Desperate Housewives Season 7 Spoilers: Baby Switch, Whose? & Paul Young Returns!

Desperate Housewives – Secrets From The New Season

“Desperate Housewives” returns for its seventh season this fall and Executive Producer Marc Cherry tells ET, “The secrets get darker, the action gets juicier and I am going to try to make it sexier!”

ET was on Wisteria Lane as the seventh season began filming to get the inside scoop on what lies ahead for Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker), Bree (Marcia Cross), Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Lynette (Felicity Huffman).

“What we start to deal with in the first episode is the ramifications of something we have been holding back for six seasons,” Marc says. “[Gaby] finally finds out that Andrew [Shawn Pyfrom] — Bree’s son — ran over her mother-in-law. That starts to affect their friendship in a major way.”

That hit-and-run accident may be old news, but there will be another hit-and-run in the second episode of the new season, putting the two families into conflict a second time.

The sexier action — and Marc jokes that Bree may have a red bra in her future — will be added by Brian Austin Green, who will be a working-class guy who becomes Bree’s new love interest.

Also joining the cast this season is Vanessa Williams, who will be playing the wife of a professional athlete who is having marital problems.

“She has money and style but her background is different [than Gabby’s],” Marc says. “We are introducing her as Lynette’s best frenemy from college, so she comes and shines some light on Lynette’s choices. It is some of the best bitchy dialogue we have had on this show!”

Returning to Wisteria Lane after a term in prison is Paul Young [Mark Moses], who was framed by Felicia Tilman [Harriet Sansom Harris] for murder. Felicia disappeared after cutting off two of her fingers, making it appear as if Paul was responsible for her demise. Paul returned at the very end of season six, renting Susan and Mike’s [James Denton] house, now that finances have forced them to move into an apartment.

“We are going to find out how he was released from jail and that storyline will play out through the year,” Marc says.

And don’t be surprised if Betty White makes a visit to Wisteria Lane. She and Marc worked together on “Golden Girls,” and he says, “I adore Betty. If there is any way to do it, I would love to have Betty on the show. It is something that would make my heart very happy.”
“Desperate Housewives” returns for its seventh season on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m.
Source: ETonline

Desperate Housewives – End Date is ‘in Negotiation’

“Desperate Housewives” doesn’t have a firm end date yet. It could in the relatively near future, though.

Creator Marc Cherry says that he can see the series lasting a couple more seasons, “but I don’t want to try and match ‘Gunsmoke’s’ record.”

“It’s in negotiation — that’s all I can tell you,” Cherry says of an end date for “Housewives.” “ABC is talking to people. … There are meetings going on with agents and stuff, but we’re just kind of here doing our work.”

Cherry has talked in the past about wanting to end the show after seven seasons; he later struck a deal to stay with the show through a ninth year, when his current deal with ABC Studios expires. (There have also been rumblings that the show might end after next season.)

He also says he hopes to keep the show’s principal cast of Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria Parker together until the end.

“That to me is absolutely the optimum,” Cherry says. “I’m aware that it’s very tricky to take beloved cast members [out of a show] when the premise of the show is it’s an ensemble. … So while I’m mindful that my gals have other careers going on, and they’re starting families and doing stuff like that — that they might have other interests that might take them away — my goal, and I’m going to work really hard, is to try to keep the core group together to the bitter end. I think that would be a lovely way to end the show.”

Season 7 of “Desperate Housewives” is set to premiere on Sunday, Sept. 26

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Desperate Housewives – Frenemies, Paul Young and clean-shaven Carlos in Season 7

The producers of “Desperate Housewives” aren’t giving up whose baby was switched or why exactly Paul Young is returning to Wisteria Lane, but they did share a good amount about what we’ll see in the first part of Season 7 during a set visit Tuesday (July 27).

Read on for details about Vanessa Williams’ and Brian Austin Green’s characters, Teri Hatcher’s “shady” new boss and more.

Lynette’s friend

Williams plays Renee Perry, Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) former college roommate who moves to Wisteria Lane after hitting a rough patch with her husband. “The have sort of a frenemy relationship,” executive producer Bob Daily says. “Renee had gone off to New York and married a very wealthy pro athlete, a baseball player. She’s always been a little more wealthy than Lynette, had more of a jet-set, no-kids kind of lifestyle. … We’ll continue to play that friend/bitter rival relationship with them.”

Adds Williams herself, “She’s very competitive with Lynette, and they’ve got — I wouldn’t say a tempestuous relationship, but it gets a little rough at times. A lot of people around the neighborhood notice how we go at it. But it’s also fun — Felicity loves it because she gets a chance to be funny. We have some nice quips.”

Bree’s man

Green has joined the cast as a contractor whom the newly single Bree (Marcia Cross) hires — and who soon becomes a person of interest on the lane. “She and [Renee] will go after him at the same time; there’s a little competition going on there,” Daily says. “But we’re really playing out what it’s like for Bree to be dating again after so long, and to be dating a younger, blue-collar guy.”

Paul’s return

The season will pick up pretty much right where last year left off, with Paul (Mark Moses) having just returned to the neighborhood. “He’s got a grudge against the neighborhood, he’s got a plan, he’s got a wife — we just cast the wife, Emily Bergl [‘Men in Trees’]. … She’s a woman who started corresponding with a convicted murderer in prison. They got married while he was still in, then she was surprised to find out he was released.”

Susan’s move

Last season’s end also saw Susan (Hatcher) move off Wisteria Lane, and she’ll be trying to figure out a way to move back. “We have her getting involved in a sort of shady Internet venture that’s run by Lainie Kazan,” who’s guesting in several episodes, Daily says. She’ll also be Paul’s landlord: “That’s going to be kind of an awkward relationship for everyone. … We play that for a lot of creepy comedy in the first couple episodes.

Other bits:

– Creator Marc Cherry says Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) will begin the season clean-shaven as a result of him doing a production of “A Streetcar Named Desire” over the hiatus. He asked Cherry if he should wear a fake goatee for a while, and Cherry said no, but “I hadn’t seen him for a while without it, and he looks like he’s 14 years old.”
– Cherry also says that now that Paul has returned, he’d like to see his son Zach (Cody Kasch) return as well. Nothing is in place yet, but Cherry hopes to book Kasch for later in the season.

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Desperate Housewives – Season 7 info

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Desperate Housewives – Season 7 – First Photo of Vanessa Williams

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Desperate Housewives – Article from Ausiello about Emily Bergl as Beth // <![CDATA[//

First Wilhelmina Slater. Then David Silver. Now Annie O’Donnell!
A Desperate Housewives insider confirms to me exclusively that Men in Trees‘ delightfully daffy Emily Bergl (a.k.a. Annie) is a breath away from landing the recurring role of Beth, the fragile soul who married Paul (Mark Moses) while he was behind bars. In season 7, she joins him on Wisteria Lane with a juicy secret.
No one ever just comes to that block with pie, do they?
So what do you think of all the DH newbies? Are you excited to see what Vanessa Williams, Brian Austin Green, and, hopefully, Bergl bring to the table? Or are you thinking, “Well, there goes the neighborhood”?
Source : Ausiello

Desperate Housewives – Season 7 – Spoiler // <![CDATA[//

Which lucky Desperate Housewife’s getting Brian Austin Green? Congratulations Ms. Marcia Cross!!! He’s all yours.
Source : William Keck’s Twitter

Desperate Housewives – Season 7 Premiere Title // <![CDATA[//

The Season 7 Premiere of Desperate Housewives will be called “Remember Paul”

Desperate Housewives – Brian Austin Green Joins The Series // <![CDATA[//

It is no longer whispers among the housewives that Brian Austin Green will guest star on “Desperate Housewives”. It has been confirmed that the newly-wed has signed on for a multiple episode appearance when the show returns this Fall with the seventh season.
“The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum will play Keith, a new contractor and charming playboy who turns up the heat on Wisteria Lane,” so the description of his character reads. The show’s rep added that Keith is in his 30s and he catches the eye of some of the neighbors.
Green who married Megan Fox last month, had a recurring role on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” before it was canceled. He also portrays John Corben aka Metallo on “Smallville”.
ABC has just announced its Fall schedule and “Desperate Housewives” still occupies Sunday 9/8c slot. The first return episode airs September 26.
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Desperate Housewives – Info on Vanessa Williams’ character // <![CDATA[//

Vanessa Williams has inked a lucrative contract to stay within the ABC family as the newest of Wisteria Lane’s Desperate Housewives. Now here are the exclusive first details about a character that couldn’t be more different from Vanessa’s Ugly Betty witch, Wilhelmina Slater. First off, she sounds about as desperate as any housewife who has ever lived on the Lane.
Sources confirm to me exclusively that Vanessa will play Renee Filmore-Jones. She is an old college chum of Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman). They were rivals way back in the ’80s, and we can certainly expect that relationship to continue in Fairview. (Oh, please give us flashbacks of these two duking it out in their dormitory!)
Renee has been married for years to a handsome, hunky man (likely an athlete) named Keith Jones (I’m so picturing NYPD Blue hunk Henry Simmons in this role, though it’s yet to be cast). They have no kids, meaning Renee has spent all these years just being a housewife supporting her man. But she’s reached a time in her life when she wants to do more.
Oh, one last thing: she has a secret. Who on Wisteria Lane doesn’t?
Source: TV Guide Magazine

Desperate Housewives – Season 7 – 3 New Series Regulars

Just wanted to let you know that Desperate Housewives will have 3 new series regulars this season. Keith, Penny (Tom and Lynette’s daughter) and Beth.

Source: SpoilerTV

Desperate Housewives – Season 7 – New Roles and Recasting // <![CDATA[//

Who is being replaced on Desperate Housewives? Going into its seventh season, the ABC series is looking for a new Penny, the daughter of Tom and Lynette Scavo. Kendall Applegate, 11, who took over the role from toddler twins two seasons ago when the show jumped five years into the future, is out. The search is now on for a new 12-year-old actress to take over the role.
In addition, returning villain Paul Young (Mark Moses) has replaced his late wife Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) with a new young bride named Beth. While serving time in prison, Paul was contacted by a quirky lady around age 30, who eventually became his new Mrs. Beth is covering up a painful past, which we can assume Paul preyed upon.
And lastly, a new hunk is coming to Wisteria Lane who sounds like a younger version of James Denton’s Mike Delfino. Mike will be living off the Lane in a cheap apartment with wife Susan (Teri Hatcher). The new guy is a 30-year-old playboy apparently named Keith (which incidentally was the name a source told me was going to be used for Vanessa Williams’ character’s husband).
Excited about these additions? Which housewife should the new hunk seduce? Perhaps Bree (Marcia Cross), since she will be Orson-less? And with the show going to the effort to replace Penny, what do you hope they’ll do with this character who has long been part of the background scenery?
Source: TV Guide

Season 7: Baby Switch & Paul Young


What I loved most about last night’s goodbye to season 6 was the delicious setup it gave to season 7, potentially making the next year one of the series’ best. Two huge storylines were put into motion, and they seem like good ones. First, we’ve got a baby switch coming on the Lane this fall. Specifically, last night, an old nurse at Fairview Memorial, Teresa Pruitt, confessed on her deathbed that there’d been a baby switch on her watch. We weren’t given any clues to work with about who it was, besides the news that it’s someone on Wistera Lane, natch.

Now, the Desperate producers could take this storyline in one of two directions. It could concern a switch between a child of the main housewives and someone random — or, with the potential to be much juicier, a switch between two children of the main housewives. I was thinking about whose kids are around the same age and sex and wasn’t coming up with much. I had the thought, however, that this seemingly random storyline could have something to do with next season’s other big storyline — the return of Mary Alice’s husband Paul. See, do you all remember their creepy son Zach? Could it be that, maybe, Andrew and Zach were switched at birth? I have a feeling that the baby switch has something to do with Zach or Paul. Actually it must — otherwise, it just won’t be as interesting.

