The Mentalist Season Finale Recap: 2.23 “Red Sky in the Morning”

The Mentalist(S02E23) “I’m becoming what I was supposed to be. Your children’s children will worship me.” – Red John

Technically, Red John did not say that quote but he could very well have. Red John is twisted enough to believe he’ll one day be worshiped for his killings. He can add one potential fan to his list as one important character claimed that Red John could redeem himself!

I say “he” when speaking of Red John, but it could very well be a woman, no? And based on the new tidbits we got about Red John this week, I’m still not 100 percent sure RJ is a man. You?

At the end of the episode, when Red John first speaks to Patrick Jane, RJ’s voice is in a pitch that could be a woman or a man slightly modifying their voice tone. However, when RJ recited the rhyme to Jane, the tone was a bit lower. Is that proof that RJ is a man? Another hint that RJ may be a man is that John was strong enough to rather easily put the chair, with Jane still taped to it, back on its feet. Then again, Red John could be a strong woman.

One fan theory I couldn’t shake throughout the episode is that Kristina is Red John. It really bugged me that she said Red John could redeem himself and that he is a man. Could it be that she said that because she is Red John? Plus, it does look iffy that she took her stuff, without messing anything in her bedroom, and left her home to go with him. I’m still not 100 percent sure that Kristina is with Red John but from the “Kristina would want me to send her love” speech, it does look like Red John has her. Red John could be Kristina and that she only told him that “Kristina sends her love” to throw the trail off of her. And Kristina could have killed her interviewer to have Jane and the CBI think that John was after her as he went after Jane a few years back. The killing happened after Jane explained to Kristina why her giving an interview was a mistake, which could have given her an idea how to throw suspicions off of her. If Kristina is not Red John, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s somewhat involved in his killings.

One of my other suspects to be Red John is Brett Partridge. This is the agent who was at Marley’s crime scene and who butted heads with Jane. Why do I see him as a suspect? First, he dislikes Jane. Secondly, Partridge was in the pilot episode. Is it a coincidence that he appeared in the pilot and, two years later, in the second season finale?

The main case of the week — Marley’s murder — was really well developed. Not only did it look like Red John may have done it, but I never thought of the film students actually killing people to make a Red John movie. Even if Jane was pretty sure Red John didn’t kill Marley, you could see it affected him big time. Of course, things got a turn for the worse when Red John did kill the interviewer. Not only that but the case of the week had Red John save Jane! Why? Because Red John loves to toy with Jane so he prefers having him alive than dead? Twisted!

Beside wondering who Red John is, I wonder why Jane didn’t tell Lisbon what Red John told him. Is it because Jane wants to have the upper hand in the investigation? After all, Red John is Jane’s case. Red John is Jane’s life.

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  1. Interesting about Partridge. Hmm.. could it be possible he is involved? And what about when redjohn said to Patrick after he mentioned kristina.. roll tide? Makes it seem like she is also involved but don’t think it was her as redjohn. Going to be a long wait until September!

  2. nacer

     /  May 22, 2010

    Left me thinking that Kristina IS RJ as an alter ego who is fixated on Patrick and the only way to keep him close to her is by killing and having him chase after her. Too many coincidences…The interviewer got killed because she referred to him as a beast.

    The only way RJ could have delivered the message to patrick at the end is if he had been following them around the clock or he IS Kristina or he killed her and shares in her “ability” to speak to the dead

  3. mark

     /  May 22, 2010

    Red John is Gregory Itzin who plays Virgil Minelli the cop that left a couple or three eps ago. Knowing how the show pretty much highlights the killer, and him being always around for info, he is the guy. This time in the season finale the guy that showed up was the corner pretending to be Red John.
    Please, does anyone still not have a clue?

  4. RH

     /  May 22, 2010

    The only people in the final episode who heard the phrase “Roll Tide” (Referring to Alabama Crimson Tide) were at the restaurant table when Patrick Jane & Kristina (the alleged Psychic) were on their date in the beginning of the movie.

    Therefore, could Red John possibly be the “waiter” who’s “dead uncle” used to say the phrase “Roll Tide”?

    I would guess that Red John would need to have a job to support himself so why not be a waiter at a local restaurant where he can keep tabs on Patrick?

    It appeared that Patrick had been to that restaurant before so possibly the “waiter” had previously met Patrick, his wife & daughter. Therefore he knew Patrick had a family and when Patrick upset him in the public media he killed his wife and daughter.

