Lost Series Finale Spoilers! How will it all end?

Is this Italian site posting the real series finale script pages?

Breaking News – Lost Series Finale Extended by 30 Mins

Get ready for more “Lost.”

The producers of ABC’s hit drama have shot so much crucial material for the show’s hugely anticipated finale that the network has agreed to extend the last episode by an extra half hour.

When the “Lost” finale airs on Sunday, May 23rd, the episode will run from 9 to 11:30 p.m. The overrun will air instead of the local news, with the “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost” post-finale special remaining at 11:30 p.m. ABC is expected to announce the plan on tonight’s episode of Kimmel.

Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof just completed post-production on the finale” — on Monday night. Both sent out identical Tweets: “We’re done. Amen.”

The supersizing of the finale is the latest adjustment to what might as well be called “The ‘Lost’ Weekend.” ABC is airing an “enhanced” (pop-ups) version of the show’s original two-hour pilot on May 22. On Sunday there’s a two-hour retrospective titled “Lost: The Final Journey,” followed by the finale and Kimmel post-show. Source: Hollywood Reporter

Lost‘s Mark Pellegrino: There Will Be More Answers

Source: TVGuide.com


This week’s mythos-heavy episode of Lost left fans with — you guessed it — more questions than answers. With just two episodes remaining before we find whether the show’s mysteries will ever be explained or if its producers have just been messing with us, we tracked down Jacob himself, Mark Pellegrino. He talks about who’s good, who’s bad, the father of Jacob and the man/boy in black (Titus Welliver), and whether any of it matters.

Lost kills off fan-favorites – what does it mean for the finale?

TVGuide.com: Last night’s Lost was quite the head scratcher.
I’ve been hearing that. I’ve been hearing quite a bit about that. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: A lot of fans griped after the episode because they still felt confused about the mythology. Will there be more explanation in the last few episodes?
There will be. There will be some ends tied, but I can’t guarantee that for everyone. People have been debating the meaning of the show and the various subplots for years, and I wonder if all of the questions are going to be answered. That’s a tall order, but I think many people will be satisfied.

TVGuide.com: All along we thought Jacob was a good guy, but he’s not as good as we thought.
On a certain level, the line between good and evil has an indistinctive blurring. I think there’s a lot of crossover in the show. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not good, though. Things will become clearer in the next episode, definitely. I think you’ll make up your mind one way or the other for sure, but it’s not going to be clean and pristine. You’ll definitely come down on one side or the other.

TVGuide.com: How did Jacob go from a mama’s boy to a man of confidence?
I think there’s a transformation that takes place when my mother gives me the wine. It opens certain doors for me. I think living for almost 2000 years — just the simple act of living, thinking and turning over ideas — can lead, hopefully, to a kind of wisdom.

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TVGuide.com: Why can Jacob leave the island, as he’s done to visit his candidates, but the Man in Black cannot?
This is a question that I’ve wondered about myself actually. I don’t think the answer is directly provided in any episode, but it could be the fact that I’m a guardian of sorts and therefore have a certain power to exit when I want to. He can leave as long as it’s directly for a certain purpose. After I threw the Man in Black in the pit, he’s chained there. He’s become incorporeal, and he’s in something worse than hell.

TVGuide.com: Does the Man in Black still view Jacob as a brother?
I think he does. There’s still that brotherly bond between the two of them. Even though The Man in Black has changed dramatically and he’s gone from loving me to wanting me dead, there’s still that bond between us.

TVGuide.com: Who’s their daddy and does it matter?
Some Roman, I imagine. Does it matter? No, I think in the end, no. I like to think that my daddy is Marcus Aurelius.

TVGuide.com: I’m sure you can’t say who takes Jacob’s place as the guardian of the island, but can you say whether someone will actually take up the position?
That remains to be seen.

Catch up on Lost with our recaps

TVGuide.com: Will we see Jacob again before the end of the series?
You will be seeing me some more, yes.

Who’s side are you on: Jacob or the Man in Black’s?

Getting Lost: What Happens to Ji Yeon Now?

