Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoilers: Blair Pregnant With Chuck’s Baby?

One Upper East Sider Is Pregnant, Plus 4 More OMG Moments From This Week’s ‘Gossip Girl!’

Blair is finally off to Monaco to marry her Prince, but an unexpected surprise could cut her fairytale short once and for all!

We’ll have to wait until next season to find out the answer to that question, but Gossip Girl‘s fourth season finale dropped enough surprises to keep us busy chatting about until then.

Last week’s episode ended with Mr. Thorpe kidnapping Blair (Leighton Meester) as an act of revenge against Chuck (Ed Westwick). Blair called Chuck for help, but only because she still had him on speed dial on her phone. He ran to her rescue, then asked her to accompany him for just one drink in return. But that one drink turned into a night of the two crashing a wedding reception and having sex in an empty room of the party. And this was all while Prince Louis of Monaco was waiting for Blair at their engagement party!

She was about to break it off with Prince Louis, until Chuck intervened and gave Prince Louis his blessing and left. Blair ran after him to ask why he did that, especially after they spent that amazing night together. Chuck said he will always love her, but Prince Louis will treat her better than he ever will. They both decided they needed to let go of each other once and for all. Now, Blair is still engaged to her Prince and planning her Royal Wedding for next November. But something tells me she’ll have another surprise to deal with before they say their “I do”s.

More ‘OMG’ Moments:

1. Is Blair pregnant?

The big cliffhanger was a discarded (positive) pregnancy test in the garbage can at Blair and Serena’s (Blake Lively) apartment. Serena hasn’t had a fling since who-knows-when, so I’m thinking it must be Blair’s. And it has been three weeks since her one night stand with Chuck. Could their night of making up and breaking up — have knocked her up?

2. Serena gets a job on the west coast!

Serena traveled across the country to live with her grandma and spend time working on herself for the summer. But will it lead to a more permanent situation for next season? She was offered a job by a major Hollywood hotshot — and it looks like she accepted it!

3. Charlie is revealed to be a fake!

This was by far the most shocking moment of the season finale — aside from the potential pregnancy. Serena’s crazy cousin Charlie (Kaylee Defer) ended up being a total fake, and it was all a plan for Lily’s (Kelly Rutherford) sister to get her blank checks. Georgina (Michelle Tratchenberg) befriended Charlie, or whatever her real name is, after she tried killing herself by jumping out the window. Even though this was all staged, I think Charlie is going to go back to the Upper East Side next season, because she was looking at Georgina’s number after Lily’s sister paid her for the job.

4. Raina is heading back to Chicago.

After finding out her father killed her mother — and almost Blair — Raina (Tika Sumpter) is going back home to Chicago. This means her serious relationship with Nate (Chace Crawford) has come to an end. Of course, Nate will be traveling as a bachelor with Chuck for the summer, and he doesn’t seem too bummed about that.

What did you think of the Gossip Girl season finale, HollywoodLifers? Will there be a love child between Chuck and Blair next season? Is Serena going to permanently reside on the West Coast? Were you as surprised by the Charlie scandal as I was?

Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szhor Exit ‘Gossip Girl’

Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szhor Exit 'Gossip Girl'

Source: Ace Showbiz

See larger image

” is going through a major cast change with the elimination of and . The actresses, who portray Jenny Humphrey and Vanessa Abrams respectively, have been downgraded from regulars to recurring. They would appear in the upcoming season on a guest star basis.

Momsen’s departure is inevitable for she is shifting her focus to singing for . She was only in four episodes through the first half of season four before taking an indefinite hiatus. It’s still unclear how they would explain Jenny’s absence. As for Vanessa’s, the character recently said she wanted to study abroad.

Meanwhile, , , , and are retained as regulars this fall. To fill in the gap, Kaylee DeFer who plays Charlie has been promoted to regular actor.

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  1. Vicky

     /  June 4, 2011

    I hope it’s not Blair and Chuck’s baby. I was so loving the dair and I hope it continues into season 5 (and beyond?). All I’m saying is he better stop that wedding.
    -Back to the baby- It better be Serena’s or Dorota’s or Blair’s mom’s. Preferably Serena’s, she could use a baby.
    -Back to blair’s wedding- If Dan doesn’t stop that wedding I’m done with GG.

