New Greek Spoilers for Season 2.5 (3)!

Greek – Episode 2.16 – From Rushing With Love – Casting Call

[RHO CHI] Male, age 20-22, this leader of a group of male rushees at KT house blows a whistle and announces it’s time to move on the to next house…CO-STAR(36)

[PRETTY RUSHEE] Female, 18 years old, this pretty, sweet rushee at ZBZ talks with Ashleigh and Casey about Frannie’s new house, and agrees that the IKI girls didn’t seem very nice…CO-STAR (40)
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Greek – Episode 2.17 – Engendered Species – Casting Call

[JORDAN] FEMALE, 18-20. This naturally beautiful, sweet, sexy, and funny “guy’s girl” wears vintage sneakers to class but cleans up really nicely. She catches Rusty’s eye in Art History. They get along famously, and she appreciates his help when she arrives late to class. She becomes a perfect snap pledge for ZBZ, and seemingly the perfect girl for Rusty, too…RECURRING GUEST STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
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[FISHER] 18-21, male, this hunky, drop dead gorgeous college student who resembles a scruffy, young Brad Pitt, is the new hasher at ZBZ. He gets all the girls hot and bothered, but he’s anxious to stay removed from everyone because he’s been fired from past jobs for engaging in inappropriate relationships. He needs to make money so he can put himself through school, so he doesn’t want any trouble at ZBZ. However, his and one of our Zeta Beta Zeta girl’s attraction for one another won’t be denied…GUEST STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[PROFESSOR JANET FREEMAN] Mid 30s to mid 40s, this cool, snappy, intelligent and put-together professor (think Tina Fey) teaches Women in Politics and earns Casey’s admiration. Professor Freeman warns Cappie that each year there is a token male in the course who fails, both academically and with the female students. She also gives Casey advice on her conflict resolution dilemma…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[PROFESSOR SUMMERFIELD] MALE. In his 60s, rumpled, this art history professor teaches Perspectives on the High Renaissance to Rusty, Calvin and Dale’s class. He’s a bit stuffy and hates the internet, but most of the art slides he shows have a sexual element to them that make the class snicker…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
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Greek – Episode 2.18 – Big Littles & Jumbo Shrimp – Casting Call

[PATRICK] 25-30, a free spirit who’s been bumming around in Costa Rica, he shows up without any advance warning and takes Evan (Jake McDorman) out for drinks and a talk. He is Evan’s big brother and the black sheep of the family. Patrick cast off his trust fund and rejected his parents’ plans for him, because he felt there were too many strings attached…GUEST STAR. STAR NAMES ONLY (14)

[NATALIE] 20-22, this cute and extremely timid college student is the President of Gamma Psi house. While at ZBZ, she’s in awe of her surroundings. Natalie confirms the suspicion that Fisher the hasher might be a thief…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (24)

[BARISTA] 20-22, this surly, stone-faced, female barista at a coffee house is immune to Cappie’s charms.sptv050769..CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (30)

[BAR PATRON] 20-22, this male bar patron is annoyed when Casey accidentally soaks him with the contents of her shot glass…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (35)
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Greek – Episode 2.21 – Guilty Treasures Casting Call

[DR. MAGDA STEPHANOPOULOS] In her 50s, attractive and intimidating, with long hair and a professional, stylish-looking suit, she is a renowned, extremely intelligent scientist who has come to campus to recruit research assistants for a month-long project at Oxford. Dr. Magda is tough to impress, and always wants what she can’t have…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[DR. BROOM] In his 50s, uncongenial, he’s an engineering professor who piles on the workload and makes life unpleasant for Max. He’s annoyed when Max crashes a science faculty party…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[OMEGA CHI PLEDGE] 18-20, male, this Omega Chi Pledge accuses Cappie of theft and is confused when Evan contradicts him…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[WAITRESS] 20s. This waitress at Gentleman’s Choice tells Wade that the disco balls he’s brought belong to the other club…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
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New Greek Spoilers for Season 3: Evan’s Brother and Rusty & Dale!

Update: March 30, 2009

‘Greek’ returns with Janeane Garofalo, Jesse McCartney & a straight character changing teams!

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Spencergrammer It may be the end of March in your world and mine, but in the CRUniverse, it’s the end of summer and school is almost back in session. Casey’s Washington internship has run its course, Rusty’s camp counseling days have drawn to a close and the Cartwright kids are heading back to campus tonight. In preparation for “Greek“‘s return, Korbi spent some time with show creator and lover of pop culture, Mr. Sean Smith, who gave me the inside word on what’s going down in this next cycle of episodes. It is because of him that I can answer some of your reader questions right this minute…

Janeanegarofalo Korbi, Is it true that Janeane Garofalo is doing an episode of “Greek”?
It is. “Greek” is taking us into the classroom at Cyprus Roades this semester and it is there that we’ll find Ms. Garofalo. Playing a Women Studies professor, she crosses paths with Casey, who may be looking to develop more of a feminist perspective… and Cappie, who is definitely just looking to develop more female relationships. “It’s his intention of course to go in and study the women as opposed to partaking of Women Studies,” Sean Smith laughed. “[Janeane] is just hysterical and she calls him out the second she sees him. Something to the effect of, every semester there’s some guy who comes into this class and he fails academically and otherwise. Good luck!”

Jessemccartney Any chance of Jen K. coming back?
I don’t think so. Sean said the ghost of Jen K. is behind Rusty. “Greek” will introduce a new transfer student for Rusty to pursue. He meets her in art history class and she presents him with quite a challenge. It’s love at first site for our little guy. But she’s got her eye on someone else. Watch the clip below to find out who… yes, it’s CRU’s freshman football recruit Andy, played by Jesse McCartney.

How many “Greek” episodes are we getting this season?
12. We’ll be halfway through the first semester of Casey’s senior year/Rusty’s sophomore year when this cycle ends.

Scottmichaelfoster When will Cappie and Casey get back together?
TBD, my friend. TBD. That’s what Sean told me when I asked him if we could see Cap and Case reunited romantically long before the series ends. For now, Casey and Max are still very much in love. But declining his Cal Tech grant to be with her may not have been the best idea. There are bad days ahead for them and Cappie will be the guy she turns to for advice. “They kind of become each other’s go-to people,” Sean explained. “I felt it was necessary to push their relationship a little more, which we do in this cycle. There’s definitely advancement.”