Lost – Daniel Dae Kim, YunJin Kim

With so few episodes left, Lost finally proved that even series regulars aren’t safe. But just how permanent were the deaths in Tuesday’s episode? Thanks to that sideways universe, we will get to see Sun and Jin again, though the fate of their daughter, Ji Yeon, is still in question. Find out what’s ahead straight from Yunjin Kim:

Lost kills off fan-favorites – what does it mean for the finale?

Episode 6.15 – Across The Sea – Latest from TV Guide Magazine

What’s The West Wing’s C.J. doing on the May 11 episode of Lost? No one’s officially saying anything about Emmy winner Allison Janney’s mystery character (identified only as ‘Woman’), though online speculation has it that she may be playing the mother of Mark Pellegrino’s Jacob or Titus Welliver’s Man in Black – two of the few recognizable faces in this trippy third-to-last installment titled, “Across the Sea.”

“She’s incredible, but we can’t give away who she’s playing,” says executive producer Damon Lindelof, confirming only that Allison’s role is a major one. “We will confirm that she will be a woman.” (Dang, there goes my big island tranny creation theory.)

Fellow executive producer Carlton Cuse adds, “We were so happy that she was able to do this. It was really hard for her because she was getting ready to shoot a pilot, but she squeezed us in. Then once we saw her in this part we were like, ‘How could anyone else have done this but Allison Janney?”

“In fact,” adds Lindelof, “we’ve been talking about this character for awhile and how nervous we were that we wouldn’t find the right actress. When we first started talking about this character in the writers room we called her ‘Allison Janney’ under the assumption that we wouldn’t be able to get her.”

But the two EPs got on the phone with Allison and had “a lovely conversation,” tells Lindelof. “She’d seen enough of the show to ‘get’ it, but wasn’t completely dialed in. So we explained the part and said it was as close to writing a role for a particular person as we’d ever done. And she moved heaven and earth to go down to Hawaii for eight days.”

Cuse says the mystery role required “incredible presence,” which Allison demonstrated on her long-running NBC drama. “She had so much presence in The West Wing,” he recalls. “She was in charge and had the strength we needed.”

Hmmm… So, since my tranny creation theory’s out the window, might it be possible that Janney’s character was sent to the island on official business by… Martin Sheen’s President Bartlet? Not even in a flash-sideways!

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Damon Lindelof discuss the Finale and more

Audio Interview with Dominic Monaghan

Episode 6.15 – Across The Sea – Early Press Release

Episode F118 – “Across the Sea”


The motives of John Locke are finally explained.

Written by Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
Directed by Tucker Gates

Naveen Andrews as Sayid
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Emilie de Ravin as Claire
Michael Emerson as Ben
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox as Jack
Jorge Garcia as Hurley
Josh Holloway as Sawyer
Daniel Dae Kim as Jin
Yunjin Kim as Sun
Ken Leung as Miles
Evangeline Lilly as Kate
Terry O’Quinn as Locke
Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana

Guest Cast
Mark Pellegrino as Jacob
Titus Welliver as man in black
Allison Janney as woman
Kenton Duty as teenage boy
Ryan Bradford as boy in black
Lela Loren as Claudia
Ivo Nandi as oldest hunter

Source: DarkUFO

Episode 6.14 – The Candidate – Sneak Peek 1

Episode 6.14 – The Candidate – New ABC Promo 2

Episode 6.14 – The Candidate – Sneak Peek 2

Episode 6.14 – The Candidate – New ABC Promo 2

Episode 6.14 – The Candidate – Slow Motion Promo

‘Lost’ producers, actors speak about tonight’s ‘they did not just do that!’ shockers


the-candidateImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCI can only imagine what you’re thinking. I can only imagine what you’re feeling. And if I had to put a voice to those thoughts and emotions, I suspect it would sound something like this: “You know, the last thing I want to read right now is a couple thousand words from Doc Jensen about the relevancy of existential literature, progressive rock, and the films of Andrei Tarkovsky to Lost. What I really want right now is to hear from exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof about why they did what they did tonight during ‘The Candidate.’” Spoilers ahead, Losties. SERIOUS MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED “THE CANDIDATE,” STOP READING RIGHT NOW.

