Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton’s ‘One Tree Hill’ departures confirmed

Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton’s ‘One Tree Hill’ departures confirmed

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Though we’ve known for months that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton would not return to “One Tree Hill” this fall for the series’ seventh season, The CW has just now officially confirmed the actors’ exits. A network rep tells me they will be welcoming two new cast members, in addition to Austin Nichols, as series regulars.

Exclusive: Murray, Burton exit ‘One Tree Hill’

Source: The Ausiello Files

Onetreehillwedding_l It looks like One Tree Hill newlyweds Peyton and Lucas are about to embark on a permanent honeymoon. Sources confirm that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, whose characters tied the knot in last night’s penultimate episode, will not be returning for the show’s seventh season next fall. The CW is expected to formally announce their departures next Thursday at its upfront presentation.  Murray and Burton have been engaged in rather high-profile contract negotiations for the past several months. Ultimately, a deal couldn’t be worked out and both actors will make their final appearances in next Monday’s season finale. To fill the void next season, a Hill insider tells me that two new characters will be introduced. Additionally, Austin Nichols (Julian) is being promoted to a series regular. What say you, Tree Hill fans? Pumped for OTH 2.0? Too upset to even think about it? Let loose in the comments section.

Confirmed: Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton Exit ‘One Tree Hill’

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
The CW has given a nod to the departures of two actors playing Lucas and Peyton on ‘One Tree Hill’, and said that 2 new cast will be introduced in the seventh season.

Confirmed: Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton Exit 'One Tree Hill'See larger image The media have been reporting that is a goner from “” but apparently one more is leaving the show. His on-screen wife, Peyton, is not included in the next season’s story and thus is also out from the picture. The CW has confirmed the departures of the two actors to several media outlets, but no formal reason has been given. The characters got married on the Monday, May 11 episode but pregnant Peyton is wheeled to the ER on the next week’s episode. Fans of the show will be able to watch Chad and Hilarie, who have been in the show for 6 years, for the last time on the season finale that airs May 18. Additionally, The CW said that they will compensate the loss with two new characters, which details have not been elaborated further. Austin Nichols, who plays Julian, is also promoted as a regular. The rumors of Chad and Hilarie leaving the show erupted for the first time in late February when Hilarie posted an emotional video message to fans, saying “…I wish I had creative control over the show, and I don’t. But if I did, it would go on for a million years, and Peyton Sawyer would cry for you all the time – because she does that.” Few weeks later Chad, captured by a fan’s video during autograph signing, said “They don’t want me. I’m not joking” before then encouraging that fans “should do online, is start blogging and being pissed off that they don’t want that.” Although involved in a negotiation later on, Chad mentioned that the show wanted to save money.

One Tree Hill – Exclusive first look at Season 7 New Characters

Here is the first casting call for Season 7 of One Tree Hill. Filming will begin on 17th June currently.
Mid to late 20s, very pretty. One of Haley’s older sisters, Quinn is a free spirit but can also be dependable and kind. Strong-willed, self-assured but also self-effacing, Quinn is facing a transitional time in her life, one that will bring her to Tree Hill with a wounded heart and in search of something more…SERIES REGULAR.

20s, gorgeous. Alexis is a model/actress and the new face of Brooke’s clothing line. Alexis is an adrenaline junkie and a bit of a diva who is used to getting her way. Book smart and street wise, Alexis uses her wiles to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of her profession. She has also never met a party she didn’t like, a habit that may inhibit or accelerate her transition from model to actress, depending on who crosses her path sptv050769. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…SERIES REGULAR.

Late 20s, handsome. A young and brash sports agent who represents Nathan Scott’s basketball interests, Clayton is a rising star at his agency and has become a close friend, ally, business partner and advisor to Nathan. A bit of a lothario, Clayton unapologetically enjoys the spoils that are available to a young, wealthy, handsome single guy, while always separating business from pleasure, and remaining fiercely protective of Nathan. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…SERIES REGULAR.
Source: SpoilerTV

Gossip Girl Spinoff: “Lily” Casting & Spoilers!