Jakemcdorman Do you think it would be possible for Evan and Cappie to ever call a truce of sorts? Or has there just been too much animosity built up over the years for them to just forgive and forget?
Actually, Casey isn’t the only person turning to Cap for help. When Evan’s brother Patrick (Robert Hoffman) shows up at CRU this season, he puts Ev in a position where he really needs someone to talk to. Of course, longtime fans know that he and Cappie have a history, so Cap kind of understands what Evan is dealing with better than any of the other kids do. “I think there’s a thaw [between them],” Sean said. “You know, I love their rapport and the cattiness of it. I don’t want to see them become like best buds, because then it’d just be boring. But there’s less contentiousness between them. It’s not quite as antagonistic as it was before.”

Dilshadvadsaria I want Cappie and Rebecca on “Greek” to get back together.
Don’t think that’s in the cards, but they will remain friends… even though one of them is going to steal a potential love interest from the other. Mhmm.

I’m hoping we haven’t seen the last of Tegan. Any word on Charisma Carpenter returning to “Greek”?
We won’t see Charisma in this batch of episodes, but that doesn’t mean she’s done with the show. There’s always next cycle. We will, however, meet a few other ZBZ alums, including Frannie’s big sis who comes back to CRU for her wedding — Sean said she’s hysterical — and another former sister who will catch the eye of two of “Greek”‘s main characters… the two I was just talking about.

Alanruck Any good “Greek” guest stars coming up?
Besides Janeane Garofalo? Helen Slater (aka Supergirl) is playing a visiting professor and Dean Bowman (aka Cameron Frye, aka Alan Ruck) will pop up in the most surprising of ways. P.S. Ashleigh apparently has a crush on him.Clarkduke

Will Calvin get together with someone new this season on “Greek”?
Indeed. And so will Ashleigh. And so will Dale!

I’m not a fan of Max, but I did enjoy how Cappie and Dale bonded over his lameness. Are we gonna see more Cap n’ Dale this season?
Apparently Cap and Dale are much closer than we’ve ever realized…

Kaitlyn in West Hollywood: Greek returns tonight, any scoop? Does Jesse McCartney stick around for a while?
Jesse McCartney will only be hanging out on Greek for six episodes, but that’s just enough time for him to choose a frat. Jesse teases, “Calvin is trying to get me to join the Omega Chi fraternity. Then there is Rusty, who is trying to get me to join Kappa Tau. It’s definitely safe to say it’s between those two. He goes where you probably don’t expect him to go.” Which house do you think? Source: Kristin on E!Online

Any scoop on Jesse McCartney’s role on Greek?
Andy (Jesse McCartney) and Rusty are going toe-to-toe. They are both going after the same girl, Jordan, but only one will be victorious! Speaking of stealing women, Evan and Rebecca are spending plenty of quality time together this season, including a late-night break-in to get Rebecca’s car out of lockup.

When is Greek coming back and can you tell me if Casey and Cappie will be together?
March 30th. And no, they won’t be together. Max is sticking around for the season. But the flame between Casey and Cappie is still lit and we’ll see evidence of that in the months to come. Also, we know the Max thing can’t last forever, since Michael Rady (the actor who plays him) has joined the CW’s Melrose Place remake as a regular. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Can you tell me some info about what will happen during next season’s Greek?
Hopefully you caught my recent Q&A with Scott Michael Foster (no relation to Chad Michael Murray), who revealed some of what’s to come for Cappie. Also see if this floats your boat: Casey’s other ex, Evan, has a big story ahead of him — and he’s getting an older brother, to be played by Step Up 2 stud Robert HoffmanSource: TV Guide

“We’ll finally be out of Rusty’s freshman year,” reveals Greek creator Sean Smith of season 2.5, which kicks off next March. “When we return, it’s the fall of his second year and Casey and the upperclassmen’s fourth. It’ll be a whole new year, with rush (like the pilot) all over again, new pledges, new fun!” And what about Dale? “He’ll definitely be around,” says Smith. “Only this year he’s living in Calhoun Hall as Rusty moves into the Kappa Tau house.” And just like God said in the finale, Rusty and Dale will be roommates again. But with a twist. And a funny one at that. Source: Ausiello Files

Episode 2.11: Take Me Home, Cyprus-Rhodes Airdate: March 30, 2009

  • After her summer internship, Casey returns to campus with secret plans to move out of the ZBZ house. However she fears hurting Ashleigh at a time when she needs her most, as the drama with Frannie’s new sorority is heating up, causing Ashleigh to enlist a secret spy – a spy that Casey isn’t sure can truly be trusted. Meanwhile Calvin introduces his high school friend and new Cyprus-Rhodes freshman Andy (Jesse McCartney) to Rusty, who takes an instant liking to him and encourages Andy to join KT. But Andy gets locked in an epic battle for brotherhood, as Evan, upon seeing just how in demand Andy is on campus, wants him join Omega Chi. What lengths will Calvin and Rusty go to to win Andy’s pledge? Having spent his summer as a camp counselor, alongside guest star Ken Marino, Rusty begins his sophomore year on campus by finally moving into the Kappa Tau house. However, he struggles to reconcile how he will balance the pressures of his engineering major with living in the fraternity. Source: ABC Family

Episode 2.12: From Rushing With Love Airdate: April 6, 2009

  • Now a sophomore, Rusty gets to participate in Rush Week for the first time and he is determined to land Andy as a pledge for Kappa Tau, but Calvin feels the pressure from Evan to get Andy to pledge Omega Chi. Who will prevail in the battle for the big man on campus? Ashleigh and Casey start to doubt Rebecca’s “mole” abilities and begin to question whether she’s actually a double-agent for Frannie’s new sorority when the ZBZ girls’ rush week Project Runway fashion skit is successfully sabotaged by Frannie. Source: ABC Family

Episode 2.13: Engendered Species Airdate: April 13, 2009

  • When Casey discovers that Cappie is taking the same women’s studies class — taught by Professor Freeman (Janeane Garofalo) — she knows that it will complicate her relationship with Max. As a result, Casey decides to enlist the help of her new professor to help Max and Cappie get along. Will her plan work? Meanwhile, Rusty starts his first elective class in Art History, and as a lucky bonus meets a pretty new transfer student, Jordan (Johanna Braddy). Although he’s nervous about talking to her, he finds the courage to invite her to a KT party. But the night of the party he learns that some guys have all the luck, namely the new KT pledge, Andy. At the ZBZ house, Ashleigh hires a new hasher, Fisher (Andrew J. West), who draws a lot of attention from the sisters of ZBZ — but Fisher only has eyes for Ashleigh. Source: ABC Family

