. That is closed!” – Bill, to Hoyt
  • “Bill, that is just rude.” – Sookie, in response
  • “Is it my fault my fangs come out when I get turned on?” – Jessica
  • “I am a vampire, I’m supposed to be tormented.” – Bill
  • “I’ll need to call the airlines to arrange for two travel coffins instead of just one.” – Bill
  • “Maybe Jesus was the first vampire. I mean, he rose from the dead, too. He told people ‘Hey y’all, drink my blood. It will give you special powers.'” – Jason
  • “Evil is making the premeditated choice to be a dick.” – Jason
  • “I’ve always love these, they’re like booze for dolls. They gave me ten!” – Sookie, holding an airplane-sized vodka bottle
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