  2. Missy

     /  June 9, 2011

    i hope it wld b Blair n Dans baby,, they look super gud 2gether 🙂

  3. Megan

     /  June 9, 2011

    I hope it’s Chuck and Blair’s baby! I ❤ them together and Chuck is fricken awesome!

  4. Shannon

     /  June 11, 2011

    It’s sooooo obvious it’s Blair’s baby. I think it’s great! omg, now I am soooooo excited for season 5. and I heard a rumour that Leighton Meester maybe leaving GG. I reallly hope that’s not true! It will be sooo good the next season! Poor Chuck, he really did love Blair.. I cried… :p, Can’t wait for season 5! 😀

  5. steph

     /  June 12, 2011

    OMG, cant freakin wait till season 5. I really cant live without GG! Once I wacthed the final season 4 ep. I wrote down notes as a summary for the ep, so I can be prepaid on what is coming in season 5. Any way, no Leighton meester is not leaving the show but she did threaten to quit, but i doubt that will happen.

    I love chair (chuck and blair), they make me wanna cry everytime they hug or kiss. It is destiny for them to be together. On the other hand my mind is 50/50 on thinking if that is blairs baby but if it is i hope it is chucks, not dans or her fience (loius). Plus the only other persons test it would be is serna because she shares the room with blair, cause if its anybody elses other than them, the test want be in their rubbish can.

    SOOOO exicted about season 5, overall, the major suprises that I am looking to is of course who’s the father of the baby and who is pregnant, what is going to happen with ivy AKA, charlie and last but not least, will the wedding go on! I also doubt that dan and blair we hook up again 🙂 I never liked them together!!!

    ps: xoxo steph!

  6. Hey guys, ok so I only got into Gossip Girl about a month or two ago. Purely because of Ed Westwick, then yes I know this is wrong, but I watched the last episode of season 4 first. Yes I cried, now yes im now addicted to gossip girl. Anyway, Blair and chuck are meant to be, so it should be there baby and he should stop the wedding, and then something dramatic should happen, as for charlie aka Ivy I think something wrongs going on, and I think georgina is gonna manipulate her and make her into a monster. Anway back to chuck and blair, i love chair they have so much passion and it brings GG to life. I love ed westwick, and I love leighton meester, so yes CHAIR FTW!!! And nate and serena cause Im a sucker for them two together. Im gonna miss taylor momsen as she is an idle. She was amazing as Jenny. Anyway I think CHUCK IS FINALLY GONNA MAN UP. Blair is his girl and he needs to go get her.
    Anyway thats enough of me for now
    Chloe x

  7. Why cannot it be Serena’s baby? She spent a night with Ben once

  8. sarah-lane

     /  June 20, 2011

    We should all remember this interview with Josh Schwartz:

    “The thing that fans should know that hopefully is reassuring,” Josh Schwartz says. “is that Chuck and Blair are always top of mind to me and [Stephanie Savage].”

    “There’s been a long-term plan in place since the very beginning of the show about them as a couple, and Chuck and Blair will always be there, top of mind.”

    Josh goes on to say:

    “A lot of times on shows like these,” Josh continues, “fans live and die week to week in terms of what happens with their favorite couples. Obviously if they only stay together and are happy, people will complain, and if they’re fighting, people will, too.”

    The saga of Chair takes a dramatic turn tonight … but it’s not over.

    “Narratively, Chuck and Blair have been the most sustained couple we’ve had on the show. Many other Gossip Girl couples have come and gone in the time that Chuck and Blair and their romance has been in the forefront, and the driving edge of other stories.”

    “Chuck and Blair have been there since the first episode,” Savage adds. “You see them come together in the pilot, the second-to-last scene, and you feel the electricity of these two minds meeting and about to embark on a scheme.”

    “We got them together in episode seven and have been telling that story ever since.”

    So dont worry Chair fans , all is not lost!!!