Can you tell me some info about what will happen during next season’s Greek?
Hopefully you caught my recent Q&A with Scott Michael Foster (no relation to Chad Michael Murray), who revealed some of what’s to come for Cappie. Also see if this floats your boat: Casey’s other ex, Evan, has a big story ahead of him — and he’s getting an older brother, to be played by Step Up 2 stud Robert Hoffman.  — TV Guide

“We’ll finally be out of Rusty’s freshman year,” reveals Greek creator Sean Smith of season 2.5, which kicks off next March. “When we return, it’s the fall of his second year and Casey and the upperclassmen’s fourth. It’ll be a whole new year, with rush (like the pilot) all over again, new pledges, new fun!” And what about Dale? “He’ll definitely be around,” says Smith. “Only this year he’s living in Calhoun Hall as Rusty moves into the Kappa Tau house.” And just like God said in the finale, Rusty and Dale will be roommates again. But with a twist. And a funny one at that. — Michael Ausiello, Ausiello Files

Greek Spoilers: New Season & A New Sorority!

Does Frannie really get away with starting her own house?
Yes she does! Sources on the set tell me the Iota Kappa Iota house is already in full swing. Because of the IKI (pronounced “icky,” tee hee) house, Zeta Beta Zeta is going to be desperate for girls, and will even pair up with the Kappa Taus for a party. When it goes down, Cappie and Casey will get into a huge fight over the fact that a nongreek male is in attendence…Max! Yup, he’ll be sticking around CRU. — Kristin at E!Online

Greek Spoilers: What’s Ahead in the New Season, Plus Casey & Cappy Together Forever?

Stevens_ghosh_3A Little ‘Greek’ Info To Get You Set For the Finale

Korbi at moderated the Screen Actors Guild “Conversations” panel, which included Dilshad VadsariaSpencer Grammer (Casey), Scott Michael Foster (Cappie), Jacob ZacharPaul James (Calvin) and Amber Stevens (Ashleigh) — Tiffany Dupont was out of town and Jake McDorman was at the Zack and Miri premiere — She was able to get a number of fans questions answered about what’s in store for the new season and more!
(Rebecca), (Rusty),

Can you ask the Greek cast if any of them have ever participated in fraternities or sororites and how they think the real thing compares to their characters on the show? Having done the whole sorority/panhellenic thing, sometimes I am scared watching it… it’s like their writers are spies!! And the actors play it so well I wonder if they’ve been through it too.

None of the panel members copped to having any real-life Greek experience, though Dilshad did mention that during the cast’s recent Declare Yourself college tour, a lot of students approached them saying the storylines are very realistic… However, I happen to know that both Dilshad and Tiffany kinda sorta have a bit of a Greek past, which they once spilled to me.

Zachar_james_stevens This is for the cast: Do the writers keep all of you in the dark as far as plotlines go, and do they ever take your opinions into account as far as how your character makes decisions or whatnot?
Apparently, the scripts are often finished right before they’re shot, so there isn’t a lot of time for the actors to have input. However Dilshad said that the writers are really cool and definitely open to hearing what the cast has to say about their characters, and if they feel something is off, it’s taken into consideration… As far as what’s coming up, Amber told us that most of the time, she likes to stay unspoiled. But sometimes, there will be a cliffhanger at the end of an episode that compels her to run to creator Sean Smith and beg to know what’s next!

For Spencer and Scott: Ever since the pool scene in the pilot, it’s been established to viewers that it’s not over between Cappie and Casey. As a viewer, I would feel cheated if their reunion never materialized, would you?
Neither Scott nor Spencer hesitated when I asked whether they felt Cappie and Casey were meant to be together. They seem to feel the show will likely end with the two of them running off into the sunset…

I love Max and Casey, and hope that they stick it out… and that the writers don’t go back to Cappie+Casey again. As much as I like Cappie, I just prefer Max the most (out of all of Casey’s men).

You may not be alone, Mandy. Spencer mentioned that she really enjoys working with Michael Rady and is definitely into the Max-Casey relationship right now. FYI, they are currently shooting the second half of this season, so Max is clearly sticking around.

I’m not a fan of Max, but I did enjoy how Cappie and Dale bonded over his lameness. Are we gonna see more Cap ‘n’ Dale next season?

When I asked Scott Michael Foster if we’d see more Cappie and Dale action, he asked me to clarify the question: “You mean, will Cappie and Dale hook up? Are they meant to be together?” Scott was the much-needed comic relief that night… but yes, he did say there’s been talk of more interaction between him and Clark Duke.

For Dilshad and Jacob: Your characters’ interaction during the Mr. Purr-fect competition was hilarious. But I think I see some sparks there. What do you guys think though? Are Rusty and Rebecca just too different?

Dilshad and Jacob almost spit up on themselves when I posed this Q. In fact, the entire cast thought I was mistaken and actually meant to say that there was chemistry between Rusty and Ashleigh (probably because they just went to that dance together). Seems the thought of Rusty and Rebecca has never even crossed their minds. Jacob said he and Dilshad rarely even have scenes together.

For the cast: In episode 2×18, Patrick (Evan’s older brother) will come in the picture. Do the writers and the cast already know who will be cast? Will it be Jason Dohring (the perfect choice)?

This isn’t a question I asked during the panel, but happen to know that Jason Dohring is not being considered, which is really too bad (but Jason just landed a part in Sarah Jessica Parker’s HBO show, Washingtonienne, so you’ll be seeing more of him soon). As for Evan’s older brother, the role has not yet been filled. Any other ideas?

Just how embarassing is Cappie’s real name?

No one on the panel knows! Scott Michael Foster said the only person who knows Cappie’s sur name is Sean Smith. Sean did once mention it to another Greek writer, who claims he’s now forgotten it, so the secret stays guarded. Scott said learning Cappie’s last name could happen in the series’ last scene…

Alright, kids, that’s my time. But don’t forget to watch tonight’s finale… there will be a Rusty-Evan scuffle which includes that famed pledge paddle, Casey will have a love/career crisis which The Hills’ Lauren Conrad weighs in on, and expect a killer cliffhanger that will leave you cursing the fact that we won’t see more Greek till 2009.

Greek Second Season Finale Recap: “Hell Week”

Greek - Hell Week

From Cinema Blend:

Tonight’s season finale of Greek held a few surprises and what’s more, some unanswered questions. Is Max passing on Cal-Tech to be with Casey? Will Rebecca really walk away from ZBZ? Is Calvin questioning whether or not he’s cut out for the Omega Chi’s? Did Rusty seriously eat three live goldfish? Well, we already know the answer to that last question but seriously Rusty – gross!