Gossip Girl Spinoff: Meet the Cast of the CW’s Lily

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Cynthia Watros, Ryan Hansen, Brittany Snow, Shiloh Fernandez, Krysten Ritter, Andrew McCarthy

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Lisa O’Connor/, Matt Carr/Getty Images, Jim Spellman/Getty Images, Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Sources confirm that the CW is in advanced talks to bring Cynthia Watros (Lost) and Andrew McCarthy (Lipstick Jungle) onboard the Gossip Girl spinoff tentatively titled Lily. Cynthia and Andrew would play CeCe and Rick Rhodes, Lily’s parents and Serena’s grandparents. (Caroline Lagerfelt plays CeCe on the current series.) With mom and pop cast, the producers have now filled out the starting regular-castmember lineup for Lily. And some more good news for us dual Gossip GirlVeronica Mars fans: Reps for Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars, Party Down) confirm that he will also hook up with Lily in the ’80s, reportedly as one of her new Valley pals.

Already onboard and previously announced:

Brittany Snow (American Dreams, Nip/Tuck) will be young Lily Rhodes. (Kelly Rutherford plays her on the current series as a grown, much-married woman) Shiloh Fernandez is set to play Owen, a possible love interest for Lily. Our girl Krysten Ritter (Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad) will be Lily’s wild-child older sister Carol.

Also appearing in the “backdoor pilot” episode airing May 11 is No Doubt, playing themselves in the 1980s before Gwen Stefani went solo, back when they were just kids.

Gossip Girl – Spin-off Casting News

Serena’s father revealed?

“One Tree Hill” alum Matt Barr has been cast in the CW’s “Gossip Girl” spinoff as Keith van der Woodsen, a rich and handsome Malibu prince who is the love interest to Lily Rhodes (Brittany Snow). Set in 1980s Los Angeles, the “Gossip Girl” spinoff chronicles Lily’s wild teen years. While the producers of the WBTV/Alloy project wouldn’t give more clues about the Keith character, speculation is that he could be Lily’s future husband (Lily’s married name is Lily van der Woodsen) and father of Serena van der Woodsen. Barr, repped by Pakula King and Luber Roklin, next appears on CBS’ limited series “Harper’s Island.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter


Gossip Girl – Spinoff – Brittany Snow Set Photos

Lily: The Premise

Source: BuddyTV

The show will be a prequel, with a “back door pilot” airing May 11 in replacement of a Gossip Girlepisode. The show focuses on Serena’s mother, Lily van der Woodsen (nee Rhodes), as a troubled teenager in 1980’s Los Angeles. Young Lily moves out of her wealthy parents’ home in Montecito to live with her outcast sister in the Valley, where we’ll see her living her oft-mentioned rock ‘n’ roll memories as she attends public school, experiences the glamor of Hollywood and the excess of the Sunset Strip, and of course get tangled up with some bad boys.

Pictured: Krysten Ritter as Carol Rhodes, Brittany Snow as Lily Rhodes.

Brittany Snow as Lily Rhodes

Snow will play the title character, Lily Rhodes–the younger version of Lily van der Woodsen, played by Kelly Rutherford on Gossip Girl, and mother to lead Serena (Blake Lively).

Krysten Ritter as Carol Rhodes

Ritter will play Carol, Lily’s troubled older sister, the “black sheep” of the family who takes Lily in after a fall-out with their parents.

Cynthia Watros as Celia ‘CeCe’ Rhodes

Watros will portray stone-cold socialite CeCe Rhodes, Lily’s mother. On Gossip Girl, CeCe is played by the fabulously frigid Caroline Lagerfelt, who sticks her stuck-up nose into Lily and Serena’s business with the Humphrey boys. We doubt she was any different in the 80’s.

Andrew McCarthy as Rick Rhodes

McCarthy will play Lily’s father Rick Rhodes, a high-powered music company executive.

Matt Barr as Keith van der Woodsen

Finally, Serena’s father revealed! (We think.) Meet Keith van der Woodsen, a wealthy Malibu scion who’s sure to romance Lily sooner or later, given her married name on Gossip Girl.

Shiloh Fernandez as Owen

Owen is set to be a brooding L.A. valley punk “with a caustic wit,” and more than likely a love interest for Lily.

Ryan Hansen as Shep

CW alum Hansen is set to play Shep, Owen’s friend who reportedly has a thing for the other Rhodes sister, Carol.

Special Guest: No Doubt

Also appearing in the “backdoor pilot” episode airing May 11 will be No Doubt, playing themselves in the 1980s, before fame and a solo Gwen Stefani.

New Melrose Place Remake: Casting Who Will Mischa Barton Play?

Mischa Barton Reportedly Testing for ‘Melrose Place’ Remake

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
There’s a speculation that Mischa Barton is aiming for an adult genre by enrolling herself in the spin-off to ‘Melrose Place’.

