Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck vs. the Fat Lady”

It’s another round of the love triangle between Chuck, Jill, and Sarah as they continue to work the recent murder to Guy Lafleur. Will Chuck and Jill’s recent tangle ignite some new love interest and what famous characters were seen on the Buy More television screens that were so apropos to this episode?….
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Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck Versus the Ex”

Adambaldwin_chuck_s2_240 Chuck has faced a thousand threats, but nothing is more terrifying than meeting the girl who broke his heart all those years ago. Well, maybe needles, but the girl is a very close second.

Remember a couple of episodes ago when Sarah went through the hell of having to pretend to be a yogurt-slinging wannabe actress in front of a high-school rival? Chuck gets to experience something hauntingly similar when he runs into Jill, the girl who broke his heart when she dumped him over the cheating scandal at Stanford, and then jumped into bed with Bryce Larkin. She’s now a big-shot biochemist who will be presenting at an international conference — a conference where Chuck was called to fix the network. He, of course, lies through his teeth that he’s a wildly successful computer entrepreneur, then beats a hasty retreat — but not before he flashes on Jill’s boss, Guy LaFleur.

Said boss is French, and therefore obviously evil. OK, maybe not, but he’s suspected of making a bioweapon and shopping it around to the highest bidder. General Beckman orders Chuck to cozy up to Jill and look for more flashes. The CIA does try to cushion the blow a bit by giving him a fabulous cover identity and a restaurant full of CIA sycophants. Of course, Chuck nearly blows it by verbally dope-slapping Jill for abandoning him when he needed her most, but he recovers and the night goes well. Until, of course, Jeff and Lester drive by and blow his cover. Sigh…..

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New Chuck Spoilers!

Chuck When our man Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) runs into his old college flame Jill (Jordana Brewster) tonight, he’ll lie about working at Buy More and play Rico Suave to impress her, but the jig is soon up thanks to a few Nerd Herders. And once she finds out Chuck’s a CIA agent, she’ll be by his side. Hmmm…I smell something fishy about this Jill chickadee! (And no, she doesn’t work at Long John Silver’s.) I think there’s a chance for Chuck and Sara after all. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Chuck Spies a Rekindled Romance, with Jordana Brewste

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

When Chuck spies an ex-girlfriend — actually, the ex-girlfriend, college sweetheart Jill — it sets in motion a reunion that throws a new wrench in the oft-derailed Chuck-Sarah romance. In this Q&A, Jordana Brewster reveals how her love for Gossip led to her three-episode arc on the NBC comedy, which kicks off Monday at 8 pm/ET. Plus: Brewster previews Fast & Furious 4 and reflects on how she almost filled Angelina Jolie’s shoes. I must say, you make as good a slow-motion entrance as Yvonne Strahovksi does.
Brewster: You know what, I totally asked for a slo-mo. I’m so glad they gave it to me! Were you a fan of Chuck beforehand?
Brewster: I actually am a big fan of Gossip Girl [which is exec-produced by Chuck creator Josh Schwartz]. But I went on a Chuck binge and saw the whole first season on iTunes. I love the show. Jill is a cutting-edge scientist. Is it fun playing someone so bookish?
Brewster: I love it, even though I was not at all familiar with the terms I was saying. But having to straddle the comedy world and the dramatic world, and playing a smart, sassy girl, was fun. In your first episode, we see that Sarah is quietly jealous of Jill. Does she ever reveal to you her feelings for Chuck?
Brewster: She alludes to them, but we don’t have an out-and-out talk about it. That tension between her and Chuck needs to keep building. Did you get any scenes with Matt Bomer? Bryce is the one who busted up Chuck and Jill back in college….
Brewster: I didn’t, and I was so bummed! We played boyfriend and girlfriend in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, so it would have been really weird. You did, however, get to witness the most unexpected kiss in the show’s short history….
Brewster: And that was on my first day, by the way. It let me see how gutsy they are and how they really, really go for it. [Laughs] They had fun with that. [One of the actors involved] is such a macho guy, you would never, ever expect to see him do something like that. And [the other cast member in the scene] is pretty much up for anything.