Everything the pledges have been working towards came to a head tonight as they endured hell week. Things weren’t so bad for Calvin as Evan was favoring him above the other pledges. Rather than pouring a blender full of some chunky-nasty looking stuff on Calvin’s back when he failed to make it through the fifty-pushup task, Evan declared that Calvin could clean one of the brother’s sinks (where he does his “manscaping”). Evan then lead Calvin to the “honor room” which looks like a glorified game room to me and asked him to straighten it up instead.

After being left out of the muddy outdoor sleepover and put on fan-duty while the rest of the pledges were pruning the roses with their bare hands, Calvin finally spoke up to Evan, feeling that it was unfair that he was being treated better than the other guys. After that, Evan gave Calvin what he wanted, having him hold the Omega Chi book out in front of him for over three hours. So in the end, Calvin did earn his place alongside his brothers.

There were no mayonnaise potstickers on the menu for the Kappa Tau pledges. Instead, they got goldfish. The KT’s presented each pledge with a live goldfish in a plastic beer cup. Now I know we were all thinking the guys were going to have to eat the goldfish but I definitely didn’t think that Cappie would make them go through with it. Sure enough, he wasn’t planning on asking them to drink down a glass of live fish but Rusty didn’t wait for him to get to that. Instead, he chugged all three of the fish that Beaver gave him, declaring himself “done.” That’s when they explained that the fish were to be kept as pets. Strike one for Rusty.

It’s never really been in question as to whether or not Rusty was going to make it through pledging. At least not to me anyway and I don’t think Rusty ever questioned it but the threat of being washed out in the eleventh hour seemed to hang in the air as Rusty attempted not to botch his hell week tasks. After listing off some of Rusty’s screwups throughout his pledge career, Cappie told Rusty that he needs to do something to prove that he’s KT material. Rusty decided that he was going to break into the Omega Chi house and steal back the pledge paddle he used to whack Evan in the face with back at beginning of the year.

Evan spotted Rusty sneaking around their house and he quickly rallied the other Omega Chi guys to chase him out and down the street. Upon hearing Rusty’s girlish scream, Cappie got the KT guys outside and they ran towards the Omega Chi guys in full force. The whole charge looked like a twisted college version of Braveheart, especially when the groups collided and they all started to pummel each other.

Evan grabbed the pledge paddle and slammed it into Rusty’s face. Cappie responded to that by socking Evan in the mouth. Eventually the brawl broke up and Rusty succeeded in passing initiation. On a side-note, Calvin did not seem happy when Evan told him that he hit Rusty in the face with a paddle. It makes me wonder if Calvin’s questioning whether or not he wants to stay with the Omega Chi’s.

While all of the frat drama was taking place, Casey was trying to figure out what’s going to happen with her and Max. Max got into Cal-Tech grad school, which is in California (and that’s not California, Ohio). Meanwhile Casey got offered an internship in Washington with that politician woman she met during the nationals convention. They were supposed to have the summer to spend together before deciding whether or not they were going to try the long-distance thing once Max leaves for grad school but Casey decided that she can’t keep making life decisions based on the guy she’s with. So after a dream-conversation with The Hills star, LC and an actual conversation over a game of pool with Cappie, she decided to break up with Max.

Whether or not the break-up is going to stick remains to be seen as we saw Max call up a professor at Cal-Tech at the end of the episode. Perhaps he’s not ready to see his relationship with Casey end. Though it seemed very evident that Cappie’s waiting for another chance with Casey. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out for Casey and Max when the show comes back.

And speaking of wait and see, the big cliffhanger of the night came when Frannie announced at the ZBZ initiation ceremony that she’s starting her own sorority. She even rented a house, which helped make sense of the talk she had with Evan earlier about talking to a real estate person. Frannie’s done with ZBZ and she’s taking some of the girls with her to the new sorority, including most of the pledges who were just moments away from being initiated before Frannie made her grand announcement.

As Frannie was about to leave, she asked Rebecca (aka “Becks”) if she was coming with her. From the way Frannie extended the invitation, she seemed sure that Rebecca was all set to go but the episode ended before we got to see Rebecca’s response. Things aren’t looking good though as Casey neglected to get Rebecca a big-sister/little-sister present earlier that week. Ashleigh came through by purchasing the gift on Casey’s behalf, knowing that Casey was too wrapped up with the Max stuff to remember to do it. Rebecca saw right through that though so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if she were to walk away from the ZBZ’s, feeling that she might be better appreciated at Frannie’s sorority.

The fate of ZBZ is up in the air at this point. With a new sorority forming and Frannie at the helm, it’s clear that Ashleigh (and Casey) are going to have their hands full trying to regroup and keep the sorority’s status up come next semester.

The only other notable thing that happened in the finale was Dale’s departure. While Dale didn’t have any major role to play in the episode, his farewell to Rusty was sweet and I’m glad to see they’ve agreed to room together for their sophomore year. They may not have much in common, what with Dale’s super-Christian-ness and frequent use of the word “bottom” (in reference to one’s butt) and Rusty’s involvement in the Greek system but there’s still a friendship there. Dale’s funny and provides a good (if sometimes weird) outside perspective on the greek system. Plus he’s a good influence on Rusty in a weird, geeky sort of way.

More Greek Finale Spoilers: Lauren Conrad Goes Greek Tonight!

Lauren Conrad Goes Greek Tonight

Lauren Conrad, Spencer Grammer, Greek
ABC Family, Karen Neal

Thankfully, though, queen bee Lauren Conrad has more going for her than boy troubles, as she steps on to a fan-favorite series tonight: ABC Family’s Greek.

L.C. is doing what she does best: dishing advice and taking jabs at Jason Wahler, and we have a sneak peek, along with video…

On tonight’s episode of Greek, L.C. comes to the rescue when Casey (Spencer Grammer) faces a choice L.C. knows well: job or man?

Lauren takes the opportunity to poke a little fun at her past drama, finally saying what Hills fans have been waiting to hear since her Jason days: “I totally should’ve gone to France!”

Good news for Greek fans, though: L.C.’s advice might lead to the reunion of Casey and Cappie.

