Brothers and Sisters Spoilers & Preview 3.14: “Owning It”

Executive producer Monica Breen talking about Matt Letscher joining the show. His charming, down-to-earth character will become a “serious complication” for the new parents Kitty and Robert. “He comes to represent what she doesn’t have with Robert,” she explains. “It leads Kitty to think about the status of her marriage and what she wants from her marriage.” (Michael Ausiello)

Executive producer Monica Breen teases that Jason Lewis’ return as Chad will have an “unexpected” effect on Kevin and Scotty’s relationship, adding, “It’s not what people are thinking.” (Michael Ausiello)

Preview of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ 3.14: Owning It

A surprise baby shower is on the way for Kitty in ‘Brothers and Sisters’, so is a call from William’s past.

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While Kitty is swelling with her pregnancy, her mother Nora and sister Sarah plan to give her a surprise baby shower. In the next episode of “” called “Owning It”, Nora also gets a call from an important person in William’s past.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s loyalties between Holly and the Walkers become more divided than ever when she discovers Tommy’s plan to drive her mother out of the family business. Marc Wilson the president of Wexley University offers Kitty a job as a principle.

“Brothers & Sisters” will go back on screen in three weeks on February 8.

On a casting news by EW’s Michael Ausiello, it is revealed that Robert and Kitty’s marriage will be wrecked by the presence of a third person. Matt Letscher of “” will join the show for a multi-episode arc as a widower who befriends Kitty and possibly becomes her love interest. The appearance is scheduled for April broadcast. “It’s going to become a serious complication,” executive producer Monica Breen said. — Ace Showbiz

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap

Brothers & Sisters: Family, business

Calistaflockhart_brothersandsisters The Walkers are all up in each others’ business this week on Brothers & Sisters — which is hardly unusual, but this time, it’s actually mostly about business. Well, sort of — even when they’re talking about loans or potential new jobs or takeover plans, there tends to be a whole lot more going on beneath the surface.

This spoiler looks adorable in a hard hat.

Greenatopia is in trouble — they’re preparing for a conference that will be crawling with investors, but it looks like they don’t have the money to get the product done in time. Sarah vents to Nora, which Sarah had to know was a mistake. Sure enough, Nora tells Kitty, who is flush with cash because her book is doing well. Nora asks Kitty to lend Sarah the money, but do it subtly, so Sarah thinks it’s her own idea.

Problem: Sarah is not easily led, and Kitty is too impatient to coax her into asking for money. Kitty whips out a check. Ethan and Kyle are thrilled, but Sarah is furious: You don’t get to come in here and wave your money around like you’re so much better than me… I don’t need handouts! The Startups are more than happy to take handouts, but Sarah finally pushes Kitty too far, and she snatches the check back and stalks out.

Score one for Sarah’s pride, but it’s a problem for the company, because the small business loan she applied for was denied. Nora gently chides Sarah for never wanting to ask for help, and Sarah finally relents. She asks Kitty for the loan, but Kitty refuses — you made some good points when we fought before, and can’t you take out a second mortgage on your home? Are you crazy? That’s too risky! Sarah says. That… was not the correct response.

Kitty, meanwhile, is dealing with her book tour, and discovering that no one but Nora will be attending her reading. Oh, come on! The book tour is a big deal, and all the seats reserved for Walkers remain empty. This family sometimes… But it’s enough to get Kitty to realize that she hates them all and if they can’t support her, she doesn’t need them. Kidding! She decides to help Sarah by co-signing on the mortgage. Greenatopia lives!

Robert and Kevin
Roblowe_brothersandsisters_240 The reason Robert and Kevin weren’t at the reading is because Robert was meeting with Gordon Alexander, a political power broker in Sacramento. Robert tells Kevin to keep this quiet, but surely that doesn’t mean keep it from Kitty, right? Yeah, it does — when Kevin tells her, she gets pissy because she realizes Robert is feeling out Alexander for support on running for governor.

Kevin admits that he told Kitty, and Robert reads him the riot act. You’re my staffer, and I need to be able to tell you things without you blabbing them to anyone, including your sister. I tend to think hiring Kevin for a non-blabbing position was problematic to begin with, but Robert doesn’t listen to me when I yell at the TV. Kevin eventually agrees, which is when Robert reveals that yes, he’s running for governor, and no, he doesn’t want Kitty to know until things are set. Robert tells Kevin he won’t have to lie to his sister… but that’s just what Kevin does.