Chuck Spoilers: “Chuck Versus the Ex”

Chuck, in the middle of his mission bumps into an old flame who dumped him and broke his heart. In the new episode of ““, Chuck’s ex-girlfriend Jill appeared while he was on a Nerd Herd call. In an attempt to save face, he lies to the girl and tells her that he is more successful than he really is.

When Chuck flashes on Jill’s boss, a research scientist who may have developed a deadly bio-weapon, he, Sarah and Casey must find out if Jill is involved. Meanwhile at the Buy More, Big Mike nearly chokes to death, which leads company efficiency expert Emmett to implement a mandatory CPR course taught by Captain Awesome.

(“As the World Turns”) and Tony Hale (“Arrested Development”) guest star as Jill and Emmett respectively. The episode which is called “Chuck Versus the Ex” will be aired in two weeks time, on November 10. — Ace Showbiz

Chuck Episode Recap


Chuck is shocked when he flashes on a top-secret bad guy, only to discover he’s looking for Jeff. Jeff? “Nerd Herd creepy serial killer Jeff?” Thank you for the spiffy (and accurate) description, Ellie, and yes — that Jeff.

Back in the day, Jeff was the all-time world champion at Missile Command. He got the fame, he got the glory, he got the $100 in quarters, he got the year’s supply of Slim Jims. But alas, early-80s video game heroics don’t translate into paychecks, so now he’s wallowing in his own filth in the Buy More….Continue reading »

Chuck Spoilers: ‘Chuck’ Finds ‘Lost’ Boy Monaghan

Charlie_l In what marks his first major TV gig since Lost, Dominic Monaghan has signed on to guest-star on NBC’s Chuck as — stop me if this sounds familiar — a free-spirited British rock star targeted for death by a shadowy group of evildoers. And the similarities to his Lost alter ego Charlie don’t end there. Well, actually, yes, they do. “This is a very, very different kind of character,” insists executive producer Josh Schwartz of Monaghan’s metalhead, who makes an in-store appearance at Buy More and ends up getting entangled in one of Chuck’s spy games. “He’s a lunatic in the best sense of the word. And there’s no heroin [addiction].” Monaghan’s participation is only half the Feb. 2 episode’s sell: It also will air partly in 3-D, piggybacking on NBC’s 3-D Super Bowl stunt. (The network will broadcast the big game the night before.) Aside from the cool factor of seeing himself in 3-D, what drew Monaghan to the role? Did he have any hesitation about channeling someone who, at least on paper, so closely resembles Charlie? And might his tube return be the precursor to another Lost comeback? Hmmm….Sounds like the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan. Scratch that. It is the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan…..READ FULL INTERVIEW AT EW’S AUSIELLO FILES