    Just a thought.

  5. Lily

     /  May 22, 2010

    Interesting theory, RH. Just a question though. What made you think that Patrick had been to that restaurant before with his family? It’s an interesting observation.

    My first choice for Red John would indeed be Brett Partridge because of the similarity in voices and his general creepy behaviour in the Pilot episode. Watch the Pilot again and you’ll see in the argument between Patrick and Partridge, the Red John smiley is always in the camera shot with Partridge.

    My second choice would be Patrick’s father. I have no evidence of this theory but it would make for an interesting story line. Patrick’s mother could’ve been his first non-Red John victim (as we don’t know what happened to her) and he could’ve snapped after Patrick left the carnival….maybe with his wife? He would’ve lost everything because Patrick was his only act. It’s a possibility.

  6. RH

     /  May 22, 2010


    The reason I thought Patrick had been to that restaurant before was his familiarity with the menu.

    He confidently ordered for his date Kristina as if he knew the menu well.

    I doubt that he’d been to the restaurant by himself since his wife’s murder so I assumed he had been there with her when she was alive.

    HOWEVER, what contradicts my theory is that when he excused himself to use the restroom, it appeared that he asked the waiter to point him in the direction of the restroom. Usually when you’ve been to a restaurant on several occasions you’re already aware of the restroom location.

    This is why I usually don’t watch “serial” types of TV shows. I don’t enjoy the “to be continued” storylines.

  7. Mentalist Fan

     /  May 22, 2010

    I am leaning towards Brett Partridge! Listen to their voices, very similar. I had that feeling when I seen him there at Marley’s crime scene.

  8. Miss Maxamus

     /  May 24, 2010

    It can’t be Brett Partridge, because on the pilot episode Brett thought the painted RJ smily face was really RJ’s when it was a copycat. On the final episode, the real RJ killed the two kids because they copycated his work and RJ hates copycats.

    But yes, Brett Partridge looks and sounds and acts perfectly (maybe too perfect) to be the possible RJ.

  9. G

     /  May 25, 2010

    hmmm I think the Brett Partridge might be a possibility. But I don’t think the Kristina is… I mean it would be verrryy odd, and quite a let down. But if Kristina packed all of her things and left, maybe she’s in love with Red John? Again weird. Or maybe she thought she wanted to protect Patrick from him by finding Red John herself and make him surrender? She’s that kind of a person.
    I can’t help but notice no one has commented on the last image of the finale!!! What is uppp with the smiley face in his rooommm? And it looked fresh too… so it can’t have been there since his family’s murder.. And he moved houses too.
    I don’t think we’ve seen Red John on the show yet. But I do think he is somehow related to evrysingle person on the show.. You know like Grace, and chow, and everyone especially Kristina..
    Oh and maybe she didn’t pack her things? Maybe Red John did kidnap her but took her passport and luggage to make it look as if she ran away.
    Oh and does anyone know what that poem means? Like tigers and symmetry.???? aahhhh
    When does season 3 air?

  10. Michael

     /  May 26, 2010

    I have just recently gotten into this series. I watched it all online from the beginning and love it to death. I have some theories, however nothing really concrete or likely …which is why I so enjoy shows like this. When it comes right down to it RJ could be anybody…you just don’t know. However, I am deffo leaning toward the theory that RJ is Brett Partridge , or Jayne Sn. I’m thinking as far as the last image of the finale , the RJ smiley on the wall….I think Jayne saves that to constantly remind himself of the battle he is in, and who is responsible. Although….it seemed to me…if you watch closely at the reaction on Jayne’s face when RJ is speaking to him, that he seems to smile slightly. This would lead me to believe that because of what RJ said it either let Jayne know WHO RJ is or put him on a good path to finding out. Which would in turn explain why he didn’t tell the agents anything …because he wants RJ all to himself. But reguardless of what is TRULY going on…I absolutely love this series and can’t wait for the next season….when when when ? 🙂

  11. Lily

     /  May 26, 2010

    To Michael and G,

    I’m not sure if it’s true but I heard that season 3 airs in the US in September sometime. We’re not even up to the finale in Australia yet, I have to watch them on-line. Cant wait for season 3!

    P.S: I’m glad you also think the whole Jane snr, thing is a possibilty too, Michael.


