Major Lost Series Finale Spoilers: 6.17/18 “The End”

SUNDAY MAY 23 7|6c

The Final Journey

Reviewing the events of the series; past and present cast members discuss their experiences.

SUNDAY MAY 23 9|8c

The End

One of the most critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking shows of the past decade concludes in this “Lost” Series Finale Event. The battle lines are drawn as Locke puts his plan into action, which could finally liberate him from the island.

Episode 6.17/18 – The End – Promotional Photos

Larger ones coming soon…

LOST – “The End” – One of the most critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking shows of the past decade concludes in this “Lost” Series Finale Event. The battle lines are drawn as Locke puts his plan into action, which could finally liberate him from the island, on “Lost,” SUNDAY, MAY 23 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/MARIO PEREZ)

Episode 6.17/18 – The End – ABC Promo 1 and 2

Episode 6×17/18 The End (Series Finale) – Sneak Peek 1

Episode 6.17/18 – The End – Sneak Peek 2

Snippet on Finale from TV Guide Magazine

And for those of you who have completely abandoned hope of any happily-ever-afters for these poor lost souls following the recent string of island casualties, Sonja Walger, whose lucky Penny turns up in the finale, offers us a ray of hope. When I asked her to tell me who gets the best ending, she said, “We all do and you’ll see why.”

Source: TV Guide Magazine

How Will Lost End?

The show’s stars offer teases about the May 23rd series finale

With the recent deaths of Sun, Jin, Sayid and Charles Widmore, not to mention Kate’s shooting and Richard’s projection by Smokey into the jungle, I was starting to worry that none of my favorite Lost characters were going to end up with happy endings. But I’ve found new hope after several of the show’s stars offered me some encouraging teases about the ABC drama’s two and a half hour May 23 series wrap-up.

When I asked Scotty Caldwell, who plays Rose, to pick her favorite death scene, she looked at me like I was oblivious.

“Who died?” she asked. “They’re dead??” Hmm….What are we to make of this? Could the characters’ flashsideways lives possibly be the ones that stick? Prodded further, Scotty hinted that all of the characters “get what we gave” and are taken care of in the end.

Adds Nestor Carbonell (Richard), “The whole finale is all about everyone’s resolutions.”

And get this. When I asked Sonja Walger, who plays Penny, to tell me who gets the best ending, she said rather cryptically, “We all do and you’ll see why.” While Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) concurs, “All of us” are well served, Michael Emerson singles out his character’s ending out as perhaps the best.

“All vanity aside, I love the way Ben ends,” says Michael. “It’s true to his entire, ambiguous arc. He sort of ends and he sort of doesn’t end.”

But Scotty also tells me that more than one ending was shot. “I’m not absolutely sure about the final hows, wheres and whens because they shot more than one,” she says. “So I’ll be waiting like everyone else to see what they air.”

And according to one well-placed source, the finale, titled “The End,” may not be the ultimate ending of the story. I’m hearing twenty additional minutes of story (not just deleted footage or an alternate ending) will be included in the season six DVD to be released August 24, along with what executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse say will be some pretty spectacular packaging show fans will be unable to resist.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick: Desmond Won’t Help the Man in Black

Source: TV Guide

Henry Ian Cusick

Now that we know the Man in Black’s ultimate game plan on Lost, Henry Ian Cusick says there’s no way Desmond will help him destroy the island.

Getting Lost: Who is Jack’s baby mama?

“Whatever the Man in Black wants, I’m imagining Desmond will want the opposite,” Cusick tells

Cusick and co-star Nestor Carbonell also discuss the meaning behind Lost, which Carbonell says “is ultimately based on love.”

Lost: Will we get to see Sawyer and Juliet go Dutch for coffee?

Check out our video Q&A with them about the series finale of Lost, airing Sunday at 9/8c on ABC:

Lost: Will We Get to See Sawyer and Juliet Go Dutch for Coffee?


Lost – Elizabeth Mitchell

Ever since the Season 6 premiere of Lost, fans wondered what Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) meant when she offered a coffee date to Sawyer (Josh Holloway) in which they could go Dutch. With the series coming to an end Sunday, caught up with Mitchell to find out whether Juliet and Sawyer will be reunited and whether she’s satisfied with the conclusion of her storyline.