  9. Ellie

     /  June 28, 2011


  10. jess

     /  June 28, 2011

    id laugh if it was dan and blaires baby and we dont know that they were 2getha 😀

  11. Esme

     /  June 28, 2011

    Just coz it was in Blair and Serena’s bathroom doesn’t mean that Blair’s having a baby, it could be anyones. Besides that, if I were B, I wouldn’t leave it where anyone could find it, even if it were in a trashbin, what if someone knocked it over and found it?

  12. I am really looking forward to see what is in Dan’s book because he did not want to publish it.What if becomes lonely boy again after everyone reads it. He finally became accepted and Vanessa could ruin it.

  13. tiff xoxo

     /  July 4, 2011

    i really want chuck and blair to get back together and i hope its chuck and blairs baby.

  14. omg i want it to be chuck n blairs baby. My fav couples on GG r dair, chair, n derena tho i wished dair wuda had a relationship i still want chair to happen way more. the wedding better be stopped n by chuck n the charlie bullshit is unappealin to me

  15. Mariah

     /  July 4, 2011

    I totally agreee with sarah-lane, the best couple in this show and in my oppinion the one with most passion and that never becomes boring is CHAIR! seriously its so obvious, all the audience can fiil the chemestry between them!! And as for Dan and Blair, yes they are cute together, but as friends!! They should become best friends cause its a really cute friendship but theres just not the same chemestry as Chair! I have been a Chuck and Blair fan since season 1: episode 7 and will always be they are my favorite thing on the show, I hope its their baby and i cant wait for season 5!!

  16. gg

     /  July 6, 2011

    it is probably blairs baby, she better not end up with dan, they r so not good together! it was disgusting 2 watch when it looked like there might b something between them. its probably her and chucks baby

  17. To start, I can not wait until season 5 of GG!!! I love it!!!<3……. But besides that I love Chuck and Blair together!!! I cried @ the end of season 4 when they ended it and she went off with the Prince!! Yess, the Prince may be charming, but it has alwasy been about Chuck and Blair, and it always will be!!!! Their history is sooo strong!!!! About the pregnancy, I would love it if it was for either Serena or Blair!!! I think that Serena would be a good mom….maybe it would help her mature a little bit!!! But then again if Blair was the one pregnant, it would make the show sooo good \, since it woul;d be Chuck's baby!!!! They are a good team, and I think that tehy would be good parents together!!! I want Chuck and Blair to end up together @ the end of the show!!!! TL<3

  18. amg1106@bellsouth.net

     /  July 6, 2011

    I’m hoping it’s Serena’s baby just because it’s most likely going to ruin Chuck and Blair together (pretty much Blair). I really wished that the producers didn’t bring in a pregnant element at all. All TV-shows are doing it now and it’s getting boring and faintly predictable. Serena…I hope you got knocked up.

  19. Melanie

     /  July 10, 2011

    Is it possible it’s either Dorota’s baby or Blair’s mothers? Didn’t Blair have a younger step-bro in the books?

  20. samantha

     /  July 10, 2011

    I hope its blair’s and the prince’s baby 🙂 I like them together 🙂

  21. jennifer

     /  July 12, 2011

    its gonna either be eleanors or lilys is my guess, cuz if one of the girls are preggo it will kinda ruin gossip girl. i mean come on blair or serenas life wouldnt be the same , and neither would they hence the show wouldnt ,but that is just my guess!!xoxo

  22. Brooke Raphael

     /  July 13, 2011

    i think its chairs baby! and that she will hide it from louie for a few episodes. chuck will find out and get blair back… its ment to be 🙂
    serena will have a new love interest aka ethan peck( directors assisstant).
    someone will find dans book and find out before he does.. this will become social suicide, vanessa will get rich from dans book without him ever realising.. rufus is going to find out about ivy aka charlie first but she will black mail him so he wont tell anybody…serena will become famous while blair will be reading magazines about her and become jelous.. louie/blair wil both have second thoughts of the wedding..rufus would probs have an affair/thats what charlie would blackmail him with..when dan tries to confront vanessa she wont answer…eric will have a new love interest, blair will become even more jelous after she finds out about chuck going off with nate, she will miss the upper east side and wont go through with the wedding in the end and will become a run away bride… nate will have a new love interest…hahahhaha i wish this was all true, love gg!! best show…
    xoxo B

  23. Brooke Raphael

     /  July 13, 2011

    and i also know that they will eventually find out that chrlie was a fake, lilys sister wont get away with it for long but in the end we wil meet the real charlie and i think that cc knew all along that it was a setup but still wanted to help her daughter anyway…
    vanessa will fall in love with a spanish boy/when dan goes there to find her he wants her back..(even though i hate them together)
    nate and ivy may become an item in the end or secretly..

