Major Gossip Girl Season 3 Finale Spoilers! Chuck Shot! Jenny Leaves! Georgina’s Pregnant!

Gossip Girl major finale spoilers including who gets shot, what happens to Jenny

*The person who is shot is Chuck
*Serena breaks up with Nate
*Jenny sleeps with Chuck
*Jenny leaves to move in with her mother with no intention of coming back
*Georgina is pregnant with Dan’s baby
*Serena and Dan hookup

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  1. I JUST finished watching the episode. Ahhh! I would have been so happy if Chuck proposed. alskdjklaj.

  2. Roxy

     /  May 17, 2010

    i just finished watching it too! it was sooooo sad!! i’m so dissapointed! why did chuck have to sleep with stupid jenny?!?! he isn’t dead right? do u think dan is actually the father?

  3. Hayley

     /  May 17, 2010

    Georgina is a lying h** that is probably preggers with some Russian drunk or faking it….I’m praying that chuck being shot will make Blair realize she loves him and forget about his COMPLETELY IDIOTIC move with Jenny, SOOOO mad at him for that but I’m still pulling for him. Anyone catch how Dan was totally going to get a ticket to France???? How Romantic, I’ve always loved Dan/Serena. I’m thinking Nate might become the new Chuck next season too from grieving S.

    Cross your fingers Chuck pulls threw(he’s a main character, NO WAY he’s dieing that easily).

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