Getting Lost: Who is Jack’s baby mama? The perception is that we’re going to see Juliet back having that coffee date with Sawyer. Can we expect any surprises?
Elizabeth Mitchell:
There probably will be surprises. I wouldn’t trust anything one way or another. I was happy to do what they had me do. I had a great time and it’s fun knowing, but there’s so much I don’t know about the finale. Did you know what those lines about going Dutch for coffee meant when you said them in the premiere?
I did because I thought that was something I should know in the playing of it. I had a feeling that I knew what they were and I was kind of given the go-ahead to do it the way that I thought that it was. So I did have somewhat of an idea, yes. I didn’t go into it blind. Do you feel you’re more knowledgeable about it now?
Yeah, or maybe about the same. They definitely gave me enough ammunition to do what I needed to do. I feel like I was pretty much right on in the way that I played it. The producers are mischievous, though. [Laughs] Who knows what they’re going to do. Any day now I’m expecting them to call and say they’re not going to use my stuff [for the finale]. I know they filmed things that weren’t there and other things to throw people off. They’re serious about keeping this secret.

Damon Lindelof: Jacob and the Man in Black are not “the epitome of what Lost is” Were you satisfied with the ending they gave to Juliet?
To a degree. The thing about Juliet is that she was such a complex character and I had so much invested in her story. We could do about six hours and I still wouldn’t feel it was wrapped up. I enjoyed what they had me do. I thought it was authentic. A lot of fans believe that Juliet is Jack’s ex-wife in the sideways universe.
Oh, that would be pretty cool. We’ll see if everybody is right or not. [Laughs] I really wish I could say.

Lost kills off fan-favorites – what does it mean for the finale? How do you feel coming to the end of Lost?
It’s funny, it was so strange saying goodbye to everybody. Some people did it in different ways: Some out partying, some people were doing their own thing. I sat really quietly with Evangeline [Lilly] for a little bit, and I sat really quietly with Terry [O’Quinn] and I just thought about how much I really like these people. I remember saying goodbye to the guys when I did my final thing and everyone was saying thank you. It’s got that feeling of “job well done,” where everybody feels like they gave as much as they had to give and felt good about it. It’s a happy goodbye, rather than a “we should’ve done more” goodbye.

Do you think Juliet is Jack’s baby mama?

Getting Lost: Who Is Jack’s Baby Mama?

Lost – Matthew Fox

Let’s hope the series finale of Lost (Sunday at 9/8c) answers this nagging question: Who is the mother of Jack’s son?

Getting Lost: What does the finale hold?

Juliet is the fan favorite to be the baby mama. Though Elizabeth Mitchell tells that she knows what Juliet’s dying words about “going Dutch” mean, we ponder if they were said to Jack (Matthew Fox) and not Sawyer (Josh Holloway)?

Damon Lindelof: Jacob and the Man in Black are not “the epitome of what Lost is”

Damon Lindelof: Jacob and the Man in Black Are Not “The Epitome of What Lost Is”


Given all the time Lost has spent lately on Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) and the Man in Black, you might think they’re the key to the show or something.

They’re not.

“It would be mis-categorizing to think this is the epitome of what Lost is,” executive producer Damon Lindelof tells “Obviously the island was there before these babies were born, and lots of things were going on before they came there. What those stories are isn’t relevant to the story we told, which is the crash of Oceanic 815 and what the ultimate fates of the survivors are.”

Getting Lost: Who will take Jacob’s place?

Okay, but in that case, why so much attention on the dueling brothers? The penultimate episode, which Lindelof screened last week at an event in Los Angeles, still leaves plenty of questions unanswered going into the 2 ½-hour finale (airing Sunday at 9/8c). Lindelof’s explanation of what to expect echoes a line Jacob delivered to the Man in Black in the Season 5 finale: “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.”

“I wish that we could say that the finale is going to be enormously definitive,” Lindelof says. “We found that when we told people that we’ve got definitive answers coming, it’s not as definitive as the fans want it to be, therefore there’s this ongoing and vociferous debate about what things mean.

Lost kills off fan-favorites – what does it mean for the finale?