  24. gg

     /  July 13, 2011

    CHAIR ❤ ❤

  25. sara

     /  July 19, 2011

    The pregnacy test belong to Blair’s mom …I’ve read the book !!!!

  26. Ezza

     /  July 26, 2011

    i,ve read the official statement and it is blair who is pregnant not serena i hope that chuck decides to stop the wedding and see’s blair pregnant and it’s his it has to be!!!!!!!!!:)
    xoxo e


     /  July 26, 2011


  28. I’m surprised that no one has talked about Georgina =\ , she’s the best character on GG besides Blair. Anyway, I hope neither B or S get knocked up, and if Blair is preggo with Chuck’s baby (duh) I hope it’s the motive for the break up of Louis and Blair, and after that ( it might sound cruel ) but I hope the baby dies, or abort naturally, something like that PLEASE! Anyway, Georgina and Ivy ( Charlie ) should team up, and Jenny should come to tear them, Georgie of course getting away as she always does, and Ivy making look like Jenny was the bad one, obviously ’cause Jenny now is recurring, Ivy stays. Vanessa should never come back. Liz Hurley, I think she’s gonna be Lily’s competition, who knows? Nate should’ve gone away too alongside Jenny and Vanessa, he never has a good plot 0_o besides showing his pretty face. Dan’s book should make him more famous xD, I like Dan’s popularity now, he can’t go back to being rejected. And also, if Jenny ever comes back, I want Agnes to come back too, and Poppy, whatever happened to her? They are all characters and cliffhangers to wonder about. Going back to Georgina, she should finally be accepted by the gang and use her plotting skills, like she tried at the end of season 4, she now shows she’s more mature, she only wants to mess around cuz she’s bored, so she’s neutral now =D

  29. gaby

     /  July 31, 2011

    I hope B is pregnant with a Bass baby!!! Best part of GG blare and chuck! I totally cried when they said good bye! In the finale of Season 4. Can’t wait for season 5!!! Xoxo

  30. English Class

     /  July 31, 2011

    from reading the above i think it is possible that it is Blair’s Mom’s it would just ruin GG and i lave the prince so hopefully its not Blairs.

  31. Alyssa

     /  August 10, 2011

    It probably won’t be Blair’s baby – it’s what the writers want us to expect. And even if it is Blair’s, it most likely will not be Blair and Chuck’s. They’re not going to make it obvious if they want it to be a cliffhanger. I doubt Blair is involved.

  32. Rebekah

     /  August 14, 2011

    You’re not supposed to expect anything in this show.
    Blair & Chuck would be way too obvious.
    The writers WANT you to think that.
    I believe it’s Serena’s baby. She needed some time to herself with her Grandmother Cece in California? she covered up Lily’s illegitimate child, so maybe she’ll do the same for Serena. I’d like to see Blair have Dan’s baby, I mean what did happen after that kiss they had? The episode ended with them kissing and that was it. Blair and Chuck are the end game, but could we have something happen between that? A Dan & Blair romance would be fantastic & interesting. They both like the same things and they’re both intelligent. They’re perfect for each other in a weird way.