Nora is put out because Roger is an egotistical ass who is bent on designing whatever he damn well feels like while belittling anything Nora says. He sends over  a model that’s a bunch of modernist cubes with a glass tower, which is NOT what Nora wanted at all. When Roger tells her not to worry her pretty little head about it, Nora snaps and smashes the model with an umbrella. Hee!

Nora resolves to give herself a crash course in architecture (“So when I tell him to shove it up his flying buttress, I know exactly where it’s going,” she tells Saul), but in the process of doing so, she realizes that Roger is actually really, really good. Like, maybe his genius isn’t just self-proclaimed. She apologizes for doubting him, then reasserts that what he gave her isn’t what she needs. Roger hands the project over to an associate. But later, when Nora goes to he site to praise the associate’s design, she discovers that Roger did it himself. He likes the challenge of working with her, he says.

Tommy and Saul
Balthazargetty_brothersandsisters_2 Tommy presents a proposal to Saul: We buy up a nearby orchard using a shell company, sell the land to Ojai for stock, and use that to regain control  and oust Holly! Saul says no — what he’s suggesting is perilously close to illegal, and that’s not how Saul rolls. But after Tommy and Sarah discuss how ballsy William was — he raided the pension fund to get money for an investment! (Hang on, is that legal?)  — Tommy puts the plan in motion.

But Tommy’s sneaky. He wanders into Rebecca’s office, says a few things about needing more land, and makes Rebecca think it’s her idea to start searching for nearby orchard space. Holly is always willing to listen to her daughter, who she thinks is a natural-born businesswoman. In this case? It looks like Rebecca is also a pawn.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • Seriously, I can’t believe that NONE of the Walker siblings — or Saul, or Robert! — showed up for Kitty’s book signing.
  • Kitty learns that there will be a media event after the book signing, and asks Nora what she should wear — “Should I sell the sizzle or the steak?” After Nora clucks that it’s demeaning for a woman to compare herself to a side of beef, Nora says “The sizzle. Look at Ann Coulter — she sells millions of books, and believe me, there ain’t no protein in that package.”
  • Poor Ethan and Kyle — they had no idea what they were getting into signing up with a Walker. Kitty walks in with a check, and they think they’re saved, but then it’s time for Walker family fireworks. Ethan even tried sucking up to Kitty — “I voted republican once!” Nice try, kid.
  • Roger really is a condescending jerk. Even when admitting he was wrong (sort of), he tells Nora the conflict — and encountering someone who didn’t roll over and do what he wanted — was “bracing.” “What that a compliment?” Nora asks. “It was more a compliment for myself,” Roger replies. “Do you do that a lot?” Nora sighs, exasperated. “Not enough,” Roger says.
  • Nora tells Kitty not to hide her light under a bushel just to make Sarah more comfortable. I gave your father loads of ideas and let him take credit for them. “I was a more powerful woman than I let myself be,” Nora says. That’s probably the case, but I don’t think it’s a danger Kitty really faces. She seems more than willing to stick up for herself and demand credit. What she needs to work on is not being so abrasive, and realizing that Sarah is incredibly insecure around Kitty. What Sarah needs to work on is getting over that.

Brothers & Sisters Spoilers: 3.12 “Sibling Rivalry”

‘Brothers and Sisters’ returns with financial trouble, a book promo and a scheme to throw Holly out.

In the episode called “Sibling Rivalry”, ABC primetime drama “” will present a guest starring role by talk hosts Regis Philbin and . The episode where they are in, will be aired on Sunday, January 11 at 10/9c.

Kitty goes public with her tell-all book on an appearance on “Live with Regis & Kelly”, but suspects that Robert is keeping a very big secret. Meanwhile, Sarah runs into some serious financial trouble that could keep Greenatopia from making it off the ground, and Tommy allies with Saul to push Holly out of the family business.

“Brothers & Sisters” has received two nominations at the 2009 Golden Globes. is running for Best Performance by an Artist in TV Series while Rachel Griffiths receives a nomination for Supporting Actress. — Ace Showbiz

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “A Father Dreams”

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “A Father Dreams”

When we last saw the Walkers, they were celebrating Thanksgiving in the hospital cafeteria after Kevin gave a piece of his liver to save his <strike>niece</strike>daughter’s life. (Read the full recap here.) This episode picks right up with Kevin recovering under the watchful (and overbearing) eye of Nora, who won’t let Scotty help in the way he likes. Meanwhile, Justin gets dissed by a first grader, Nora gets an unwanted blast from the past, Robert and Kitty rekindle a part of their relationship they’ve been missing and Tommy and Kevin squabble over possible daddy issues created by Elizabeth’s surgery (and the ensuing dreams Kevin now can’t stop). And, of course, there was some Walker arguing. The holidays are over, so let’s get to it.

