Smallville Season 9 Finale Spoilers: Salvation – Clash with Zod!

Exclusive: ‘Smallville’ boss ‘very optimistic’ Chloe will be back!

by Michael Ausiello

allison-mackImage Credit: Jack Rowland/The CWSmallvile fans worried about Allison Mack’s uncertain future on the show can collectively breathe a sigh of relief simma down now. And here’s why…

Executive producer Brian Peterson tells me he’s “very optimistic” the actress — who’s in the thick of contract talks as we speak — will be bringing Chloe back next fall for the show’s 10th season.

Asked whether it’s essentially a done deal (which is what I’m hearing), Peterson says, “We’ve learned the hard way not to say [it’s official] until everything is signed and dotted. So the best we can say is we’re really optimistic. And so is Allison.”

Translation: Chillax. She’s returning.

‘Smallville’ finale spoiler: Another provocative pic!

by Michael Ausiello

There are four things you need to know about the image below: It’s from next Friday’s can’t-miss Smallville finale; the action depicted occurs after the events featured in Photo No. 1; scoop on both images can be found in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale tomorrow); and, as promised, a clue will be embedded in this week’s Ask Ausiello. Are we still having fun?!

SMALLVILLEImage Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

The comments section is currently accepting your wild and crazy theories!

Exclusive First Look: ‘Smallville’ season finale showdown!

by Michael Ausiello

Smallville-SalvationImage Credit: Jack Rowand/The CWThis only looks like a screen grab from Dancing With the Stars. It’s actually a sneak peek at the wet-’n-wild showdown Smallville‘s staging in its May 14 season finale between Clark and Zod. Our money’s on the future Superman, natch, but his nemesis’ dagger is made of blue kryptonite — you know, the kind that strips our hero of his powers — so at least he has a, um, fighting chance.

Smallville – Episode 9.22 – Salvation – Press Release



“SMALLVILLE” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)


IT’S CLARK VS. ZOD IN THE SEASON FINALE – Zod (Callum Blue) unleashes his army upon the world, forcing Chloe (Allison Mack) to call in reinforcements from old friends. Zod tells Lois (Erica Durance) he is The Blur and asks her to steal the Book of Rao from Clark (Tom Welling). Torn between Clark and The Blur, Lois asks Clark to come clean with her about everything but he refuses. Chloe (Allison Mack) and Oliver (Justin Hartley) attempt to reconnect Watchtower’s satellite system in order to fight the Kandorians but to Chloe’s horror, Oliver gets caught on site and disappears. Tess attempts to stop Zod but he leaves her clinging to life. Clark and Zod battle for control of Earth. Greg Beeman directed the episode written by Turi Meyer & Al Septien (#3X52722).

Source: CW

Smallville – Mega Buzz – 4/27

Seems like Clois sex is on the table on Smallville. Is it going to happen this season?
ADAM: As you point out, both Lois and Clark definitely seem up for it. As for whether they’ll actually seal the deal this year, there’s just one little problem, according to executive producer Brian Peterson: “They keep trying, but sadly and ironically, the Blur has come between Lois and Clark [to prevent them from] ever consummating their relationship.” I’ll leave you to argue (cry?) about Peterson’s use of the word “ever.”
Source: TVGuide

Smallville – MegaBuzz – 4/20

ADAM: Although Chloe and Oliver have been taking it slow, given their respective rocky pasts, executive producer Brian Peterson says their relationship is “forced to the next step” in the season finale. And don’t worry: The return of the Black Canary doesn’t pose a threat. “Their relationship is still pretty fresh, and they’re still trying to figure out how they feel about each other,” Peterson says. “So it feels premature to go there, but that’s definitely a possibility for future episodes.”
Source: K-Site

Smallville – First Look – Martha Kent Returns Home

Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole) returns home to Smallville on May 7, and, much to Clark’s surprise, mom’s got a new boyfriend — Perry White (Michael McKean)! Here’s your exclusive first look at what I’m sure will go down as one of the show’s most awkward double dates ever. (Meta trivia: O’Toole and McKean are married in real life.)
Source: AusielloFiles

Smallville: Martha Kent and Perry White’s Return Shake Up Lois and Clark’s Relationship

Source: TV Guide


This week’s episode of Smallville brings together Lois Lane (Erica Durance) and Perry White (Michael McKean) for their first meeting, though Perry’s return comes as a surprise to Clark as he shows up on the arm of his mother, Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole). caught up with O’Toole and McKean — whose real-life married couple banter is hilarious — to get the details on the evolution of their characters since we last saw them and if they’ll return for more next season. Plus: Who really is the Red Queen?