But back to your thoughts. “Forget the title of the episode. ‘The Candidate’ had absolutely nothing to do with finding and naming Jacob’s replacement and instead had everything to do with making me feel really, really, REALLY crappy! How dare they take down Jin and Sun in a sinking submarine! How dare they make the Korean couple’s daughter Ji-Yeon an orphan! And how dare they kill Sayid! So what if he died a heroic death and by trying to smother the Locke-ness Monster’s bomb? He’s Sayid! We love him! Why did they have to die? WHY?”

“Because now you know this show is willing and capable of killing anyone,” says Damon Lindelof, suddenly materializing in my office in a puff of brimstone accompanied by Carlton Cuse. (Actually, that isn’t true. I interviewed the producers over hamburgers… but I’ll tell you that boring story in Friday’s Doc Jensen column. On with the important stuff!) Why was it so important for Lost to prove that it can be downright homicidal during its last season? To establish once and for all that the Locke-ness Monster is the true villain of season 6 and quite possibly all of Lost. “There is no ambiguity,” says Cuse. “He is evil and he has to be stopped.”

Or, as Terry O’Quinn told me in a recent interview: “Puffy is one nasty mo-fo.”

To be clear, the producers are not heartless bastards. They’re only semi-heartless bastards. They knew fans would be devastated (and angry) about the deaths and were pretty broken up themselves about offing three beloved creations. “When we watched the death scenes ourselves, it was brutal,” says Cuse. “[But] the story always comes first.” Lindelof elaborates: “In many ways, the season was structured as a long con on behalf of the Man In Black. Once we revealed that Locke was the Monster, we knew the audience would immediately mistrust him, and we would have to spend at least a dozen episodes of Locke trying to convince the audience that he did not have malevolent intention, that all he wanted to do was get off The Island. But everything he was doing was leading up to one moment, which was [trying to] get the candidates in one fell swoop. He knew if he killed just one of them, everyone would know what he was up to.’”

Says Cuse: “There will be very little debate at the end of this episode that [Fake Locke] is evil and bad and has to be stopped. The main narrative reason for him killing our main characters is to establish how much of a bad guy he is and to clearly identify him as the antagonist rolling into the end of the series.”

Lindelof recognizes that there’s something “brutal” about killing Jin and Sun just one episode after their long-awaited reunion — which, he says, is exactly what made the lovers such an apt choice for making a statement about Fake Locke’s malevolence. “At least they got to die in each other’s arms, so they’d have some sense of victory,” he says. And Sayid? Lindelof explains: “Sayid’s entire season-long arc has basically been, if you tell him that he is evil, you can convince him he is evil. But if you tell him he is good, maybe you can convince him he is good. We basically decided that in a moment of pure instinct, if he did something, if he sacrificed his own life in favor of saving the other people’s lives, that would convey to the audience, ‘This guy was actually a good guy.’”

The good news for fans of Lost and fans of Jin, Sun, and Sayid in particular is that they are technically still alive — in the Sideways world. “Still, it’s bittersweet,” Yunjin Kim told me in a recent interview. “They were kept separate for so long, and then they came together to die together.” She found it “beautiful” that Sun and Jin were given an end that served as an affirmation of their love and the heroic sacrifices they made for each other. “We’ve come full circle,” she says. “Sun came back to The Island [and] risked her life to save her friends and Jin, and then Jin does the same thing back.” When I asked her how she prepared for Sun’s final Island moments, Kim told this story: “Right before we started shooting, [director] Jack Bender took me aside and told me about story that he read a long time ago, about this woman who was missing her dead husband, and how she had this beach ball that he blew up before he died. Every day she took a little breath from the beach ball. And that really got me right into the emotional core of where I needed to be to play that scene. Can you imagine that woman, taking that breath little by little every day, just to feel her husband’s presence?”