Chuck Spoilers: Yvonne Strahovski Previews Sarah’s Surprising Past

Last week, Chuck’s future took a detour when he felt compelled to take one for Team USA and put the kibosh on his simmering romance with Sarah. This Monday at 8 pm/ET, NBC’s Chuck delves into the past, shedding light on how a decidedly awkward teen known as “Jenny Burton” came to be the sexy and savvy CIA agent we know today. Yvonne Strahovski gave us a look at the illuminating episode, which includes a literally kick-ass fight scene with guest star Nicole Richie. I have to be honest. You’re beautiful and sexy, Yvonne, but with the “Jenny Burton” wig and braces … not so much.
Yvonne Strahovski: Oh, you’ve seen it? I’m just walking over right now to the cast and crew screening. I loved doing that episode. The braces really brought me back to my childhood. Were you an “awkward” teen?
Strahovski: Yeah, yeah…. I was always the lanky kid with bad skin. I was a drama [student], though, so not exactly like Sarah. I was a tomboy and didn’t pay too much attention to my clothes. When did you first get wind of what Sarah’s back story would be?
Strahovski: I don’t get much information until about a week before we start shooting. I knew they were talking about delving into the characters’ histories, and I love finding out more about where we came from, and how Sarah became a CIA agent. We haven’t explored the aspect of Chuck’s parents, either. I love Sarah’s back story, especially the scene [at the very end of the episode]. Zachary Levi over the summer promised us double the action and double the laughs, but he failed to mention double the emotion. Last week’s break-up scene, I have to say, really packed a punch.
Strahovski: I agree. The episodes that stand out for me are the ones with more emotion in them. That’s what the audience loves as well. It makes them root for you. What Maxim editor wrote this week’s fight scene featuring you and Nicole Richie drenched in a high-school gym shower?
Strahovski: [Laughs] I had a really great time shooting that. Nicole was excellent and didn’t miss a beat at all. I was pleasantly surprised, as was the cast and crew, at how well she picked up the fight scene. Often we have guest stars who have never done a fight scene before, and they come to us with, well, different “ranges of skill.” But she was on top of her game. Especially in the shower, being all wet. Was a small part of you like, “There’s no way I’d ever get bested by this 5-foot-1 pixie”?
Strahovski: Oh yeah. [Laughs] That’s why I win in the end! What other guest stars have you had fun working with this season?
Strahovski: We had a lot of fun with John Laroquette [as a suave-and-soused former CIA agent]. And Michael Clark Duncan and I had a fight scene [in the season opener]…. Which was hilarious, as Sarah tried to wrestle his massive self to the ground.
Strahovski: He’s massive compared to me, so that was fun. The fight scenes are always my favorite parts. How will the arrival of Jordana Brewster’s character shake things up?
Strahovski: Ohhh, she shakes things up a lot. It’s a great thing for the storyline to turn like that, to have Chuck’s first love come back. Sarah of course gets very jealous, but doesn’t really want to admit that she is. It sounds like it will be Sarah pining now, where it used to be Chuck.
Strahovski: Exactly. I guess she’s always pining, though, in her special way. Who from the regular cast do you wish you worked with more?
Strahovski: I get to work sometimes with “Ellie” and “Captain Awesome,” so the ones I don’t really get to work with are the Nerd Herders, like Lester and Jeff. Though in Season 1 I did have a great scene with Lester in the Wienerlicious, where he asks me on a date. Speaking of the Wienerlicious, are you happier with Sarah’s new, Orange Orange uniform?
Strahovski: Oh, definitely! It’s less cheesy, and I really like the color scheme. And the pants are better to fight in. It’s a more … “convenient” outfit. Have you heard anything about the 3-D episode Chuck is doing at midseason?
Strahovski: In terms of storyline, no. I just know we’re taking an extra day to shoot it, and they’re bringing in a special 3-D camera team. Lastly, how has your life changed since Chuck hit primetime?
Strahovski: Dramatically. I came here with one suitcase and some clothes, so I had to buy a car and get some furniture and find a place to live, make some friends. It’s like starting school again. So, my life has pretty much done a 180.

Chuck Episode Recap: Chuck versus The Cougars

Ratings: Chuck came in third at 8 PM with 6.7 mil.

Before we even get to the opening credits we are blessed with a circa 1998 flashback of Sarah adorning braces and bad hair while she drives her bright yellow Volkswagen convertible down the street. Oh, there is justice in the world. Some hotties are made and others are born. Additionally, we get an extra treat as we learn a little backstory about our favorite mysterious CIA agent Sarah. Do I smell celebrity Dad in an upcoming episode?….
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Nicole Richie Previews Her Chuck Episode: Spoilers

From TV Guide: Nicole Richie no longer leads a simple life — and that’s just fine with her. In January, the former reality star entered the hectic world of motherhood when she and her boyfriend, Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden, welcomed a baby girl, Harlow. (Despite tabloid headlines to the contrary, Richie says she and Madden are together.) On the professional front, the 27-year-old Richie is attempting a bit of a career reinvention, designing a line of jewelry, reportedly working on an album and even returning to TV. On Oct. 20, she guest stars on NBC’s espionage comedy Chuck (8 pm/ET) as a former high-school nemesis of Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). We asked Richie about the surprisingly physical role. — Mary Murphy

TV Guide: How did you get the role on Chuck?
Nicole Richie:
I auditioned like every body else. I knew it was a really fun part and it seemed like a challenge. I get a lot of scripts to play blonde, bubbly cheerleader types. She was different than that. She has a dark side. She is a typical mean girl. I was a cheerleader in high school, but I was never in a clique and I never treated anyone like she does.

TV Guide: You have a delicious fight scene with Yvonne Strahovski. Did you do your own stunts?
I did them all except for the falling down part, where I might get hurt. I worked with a martial-arts trainer for a week. It was so freeing. The director was nervous about the scene. He wasn’t sure I could do it. They thought they would have to pull me through, but it was easy — except by the second or third day, I was really sore.


Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck versus The Break-Up”

Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck versus The Break-Up”

In Episode 3 of Season 2, Bryce comes back, a tug-o-love ensues between Chuck and Bryce for Sarah’s attention, and yes, there is a break up. But you won’t believe who does it and why. So put your spy sunglasses on and jump on the Chuck wagon.

Read the detailed recap, after the jump. read more

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Julialing_chuck_s2_240 Chuck brings on the heartbreak this week as our favorite geek-boy spy finds out that sometimes, love just ain’t enough. Sometimes, love can get you killed. Plus, there’s a stunningly fabulous Buy More Cage Match, Bryce shows his hand, and Captain Awesome brings the cheese — but still managed to be oh so very awesome.

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New Chuck Episode Spoilers!


Chuck and Sarah are still on a break, but in “Chuck versus the Cougars,” you’ll notice that Nicole Richie‘s character, Heather, is married to a nerd (Ben Savage). When Heather and Sarah get into their big fight in the shower, one of the things driving the battle is Heather’s disdainful attitude toward nerds. And Sarah ain’t takin’ that kind of talk about her man Chuck! — Kristin @ E!Online

Episode 2.07 [Airing November 17]: Jill is held hostage by a man named Winterbourne, who wants a list that Chuck has. Casey is pissed when Chuck hands over the list to Winterbourne, who destroys it. Source:

Chuck Video Sneak & Spoilers: Nicole Richie Knows Kung Fu!

For Full Video Clips visit Kristin at E!Online

Check it out! Nicole Richie guest stars on Chuck Mon., Oct. 20. I’ve seen the episode and not only is Richie surprisingly good, but it’s the best Chuck ep so far this season.

Richie plays Sarah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) high school nemesis, but after a seemingly coincidental meeting at the Buy More, Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) flashes reveal that Richie’s character Heather Chandler (a Heathers reference, for sure) and her husband (Ben Savage) may be entangled in some major industrial espionage. Therefore, Sarah has every reason to kick Heather’s ass.

Want to see Yvonne and Nicole throw down? Check out the five additional clips inside!

“Chuck vs. the Cougars” premieres Oct. 20 on NBC at 8 p.m.

Chuck Episode Recap

Zacharylevi_chuck_s2_240 Chuck gets lessons from an old-school, legendary spy this week, and his liver may never recover. Plus, it’s guest-star-a-go-go, with John Larroquette and Melinda Clarke competing for best super-spy honors. Oh, and there’s a knee-buckling kiss. Everybody wins!….READ FULL RECAP

Chuck Season Premiere Tonight! & Spoilers Alert!

New Spoilers!

Chuck and Sarah are in for a roller coaster this season: They get together because they think Chuck is going to be free, they flirt with third parties (her ex-BF and his ex-roomie Bryce Larkin and Melinda Clarke as foreign operative Sasha Banacheck), and then they realize that there’s no getting out of it: Sarah has to be Chuck’s protector and not girlfriend. Wahh! Also, Lester (Vik Sahay) operates like a crack-addled Dwight Schrute when he becomes assistant manager of Buy More, and it’s pretty funny… — Kristin at E!Online

Trae Patton/NBC PhotoZachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Michael Clarke Duncan, Chuck
8 pm/ET NBC New

Fans of Chuck, you’re in luck! The seriously solid comedy-drama about a meek, geeky freak (Zachary Levi) returns for a second season. In the opener, unlikely spy Chuck is still entangled in guns, gadgets and girls. (Or is that bullets, bombs and babes?) Here, he mixes it up with a formidable operative (Michael Clarke Duncan) named Colt. This Colt has real kick: He’s out to obtain a device that would potentially give rise to a new Intersect. Later, believing his spy career is behind him, Chuck asks Sarah out on a true first date. Back at superstore Buy More, Morgan uses quirky means to hire a new assistant manager. — Dean Maurer, TV Guide

Zachary Levi reflects on the comedy’s strike-shortened first season, saying, “It’s tough when you’re off the air” for so long. That said, he’s glad to celebrate the series’ return on Sept. 29, “which just so happens to be my birthday!”