Many of Kevin’s scenes in this episode were taking part in a series of dreams Kevin was having related to his recent ordeal with Elizabeth, particularly learning that he is he biological father. The dreams range from Nora serving liver (!) to Kevin and Julia making out to Scotty in a World War II soldier’s uniform. Ultimately, however, Kevin interprets the dreams to mean that for the first time, he believes he actually could be a parent, as in his final dream he consoles an older Elizabeth and makes her stop crying. As scary as his dreams are, he wakes to a real nightmare — Nora and Scotty arguing endlessly over how to treat their patient. Ultimately, Kevin uses Justin to bust him out of the house, choosing to recover at a five-star resort instead. (Great, funny sequence, from Justin’s trumpet to his awkwardness with Scotty and Nora. I was chuckling through it all.)

Justin has his own problems to deal with. While attending nephew Cooper’s first-grade class as (Justin thought) a distinguished guest for show and tell, Justin is embarrassed when Cooper calls him out for still living at home and playing video games all day. Ouch. But Sarah leads the natural Walker response: gather the family for an intervention, although this time for Justin’s lack of drive. Tommy tells Justin he has to get out of Nora’s “quicksand” house, and “let life suck a little bit” to get going. Sarah later learns, however, that Justin wants all the things they have suggested, but fears leaving his “safe zone” because he overdosed the last time he was on his own. Even so, Sarah helps him pick out a place (or a “dump” as Justin put it) and Nora is ultimately proud that Justin wants to move on. I’m sure the thoughtful gratitude Justin showered Nora with made it an easier pill to swallow….read more

Brothers & Sisters Spoilers & News: Is Balthazar Getty Leaving the Show for Good?

Scoop: Is ‘Brothers & Sisters’ disowning Balthazar Getty?

by Michael Ausiello, EW

Balthazargetty_l I smell fresh Emmy material for Brothers & Sisters matriarch Sally Field.

According to sources, Balthazar Getty, who plays the Oscar winner’s eldest son, was informed last week that producers were not planning on picking up his option as a full-time series regular next season. However, that doesn’t mean that Tommy’s place setting at the Walker dinner table is being permanently removed. Not yet, anyway. Per a B&S source, Getty is currently in talks with the show to stay on in a reduced capacity, perhaps as a recurring guest star.

While a rep for the show declined to comment, Getty’s spokesperson denies that the actor is leaving.

Rumors about Getty’s possible exit have been grist for the gossip mill for months. The actor’s real-life drama — the collapse of his marriage and ensuing tabloid-ready romance with Sienna Miller — has allegedly alienated him from his co-stars, many of who had grown close to his wife, Rosetta, and their four young children. What’s more, according to E! Online‘s Marc Malkin, Getty has been showing up late for work and proving increasingly “difficult” to work with.

But per multiple sources, Getty’s sorta-departure is not the result of any one issue but a combination of factors that also includes budgetary and storyline considerations. Tommy has long been considered the most disposable of B&S‘s siblings. Removing him, at least as a regular presence, frees up the show to introduce some new blood.

In any case, don’t expect Tommy to exit by way of a casket. Although an ABC insider says the idea of killing off a Walker has been discussed, the network would likely view such a twist as “too morbid.” As a result, Tommy is likely to either relocate with his wife and baby, or just drift into the background and reappear for the occasional disastrous dinner party.

What do you think? Is Tommy an integral part of B&S? Or will you not even notice if he’s missing? Also, could Getty be the subject of a certain blind item (tee-hee)?

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers, Photos & Previews!

Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.11 – A Father Dreams – Press Release


“A Father Dreams” – Elizabeth’s illness and her uncle’s sacrifice cause a volatile and emotional confrontation between Kevin and Tommy that could make or break their relationship as brothers. Meanwhile, Saul reintroduces a high school crush (guest starring Nigel Havers as Roger Grant) to Nora, and Justin finally decides to leave the nest, on “Brothers & Sisters,” SUNDAY, JANUARY 4 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Brothers & Sisters” stars Dave Annable as Justin Walker, Maxwell Perry Cotton as Cooper Whedon, Kerris Lilla Dorsey as Paige, Sally Field as Nora Holden, Calista Flockhart as Kitty Walker, Balthazar Getty as Thomas Walker, Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Whedon, Luke Macfarlane as Scotty Wandell, Rob Lowe as Senator Robert McCallister, Sarah Jane Morris as Julia Walker, Matthew Rhys as Kevin Walker, Ron Rifkin as Saul Holden, Emily VanCamp as Rebecca Harper and Patricia Wettig as Holly Harper.

