Chuck Season Finale Recap: “Chuck Versus the Subway”; “Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II?”

‘Chuck’ season finale: A family affair



The episode was two hours full of awesome, and the season literally went out with a bang. You can’t ask for too much more, aside from maybe fewer plot holes (shhh, it’s “Chuck,” they get a pass).

Fight vs. Flight: Chuck hears Shaw at the farmers market and follows him to train station where, in a phenomenal reveal, Chuck hears a knocking on the door of a subway train and turns to see Shaw, waving at him through the window as the train pulls away. Security tapes confirm it. They track Shaw to the building where Justin is holding Ellie “for her own protection,” but in yet another awesome reveal, Sarah is able to unlock a door using the biometric scanner … because it’s a CIA base! Loving it already.

Chuck, in the meantime, is busy beating Justin up in front of his extremely shocked sister: “You just punched a person!” Oh, if only she knew. He takes off after Justin, explaining to Ellie that Justin isn’t so much her CIA handler as her evil organization handler. Aaaand they burst in on a military tribunal just as Beckman is staking her reputation on Chuck’s success as she testifies in front of a committee that wants to shut down the Intersect project. Awwwkwaaard…

And hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because SHAW is the one trash-talking the Intersect project to the military committee! Beckman is as flabbergasted as the team, at least. I would’ve been pretty bummed if she turned out to be evil. Her reluctant affection for Chuck always brightens up an episode. Shaw actually admits that he drugged Sarah, claiming it was sanctioned by the committee, but denies intending to kill her.

Shaw was a Ring double agent until Chuck shot him, supposedly, and now he’s there to shut down the Intersect project. Shaw testifies that Chuck is a) an American hero, and b) dangerously unstable through no fault of his own. Note to guys with secrets: Don’t let them linger until your girlfriend finds out in front of a military tribunal. It’s hard to leap to someone’s defense effectively unless you have accurate information!

Chuck sees Shaw flash on something during the hearing, but is accused of being crazy and paranoid when he claims Shaw is an Intersect. Unfortunately, the “throw a sharp object at an Intersect if you want to out them” test doesn’t work on Shaw (to say the least), and Chuck is taken into custody.

Casey decides to run for it before the Ring/CIA (close to being one and the same now, it seems … don’t ask me how) comes after the people he cares for (basically, Alex and her mom). Sarah: “Everything I care about is in this building.” Awww. Papa Bartowski leads Chuck out of the building remotely to help him escape, but Sarah says he needs to fight so that he’s not running forever with a bull’s-eye on his back. When Papa B. insists that Chuck leave to protect Sarah, though, she realizes she’s going to lose the fight. So … basically he’s becoming his dad. His sad, lonely dad. Once he puts the Governor on, though, he’s at least not sad, lonely and mentally deteriorating.

Sarah is called in to see Shaw, who manages to be so supremely creepy that he tricks her into assaulting him and gets her arrested, too. They even get Beckman! After convincing his dad to turn back around so they can rescue Sarah, Chuck recruits Ellie to help them track down Justin’s Ring hideout. When Ellie asks Papa B. to explain why he left them back in the day, he tells her there’s no time, but that he’ll be back to talk about it: “This is the last time I’m gonna walk away from you.” Aaaand that’s when you know he’s not going to make it out of there alive.

Chuck and Papa B. infiltrate the Ring base, where they find proof that Shaw is an Intersect. Before they can do anything with the information, Shaw finds them, takes Chuck’s Governor, and shoots Chuck’s dad to compromise Chuck’s emotions and render him incapable of fighting. God, he couldn’t have just talked about how awesome it was to bang Chuck’s girlfriend, or something? Pretty sure that would’ve worked, too. Ellie watches from the shadows as her father dies. Well, nuts. I really liked him.

A newly defeatist Chuck joins Casey and Sarah on the way to the “CIA detention facility,” i.e. “remote location where Shaw will shoot them,” convinced that there’s no one left to play hero. But Ellie, amazingly, has the presence of mind to follow the truck, recruiting Awesome and Morgan in the effort. Yay, second-string spies! Morgan in particular just continues to step up to the plate, doesn’t he?

