Greek Season 3 Chapter 6 Spoilers!

Spencer Grammer says that Joel (Mad Men’s Sam Page) definitely has an ulterior motive: “He encourages Casey to go to law school and helps her realize the things she wants to do,” she says. “When Casey realizes that Cappie isn’t as excited about the future as she is, there might be something that happens with Joel.” (TV Guide)

Greek – Episode 3.11 – I Know What You Did Last Semester – Synopsis

The ZBZ ladies try to cover their tracks after the Gamma Psi house burns down; Rusty has difficulties in his position as pledge educator; Casey plans a Fairytale Ball to raise funds. Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.12 – Pride & Punishment – Casting Call

  • [DANA] 18-20, Female – An intelligent, quirky up-talker who tends to hide behind her hair, she rivals Rusty in the brains and clumsiness department. A nerdy girl who wants to pair off romantically with another nerd…POSSIBLE RECURRING CO-STAR
  • [ERIKA MILLER] 19-21, FEMALE – A pretty, breathtaking dream girl in a Tri-Pi shirt…CO-STAR
  • [PROFESSOR CLARISSA HAWN] 30, FEMALE – A young, trendy Marketing Professor, she wears hip short bangs and looks like a student. A famously easy A who wants everyone to like her, she teaches a “Marketing For Dummies” class…CO-STAR
  • [PROFESSOR DABIA] 40, MALE – An unsexy gay man, he’s the teacher of the wildly popular Human Sexuality class…CO-STAR
  • [T.A.] Early 20’s, FEMALE – A T.A. for Professor Dabia’s Human Sexuality class…CO-STAR
  • [ANOTHER SORORITY GIRL] 18-21 FEMALE – A Sorority girl at an event at Doblers…CO-STAR
    Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.14 – The Tortoise and the Hair – Casting Call

  • [JOEL] Just 30 MALE…Super-cute, smart, dedicated and accessible (“McDreamy with a law degree”), Joel is a local campaign manager for a congresswoman. He worked for three years on the Hill with Rebecca’s father….RECURRING GUEST STAR – PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [DEAN BURTON] 50’s MALE…A short, slightly disheveled, very enthusiastic professorial type (think Wallace Shawn), Dean Burton is a Dean with the college’s Engineering Department. He’s very eager for CRU to have the opportunity to increase its prestige (not to mention the chance to say “Suck it” to M.I.T.)…CO-STAR – PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [DAVID FANNING] 40s MALE… dapper, British, David Fanning is a journalist for EW–that’s Engineering Weekly–who’s on campus to conduct an interview. A pleasant guy, he’s a bit David Frost to Dr. Hasting’s Richard Nixon…CO-STAR – PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHINICITIES
  • [HUNTER] 20-22 MALE… this super-sexy, flirty guy has something just a bit pervy about him…CO-STAR – PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHINICITIES
  • [MIDDLE AGED GUY] 40’s MALE…This middle aged guy works for Joel in the local campaign office…CO-STAR – PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHINICITIES
    Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.15 – Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe…Or Not – Casting Call

  • [TABITHA] 18-21 FEMALE, this cute redhead is intrigued and flattered when Rusty approaches her with some Valentine’s candy hearts…CO-STAR.
  • [NURSE] 40s. This female nurse assists some college students at the hospital ER…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
    Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.16 – Your Friends And Neighbors – Casting Call

  • [MARGIE HILGENDORF] 40s FEMALE – An affable working mom and wife to Tom Hilgendorf, a CRU professor. Margie is a new neighbor to the KT House, and she pretty much just wants them to clean up the assorted tons of crap that’s been dumped in her yard during the last 20 years…CO-STAR
  • [HANNAH HILGENDORF] 18 or legal 18 to play 16 (emancipated is ok). FEMALE, the daughter of Tom and Margie Hilgendorf, a cute, fun-loving high school student who loves crashing college parties…CO-STAR
  • [DEWEY] 18-19 MALE, a freshman pledge at the KT House, with neither the brightest mind nor the hardest body…POSSIBLE RECURRING CO-STAR; PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [SUNNY] 20-22 FEMALE – Casey’s Freshman year roommate, Sunny is just like her name: cheerful, shining, perpetually upbeat, maddeningly perky…CO-STAR; PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
    Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.17 – The Big Easy Does It – Casting Call

  • [PROCTOR] Late 20s, male or female. He or she administers the LSAT at the testing center and wishes everyone luck…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.
  • [PARTYGOER] 20-21, male, he screams happily at the KT House’s Mardi Gras party…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.18 – Camp Buy Me Love – Casting Call

  • [TOBIAS] LATE 40s TO EARLY 50S, MALE – Cappie’s (Scott Michael Foster) dad, a free spirited, funny man who loves life and vegan cuisine. He is a non-conformist who is always bucking the system. Tobias is the kind of dad that everyone wishes were their’s; no rules, spontaneous trips, always has something to teach…GUEST STAR
  • [APRIL] LATE 40s TO EARLY 50S, FEMALE – Cappie’s (Scott Michael Foster) mom, a free spirited, very caring woman who lives her life simply and in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. April is the kind of mom that everyone wishes were their’s; no rules, loving advice, honest soul…GUEST STAR
    Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.19 – The First Last – Casting Call

  • [ADAM] Male.. 18 or legal 18 to play 16 (emancipated is okay). Clean-cut, shy and a bit nervous, he is a member of Dale’s church who meets with Calvin to talk about a sensitive subject…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [ELIANA HERNANDEZ] 18-22, Venezuelan, this intimidatingly gorgeous Gamma Psi sister with model looks, a transfer from UCLA, speaks in broken English and competes in a beauty pageant. Must speak with an accent…CO-STAR.
    Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.20 – All Children…Grow Up – Casting Call

  • [OFFICER NIXON] In his 40s… a tough-as-nails Myrtle Beach cop, he’s astonished by some fraternity antics and shuts down a raucous party…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [FAITH FLOWERS] In her 30s, from New York, observant and fabulous-looking, she’s a trend forecaster who documents new trends…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [CUTE GUY] Mid to late 20s, male, he works with Faith Flowers…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [MAILWOMAN] This by-the-book, sarcastic mailwoman is unmoved by Casey’s plight…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [MAFIOSO DRUG LORD] In his 40s, intimidating and intense, he threatens the Omega Chis and orders them away from his beach house…CO-STAR
  • [TWENTYSOMETHING GUY] An energetic, 20-something bartender at Tijuana Tony’s, he flunked out of law school…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [TEDDY THE BOUNCER] 30s, male, a bouncer at Tijuana Tony’s, he comes over to kick a couple of customers out, claiming that the band doesn’t like them…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
  • [HOT GUY] Early to mid 20s, male, this hot guy approaches Ashleigh when she’s down, but is pushed aside…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIE
  • [SAMANTHA] Mid 20s, female, a pretty law student, conservative, blue-blooded…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
    Source: SpoilerTV
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