Ghost Whisperer 100th Episode Spoilers! Surprise Character Death!

Episode 5.15 -Implosion Friday, March 05, 2010

A ghost who knows of a hidden munitions dump with unexploded bombs confides in Melinda that one of those bombs is missing and in the wrong hands, warning that someone will lose their life, on the 100th episode of GHOST WHISPERER.

Aiden Lucas…………………………. Connor Gibbs
Julie…………………………………… Alexie Gilmore
Josh Bedford……………………….. Bruce Davison
George………………………………….. Stephen Lee
Jim…………………………………… Chris Divecchio
Joey……………………………………. Joey Luthman

Ghost Nurse………………………….. Sarah Teresa
Private Mace………………………. Dwain Murphy
Officer Luis Simon …………………… Jose Ziga
Dennis……………………………….. Frank Krueger
Ghost Soldier………………………………. Jeff Leaf
Detective Sam Blair………………… Ion Overman


Hewitt Pulls Triple Duty in Ghost Whisperer‘s
"Explosive" 100th Episode

Source: TV Guide

Camryn Manheim, Christoph Sanders, Jamie Kennedy,
Jennifer Love Hewitt

For Ghost Whisperer‘s star and executive producer Jennifer Love Hewitt, every day on the set is a busy one. But that didn’t stop her from pulling triple duty as the director of the CBS series’ 100th episode, airing Friday at 8/7c.

"It was definitely daunting and definitely nerve-racking, but I was really excited and honored to get to do it," Hewitt says. "Having been on the show and worked this hard on it, it was really nice to be in control of such a big episode."

Ghost Whisperer producers talks 100th episode

Executive producers Kim Moses and Ian Sander said asking Hewitt to direct was a "no-brainer" after her past success behind the camera.

"When the new season came, she of course wanted to direct again and, frankly, we insisted that she direct again because she did such a good job," Sander says. "When we started talking about the 100th episode and that we wanted it to be special … it seemed like a natural to have her direct it."

In the episode, titled "Implosion" and written by series creator John Gray, Melinda must race against a ticking clock when a ghost tells her that a bomb has gotten into the wrong hands. Although this is now Hewitt’s third time in the director’s chair, she says she explored a lot of new territory in the action-intense episode. "There are some big explosions in the episode which are really fun. I had never done those before as a director or as an actor," Hewitt says. "I had no idea quite how explosive it was going to be on all angles."

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The series’ 100th episode is not only explosive because of a bomb, but because of the bomb’s aftermath, namely a major character’s death. The series’ creative team is understandably tight-lipped about the character’s identity.

"Just because it’s a death, doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the character. I wouldn’t necessarily count on that," Sander says. "We have actors that fortunately have a very good time on our show and we try to explain to them, the best way to recur is to die."

No matter if said character returns to Grandview or not, Hewitt says the death will have long-term repercussions. "The death means possible deaths for others," she says.

It is only fitting the episode deals with the death of a major character on a show that deals with mortality so openly week after week — an attribute to which the producers credit the series’ success. "The concept of the show is a universal theme; everybody in the world would like one more chance to reconnect with somebody they love who has passed away," Moses says.

From "Ghost
Whisperer Cast’s Big Tease

This Friday, CBS’s Ghost Whisperer airs its 100th episode, and next week the stars will go to work on their fifth season finale, to air in mid-May. The stars and producers came together Monday night in Hollywood to celebrate their milestone. I was there too – and left with a goodie bag of scoops.

“’Explosive’ is the word I would like to use for our 100th episode,” previews star/producer Jennifer Love Hewitt, who also directed the installment. “There will be an unexpected death of someone you may not want to see die and this death puts everyone in jeopardy.”

This being Ghost Whisperer, you can expect this killed-off character (not a series regular) to return in some form.

The finale, titled "The Children’s Parade," will wrap up the season-long Shadows storyline involving Melinda’s five-year-old son, Aidan. “The connection of Aidan, Melinda, the Shinies (who will turn out to be the crossed-over spirits of children here to protect Aidan and Melinda) and the Shadows will
come to a climax,” teases executive producer Ian Sander, with fellow EP Kim Moses adding, “There’s going to be a lot of action from the dark side and you’re going to have a lot of answers to some mysteries about the intersection of the living and the dead.”

Series creator John Gray will direct the episode, which he describes as “one of the show’s scariest. It’s basically about a haunting at a hospital by the ghosts of kids from an abandoned polio ward in the early 1900’s. They go on a march every night.”

Love adds that her spooked-out character, “will realize just how little she knows about what her son knows – and that’s scary for her. Because if she can’t see it then she can’t save him from it.”

Guest star Margaret Cho will be back for two more episodes this season as a teacher of the occult who works alongside Eli. “She’s going to help solve some crimes,” says Sander.

“She’s so amazing; so dirty and I love it,” raves Love of Cho. “We have so much fun together.”

Also guest starring in an upcoming episode: The Shield actress Catherine Dent as a boozy ghost named Laura. “It was really fun playing a drunk,” says Catherine, “because I could show up to work looking like crap.”