  33. Lucy

     /  August 15, 2011

    I hope chuck finds out about the baby; more drama and enjoyment for me!
    But seriously, I honestly don’t want dan to fall for blair, I’ve always believed that Chuck & Blair would make such a awesome couple – minus the numerous breakups – they always seem to get back together right, that must mean something right? True Love concurs all and I’m hoping Chuck is Blair’s romeo! If they don’t end up together ; I will have a immediate melt-down will result in never watching Gossip Girl again! 🙂

  34. ChairFan's

     /  August 16, 2011

    Chuck and Blair<3
    Blair and Chuck<3

    They are the only reason why i do really love to watch GG, but if they really put some Dair Moment in this coming new season, I hope in the end it is still CHAIR!!!…….CHAIR100x Is The BEST COUPLE in GG…

  35. Maphimiti

     /  August 21, 2011

    I think that it is chuck’s baby after all they did make love didn’t they so it just has to be chucks. And i just can’t wait till season 5 i am sooooooooooooooooo exicted. whooo go gossip girls

  36. Paige

     /  August 23, 2011

    Just bought my season 4 today and also received my “spare” season 4 in the mail today. I love, love, love Gossip Girl, the characters and NYC. I’m pretty much addicted to GG and have watched seasons 1-3 at least 3 times. I love all of the characters, BUT Chuck and Blair are my all time fav TV couple. I so want them to be together.

  37. Juhi

     /  August 25, 2011

    CHAIR 4evr!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  38. Annie

     /  August 25, 2011

    Actually, of all the couples on GG, Chair lasted the longest. They were in every season, every finale, so obviously they won’t be finished quite yet. Although I would LOVE Chair to get back together, I don’t think Blair having Chuck’s baby would be too good…plus it’s way too obvious. It must be someone else’s pregnancy test…Also, Chair may be the only reason why I watch GG, but I’m not against Dair, but if Blair has Dan’s baby, I would literally jump out my window (which is on the first floor, but still) even though they wouldn’t make a bad couple.

  39. It’s sooooooooooo not Chuck and Blair’s baby!!!She had already left her apartment when she was at the Vanderwoodsens saying goodbye to everyone, meaning she already would have known that she was pregnant, and wouldn’t have been so happy and poise with Chuck, because she never even did IT with Louis yet……so yeah. And the first episode of season 5 is about her going crazy over wedding planning…so i think she would have been a lot more worried if she was knocked up with Chuck’s baby… And it is possible that it could be Serena’s bcuz she slept with Ben remember. I honestly hope its Dorota’s or Blair’s mom bcuz i soooo think it is….most likely Dorota. If Dan and Blair end up together i will literally die!!!!!!! They make good friends, but NEVER a couple!!!!!!! And for everyone who actually thinks that she’s preggers with Dan’s baby, that’s just stupid……you can’t get pregnant by kissing someone. Chuck and Blair are made for each other!! And hes so much freakin hotter than Dan!! But spoiler alert…Chuck and Blair do end up with each other at some point at a certain level and you would know if you’ve seen pics of season 5. Do you honestly think Blair would go through with getting MARRIED????? She only likes Louis’ royalty…not him. This is Leighton Meester’s last season….do you honestly think the writers would let her get knocked up??? or end up with Dan??? get real…she’s gonna be with Chuck, Serena’s gonna be with Nate and Dan is gonna be with Vanessa.

  40. sarah-lane

     /  August 25, 2011

    This isn’t Leighton’s last season. All cast members signed a six year contract, so if there’s a sixth season Leighton will be in it.

  41. megan

     /  August 29, 2011

    i hope its either chuck and blair’s baby, or dan and blairs baby(: either way im happy !

  42. Sarah-Lane

     /  August 31, 2011

    People even suggesting its Dan and Blairs baby is just ridiculous, if they had had sex I’m sure Blair would have been acting a little differently than she was after the awful kiss they shared. And he would’ve at the very least been a considerable option when it came to her choosing between the prince and Chuck. But as it stands he didn’t even cross her mind, if they had slept together I’m sure she would’ve at least let him down gently or spoke of their night together, so its safe to assume they did not sleep together. Thank the Lord! (There’s not enough disinfectant in the world for this! LOL)

    On the other hand I’m not positive its Chuck and Blair’s baby either because Gossip Girl said something along the lines of ‘Next time you wont be so alone’ when talking about the pregnancy test in the last scene and the only female who ended up alone was Serena really. So I’m inclined to believe its her rather than Blair. But I hope its Blair (regardless of her age, after all 20 in New York is 30 everywhere else right? The writers seem to think so) carrying a Baby Bass!