Mischa Barton
See larger image © Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

The pilot has been given a thumb up, first few actors have been cast, the remake of “Melrose Place” just lacks a bit of spice. The producers may be ready to fill in that with a negotiation with former “” star, .

In its recent casting scoop, Zap2It Korbi claims that an insider informs her that Barton is trying for a role in the refurbished TV series. The CW which will air the show, is reportedly excited in having her. No information however, on which character Barton most likely take over.

Should the rumor contains truth, then Barton will join two actors which have been confirmed to be on board. who had a role in ““, will play an ambitious publicist by the name of Ella Flynn. Michael Rady meanwhile, will portray Jonah Miller, a filmmaker.

reportedly is also in talks to reprise her famous role in the original “Melrose Place” series, Amanda Woodard. But no confirming statement has been published regarding this.

90210 Spoilers: Tori Spelling May be Talking a 90210 Gig…Again

Tori Spelling May be Talking a 90210 Gig…Again

TV Guide

Could Tori Spelling finally make it back to West Bev?

The actress is reportedly in talks to appear on 90210, restarting a conversation that began — and ended — last fall. Although nothing is official, Spelling’s Donna Martin may arrive for a couple of episodes in the spring, E! reports, possibly for one of the shows that Jason Priestley will direct.

Spelling had planned to appear on the CW series when it kicked off in September, but she delayed things after giving birth to her baby daughter. Soon after, the plans were dropped amidst rumors that Spelling’s request for the same pay as her fellow former 90210 stars was the sticking point.

West Bev has enjoyed a bevy of original 90210ers so far this fall, including Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth, plus Peach Pit maven Joe E. Tata. Would you welcome the return of Donna? How would her arrival shake things up for West Beverly’s new generation?

Supernatural Casting Spoilers: Meet Teenage Dean “Brock Kelly”!

Supernatural Casting Scoop: Is Teen Dean to Your Liking?

Following this Thursday’s episode, the CW’s Supernatural (like sister show Smallville) is taking a several-week break, returning with new episodes on or around Jan. 15.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that shortly after the series comes back, fans will get a big treat: a teenaged Dean. And filling Jensen Ackles’ shoes for the flashback will be Brock Kelly, has learned.

In “After School Special,” which is slated to air Jan. 29, Supernatural will offer a peek at the brothers’ high-school days, with a tentative Sam not looking forward to facing another new social circle as he and Dean are uprooted again by their demon-chasing dad. Luckily, Dean finds time away from necking with a local gal to watch his picked-on kid bro’s back.

Opposite Kelly, Colin Ford will portray young Sam — just as he did in last season’s “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” (A barely teenaged Ridge Canipe tackled Dean back then). This time around, though, Ford will play a few years older than his actual age, while Kelly will close the gap by playing younger than his actual twenty-some years.

Brock’s previous credits include a handful of Days of Our Lives episodes (as “Josh”) and two appearances on last season’s short-lived Viva Laughlin.

New Heros Spoilers & News!

  • You know how Elle channeled her overly abundant electricity into Claire? Later this season she’ll do the same thing to a male character, only this time it will have some distinctly sexual overtones. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.10: The Eclipse Part 1 Airdate: November 24, 2008

After reuniting Sylar and Elle, Arthur orders them to find Claire and bring her to him. Matt, Hiro and Ando team up together and follow Daphne to her hometown of Athens, Georgia to discover what she’s been hiding. Meanwhile, Nathan and Peter Petrelli travel together to Haiti in search of the the only man that can stop their father from destroying the world, the Haitian. Jack Coleman and Ali Larter also star. Robert Forster also guest stars. Source: NBC

  • Summary of spoilers revealed in Behind the Eclipse Q&A #4: The Eclipse will provide us with more details about Daphne’s powers including strength and healing. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 3.11: The Eclipse Part 2
Airdate: December 1, 2008

The eclipse continues to impact the Heroes’ abilities as Elle and Sylar face off against a vengeful H.R.G. while Claire struggles to survive. In Haiti, Peter and Nathan join forces with the Haitian to battle the Haitian’s brother, Baron Samedi (guest star Demetrius Grosse), and Nathan comes to a shocking decision. In the meantime, Ando, Sam (guest star Seth Green) and Frack (guest star Breckin Meyer) work hard to get Hiro’s memory back with the help of the “9th Wonders” comic books at a local comic bookstore. Greg Grunberg, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Ali Larter and Cristine Rose also star. Brea Grant and Robert Forster also guest star. Source: NBC

Heros Casting Spoilers!