As for the rest of the kids at Cyprus-Rhodes U:

  • The grudge between the Kappa Taus and Omega Chis blows up tonight, and Rusty (Jacob Zachar) must prove himself worthy of being a K.T.
  • Look for Rusty’s pledge paddle to reappear and set the stage for a frat-boy brawl.
  • There’s a huge surprise with the ZBZ initiations,” Amber Stevens tells us. It looks like Zeta Beta Zeta’s big night does not go as planned.
  • There may not be an initiation at all thanks to Casey’s frenemy, Frannie (Tiffany Dupont).
  • Freshman queen Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria) has the power to decide the fate of the house.

Check out the sneak peeks of L.C.’s visit to CRU below, and tune in tonight to ABC Family at 9 for “Hell Week.”

Greek Finale Spoilers: Will Cappie Help Casey with Her Heart?

Sneak Peeks | season 2 Season Finale

last greek peek of the season: ‘hell week’



Casey and Max have a serious talk about the future.

Sneak Peeks | season 2

behind the scenes vid: ‘hell week’


max bts.jpg

Hey, take a look at this exclusive behind the scenes footage of the season finale episode of “Greek”!

Sneak Peeks | season 2 | episode 10

greek peek: ‘hell week’


rusty new.jpg

Check out this short but hot clip from the season finale episode of “Greek” airing Tuesday, October 28th at 9/8c.

Greek Finale Preview: Will Cappie Help Casey with Her Heart?

Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

Just as in real college life, the midseason finale of ABC Family’s Greek balances out the promise of joy and celebration (as Rusty and Calvin inch closer to brotherhood) with the angst that often accompanies the quest for true love. Scott Michael Foster, who plays easygoing Kappa Tau prez Cappie, gave us a sneak peek at the big episode (airing Tuesday at 9 pm/ET) and one very unexpected twist. (In the interest of full disclosure, this Q&A was conducted by a “GDI.”) How do you get yourself to that “special place” to play a carousing, devil-may-care fraternity boy?
Scott Michael Foster: [Laughs] It’s quite a process. But really, it’s a lot of fun. The character is written so well that he’s easy to get into. He’s fun-loving, a happy role. I’m not depressed over someone or having to cry every day. He’s true to the free-living college dream in that respect.
Foster: Yeah. I don’t require a lot of crazy set-up time. And yet I like how he’ll occasionally whip out the morsel of info, like when he’s talking to Casey about the congresswoman (played by Carol Potter). “Maryland, 5th District. She’s soft on energy, but a staunch protector of the loggerhead sea turtle.”
Foster: He surprises you at every turn because he’s taken a lot of courses, had a lot majors. … He’s smarter than he lets on. Do you know any one thing about his background that the viewers don’t, and that might surprise us? Anything the producers have told you on background?
Foster: The name is what I get asked about the most – “What is his real name?” – and I don’t know. The creator of the show knows, and he’s never told anyone. Everything that has been written or seen is all I know. In the season finale, Casey arrives at a crossroads and gets counsel from two people. Who do you think ends up giving her better advice: Cappie or Lauren Conrad (played by guest star … Lauren Conrad)?
Foster: [Laughs] I’ve got to say Cappie! I mean, I have to believe in my character. Plus, he doesn’t get interrupted for hair-care tips.
Foster: Exactly. At this point in Casey’s life, he should be making decisions based on what’s best for herself instead of making them based on [other things]. You would give a gal pal the same advice Cappie does?
Foster: Absolutely. Their tête-à-tête happens over a game of pool. I have to ask: Are Spencer Grammer’s billiards skills by chance for real, or is that mostly editing?
Foster: That is mostly editing. Although there is that one shot where she actually banks it and makes the 9 on the opposite side. And that’s a tough shot! I read in another interview that you were caught off-guard by the end-of-finale cliffhanger.
Foster: Yeah, that cliffhanger is just awesome. I didn’t even see it coming when I was reading the script! People may assume the season finale’s big twist involves Cappy, Casey and Max, but …
Foster: They will be very surprised. What happens comes out of left field. Might another gal be headed in Cappie’s direction next season?
Foster: Um, Cappie will be dating someone next season. I can’t say who, but yeah, he’s gets together with someone. Are you working yet with new cast member Jesse McCartney?
Foster: Oh yeah. He’s a cool dude. He’s coming on as a Kappa Tau pledge, and he’ll basically be Rusty’s little brother. His character is, like, a No. 1 football recruit, so … He’s a big “get” for the fraternity.
Foster: That’s the thing – [rival house] Omega Chi really wants him, while Kappa Tau doesn’t care. If he ends up with us, hey, he ends up with us. Do you see Greek as an endorsement of Greek life or as somewhat of a cautionary tale?
Foster: I see it as a description. We’re just trying to show all the sides of college life. Tell us about the Declare Yourself campaign the cast has been involved with this fall.
Foster: It’s great to get kids to register to vote. I mean, at 18 I had no idea if I should register, or how. … It’s good to get out there and talk to students and let them know that their voice is important. Who do you think Cappie would vote for on Nov. 4?
Foster: I’m not sure. He’s a conservative Democrat and he’s a liberal Republican, so. … Maybe Nader!

Greek Episode Recap: “Three’s A Crowd”

Greek - Three's A Croud

From Cinema Blend: You know, I was starting to have my doubts about Ashleigh as president of ZBZ as tonight’s episode of Greek went on. Frannie and Evan thought they had the whole “pref” thing wrapped around their fingers and they sort of did for a while. Meanwhile, both Rusty and Cappie were dealing with some threesome action.

Casey’s trying to deal with Ashleigh getting the ZBZ president position. She hands over the book of rules and Ashleigh attempts to run the first post-election meeting. After she announces a Dobler’s night for some sister-bonding, one of the sisters brings up the whole pref thing, which apparently is crucial for ZBZ. Basically, they need the Omega Chi’s to pref them, which means invite them to the first mixer of the next school year. Their entire social status depends on it. No one seems to question what’s wrong with that as the chief concern is getting the invite. Frannie offers to talk to Evan about it but Casey assures the girls that Ashleigh has it under control.

Ashleigh doesn’t have it under control. A sit-down with Evan to discuss the pref invitation ends badly after Evan tells her that the Omega Chi’s are “shopping around” and not sure they’re going to extend the ZBZ’s the invite. Casey doesn’t help matters, jumping into the conversation and being argumentative with Evan. Ashleigh has a problem standing up to Casey, though she does try numerous times to remind her BFF that she’s president and it’s up to her to decide how they’re going to deal with this.

