Ugly Betty Spoilers: Lindsay Lohan Leaves Early, Why?

From TV Guide: Who was the real Mean Girl on the set when Lindsay Lohan resumed her Ugly Betty run — the tabloid mainstay, or series lead America Ferrera?

The New York Post‘s Page Six column claims that after some indecent behavior — including, perhaps, the forgoing of bloomers for a scene in which Betty yanks down her high-school nemesis’ trou — Lohan was abruptly cut loose from her guest-star turn, which this season was to last six episodes.

A pal of Lohan’s, however, argues to the paper that Ferrera “was mean to Lindsay” and “got her kicked off” the last two episodes she was supposed to film. A spokesperson for Ferrera would only tell the Post, “America is grateful to have had [Lindsay] on the show and thinks everyone should tune in to see how great the episodes are.”

Other online accounts of the alleged on-set squabble claim that not only was Lohan’s visit truncated, but that she is now being edited out of anything that already had been filmed.

Well-placed sources, however, tell that such “editing” rumors are completely untrue, yet confirm that Lohan’s run will end early — strictly for “storyline purposes.” Summing up the rash of Thursday-morning gossip, one setsider tells us, “It’s all so silly.”

A statement from the show’s producers reads: “[Lindsay] did a great job and we enjoyed having her. Viewers can look forward to her episodes tonight [at 8 pm/ET] and next week.” Lohan’s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, has yet to respond for a comment.

Kristin at E!Online had more to say about the whole situation:

Lindsay Lohan Booted From Betty

The main driving force for this decision is that Lindsay was not gelling creatively with the series. “She was not so interested in creating a character,” another reliable insider close to Betty tells me. “She was more interested in just playing herself, and that doesn’t work on a show like this with such heightened reality.”

Update: I was originally told that Lindsay’s scenes were cut from what would have been her fifth and sixth episodes, but another source clarifies that everything Lindsay filmed will be aired. And, next week, her fourth appearance on the show, is all they ever shot and edited for Lindsay.

Update: According to sources who work on the show, Lindsay was originally written into an upcoming script of Betty, but she was taken out of that script and the scenes with her character were rewritten.

Producers of the series released a gracious official statement about Lohan, saying, “Lindsay wrapped up her arc, and she’s done filming. She did a great job, and we enjoyed having her. Viewers can look forward to her episodes tonight and next week.”

New Ugly Betty Videos, Interviews, Spoilers!

From KorbiTV at

You haven’t seen the last of Henry and Gio, but both Chris Gorham and Freddy Rodriguez passed on making the Ugly Betty move to New York and that will definitely influence Betty’s response to Henry’s marriage proposal and Gio’s joint travel plans. The good news for those who are pissed to see her love interests go? The new guy, Jesse (played by Val Emmich, the kid who made Liz Lemon a legit cougar last season), is unhateable. He’s a struggling musician that lives across the hall from B — she’s getting her own apartment in the city! — and you might just forget all about the old flames at the first site of his cute face.


Eddie Cibrianwho plays Coach Diaz, Hilda’s guy that’s married, is sticking around.

Lindsay Lohan actually has several scenes with Betty’s pop, Ignacio, but she doesn’t seem to be familiar with the whole “respect your elders” concept.

Except for the birth of her Meade baby — whom Christina is still carrying — Wilhelmina’s Mode takeover is pretty much complete. In fact, she’s already given Mode quite the makeover and Daniel’s moved on to a new job… which of course means that Betty will too…

Ana Ortiz Previews Hilda’s Ugly Love Life | TV Show Previews | 9/24/2008


Ana Ortiz by Bob D’Amico/ABC

Betty may have two suitors beating down her door, but the older Suarez sis can’t seem catch a break.In Ugly Betty’s season finale, we last saw Ana Ortiz’s Hilda with her new man Tony lip-locked on the playground, but Ortiz revealed a future with the sexy gym coach come Season 3 may not pan out. “Eddie Cibrian [Tony] has been on for the first four episodes,” says Ortiz. “But you know, Hilda can’t ever find love, so there’s going to be something tragic as always.” Though Hilda’s love life may be in the toilet, Ortiz assures viewers there are good things to come for her full-of-life character. “She’s opening her salon, so she’s got her little business. And I think they might even bring her over to MODE for a little bit.” Fingers crossed Hilda (and her unique taste) signs on as a stylist! read more

VIDEO: Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton on Her New Choice to Play Her Dad | Today’s News: Our Take | 9/24/2008

Ugly Betty fans know that after an exhaustive search for her real daddy, Amanda, played by the lovely Becki Newton, found out that Gene Simmons was not her father. TV Guide’s Gina DiNunno nabbed some time with Becki at the Ugly Betty Season 3 premiere party and chatted about working with Simmons, what Amanda’s journey will be this season as well as her next candidate to play her dad: Pee Wee Herman.

Also, ABC just announced that they will launch six webisodes called, Mode After Hours, featuring Marc (Michael Urie) and Amanda in different adventures at the Mode office after work is done and the office is empty. They will be posted weekly starting with the premiere on Sept. 25 at 8 pm/ET. read more

VIDEO: Is Ugly Betty Finally Moving Out? | Today’s News: Our Take | 9/24/2008
The cast and crew of ABC’s hit show Ugly Betty has moved production to New York City and took the opportunity to celebrate their third season premiere in the city that never sleeps. TV Guide’s Gina DiNunno caught up with Betty herself, America Ferrera, on the red carpet and asked how Betty’s life will change this season, and specifically, if she’ll get the guts to move out of her family’s home. Check out the video now, and find info on Betty “trying to grow up” and move out at the 1:33 minute mark.  read more

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