Guest starring are Nigel Havers as Roger Grant, Paula Rhodes as Miss Mitchell, Gayla Johnson as Janet, Michael Edwin as employee #1, Tymberlee Chanel as Vanessa, Ellery Sprayberry as the girl, Marley and Spencer Barth as Elizabeth Walker.

“A Father Dreams” was written by Jennifer Levin and Michael Foley and directed by Tom Amandes.

Source: ABC

Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.11 – A Father Dreams – Promotional Photos

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(Copyright © 2008 ABC, Inc.)

Episode 3.12: Sibling Rivalry  Airdate: January 11, 2009

12/12 – Kitty goes public with her tell-all book on an appearance on “Live with Regis & Kelly” (guest starring Regis and Kelly as themselves), but suspects that Robert is keeping a very big secret. Meanwhile, Sarah runs into some serious financial trouble that could keep Greenatopia from making it off the ground, and Tommy allies with Saul to push Holly out of the family business. Source: ABC

Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.12 – Sibling Rivalry – Promotional Photos

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Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.12 – Sibling Rivalry – More Promotional Photos

#fullpost{display:none;}BROTHERS & SISTERS – “Sibling Rivalry” – Kitty goes public with her tell-all book on an appearance on “Live with Regis & Kelly” (guest starring Regis and Kelly as themselves), but suspects that Robert is keeping a very big secret. Meanwhile, Sarah runs into some serious financial trouble that could keep Greenatopia from making it off the ground, and Tommy allies with Saul to push Holly out of the family business, on “Brothers & Sisters,” SUNDAY, JANUARY 11 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/RANDY HOLMES) MATTHEW RHYS

(Click to Enlarge)

Episode 3.13: It’s Not Easy Being Green  Airdate: January 18, 2009

Just as Greenatopia gets the green light, Sarah’s business partner breaks some startling personal news. Meanwhile, Nora rekindles a romance with an old flame (guest starring Nigel Havers as Roger). Guest starring are Nigel Havers as Roger Grant, Eric Christian Olsen as Kyle DeWitt, Will McCormack as Ethan Tavis, David Brisbin as Senator Wade Newman, Cotter Smith as Gordon Alexander, Kaitlin Doubleday as Chelsea Yeager, Dileep Rao as Arlo Natterson and Kim Delgado as the businessman. Source: ABC

Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.13 – It’s Not Easy Being Green – Promotional Photos

Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.19 – Spring Broken

Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.19 – Casting Call

Any ethnicity, to play 20-22. Gorgeous, likable and smart. She is a pre-med student who meets Justin while she is on spring break in Mexico. Unfortunately, she has a meathead boyfriend who gets very jealous when he sees her talking with Justin. PLEASE NOTE THE ACTRESS MUST BE COMFORTABLE IN A BIKINI. 1 day co-star role.

Any ethnicity, to play 20-22. Gorgeous and sexy, these bikini clad college students are on spring break in Mexico. They are having a great time partying and meeting Justin, Tommy and Kevin. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ACTRESSES MUST BE COMFORTABLE IN A BIKINI. These are 1 day co-star roles.

Any ethnicity, early 20s. Brawny and good looking fraternity guy. He is the boyfriend of Tessa (see above) and is a bit of a meathead. Must be muscular and built so that he intimidates Justin. 1 day co-star

Any ethnicity, late 20s-early 30s. He works at the beach bar where the spring breakers party and hands out shots to them. ACTOR MUST BE COMFORTABLE IN A BATHING SUIT. sptv050769 1 day co-star

Any ethnicity, late 20s-early 30s. She works at the beach bar where the spring breakers party and hands out shots to them. ACTRESS MUST BE COMFORTABLE IN A BATHING SUIT. 1 day co-star

Source: SpoilerTV

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers!

I’m in Brothers & Sisters withdrawal. When are we getting the next new episode and what can we expect in 2009?!
Besides a new baby, a heart condition and felony embezzlement charges? Well, it seems Rebecca and Justin’s relationship will really be on the rocks. There’s a serious rift in store, perhaps spurred by Tommy’s upcoming plan to cut Holly’s control of the family business, which I first reported a couple months ago… Oh, and the next new hour airs January 4th.