Daniel Dae Kim’s thoughts on the end of Jin and Sun? “They were the Romeo and Juliet of the show, and the fact they didn’t have a happy ending does make me sad,” says the actor, who then expanded on the greater significance of the deaths to the show — but I’m afraid sharing his insights (including his take on the fate of Ji Yeon) at this point would be a bit too spoilerish. What was it like shooting his watery demise? “It was pretty difficult that day,” says Kim. “Shooting in water is never easy. But the crew was considerate and made the water warm for us, in more ways than one. Let’s just say certain members of the crew who were in that water for a very, very, very long time without ever leaving. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Now that’s evil.

I’m still processing the chilling events of “The Candidate,” and my own thoughts and feelings about the deaths of Sun, Jin, and Sayid. My recap of the episode will post sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, use the message boards below to start the discussion — and express your grief.

Lost Kills Off Fan-Favorites – What Does It Mean for the Finale?

Source: TV Guide


[Spoiler Warning: This article contains details from Tuesday night’s episode of Lost, including which characters died. Reader, beware!]

After waiting nearly two years for a sweet reunion, Sun (Yunjin Kim) and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) took their last breath in the submarine — a Charlie Pace-like death — in Tuesday night’s episode of Lost. So, was that really the end of Sun and Jin Kwon? Yunjin Kim discusses what we’ll see of the star-crossed lovers in the final episodes, along with teasing the last scene of the series and more.

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TVGuide.com: I’ll admit that I did shed a few tears after your death in Tuesday’s episode. The Sun and Jin reunion was so short-lived!
Yunjin Kim:
It was a brilliant way to end Sun and Jin’s life on the island. Because of the way the story is going, especially once we get to Episode 15, 16 and 17, it’s moving at a pretty fast pace. Let’s say if Jin dies alone, Sun would only grieve for Jin for two seconds and we’d have to move on with the storyline. It was a very romantic death.

TVGuide.com: The episode was jampacked with death, especially with Sayid (Naveen Andrews) taking one for the team.
Yeah, I think we all become heroes at the end as far as the island story goes. I have a feeling that’s how the series is going to end. Sayid’s death is very abrupt and ours is very drawn out. Daniel and I both had water pouring on top of our heads while shooting it, so it was hard to even keep our eyes open. It was physically demanding.

TVGuide.com: How did you feel when the producers told you that your characters were going to die?
As soon as I got on the phone with Damon Lindelof, he said “This phone call is not one of those phone calls.” He told me how it was going to happen and I actually thought it was a beautiful ending to both of the characters. It will only propel the other survivors to go after Locke [Terry O’Quinn], and have a very good reason to go after Locke as aggressively as they do in the final episodes.

Lost‘s Jorge Garcia: The Man in Black cannot lie

TVGuide.com: A lot of fans have been waiting two years for Sun and Jin to be reunited. Do you expect to meet some angry fan reaction?
I think that’s where the writers wanted the fans to be: To be very angry at Locke. It’s just the way the story needs to end. Then again, I think the fans will realize that it’s not the end of Sun and Jin’s storyline, we still have flash sideways. Our story doesn’t just end with the death in the submarine. It will continue until the end.

TVGuide.com: We still get more Sun and Jin?
Yeah, they will complete [their sideways] storyline and fans will be very satisfied at the end. The finale will be a very nice closure to this long journey.

TVGuide.com: What’s going to happen to Ji Yeon in the regular universe since both her parents just died?
In the normal universe, Sun’s mother is taking care of her. That’s how we left the story, so I guess Sun’s parents will take over the custody. Again, because there’s another lifeline, and Sun is actually pregnant with Ji Yeon at this point, we will have a closure in that storyline.

TVGuide.com: What can you tell us about the Losties going after Locke?
He is a force to be reckoned with. It’s Locke vs. the castaways. Whoever is leftover will fight Locke to the end. The conclusion to Locke’s story, that is part of the secret last act.

Getting Lost: What does the finale hold?