Awesome vs. Ellie: Morgan plays Ellie’s voicemail for Awesome, and it shakes him — especially when Morgan calls him Devon. Yeah, that’s a scary sign. One drinking session with the Buy Morons later, Awesome is convinced Ellie really is cheating on him. Have a little faith in her, man! (And a little faith in yourself and your daily smoothies and foot rubs.)

Awesome’s relief at Ellie’s finally being in on the CIA secret (and being faithful after all) is quickly diminished by the realization that Ellie still doesn’t exactly know the secret. Even worse, his “pockets of missing knowledge” include any and all information about her dad. Well, I’m glad he at least was finally able to explain away his bachelor party!

Casey vs. his daughter: Casey’s a regular at the diner where his daughter works, making it pretty easy for Justin to track him there. There’s a whole lotta growling, even for Casey, as Justin not-so-subtly threatens Alex’s life. Justin: “I’ve gotta say, John, I never figured you for a dad.” Casey [before knocking him out with a napkin dispenser]: “Well, I’m not a very good one.” Way to step up now, buddy! Though kidnapping your daughter isn’t the best way to start a relationship, traditionally speaking.

After Alex beats him up a little (she’s an excellent self-defense student, natch), Casey’s able to give her the key to his Buy More locker, telling her that he’s her dad and she and her mom are in danger. She runs as he’s captured by the CIA. Or the Ring. Or whatever. Alex shows up at the Buy More with the key, where Morgan is amazingly reassuring. They find a stack of cash, passports, and other spy gear in Casey’s locker. Probably doesn’t make up for his not knowing Alex existed until recently, but still not a bad haul.

Chuck vs. Shaw: We begin the second half of the finale with a flashback to Chuck and Ellie’s childhood, where Papa B. assures them that they can fix anything if they work together, and tasks Ellie with protecting Chuck. Man, I’m pretty bummed they killed him off — I thought he added a lot to the show. Is anyone else wondering if budget issues played a role?

Awesome and Morgan sit in Casey’s car arguing about a plan as Shaw prepares to kill Casey, Chuck and Sarah. After hitting some random buttons, they manage to launch a missile into the CIA truck. Well that could’ve gone horribly awry pretty easily. But the prisoners miraculously escape without being blown up (a real testament to the efficacy of armored trucks), leaving Shaw behind with Chuck’s Governor.

Ellie is obviously upset about being out of the loop for so long, and about her dad’s death. Probably not in that order. But Chuck is able to reassure her that their dad was a hero, which goes a long way: “That’s the secret I most wanted you to know.” Awww, this is so sad! And they agree to go after Shaw and the Ring. Ellie does make Chuck promise that this will be his last mission, which is pretty fair — she doesn’t want the only family she has left putting himself in mortal danger on a regular basis. I’m actually surprised she didn’t try and lock Chuck in a padded room for the rest of his life, just to keep him safe.

They’re able to tap into the Ring security system to contact Beckman, who explains that the whole reason she’s in town is for a super-secret spy meeting, where Shaw plans to discredit her and take over. “The Five Elders,” the leaders of the Ring, will be there. Chuck and Sarah sneak in disguised as members of the Russian delegation while Morgan and Casey crack into the conference database. Actually, they mostly fight about Morgan’s having Alex’s number. Again, totally on Casey’s side here.

Despite his “very convincing facial hair,” Chuck is made by Shaw. He and Sarah fight Justin and company off successfully, but Chuck’s Intersect malfunction (think “strobe light” instead of “flash”) is getting worse.

Chuck calls Shaw in the middle of his big presentation, mentioning that he knows the Elders are in the room. And hey, apparently the Ring phones can text! Which is pretty helpful if you’re Shaw and want to quietly alert the Elders to leave the room. I’m also having a lot of fun picturing typical Ring text messages (“omg u r so evil! let’s get 2gether @ teh base l8r!”). Morgan, Casey and Sarah handily arrest said Elders as they escape. The Ring is proving shockingly easy to bring down. Did we just need the proper motivation, or are the stars aligning at precisely the right moment?