     /  May 27, 2010

    My opinion is:

    In 1st Red John can´t be Kristina, because you are forgetting the “Red John footsteps” episode when Rosalind says that she and RJ are Lovers and tells him description. ok she is blind but she is not hard of hearing, and a Male voice is a Male voice.

    About Brett Partridge

    is a very good suspect, actually i think that the bloody face looks like him.

    But do you really think that the producers will give us a chance of know him before the serie runs over??

    about the “Tiger, tiger, burning bright
    In the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

    Well i think that Red John means that he hates copycats again.

    “What immortal hand or eye” means, who has the power to do such thing

    “Could frame thy fearful symmetry” fearful symmetry means, is job

    so who as the power to copy his job.. no one! so who try, got to pay!!

    and is quite funny that he says simmetry because Rosalind also said that he likes to hear Bach because of her precision.

    we must wait to see the things that will hapen in the next season. and I just can’t wait…

  13. Marie

     /  May 28, 2010

    Did it occur to you that Rosalind and Christina look quite the same? They both have red hair, something naive and sweet in their expression… And they are both blind when it comes to RJ (this stupid idea of him being “a good man” or changing his ways…)
    Also, Christina though that he would listen to her.
    My theory? Christina is a victim of RJ, meaning she is in love with him and thinks he loves her too. Someday, he disappointed Rosalind. Now he disappoints her y killing the interviewer when she asked him no to. So she went to see him and ask him why (hence the fact that she took her stuff).
    And clearly, “would want me to say” is so similar to what Christina says when she does her psychic stuff… so RJ must have known her one way or another. And he probably killed her.
    What do you think?

  14. DR

     /  May 31, 2010

    OK so I was a big fan of the Kristina is RJ theory, and after reading all of you, I’m having a second thought, but still did anyone notice how after seing RJs “face” of course with a mask, despite the fact that RJ kind of tells Jane that s/he has Kristina, at the end Jane doesn’t seem to be worried about her anymore?, I mean, when she first disappears, he is so distress, he cannot stay still, and he’s positive RJ has her, and obviously he doesn’t want that, but then suddenly, he looks fine with it. What did he see on RJ’s “face” that made him fine with Kristina’s disappearing?

    Another thing that comes to my attention, when RJ and Jane are face to face, is Jane looking at RJ’s eyes?, because if he is, he might already know who RJ is, or he might have seen something interesting or important, we know that Jane can tell a lot by just looking at people’s eyes.

  15. AR

     /  June 3, 2010

    The poem is by William Blake.
    Tiger (Satin or evil)
    Lamb(God or good) later verse
    Forest (Hell)
    Tears from heaven (later verse)

    The poem is commonly beleived to be about good and evil.
    The question is: How could God make such a perfect killing machine and be happy with it?

  16. Karen

     /  June 4, 2010

    Michael, where did you watch it all online? Thanks you.

  17. Jon

     /  June 11, 2010


  18. Daniele

     /  June 12, 2010

    (excuse me for my english)
    Red john says to Jane “Roll Tide” and “Kristina send you her love” at the end of 2×23 ….. like in the italian restaurant …
    there are 3 possibility …
    1) red john is Kristina …. but it’s almost impossible …… Kristina is just protected by the police when her interviewer is killed …. Kristina is woman …..
    2) red john is near the table of Kristina and Jane at the restaurant and listen the conversation (one client? how the client know the Patrick’s moviment?)
    3) Kristina says red john these 2 phrases
    3a) Kristina is a accomplice of red john
    3b) kristina is killed by red john and these is her last prhases
    (the phrase “send you her love” is used by cristina for dead …)

    Patrick lie to Lisbon: he is near at the solution

    What do you think of these assumptions?

    I very very love this Show, but i think the third season you should find out who is Red John …. and not spin out …….

  19. hapworth

     /  June 19, 2010

    Okay, a few of my thoughts.

    I believe Kristina is definitely not Red John because of the Season 1 finale where you meet the blind girl who had a relationship with him describing him as someone else pointed out earlier in this thread. As good as Red John may be, didn’t they live together for some time? No one is that good. And they seemed to be very open.

    Second, when Red John tells Jane that Kristina would want him to send her love. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s dead but then again it does echo what she does say when she’s communicating to the dead, again, which someone else brought up earlier.