TVGuide.com: How do you feel now that the show is coming to a close?
It’s very bittersweet. It’s great that I survived six years of Lost, literally meaning my character has survived to the very end. I’m proud to be a part of this amazing journey. I have my emotional days, but some days I’m really good and I’m really looking forward to what’s coming next. I recently got married, so it will be interesting to find out what I’ll be doing after Lost.

TVGuide.com: Will Sun and Jin get a happy ending after all?
We’ll see. I believe in happy endings, but this is Lost, so you never know. [Laughs]

What did you think of Sun and Jin’s submarine death?

90210 Season 2 Finale Spoilers! Annie and Liam in Danger!

90210 – Episode 2.22 – Confession – Promotional Photos

Source: 90210-media

90210 – Episode 2.21 – Javianna – Promotional Photos

90210 – Episode 2.21 – Javianna – Promotional Photos

Source: 90210-media

90210 – Episode 2.21 – Javianna – Press Release


“90210” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“Javianna” (TV-14) (HDTV)

RYAN O’NEAL AND LATIN POP STAR DIEGO BONETA GUEST STAR; SILVER AND TEDDY DECIDE TO DO THE MATTRESS MAMBO – Adrianna’s (Jessica Lowndes) new romance with pop star Javier (guest star/Latin recording artist Diego Boneta) continues to blossom, while Navid (Michael Steger) continues to work up enough courage to tell her how he feels. Jen (Sara Foster) has taken control of Naomi’s (AnnaLynne McCord) finances and puts her on a tight budget, resulting in an instant meltdown by Naomi. Without her credit cards, Naomi is too distracted to realize Liam (Matt Lanter) is in need of support to deal with the departure of his father, so he turns to Annie (Shenae Grimes) for comfort. Despite Spence’s (Ryan O’Neal) suggestion, Teddy (Trevor Donovan) refuses to end his relationship with Silver (Jessica Stroup), and the two decide to spend the night together. Ivy (Gillian Zinser) invites Dixon (Tristan Wilds) to spend the summer in Australia with her and Laurel (Kelly Lynch), but the idea doesn’t go over well with his parents. Harry (Rob Estes) and Debbie’s (Lori Loughlin) problems escalate when she finds out that Harry has been hiding Dixon’s gambling issues from her. Meanwhile, Jasper (Zach Sherman) returns to resolve things with Annie. James L. Conway directed the episode written by Jennie Snyder Urman (#221).
Source: CW

90210 – Spoiler Chat – E! Online – 4-19-2010

I just can’t get on board with Gia and Adrianna on 90210. I miss her and Navid being together. Any hope?
Well, I’d say yes, after sitting down with Michael Steger to talk about the rest of the season. He says Navid and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) “develop a strong friendship again.” That’s good news, yes? I can also tell you that their bond gets stronger because of some changes in her music career. And what of Navid’s new girl Lila (Amber Wallace)? “We take it to another level, but it’s a temporary thing,” Michael dishes. So hope is lost for all you Adrianna/Navid fans!
Source: E!
Read more: http://www.spoilertv.com/search/label/90210#ixzz0mb40C3Gj

90210 – Episode 2.20 – Meet the Parent – Promo 2 & Sneak Peek

90210 – Episode 2.20 – Meet the Parent – Promo

90210 – Episode 2.20 – Meet The Parents – Promotional Photos

90210 – Episode 2.20 – Meet the Parent – Press Release

“90210” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“Meet the Parent” (TV-PG) (HDTV)

RYAN O’NEAL AND LATIN POP STAR DIEGO BONETA GUEST STAR – Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Jen (guest star Sara Foster) are back to wreaking havoc in each others lives and just when Naomi thinks she has the upperhand, Jen slaps her back into reality. Teddy (Trevor Donovan) invites a nervous Silver (Jessica Stroup) to meet his father, Spence (guest star Ryan O’Neal), for the second time and the meeting doesn’t go quite as planned. Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) struggles to write a new song for Laurel (guest star Kelly Lynch) and turns to Navid (Michael Steger) for support, forcing Navid to realize he still has feelings for her. Adrianna records a duet with Javier Luna (guest star/Latin recording artist Diego Boneta), a famous young pop singer, who quickly wins her over with his charm. Annie (Shenae Grimes) confronts Harry (Rob Estes) and Debbie (Lori Loughlin) about their recent marital problems, resulting in a family discussion about their future. Tristan Wilds and Ryan Eggold also star. Stuart Gillard directed the episode written by Jessica Chaffin (#220).
Source: The CW