But anyway, the second storyline for next season — Paul’s return — should be good. That the producers are dipping back into stories from earlier seasons is a good sign — mostly because those seasons were much better than the last couple. I say, let’s bring some of that yesteryear magic back! Paul moving in clarified why Susan and Mike and MJ had to move off of the lane — mostly so that Mary Alice’s husband would have somewhere to live. Although it’s not exactly clear about why, for story purposes, Paul needed Susan and Mike’s house specifically. Couldn’t the producers have just created a new house on the Lane for him to live in and left Susan and Mike there? I’m betting there’s a sick and twisted reason why Paul needed that house, and we’ll find out more about that come September. Also, bringing Paul back means that the delightfully nasty Felicia might also make a return appearance.

Armchair Casting Director: ‘Desperate Housewives’

desperate-housewivesImage Credit: Florian Schneider/ABCWisteria Lane is getting a transfusion of new blood this fall in the form of four new characters (not including the incoming diva played by Vanessa Williams). Deets on the rookie quartet (and casting tips) are below…

Maxine: A sweet lady in the 60-80 year-old age range. Maxine is Mike and Susan’s new neighbor in their apartment building, and she has an unusual job that brings in some additional income.
Armchair Casting Director suggestion: Santa Barbara‘s Judith McConnell

Beth: This quirky, sweet thirtysomething woman was Paul Young’s prison pen pal-cum-wife. She’s damaged emotionally but also capable of humor.
Armchair Casting Director suggestion: Charlotte Ross.

Penny Scavo: Tom and Lynette’s 12-year-old daughter is being recast. Not sure why.
Armchair Casting Director suggestion: I’ve got nothin’.

Keith: Hot, sexy, 30-year-old contractor. He’s a charming playboy who turns up on Wisteria Lane. Think Mike Delfino 15 years ago.
Armchair Casting Director suggestion: Eric Winter

Desperate Housewives – An Old Baddie Returns!

Desperate Housewives is adding a new villain to Wisteria Lane. The twist? It’s an old villain!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mark Moses is slated to reprise his role as Mary Alice’s creepy widower, Paul, on a full-time basis next season.

The character was last seen in season 3 when Mike paid him a visit in jail, where he’s serving time for murdering poor Martha Huber. After leaving Housewives, Moses joined the cast of Mad Men as Herman “Duck” Phillips.

Earlier this year, Housewives creator Marc Cherry hinted to me that he was thinking of bringing on a new vixen to succeed Nicollette Sheridan. “We hope to add a troublemaker,” he clarified, “but I’m not so sure it’ll be a woman.” Sneaky!

Thoughts? Anxious to see what trouble Paul will stir up this time around? Sound off below!

Source : Ausiello

‘Desperate Housewives’ – ‘I Guess This is Goodbye’ Recap (Season Finale)

Desperate Housewives(S06E23) “I guess everyone will be surprised to see you again.” – Lee to the not-so-new new Wisteria Lane resident

It may not have been the most action-packed and thrilling season finale we’ve had for the series, but it was still compelling TV. We witnessed a birth and a death while hearing a shocking secret and noticing the return of a character.

The worst event of the episode was when my ABC station decided to freeze and go to a black screen for a few seconds as Bree made her request to Andrew and when the shocking secret was revealed. If that was the case for you too, I’ve gathered the needed intel for us to be fully in the know as it will be a major storyline next season. That and the return of the person who shall not be named! Lynette and Eddie

That storyline’s ending left me wanting more as I thought it was too easy and quick of a wrap up. I get that Eddie wanted someone to finally be proud of him and that’s why he agreed to turn himself in but I expected more action from this. We are talking about somewhat of a serial killer after all. How about showing the cops smashing the door, cuffing Eddie and saving Lynette?

Susan and Mike

Don’t be afraid, the Delfinos will still be around next season. Actually, I believe they may be involved in next season’s year-long mystery. More on that in a bit.

The Bolens

Bravo Angie for being one brilliant bomb maker! She put the bomb in the detonator! It was risky as she could have been next to Patrick but the best bet to kill the less people. Bye bye Patrick! I’ve enjoyed Angie, so I’m glad she survived and got a happy ending with Nick. As for Danny, we may see him again next season since he is off to New York City where Ana is.

Bree, Andrew and Orson

It wouldn’t be surprising if the Solises decide to not talk to Bree and family at the start of next season. However, it’s pretty sure that something bad will make them bond again eventually. I felt a bit dumb when Orson told Bree that Andrew committed exactly the same crime he (Orson) committed. Why didn’t it even cross my mind when we were reminded of Andrew running over Carlos’ mother last week?!

It’s understandable that Bree wanted to protect her son but Orson was right that she should have asked Andrew the same thing she asked of him, her husband: pay for his crime. Since Shawn Pyfrom, who plays Andrew, is leaving the series, it’s a safe bet to assume that Andrew will indeed go to jail. Will Orson go back to Bree now that she made things right? I doubt he’ll run back to her. He’ll make her wait a bit.

Teresa’s secret

As I’ve said in my intro, I missed most of the scene at the end where we discover the secret. I did hear that there was a baby switch. After doing a quick research, it seems that I didn’t miss that much of the secret.

I don’t remember if Susan and Mike ever told the sex of MJ when she was pregnant. Right now, my money is on MJ having been switched as a baby while in the hospital. Could it be that MJ was switched with Paige, Dave’s deceased daughter? Or maybe MJ and Roy’s deaf grandson? Yes, it would be difficult to switch a boy and a girl but Susan has been rather unlucky since the start of the series so anything could have happened, no? Plus switching a boy and a girl would explain why the nurse knew for sure the babies were switched.

I doubt it’s one of the older kids (Julie, Danielle, Andrew) since they’ve pretty much gone from the show. But what a twist would it be if Andrew and Sam got switched!!! The Scavos definitely look all alike so it’s less likely it’s one of them. Maybe Penny? It could be possible that one of the Solises kids got switched but the sisters look alike.

Who do you think was switched as a baby? For sure it must involved at least one of the show’s main kids, otherwise it wouldn’t be that powerful of a mystery!

Desperate Housewives – End of Season 6

‘Desperate Housewives’ scoop: Vanessa Williams moving to Wisteria Lane!


Image Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

There goes the neighborhood! An ABC rep confirms that when Desperate Housewives returns next season, its cast will include — as a series regular, no less — Vanessa Freakin’ Williams!

Series creator Marc Cherry told us previously that he was looking for a new troublemaker to fill the void left by the demise of Nicollette Sheridan’s Edie. And seriously, could he — or anyone — do any better than the actress formerly known as Ugly Betty‘s queen of mean, Wilhelmina?

Didn’t think so.

Though other deets are at the moment scarce, TV Guide Magazine (which first broke the news) reports that her conniving character won’t be at the center of next season’s big mystery.

Exclusive: Kyle MacLachlan to exit ‘Desperate Housewives’


Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABCWisteria Lane is about to lose another longtime resident: Kyle MacLachlan is leaving Desperate Housewives after four years of playing Orson Hodge, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Exit rumors have swirled around the woefully underused MacLachlan for the better part of the past two years. Speculation picked up again after Sunday’s season finale, during which Orson — disappointed that Bree would allow herself to be blackmailed by Sam — abruptly moved out.

I’m told MacLachlan will likely return for an episode or two next fall to tie up the Orson/Bree story.

MacLachlan’s decampment brings to three the number of series regulars coming off the Housewives payroll. He joins the dearly departed Drea de Matteo and Dana Delany.

Thoughts? Is this something that should have happened two years ago when Orson started to drift onto the back burner? Will the return of Mark Moses and the recent addition of Vanessa Williams more than fill the void?

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  1. John

     /  May 13, 2010

    This character was overused in the first place. He was welcome in Season 1 but in Season 2 he was plain annoying. Season 3 I could deal but only cause it was a three episode arc. I was really hoping for the return of Felicia or Betty. Instead we get Paul who bores me to tears. A new woman is far more welcome then an old man who has no reason to cause trouble so long after he murdered Martha.

  2. Kirsten Wiley

     /  May 16, 2010

    When will season 7 be aired

  3. Christina

     /  May 16, 2010

    I LOVE, Love, LOve Paul Young. My favorite character hands down. I am so excited for next season 🙂

  4. Stacy

     /  May 16, 2010

    I am SOOOOOO excited about next season! Paul Young has a great part in Desperate Housewives! I wonder what happened to his son and I wonder what he’ll do to Mike Delphino….Susan has no idea probably!

  5. Kimmie

     /  May 17, 2010

    I was thinking the switch would be MJ and Paige. Remember last season with Dave Williams? If MJ was Dave’s son and Paige, who died, was really Mike and Susan’s, they could sue the hospital and move back into their house. But then, not sure what would happen to Paul.

    Would be interesting if it was between two of the main housewives, though!

  6. Katie

     /  May 17, 2010

    How could it be MJ and Paige. When you have a baby you see the sex immediately so if they tried to send you home with a girl when you know you had a boy…it’s not going to be a switch for long so not possible. I agree it has something to do with Paul. This is the twist of him coming back. I don’t know how but it’s there somewhere.

  7. Bob

     /  May 17, 2010

    What if Sam and Andrew were switched?

  8. DeAnn

     /  May 17, 2010

    How could it be Zach and Andrew? Zach was born Dana Taylor in Utah and was sold to Paul and Mary Alice Young so Deirdre could feed her drug habit.

    It the “flashbacks” about the nurse last night, they showed her with Lynette, Susan ans Gaby. Lynette’s kids all look alike so my bet is on either MJ, Juanita or Celia.

  9. Andrea

     /  May 17, 2010

    It has to be MJ because they put a lot of focus on MJ in this season finale.

  10. jade

     /  May 17, 2010

    i think it’s going to be penny bc lynette just had a new baby and i think heartache is going to come with it to give some type of mixed emotion. i think her real baby probably died and the nurse pay have given her a different one bc she felt bad maybe bc she was semi close to lynette.

  11. jade

     /  May 17, 2010

    it BETTER not be MJ

  12. Amanda

     /  May 17, 2010

    Interesting thoughts people!

    Another idea I had was that the switch could have been between Danielle’s baby (forget his name) and MJ. They were the same age weren’t they? But I can’t remember where Danielle gave birth.

    Where did Zach’s birth mother give birth? Because I thought Mary Alice moved from another place with Zach to escape what happened with the whole killing of Zach’s birth mother?

  13. amy

     /  May 17, 2010

    danielle gace birth at home so it couldnt have been benjamin. i think its going to be one of the solis kids with a random person

  14. Amanda

     /  May 17, 2010

    Good thinking Amy. They did make an emphasis on the Solis girls at the end too. Who knows!

  15. rebecca

     /  May 17, 2010

    Danielle’s water broke at the halloween party and she gave birth at her house (Katherine’s husband delivered the baby-I think they named him Benjamin) so it probably wasn’t those two that were switched. It was brought up more than once “if lynette was eddie’s mom he would have turned out different…” but like DeAnn said, all of Lynette’s kids look alike so probably not that either…but then again it’s a tv show so ANYTHING is possible

  16. Lulu

     /  May 17, 2010

    It has to be Eddie n one of Lynette’s baby becoz they kept mentioning this whole season and Lynette had this motherly feeling for him and and she mentioned he was in her will already(she wanted to) and so
    in the next season we might see Lynette fighting for justice for Eddie because of his wrong upbringing he has been so as she mentioned in the end.. and as we all know Lynette, she will fight to death for that.
    Looking alike ?? its a TV show and those are not siblings and when they were chose to be siblings ,the plot for 7th season wasn’t written yet… SO ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN>>>>>

  17. Mika

     /  May 17, 2010

    I think it can’t be a switch between Zack and Andrew as Zack was Deirdre’s son and she did not give birth to him in Fairview. Moreover, Andrew was at least 3 years old when he and his family moved in Wisteria Lane. As someone wrote above, I think it can be a switch between MJ and Paige, or why not MJ and Juanita?(unless her tanned skin proves I’m wrong). Well, let’s wait for season 7!

  18. Ashley

     /  May 17, 2010

    When are they airing Season 7? Im super excited. This is such an awesome series. I think that it will be Mj, and Lila Dash’s baby girl. I remember it showing they delivered the babys at the same time, etc. However you can’t mistake a boy for a girl. But..the nurse appartently knew she did it, so It must have been done on purpose. I just can’t wait to see though.