    Unless it’s another clever ruse, and maybe Kristina is with Red John and Jane knew this would happen. Maybe now she is on the “inside”. Jane seemed very protective of her and angry when she put herself out there though. But maybe something Red John passed along from Kristina was code, which is why suddenly Jane seemed fine and possibly smiled. Kristina is in, things are going to happen. The code could possibly be when he says “Roll tide”… it almost sounds like Red John is just saying it, unsure what it means… But that could be just the way his voice sounds. It’s almost “Roll tide?”…

    Jane then pieces it together after a minute and gives a possible smile.

    Remember, the waiter said “Roll tide” was the rallying cry of that sports team. Maybe it’s Kristina’s call to Jane.

    Or, (and possible two-sided?) Red John knew the team was called the “Crimson Tide”… Red, Blood… things are going to get even messier now.

    I think Kristina went out on her own from her residence. Only because on her date with Jane, they gave some screen time to Jane talking about how he escaped from prison and how it’s all just a matter of timing. Then she escapes a house covered by a ton of agents…

    The agent that appears on the very first episode of the show and the last, I only kind of suspect him of being Red John but I think it’s just a red herring. Like others have said, Red John hates copycats, and when you see Jane walk away from him at the end of their conversation at the beginning of the finale, you see the agent just go “Jerk”. Not something someone I think Red John would say knowing Jane wouldn’t hear him. I think they’re just similarly voiced and looked just so the directors have him as a good throw-off.

    Anyone also catch that the kid at the end of the episode only got shot in the leg and actually didn’t die? Maybe he knows something… We don’t even see where Jane was and how the CBI finally found him.

    As for the William Blake poem said at the end, a common interpretation (and touched on by someone above) is Blake in his Songs of Innocence, he talks about how God could create the Lamb. Later on, the Tyger. “Did he who made The Lamb make thee?” Blake is in awe of how God create both, first something so gentle and innocent and then something so ferocious and cunning. It seems to go back to what Bosco’s assistant when she was busted saying how there can be no darkness without light. Also worthy of noting is in an earlier stanza, it’s identical to the last save one word… it goes from “Could” in the beginning… could God make this? to “Dare”… why would God make this?

    The whole duality of it all.

    Random throw out, I feel like when they finally do meet face-to-face and Jane is able to act on what he’s been saying he would after so long, Red John will play on how Jane will be just as bad as he is and how maybe Red John has been manipulating him this whole time to be just like him.

    Whew! Long wait till September, indeed!

  20. Cindy

     /  June 21, 2010

    Red John is Patrick.

  21. Raymond

     /  June 22, 2010

    So therefore, the most likely possibilities are;

    1. Kristina is still alive (due to Patrick’s look of relief)

    2. Red John is indeed a man (due to the episode with the blind girl in season 1, where it was established that her lover was Red John)

    3. So assuming that 1 and 2 are true, then Kristina was in contact with Red John. She most likely left her house voluntarily to meet with Red John or to find him before Patrick does.

    4. My last assumption is that Kristina voluntarily divulged information to Red John (Roll tide), since she left her house voluntarily.

    This plot would provide the simplest explanation for all of it, provided that we discover the reason why Kristina did what she did.

    some thoughts, maybe there’s more to her history than we know of. and we never really know for sure if she’s a real psychic or not. i doubt they’ll ever clarify that.

  22. Alex

     /  July 24, 2010

    Can someone please tell me!??! Does the CBI Know What Happened to Jane at the end, or Did He Get Out Himself or what???

  23. c

     /  August 2, 2010

    patrick is one of twins,
    did he who made the lamb make thee?

  24. Wesley

     /  August 20, 2010

    I played wesley in the episode I cut Jane loose but the scene was cut out

  25. Dreggor Gade

     /  September 17, 2010

    What else happened in that scene? I know it’s hard to really tell if you don’t have the sides, but did you catch much of the other dialogue?

  26. Cernole

     /  December 28, 2010

    I think the best question is the one Kristina asked – what’s Jane going to do when he finds RJ?

    He never carries a weapon, isn’t strong or a killer. RJ is always armed and very talented at killing. So what’s he going to do? Tickle him?

    Moreover, in this episode, it shows that he can’t even talk back to RJ, just sits there frozen, in awe, and we know RJ is charismatic and can cast a spell over others.

    Is Jane looking to get killed?

  27. Please tell me WHERE we can SEE this episode ! Thanks
    Emma (photo @

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