Castle Season Finale Recap: 2.24 “A Deadly Game’ Recap”

Castle: A Deadly Game
(S02E24) “He was probably disavowed the moment he was killed, making this the coolest case ever!” – Castle

No, no, no!!! Castle doesn’t belong with his ex-wife! He belongs with Beckett! She was getting ready to tell him, and then he stupidly leaves with his ex for the summer! Come on, Castle, is your romance radar really that wonky? You should have known Beckett was about to tell you something big, and then you just let the ex waltz in and break up the moment. Argh.

Except for the ending, though, I have to agree with Castle that this was one of the coolest cases ever, even though I sort of knew from the beginning that it was too good to be true. Fake IDs, fingerprints not in the system, a Cayman Islands account, a self-destructing pen with an audio message … it was equal parts John Grisham, ‘Mission Impossible’ and James Bond, so something had to be amiss.

I must say, though, that Hans was pretty convincing at the beginning: “I spent three weeks in Afghanistan with rats crawling in my privates. Somehow, I don’t think your stern routine is gonna get you very far.” And “The things I’ve seen? Trust me. Ignorance is bliss.” The inside joke is that the actor was Mitch Pileggi, who played Walter Skinner on ‘The X-Files.’ Well done, ‘Castle.’

It took a while to get to the killer, and I really didn’t expect that it’d be the husband of the Long Island housewife, who was having an affair with Roger, whose wife and business partner were having an affair. Talk about a tangled web.

But at least we got the cool scene with the mystery writers playing poker: James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and Stephen J. Cannell. You have to think it must have been a blast for those guys to be playing poker together — even if it was on a TV show. Or … maybe they play poker in real life, too? Oh, to be a fly on that wall …

That’d be something if Alexis came back from the Princeton summer program pregnant, wouldn’t it? Of course, she’s too smart for that. I hope. Still, her new guy friend is across the hall from her in the co-ed dorms, so … yeah, I’d be a little leery, too, if I was Castle.

I’m still miffed about the ending, because I was so sure they would end up together. I even yelled that across the house to my daughter about half-way through the show. And then to have the entire gang watching through the office window as Castle basically gives Beckett the brush-off AFTER HE’D BEEN AFTER HER ALL SEASON was just so annoying. And depressing.

But I did love Beckett’s red leather jacket. I want one.

What did you guys think about the finale? Were you hoping for something major between Beckett and Castle? Or are you happy the writers didn’t put them together? I’m not one of those people who thinks a show automatically dies when the leads get together. I think it would make the show even better!

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