Love helming the 100th turned out to be a real treat for the cast. Christoph Sanders, who plays Ned, says, “she has a knack of getting us wrapped about three hours earlier than other directors. No matter how hard the day is, she never has us work more than ten or twelve hours as opposed to sixteen.”

“She knows all my week spots, so she protects me,” adds Love’s co-star and real-life love, Jamie Kennedy. “She knows I’m not a great actor before 11 am, so she made sure to shoot everyone else first before coming to me.”

Co-star Camryn Manheim got her own thrill during Love’s week behind the camera. “The best thing about having Jennifer Love Hewitt direct you is I feel I get some girl-on-girl action,” says Camryn. “She touches you, grabs you and tells you to ‘Get your boobs looking good, girl,’ in a way that other directors might end up with a memo from the heads of CBS.”

Ghost Whisperer Producers Talk 100th Episode

by Kim Moses & Ian Sander


GHOST WHISPERER‘S 100TH EPISODE IS FINALLY HERE! "IMPLOSION" is the name of the episode — and we can’t wait to share it with you on March 5 at 8:00 pm ET/PT on CBS.  We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this amazing journey.  Ghost Whisperer wouldn’t be the show it is today without the loyal support of YOU!

IMPLOSION was written by Ghost Whisperer creator John Gray. It was directed by our own "triple threat" Jennifer Love Hewitt. She not only stars in the show, but she directs and executive produces it. Talk about multi-tasking. Check out photos of her in action here. When Army surplus items are found to be haunted, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) soon figures out that her ghost had discovered a hidden munitions dump while he was alive — complete with unexploded bombs. And one of those bombs is now missing, in the hands of someone in Grandview with dark intentions. (This is a great reconnect to Ghost Whisperer‘s pilot, which John also wrote — when you
watch the 100th you’ll see why.)

The 100th Episode guest stars: Stephen Lee as George (Bones, Numb3rs), Joey Luthman as Joey (Private Practice, Weeds), Alexie Gilmore as Julie (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice), Joe Zuniga as Officer Luis Simon (CSI, Castle) and Sarah Teresa as Ghost Nurse (Hearts and Hotel Rooms).

Musically, the 100th Episode features "Ooh Wee" by Sharon Little (CBS Records), "Sunlight" by Turtle Giant, and "Still Be There" by Toy Horses. For The Ghost Whisperer IMPLOSION MUSIC PLAY LIST, visit

It’s a big week for Ghost Whisperer: On March 1, the gorgeous Jennifer Love Hewitt and our beautiful, talented cast, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Jamie Kennedy, Christoph Sanders and Connor Gibbs, along with the producers, writers, directors and crew, are being honored by GMC Acadia and CBS at a special 100th Episode Celebration. Many of your favorite Ghost Whisperer guest stars (who played ‘GHOSTS!’) will join us to walk the glamorous Red Carpet and toast the 5-year journey. And we’re bringing the party to you via the web. On Wednesday March 3rd, check out
for all the behind-the-velvet-rope details and click on our Photo
Bucket slideshow of pictures of your favorite stars and the event.    
Over the past five years, Ghost Whisperer has been known
for breaking indie bands as well as showcasing hot performers like Mary J. Blige and The Script. In keeping with that tradition, the 100th episode celebration on March 1st will feature the beautiful and talented DANIELLE BARBE, a dynamic artist from the Pittsburgh area. Danielle will perform her new single "Ghost Town" and other hits on her new self-titled CD which premieres on Friday, March 5. Check out Danielle and her new single "Ghost Town" at’re gonna love it!
Ghost Whisperer Stars’ Favorite Moments is an interactive video where the stars share their ALL-TIME Favorite Ghost Whisperer Moment from the past 100 episodes. On Wednesday at 1 pm EST, check them out here and select your favorite moment!

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On March 4, Daily Variety celebrates Ghost Whisperer‘s landmark 100th episode with a special edition in which it will investigate the evolution and mysteries behind Ghost Whisperer and our stars as well as how this show has become a primetime drama linchpin on the television landscape. They will also be delving into why the show has such notorious fandom
(you!). We’ll share Variety‘s discoveries as soon as it’s published.

As if that’s not enough: Congratulations to Jennifer Love Hewitt and the show for being nominated in two categories for the prestigious SATURN AWARDS. Love has been nominated as BEST STAR ON TELEVISION and Ghost Whisperer has been nominated for
Best Network Series. Check out our competition here.

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is our weekly video blog where the Ghost Whisperer cast, writers, directors and crew pull back the curtain and share their behind-the-scenes insight into upcoming episodes. This week Ghost Whisperer creator John Gray previews IMPLOSION and reflects on reaching the Ghost Whisperer 100th episode milestone. Additionally, we (Kim and Ian) will do a video blog discussing the significance of the 100th episode. Check both videos out here starting Tuesday at 1:00 pm EST.

This week our real life ghost buster, Mary Ann Winkowski, in our ASK MARY ANN blog, talks about how the ghosts she busts compare to the ghosts on the show. And she also gives insight into some of the famous ghosts she’s encountered. Don’t forget to send your own ghost-related questions to Mary Ann by emailing her at

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