90210 – Episode 2.19 – Multiple Choices – Promo

90210 – Episode 2.19 – Multiple Choices – Sneak Peek & 2 More Promos

90210 – Episode 2.19 – Multiple Choices

Source: 90210-media

90210 – Episode 2.19 – Multiple Choices – Synopsis


“90210” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Multiple Choices” (TV-14, L spyv050769) (HDTV)

RYAN O’NEAL AND SARA FOSTER GUEST STAR, IT’S SAT TIME AT WEST BEV — As a result of falsely accusing her faculty adviser of sexual harassment, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) is now required to complete community service and publicly apologizes to her peers for the trouble she has caused. The gang is preparing for the SAT’s when Silver (Jessica Stroup) disagrees with Teddy’s (Trevor Donovan) decision to skip college to focus on his tennis career and things grow even more tense when she meets his movie star father, Spence (guest star Ryan O’Neal). Liam (Matt Lanter) and his father, Finn (guest star Scott Patterson, “Gilmore Girls”), reconnect and attempt to rebuild their relationship. Navid (Michael Steger) and Dixon (Tristan Wilds) host an underground gambling party that results in Dixon owing Mark (guest star Blake Hood) a lot of money. Debbie (Lori Loughlin) reveals to Harry (Rob Estes) that she kissed another man, which forces the two to finally discuss their recent problems. Annie overhears their parents conversation and turns to Liam for support. Just when Naomi thinks her life is back on track, her evil sister Jen (guest star Sara Foster) returns to Beverly Hills. Liz Friedlander directed the episode written by Paul Sciarrotta (##219).
Source: CW

Gossip Girl Season 3 Finale Spoilers: Will Blair Reunite with Chuck?

Gossip Girl major finale spoilers including who gets shot, what happens to Jenny

*The person who is shot is Chuck
*Serena breaks up with Nate
*Jenny sleeps with Chuck
*Jenny leaves to move in with her mother with no intention of coming back
*Georgina is pregnant with Dan’s baby
*Serena and Dan hookup

Gossip Girl – Season Finale Promo

Gossip Girl – More Clips from the Finale

Gossip Girl – Clips from the Finale

Gossip Girl – The *itch is back

Source: EW

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.22 – Last Tango, Then Paris – Promotional Photos

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Gossip Girl – Episode 3.22 – Last Tango, Then Paris – More Promotional Photos

Source: CW

Gossip Girl – Taylor Momsen on “This Morning” show inc Clips

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.22 – Last Tango, Then Paris – Promo {Season Finale}

Gossip Girl – Season Finale Spoilers

I guess it’s “really, really, good” isn’t much of a spoiler. But it’s accurate. The May 17 Gossip Girl sendoff features big payoffs, several OMG! twists, and a Georgina comeback. Enough, if you ask me, to more than make up for an uneven (but not nearly as bad as some people have said!) season. Most importantly, Chuck/Blair fans freaking out over a certain spoiler-laced European trailer that shows the couple nearing third base should simmer down and judge things after watching the entire hour — a sentiment echoed by exec producer Stephanie Savage.

“I really encourage people who have seen that promo to tune in and watch the whole episode in context,” she pleads. “Those were a few moments that were taken out of context to create the most salacious experience possible. And some people who are having a negative reaction to what they’re seeing I think will have a different reaction when they see it in context. Everyone’s making decisions that are reasonable based on the information that they have.”

