New Secret Life of the American Teenagers Spoilers: Season 2 Part 2!

January 11, 2010: 2.14 “Til It’s Gone
Griffin and Ashley have a sleepover that involves a shirtless Griffin (Brando Eaton) wearing face cream.
Kathleen (Josie Bissett) and her boyfriend Jeff (Reid Scott) are discovered in bed by his mother, who’s not at all embarrassed by this, as she’s a liberal Democrat. On the other hand, Kathleen is embarrassed.
Ben hides his Italian gal pal Maria (Jordan Monaghan) in his bedroom closet, and when Leo leaves the room, she comes out so they can make out. But Leo discovers the tryst. Maria wants Ben, even though she knows about Amy– and she calls her rich father to get his help. Ben struggles with his feelings for Maria.
While visiting Mimsy’s town, Amy flirts with a boy named Jimmy (Shane William Zwiner) in the grocery store. Jimmy gives Amy the nickname “Pimento.” He’s the son of Anne’s high school boyfriend, Josh (Mitch Rouse), who wants Anne to kiss him.
Ricky informs Amy he’s going to seek legal visitation rights to John. Adrian’s dad Reuben will help Ricky. Ricky kisses Zoe (7th Heaven’s Mackenzie Rosman).
Jack thinks Grace is cheating on him by masturbating. She doesn’t care what he thinks, because she’s in a great mood. Grace spices up her first time with herself by spreading her bed with flower petals.

January 18, 2010: 2.15 “Loved and Lost”
Upon discovering that Ricky cheated on her, Adrian takes out her anger on the butcher shop window. Ricky and Adrian fight about money. Ricky apologizes to Adrian for cheating on her, and they kiss.
Grace learns from Jack that he’s dating Madison.
Tammy’s parents come to Kathleen, as Tom (Luke Zimmerman) and Tammy have broken up. We learn Tom wanted sex from Tammy, and wasn’t simply happy with having phone sex. Tom announces to Tammy’s parents and his family that he’s going to marry Adrian because they love each other; Tom’s come to this conclusion because Adrian came to him for money and he gave it to her.
Amy and Ben attempt to fix their relationship.

January 25, 2010: 2.16 “Just Say Me”
Madison (Renee Olstead) has written a novella that draws on her experiences; we suspect it’s about her sex life. Jesse (Austin Stowell) asks Lauren (Camille Winbush) out on a date.
Grace has come up with a new sexual movement called Just Say Me, which is all about masturbation. The girls at school love it, while the guys feel threatened. It makes the news.
Ashley tells Griffin she doesn’t want a boyfriend.
Ben and Amy have recently split up. Amy admits to Ben she and Adrian are friends now, and both Adrian and Amy are interested in taking care of themselves and not worrying about others. A girl asks Ben for help with her Italian homework. Amy pointedly tells the girl that Ben’s very good with Italians. Amy runs into Jimmy again, this time at school, as Jimmy’s heard about Grace’s club.

February 1, 2010: 2.17 “The Second Time Around”
Amy kisses Jimmy. When she accidentally leaves her purse behind and Jimmy goes to return it, he discovers she has condoms in her purse.
Griffin (Brando Eaton) sends Ashley a pizza; more specifically, he sends her his cousin, a pizza delivery boy who’s 16, named Grant (Grant Harvey), who falls madly for Ashley at first sight. The two may make out before the night’s over.
Will George and Anne get back together? George heads to Mimsy’s house to see Anne; instead, he finds Anne’s high school sweetheart Josh there. When Anne heads back home to see George, she sees him chatting with a woman.
Moose has impregnated the dog of a neighbor, Micki.

February 8, 2010: 2.18 “Let’s Try That Again”
We’ll meet four key characters’ parents for the first time: Lauren’s mother Deborah; Madison’s father Morgan; Madison’s Asian-American stepmother Elaine; and Jack’s hot mother Gigi.
Jimmy hasn’t called back Amy, and Adrian’s insecure about this because she fears a single Amy will connect with Ricky. The problem may have more to do with the condoms Jimmy found in Amy’s purse.
Madison bonds with her stepmother while talking about Jack. Jack and Madison are a couple, but he’s thinking of reuniting with Grace because he thinks she needs him. Jack’s mom prefers Madison, while Jack’s stepdad Reverend Stone (Tom Virtue) gives his advice.
Kathleen may be engaged or thinking about it by now.
Leo and Betty (Jennifer Coolidge) are planning their upcoming nuptials. Leo (Steve Schirripa) and Ben discuss Ben’s possible interest in Grace.
Amy and Lauren get Dr. Fields (Ernie Hudson) to take George out to dinner as a quasi-therapy session, but things are turned around and Dr. Fields talks to George about how much he dislikes his ex-wife’s husband. Anne thinks both she and George need to go to a therapist because something big has happened to them.

February 15, 2010: 2.19
Amy and Ricky kiss. When Adrian thinks Ricky and Amy had sex, she sleeps with Ben.
Several characters attend a mother/daughter dance at the high school gym.

February 22, 2010: 2.20 “Mistakes Were Made”
Adrian admits to Ricky that she slept with Ben, and she’s surprised when Ricky tells her he only kissed Amy. Ricky’s angry.
At work, several customers note Ben looks depressed.

March 1, 2010: 2.21 “Choices”
Ricky visits a squalid Hollywood hotel in search of his mother. The man at the desk claims not to have seen Ricky’s mother Nora in years, but he’s lying, and calls Nora to inform her what happened. Nora is or was a drug-using hooker. Oh, and Ricky’s car is piled high with his stuff.

March 8, 2010: 2.22
No specific spoilers the show will probably build towards the custody hearing in the next episode.

March 15, 2010: 2.23 “I Got You, Babe”
There’s a custody hearing for John! Ben has nice things to say about both Amy and Ricky as parents.
Adrian doesn’t speak up on Ricky’s behalf because she and Ricky aren’t speaking to each other.
Before the mediator can provide his recommendation, Amy makes a decision.

March 22, 2010: 2.24 “Ben There, Done That” (season finale)
Happy birthday to John!
Mimsy’s back — and she has a new, black husband.
Lauren tells her love interest Jesse that her entire family hates him.
Months ago, Ken Baumann (Ben) said that something big would happen with Ben near the end of the season. Given the title of the episode, we suspect it happens in either this episode or the previous one.
There might be a wedding . . . or two . . . or more? We’re not sure if the show will have any single adults once the season’s over!
The tradition of no one being able to keep a secret continues, as Adrian told Grace something; Grace told Jack; and Jack told Madison. And we can’t be sure, but given Madison’s former history, we suspect Madison told everyone else. Adrian’s secret may or may not be related to the fact that her father thinks she looks ill.

General Spoilers:
There might be another pregnancy.
A major story involving Leo kicks off near the start of the season as Betty makes a major turn.
Grace and Ben either kiss or come close to kissing. We don’t believe anything else actually happens between them,
though, given his makeout session with Maria and his sleeping with Adrian.
Charles Robinson (Mac from Night Court) will appear in a recurring role.
We believe Mayim Bialik appears again as Dr. Wilhelmina Bink again this season after her initial appearance on
January 4, next appearance unknown.
Kristin Bauer, known best these days as Pam on True Blood, will guest star in an upcoming episode. We don’t know yet who she’s playing.
Danny Pintauro, best known as the kid from Who’s The Boss?, will guest star in an upcoming episode.
Shawn Johnson will return to the show in 2010, in scenes with Jack and Grace. Her first appearance was as herself, but this time she’s playing a character. We believe she’ll appear somewhere around the time that Grace organizes Just Say Me.
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