Levi also talks about his “double”-the-everything promise for Season 2 (at the 2:45 mark), the prospects for Chuck and Sarah moving in together (3:30), and the fine roster of guest stars on the way, including John Larroquette, whom he says “is a god, but not the God.” — TV Guide

New Chuck Video Interview

Nerd alert!

America’s favorite adorkable TV spy, Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), is back tonight, as NBC launches the long-awaited second season of the loveable action-comedy Chuck. This sophomore series has most definitely upped its game: The first hour back is even funnier, sweeter and more entertaining than what we saw last fall, so you best be setting your DVR.

Zach spilled on why he loves being on such a family-friendly show and on what’s in store for Chuck and Sarah (Yvonne Stra-hot-ski) this season. – Kristin at E!Online

New Chuck Spoilers!

Episode 2.06: There is a flashback to when Chuck got kicked out of Standford and goes to talk to his girlfriend. She breaks up with him and he learns she is now dating Bryce Larkin. In present day, we see Jill coming into the Buy More to get her computer fixed. With her is her boss. Chuck flashes on a bio-weapon when he shakes the man’s hand. — Source:

Melinda Clarke on Chuck: Spoilers

Zacharylevi Good Luck Chuck: …Or maybe our secret agent guy doesn’t need luck any longer. Seems Bartowski will be asking Sarah out on a real date in this Monday’s premiere and she’s saying yes. Could computer geek be going all casanova on us? Word is he’ll lock lips with Ms. Walker, and he’ll be making out with guest star Melinda Clarke as well. But the smart money says these displays of affection all part of some larger scheme… — KorbiTV at

Chuck Episode 2 Spoilers!

Really good Chuck-Sarah moments ever take place in episode 2. One involves Sarah making a grand, Huey Lewis-rockin’ entrance into Buy More and then planting a kiss on Chuck (think Phoebe Cates’ famous scene in Fast Times, only more dressed), and the other finds John Larroquette’s washed-up James Bond assessing Chuck’s 007 potential by having him perform an impromptu seduction of Sarah. Yvonne Strahovski’s reaction to Chuck’s lame moves is pure romantic-comedy gold.  — Ausiello Files

General Season 2 Spoilers: Chuck vs. Comic-Con (Spoiler Alert: Chuck Wins!)

Kristin at E!Online at Comic-Con with the Chuck crew!

Chuck bosses Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak also showed an incredible first look at the second season, which begins Sept. 29 (Zachary Levi’s birthday).

Season Two Looks Fantastic: In the 10-minute preview trailer, we learned that Chuck and Sara will share many an intimate moment this season (and by intimate, I do mean tongue—holler!), the shower fight scene between Yvonne Strahovski and Nicole Richie looks like a mix between Alias at its finest and your fantasies at their finest and that the guest stars this year are going to rock.

Along with Richie (Sara’s old high school nemesis), this season will feature The OC’s Melinda Clarke as a sexy temptress (who locks lips with Chuck), Jordana Brewster will play Chuck’s former college dream girl, Jill (also the name of Schwartz’s fiancé, FYI), Michael Clarke Duncan looks completely badass, and Tony Hale (Arrested Development) got the most raucous cheers of all as he pops in as the new assistant manager of the Buy More. (His scenes look intensely fun.)

The Romances Are Alive: There will be a same-sex kiss this season between two characters who were up onstage at the panel, you can expect lots of heart-tugging moments from Chuck and Sara, as they flirt with the idea that they could finally truly be together once the intersect is removed from Chuck’s head, as they are planning at the start of season two. (Which also would, um, end the series, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.)

As for TV’s favorite bromance, Zach and Josh Gomez say that Chuck and Morgan’s relationship will be strained this year. Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) go into full wedding-planning mode, with Ellie becoming something of an obsessive Martha Stewart.

Also This Season: The Nerd Herd is in full effect! “They are all series regulars this year,” Schwartz reveals of the main herders. We also saw Thunderdome-at-the-Buy-More footage that will take your breath away, it looks so funny.

Schwartz and Fedak also reveal that we’ll meet the Awesomes this year (through the wedding shenanigans, I’m sure) and that Big Mike will start to date Morgan’s mom.

Adam Baldwin Can Do No Wrong: The room ate up his every word. And even though he said that Casey will not reveal his softer side this season, something tells me that he won’t follow through his marching orders to off Chuck. (‘Cause, um, that would be the end of the series.)