  19. Lulu

     /  May 17, 2010

    Just saw it again …. the hospital person says ONE OF THESE FAMILIES live in wisteria lane and straight away they show MJ, Penny, juanita n celia running… so indirectly it has to be one of them and only one of the Main Housewives involved and the other could be anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. Alex

     /  May 17, 2010

    What may be interesting, is if Ceilia was swapped at birth with a child who was much like gabby, thin and beautiful,,, this could cause alot of friction between juanita and the new Ceilia. It would more likely to be Jaunita but I like Jaunitas charcter and her funniness so I hope its not her. Also they made a focus of Ceilia too at the end ??

  21. DeAnn

     /  May 17, 2010

    I am aware that it is a tv show and that they are not siblings, but all of Lynette’s boys have red hair and the clip showed the nurse with Lynette holding a baby wrapped in blue so I doubt it’s Penny.

  22. Maya

     /  May 17, 2010

    it probably is MJ and Paige because in the 5th season they really stressed the fact that they were born in the same hospital. so it REALLY makes sense. although, does anyone know if susan knew the sex of her child? and what would the nurses motive be for making the switch? i doubt it would have been an accident…

  23. Maya

     /  May 17, 2010

    plus, it would bring an extra terribleness to the plot if the car crash killed susan and mike’s own kid.

  24. Lulu

     /  May 17, 2010

    it cant be MJ and paige because doesnt look like they are bringing back Dave from mental hospital…
    it should surround Paul may be…

  25. Maya

     /  May 17, 2010

    okay i just checked and susan and mike were deciding for a name for the baby boy and they couldn’t agree on one. if they had known the sex before, they would have already picked out a name, wouldn’t they??

  26. Boe

     /  May 17, 2010

    I think the baby switch is between MJ and Paige, because it´s the same day of birth… Paul needs the Delfino House because he met david dash in jail, and they made a terrible concept to take revenge! Orson will never come back, the actor leave the housewives… Maybe Bree fall in Love with Paul, she was ever fall in love with guys in cruely situations! I thought that Gaby won´t tell carlos about his mothers real dead, because she wasn´t like her…

  27. LeeAnn

     /  May 17, 2010

    Okay can someone tell me what happened to Toms daughter Kayla??? Is it not weird they havn’t showed her in any of the past seasons after her mom died.

  28. Lulu

     /  May 17, 2010

    Andrew hit Carlos’s mom but that just sent her to coma in hospital and then Gaby went to hospital to check on her and the mother solis got up and started chasing gaby and then she died in that chase so in a way gaby killed her and not andrew so gaby wont break her friendship wid Bree.

  29. Jane

     /  May 17, 2010

    Kayla is living with Tom’s parents after she kept framing Lynette and making people think she’s a bad mother.

    I think the switch is with MJ and some random person.

  30. Jane

     /  May 17, 2010

    LuLu.. Gabby didn’t go to the hospital to meet Carlo’s mom. Carlo’s mom woke up from her coma in the hospital and started running out of the hospital because she had to tell Carlos that Gabby was having an affair with her gardener and she fell down the stairs and the nurse was outside smoking and listening to her ipod or something and finally saw Carlo’s mom laying on the floor. dead.

  31. Beth

     /  May 17, 2010

    the switch has to be between penny, mj, juanita n celia. its not mj b/c its to hard to switch a boy n a girl so its not mj n dave’s dead daughter paige. idt its lynette cause it showed the nurse holdin a boy n parker wasnt shown n all of her boys look alike plus she just had a baby while held hostage. i thnk its celia cause juanita looks alot like carlos n gabby needs more plot cause she has only been in the victor n angie plotline.

  32. Stephanie

     /  May 17, 2010

    Well.. the man from the hospital, said “I know ONE of these families”.
    So it’s gotta be one of the main charactors and a random kid.
    but i have no idea who it could be.

  33. albo121

     /  May 17, 2010

    jane. she was not dead when the nurse saw her carlos’ mother toled the nurse to tell her son that his wife is cheating on him.

  34. albo121

     /  May 17, 2010

    kayla was given to an couple(her grandparents i think) because she wantet to take revenge because she blaimed lynette for her mothers death(wich is correct in some way)through making preston, porter,parker and penny do stuiped things.

  35. Lari

     /  May 17, 2010

    There is no way that it could be a Scavo with Eddie because he is the same age as the twins and you cant switch twins with one baby. I hope that its not MJ but it is possible. I think that the Andrew-Zach switch would be really interesting especially because Bree did get really close with Zach and Andrew made fun of Zach in the beginning but that is true it is not possible because of the whole Deirdre thing. They really should not make it MJ though because besides him Susan and Mike both have kids with other people and without him they don’t have any kids together so it would be kind of annoying. They should make it like Penny or Juanita or Celia because none of them have had a big storyline. Penny and Celia had brief ones with Celia almost getting hit by a plane and Penny running away. And Juanita had a semi important yet boring storyline with the homeschooling. But MJ already had his time in the spotlight when he was almost killed by Dave. Also making the switch be MJ and Paige would ruin the Season 5 storyline when Dave was so heartbroken that his daughter was killed.
    I am glad that Paul is back. The only thing better about the newer seasons than the older is that the Solis and Delfino marriages are good and existent.
    Paul will mix things up its gonna be good.
    I think Andrew will go to jail and I hope Julie comes back when she finds out the serial killer was caught.
    I hope they show Danny and Ana in the next season. i love that couple. I wonder if he will start going by Tyler now that hes free.

  36. elizabeth

     /  May 17, 2010

    i think its gonna be zach, hes gonna be lynettes son, gabbys daughters look the same,

  37. Lari

     /  May 17, 2010

    Kayla is living with Nora’s parents

  38. elizabeth

     /  May 17, 2010

    or eddie will be lynettes

  39. Bob

     /  May 17, 2010

    what about ana? i read she’s coming back with a big storyline…

  40. Rhyan

     /  May 17, 2010

    It’s not possible that Zach and Andrew were switched. If you have seen the earlier seasons, Zach was born as Dana and Mary Alice and Paul got him from Dierdre before they ever moved to the Lane. Thus, he was not born at Fairview Memorial and couldn’t have been switched with Andrew. And I think Andrew was actually born before Bree and Rex moved to Wisteria Lane, because in the episode with flashbacks to the first time Mary Alice met each of the other housewives, Bree brings Andrew to the Youngs’ door and makes him apologize for stealing something from Mary Alice’s garden.

  41. HysteriaLane

     /  May 17, 2010

    Seriously some people are brain dead…Bree’s kids were born before moving to Fairview…Julie Meyer was also born before Susan moved…So Andrew Danielle and Julie are out of the picture…And it’s not Rex’s other kid either because he’s older than any Wisteria Lane kid around…Eddie is not Lynnette’s son because he would have had to be switched with Parker and we all know that Parker is a lot younger than Eddie…the twins no way…Tom Scavo’s older daughter has nothing to do with it either…Zack Young wasn’t born in Fairview either and even so after his fake mom killed his real mom then herself i think that the ship has sailed…Gaby had a misscarriage a black baby and a failled adoption so enough with her maternal tragedies…both those fat cows are hers…Danielle had her baby in the house not at the hospital so no…M.J. looks like Dave but killing off Susan’s real child makes no sense and the whole thing would be way too obvious…plus two baby genders…so here it is…M.J. and Karl Meyer’s kid…both boys the same age and they were born at the same time because susan and Karl’s wife were both shown pregnant together in season 4 or something…not to mention later on when susan was his teacher…that kid needs a storyline the writers did pencil him in the show twice for a reason…don’t really see the point if it’s not him…plus his dad died in season 6 and even before that he was damaged and disturbed with his drawings or whatever…either that or penny since she pretty much also exists for no reason whatsoever and barely had any screen time…other than the whole running away thing…and the Scavos have like a billion kids so it wouldn’t really be that shocking…but as i said my moneys on M.J. Delfino and Evan Meyer…it has to be them…

  42. Stacy

     /  May 17, 2010

    …We could have done WITHOUT the brain dead comment…

    However, you could be onto something! That’s true…I bet it is M.J. and Evan that were switched…Evan’s mom was a hot blond. M.J. doesn’t really look like he could be Susan’s kid. He does look more like Karl and his ex! Plus, M.J. is too cute to be Mike’s kid…After all, look at how ugly Zach was (he supposed to be Mike’s kid)…Hmmmmmm….Can’t wait until September!!!!!!!!

  43. Olivia

     /  May 17, 2010

    It can’t be MJ switched with Gabi’s kids… They are Mexican. I think it is MJ and Paige

  44. T

     /  May 17, 2010

    I thought this ending was brilliant! The baby switch is genius!! I’m thinking it must be MJ and Roy’s deaf grandson (who doesnt live on Wisteria Lane so it fits) because MJ wanting his T-Rex teddy back was a completely random story and must be linked to next season. I dont think Susan would then “swap” the kids back because she loves MJ. Also if the swap is between MJ and someone else because Susan can get money and move back to her old place? Meaning Paul Young is only back for a short while?
    I don’t remember much about Paul Young but I like that they’re bringing back old characters.
    Also I thought Lee and Bob seperated at one point and Lee moved elsewhere? But he was showing Paul Young the house :S have I missed an episode?
    I think its horrible that Orson left Bree, after she literally begged him for a divorce and he practically held her hostage to the marriage. She also forgave him for everything and took care of him since he became disabled. I feel so bad for Bree after this ending she lost everything. It would be quite interesting if the switch was betweed Sam and Andrew!
    Overall though I dont think this season was the best although I think the ending of it opens some really good stories for next season!

  45. Nicole

     /  May 17, 2010

    Just watced this on hulu (reason for late post)

    What about M.J. and Roy’s deaf grandson? That whole scene about who would end up with the t-rex dinosaur toy did not really serve a purpose. Maybe that was there way of introducing the character?

  46. xcarol

     /  May 17, 2010

    i think its MJ but not with Paige because Dave is on a hospital and the mom is dead, so susan and mike have to take care of MJ anyway, so it has to be with evan meyer

  47. Maya

     /  May 17, 2010

    acutally the evan and mj situation makes even more sense when you think about it. maybe the nurse knew susan from before as susan mayer and didn’t know she had remarried so she just gave her the baby with the last name mayer and then when she realized her mistake, she thought it was too late?

  48. heidi

     /  May 18, 2010

    it couldnt be andrew and zach because zach was born in Utah.
    thick head.

  49. DeAnn

     /  May 18, 2010

    albo121-you are half right about the situation between Carlos’s mom and the nurse. She WAS alive when the nurse found her and she did tell the nurse about the affair but the nurse had in headphones (which is why she didn’t hear her fall down the stairs to begin with) so the nurse did not hear what she was saying.

  50. Liz

     /  May 18, 2010

    What if Paul had a child with someone whilst he was away from the Lane
    in that case it could be a swap between his new kid and MJ
    now that would be good
    because he never said he would be living in Susan’s house alone, and then that would be the reason that he moved back to the Lane
    its so exciting

  51. Lulu

     /  May 18, 2010

    It cant be Sam and Andrew because Sam was born even before bree n rex were married…
    It has to be MJ and Evan Mayer OR
    MJ and Roy’s deaf grandson because where they scipped to show other important endings in the finale like eddie getting handcuffed and stuff they really made the t-rex scene a long one which looked kinda boring but may be its ralated to next season

  52. Flash

     /  May 18, 2010

    If you remember season five, than it all is so obvious?

    The baby switch is happened between MJ and Paige!


    1. Susan and Dave’s wife(I don’t remember her name) gave birth in same hospital, on the same night!

    2. MJ have blonde hair, as same as Dave had!

    3. And last, did you noticed that in last episode of season 6 MJ made some mean faces!

    Dave was mean person, so I think the main issue in season 7 will be, is MJ mean person.