Shaw finds Chuck in his office, and assures him that he has no authority to arrest Shaw even though he killed Chuck’s father, is a Ring agent, and plans to destroy the CIA. Wow, for a guy so smart… Chuck, duh, introduces him to the magic of videoconferencing, which allows Shaw to unknowingly finish his presentation from afar, where an audience of spies listens to him recount his nefarious doings. I can’t believe they didn’t fit in a Cisco plug here — the Subway one felt so forced.

Anyway, Chuck’s evil laugh needs a little work. And Chuck needs to realize that if you’re going to laugh evilly, you’d better have the goods to carry the plan through to the end, which doesn’t quite happen. His Intersect malfunctions again and Shaw escapes, leaving Sarah with Chuck, who’s incapacitated by a short-circuiting brain.

Shaw vs. The Buy More: Shaw visits the Buy More, planting explosives and taking Morgan and the store hostage until Sarah gives him Chuck. He’s got the Governor and is already discredited — is it just personal now? His creepy, cyborg-like calmness makes him pretty hard to read. Casey insists over the phone that Morgan break his thumbs to get out of his handcuffs so that he can pull the fire alarm and evacuate the store. And Morgan’s come a long way, ’cause he actually does it. Uggghhhh! Even worse, Jeff pulls it before Morgan gets a chance to! Man, even if Chuck does quit the CIA, Morgan deserves to stay just based on this.

Shaw handcuffs Sarah to the Nerd Herd desk as Chuck strides in, and they prepare to have a Duel of the Intersects. Chuck strobes instead of flashing again, though, accidentally starting a Jeffster! music video as he staggers. YES, the background to the big duel is Bon Jovi’s classic “Blaze of Glory,” as interpreted by Jeffster! And the video is hilarious. There are already, like, twelve “Glee” albums — when are we going to get our Jeffster! record?

Spy Fu ensues, but Shaw has the clear advantage and knocks Chuck out. On the ground, Chuck flashes back to a childhood memory where he wandered into his dad’s lab and activated an early version of the Intersect. Like, at age 7 or so. OMG! Papa B. is amazed that Chuck’s okay after downloading the whole thing, calling him special, just as he did when he died. I’m very interested to learn more about this next season. Did Chuck flash as a child? What was in there? At any rate, Chuck wakes up with some serious moves. Chuck: “Sorry, just had to reboot.” It’s basically like when Neo starts dodging bullets in “The Matrix.”

He destroys Shaw, who taunts him, but Chuck refuses to kill him: “No thanks, I’ve already done that once before.” Shaw: “That’s what makes you weak.” Sarah [hits Shaw with a giant metal beam]: “No, that’s what makes you great.” And she gets the Governor back for Chuck. His Intersect/brain was deteriorating alarmingly fast, but now he’s in good shape. Huzzah! Chuck nervously tells Sarah he has to keep his promise to Ellie to quit the spy life, asking if she could love a regular guy. Sarah: “Well, I fell in love with a regular guy.” Man, I love those two together.

Not to be left out, Morgan heroically finds Shaw’s explosives detonator, and less heroically drops it when bragging about his broken-thumbed success. Everyone runs, and the Buy More is completely destroyed. Color me less convinced about Morgan’s future CIA career.

They end with a sweet memorial to Papa B., which is interrupted by Alex’s arrival! Awww, yay. Casey is so freaking adorably excited. Cutest hug evah! He’s got to be one of my favorite characters on TV, period. And yeah, I’d want Morgan away from my daughter, too!

Chuck assures Ellie he’s done with spying — he even told Beckman. Thanks to his whole saving her job and the entire government thing, she lets him leave. Chuck’s back to being a civilian! And yet, still not quite an average Joe. A text summons him to his computer, where he logs on and sees a final message from his dad. Papa B. is sorry he died, and he loves (correction: loved) Chuck and Ellie. Hmm … I’m gonna say sweet, but weird.