In other words, Savage and Co. wouldn’t do you, or your faves, wrong. “This is a story that has been three years in the telling — going back to the pilot,” she reminds us. “And that’s a story that we’ll keep telling in season 4. So I don’t think it’s coming out of nowhere. And it lands on everybody. It lands on Dan, Blair, Serena, Rufus, Lily, Nate — every single person has a POV about this, and we’re going to see these ripple effects over time. “

For now, though, here are eight tantalizing teases to calm you down, wind you up or, most likely, both. Next Monday’s capper will include a:
· Threesome
· Departure
· Mini time-jump
· Engagement ring!
· Shooting
· Birth
· Shocking OMG! twist
· A pair of spectacular Jenny smackdowns at the hands of Blair (Leighton Meester never better!)

Feel better now? Get it all out of your system below.
Source: EW

Gossip Girl – Latest from NY Magazine – Next Season’s Trip to Paris

Comment savez dire ‘OMFG’ en Francais? Or, to translate: Vulture has confirmed that the fourth season of Gossip Girl will kick off next fall with two episodes set — and filmed — in Paris.

GG co-creator and executive producer Stephanie Savage flew to France over the weekend to begin scouting locations for a week of production in the City of Lights. At least three key characters — Blair, Serena, and Mssr. Chuck Bass — will be making the transcontinental trek in what’s destined to be pop culture’s most bon voyage since The Facts of Life girls went to Paris in 1982. (And yes, we’re counting European Vacation.)

The Paris plotline represents “the ultimate extension of our Gossip Girl world,” Savage e-mailed us Sunday, shortly after arriving in Paris. She notes that the French metropolis is synonymous with such series staples as high fashion, ritzy restaurants, and tres chic nightclubs. (Blair’s fave sweet? Macarons from Pierre Herme.)

“We mention our characters’ fabulous travels all time, but it’s very hard, and expensive, to actually show them,” Savage writes. “The books were lucky this way: ‘Aspen ski trip’ costs nothing extra to type. So it’s a big deal to be able to take production on the road, especially overseas.”

Savage says the Paris shoot is “a dream” she’s had since the CW show began … or at least since GG’s sophomore year, which launched with key characters enjoying a summer in the nice-but-it-ain’t-Paris locale of the Hamptons. (That trip also had the cost-effective bonus of being driving distance from the show’s usual Manhattan locations.) “Shooting in the Hamptons really elevated the feel and reach of (the show),” co-creator Josh Schwartz told Vulture. “But it felt like, to take it to that next level, we had to go international, and what city is more glamorous? And it’s been a part of Blair’s character, so it organically lends itself to the storytelling as well.”

Team GG began dropping hints about a Parisian excursion a few weeks ago, when the Internets got wind of the episode title for next week’s season finale: “Last Tango, Then Paris.” But just how will the menage a trois of Blair, Chuck, and Serena end up overseas? (Alerte de spoiler!)

“Serena and Blair are finishing up their fabulous summer vacation when someone from home mysteriously shows up in town,” Savage explains. “They need to solve this mystery, or else return to a New York that’s a very different world.”

No word on whether this third person is Chuck, or another character yet to be revealed. Producers are also loathe to reveal any other French connections, except that the GG narrator will eschew her usual “XOXO” sign-off for “bisou bisou,” and that the episodes will be pivotal to the show’s direction next fall.

“Paris is all about jump-starting the season and moving things forward,” Savage says. That said, the Paris ploy is being made from a position of relative strength, rather than desperation. As it ends its third season, Gossip remains the CW’s top-rated show among the network’s core target audience of women under 35. And it was renewed for another season all the way back in February.

Perhaps that’s why Savage took no offense when Vulture asked whether the decision to send Blair and Co. to Paris was inspired by the aforementioned Facts of Life Paris journey.

“FOL is the inspiration for all things GG,” she quipped.