Any scoop on my favorite Walker brother, Justin?
Besides dealing with a possible broken heart, the big J will look to broaden his horizons by applying to school in early 2009. Word is, J.W.’s past as an army medic may inspire a future career as a physician… though, for some reason, I so can’t picture that. — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Tommy Walker is the most annoying sibling on Brothers & Sisters — in a family chock full of annoying. Will he ever get a storyline that will make me like him more?

Tommy is definitely the weakest Walker link. Try this: Cover up Balthazar Getty’s eyebrows with your hand and then tell me if you still see any acting going on. Nevertheless, his role in the ensemble works for me, but only in the way that every family has a not-quite-as-interesting sibling, right? (Nobody asked for your opinion, random reader Kristen O’Connor.) The good news is that the writers will use Tommy’s wildly uneven business acumen as a narrative jumping-off point when The Eyebrows find themselves furrowing for a sobering audience: a judge. — Source: TV Guide

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “Just a Sliver”

‘Brothers & Sisters’: And the baby daddy is… –

Brothers and Sisters

This year, it looks like Thanksgiving will be RUINED because each of the Walker children have made plans to celebrate with their significant other instead of with Nora. True to form, none of the kids have told each other — or Nora. Common courtesy, folks — if you change plans, you let the host know, so she doesn’t go out and buy a ginormous turkey when she’ll actually only be serving two.

But before that kerfuffle can blossom into a brouhaha, wham! The Walkers get hit with a heaping spoonful of perspective. Elizabeth, Tommy and Julia’s daughter, starts throwing up blood, so they rush her to the hospital. They find out she’s suffering from liver damage — it can happen with children born prematurely, as they get a lot of drugs pumped into their underdeveloped systems — and that she may need a transplant. The best bet for a new liver would be to harvest a slice from one of her biological parents. Uh-oh.

Tommy calls Justin and Kevin and asks them to sneak over to the hospital for tests. Nora overhears (thank god Justin was a medic, not a spy, in the war — he can’t do stealth to save his life) so the can determine who the biological father is. Justin and Kevin spar over who they think Tommy wants it to be — Justin brings great hair to the table, while Kevin touts his SAT scores — but before they can get too into it, Tommy interrupts. Elizabeth needs the transplant, and Kevin, it’s you.

There follows a whole bunch of talking about feelings, and I get a little frustrated, because it’s so not about Justin or Nora or Kitty right now. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be feeling conflicted or scared or angry or whatever, but their need or desire to process should be taking a back seat to Tommy and Julia’s needs until Elizabeth is out of the woods, and to Scotty’s needs until Kevin is ok. After that, Justin can be as conflicted as he wants about not being Elizabeth’s biological dad, and Nora can feel guilty about wanting everyone together for Thanksgiving. When Elizabeth is safe, Kitty can freak out about Sarah’s terminology. But right now? It’s not about them. Right now is the time for them to suck it up and give Tommy and Julia whatever they need.

Because right now, Tommy isn’t doing so well. He’s feeling helpless, and angry, and ashamed about being angry, and everything else. (Great work by Balthazar Getty, by the way.) Kitty finally catches up with him and lets him know that yes, she does know how he feels, because she’s going through a lot of the same things herself when it comes to the adoption. (See? THAT’S a good way to process!) Tommy is relieved to find out he’s not as alone as he thought.