What we come to learn is that Evan’s hesitance in inviting the ZBZ’s has less to do with what the Omega Chi’s want and more about what Frannie wants. He’s purposely holding back on the invite, as he and Frannie are hoping Ashleigh will cave and ask Frannie to talk to him and thus, allowing her to get all the credit. Ashleigh does inevitably cave after it seems like the Omega Chi’s aren’t going to show up to the party they threw at Dobler’s. Casey’s upset that Ashleigh gave in to Frannie, considering it a personal defeat. Her jealousy and control-issues are kind of annoying (but understandable as she’s still getting used to the idea of Ashleigh taking over her old job) but then she makes a really good point by telling Ashleigh that the Omega Chi’s have all the power in this situation and that it’s really Evan who’s president of ZBZs.

Ashleigh takes Casey’s words to heart and the following morning when one of the girls (Betsy, maybe?) announces that Omega Chi will be extending the pref invite, Ashleigh in turn, announces to the ZBZ’s that they’re declining the invitation and going with the #2 fraternity on campus, the Lambda Sigs. Frannie is shocked and tries to argue this, realizing her big win might be falling apart. Ashleigh makes an analogy about Angelina Jolie and how she defines what’s cool just by doing what she wants and being herself and that’s what the ZBZ’s need to start doing. They need to stop defining themselves by the frat they mingle with. Ashleigh inspires half the girls (plus 3) to vote her way and when the Omega Chi’s show up, Betsy turns them down. Burn! I love Ashleigh for this. I was getting seriously annoyed by how vital the whole Omega Chi status seemed to be for the ZBZ’s, plus Ashleigh convincing the girls to decline the invite was sure to be a blow for Frannie, who was all set to claim all of the preffy-glory. Casey really seems to be trying to let go of the presidency and hopefully it won’t be much longer before she and Ashleigh are back to normal.

While Ashleigh is busy dealing with being ZBZ president, Rusty and Dale are set to part ways next semester as Rusty is going to live in the Kappa Tau house. Dale tells Rusty that his old purity-pledge partner Kirk is transferring to Cyprus Rhodes and the two are going to live together. In a nutshell, Kirk is a weirdo. He first jumps out on screen having been hidden behind Dale’s bed for four and a half hours, waiting for Dale to come back to his room. Now I’m thinking Kirk’s going to be another uberChristian nerdy-type just like Dale but as it turns out, he’s not so pure.

After noticing Kirk’s spacey behavior and abnormal food cravings, Rusty starts to suspect that something’s not right with him. Then Kirk (or is it Kurt?) asks Rusty where he can “score some herb.” Yeah, Kirk’s a pothead. This wouldn’t be so weird by normal college standards but since Kirk’s supposed to be Dale’s new roommate, Rusty realizes it’s a problem. He tries to tell Dale about it but Dale being Dale chooses to blindly believe that Rusty’s mistaken and that Kirk is just as pure as he is.

Kirk convinces Dale to go to the KT party and ends up getting himself, Dale and Rusty arrested by campus security for breaking an open-container law. No amount of Jedi-mind-tricking was going to keep Huck from arresting them. After doing “hard time” in the clink, Dale realizes that Kirk really is just a pot-smoking cheese weasel. He and Rusty agree to room together next year. It’s for the best as the room Rusty was going to move into is an utter dump and he probably would’ve gotten the plague or some other disease from whatever’s growing in there.

Cappie spends the duration of the episode trying to live down the unwanted serial-monogomist reputation he’s acquired. He takes the phrase “serial monogamist,” which Beaver picked up from his self-education through Wikipedia, as a total insult and vows to have a threesome with two girls at their upcoming party. He spends the duration of the party trying to convince two girls to go upstairs and get it on with him. He gets slapped a lot but finally finds Lisa Lawson, a girl known for her loose virtue and she naturally agreeable to a threesome. Then Cappie finds girl #2 but she turns out to be an enemy of Lisa’s since Lisa slept with her boyfriend. Lisa leaves but girl #2 (Chrissy?) agrees to go ahead with the threesome if they can invite one of her sorority sisters. Everything goes wrong though as Cappie finds the girl but then loses Chrissy.

In the end, Cappie doesn’t end up waking up next to two hot sorority girls as he planned. He did wake up between Beaver and Wade, who crashed in his bed after their rooms were being used for recreational activities, including Cappie’s threesome (which happened with another brother instead of Cappie).

The episode ends with a cliffhanger. It’s the infamous “hell week” has begun! In this season’s finale we’ll get to see just how bad things are for the pledges as they make their way through the last week of pledging.

Greek Spoilers: Season Finale Major Scoop!


From KorbiTV at

Greek came back into our living rooms to kick off season two just a couple months back and, as far as I’m concerned, has been killing it week after week. Showing no signs of a sophomore slump, the series is at its best and I can’t believe it’s already time for another break. In the world of CRU, Summer is upon us, and this Tuesday, we’ll bid farewell to our favorite frat boys and sorority gals in a mid-season finale that changes a lot… it’s Hell Week, bitches, and there are gold fish involved. Plus, LC’s giving shiny hair tips!

So you’ll know what to expect, I’m answering a few of your Greek questions below…

Clarkduke But before we get to that, a shout out to the cast, who’ve kept quite busy during their break from shooting. Clark Duke, better known to us as Rusty’s Christian conservative roommate Dale, is starring in the comedy Sex Drive, which opens in theaters today. Derek Mio, aka adorable Kappa Tau bro Wade, finished a short World War II film called The Forest Demon (peep the trailer). And the series regulars — pretty much all of ’em: Spencer, Scott, Jacob, Amber, Dilshad, Jake, Paul and Tiffany — have been on the campaign trail, doing a nationwide college tour with Declare Yourself, inspiring potential voters to get registered.

Okay, on to your queries…

Scottmichaelfoster Hi Korbi, Cappie’s speech to Rusty and Calvin about soulmates in the last episode really made me think of him and Casey and made me really miss that chemistry they had together. Is there anything coming up for them at all? -Christa
There is, indeed. There are a couple of really intense Casey-Cappie scenes in Tuesday’s finale… scenes in which their chemistry is palpable.

So I’m kinda bummed that there’s been no further development between Cappie and Casey on Greek so far this season. Is there anything on the horizon? -Colleen

Depends what you deem as “development.” If you’re waiting for him to stick her with his, um, KT pledge pin, you’re going to have to be patient. But if you’re cool with watching their friendship slowly grow and build into something more, you’ll have stuff to smile about this week.