Well, both shows do feature sometimes bitchy characters named Blair.
Source: NY Mag

Gossip Girl – Taylor Momsen says she’s not sure if she will be back next season

EW: Your GG costar Leighton Meester is also trying to launch a music career. Ever talk about it?
TM: No. I’m not really close with my cast. We’re all cordial and nice to each other, but we’re not really friends outside of the set.
EW: I heard Jenny is going to be MIA for the beginning of next season.
TM: I’m gonna be on tour. But as far as next season goes I don’t really know what’s going on. I don’t wanna talk about that because it’s up in the air. At the end of the season, you’ll see.
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Gossip Girl – Episode 3.21 – Ex-Husbands and Wives – Promotional Photos

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Gossip Girl – Episode 3.21 – Ex-Husbands and Wives – Press Release


“GOSSIP GIRL” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

“Ex-Husbands and Wives” (TV-14) (HDTV)

TEAM RUFUS VS. TEAM WILL (GUEST STAR BILLY BALDWIN, “DIRTY SEXY MONEY”) – When things get tense between Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Will (Baldwin), Serena (Blake Lively) chooses to stand behind her father, while at the Rufus is made to feel like an outsider in his own family. Meanwhile, Jenny (Taylor Momsen) deliberately shares information with Will that may ultimately destroy Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus’ marriage. After many failed attempts, Chuck (Ed Westwick) makes one last grand gesture to reconcile with Blair (Leighton Meester), hoping she will finally accept the fact that they are destined to be together. Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford also star. Norman Buckley directed the episode written by Sara Goodman (#321).
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Gossip Girl – Episode 3.21 – Ex-Husbands and Wives – Short Synopsis

Tension builds between Rufus and Will; Jenny shares information that could destroy Rufus and Lily’s marriage; Chuck makes one last grand gesture in hopes of winning Blair back.
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Gossip Girl – 2 Episodes Left Short Promo

Gossip Girl – Season 3 – Only 3 Episodes Left – Promo

Gossip Girl – Latest from Kristin – 27th April

What’s the scoop on Vanessa and Dan on Gossip Girl?
It’s not looking good long-term, sorry! I’m hearing that Vanessa will be leaving not only New York but the country before the end of the season–running off to a superfancy and superfar job with CNN. So yes, Jessica is the second female, along with Taylor Momsen’s Little J, to head off into the sunset. The good news? I’m told by sources that both ladies will still be series regulars next season. As for you wondering what Little J will do that leads to her departure, I’m told “it’s a culmination of lots of things Jenny does to multiple people.” That doesn’t sound good at all!

What’s the word on Gossip Girl?
Don’t expect Serena to continue to sit idly by while Jenny tries to hone in on Nate. The onetime pals and now stepsisters are headed for some seriously rough times ahead.
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Gossip Girl – Episode 3.20 – It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad World – Promo

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.20 – It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad World – Promo 2

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.20 – It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad World – 2 Sneak Peeks

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.20 – It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World – Promotional Photos

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.20 – It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World – Synopsis


“GOSSIP GIRL” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

“It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad World” (TV-14, L) (HDTV)

WILLIAM “BILLY” BALDWIN (“DIRTY SEXY MONEY”) GUEST STARS – Will’s (Baldwin) return to the Upper East Side continues to stir up problems for Serena (Blake Lively), Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and his long-standing rival, Rufus (Matthew Settle). Serena and Jenny’s (Taylor Momsen) relationship is strained as a result of Jenny’s deception. Blair (Leighton Meester) spends time on the Columbia campus and realizes where she truly belongs…. Dan (Penn Badgley) learns that Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) has been keeping yet another secret from him. Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick also star. Jeremiah Chechik directed the episode written by Amanda Lasher (##320).

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Gossip Girl – Episode 3.20 – It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad World – Short Synopsis

Jenny’s deception strains her relationship with Serena; Blair visits the Columbia campus; Dan discovers that Vanessa has been keeping another secret from him.
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Gossip Girl – Episode 3.19 Dr. Estrangeloved – New Promo

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.19 – Dr. Estrangeloved – 3 More Sneak Peeks

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.19 – Dr. Estrangeloved – 2 Sneak Peeks

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.19 – Dr. Estrangeloved – Sneak Peek 3

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Gossip Girl – Spoiler Chat – E! Online – 4-19-2010

We need some Chuck and Blair scoop that is good please on Gossip Girl!
I’m so sad to have to say this, but I don’t have anything new to report on the Chair front. I’m trying to keep the faith with you, and I know they will reunite at some point, but it might not be superquick, sorry.
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