  53. :))

     /  May 18, 2010

    mean MJ????????????? i think its the most stupidiest thing i have ever heard

  54. scarlett

     /  May 18, 2010

    m.j and that girl that died in the car crash……..
    season 5 they made a big deal about so many times they should have met. but never blah blah… but m.j’s been gettin more roles and pluss, it has to be one of the youngers because its more drama… and if it was andrew ect it would be rubbish causes there only half emotion. the younger the more emotional…..but it has to realy have a twist in it. somthing we cant even think ourselfs. somthing realy outside the box……now the most obvious is m.j and that girl that died, but whats not is somthing like … gabby, lets say the nurse was jelious …. decided that the most pretty woman didnt deserve beautiful kids. and thought she would swapp both…!! and not only that but who on the lane knows the most people? high class?? docs only be-friend rich people. who is it?? calos….!! well i might be wrong but who knows….it is after all despreate housewifes……!!

  55. alex louise

     /  May 18, 2010

    people keep saying paige and MJ, then penny and MJ…what about paige and penny!?
    meaning that susan killed lynette scavos kidd!

  56. :))

     /  May 20, 2010

    penny was born much before ….

  57. Bennu

     /  May 21, 2010

    Well they said clearly it was a switch (so the kids were both alive) and also clearly stated only one family is from Wisteria Lane (a new family is involved).

    I guess the other kid is a new character (just a reason to introduce someone else), and the existing kid is Andrew.

  58. lulu

     /  May 21, 2010

    has it smthing to do with Ana as she said in her interview she has a big storyline coming up in next season and also her grandma mentioned once that there was a big secret about Ana , which was never revealed????

  59. libby

     /  May 22, 2010

    I was thinking that the baby switch must have been m.j and someone as the car that “Susan didn’t notice” pulls into her driveway as they leave. So then i thought it must have been Danielle’s son, and Bree’s grandson, Benjamin Katz (biological son of Austin Mccann, Edie’s nephew) as they were born during the same season around the same sort of time.. but then i realised that Benjamin was born quite a few weeks before M.J! so now i really don’t know :O

  60. Indigo

     /  May 23, 2010

    has no one thought about Gaby’s kid (either one) and vanessa williams kid? they’re both ethnic, so it might fit in..

  61. iheartcdf

     /  May 23, 2010

    Yes, the baby switch storyline is amazing, but more importantly: Will Zach come back – ever? If Paul is back without Zach, his role is pointless. Obviously, him wanting Mike and Susan’s house is related to Zach’s status as Mike’s biological child. That said, what is with him just going away all these years and Mike never mentioning him again? Same with Kayla going away…yes, we know she went to live with the grandparents but the fact that Tom never mentions her is so annoyingly unrealistic.

  62. teach13

     /  May 26, 2010

    Definitly more than likely MJ with Evan,,,,that would really put a knot in Susan and Mikes relationship and make for a great story plot

  63. kylie

     /  May 26, 2010

    okay guys don’t be stupid. These are the people that we know weren’t born in Fairview, therefore, were not born at Fairview Memorial Hospital: Andrew, Sam, Zach, and Julie. It can’t be MJ and Paige, either one family or the other would have had to know the baby’s gender ahead of time. THe doctor said he knew ONE of the families, therefore it wasn’t a switch between the main characters children. The Solis’s are the only Mexican children in Fairview. It’s not either of them that are switched.

  64. Fio_happy

     /  May 28, 2010

    I was thinking of a switch btw Celia and another random kid.
    When Gaby is in the car with Nick, she said something like “I know what it is to have secrets….”.
    And also she has money to pay the nurse…. but anyway as many of you already said in this forum… the nurse should have done that on purpose (otherwise why??) so some reasons might be involved and that makes me think of Gaby and what she said to Nick…
    Besides not much plot was given to Celia either recently…

  65. maiead

     /  June 2, 2010

    does anyone know the storyline behind mary-alice ?

  66. Nikola

     /  June 4, 2010

    most of these theories are impossible.

    – paige looks just like dave (pale & bleach blonde hair) and both susan and mike are tanner, and so is mj

    -zach was born in utah to dirdre

    -andrew and sam are different ages because sam said that his mom turned pregnant before rex met bree

    -eddie has too dark hair to be lynettes child

    -mj was born before the 5 year jump and juanita was born during it

    -penny is too old to be switched with the other kids

    mabey julie and danielle or even julie and dylan mayfair because dylan looks simialr to karl and susan

    dont forget that the nurse was old mabeys its even some of the adults

    my bets are on julie and dylan (the real dylan)

  67. Lena

     /  June 4, 2010

    dylan and julie cause dylan looks like susan and karl. she had black hair and so do susan and karl. katherine had red hair and dylans real father had brown hair. plus julie looks nothing like susan i think that they were swiched and raised until the real dylan died and katherine adopted another child.

  68. holli

     /  June 4, 2010

    what about mj and karls child? same year at school?

  69. it’s one of the main characters kids that belong to vanessa williams and she’s got one of the main housewives actuall children. daaaah? xuse my english. i’m swedish!

  70. Ruth

     /  June 8, 2010

    Sure that couldnt be right about the nurse giving susan meyer the child with the second name meyer because shed have evan as her child now instead of mj?…The nurse quit after it happened and she said it happened years ago so it couldnt be any of the younger children it would have to be one of the older ones?..

  71. T

     /  June 8, 2010

    A lot of people are saying that it cant be certain kids because they look too much like theyre parents but actually its nothing to do with that because it is only just actors at the end of the day and none of them are their real kids or anything so it literally could be any of them.. admittedly it cant be one of Gabrielles kids because they look too much a like so its unbelievable. We also may not know both the families involved because only one of the families lives on Wisteria Lane so similar to every other season there is likely to be the introduction of a new family but this time one that does not live on Wisteria Lane. Also it is unlikely to be Paul Young’s kid (Zach) because neither of the families yet know about the baby switch so that can not be the reason Paul Young has come back.

  72. heather

     /  June 8, 2010

    the baby switch up theory doesn’t make sense because Zach young wasn’t born in farview…. he was born in Utah !

  73. Ram

     /  June 9, 2010

    What if Mj and Paige are twins , and susan had a stillbirth. So the nurse switched the dead child of Susan with Mj. Just a crazy though. 😀

  74. Ram

     /  June 9, 2010

    What if Mj and Paige are twins , and susan had a stillbirth. So the nurse switched the dead child of Susan with Mj. Just a crazy thought. 😀

  75. michelle

     /  June 9, 2010

    i think it could be mj ? but it isn’t any of gabbys kids because they look alike ! but i think it is one of the older kids because the nurse is old. could it be julie and danielle? i would say zach but you’re right he wasn’t born in fairview !!!!!!!! also who is paige?

  76. Dan

     /  June 10, 2010

    It will be celia I reckon! Coz after the plane crash, gabby kept going about how she’s DIFFERENT 😉 and special, soooooo… lol its probably her, and it will probs be with just some random person lol and btw people saying it cant be gabbys kids coz they look alike…. their mexican lol, if there was another mexican or (mixed race) baby, born at the same time, it would be an easy mistake to make xD they cant put anymore storylines with susan and mike, thats getting REALLY BORING ;O and it wont be danielle and julie because only ONE of the familys live on wisteria lane 😛 (the doctor said so) OMG! IT WILL BE VANESSAS KID AND CELIA :O OF COURSE LOL …maybe??? anyway cant wait for season 7, gonna be good, but i hate the fact pauls back, i dont like him 🙂

  77. Dan

     /  June 10, 2010

    And btw, paul woulnt of met dave, coz he is in the looney bin, not prison 🙂 lol mine and @naomi’s theory is right me thinks 😛 makes perfect sense

  78. Chris

     /  June 10, 2010

    #67, Julie was 3 years old when they moved to Wisteria Lane, as detailed in the flashback that shows Mary Alice meeting all of the housewives.

    #70, Yes the theory about Susan being given the wrong baby because he had the surname “Myer” could be right. Think about it… Karl & Wife give birth to MJ (and call him Evan Myer), Susan & Mike give birth to Evan (And call him MJ Delfino) but the nurse, knowing Susan from years before as “Susan Myer” hands her the wrong baby and they take him home thinking it’s MJ.

    The above story seems to be the only one that fits in with characters that we are already aware of but there is still the possibility that it involves a family that has yet to be introduced to wisteria lane. Vanessa Williams comes into the show for this series as a series regular with a big storyline so as some people have pointed out, she could be the “other” family involved.

    My money is on MJ. He has been swapped with someone elses child. But I don’t think it will be Evan. I think it will be someone we haven’t met yet.

    As for Paul not having any reason to want Susan & Mike’s house… Hello? He cut up Mike’s ex wife and put her in a box. Mike is the biological father of the boy he was protecting when he did that. Obviously him getting their house is some kind of revenge plot against Mike.

  79. IvanaKnow

     /  June 14, 2010

    This child switch idea is genius. =) Love it! Can’t wait until Season 7 starts in the fall!

    I am really curious what the nurse’s motive was in all this. Was she simply careless?

    Hmmmm which child…

    #66 & #70 — good point about the nurse being old and the switch being “years ago” — MJ is six or seven years old, I wonder if that is old enough. Celia is even younger. But let’s not eliminate based only on that.

    So — we have Parker, Porter, Preston, Penny, Andrew, Danielle, Julie, MJ, Juanita, and Celia. I think Zach, Kayla, and the new baby can be eliminated immediately for obvious reasons: Zach does not belong to any of the 4 housewife families, plus he was born in Utah. Kayla was also was born far away and many years passed before her mother brought her into Tom’s life, and she is not “known” as part of the Scavo family. We can eliminate the new baby, also, because we just witnessed its birth.

    1) The Scavo twins (Porter and Preston) were probably not switched. Unless they were both switched with another set of twins.

    2) It is possible that Parker or Penny could have been switched with a random character that has not been introduced. And no, I don’t think the nurse gave Penny to Lynette because she felt sorry for Lynette having so many boys. Lynette would have noticed giving birth to a boy and going home with a girl. 🙂

    3) Julie, Danielle, and Dylan were all around the same age and are all girls. True that Julie was born before her parents lived on Wisteria Lane, but maybe she was still born at Fairview hospital. What would that do to the plot? Julie and Andrew would bond? Danielle would finally feel like coming back to bond with Susan? Dylan seems too extraneous to belong to Bree or Susan.

    4) MJ and Evan are around the same age, and a switch is possible. The “MJ with Paige” switch is Impossible, because even the most idiotic of parents would not forget the gender of a newly born baby or fail to notice gender during birth. MJ and Benjamin are also around the same age, but Benjamin was not born at the hospital. In case of the “MJ with Evan” switch, the MJ/Susan bond would not be completely broken because of Karl. If Julie and Zach come back, it makes everything very interesting.

    5) If Andrew was switched, then Bree really lost everything. Rex, Orson, Danielle, her business… and Andrew. How sad and desperate. Bree would have to rebuild with her “real” son — but really, does it make sense to destroy the Bree/Andrew bond and start over with a new person? In that regard, it makes more sense for a younger child to have been switched, because younger children are more impressionable and the bond with their parents is still developing.

    6) I agree with #41, Juanita and Celia were probably not switched, because Gaby has had too many “maternal tragedies.” Interesting theory from #54 about Gaby’s real children being beautiful, but the writing in this show is much more jarring and profound than “pretty kids vs fat kids.” In that case, both these girls would have to have been switched — and after a whole summer of suspense, finding out that Gaby should have had 2 beautiful girls is not that interesting or likely.

    In conclusion, switching MJ with Evan would be a very interesting twist. Bringing back Julie and Zach would add interest to the family dynamics behind that switch, especially now that Eddie has been caught and Paul is back. A switch involving Parker, Penny, or Andrew might be kind of interesting. A switch involving Danielle and Julie also might be interesting, but it doesn’t seem that two of the 4 housewives are involved in the mix-up based on the “I know one of these families” comment made by the hospital executive. Gaby and two beautiful new daughters visiting Anna in New York to shop and play dress-up seems too fluffy and trivial for Desperate Housewives.

    So. Probably MJ with Evan, in consideration of all the foundation laid. A switch involving Andrew, Parker, or Penny would be kind of out of nowhere, but this series is full of surprises. =)

  80. Lauren

     /  June 14, 2010

    I think it’s going to be one of the younger children i.e. M.J, Juanita or Celia as they were all shown after the guy at the hospital said about the switch and also the nurse retired not long ago because she felt guilty. If she felt guilty enough to retire she wouldn’t wait that long for it to be the older children.