Danbyrd_l Ausiello Files: ‘Heroes’ Exclusive: ‘Aliens in America’ Star Goes Bad

Dan Byrd, best known for his roles as sensitive, wholesome teens on Aliens in America and Clubhouse, is about to tap into his inner Henry Evans. Byrd has been cast on Heroes in the recurring role of David, a dark and twisted kid who tells lies easily and has a cruel streak. Word is he’ll be a possible apprentice to Sylar (Zachary Quinto).

Byrd is committed to appearing in at least three episodes during Heroes‘ forthcoming “Volume 4: Fugitives” arc.

Ugly Betty Spoilers: Lindsay Lohan Leaves Early, Why?

From TV Guide: Who was the real Mean Girl on the set when Lindsay Lohan resumed her Ugly Betty run — the tabloid mainstay, or series lead America Ferrera?

The New York Post‘s Page Six column claims that after some indecent behavior — including, perhaps, the forgoing of bloomers for a scene in which Betty yanks down her high-school nemesis’ trou — Lohan was abruptly cut loose from her guest-star turn, which this season was to last six episodes.

A pal of Lohan’s, however, argues to the paper that Ferrera “was mean to Lindsay” and “got her kicked off” the last two episodes she was supposed to film. A spokesperson for Ferrera would only tell the Post, “America is grateful to have had [Lindsay] on the show and thinks everyone should tune in to see how great the episodes are.”

Other online accounts of the alleged on-set squabble claim that not only was Lohan’s visit truncated, but that she is now being edited out of anything that already had been filmed.

Well-placed sources, however, tell that such “editing” rumors are completely untrue, yet confirm that Lohan’s run will end early — strictly for “storyline purposes.” Summing up the rash of Thursday-morning gossip, one setsider tells us, “It’s all so silly.”

A statement from the show’s producers reads: “[Lindsay] did a great job and we enjoyed having her. Viewers can look forward to her episodes tonight [at 8 pm/ET] and next week.” Lohan’s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, has yet to respond for a comment.

Kristin at E!Online had more to say about the whole situation:

Lindsay Lohan Booted From Betty

The main driving force for this decision is that Lindsay was not gelling creatively with the series. “She was not so interested in creating a character,” another reliable insider close to Betty tells me. “She was more interested in just playing herself, and that doesn’t work on a show like this with such heightened reality.”

Update: I was originally told that Lindsay’s scenes were cut from what would have been her fifth and sixth episodes, but another source clarifies that everything Lindsay filmed will be aired. And, next week, her fourth appearance on the show, is all they ever shot and edited for Lindsay.

Update: According to sources who work on the show, Lindsay was originally written into an upcoming script of Betty, but she was taken out of that script and the scenes with her character were rewritten.

Producers of the series released a gracious official statement about Lohan, saying, “Lindsay wrapped up her arc, and she’s done filming. She did a great job, and we enjoyed having her. Viewers can look forward to her episodes tonight and next week.”

Pushing Daisies Spoilers & Casting News

Pushing Daisies has extended David Arquette’s forthcoming stint as “freshcort” Randy Mann. Arquette, who debuts in next Wednesday’s episode, will return later this season “to have a nice little romance with Kristin Chenoweth,” reveals series creator Bryan Fuller. (BTW, a big shout-out to the half million of you who jumped on the Daises bandwagon last night. Much appreciated!) — Ausiello Files

Friday Night Lights Spoilers & Casting: FNL Loses an Original Castmember

Watch the VIDEO at Kristin at E!Online

Be there in Texas for the departure of Gaius Charles (aka Brian “Smash” Williams) from Friday Night Lights…Bring a hankerchief, because there will be tears.

Heros Spoilers: Casting Scoop!

Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman, Zeljko Ivanek, Heroes

NBC Photo: Chris Haston, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The hunt is on! (But the casting hunt is over.)

Sources tell Kristin at E!Online exclusively that Zeljko Ivanek, who just won an Emmy for Damages, will be joining Heroes later this season. He’ll appear in a multi-episode arc as a character named the Hunter.

According to insiders, the Hunter’s first appearance is in episode 14, which kicks off Volume Four: Fugitives. (Heroes creator Tim Kring is writing the Fugitives premiere!)

Volume Four will begin in late January or early February 2009, and since it is all about fugitives, the role of the Hunter sounds pretty key, don’t you think? Tommy Lee Jones has nothing on this newbie, from what Kristin hears…

Privileged Spoilers! Sage’s new boyfriend!