  43. Seth Clearwater

     /  September 1, 2011

    I think that it’s going to be Chuck and Blair’s baby! My evidence, in the season 4 bloopers (watch them on youtube they are really good if you haven’t already seen them) Blake Lively made a slip up and said that Chuck was about to be a father! Personally, I think that is enough evidence for me!

    You might think that I might being a biased because I am a ‘Chair’ fan but really, who can’t love Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester – they rock!

  44. Carly

     /  September 1, 2011

    Serena has had a fling pretty recently- Ben Donovan, anybody? Although I don’t know how they’ll break up Louis and Blair if it’s not Blair’s…

    They have to break up, right? I hope so. I ❤ Dair

  45. mai

     /  September 11, 2011

    DAIR aer just disgusting >> !!!!!
    CHAIR 4 ever PLZ ……. they are the only reason for me to wach GG
    i really hope it will be Chuck and Blair’s baby …
    otherwise i will never whach GG any more !!
    i’ll be disapointed 😦


     /  September 14, 2011

    i love CHAIR:)


     /  September 14, 2011

    it will be chuck and blair’s baby.im so disapointed if not.

  48. Candice

     /  September 16, 2011

    That is so Chuck’s baby

  49. hohoho

     /  September 17, 2011

    Is is just me who wishes Ben Donovan returns to the set of gossip girl?? :C

    So with that, I was hoping Serena be pregnant of Ben’s. But ionno, the last episode seemed to give a hint that Serena will be getting it on with the guy with the book.

  50. marie

     /  September 24, 2011


    I know this is quite insane, but It’ll be a little twisted if the baby is Lily’s! I mean, Serena could have thrown that test for her, Lily has always kept secrets… maybe this is another one. I’ll like that, we all miss old arrogant Lily, not the defeated one, and the sarcastic, yet sexy Rufus arguing/flirting with her, a baby or a jealousy can bring that back.

    Or maybe is Blair with the cliffhanger they left and she’ll be a widow princess and a Chuck’s baby mother.

    I am a Rufly lover! but 5 seasons later, I’m an all character lover, we all have join Serena in her ups and downs, Lily in her maternal and non maternal situations, and of course, in her chemistry and love with Rufus!

    I really like the way Chuck changed, he’s still the ‘basstard’, but in love, he became all dandy, all heartbroken. He got me damn straight! I hated him at first, then I kind of like he’s bittersweet soul, then I adore him, is the lovable villain we all want.

    I hope we have more of a flirty-sexual tension scenes for Lily and Rufus. The turnarounds of fate for the upper east side new fan, Dan and of course, the Blair-wife project.

  51. kara

     /  September 24, 2011

    Chuck and Blair . The possibilities are only in the people who live in the waldorf house and there rich so there using there own bathroom so its not Dorota or Elenor because she is old , it’s not Serena because she is single and alone and even if it was her we would know buy now because she was in the last episode and she would have showed by then because ben was her last fling and up to three weeks had pasted , it is just so obviously not charlie/ ivy or georgina, I mean come on people. All clues point to Blair . As far as the father goes its not a Dair baby because they dont like each other and have only kissed twice and that is all they have done . It’s probably not louis because I dont even think there allowed to sleep with each other like that till married. Duh, its Chucks .it’s like a puzzle because you have to piece it all together . first clue it’s chucks is that they slept together on the night of the Alumni party. Second clue : On all of the preview ‘s , teaser’s , and trailers for season five it’s show blair talking about a secret and how nobody can know it, then it shows dan and chuck argue about who kissed her before she went back to the Prince in which Chuck revealed there full on night of (” you know what”).Third clue is all the fore shadowing between the relationship and plot like : those two almost getting prego in season 1 , the both of them saying that if you love some one you will always find your way back to each other . If you just pay close attention you will find that they answers are clear and anyway its not garentied to be Idenitical to the book . but remember that its GG so its going to be a little more complicated then normal so my guess is from the pictures that blair will tell dan everything because nobody else is in NY and louis will walk in and think he is the father .

  52. bluepurplelove@hotmail.comMiriana Davinci

     /  September 25, 2011

    They said the pregnant Upper east sider will be “UNEXPECTED” You all are expecting its Balir’s and Chuck’s. But I’m betting it’s someone else’s. They said UNEXPECTED OKAY?