    Also I don’t really think it will be M.J because he had enough drama last season being kidnapped by Dave and Susan and Mike have enough to deal with with their debt problem, and finding out their real child was given to somebody else added to their debt problem would probably mean divorce for them again.

    It’s probably going to be Juanita or Celia with Vanessa Williams and Paul Young’s child? Who would be the same age and colouring. This could be Vanessa Williams’ major storyline as we know she’s not going to be involved in the seasons year long mystery. Although I can’t really see Vanessa Williams with Paul Young so maybe she moves into the Bolen house with a different husband.

    It could also involve Ana as she said she has a big storyline next season and it was suggested she had a secret. Maybe she had a baby at the hospital at the same time as Gabby had either of her girls and they got switched and Ana put Gabby’s real baby up for adoption. That way the switched baby would still stay on the lane and the storyline would involve Gabby coming to terms with one of her daughters not being biological but eventually learning that she doesn’t care the child is hers no matter who gave birth to it and Maybe fighting with Ana over it. I know its a bit far fetched but it is Desperate Housewives

    Paul Young could be back to get revenge on Mike because Zach helped get him out of jail and not Paul.

    Poor Bree, I feel so sorry for her as she’s now all alone with no business or husband and Andrew is most likely in prison as Shawn Pyfrom isn’t returning. I think she’s probably going to turn back to alcohol and end up worse than she was in season 2, epecially if gabby turns her back on her aswell.

  81. IvanaKnow

     /  June 14, 2010

    @ #80 — Yes, it makes sense for it to be one of the younger children. In the room where the hospital executives are discussing how to break the news, one of them says, “How do you tell parents the child that they’ve been raising, the child they love, isn’t really theirs.” That implies two things 1) that the switched baby is still a child, and still being raised, and 2) That there are two parents raising the child. This eliminates Andrew, Danielle, and Julie, because Rex and Karl are both dead, and “parents” is used in the plural. Also, child is used in the singular, so that eliminates the twins being switched with another set of twins, kind of, because it sounds like it was only one child. If only one child was switched, it probably wasn’t BOTH Juanita and Celia but it is still possible it could have been one or the other.

    So after eliminating Andrew, Danielle, Julie (because they only have one living parent), Zach, Kayla (because they were born far away from the hospital where the nurse worked), Benjamin and the new baby (because they were not born in a hospital) — the only children that are left to consider are Parker, Penny, MJ, Juanita, and Celia. 🙂

  82. IvanaKnow

     /  June 14, 2010

    It would be the most crushing and the most dramatic for the switch to be MJ, since he is the only child that Susan and Mike have together. Lynette and Tom have five children — we see Lynette’s flashbacks about her children (Penny walking, Parker winning the spelling bee). Gaby and Carlos already are demonstrating that they care about children other than their own (they care about Carlos’s niece Ana, and Gaby rescued the neighbor’s son Danny). Susan and Mike are very emotionally invested and wrapped up in MJ, so it is very soap-opera like for him to be heart-wrenchingly not theirs. If he was switched with Evan, and they had the chance to raise both Evan and MJ, it would be some consolation. Another note: remember when Lynette saved Celia from the plane, and that saved the friendship between Gaby and Lynette?

  83. IvanaKnow

     /  June 14, 2010

    completely unrelated — it is really sad that Orson and Andrew won’t be in the show next season, I really liked their characters. 😦 I don’t want Andrew to go to jail. 😦

  84. GI Credo

     /  June 16, 2010

    There’s a flaw in comment number 28.
    Mama Solis did not die because she was chasing Gabrielle.
    Mama Solis tried to reach for the telephone in the Hospital but the floor was slippery as Gus, the custodian, had just finished polishing it. Mama Solis fell down a flight of stairs and she tried to tell Nurse Hizel that Gabrielle was cheating but the nurse was wearing headphones and heard nothing.

  85. GI Credo

     /  June 16, 2010

    I find that there’s a flaw with “Rex’s son” Sam.

    Season 6 is set 6 years after season 4 yes? So it’s 2013, if season 4 was in 2007. Sam is 26 years old and 2013 – 26 = 1987.

    Bree and Rex had been married 18 years prior to Season 1. So 2004 – 18 = 1986. So I don’t get how Sam was born before Rex and Bree were married…

    Also, Bree and Rex met in College during a Young Republican’s Meeting where Rex gave a speech. Bree was previously engaged to Ty Grant but she broke it off as Rex had proposed while he and Bree were on Skyline Drive drinking Apple Wine.

  86. GI Credo

     /  June 16, 2010


    How can Paul living in the Delfino house be an act of revenge? He’s only renting. If he does do something to the house then wouldnt he be liable for the damage?

  87. Leslie

     /  June 17, 2010

    What about MJ and Evan (Karls son)

  88. Vanna

     /  June 17, 2010

    I would just like to correct that paul young did not do time for the murder of martha huber that was never proven. Felicia faked her death which is what landed him in jail.

  89. Sam

     /  June 17, 2010

    The whole MJ/Evan baby switch is one of the only options that makes sense. Yet I still think that there is a slight chance it could be Eddie and one of Lynett’s kids. The emphasis they put on her and him together and how she felt motherly feelings for him makes me think that they are going to have another storyline together next season. Also the whole aspect of Lynette having a son that is a murderer would be a good storyline. How the writers would work out that Eddie is Lynette’s son would be tricky since he is supposed to be the age of her twins. A way they could do this would be that Eddie was a twin yet his twin died at birth and his mother never mentioned it or told him. That would be a nice plot twist.

  90. KayKay

     /  June 18, 2010

    Ok… Ive just looked at everyones theorys and its good stuff. I kind of agree that It could be MJ and Evan, but if you carefully listened to the woman, she clearly said that she had lived with this secret for years. For some reason i think Andrew could have something to do with it as he is one of the older kids… Or maybe Danielle? We havent seen her for a long time. Eddie could come into the equation, with the whole mothering thing that Lynette did… How can any of you guys think that it is MJ and Paige Dash? That story line has been and done, although it could be intresting if Dave came back which i doubt as he is in a nut house. Is Vannessa Williams Pauls new wife? She will be amazing, i am most looking foward to seeing her in the new series. What will happen between Gabby and Bree? I hope they do not fall out. Maybe Gabby will never tell Carlos the Truth? I would like to see some characters from the first couple of series… What ever happend to the Applewhites? What ever happend to that creepy guy with the sister who was run out of the lane? Too many characters were axed before there time. And i think Orson is silly for leaving, but atleast it will stop winding us up with the whole break up/back together storyline… I hope Julie comes back too now Eddie has been caught, which can i say was quite sad that he ended up being the killer as it was hes phyco mothers fault he was like that in the first place… Who knows what Season 7 has in store… I think it could be the season to date…

    Not sure if there any american fans on here, but i watched a desperate housewives gossip video made by ABC updating you with all the weekly gloss when it was still airing… One of the official rumours for the show was that Andrew and Sam had been switched at birth, which is imposible cos of there ages, but come to think of it, Rex was a dog, maybe this was another secret he kept from Bree when he was alive…

    Please keep me informed on any goss as im guessing its not as big in the UK as it is in the states…

  91. Samantha

     /  June 18, 2010

    I have analized the whole baby switching thing, and I think it is with one of the older kids. I don’t know if they would make it with Andrew, bc at the end of the finale, Bree said I want ur permission to do something I should have done a long time ago. That leads me to believe that we may be in for a roller coaster ride with him running over Mrs. Solice. Zach wasn’t born at Fairview Memorial. I would say it’s Julie, but Susan isn’t living on the lane anymore, and we haven’t seen Julie in a while. So, Im really confused about that. However, my tv mind tells me that it will be Lynette, bc she and Tom won’t start next season without a conflict, and everyone else seems to have their starting problems, plus it showed the nurse with Lynette, and Susan and Gabby, so I believe it’s between the three, but I say it’s Lynette.

    The return of Paul Young is confusing. Why would they bring him back? Zach is no longer on the show, and Mary Alice is gone, so he has no ties. But we all know Paul Young is the best villan on Wisteria Lane so he could be a very important part of a very big and evil set up. and why would he need Susan’s house? Susan has lived in this house since the beginning. She lived there when she and Carl were married and everything, so thts a mystery in itself.

    My next thing is this: Why are they bringing Vanessa Williams to the lane? I don’t really think tht she is going to fit in too well….. She doesn’t fit the part of a house wife, and there is only room for one “Gabby” on the lane.

    Dave: Will they bring Dave back? I really don’t think so. He was a good character for his part, but I think his time has passed on the lane. and wasn’t he carted away to a nut house?

    Susan and Mike: Is this the beginning of the end for Susan and Mike? I hope they don’t take them off the show. Susan is one of my favorite house wives. It kinda scares me tho, bc no house wife has ever moved off of the lane before…… But I think they will be around, MJ seems to be important for next season.

    *If anybody has any comments, plz don’t hesitate. I live and breath for Desperate Housewives*

  92. Maya

     /  June 21, 2010

    The lawyer says that he knows ONE of the families and that they live on Wisteria Lane. I think that means the child was switched with another one that we don’t know yet. It is highly doubtful that the lawyer just hasn’t met the other family, cause it’s too small of a place for him not to even know their name.

  93. Orla

     /  June 22, 2010

    The Baby Switch is a great idea! The sequence where the nurse is in the hospital shows flashbacks into the past… in the flashbacks are:

    1) Susan, who is holding a baby wrapped in blue which would be MJ , So MJ is one of the possible babies, not Julie who would be in pink

    The next one is…
    2) Gaby, who is washing her daughter, Mary – Alice’s voice states that the nurse helps out first time mothers, so the second baby is Juanita.

    The third is

    3) Lynette who is holding a baby wrapped in blue, now I figure since she is only holding one and not two it means that this is the scene of the birth of her son Parker.

    So the babies are MJ, Juanita and Parker, Bree is not mentioned at all so its not likely that Andrew, Danielle, Penny or Julie have been swapped.

  94. Pete

     /  June 24, 2010

    It can’t be Eddie, because he’s leaving the show. it’s alsno not Zack. I don’t believe it’s some of the older kids because when the nurse says about the babies, four children are shown (MJ, Juanita, Celia and Penny) Coincidence? I can bet it’s some of then. I thought about it and spoke to my sis about it and we both agreed it must have been MJ. He doesn’t look like Susan nor Mike. What do you think about this?

  95. Pete

     /  June 24, 2010

    Now i read all the other comments, and it also might be a setup with this kids . . .
    But, I see none remembered Dylan. She (not she actually, but, you know what I mean) and Julie grew up together, which means they were born same year or so (maybe same day?). Nobody thought that maybe those two mere switched, and later Susan’s daughter died. Maybe Julie’s Catherine’s daughter. But than, Cath is off the show, which lead to another thing – Julie and Danielle. Julie has red hair, maybe as Bree? I think Danielle has brown hair in season 5. So, what about that? I’m can’t wait for next season, but I’m sure the mystery will be solved at the very end. (sorry for my bad English, I’m from Serbia)

  96. Amber

     /  June 24, 2010

    Will someone plz fill me in on whats happening with Katherine?
    Last I seen, she was in bed with the ex-stripper…..

  97. sam

     /  June 26, 2010

    I really really hope it’s between one of the housewives and someone else! Think of the possibilities of where it could lead…

  98. Kymi

     /  June 26, 2010

    Has anyOne thought that it could be Danielle (Brees daughter) and susans daughter??? They are the same age and could fit with the other story lines!!!

  99. kayley

     /  June 28, 2010

    i think its one of gabbys girls?

  100. Heather

     /  June 28, 2010

    Honestly, is it really necessary to call Juanita and Celia ‘those fat cows’? They’re children, who are absolutely adorable.Stick to the subject which is discussing the show and not criticize innocent children just because you can. Its ridiculous and immature, not to mention extremely rude.

  101. Vanessa

     /  June 28, 2010

    I won’t watch it anymore if it is MJ. I love him 😦 and I agree with Heather

  102. cat1987

     /  July 1, 2010


    This is pushing it a bit but anyway…

    Even if Rex and Bree married in 1986 in could have been towards the end of the year and Sam may have been born at the start of 1987 and remember it takes about 9 months to have a baby from conception….