Barry King/Getty Images, Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Ignacio Serricchio, Ashley Newbrough

Sources tell Kristin at E!Online that Privileged has just cast General Hospital hottie Ignacio Serricchio as a love interest for Palm Beach princess Sage Baker (Ashley Newbrough). Ignacio debuts as Luis in episode 10. Having a honey might make Sage a little more pleasant, don’t you think? (Or it might just make her all the more wicked; we’ll see.) Will this new love soften up the elder Baker sister. Watch Privileged Tuesdays on the CW at 9 p.m.!

90210 Casting Spoilers & Scoop!

Jessicawalter_dl It looks like 90210‘s martini-swilling granny may be headed for another stint in rehab. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Jessica Walter has been dropped as a series regular.

A 90210 insider says while it’s true that Walter’s contract option was not picked up for the second half of the season, the Arrested Development grande dame has agreed to appear on a recurring basis, her schedule permitting.

“Fans have not seen the last of Tabitha,” assures executive producer Gabe Sachs. “We love Jessica.”

According to Michael Ausiello’s moles, the decision to take Walter off contract was made purely for financial reasons. As the show continues to evolve, it didn’t make sense to, as one 90210 insider puts it, “pay her all that money to utter two funny lines an episode.”

Instead, 90210 will continue to invest in headline-grabbing vets like Shannen Doherty, as well as characters that drive story, such as Jessica Lowndes’ Adrianna (who was just made a series regular).

Ironically, Walter’s status change comes as 90210 is about to morph into a show more worthy of her considerable talents. Upcoming episodes under its new exec producer, Gilmore Girls vet Rebecca Kirshner, have been a “vast improvement,” raves a setsider. “The writing is sharper and the characters much more interesting.”

And with all the dough they’ll save on faux vodka — not to mention what already has to be a minuscule craft-services budget — maybe now they’ll be able to afford Luke Perry! — Ausiello Files

90210 can’t get the real Dylan McKay, so what do they do? Create a character that fits his description and then name him after his portrayer, Luke Perry. Duh. Producers are casting the role of Luke, an impulsive, sexy, charismatic, mysterious bad boy who differs from every other guy on the show in one key way: He’s not a total pretty boy. — Ausiello Files

90210 Spoilers! Casting Scooplet

Shannen Doherty is booked for this season’s 11th and 12th episodes.

90210 Spoilers: Sean Cast!

Josh Henderson, who on Desperate Housewives played Edie’s motorcycle-riding, Julie-tempting nephew, is joining the CW’s 90210, has learned exclusively.

Henderson will first appear during November sweeps, when the P.I. who’s been on the prowl for Harry’s son by Naomi’s mom, Tracy, turns up a real charmer named Sean.

The new kid on the palms-lined block won’t wow everyone, however.

Dixon, for one, will feel displaced by his Dad’s biological boy, while a wary Debbie elects to keep her hubby’s illegitimate offspring at arm’s distance.– TV Guide

90210′ Casting Spoilers: Jason Priestley & Shannen Doherty are Back…

Beverlyhills90210_lJason Priestley has agreed to do an episode of The CW’s 90210 later this season, but you won’t see him — he’ll be behind the camera, working as a director. Sources confirm to Michael Ausiello exclusively that Priestley will helm this season’s 18th episode, which is slated to air this spring.

Meanwhile, a 90210 insider also reveals that Priestley’s TV sis, Shannen Doherty, is nearing a deal to return for two more episodes later this season. Executive producer Gabe Sachs would only confirm that she’s “in talks,” but Ausiello’s 90210 spy insists “she’s coming back. The deal isn’t officially done, but it’s happening.”

Might one of Doherty’s two episodes be the Priestley-directed installment? Sachs says that’s TBD. “I think it would be a kick for Jason to work with any of his [former 90210 costars], and it would also add something special to that episode,” he says. “But we don’t know whether that will happen yet.”

A more likely scenario has Priestley bossing around his other leading lady, Jennie Garth, who’s back for at least six episodes.

There’s also some efforts to lure Luke Perry and Tori Spelling back to the fold.

Brother & Sisters Casting Spoilers: Ryan? Gregory Smith or Jason Ritter

Now that everyone in the Walker family know about the long-lost sibling, Ryan Walker on Brothers and Sisters, the qustion is – who will be playing him? The names so far at the top of the list are Jason Ritter (The Class, Joan of Arcadia), Jason Thompson (General Hospital), Tom Pelphrey (Guiding Light) and Gregory Smith (Everwood). Most of the rumors seem to swirl around Ritter and Smith.