“All we can say is: Lost is only ending once,” he adds. “There’s only one finale. There’s not a question mark at the end of the end. There’s not a dot, dot, dot. This is our story and it’s over. Hopefully there’s going to be a lot of interpretation in its wake.”

Whatever the ending, Lindelof is grateful to have made it this far, he says.

Catch up on Lost before the series finale by reading our recaps

“This was a pilot where the question asked secondary to ‘What is the monster?’ was ‘How will you sustain this as a TV series?'” he says. “If I had said, ‘We’ll be fine for 120 episodes, and then we’ll end it,’ nobody ever would’ve believed it, including me. I think the show is a blessing and we’re really grateful to be here.”

‘LOST’ finale spoilers teased by executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

ABC News Photo LOST executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse hint at what answers to popular questions by viewers will be made clearer, ahead of the May 23 finale of the six-season-long mystery series, and give some insight on the newest mysterious character – the Man in Black.

Potential spoilers ahead!

The Man in Black, played by Titus Welliver, was  introduced this season as the brother of the mysterious island “guardian” Jacob. The Man in Black was revealed as a being made of black smoke, nicknamed the Smoke Monster, or “Smokey”, that had appeared throughout the series since it began in 2004.The Man in Black inhabits the bodies of the dead, such as character John Locke, and is violent, but his intentions and his actual name remain a mystery.

In a recent interview with ABC News, including reporter Diane Sawyer, the LOST creators would not reveal the Man in Black’s name or say whether or not fans would find out what it is in the finale, but Lindelof said his anonymity was no coincidence.

“One of the things about him is because he doesn’t look like the Man in Black anymore, people started calling him Locke,” he said.

“He has this affect on the characters – they’re confused. They know that it’s not Locke but they start calling him Locke and he looks like Locke for a reason, as confusing as that sounds. The fact that he doesn’t have a name is part of his ability to confuse and bedazzle the other castaways,” Lindelof said.

Cuse hinted that The Man In Black may be able to take on the forms of more than just humans, adding: “We do know he can do some pretty cool shape-shifting.”

Other mysteries remain and Lindelof said viewers “will get significant illumination on Walt, the explanation behind the polar bears and why women are having fertility issues, before all is said and done. We can’t promise that it’s going to happen on Sunday night but w can promise you will get siginificant illumination on that from the show itself.”

Getting Lost: Finale Super Spoiler

Another Interview with Damon and Carlton – Finale Details

Interview with a Spoiler Source about the Finale

DARKUFO: Do you feel fans should be spoiled for this conclusion/last episode?
SOURCE: I don’t think they should.

DARKUFO Did you enjoy the Season Finale?
SOURCE: Yes I did, very much.

DARKUFO What ranking would you give it for our episode table?
SOURCE 10 out of 10.

DARKUFO What have been your other top episodes of the series and which episode is the finale the most similar to in your opinion?

SOURCE My top five episodes of the series in no particular order are…
Man Of Science Man Of Faith
The Other 48 Days
Through The Looking Glass

And I think the finale feels the most like The Incident. And by that I mean on island events with a multi centric alt story in place of the multi centric Jacob visitation scenes in The Incident.

DARKUFO: I myself am really looking forward to how they are going to end the show myself.I’d like to see an ending that leave us not
questioning what we have just seen but more along the lines of looking back over the previous 6 seasons and re-evaluating it. For Reference my Favourite episodes are.

Ab Aeterno
The Other 48 Days
The Man Behind the Curtain
Through The Looking Glass

DARKUFO Without spoiling the details, what parts of the Finale were most satisfying?

SOURCE Geez, I don’t know how to answer that without being too spoilery. All the alt “realization” moments were very satisfying.

Since every finale has a Locke/Jack showdown of sorts this one culminating with a huge cliffside fight didn’t disappoint. I was satisfied with Kate’s romantic choice but I know a good group of people might not be.

DARKUFO Were there any parts that you found disappointing?

SOURCE Not really. I have disappointments with the series as a whole when I think about certain elements that I thought were important and ended up being pointless in retrospect. The story definitely ends, it feels very much complete, but like other fans I got sucked into the online discussion and theories and a lot of things people have read into the show weren’t, or aren’t, really there. Example: There isn’t any Ji Yeon or grown up Aaron. Unless they show up in the last act that no one really knows about besides the actors involved.