The operation is a success, and Nora coaxes Tommy and Julia down to the hospital cafeteria, where she’s installed Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family. Everyone is there, and now that everyone has the sort of perspective that a desperately ill child can bring, all is well. For now.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • I loved seeing the spouses/significant others get all hard-core about Thanksgiving plans. Julia is my favorite. “Listen up, Walkers!” she barks into the phone. “You’re adults – stop worrying about your mother. Go over there and tell her the truth!” Hell yeah!
  • Justin comes in a close second, who proves his relationship bona fides by admitting that he’s doing housework at Rebecca’s. Hee!
  • Of course, ALL of the kids should have told Nora as soon as their plans changed. It’s just good manners!
  • Sarah is NOT happy to discover she’ll be the only family member joining Nora: “You’re all dead to me,” she snarls. Then she beans them with apples. She’s got good aim!
  • Kevin and Scotty go for a run before the big day, and Kevin isn’t happy about it. “You’re the one who wanted to lose five pounds so you can gain it back at Thanksgiving… ” Hee.
  • Nora proposes that she give her massive turkey to Holly, but Justin declines: “Mom, she doesn’t want your used turkey.” “It’s not used!” Nora replies. “It’s brand new. It has no cooties.” “It’s more about he psychological cooties,” Justin says. Very true.
  • Poor Scotty — I felt so sorry for him when Nora steamrollered over him when it came to getting Kevin’s things. Scotty just wanted something to do, some way to feel like he was doing something for his husband, and Nora wouldn’t let him. Again, Nora –it’s not about you.
  • The transplanted T-Day dinner? That, Nora, was a good call. And of course, they managed to smuggle in some alcohol.
  • Justin and Kevin discuss who is a better biological dad for Elizabeth. Justin:  “Well, I mean, Kevin, let’s face it: I have better hair, and your nose on a girl? Tragic!” Kevin: “You want to talk SAT scores, pretty boy?”
  • Rebecca also takes some time to delve into her issues, but at least she doesn’t do so at the hospital. She asks Holly about her father, and Holly says he would have disappointed at some point. Thanks for the unilateral decision, Holly!
  • Tommy apologizes to Kevin for firing him. Good! Now we can get over this feud, and move on to a totally different one!

Brothers and Sisters Spoilers: Preview 3.10 “Just a Silver”

Thanksgiving day turns blue when the Walkers family faces problems on the December 7 episode of ‘Brothers and Sisters’.

A preview of “” episode 3.10 has been released. As revealed through the recently-released preview posted below, a baby girl will need a transplant while her father is not the real father.

Entitled “Just a Silver”, the episode follows the Walkers family as they celebrate the Thanksgiving day in an unconventional way. It revolves around the Walkers who will experience some conflicts on the Thanksgiving day, leaving Nora and Sarah alone to celebrate the holiday. Still, a medical emergency experienced by Elizabeth will bring the family together again.

Guest starring Dierdrie Henry as Dr. Williams and Kim Rowe as the lab tech, the episode “Just a Silver” is scheduled to air on December 7 at 10/9c, on ABC network.  — Ace Showbiz

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Robert’s Dying? Kevin the Father!

Matthew Rhys, Brothers & SistersThe episode airing this Sunday is huge. Tommy and Julia are forced to find out who her real father is. My money’s on the guy Tommy is currently not getting along with (on the show or reportedly in real life). You know who, right?! If not, hit up the comments, where your friends will guide you. Also, someone is going to have a heart attack. And he’s a heartthrob. (it’s Robert, AKA Rob Lowe)  [Watch With Kristin]

Kitty’s quest to become a mom remains a struggle. After all their adoption woes, Robert and Kitty decide to try in vitro fertilization, but that doesn’t go any better.  [Watch With Kristin]

Justin isn’t too happy when he finds out Rebecca is a pawn in Tommy’s sneaky plan to get back at Holly. [Watch With Kristin]

Rumor has it producers are casting a love interest for Kitty who will arrive in April. [Michael Ausiello]

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “Unfinished Business”

What a relief it was to get through an episode this season without a dinner-table meltdown. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of drama. Just as the house Nora bought was crumbling down around her (and the Walkers she recruited for do-it-yourself demolition), the characters were each caught in their own unique messes. Rebecca was given a job she didn’t deserve at Walker Landing (thanks to her CEO mom), Robert couldn’t decide if he trusted the second-guessing birth mother more than trying surrogacy, Sarah was trying to get enough money to launch Greenatopia (and pay Kyle and Ethan’s rent) without selling out her partners and, of course, Nora was trying to keep collapsing ceilings from falling on her head. How did it all work out? Let’s find out!<!– READ FULL RECAP

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers!

Kitty’s quest to become a mom remains a struggle. After all their adoption woes, Robert and Kitty decide to try in vitro fertilization, but that doesn’t go any better. As for the Walker family’s professional chaos, Justin isn’t too happy when he finds out Rebecca is a pawn in Tommy’s sneaky plan to get back at Holly. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Rumor has it producers are casting a love interest for Kitty. His ETA? April. Source: The Ausiello Files

A special two-hour episode airing in March will find a member of the Walker clan experiencing a potentially life-threatening medical crisis. Source: The Ausiello Files

Episode 3.09: Unfinished Business Airdate: November 30, 2008

Steven [Weber] is back next week as Graham Finch. He attempts to buy out Greenatopia from Kyle and Ethan. That doesn’t work out, but he does get a sweet consolation prize, and it rhymes with Farrah Talker. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.10: Just a Sliver (aka “Just a Slice”) Airdate: December 7, 2008