Smallville producer: The finale is Clark’s redemption hour The Smallville fans are very excited to have Martha Kent back on the show. How does it feel returning?
Annette O’Toole:
It’s so great to come back. I love the people up there and it was really hard to leave them originally. There was a lot of hugging and kissing before we actually started work. I haven’t actually done any TV or film since then, I’ve only been doing theater, so I thought, “When they say action, will I know what to do?” I did. [Laughs] Michael, we haven’t seen you since Season 3. How does it feel getting to play this iconic moment of Lois and Perry coming together?
Michael McKean:
It’s great. I grew up reading Superman comics. Actually in Season 2, mainly due to my wife’s incessant bitching, they were talking about casting me as the principal of the high school, and it didn’t work out because I had a scheduling problem. I’m so glad because now I get to be Perry White for God’s sakes! I’m in the Daily Planet office, with the globe and everything. It was pretty intense. Plus, the fact of coming back after six years and seeing that Tom Welling has not aged a day [Laughs], it’s kind of infuriating.

Smallville word games: What is Clark’s destiny? What you can tell us about how Lois and Perry will interact?
At first she’s just this pretty girl that Clark has hooked up with, and gradually I start realizing that she’s really sharp. She’s the one-in-a-million kind of person who is born to knock over the ant hills and really see what’s going on inside. She’s a Woodward to my Bernstein, I guess.
O’Toole: You look a little more like Woodward. Taller.
McKean: I’m an old WASP is what you’re saying.
O’Toole: Yeah, well. [Laughs]
McKean: There’s a scene where I’m filling Lois in on something I’m working on and we realize there’s a confluence there that maybe we’re working on different aspects of the same story. It was a really fun scene to play. Martha’s role is definitely more than just being a mother now. She’s a U.S. senator and a secret government operative. What do you think of this evolution?
It’s fabulous! It’s something she probably should’ve been doing all along. She was studying to be a lawyer, decided not to do that. She threw herself into her marriage and the farm, and then wanted to have a family, that didn’t work out. She found this baby —
McKean: A super-baby! [Laughs]
O’Toole: Yeah, I love that she’s always going to be his mother, and always going to put his interests ahead of everything else in her life, but she’s got this other thing, too. When the kids grow up and leave, you’ve got to have your own life. She lost her soul mate, so I’m so glad that Martha has this. She’s doing good things in Washington.

Watch full episodes of Smallville Is being the Red Queen a good thing? The promos seem to indicate that it’s Martha.
I can’t talk about that, but I can say that Martha is a force for good. She’ll go as far as she thinks is necessary to protect Clark’s secret.
McKean: How far would any woman go to protect her child?
O’Toole: That sounds like a good blurb for a Lifetime movie. We’ve been in that movie, haven’t we?
McKean: I think so. [Laughs] How will Perry and Martha’s visit affect Lois and Clark’s relationship?
It’s definitely a turning point for Lois, and to a certain extent, it’s a turning point for Perry as well. The impact will be seen down the line. Is Martha against Clark revealing his identity to Lois?
No. She wants him to be happy. Martha’s greatest wish is for her son to be normal and loved. She’s not going to live forever, so she wants him to be happy.

Read our Smallville recaps Would Martha rather he put his relationship first or save the world first?
Why can’t you have both?
O’Toole: It’s like, can’t a woman be a mother and have a career? [Laughs] Why can’t you save the world and have a girlfriend? Because Smallville has been renewed for Season 10, would either of you return next year?
No one has said a word to us.
McKean: We’re going to have to see how they approach Season 10 and then we’ll know. We’re not being coy, by the way; we really don’t know. [Whispers] We have to pretend we’re not interested so they’ll get serious [Laughs]. We’re just teasing. We both have things lined up that we’re planning on doing and we’ll just see what’s possible.

Smallville – Episode 9.21 – Hostage – Promotional Photos


Smallville – Episode 9×20 Sacrifice – Promo Pics

(Click to Enlarge)

Source: TV Spoilers

Smallville – 9×20 – “Sacrifice” Promo

Smallville – Episode 9.20 – Sacrifice – Sneak Peek

Smallville – Spoiler Chat – E! Online – 4-19-2010

Will Michael Rosenbaum or Kristin Kreuk return to Smallville? And will Allison Mack be on the new season?
A source tells me “no chance” for Kristin, even though she’s free now after being recast in Josh Schwartz’s new pilot. I’m also told that Allison Mack has not yet signed a deal for season 10, but, “I’m sure she’ll be there,” says this reliable insider. As for the bald beauty that is Lex Luthor, the answer is…Keep the hope alive? Says show runner Brian Peterson: “We have never ever given up hope, but at this point, that’s all it is. We have a great relationship with Michael; it just hasn’t happened yet. I would never give up hope until the final second.” It’s not the hell yes! we were hoping for, but it’s better than a no, right?

Massena in Austin, Texas: Producers have claimed Tess and Chloe are a lot alike on Smallville. What do they mean, and why are they having them interact more?
“That’s dead-on,” show runner Brian Peterson tells us. “They’re a lot alike and yet very different. Tess always has to be hooked to a hero, always supporting some kind of hero, whether they end up being good or bad. But Chloe has moved into becoming a hero in her own right. We haven’t quite developed Tess’s character as much as we’re going to.” Still, there’s more to come. “People will have a lot of fun in these last few episodes because there’s a lot of Tess and Chloe.”
Source: E!

Smallville – Episode 9.19 – Charade – Sneak Peek

Smallville – Episode 9.19- Charade- Trailer

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    What are you talking about? Lana is Clark’s past, Lois is his future.

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