Smith opens up some interesting possibility with Emily Van De Camp, who plays Rebecca Harper. On the show Everwood (which was produced by Greg Berlanti, also a producer with Brothers and Sisters) the pair had amazing chemistry as Amy Abott and Ephram Brown.

Ritter is best known for his role as wheelchair bound Kevin Giardi, on Joan of Arcadia. The show was a hit with critics, but not so much with viewers. More recently Ritter followed in his late father’s footsteps (John Ritter), in the sitcom business on the short-lived series, The Class.

Reportedly Ritter was seen at ABC studios for a casting meeting last week. ABC has not commented. – TB Television

Although Emily VanCamp said that if Smith would join Brothers & Sisters as Ryan, it would be Everwood overload, still he would be my choice. The chemistry would be amazing and plus he would “look” better as a Walker, he looks more like them. As an actor, he has shown the viewers he has the range needed to fit in the wide range dramatics of the Walker family.

So whose you choice? Let me know in the comments section.

New Grey’s Anatomy Casting Scoop!


Mary McDonnell by Jim Spellman/; Melissa George by Steve Granitz/

In the same November episode, Mary McDonnell (aka Battlestar Galactica‘s Roslyn) and Melissa George (Vaughn’s eeeeeevil wife on Alias) will begin recurring roles on the ABC serial.

McDonnell will play a surgeon scrubbing in at Seattle Grace, while George will appear as an intern who very well may further complicate Callie and Erica’s already-sticky Sapphic situation.

Both actresses are signed for multiple episodes, with George having the possibility of becoming a series regular, say sources. Word of George’s possible Grey’s visit was originally reported by EW‘s Ausiello. — Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

New Desperate Housewives Spoilers & Marc Cherry Interview

Desperate Housewives: Fat Actress‘ Rachael Harris will appear in a November episode of Housewives as a reporter doing a profile on nationally renowned domestic goddess Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross). — Ausiello Files

Desperatehousewives_l When Susan’s now-adult daughter (Andrea Bowen) returns to Wisteria Lane next month, she’ll be bringing along one helluva surprise: boyfriend Steven Weber.

Sources confirm to Michael Ausiello exclusively that Desperate Housewives has cast the ex-Wings man as Julie’s thrice-divorced college professor-turned-lover, whose sudden appearance leads Susan to double her crazy-pill intake.

Lucky for Mom, the happy couple’s visit will be brief; as of now, Weber and (presumably) Bowen are only on board for one episode. — Ausiello Files

Chatting with ‘Desperate Housewives” Marc Cherry

From Korbi at

MarccherryIn the interview Chery’s answer some burning questions. Will there be a DH musical? What’s up with Edie’s shady husband? And will we jump back in time for Housewives‘ final season? Watch and learn…

As for this weekend’s episode, we’ll see the first real signs of Mr. Edie Britt’s bad behavior when Mrs. McCluskey insults his wife and he “demands” her apology. Plus, Gaby’s discontent will start to become quite evident, we’ll see an unexpectedly cruel side of Orson Hodge and Lynette will sink to new motherly lows, crossing some sort of creepy internet incest line… Enjoy!

New Private Practice Spoilers & Casting!

Season Premiere: Except for a little wibbling at the top of the episode, Addison is the amazing hero we know and love in the season premiere.  This premiere genuinely feels strong and refreshed, like the show’s been staying at Canyon Ranch since we saw it last. Story-wise, Cooper blows off Violet in favor of sex with Charlotte, Dell quits the practice and Addy is crazy angry with Naomi for making an unethical choice about a patient. Also, Amy Acker from Angel is the main patient in the ep, and she does her usual sterling acting job. — Kristin at E!Online


Ming Na by Eric Charbonneau/

Ming Na, who once played a doctor on ER, next will be playing with the doctors of Private Practice.

In the fifth episode of the ABC drama’s second season (which kicks off this Wednesday), Ming Na will guest-star as a friend of Violet’s, and thus will help shed some light on Amy Brenneman’s introverted shrink. (Oh wow, it just hit me — she’s a “shrinking Violet.” D’oh!)

Ming Na’s other credits include NBC’s short-lived Inconceivable and Fox’s almost-as-fleeting Vanished (in which she was woefully underserved).

Previously announced Private guest-stars for the coming season include Billy Dee Williams (as a man who has taken care of his ill wife, at great cost to his own health) and Grant Show (playing Addison’s brother). — TV Guide

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