Pushing Daisies & Chuck “Fall’s No. 1 Best Bets” Spoilers & Previews!

Kristin at E!Online has named Pushing Daisies & Chuck “Fall’s No. 1 Best Bets

Pushing Daisies, Chuck ABC/KATE TURNING, Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Wed., Oct. 2 at 8 p.m. on ABC

Pushing Daisies Refresher: The facts are these: Ned the pie maker (Lee Pace) can restore the dead to life with just the touch of a finger. But if he doesn’t re-dead them within a minute (with another touch) an innocent bystander goes to the great beyond instead.

There are two major figures in Ned’s life whom he has failed to send back to the big sleep: his dog Digby and his childhood sweetheart Charlotte Charles (Anna Friel). Oh yeah, and private detective Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) has blackmailed Ned into helping him solve crimes (for a tidy fee). And then there’s Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth), who works as a waitress at the Pie Hole (the bakery where Ned bakes his delicious pies) and nurses a fairly major infuation with Ned, who in turn only has eyes for Charlotte (aka “Chuck”), the girl whom he would instantly kill were they ever to touch again (which puts quite a crimp in the ol’ sex life). And lest we forget, this is also the story of Chuck’s aunts who raised her, Aunt Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) and Aunt Vivian (Ellen Greene) live alone together in rambling old Victorian mansion where they grieve over Chuck’s death (ignorant of the fact that Ned has revivified her) and keep their secrets (for example, Aunt Lily is actually Chuck’s mother, not her aunt).

It sounds crazy, and it totally is, but this television fever dream has a rainbow palette, the heart of a fairy tale and creative daring unlike few other shows on TV. Want to know more? Read my original writeup on the many (many!) virtues of Pushing Daisies from when it premiered last fall.

Pushing Daisies Resurrection Plan: Season two of Pushing Daisies delivers more family drama as well as bringing more singing and spectacular set pieces. Olive Snook can’t stand keeping everyone’s secrets, so she leaves the Pie Hole and secludes herself in a nunnery. Chuck begins an investigation of her own—into the fate of her parents. And Ned tries to find a way to be with Chuck without, you know, killing her. As genius creator Bryan Fuller recently told me, “Chuck and Ned are meant to be together, that’s the relationship to root for.” Indeed!

Mon., Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. on NBC

Chuck Dossier: When this series from Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak launched last year, Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), a mild-mannered nerd in the middle of an extended quarter-life crisis, accidentally absorbed the entire contents of the NSA-CIA intelligence database into his brain. That means that now when he sees certain faces or objects, the supercomputer inside his skull instantly sets off alarms in his head and sends him off to fight the bad guys of the world, with his handlers, gorgeous CIA agent Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and grumpy-cool NSA agent Casey (Adam Baldwin) in tow.

More capable as an agent than he realizes, Chuck still lacks confidence in his personal life, despite the undying admiration and devotion of his best friend Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and a series of not-quite-helpful pep talks from his more-secure sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and her perfectly perfect surgeon/dude boyfriend Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin).

Chuck New-Data Download: In the immortal words of Michael Corleone (and Veronica Mars): “Just when I thought that I was out, they pull me back in.” And that’s probably more or less what Chuck Bartowski is thinking by the end of the season premiere.

Despite the best efforts of the NSA and the CSI, this season Chuck remains the intelligence community’s most important asset, so he must continue to engage in high-stakes espionage while repressing his feelings for Sarah (Yvonne Stra-HOT-ski, as we all like to call her), trying to change his everyday life (the computer service desk at Buy More, believe it or not, is not the happiest place on Earth), and continuing to hide his secret life from his friends and family.

I’ve seen the first three episodes of season two, and Chuck has shaken off any initial, first-season jitters, turning into a confident, supercute (albeit clumsy and underprepared) superagent. Chuck is a totally fun and funny adventure comedy series that you will instantly enjoy, and this season is beefed up with better writing, more fully developed characters and several neat guest star appearances by the likes of Michael Clarke Duncan, John Larroquette, Melinda Clarke and, yes, Nicole Richie herself. This one is worth investigating…I promise. I truly, madly, deeply loved the season premiere—please check it out!

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