  103. Well I think that everybody is wrong!! I think that its goin 2 have a completly different story, this is what they all want u 2 think, n that’s why the shows AWESOME cuz it as twist that will blow ur mind out of the water n is goin 2 have plot that will b sooo mind blowing that nobody could have thought of it. The creater marc cherry is very creative like that n I’m almost possitive that’s how its goin 2 turn out! Mark my words!!

  104. Tasha

     /  July 4, 2010

    I think its Eddie and Susans daughter that were swapped at birth – i think they are the same age, sorry if i am wrong!

  105. Tasha

     /  July 4, 2010

    eeek just realised Susan didnt live on the lane when Julie was born and i forgot about the blue in the hospital! sorry

  106. Tasha

     /  July 4, 2010

    Is Penny Scavo being recast? The current actress isnt returning for season 7

  107. Kate

     /  July 5, 2010

    LOL at all the diff things you guys have come up with.
    I hate the fact that i have to wait to find out.
    But i have to agree with the MJ and Evan switch! It makes more sence then any other guesses.
    Most of the older kids were born before they came to fairview.
    Danielles son Benjamin was born in Bree’s kitchen. He also isn’t the right age with any of the other main children in fairview.
    Lynette younest child was born in a living room.
    As for the “Eddie Swtich” – Eddie being Lynettes son does fit. He is the same age as the twins. I think Lynette would no if she gave birth to one child but ended up with two.
    Which leaves Gabbys two kids – Juanita & Celia who were both born in the 5 year jump. But clearly even a writer as good as Marc Cherry could not make them any one else’s kids, they just couldn’t be anyone else’s.
    The only ones left are, MJ, Evan, Roy’s deaf grandson and Paige.
    My money is on MJ and Evan. It fits so perfectly into the story especially with Karls death.
    But i do think Penny could be a possiblity.. It makes you wonder why they are changing the actress, is it because the character is going to get a bigger part?
    Now all we can do its wait to find out.

  108. Lily

     /  July 5, 2010

    I’m backing the MJ and Paige switch, in the the fifth season it was really stressed to the viewers that MJ and Paige were both born in the exact same hospital, and Susan felt guilt for the car crash that killed Paige as Paige was the same age as MJ. Also wouldn’t it be such a harrowing plotline if Susan had killed her own baby? It’s obviously nothing to do with Paul, he can’t have any connections with the switch as Zach is not his biological son and wa snot born in Fairview memorial hospital. eddie is definatley a no no, how can a woman have one child and think she had two. It cant be Roys grandson – surely it would have pushed Evan into the spotlight more. And for the Solis kids – they’re just too mexican to be anyone elses

  109. Lily

     /  July 5, 2010

    and by Evan i mean roys grandson sorrry!

  110. Ruby-Rae

     /  July 5, 2010

    It’s gona’ be something exstravagant! Marc Cherry want’s us all thinking and guessing.. But it will be so obvious in the end you will want to kick yourselfs Lol..!!

  111. Ruby-Rae

     /  July 5, 2010

    Or maybe it is one of the solis kids.. switched with a stranger and Gabby&Carlos go and look for there child..It’s possible

  112. vicki

     /  July 5, 2010

    i think it could possibly be mj and paige or mj and evan. what a twist that would be but i like susan and mj so i would be devastated to see mike to of killed his own child with susan in the car aswell (susan lied to the cops saying she was driving becuz insurance reasons) so susan didnt kill them mike did. but has anyone realised that zach as a baby was called dana? isnt tht a girls name? dont no if that has anything to do with the baby swith possibly because he was born too far away but that could be possible. or the lynette and eddy story i wld like to c that but its not possible like some ppl said about age differences and the scavo twins are identical. i like petes idea of catherines daughter and julie meyer. but i think with catherine being gone its too much to bring that all bak. oh and to comment no 85. good point on the whole andrew and sam thing. maybe he did cheat on bree and theres a secret to come out. but dont we all think that bree and susan have had enough heartbreak through seasons 1-6 and gaby hasnt. not as much anyway. and lynette well shes had her fair share. altho gabys girls do look alike altho ive always been suspicous of celia. i think shes a weird character. i just cannot wait for season 7 guys!! i cant beelive we have to wait sooo long 😦

  113. sam

     /  July 5, 2010

    people saying that characters look like each other is ridiculous. they’re actors who have nothing to do with each other.
    i really hope the next storyline isn’t about lynette…give someone else a turn 😛

  114. dorcas

     /  July 6, 2010

    i like the upcoming season. just wish i could get it soon enough. it is so going to delay to get here meaning am going to be in suspense for a reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly!!!! long time which is worse than death.

  115. anirudh

     /  July 6, 2010

    Parker Scavo and Eddie !

  116. sam

     /  July 7, 2010

    relax people they said that only one of the families involved lived on wisteria lane

  117. Emily

     /  July 7, 2010

    I was just thinking, Julie and Danielle were close friends when they were growing up so are they around the same age ?

  118. sam

     /  July 7, 2010

    again, only one of the families involved lives on wisteria lane

  119. Kirsty higginson

     /  July 7, 2010

    Gaby mentioned to nick in the car that she knew what it was like to have secrets maybe sue paid the nurse or something as in eaier series her and carlos couldn’t have children. We also didn’t see gabys children be born as it skipped 5 years ahead

  120. Cara

     /  July 7, 2010

    first of all vicki, you got it wrong, it was susan who was driving the car but she didnt have the license in the car so they said it was mike.

    i think it would be difficult for them to switch a boy and a girl and almost impossible for them to switch twins with a single baby.

    didnt edie brit have a child though? so maybe he was switched although i think the edie story has been wrapped up.

    I think susan has had to many main stories, and bree has had a lot. they both have mystery stories.

    it could be vanessa williams character and one the solis’. that would be interesting

    but i think it will be a housewive with no clea story next year

    – lynette with her new baby
    – gabby and bree have smaller stories so it could be one of them
    – susan has to adjust to life in her new house. and she will clearly be involved with the mystery b/c paul is living in he house but i dont think the story will be about paul in susans house b/c its a bit convienient that the only house that was available was the one he needed
    – lynette might be somewhat involved with the mystery as vanessa william’s character are friends so it is most likley that it is gabby’s child

  121. Gailerrific

     /  July 7, 2010

    Has everyone forgotten that Dylan is actually a Romanian orphan that Catherine went and got when her own daughter was crushed by a bookcase? It can’t be Dylan. That’s a fact.

  122. Cara

     /  July 7, 2010

    Have you forgotten that the dylan that was from the orphanage was brought to replace the origanal dylan who was crushed by a wardrobe and thats the one we are talking about. it could be dylan. that’s a fact.

  123. lissa

     /  July 8, 2010

    whatever it is, i want to see eddie in the next season.. and i want Lynette to be his mom.. 😦

  124. Emily

     /  July 8, 2010

    i think either mj and paige, because although it would be hard to switch a boy and a girl, she could of like took it away before they saw?
    or, zach and andrew, because it would cause a real stir with paul coming back.
    or i think maybe, susans daughter, julie and brees daughter.. forgot her name. two best friends, swapped daughters? hmmm..
    i just want to find outtt!

  125. sam

     /  July 8, 2010

    i hope they dont just tell us in the first episode

  126. Beth

     /  July 9, 2010

    It’s not Zach — he was sold at birth to the Youngs…his father was Mike Delfino. That was the big story of season one.

    Think it may be Carlos/Gaby’s kids — they haven’t had much plot this year…or how about Julie and Katherine’s child??

  127. laura

     /  July 10, 2010

    i think the baby switch could be julie and katherines dead daughter the original dylan, i think that would give katherine a reason to be back aswell i reckon that would be cool 🙂 but the mj and paige thing wouldn’t work cause of the gender, but m and evan seems good too hmmmm we’ll just have to wait and see but they’ll probably keep us waiting untill mid season anyway 😦

  128. Cara

     /  July 10, 2010

    Yes, i think that it will be vliff hanger for mid season. im not sure i can wait till then!! it is hard to figure out who it is but it has to be more than a simple switch, there has to be more to the story than that.
    is it just me or does eddie remind you a bit of zach??

  129. Patricia

     /  July 11, 2010

    The hospital is going to pay a lot of money and Susan needs money……But, did the nurse make a mistake or was she paid for the switch??? Nobody knows.
    In that case, who ??????? : Maybe the woman who says that she is Sam’s mother.
    She is Andrew’s mother and she paid the nurse for the switch, so that, Andrew could spend the life he deserved while she grew up Sam (Bree’s son) in poverty.
    That could explain why she refused that Rex obtained the guarding of her son…. And that could explain why she is so calm when she speaks with Bree in the supermarket.It is a revenge and she knows that she has won.
    Unfortunately, the nurse’s revelations are going to change her plans.

  130. Bryan

     /  July 12, 2010

    I thought Paul went to jail because he was suspected of murdering Felicia after she cut of her fingers and left them in his car to frame Paul.
    I think this because he tells zach, while Paul is in prison and Zach is visiting, that “with my luck they’ll try to pin the Martha Huber murder on me again.” Or something along those lines.

  131. Sarah N

     /  July 12, 2010

    Didn’t zach young turn out to be mike delfinos son?? I thought they found that out in one of the earlier seasons right after zach tried to kill him and then mike and susan went searching for him.

  132. chrissy

     /  July 12, 2010

    may be the children are Julie and Danielle!
    but i hope that it won’t be any susan children

  133. Fruity

     /  July 12, 2010

    When they Told the secret about the switch of the babies they mentioned it had only been a few yrs back so it’s more likely to be the younger kids rather then the older also keeping in mind that zach really isn’t mary alices and Paul youngs son. He is really mike delfino’s and another girls son so I doubt there is a switch their either. Maybe Sam and Andrew? But I’m thinking mj and another child and then the hospital will pay Susan and mike a lot of money which wil bring them back to wisteria lane.

  134. chloooe

     /  July 13, 2010

    Zach is mikes son, but mike never turned up on the lane with a baby in the first series.
    It can’t be between mj and paige because paige has really blonde hair and daves blonde, and mj has light brown or brown hair like susan and mike.
    Its either one of the older kids or the young ones.
    I think its penny and some one random because penny hasn’t got ginger hair like her siblings!
    And people who are saying the actors look the same are right,
    The get cast on how similar they look to one another just as well as there acting skills too!
    They need to look fairly similar to make it more realisic!!!

  135. Sarah

     /  July 14, 2010

    Its MJ and the Roy’s deaf grandson who got MJ’s T-Rex.

  136. Amanda

     /  July 14, 2010

    they said ONE of the children’s family lived on wisteria lane. not both, one.

    and anyway, it can’t be sam and andrew, sam is a few months older.

  137. skaa

     /  July 14, 2010

    susan and mike had to move out to rent thier house because of money troubles. it had nothing to do with paul.

  138. Matthew

     /  July 15, 2010

    my gut tells me its MJ and Paige, and this is why i think so……

    if my memory serve’s me well, is that episode wen they started speaking about the nite Susan and Mike drove in2 Dave’s wifes car, killing her and his daughter, it showed the birth of MJ and Paige, and they said that they were born on the same day, at the same hospital, and said that they neva met once. That is reali suspicious, y wud they show that specifically?

  139. sugacheri

     /  July 15, 2010

    Yeah y susan’s house? Angie and nick jus moved out and so did Katherine.

  140. BrianWilliams

     /  July 17, 2010

    I definitely think it’s MJ who was switched with another.

    For one thing, both his parents have dark hair and he is blonde! Also they focussed alot of attention on him during the finalé.

  141. Amy

     /  July 18, 2010

    I think it is one of the older teenagers who was switch at birth seen as there is many of them i think it could be Catherines daughter Dylan switch with some other ones ???

  142. ashlee

     /  July 20, 2010

    There are so many possible things for the switch. You never know it could be Paige and MJ. The season with them it said they almost ran into eachother after having the baby. Maybe something happened where they couldn’t see the sex. I always think MJ really looks like Dave lol. I was thinking maybe Andrew and Sam but Andrw is a bit older. I don’t really think it was Sam and one of Lynette’s kids. Just don’t see it. And, I am not thinking it is Gabby’s kids. It can’t be Zack because he was born outside of Fairview. Didn’t Karl have a kid around MJ’s age…just an idea. The last name could have mixed things up! Karl Mayer and Susan Mayer. It’s DH anything is possible though.

