Supernatural Season 5 Premiere Recap “Sympathy for the Devil”

‘Supernatural’ Premiere: The Devil is in Delaware

Leave it to ‘Supernatural’ to pick up exactly where they left us at the end of season 5 – with the Winchester brothers in the abandoned convent, a portal to hell opening at their feet and the knowledge that they are about to meet Lucifer and unmake the world.

Supernatural Episode Recap: “Sympathy for the Devil”

The apocalypse is starting; Lucifer is rising; the world is experiencing disasters of epic proportions. What are Sam and Dean doing? Well, they are dealing with the fallout from last year. Find something to hold onto because from the looks of it, Season 5 is going to be a bumpy ride. Bumpy in the best way possible, of course.

This premiere rocked, didn’t it? And I’m not just talking about AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” the song that accompanied the Season 4 recap at the beginning of the episode. To me, “Sympathy for the Devil” is a great set-up to what I’m betting will be an amazing saga. It’s also awesome to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki doing a great job with the troubled relationship that is the Winchester brothers. It has to be troubled after what went on last season. Sam trusting Ruby over Dean isn’t something Dean’s just going to forget. Sam losing himself to what turned out to be an addiction is going to mean a lot of struggle, introspection, and hopefully a lot of growth for the younger brother. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of that is going to play out and I hope you guys are too.

Sound off on the new season and tell us what you think after you watch the premiere.

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Supernatural Episode Discussion: “Sympathy for the Devil”


Tonight marks the fifth-season premiere of the CW’s Supernatural. When we last saw Sam and Dean, they were on very different paths. Series creator Eric Kripke has said that the series is on a five-year plan. Could this season be the end of the Winchester brothers’ story? And does that necessarily equal the end of Supernatural?

Sound off on the new season and tell us what you think after you watch the premiere.

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