DARKUFO How many scenes from your knowledge were missing? IE secret scenes? What makes you think you know what is in the last scene?

SOURCE I don’t know for certain what the last scene is, or how many are in the last act. But my guess is Jacks “realization” moment in the alt. And when you look at how long the scenes are throughout The End when characters in the alt have their “Realization” moments I can safely predict the last act is going to just be that Jack moment.

Maybe there is one last scene that will surprise me. But after seeing the brilliant structure to the stories on this show it would be out of place to show too much of something else.

DARKUFO Which of the mysteries were explained well in the finale? Which ones have been left unanswered or at a loose end?

SOURCE Surprisingly there are more questions. People are still alive in the on island timeline who are also alive in the Alt world. I think they answered the mythology questions before The End starts. The End is character payoff.

DARKUFO Which character came out the best from the Finale?

SOURCE Kate probably just because they really redeemed her character.

DARKUFO Wow, really. Kate gets a pretty bad rep in the comments on our site so that’s going to be interesting to see the reaction after the finale has aired.

DARKUFO Favourite scene of the finale?

SOURCE Locke’s “realization” in the alt.

DARKUFO Saddest Scene of the Finale?

SOURCE Maybe the end just because its over? This episode was full of tear twinging moments but they are the happy variety.

DARKUFO Most shocking scene of the finale

SOURCE When Locke is killed on island. I guessed they would kill the smoke monster but its shocking because of who kills him.

Episode 6.17/18 – The End – ABC Promo 2

Interview with Jack Bender

We’re assuming the Lost finale was not shot chronologically. Can you tell us what to look for on Sunday so we can know when we’re watching what the actual last scene shot was?
I can tell you there was some discussion about what would be the last shot, and I decided that I wanted the last shot to involve Terry O’Quinn and Matthew Fox. And it was not an entirely popular choice on the production end because it meant keeping the actors a little longer and not getting them off of the clock. Blah blah bah. I insisted the last shot of our series was not going to be something arbitrary. In fact, we did three takes of it. And it involved a crane. It was a shot in the picture and it involved a crane with the two of them. We rehearsed it and we did take one and I said, “Well, that was wonderful guys, but I’m not ready to let go yet.” So we did it again and I said, “That was also wonderful, but I can’t say it yet.” And then, on the third take, I said, “Well, I guess I have to say it now — that’s a wrap.” And that was our last shot, at 5:30 in the morning as the sun was coming up.
Source: Full Interview and Vulture Blog

Spoilers from the Times Talks Live: LOST event

– Just got back, not too many spoilers…but Carlton did let out that we will see Walt again before all is said and done.
– they also referenced that one of the final scenes involves a lot of characters and that the very final scene has been known since season 1
– One of the fans in the audience asked if Desmond’s line to Jack in the 2nd season when they first meet in the stadium and Desmond tells Jack “You have to lift it up” would have any relevance to the finale. Damon & Carlton said “you will not be disappointed.”
– The bigger one, though, was confirmation that we will see Walt in the finale. Yes, Walt.
– Eloise’s knowledge is relevant for the finale.
– Walt will be back in some form.
– Damon would not directly address why Smokey was pulling Locke down that hole in the S1 finale, so that could be relevant. Same with whether or not Jacob is actually good, and whether or not there’s anything worth protecting down in the Light Cave.
– There will be a Star Wars reference in the first 7 minutes of the finale.
– Hurley was involved in the final scene (we knew this already).
– A clip was shown, pretty much an extended version of the Sawyer/Ben/Flocke one posted here. Sawyer tells Locke that he thinks Desmond is needed for destroying the Island, Locke says yes. Sawyer then takes Ben’s gun, punches him, and walks away while saying that the group he’s a part of “aren’t candidates anymore”. Locke then remarks that the Island will be at the bottom of the ocean when he’s done with it, prompting Ben to question his loyalty (Ben was promised the Island in return for his help, and assumed that its destruction was figurative and not literal). Locke then invited him to join him on his boat as he watches the Island sink. He kneels down to the ground near the well and notices pawprints.
He realizes that a dog had been there.
– Also, mirrors are very relevant.
– When Ben asks why Flocke isn’t running to chase him down Flocke explains that he intends to use Desmond to destroy the Island. Naturally Ben isn’t too pleased.
– The extended clip ends with Flocke examining the ground near the well and stating that a dog had been there.
– Widmore was lying when he said Jacob visited him
Source: Various@DarkUFO