    As for Orson, I think his time was coming. The suicidal threats leads us to that.
    Vanessa Williams is a great choice although I will miss Angie.
    My head is going crazy thinking why Paul is back. I think Dave should be brought back too. And also, would like to see what happens with Katherine and the stripper ((forget he name))

  143. ashlee

     /  July 20, 2010

    Oh and Angie’s house is open now. I am assuming that is where Vanessa will reside but it doesn’t make any sense to move her to the block just because of a baby switch. That would be lame and Marc Cherry is more clever than that.

  144. Samantha

     /  July 21, 2010

    actually vanessa williams will be living aboe mike and susan in their apartment building

  145. Marc

     /  July 21, 2010

    yeah, the baby swith cant have anything to do with zach because he wasnt born in fairveiw(i)

  146. e

     /  July 22, 2010

    I wish you people would stop saying zach and andrew if you actualy watched all the seasons you would realize zach was born in Utah where mike and dedra (his real parents) lived and mary alice was a nurse and dedra traded zach to mary alice and paul for drug money then they moved to the lane to hide remember so whoever writes this blog for this wesite is an idiot and has no idea what they are talking about

  147. Leenie

     /  July 22, 2010

    Ok guys, The baby who is switched is most likely MJ. If you watch the first episode of season 5 you will see that Susan gave birth and “moments later” another woman gave birth in the next room. It does say the sexes but thi is the only time we actually see anything about two babies being born minutes inbetween eachother. Just my opinion 🙂

  148. ginger valenitne

     /  July 22, 2010

    I think its Susan’s son MJ and remember in season 4 or season 5 when Susan went to the training thing when she was pregnant with MJ and she saw her ex husband Carl with a blonde lady and the blonde lady was also pregnant and when they asked about how long shes been pregnant it was the same as how long Susans been pregnant plus the nurse probubly got them mixed up because both babies have the last name Mayer so thats a possibility and then Susan can sue them and move back to wisteria lane

  149. apple juice

     /  July 23, 2010

    yea I think that the switch is MJ and Evan. And Evan is Karls son and Karl died so that is what i think i just really want to know what will happen with karl.

  150. daniel

     /  July 23, 2010

    i think the switch could be between julie and danielle and there gonna bring them bak in2 it !

  151. daniel

     /  July 23, 2010

    or maybe wen vanessa williams cmes she might hav a child nd dat child cud hav been switched with 1 ov de sollises !!

  152. i think it is Susan’s son MJ and Gabby’s oldest daughter because they are the same age so they got swiched.

  153. Jericho

     /  July 25, 2010

    HELLO, We are all forgetting that edie brit had a child. I can’t draw any connections but it’s something to keep in mind.

  154. paris jo

     /  July 25, 2010

    it isnt mj and paige!!!! it isnt any of susans kids, its between vanessa williams chracter and one of the solis babys think about it they r both mixed raced???? i dont think its to do with susans baby because she has another thing going on in season 7 with the whole paul young thing so they wouldnt have a bby switch story line on just one character and a mojor part of the season mystery it would be too much for one character!!! also i have a feeling it could be lynettes daughter penny as she is being recast maybe the real penny is coming into it thats why ??

  155. paris jo

     /  July 25, 2010

    also i herd rumours that they r killing off mike this season as it is originaly the last season they are contracted and they havent renwed thier contracts yet so paul young could be the one that kills him maybe!!!

  156. paris jo

     /  July 25, 2010

    isnt this the last seson ever?????????

  157. jenny

     /  July 27, 2010

    It can’t be anything to do with Andrew, Julie, Danny, Danielle, Sam or Zack. All were born outside of Fairview. Plus Sam is older then all of them and that wouldn’t effect any of the mothers on the Lane because Sam is not a blood relative to any of them. But I am interested in finding out what will happen with Bree telling Gaby and that giving Sam nothing to blackmail Bree with, so maybe she can get her company back?
    Dylan and Julie being switched is so not it—remember season 5 finalie? Katherine said that her daughter died and she got Dylan from a Romanian orphanage to cover it up because Katherine’s aunt had buried the real Dylan to hide that from Wayne (Katherine’s ex, who she killed in the finalie).
    Eddie being Lynette’s son doesn’t make sense because they can’t switch the twins and they are the only ones who are Eddie’s age.
    I don’t think it can be Gaby because of all her maternal mishaps in previous seasons (miscarriage, black baby, and the whole John Roland’s mom working at the adoption agency), enough is enough with Gaby.
    It can’t be MJ and Paige because A) Paige looked just like Dave (blond hair on MJ has nothing to do with it—-Julie is blond too) and B) Susan and Mike knew they were having a boy, I think if they came home with the opposite gender they would know.
    MJ and Karl might make sense, simply because Karl died and Susan teaches him, they brought that kid in for some reason.
    I don’t think it has anything to do with Roy’s grandson, that would just be too weird, he had never been mentioned before, it could have just been a random storyline.

  158. gwen

     /  July 27, 2010

    I just wish Susan would leave. I don’t understand how she adds anything to the show. She is so dumb, twitchy, coy, artificial and, ugh, those horrible eyes. Since Susan and her perpetually unshaved plumber have had to leave the neighborhood for financial reasons could it be that this is the last of both of them?

  159. francesco

     /  July 30, 2010

    i don’t think that it was just a mistake. the nurse knew that she had done something wrong. maybe she had been received an order from someone (maybe paul young, who wanted to revenge because he missed his son, zack).

  160. liz

     /  July 31, 2010

    I dont think it is one of the older children as that wouldnt work emotional wise as youn ger children are far more emotional ( plus alot of the older children have moved on and out of wisteria lane doing there own things!!)

    It could be M.J and Evan as that would destroy Susan and mike with them actually been bringigng up Karls child….. ( especially when Mike wouldnt ask susan for any money as it was from Karl’s strip club!) Although i do think that they have had a majority of the storylines this season.

    Also 2 other options i have been thinking about is Gaby.. she said to Nick how ” she knows what its like to have secrets” she could of had an affair and got pregnant ( remember Carlos was blind) so the child she had wasnt mixed race so she paid the nurse to switch the baby ( although that is really far fetch!!)
    OR the upcoming arrival of Vanessa williams has something to do with it. i did read that she is the Delfinos new neighbour so doesnt live on the street and that her and Gaby’s child got switched at birth… when Gaby first had children she resented them at first but lately she had grown to love them more ( the stoiryline between the gay couple and her donating her womb etc etc etc) so it could be a real storyline for her for either fighting for her “biological” child” or fighting ” to keep the child she has raised”

  161. susan thwaites

     /  August 1, 2010

    if i remember correctly when mary alice was talking about the mothers who gave birth in the hospital at the time the nurse who was dying was to confess they showed 3 people,susan,gabby and lynette so i assumed it was one of them who had their baby switced

  162. jack

     /  August 2, 2010

    its not 1 of bree ‘s children cuz on lynette wiki they tell us 1 of lynette ,gabbyor susan’s childs are the 1s to b switched

  163. jack

     /  August 2, 2010

    its not 1 of bree ‘s children cuz on lynette wiki they tell us 1 of lynette ,gabby or susan’s childs are the 1s to b switched

  164. Mj has dave wicked smile so i don’t believe he is a Delphino.

  165. I saw the beginning of season five last nigth and i saw Susan holding M.J. in a blu towel and Lila dash holding Padge in a pink one, right after the born.

  166. this is so exciting!!!!!!!!

  167. Krys

     /  August 3, 2010

    I think it would be more difficult to switch a boy and girl baby.Especially with mostly everyone knowing the sex of the child before they are born.I wouldn’t be surprised if it was MJ and some other child.Susan’s character is always about drama, so it could be her family that is affected.Since we’re thinking its Susan, Gabby, or Lynette, Lynette doesn’t have any children that are the same age as Gabby or Susan.Juanita and MJ are the same age but different races.WHO KNOWS.

  168. Faith

     /  August 4, 2010

    Is anyone thinking it could be something to deal with the baby Gabi and Carlos had that turned out to be black? What if “Vanessa Williams” has Gabi’s baby? The story could be that Gabi fights to get the baby back,and “Vanessa Williams” is MAD AS HELL that Gabi gave her baby away ( or what ever happened to the baby.)


  170. plz bring angie back in season 7 i love her soooooo much!

  171. Jai

     /  August 6, 2010

    The kid being switched doesn’t have anything to do with Vanessa Williams. Remember they said.she doesn’t have.any kids. And i doubt its Julie cause she isn’t coming back this season. And dana/zack wasn’t born in fairview/didn’t have any contact or relation to anyone in fairview until Mary Alice and.psycho Paul killed the crackhead. And Edies son wasn’t born in fairview. Remember no1 knew until Exorbitant told Mrs mcClusky… I like the idea about Sam and Andrew. That was interesting (bre would go ballistic). But I think.its one of gabys girls. Or mj and karls son (perfect way for us to remember Karl).

    Oh and p.s. Paul got susans house cause he doesn’t like mike or Susan. He’s gonna make there life a living hell

  172. What about John Roland’s kid and M.J.?

  173. I dont understand! Eddy had a crush on Danielle that was in his class back then but Danielle is 27 years old now so Eddy gattabe
    27 to.
    The twins are just like 17 so Eddy cant be on the same age.

  174. ginger valenitne

     /  August 9, 2010

    it might be evan and the deaf child but that wouldnt be very inturesting and marc cherry is more creative than that i still think its evan and mj .

  175. Sawsan

     /  August 10, 2010

    Anna has a story because Carlos’s aunt mentioned she’s never gonna tell Carlos & Gabby the truth (In season 5) which is hidden yet. She could be “Kayla” Tom scavo’s daughter.

  176. My money is that the switched babies are M.J. and Evan Mayer.

    Personally I’m not excited about Paul’s return, but I am excited about Vanessa coming to the Lane…I wish Betty or Angie would return. Susan and Karl’s wife took the same Lamaze classes, M.J. and Evan are the same ages, and it would add much conflict to the story of Mike & Susan.

  177. sam

     /  August 13, 2010

    i hope the baby switch wasnt just some random mistake; i mean it must have been doen on purpose, otherwise, blah…

  178. sam

     /  August 13, 2010

    i don’t get why everyone thinks of paul as the bad guy. i mean ok, he killed mrs. huber, but that’s because he found out that she sent the note to mary alice. and he didn’t kill felicia, she only made it look that way.
    i hope paul finds felicia this season. if he does, he can kill her, having already done the time for the crime.

  179. Lina

     /  August 13, 2010

    Roy said his grandson is visiting-meaning he doesnt live on westeria lane, so there is a possibility that it is MJ and roys grandson.
    Also, there is a possibility that its MJ and evan since evan doesnt live on westeria lane.
    And finaly, it could be one of gabbys kids. she said to angie she knows how to keep secrets but Susan is the key because she needs the money like ppl said, so it has to be MJ.
    It can’t be paige, because dave is not coming back to season 7, and whats the point of baby switch twist if the other baby is dead?
    I am thinking it is MJ with either roys grandson, evan, or vanessa williams’ family.

  180. Dan

     /  August 19, 2010

    I dont think the other family has even been mentioned, and it deffinetly wont be Karls kid and MJ… whats the point? And plus, it says at the top Gabby susan or lynette will be forced to GIVE UP their child! So it would be more dramatic if she didnt even know the other mother. And that might even mean that its daves child and MJ.

  181. Dan

     /  August 19, 2010

    And IF its gabbys, she would of paid the nurse to keep the secret (Like you keep saying she said something about keeping secrets to angie and nick) whoever the babys are the mothers dont know about it lol

  182. ARI10

     /  August 20, 2010

    Gabby was to pure to pay the nurse.