  53. Sweetie

     /  September 25, 2011

    If the rumours are true, (Leighton Meester leaving GG at the end of season 5) then doesn’t it make sense that she would be pregnant? While it’ll be a major loss to the show (IMO Leighton is probably the best actress on the show)it’ll prevent her from being type cast and allow her to explore roles she shied away from due to the show and she will be able to display her fine acting skills and really tap into her raw emotions- there’s just so much more about her than meets the eye. As for the all important topic of who’s pregnant with who’s baby- during a recent interview one of the writers revealed that they are looking at the stories that took place during season one; Blair possibly being pregnant and the whole concept of Chuck and Blair as a couple, which leads me to believe that season 4 ended similarly to season 1 and 3 only in reverse and which means that season 5 will end like season 2 did, which would be so sweet and i also believe it’s blair who’s pregnant because she’s doing the whole Grace Kelly thing where she hides her tummy behind a designer bag and while filming a scene with louis’ sister, upon smelling the pretzel stand, she runs to vomit; when i was pregnant my sense of smell increased too and I know how easily nauseous I was so there you go and if I’m wrong then whatever I just hope it’s noone boring like Charlie/Ivy’s or Dorota or Blair’s mother or even Serena because that would definitely make me lose respect for the show and if they don’t get chuck and blair back together then I would really like to see how they’d compensate that amount of love and passion those two share xoxo

  54. Sweetie

     /  September 25, 2011

    Although come to think of it, Chuck and Blair had sex a lot during the season…. So who knows?!? Of course you wouldn’t get a very accurate reading on a pregnancy test if it had only been 3 weeks as it would’ve been too soon to tell but who knows plus pregnancy tests that are marked positive can last for months so maybe it really was someone else’s test? I don’t know all I know is that I want to be watching the first episode of the new season and since i live in Australia I have to wait until someone sweet from America posts the episode online so i can actually watch it as that’s the only way i get to view the show :/ but I guess that just shows the lengths of loyalty I go to 😉 plus it’s helped me escape the drama in my own life and imagine how much fun life could be if we could all have our first time in the back of a limo and walk around in designer clothes and look fabulous 24/7 xoxo

  55. gossipgirlgossipgirlgossipgirl

     /  September 27, 2011

    I also live in Australia and the first season 5 episode came out yesterday on the internett. Watched it today!! and ohmygosh i think that Dorota was covering for Blair when she said she was pregnant.. pshh needa wait another week for the next episode 😦

  56. Sweetie

     /  September 27, 2011

    I know :/ not fair, because I hate having to wait! Hope Chuck’s alright, poor thing, those bruises looked awful! Felt so sorry for Dan, poor guy, plus Serena; the way that guy set her up because he was jealous of her succeeding and she still didn’t expose him when she admitted it was her fault, plus I totally thought it was her who was pregnant when she turned down alcohol, I was like; what the?! Loved the lines that the seamstress used on Blair, if she is about 6 weeks along, then she would most likely be pregnant with Chuck’s bubby because that was the last person she was intimate with, as far as I know! Omg can’t wait til next week, so exciting! She won’t start getting proper symptoms ie morning sickness, increased sense of smell, exhaustion etc until around the 3rd – 4th month of the pregnancy and she wouldn’t feel the baby moving until around 5 months so anything before that is totally unrealistic. Plus if she doesn’t get any stretchmarks or pimples or hair breakage or weight gain or mood swings or soreness or bloating or nausea etc I am going to scream because it’s just so unrealistic otherwise! She’ll make such a gorgeous mummy and it was so sweet how Dorota stepped in for her and announced she was pregnant to save Blair from her mum, that was so cute ❤ I think she'll look so gorgeous and radiant as a mummy to be and I just hope she doesn't lose the bubby, that'd be so sad ❤ xoxo love gossip girl and now there's only 6 more days to go til I can see what happens next! My 11month old daughter also loves watching the episodes with me, she beams whenever she sees Eleanor and Dorota and I'm guessing her favourite character is also Blair like me because she makes cooing noises whenever Blair comes onscreen which is why i also downloaded all the movies and tv shows Leighton has ever been in not just because Leighton is such an amazing actress but also the fact my daughter absolutely adores her! ❤ xoxo

  57. gossipgirlgossipgirlgossipgirl

     /  September 27, 2011

    the baby could easily be Louis’s, because she’s probably been sleeping round with him a lot, coz weren’t Blair and Louis already engaged when Blair and Chuck slept together?