Korbi, let’s talk Greek! Can you give me some Max-Casey scoop? He’s such a cute boyfriend to her. -Kaitlyn
Max just got into grad school at Cal Tech… which is two thousand plus miles from the CRU campus, so yeah, not cool as far as their relationship is concerned. Still, I hear the producers really like Michael Rady and Max really likes Casey, so I think we’ll be seeing more of him next year.

Grammer_stevens I can’t believe Rebecca got Ashley voted president on Greek!! What a twist! Honestly, I think it was a good move. You? -Priti
I’d have to agree. Frannie and Casey’s election feud was out of control and, as it turns out, Ashley is a really good prez. Seems F & C will be spending a lot less time worrying about ZBZ now that they’re not in charge and Ash is filling in the blanks for both of them quite effectively.

Finally, a good storyline for Amber Stevens on Greek! Ashley is the hot unsung sister hero. So, Casey’s going to hate her now that she’s president, right? -Jac
Actually, if there’s tension brewing between the two, we won’t see it till next year. The finale previews were a bit misleading. Casey seems to be taking Ashley’s presidency in a stride so far. But, as I mentioned a couple weeks back, Frannie… not so much.

Greek Season Finale Spoilers: Casey & Cappy?

I know some Greek fans think Casey’s new guy is Mr. Perfect, but I think he’s so stiff and robotic. It’s like watching paint dry. I’m surprised to say it, but I miss the Cappie-Casey dynamic. Is there anything coming up with those two? In two words: Um, yeah! In the season finale (airing Oct. 28), Casey will turn to two unlikely people for advice on her love life: Lauren Conrad… and Cappie. At the end of the soul-searching, I am told, Case might find herself and Cap in a very familiar place. — TV Guide

Greek Episide Recap: The Popular Vote

While the rest of the country is gearing up for a huge presidential election, some of the characters on ABC Family’s Greek are more concerned about a more localized election. Of course I’m referring to the race for the ZBZ presidency. Frannie and Casey are all set to go head to head but based on Ashleigh’s frequent polls, it’s too close to call and a lot of it hinges on where Rebecca’s loyalty lies. read more

New Greek Spoilers! Rusty / Evan Fight!

Silly Rusty (Jacob Zachar) thought it would be smart to hit Evan Chambers (Jake McDorman) upside the head while at Doblers, since Evan was sleeping around on his sister. Word is Evan will get his revenge in a coming episode that takes place during Hell Week. There will be a legendary—wait for it—Battle Royale between the Omega Chis and the Kappa Taus, and Rusty’s face may twinge just a bit after that. — Kristin at E!Online

Greek Spoilers & Scoop: Oct. 28 Season Finale!

How long will Max be around on Greek? I love him and Casey together: I hope he’s around long enough to distract her from this dude: The show is now seeing exceptionally hot young actors to play the recurring role of the exceptionally hot new hasher at ZBZ. And though the college-age Brad Pitt look-alike tries to hold on to his job by resisting the comely co-eds, his attraction to one of our heroines soon gives way to action. — Ausiello Files

A major defection in the Oct. 28 season finale will shake up Greek life like never before. It’s a game changer reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica‘s big Tigh-Galen-Tyrol-Tory-are-Cylons reveal. Declares series creator Sean Smith: “It’s hands down our biggest episode to date.” — Ausiello Files

Greek Episode Recaps!

Its prom night at Cyprus Rhodes and love is certainly in the air for some of our favorite Greek characters. Not so much for others but everyone made the most of the ZBZ formal, even the people who didn’t get to attend. … READ FULL RECAP

Past Episodes:

TV Recap: Greek – See You Next Time, Sisters, Sept. 30, 2008

Casey’s trying to map out her future, which includes figuring out her potential career paths. Being an English major, this can be quite a tricky task. Max gives Casey some words of encouragement, telling her that she can do anything because she’s amazing….READ FULL RECAP

Greek – Pledge Allegiance, Sept. 24, 2008:

Casey is really excited about the start of her new relationship with Max. She’s ready to “swim in the deep end.” Considering her relationships with Cappie and Evan centered largely on greek life and “pie,” diving into a new romance with a guy who has actual serious things to think about, like the death of his previous girlfriend, it’s understandable that she might be a bit nervous about how to be around Max….READ FULL RECAP

Greek – Gays, Ghosts And Gamma Rays, Sept 17, 2008

After having a sweet, kissy dream about Max, Casey decides to make up an excuse to see him. Since he didn’t seem all that into the idea of hanging out at a bar, she hires him as her astronomy tutor. The “date” doesn’t go as Casey planned though when Max includes a bunch of jocks in his tutoring session. He doesn’t respond to her flirting once again and Casey doesn’t know what to think about this. Then Rusty comes across a photo of a girl and Max says she’s his girlfriend. Rusty relays this news to Casey who realizes the game is over. She sends Max a check for his tutoring services and plans to leave it at that….READ FULL RECAP

New Greek Spoilers! Finally!

Casey doesn’t completely screw it up her relationship with Max—on her own at least. Remember that alum from Zeta Beta who slipped her a card last week? Well, Casey may just ditch Max for the summer to try her hand at politics. — Kristin at E!Online

Michael Rady — who plays Max (and who played Kostas in The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, too) — is sticking around. In fact, when sorority rush rolls around next year, ZBZ will be rocking a Traveling Pants theme and the Kostas character gets a cute shout out… But be prepared for someone else in Casey’s life to finally say sayonara. Seems a faction of sisters will be seceding from the sorority and the Pied Piper role will be played by Frannie, of course. — Korbi TV at

Greek Spoilers! Jesse McCartney joins Cast!

Jessemccartney_lJesse McCartney, the actor/singer/songwriter has joined the cast of the ABC Family hit for the second season, the network has announced.

The ex-Summerland orphan will play the recurring role of Andy, a heavily recruited freshman jock who’ll be torn between rushing the KT and OX houses. The fact that he’s an old friend of Calvin’s may offer a clue as to which way he’ll ultimately swing. (Don’t read into my shameless double entendre, kids; Greek creator Sean Smith says Andy is of the straight persuasion.) —  The Ausiello Files
Playing Andy, a high school pal of Paul James’ Calvin, McCartney’s character will, uh, fraternize with both Kappa Tau and Omega Chi as a coveted pledge.

McCartney, who has flexed his acting muscles on Summerland, isn’t the only new face at Cyrpus-Rhodes University. Ken Marino, he of Veronica Mars fame, will guest star in the mid-season opener as a summer camp counselor.

Greek will return to airwaves in spring 2009. — TV Guide

New Greek Spoilers for Oct. 14 Episode!