  183. Gabby was to pure to pay the nurse. :/

  184. I think it is Julie Mayer and the realy Dylan Mayfield Katherine is evil she prob lied about the orphanage Julie is nothing like susan or karl,,,,and who knows about the real dylan never met her but i do think susan will find out her real daughter is dead and that will add to her and mike making a family with mj if you think about it katherine and julie seem to have a lot in common

  185. also the video that dylans dad was watching of her riding her bike she had brown hair brown eyes like susan and julie has redish hair like katherine i realy think it is between those 2 girls think about how those two were friends when they were little susan knew katherine as soon as she pulled up in the moving van i nailed this one

  186. WingedVoice

     /  August 22, 2010

    i think it is MJ and roy’s grandson.
    i remember a scene with susan where she goes to meet mikes dad in jail. she said something like if her child is disabled, then she would love her baby even more, but not to have a conscience.. something something..
    and roy’s grandson is deaf.. and they did add the unnecessary scene with the toy..

    so maybe this upcoming season will show if what susan said about loving her disabled child is true.

  187. WingedVoice

     /  August 22, 2010

    i dont think it would be gabbys children because i remember her telling carlos that he has a “fat” gene thats why her kids are so fat. so whatever secret she has isnt anything about her girls being someone elses kids

  188. Danielle

     /  August 22, 2010

    It can’t be Dylan because the real Dylan died from an armoire falling on her when she was about 3. Catherine Mayfair then went and adopted a baby from Romania and called her Dylan. That’s why Dylan didn’t remember anything about Wisteria lane when she moved back there.

  189. i hate to say this but i’m pretty sure it’s M.J.
    it can’t be July, Andrew, Danielle, Zack or Dylan because they didn’t get born in the Fairview hospital.
    they all moved to Fairview with thear Mothers, (you can see the show if you click on my name!).
    it might be M.J. and Roys Grandson because Susan fell down the stairs while she was pregnant, (remember The tornato show in fourth season) but i dont think that’s likely.

  190. ARI10

     /  August 23, 2010

    I think it’s M.J. and Karl’s son, Evan. It would break up Susan and Mike, in the fift time.

  191. Well I love Desperate Housewives. I have been watching the show since it first aired. And i am really sad that this going to be the last season. And as for Paul young i Love him. And when susan and mike find out that he is renting there house out there is going to be a lot of drama with theme. And as for the child who got switched i think it is Andrew or Zach young.

  192. yes Penny is recast and Paul young is remarried.

  193. Vanessaa

     /  August 26, 2010

    NO it can’t be Celia and Vanessa Williams’ child because if you actually read everything, the WHOLE text up there ^^ it says ….

    “Vanessa Williams plays Renee Perry, Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) former college roommate who moves to Wisteria Lane after hitting a rough patch with her husband. “The have sort of a frenemy relationship,” executive producer Bob Daily says. “Renee had gone off to New York and married a very wealthy pro athlete, a baseball player. She’s always been a little more wealthy than Lynette, had more of a jet-set, NO-KIDS kind of lifestyle. … We’ll continue to play that friend/bitter rival relationship with them.”

    It says “NO-KIDS KIND OF LIFESTYLE” so Vanessa Williams doesn’t have any children!
    So it has to be MJ and another kid.

  194. I Stiil think its MJ and someone random
    and is this really the last season? 😦

  195. apple juice

     /  August 26, 2010

    wow season 7 is the last season 😥 a lso i want to know what happen with paul why is he back and when did he get remarried ???? im confused. and with the baby switch i think its mj and evan i just feel like that wont be very inturesting

  196. apple juice

     /  August 26, 2010

    wow season 7 is the last season 😥 a lso i want to know what happen with paul why is he back and when did he get remarried ???? im confused. and with the baby switch i think its mj and evan i just feel like that wont be very inturesting…. :((

  197. camille

     /  August 28, 2010

    i love MJ he is sooooo cute!!!!!!!;) if he were a bit older id marry him lol. i love this show sooo much i wonder who is the switched baby i think it is MJ:( cause then susan and mike would get a lot of money and could move back to the lane i heard he might have been switched with daves kid but the kid was a girl the other possibility is that he was switched with the deaf kid. i hope its not MJ susan and mike are my fav character and that would destroy them. i love desperate housewives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! desperate housewives lovers unite!!!!!

  198. eddy

     /  August 29, 2010

    they have shown us Lynette,Susan and Gaby with nurse
    as we know Lynette’s only single kid born in hospital was Penny
    the boys are triplets….but penny was born before 3rd season as I remember….maybe MJ or not,
    but even he got blue hair,Julie had too…. 🙂 in flashback first shown was Susan with baby in blue clothes… hmmm and we see after Gaby,Lynette as she sleeps,she have long hair btw.and her baby is in blue clothes too… :\ or just blue hat xD we can also see that nurse is in flashback kinda younger or older…with Susan and Gaby she look older than with Lynette…as Mary-Alice said that was years ago

  199. eddy

     /  August 29, 2010

    …. hmm or maybe Parker wasn’t born the same day as Preston and Porter somewhere on pages they are triplets but on other they say that Twins were born in ’98 and Parker in ’99…..

  200. sam

     /  August 30, 2010

    they’re not triplets the twins are older.

  201. eddy

     /  August 30, 2010

    😉 ok so Lynette was in hospital with Parker and later
    with Penny in 1st season…someone of these two maybe got switched i don’t think it was Gaby’s kids…. 🙂 who could make mistake with them xD it’s not Julie because when nurse is with Susan she look bit older,she look same as she was with Gaby and baby Juanita, so —MJ—Or Penny—
    well we will find out in next Season can’t wait 😛

  202. apple juice

     /  August 30, 2010

    hmmmmmmmmm….. im so confused everyone makes such good pionts

  203. sam

     /  August 31, 2010

    well since juanita is the only kid in the promo, i’m gonna say she’s the one who got switched 😉

  204. sofia

     /  September 11, 2010

    Wow!! the comment about chow mein (the surrogate) having carlo’s and gabby’s baby and that the hospital made an error, because their baby was switched with a black baby, and their baby didn’t make it, could be Vanessa’s baby that they left at the hospital, and now she’s furious, I haven’t thought of it, but it could work.
    btw to clear up the confusion that seems to be circulating, Renee and Paul are not renting out mike and susan’s house. paul lives there with his a new wife, and Renee moves somewhere else on the lane (see CTV for details)

  205. Lizzy

     /  September 12, 2010

    It would very cool if Eddie is Lynettes son and Parker isnt … but that wouldnt make such a heavy story since Eddie wont be around for a while he is going to Jail for life.
    But that would leave parker with The Drunk R.I.P Barbara, so Lynette gets to keep Parker since no parents around to take him, And Eddies mom did not leave on Wisteria Lane they lived couple of streets from there. Well well! Who Agrees with my kitty cat story?

  206. Lizzy

     /  September 12, 2010


  207. h1131

     /  September 20, 2010

    i think julie & dillon are swapped.

  208. I wish it was Celia.
    I love Juanita and MJ.

  209. truefan10

     /  September 23, 2010

    Sooo up until I noticed that everyone else is thinking the same thing, I would have guessed MJ and Evan. After thinking deeper they would be the easiest guess. Soooo would Marc Cherry get that corny on us???

    Not to mention Susan and Mike already had several major events in the 6th season. With the car crash, killing a wife and daughter (accident I know), their divorce, Crazy Dave trying to kill them, Katherine and Mike, Susan and Jackson, and the wedding build-up. Wouldn’t this be Susan and Mike overkill. Sooo while MJ and Evan seem the most likely they are such an easy guess.

    Everyone should count out the older kids. The Lawyer asked; “How do you tell parents the child they have been raising the child they love isnt really theirs?” Raising to me implies that the child is young, not any of the grown children.

    Also after the scene with the Lawyers they showed MJ, Penny, Juanita, and Celia running. Sooo I’m guessing it will be one of the four. Penny or Celia would be juicy choices!

    What I don’t understand is why do Mike and Susan have to move? She got all that Money from the sale of her portion of Karl’s club. There is noooo way that you can convince me Mike’s debt would be more than what she got. Unless Mike just never ever payed his bills. So if he didn’t pay his bills, EVER, what did he do with his money? That whole part does not make any sense at all, come on writers???

    So back to the babies, Vanessa William’s character will not have children. Eddy Britt’s character had a son named Traverse…ummm not sure how to spell it. He is grown and in college, so I would count him out also.

    Not sure why they showed Roy’s Grandson, other than to build up that line about the Dinosaur. Mike’s debt is their Dinosaur. I love the expressions MJ makes, great child actor lol

    Anyone ever wonder why Celia Solis never ever talks? They also like to imply the she lacks intelligence. Wonder if it was her, especially since Juanita is sooo sassy and bold like Gabby. While cute, Celia still needs more personality!

  210. Ciara

     /  September 25, 2010

    it’s definately to do with mj. at the end of the season, when the cops pull up outside the house of the child that was switched, you can clearly see it’s susans house. so either its mj, or the cops found out that paul young lives there and its something to do with zach.

  211. Dan

     /  September 25, 2010

    Sorry, but what the fuck are you talking about? lol no police show up at the end of the series.

    The dad finds out in the first episode and struggles to tell the mum. My moneys on Celia or one of lynettes kids

    Coz gaby was going on about how shes different and special after the plane crash.

    I wont be M.J coz they have and have had to many problems as of late.

  212. Sophie

     /  October 6, 2010

    It makes the most sense for it to be MJ and Paige. The nurse knew she had switched the babies – and had kept it a secret. Susan didn’t know the sex of the baby that she was having, and they were both born at the same hospital, at the same time.

    It could also tie in with how Dave wanted to hurt MJ to get back at Susan for causing the death of his wife and child – only to find out that MJ is actually his son. Maybe he kidnaps MJ? Think about it, it could create the best storyline and would actually make the most sense.

  213. Lena

     /  October 11, 2010

    I think Juanita must be involved in it. Carlos just found out that his daughter had been switched at her birth and after Juanita’s accident (Episode 2), the nurse tells Gaby that she can’t be their daughter because of the blood types.
    I’m now just wondering who they could have switched Juanita with.

  214. Taylor

     /  October 11, 2010

    Its not waneeta or mj or any of the scavos uu never know it might be the lil girl babbi saw in the shop

  215. Taylor

     /  October 11, 2010

    u never know it might be waneeta and btw stop spoiling it for urself it exiting wen u dont know wats gona happen stop spoling it

  216. desperatehousehusband

     /  October 11, 2010

    yuanita got switched!!! omg – i wasn’t expecting that since she kinda looks like her sister celia.
    wonder who the family is – if they decide to meet the family and they try to take yuanita away….
    ooh the plot thickens..
    loving season 7!!!!

  217. Mad234ie

     /  October 25, 2010

    Juanita got switched with a girl called Grace. Gaby finds out in Episode 2 – “You must meet my wife” when she over hears a nurse talking to Carlos. Gaby tries to track down her real daughter, later to be reaveled Grace Sanchez. Hope this helped. x

  218. meeel.

     /  October 26, 2010

    series 7 – paul moves back to wysteria lane, and is up to something,trying to turn everyone against each other?

    the others find out gabby has a fake nose, and wanita is the child who got mixed up..

  219. black nubia

     /  October 30, 2010

    It had better not be MJ, susan would be devastated. Its so exciting to see new charcters like vannessa williams, she is definitely going to bring some drama and seduction to the show. Susan and mike being poor should be interesting to watch, especially to see how susan would cope. I’m sure jaunita is d switched baby, cuz I always wondered how carlos and gabby would produce such a big baby. I wouldn’t want lynette gettin preggers again! Its enough, we know she is fertile!!

  220. bitch

     /  December 12, 2010

    it’s juanita and this other mexican girl called grace carlos finds out first then tells gaby, who neglects juanita and builds a relationship with grace. I feel sorry for juanita cuz people take the mick ou of her fr being fat and also she wears makeup so she can look like gaby

  221. Hello Everyone! I like watching BBC Football online.

  222. I would love to know if the Desperate Housewives writers plan to wrap up the story with Gabby and Carlos’ real daughter Grace being returned to them? It’s not good to leave fans hanging like that because we know she does exist and to pursue her and close it without them getting her back is lousy!

  223. You’re so interesting! I don’t suppose I have read through a single thing like that before.
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