    But seriously, I hope that Blair and Louis break up so she can be with Chuck. Who seems to love her more than Louis does anyway. BUT if the baby is Chuck’s then obviously Blair and Louis will break up 🙂

  58. marie

     /  September 27, 2011

    They got it out… is Blair and Dorota!!!!! They’re both pregnant!!!!

  59. gossipgirlgossipgirlgossipgirl

     /  September 27, 2011

    marie: but dorota could have been covering for blair. coz remember when she said “I have to tell you something that could affect both our lives”. Like, Dorota being pregnant wouldn’t really affect Blair’s life very much..when she had the first baby, she kept working and everything and life for the Waldorfs went on pretty much as normal.

  60. marie

     /  September 28, 2011

    Hello gossipgirlgossipgirlgossipgirl!

    True, your point is accurate. I read that someone of the production said so, that they’ll be both of them pregnant.

    I really dunno, they can be such spoilers and change at the last minute. All for the ratings and thanks to internet and social networks, they’re not only their new focus groups for tv series, but also the way to leave cliffhangers and details.

    So, let’s just wait and see, that sweet torture of series and soap operas, leave you a week of wondering and speculation.

    xoxo! 😉

  61. Chuck Is not the father The Prince Absolutely Chuck Bass Uncle Jack could be a possibility a father of her child but even though Uncle Jack had something do to with Blair my option

  62. Stephanie Gilbert

     /  October 26, 2011

    DAN AND SERENA need TO GET BACK TOGETHER! They were the reason I kept watching Gossip Girl in the first place when I found out they still had feelings for each other. Chair is a must, I swear if Chuck
    finds another lady to have sex with, I will knock him over the head with my broom. He needs to be there for Blair, love her. He is a sweetie for giving her her fairy tail wedding, but I really doubt Louis (or Lois? I dont know) are actually in love. It is more like she is in love with the idea of it. As for Charlie/Ivy/whatever, she should die or something. She is just a lingering bad smell on Gossip Girl, and they make a far to bigger deal on such a bad character. I am beginning to hate how Rufus and Lily dont seem to be as in love as before, they were so sweet when they weren’t engaged, so in love. I really want Jenny back, she was a great actress. As for Blair, I really want her to start being a better person to Chuck. It is like she is always teasing him, and he really doesn’t need to be reminded that his true love is getting married to the wrong guy that belongs to the wrong family. Poor Mr.Bass, hope you are finally happy at some point this season :), and for everyone else, :(, you guys really need to stop being so annoying. Even though I know you don’t mean to xD

  63. Yaz

     /  November 22, 2011

    YES! Blair is pregnant with Chuck’s baby(: Now, all we need to do is get Louis somewhere else…and Dan, he’s just in the way.

    AND THANK GOD! My two least favorite characters are not going to be on the show as much!!!

  64. Abby

     /  December 28, 2011

    Hey so I was just wondering when does season 5 start? It probably already has I’m late at catching up… But I’m def buying all the seasons on DVD. Kthanks

  65. iiiLOVEgg.

     /  January 1, 2012

    CHAIR, ftw. ❤

  66. abiba

     /  January 17, 2012

    the baby i think is someone else and not chucks for i think the writer want to confuse our mind creating suspense but blair and chuck will be together even if it s not their baby.they are to be together if not it wount be a true love story.bisou gossip girl.

  67. ilovemax

     /  January 27, 2012

    Blar and chick are so cute togathre

  68. ilovemax

     /  January 27, 2012

    Iam so sad that blar last hre baby 😦

  69. iiloveu

     /  January 28, 2012

    I love gossip girl for life.

  70. Lynda

     /  April 11, 2012

    I hope tz blair nd chuck’z baby.i luv d both of em 2geva,nd dey kinda make GG more interestin nd fun 2 watch,

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