The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 2 Episode Recaps

‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’: Not exactly a top party school

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For some reason, it never struck me before the opening scenes on tonight’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” that so many of the kids in that school have lost a parent. I actually think the notion of having a support group for those kids makes complete and total sense… no wonder the meeting didn’t go well.

Madison wasn’t really a help in that conversation, but Madison is never really a help with anything, is she? She certainly ought to have been smarter than to allow a picture of a very pregnant Amy in the yearbook. Not a terribly friend-like thing to do, was it? And, as Madison and Lauren remind us every time they appear on the show – you know, once every four episodes – they’re Amy’s best friends.

Forget that crazy Madison though, let’s head straight to the meat of things – Ben and the prostitute, aka Betty, aka the Sausage King’s potential new queen. Ben spilled the beans tonight about Betty’s occupation, and it turns out that Leo knew all along. Leo made the claim that Betty has quit her one-time profession. I’m not quite sure I accept that, do you?

Elsewheres, wouldn’t life be great if Amy was slightly less whiny? How can she possibly be surprised that she has classes to make up? Surely she recognized that there were only so many classes she could miss in a school year before getting an incomplete. Oh, wait, we’re talking about Amy here, the girl who thinks that she can leave her child for two months to go to Italy, leave her job for two months to go to Italy, and that she deserves a part-time job that gives her full benefits and where they watch her child for free, and, and, and. Once you consider that, her shock makes complete sense.

You can fight me as much as you want about George and Anne not being right for each other, but come on, you can’t actually argue that David is the right guy. He’s already done the surprise house thing and now this week he did the surprise parent meeting. What, exactly, is wrong with that man? Is he so insecure with who he is and his standing with Anne that he can’t be upfront about anything? Anne already had a deceptive spouse in George, does she want to go through that again? She can’t marry David. She shouldn’t marry David. You know I’m right.

Bits and pieces:

  • How great was it that Ashley set George straight tonight? That alleged troublemaker has been quiet for way too long. Too bad George didn’t take the advice.
  • Good for Ricky, wanting John with him on his first night in his new place. Not surprised that Adrian couldn’t handle it though.
  • Is it in any way possible that Adrian’s parents were okay with her having made an offer on George’s house? Shouldn’t there have been some sort of discussion about that?
  • Does anyone else out there have a lot of trouble seeing Grace as being in mourning? I know that she claims to be in mourning, but nothing else about her really gives off that vibe. I don’t know what I want, but I’m sure it starts with dark, modest clothes, not bright low-cut tops and miniskirts.
  • Molina is leaving the school… and there was a moment I thought that he was supposed to be a real character on the show (after that he disappeared for months on end).
  • Does anyone else get the sense that tonight’s episode was supposed to have been last season’s finale?

‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’: Secrets and lies and foolishness

Source: Recaps

The Secret Life of the American Teenager” has more secrets running around than you can shake a stick at, and they don’t all revolve around the American teenager. At some point they’re going to need to start issuing a scorecard and program with the show. It’s just great, isn’t it?

I can’t imagine what world Amy lives in that she really thinks that she can go to Italy. That whole thing about “exposing” John to other cultures almost sounded like she believed… almost. Plus, Ricky was right, Amy can’t take John out of the country without Ricky’s permission. She could lie to Passport Control and say that Ben was the father, and that seems like the kind of thing she would do, but breaking a federal law like that may be a worse idea than her quitting her daycare job to go to Italy. And that, friends, is a terrible idea.

I think though that I’m beginning to understand where Anne is coming from a little bit more when she tries to do things like get Amy to make her eggs. Anne definitely comes across a little harsh and whiny from time to time, but it seems as though she’s just doing it to make Amy hear what she, Amy, sounds like. Or, it could be that Anne’s just as irresponsible as Ricky’s foster mom thinks she is.

Ummm… I don’t know how to ask this, but is Betty still a “woman of the night?” Does she still work in the “oldest profession?” Is she still “sleeping with men who leave cash on the nightstand and who tip her based on her performance in that piece of furniture that generally sits next to the nightstand?” I’m only asking because when Ben asked Betty about her arrival time in court she flubbed the answer and then there was that conversation later with Tom. Obviously she’s not a court reporter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s still getting paid to do what they can teach you all about in Bologna. Can you imagine what the conversation between Leo and Ben is going to be once Ben finds out about Betty’s job (whether it’s current or not)?

Ricky. He wants to be legally emancipated and thinks that his being a 16-year-old father shows that he’s all grown up? Call me kooky, but it’s kind of odd to use teenage pregnancy as an explanation of just how responsible you are. Yes, it’s great that he’s trying to work more over the summer and Leo’s getting him an apartment is nice (especially such a huge place), but that doesn’t mean that he ought to be emancipated.

Why did Grace tell everyone that George lied about the vasectomy? George helped her when she was feeling horrific, gave her a shoulder to cry on, and that’s how she repays him? That girl is going to completely mess up my plans for George and Anne getting back together, and that’s not the sort of thing I can accept. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it, but it’s not going to be pretty.

Ben telling Amy about the vasectomy was wholly predictable, as was – sadly – the fact that he’d do it in awkward, horrible fashion. Far less predictable was the fact that Ashley would back her father’s vasectomy lie to Amy. There’s going to be a reckoning in that household awfully soon.

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  1. Brenna Scott

     /  September 18, 2009

    is ben and amy braken up email me my cable and intenetgot shut of i cant watch it i need to know he is stupid if he breaks up with her cuz she is a great girl

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