90210 Season 3 Spoilers! Senior Year!

90210: The third season welcomes the West Beverly kids to their senior year of high school. It’s the time of college acceptances and lovers’ rejections, the time of prom dates and promises betrayed, the time of spring break, break-ups and make-ups – but as is always the case in Beverly Hills, it all happens in a world of sun and fun, palm trees and warm sea breezes, success and excess.  From the very beginning of the school year, the lives of the West Beverly group will be shaken up in a way none of them could ever imagine. And from this new starting point, their journeys will take them to staggering new heights and terrifying new depths. We’ll see the rise of a pop sensation and the fall of a group of friends, the beginning of a new love and the end of a professional dream, the creation of an unlikely family and the demise of another.  And that’s just the first week of school… It’s now or never for the students of West Beverly, and they’re not going to waste a moment of time. Expectations are high, hormones are raging, and scandals are hiding around every corner. From the brightest moments of love and happiness to the darkest hours of shame and fear, senior year at West Beverly promises to be an unforgettable journey.

Exclusive: Which ‘90210’ hottie is gay?


Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/The CW; Patrick Ecclesine/The CW; MAP/Splash News

Take a good look at the photo to your left. One of the three studmuffins—okay, two studmuffins and one very handsome young man—will come tumbling out of the closet on 90210 this fall.

And this isn’t some sort of angst-fueled, bi-curious sweeps arc à la Adrianna’s season 2 flirtation with Rumer Willis. We will learn that the straight-acting character in question—let the record show that we’re referring to Matt Lanter’s recovering rebel Liam, Michael Steger’s smart and tenderhearted Navid, or Trevor Donovan’s tennis pro Teddy—is actually gay.

How can I be so sure? Well, for starters, one of the show’s producers is confirming it. “We want to address the issue in a real and relatable way,” says co-EP Jennie Urman, who says the coming-out plot is but one of several “great story lines” fans can look forward to in season 3.

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  1. aaaa

     /  May 23, 2010


  2. Elaine

     /  May 23, 2010

    I really believe that the 3rd season of 90210 should have more focus on Navid than usual. After all, the first two seasons have focused on Adrianna and Navid’s immense love for her and how he helps her in getting her through her problems. But now, I think it’s time the writers work more with Navid’s character and maybe put Adrianna in the position where she has to help him with HIS problems. Or at least do a little more character digging – maybe his father’s porno background or something. I love Navid and think Michael Steger would do a great job with anything thrown at him !

  3. Suzy Lockwood

     /  May 25, 2010

    I LOVE 90210! ❤
    Its the best programme alive. I can't wait for the final season finaly tonight and SEASON 3! aaaaah!

  4. Superfly_angel

     /  July 11, 2010

    I love 90210 to bits and i can’t wait for season 3!

  5. katelols

     /  July 26, 2010

    this is just wierd, teddy cant be gay cos he was the ultimate playboy, navid can’t he is soo inlove with Ade and Liam has liked loads of girls and was inlove with Naomi, this is soo impossible xx

  6. Julia

     /  July 28, 2010

    Annie and Liam should be defo together!

  7. amy

     /  August 7, 2010

    liam and annie kiss in season 3 so i think they get together there is an 11 second preveiw out if you look

  8. honey

     /  September 6, 2010


  9. Lisa

     /  September 16, 2010

    Yeah, teddys the one whos gay i thinh he hooks up with a dude whilst mr.cannon tries 2 rape silver…. liam =]] ❤

  10. black nubia

     /  October 30, 2010

    Teddy being gay?? No way, it doesn’t make sense.

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