Guest starring are Dierdrie Henry as Dr. Williams and Kim Rowe as the lab tech. Source: ABC

The Walkers encounter some scheduling conflicts on Thanksgiving, leaving Nora and Sarah to celebrate alone, until Elizabeth endures a medical emergency that brings the family together. Source: ABC

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “Going Once…Going Twice”

As the episode kicks off, we learn that not only has Scotty recently been getting press for his work at the restaurant, but that he has also been promoted to Head Chef. Kevin, delighted at the news, quickly informs Sarah that the dinner party she is throwing in his honor will be a promotion celebration. While Kevin and Scotty think about the future in a larger place, however, Kevin realizes just what he’s given up to become a government employee: money. Seventy-five percent of his former salary to be exact. Ouch.

Kevin, however, talks Nora, who is preparing to bid on houses for her center, into letting him tag along to the auction as her “financial advisor.” Once there, he pesters her with questions about how well she checked into the two properties she has in mind and advises her not to be hasty (“Read the room,” he says), so much so that the first house is sold right in front of her without Nora’s paddle ever making it into the air. No biggie, there’s still one left. That is, until Kevin pulls the same stunt again, only this time, it’s talk of him buying a house that is the distraction. And before either of them know it, Kevin’s paddle goes up, and he is the new owner of Nora’s mansion. You could see the blood start boiling almost immediately….read more

Brothers & Sisters Spoilers: Preview “Going Once Going Twice”

In the next episode of ““, Justin Walker will be a matchmaker for Saul Holden. Entitled “Going Once Going Twice”, Justin who in the last episode had some trouble on his relationship with Rebecca Harper, will make a plan to give Saul an unexpected candidate to go for a date with.

The episode will revolve around the effort of Kevin Walker who tries hard to overcompensate for his recent pay cut to Scotty Wandell. The man, who just begins to realize the reality of politics, will take Nora Walker’s dream house away from her as a gift for Scotty.

Guest starring Dave Foley as Paul, the date of Saul, “Going Once Going Twice” is scheduled to premiere on ABC November 16 at 10/9c. Foley’s guest role on “Brothers & Sisters” marks his several credit appearances on some other show series like “” and ““.  — Ace Showbiz

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers & Scoop!

What’s ahead for Kitty and Robert on Brothers & Sisters?
Besides heading for adoption, there is a rocky patch coming for the couple. Rob Lowe told me, “Senator McCallister is very ambitious. He’s very, very driven, and he doesn’t let anything stop him. I think that’s going to be a problem for the happy marriage.” Argh! It’s also probably not going to go over well when the birth mother of his and Kitty’s soon-to-be-adopted baby is about to deliver just as
McAllister is announcing his candidacy for governor on live TV….. Justin (Dave Annable) is going to set Saul (Ron Rifkin) up on a date this week, and it does not go over well. Another set of lovers will have some trouble as well when Scotty (Luke Macfarlane) gets a promotion, and Kevin’s (Matthew Rhys) manhood is threatened. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.14: Owning It Airdate: January/February 2009

Kitty meets with Marc Wilson, the president of Wexley University . He offers her a job as dean of the journalism school. Tommy works with a man named Kent Vaughn to buy shares of the company without Holly knowing. Rebecca finds some info about Tommy’s doings. Justin still is Chelsea ‘s sponsor. Nora and Sarah throw a baby showed for Kitty. Saul, Kevin and Scotty also appear. — Source:

Episode 3.15: Lost and Found Airdate: February 2009

Kitty is being interviewed by Times Magazine but later finds, though Kevin, that someone killed the story. Nora finally meets Ryan at the coffee house where he works. She invites him to her house for the weekend. Holly meets with attorney Walter Geary. During the meeting she learns more about the company that bought some shares in episode 3.14 and the fact that Tommy will have majority ownership of Ojai Foods. Rebecca, Saul, Robert and David also appear. — Source:

Major Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Hostility Reigns in Eposode 3.16!

Major Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Hostility Reigns in Eposode 3.16!

In Episode 3.16:

Robert McCallister has a press conference to announce he is running for California governor in 2010. Inconveniently the news conference happens while Kitty, Justin & maybe more of the family are waiting for Kitty’s and Robert’s baby to be born. Kitty as usual is nervous that Robert will miss the birth.