Jessica Rose has signed on to reprise her role as Jen K. for the show’s big election episode on Oct. 14. “It’s been six months since the breakup, and Rusty finds himself in an opportunity to give it a second chance,” reveals Greek creator Sean Smith. “Thematically, it’s tied into the election, with Rusty having to choose between giving the past a second chance or holding out for something new and better for the future. Calvin’s exploring the same themes in his romantic life, too.” — Ausiello Files

Greek Spoilers & Interview Rebecca “Dilshad Vadsaria”

Can Greek‘s “Girl Gone Wild” Hold onto Cappy?

From TVGuide


Dilshad Vadsaria by Bob D’Amico/ABC Family It looks like we’re kicking off the season with Rebecca causing some real headaches for poor Casey….
Dilshad Vadsaria:
Yes, poor Casey. Again. [Laughs] Rebecca has definitely caused some problems for ZBZ, with the spring break episode, where she found out about her father…. And subsequently doffed her top at a bar and became a viral video sensation.
Yeah. I think it’s fun that the writers took it in that direction, because it’s so true for the age that we live in. Whatever you do is kind of recorded right away. Heck, you yourself probably have some compromising photos that could surface.
No, no, no – I have all the pictures. [Laughs] They’re in a safe deposit box. Why does Rebecca not take too seriously Casey’s threat of being booted as a pledge?
It’s more of a front that she doesnt take it seriously. What you’ll see in the episodes that follow is her kind of finding a place in the house. Up until now, you wondered, “Does Rebecca really care about the sorority?” [Greek exec producer] Patrick Sean Smith and I had a conversation about that, because there was a question in my mind. Now that she has lost her footing as “the senator’s daughter,” now that all the skeletons are out, she needs to find where she belongs. She has a rare opportunity to redefine who she is.
Exactly. This season will focus more on that. Where you used to see Rebecca primarily with Cappy, they’re going to incorporate her life in the house more. The audience is going to like the way she “grows up” in that sense. The premiere sets up a nice parallel between what’s going on with Cappy and Rusty and Casey and Rebecca. They’re in similar situations of having to weigh the significance of a pledge’s outside-of-house behaviors.
Yeah, seeing whether they believe in the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood that comes with being part of the Greek system. For Rebecca, it’s about letting go of her cynicism of it. She hasn’t been presented in her life with people who are very genuine, only people who want things from her because of her stature. That made her very guarded, wary of motivations. This season, that starts to chip away. Rebecca is not one to let it all go [Laughs], but she does start to show another side. What is this in the season premiere press release about Rebecca and Cappy’s relationship taking “a more serious turn”? Is this, like, ABC Afterschool Special serious?
[Laughs] Nooooo…. Nothing like that per se. The whole point of bringing the two characters together is that because they are so different they can really appreciate each other for who they are. There are no judgments. Cappy is a very serious relationship for Rebecca. She really cares about him. In the season finale, we saw her world come apart and Cappy is the fun guy, the guy who likes to party. He kind of shies away from anything serious — we saw that in the flashback episode with Cappy and Casey — so it’s like that storyline coming back. All of a sudden he has a girlfriend who he really does care about but she’s dealing with some very serious things. How is he going to handle that? You’re going to see them both grow up, in a sense, and explore what they need from each other. Whether that comes through or not is the cliffhanger in their relationship as it takes this more serious turn. But the longer they’re together, the more Casey-Cappy fans stare daggers at you.
Exactly! They love to see Casey and Cappy together, and that plays into it. People say, “Cappy, why don’t you leave this already? There’s so much drama with Rebecca, go back to Casey” and all of that. Yeah, but Rebecca is hot!
Well, thank you! [Laughs] It’s fun to tease the viewers with what’s going to happen with that. You’ll see that in every episode coming up. Tell me about playing the “drunk-splashing-around-in-the-campus-fountain” scene in the season premiere.
That was crazy fun. At the beginning of filming, it seemed like a really good idea, but the reality is that come 2 o’clock in the morning, you’re like, “Oh my gosh, it’s freezing cold!” The girl who plays [fellow ZBZ pledge] Mandy had to hold my hand as we counted to three and then dunked ourselves in the water. We were shaking by the end!

Greek Season 2 Episode Recaps


Episode Recap: “Let’s Make a Deal” | Greek Show Blog | 9/10/2008

Things are not looking so good as the episode kicks off. The Kappa Tau pledges need a car and Cappie’s has seen better days, Rusty’s driving past comes back to haunt him when he wants to borrow Casey’s car and Ashleigh’s shopping sprees have resulted in a $1300 credit card bill (oops). Evan is having money problems of his own…sort of. On the verge of receiving his trust fund Evan learns the fund is conditional, forcing him to choose between his parents dictating his… read more

Episode Recap: “Crush Landing” | Greek Show Blog | 9/3/2008

Last episode Casey spied Big Sis Frannie kissing her ex. Needless to say Casey is not taking it so well and no amount of junk food or talking to Frannie seems to help. Lucky for her the ZBZ crush party can serve as a fun distraction. (Is it me, or is Dobbler’s the only bar within a 10 mile radius of the CRU campus?)Rusty’s having a rough time getting back to class—I guess honors engineering isn’t as thrilling for a college student as it was for a young boy fascinated with Silly Putty. Confused and in need of advice, Rusty reaches out to his somewhat indifferent RA. But who has time to question his future when the seniors have blockaded their rooms? (Must be an engineering thing, this doesn’t happen in journalism school.) The crazy tradition ends up showing Rusty that he’s really meant to be a scientist. Rebecca is still dealing from the fallout of her Spring Break video and her dad’s sex scandal but Cappie seems to have a few ideas of how to cheer up… read more

Episode Recap: “Brothers and Sisters” | Greek Show Blog | 8/27/2008
Hope you all enjoyed Spring Break because the party’s over and school is back in session. But who has time to think about class when it’s Greek Week? As reigning champs, ZBZ (specifically Casey) is determined not to give up the title. Kappa Tau isn’t messing around either—that cheer routine shows that KT is taking Greek Week very seriously. Unfortunately things aren’t so carefree for Rebecca…her Spring Break errr performance has made it onto the Web. (Watch out for… read more

More Greek Spoilers, Casting…

At TV Guide they discussed the fate of Max who seems destined to hook up with Casey. Max has issues, indeed, as revealed during last night’s episode. “It’s a place our show has never gone before, which is exciting,” series creator Patrick Sean Smith told TV Guide. “As for how long Max will stay, you’ll have to wait and see.”

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