Supernatural Season 5 Finale: The Apocalypse! Dean vs. Death!

Supernatural‘s Mark Pellegrino: Fans Will Be Satisfied with the Finale



It’s the moment Supernatural fans have been waiting for all season: Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) is about to throw down with pretty much everyone. caught up with Pellegrino, who says Lucifer is quite the sympathetic character. (Um, what about that whole wanting to destroy all of mankind thing?)  The 45-year-old actor also gave us the details on Lucifer’s journey to the apocalypse as well as the similarities between Lucifer and his character on  Lost, Jacob.

Watch full episodes of Supernatural in our Online Video Guide Everything has been leading up to the showdown between Michael and Lucifer. What has the journey been like for Lucifer?
Mark Pellegrino:
It’s been interesting because I go from a broken-hearted, blue-collar guy to a being that is far more powerful than even I thought. I never expected in a million years that Lucifer would be killing off pagan gods like they were nothing. [Laughs] I didn’t know I was that powerful. He’s on a mission, single-mindedly pursuing a goal and perhaps he’ll achieve it. What’s Lucifer’s endgame besides the basic destruction of all mankind?
I think that’s a pretty big endgame. And it’s the best way to get back at daddy, to destroy the very thing that his father wanted him to sacrifice his life to. I even think that he might want to go as far as destroying God, but that’s quite a tall order. Which character seems more sympathetic to you: Lucifer or Lost‘s Jacob?
I feel that Lucifer’s character has a pretty sympathetic arc to it. Oddly enough, they’re both characters that are on the outside. I was very shocked to see Jacob as second favorite, constantly grasping for his mother’s love. It’s very similar to Lucifer, but I think Lucifer has a really sad story. I feel a lot of sympathy to Lucifer’s story. They both have unrequited love for their parents.
That’s exactly it, except one hasn’t lost his innocence and still keeps that love and fire burning, and the other one is utterly and totally vengeful.

Lost‘s Mark Pellegrino: There will be more answers Neither Michael nor Lucifer are actually in the right vessels going into the finale. Will that affect the showdown itself?
I imagine so. [Laughs] It gets tense. Executive producer Eric Kripke did say that this storyline will end in the finale. Do you think fans will be satisfied by the end of it?
I think they will be. There’s a part of me that hopes they’re not so Lucifer can come back. [Laughs] From what I’ve seen, the fans will be satisfied.

Do you think Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will get through the showdown in one piece?

Supernatural – Episode 5.22 – Swan Song – Promotional Photos

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Supernatural – 5.22 – Swan Song – Press Release

THE APOCALYPSE – The entire season has been leading up to this showdown between good and evil. With the Apocalypse looming, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realize they are out of options and make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever. A beloved character is killed. Posted on KSiteTV. Steve Boyum directed the episode with teleplay by Eric Kripke and story by Eric Gewitz (#522).
Source: KSiteTV

Supernatural – Repeats to Air on Friday’s

LOS ANGELES ( — “Supernatural” is heading to Friday nights as repeats of the series will follow “Smallville” at 9:00/8:00c starting May 28.
Said news comes on the heels of today’s announcement that encores of the short-lived CBS drama “Moonlight” will assume “Supernatural’s” regular Thursday, 9:00/8:00c time period on June 3.
The move will undoubtedly fuel speculation that “Supernatural” will permanently take residence there for its sixth season.
The CW announces its 2010-11 season lineup on Thursday, May 20.
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Supernatural – Scan from TV Guide about Finale

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Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes to Midnight – Space Sneak Peek

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – 2 More Sneak Peeks

Supernatural – 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Sneak Peek

Supernatural – Latest from Kristin – 27th April 2010
Dean is about to embark on very dangerous and expensive deal with Death. And no, we’re not talking financially
Source: E!Online

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Promotional Photos

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Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Promotional Photos

Source: SPNsite

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes to Midnight – Press Release


“SUPERNATURAL” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

“Two Minutes to Midnight” (CONTENT RATING TBD) (HDTV)

BOBBY SELLS HIS SOUL TO HELP STOP THE APOCALYPSE/DEAN GOES HEAD TO HEAD WITH DEATH – Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) tells Bobby (Jim Beaver) he will give him the location of Death (guest star Julian Richings), the fourth horseman, in exchange for his soul. Knowing Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) need that fourth ring to stop the Apocalypse, Bobby reluctantly agrees. Sam and Dean confront Pestilence (guest star Matt Frewer), but he unleashes a deadly virus upon them, so Castiel (Misha Collins) must intervene on their behalf. Dean has a meeting with Death to discuss Lucifer, and an unholy alliance is formed at a very high price for Dean. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble (#521).

Source: CW

Supernatural – Episode 5.20 – The Devil You Know – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.20 – The Devil You Know – Synopsis

“SUPERNATURAL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“The Devil You Know” (CONTENT RATING TBD sptv050769) (HDTV)

SAM AND DEAN FACE OFF AGAINST THE HORSEMEN — The demon Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) he can help them find the remaining Horsemen rings so they can trap Lucifer. The brothers are doubtful until Crowley leads them to Brady (guest star Eric Johnson), the Handler for Pestilence (guest star Matt Frewer) and Death. However, Brady refuses to give up their locations and sets Pestilence after the Winchesters…. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Ben Edlund (##520).
Source: CW

Supernatural – Latest from EW – 14th April

Question: Supernatural’s 100th episode is this week! To celebrate, how about a May sweeps scoop?
Ausiello: Exec producer Sera Gamble tells me that Dean’s looming face-off with Death is hands-down one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show.
Question: Any chance Meg (Rachel Miner) will be returning to Supernatural before the end of the season?
Ausiello: No
Source: EW

Supernatural – Episode 5.19 – Hammer of the Gods – Promotional Photos

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Supernatural – Episode 5.19 – Hammer of the Gods – Synopsis

“SUPERNATURAL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“Hammer of the Gods” (TV-14, DLSV sptv050769) (HDTV)

LUCIFER (MARK PELLEGRINO, “LOST”) RETURNS — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are kidnapped by a group of gods, including Kali (guest star Rekha Sharma), Ganesh (guest star Keith Blackman Dallas) and Bladur (guest star Adam Croasdell) and held hostage in a small hotel. The gods want to use Sam and Dean as bargaining chips to stop the Apocalypse, but Gabriel (guest star Richard Speight, Jr.) shows up and warns them that if Lucifer finds them he will kill them all. Unfortunately, one of the gods turns on the rest and Lucifer appears. Rick Bota directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin with story by David Reed (##519).
Source: CW

Supernatural – Season 5 DVD and Blu-Ray

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