Robert decided to run against the sitting governor Eve Kern, who told him during her time of crisis/affair that she would not run again for another term. After the press conference, Kern confronts Robert in his office asks him to endorse her and end his bid and if he continues it, she intends to fight him and says  “I will cut you off at the knees.” After Kern leaves, an intern brings Robert cigars that say “it’s a boy” and “it’s a girl” to celebrate the upcoming birth.

Over at Ojai, Holly’s secretary tells her there’s a board meeting scheduled forthat Wednesday, a special one ahead of the regular scheduled one on the 30th. Her secretary tells Holly that Tommy scheduled it and she wants to know the agenda to prepare it (probably). Holly immediately calls her lawyer Walter Geary suspecting, that Tommy is planning a hostile takeover!

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “Do You Believe in Magic?”

Patriciawettig_brothersandsisters_2 This week on Brothers & Sisters, Kitty’s neuroses bite her in the butt, the chip on Kevin’s shoulder nearly bludgeons everyone around him, Rebecca’s commitment issues come to the fore, Sarah realizes she’s working with children, and Nora’s hair-brained scheme just might work — until Holly gets in the way. How did all those plotlines fit into one episode? Magic!….Continue reading »

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers & Preview “Do You Believe in Magic?”

NEW: [Robert] may miss the birth of [his] child because of a press conference. And things could get even more complicated when he starts considering a run for governor of California.

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Episode 3.07: Do You Believe in Magic? Airdate: November 9, 2008

Since Kitty can’t keep her big mouth shut, the rest of the family will meet Ryan’s father, George, this week at Tommy and Julia’s anniversary party. Look for Holly to ruin the close-to-family reunion though, but with the casting of Ryan, we all know he’ll be popping up soon. Source: Kristin on E!Online

revious episode of “” featured Kitty and her husband Robert McCallister waiting for a birth mother. Next week in “Do You Believe in Magic?”, Kitty’s neurosis will cause McCallister’s chance to adopt to be in danger.

As the title states, the episode will have something to do with magic and all this stuff. Saul does some magic trick, while Rebecca, Sarah, Kitty and Nora visit a fortune teller who predicts that there is a big chaos about to happen. Kevin’s first day is an eyeopener to the reality of politics, and of respecting his new boss.

Magic spell also happens in Tommy and Julia’s wedding anniversary. In the other side, Justin and Rebecca need some magic spell for their romance which is being disturbed by some issues of their relationship. Tommy razzes Justin over Rebecca’s response to his three little words.

Guest starring and Eric McCormack, “Do You Believe in Magic” will air on ABC, November 9 at 10/9c.  — Ace Showbiz

Episode 3.10: Just a Slice (aka “Just a Sliver”)  Airdate: December 7, 2008

The Walkers encounter some scheduling conflicts on Thanksgiving, leaving Nora and Sarah to celebrate alone, until Elizabeth endures a medical emergency that brings the family together. — Source: ABC

All signs point in the direction that Kevin is Elizabeth’s biological father. Sarah will launch an environmental company called Greenatopia. — Source: TV Squad

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Ryan Appears in Episode 14

Will the Walkers meet Ryan soon on Brothers & Sisters?
Not quite, but since Kitty (Calista Flockhart) can’t keep her big mouth shut, the rest of the family will meet Ryan’s father, George, this week at Tommy and Julia’s anniversary party. Look for Holly (Patricia Wettig) to ruin the close-to-family reunion though, but with the casting of Ryan, we all know he’ll be popping up soon. I’m hearing episode 14. — Kristin at E!Online

Will Kitty be getting a baby on Brothers & Sisters? And was this storyline brought about because of Calista’s real-life adoption?
Yes, she will be getting a baby, and the baby storyline actually came about because so many of the show’s producers (a lot of them) are going through adoption experiences of their own right now. Cool, no? — Kristin at E!Online

Brothers & Sisters Episiode 3.6 Recap: “Bakersfield”

Balthazargetty_brothersandsisters_2 Kitty is annoyed because Robert has a last-minute political trip, and she doesn’t want to be stranded, unemployed, and stuck by the phone waiting to see if anyone wants to give them a child. She stops by Nora’s and burbles about how she hates waiting, she wants to attack problems head-on, she’s all about being proactive… Nora pounces. Well, why don’t you join me on my errands? That’s because Nora is heading out to Bakersfield to attempt to talk to the Laffertys, and she doesn’t want to go alone. She neglects to mention this until they are well on their way…..READ FULL RECAP AT ZAP2IT.COM

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