Latest Tidbit About Finale via EW – May 19th

Question: One final Lost scoop before Sunday. It’s my last chance!
Ausiello: You know that big gathering in the sideways world that everyone was heading off to at the end of Tuesday’s ep? Rumor has it something very *a* happens.
Source: EW

LOST Retrospective – LOST cast says Goodbye

Latest from Fancast – May 18th

Don’t give anything specific away, but is this week’s ‘Lost’ a spectacular episode with lots of questions answered, or is it just so-so? – Steven via Facebook
Spectacular is a strong word (and one typically associated with Teri Hatcher’s… comedy chops), but yeah, ‘What They Died For” is very solid. Among other things, it features, like, the best campfire story ever, a reveal about someone we thought wasn’t a candidate, and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ finale-levels of bloodshed. There’s also a significant development regarding Jacob’s successor.

Will we see Rose and Bernard one more time before ‘Lost’ ends? – James
Yes, in Sunday’s series finale. And when the marrieds resurface, they’re still wielding a “Don’t harsh my mellow” ‘tude as their idyllic existence is rudely intruded upon (and then some). L. Scott Caldwell, who plays Rose, told me she herself isn’t fond of Rose’s lack of hospitality, seeing as the fans had come to regard the character as “quite peaceful.” So in her mind, R&B “were probably eating wild mushrooms or something else that changed their attitude!”

So, Juliet/Sawyer – happily ever after? Yes? – Ryan
Interpret Josh Holloway’s assessment of Sunday’s two-and-a-half hour series finale as you wish: “[It’s] un-freakin’-believable… Everything I hoped it would do, it did.”
Source: Fancast

New TV Guide Scans

Nestor Carbonell and Henry Ian Cusick tease the end of ‘Lost’

Henry Ian Cusick and Nestor Carbonell were never going to tell a table of reporters anything about the ending of “Lost,” but in Carbonell’s case, he has a good excuse: He doesn’t know.

The show’s stars, including Cusick and Carbonell were given scripts containing 10 of 11 actors. Cusick received the 11th act, but Carbonell did not. [Yes, that’s probably a spoiler regarding the presence, or lack thereof, of Desmond and Richard Alpert in the last act of “Lost.” Perhaps. Or maybe not.]

“I never got the last act and I didn’t ask for it after because I just really want to watch it with America how it ends,” Carbonell explained at a Saturday (May 15) press day for many of the shows in the Disney-ABC empire. “I want to be surprised. I was happy with how they specifically with my character and with what I read about they resolved a lot of the dynamics of the characters. They did an amazing job and I’m looking forward to the final resolution.”

Actually, there’s some confusion as to whether or not Cusick does, in fact, know how “Lost” ends.

“I think in act 11 there is a secret scene that no one got,” Cusick says. “Only the people who are in it, but nobody knows. Everyone is keeping very quiet about it.”

That’s pretty ambiguous, right?

Asking Cusick and Carbonell whether the finale will please “Lost” fans earned similarly ambiguous responses.

“What’s great about the show is that there are so many talking points,” Cusick says. “There are so many walks of life getting together to talk about the show and so many issues to be brought up and that’s exactly what the ending will bring up. People will be talking about it for weeks afterwards and that’s what the show has always done”

Adds Carbonell, “I think that’s a really good point. It has people talking about Biblical themes, mythological themes and literature, science verses religion. The big questions in life — incredible questions. At the heart of the show are these characters that they created, these really complex characters layered with so much misbehavior. No one is completely good and no one is completely evil. They are just well drawn out characters and that’s the heart of the show. I think the finale, without giving anything away, will bring some resolution to a lot of the dynamics between those characters and relationships”

Source: Full Interview @ Hitfix


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  1. The ending of the finale “The End” was good but I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that two many loose ends have been left in the lost saga. THE NUMBERS?????????????

    Everybody is dead but I think that their limbo state was much more about Karma than purgatory.

    Dharma is almost synonomous with karma

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