More importantly, he sends Chuck back to their old house, where there’s a giant crazy secret spy basement full of records about various shadowy figures with code names. There’s a lot more to Orion than we knew — including enemies who will now come after Chuck, as well as family secrets: “I did it all for her,” Papa B. says. A woman who is apparently Chuck’s mom receives a phone call from a man who says they’re going to have to move her, as Chuck finds a piece of her jewelry sitting on a table in the spy lair. A file nearby labels her as “missing.” Wooooah.

Big Mike vs. Jeffster!: Quite the Big Mike Subway ad, eh? Anyway, Big Mike has a bat-phone in his office with “Moses,” founder of Buy More on the other line. Oh, Big Mike. Always full of surprises. Unless they increase sales, their branch is going to be shut down. And without Morgan or Chuck to advise him, Big Mike agrees with Lester’s plan to have a going-out-of-business sale to bump up the sales figures. In appreciation, Big Mike agrees to let them screen the Jeffster! music video.

Of course, the fact that Lester came up with the idea should’ve been a pretty huge red flag. The Buy More brass turn up in the middle of the sale, claiming that the store has been shut down and Big Mike is essentially stealing the merchandise by discounting it instead of shipping it to Beverly Hills. Big Mike is sure he’ll be fired, but Jeff suggests they instead burn down the Buy More. Um, how does that accomplish anything?

Big Mike snaps, accusing them of bringing him pain and misery. I’m with him up until he calls Lester’s singing a “vocal felony.” After the big explosion, Big Mike blames it on them, so now they’re fugitives. Even they aren’t so sure they’re innocent. Lester: “Did we do that?” I hope this doesn’t mean they won’t be back next year! I may not love them as individuals, but they shine as Jeffster!

Odds and Ends:

  • I can’t believe the season’s already over! And I hope certain other shows I watch take note of the success “Chuck” had at letting their two main characters hook up rather than prolonging the increasingly artificial tension. Just sayin’. Worked here.
  • So now that everyone’s in on Chuck’s big secret, he’s got a new one! I wonder what his new day job will be without the CIA or the Buy More…
  • Chuck blames himself for his dad’s death because it was his decision to download the Intersect 2.0 and become a spy, but come on, it was his dad’s decision to become a spy first. And he invented the Intersect for godsakes! At the same time, yeah, that sucks.
  • I found the idea of Chuck becoming “the weapon [the military has] always dreamed of” almost as disconcerting as his popped collar.


  • Sarah: “I know what you went through, but you really have to start putting it behind you.” Chuck: “What if I can’t?” Sarah: “Mmm … then there are always blueberries.” Chuck: “How is that possibly supposed to make me feel — Oh my god, these are amazing blueberries!”
  • Casey: “Don’t know how it happened, but our boy’s become a man. Bartowski’s a spy. Picked a good one, Walker … finally.”
  • Sarah: “You ready?” Chuck: “I was born rea — well, actually no, I wasn’t born ready. But I am ready now.”
  • Sarah: “We’re going to need costumes. You think you can handle that?” Chuck: “Sarah, I played Perchik in ‘Fiddler.'” Morgan: “It’s true; he was great.” [Hey, it helped him out once before, right?]
  • Morgan: “I’m a lapsed vegetarian!”
  • Shaw: “What’s your plan?” Chuck: “Excuse me, are you trying to get me to make the classic villain mistake of explaining my dastardly plot to you?”
  • Morgan: “Reach for the sky, dirtbags! You people are the disease, and I am the cure.” Casey: “Back off there, Cobra, I didn’t give you any bullets.”

By Liz Pardue

May 25, 2010 1:15 AM ET

Chuck Season 3 Finale Spoilers: Season 4 Renewal Immanent!

Chuck – Episode 3.17 – Chuck Versus the Living Dead – Press Release



05/17/2010 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Monday) : CHUCK TRIES TO KEEP HIS SPY LIFE SECRET FROM HIS FATHER – SCOTT BAKULA (“QUANTUM LEAP”) GUEST STARS – After his last dream, Chuck (Zachary Levi) asks Morgan (Joshua Gomez) to help him on a side mission. Their investigation becomes complicated when Stephen J. Bartowski (guest star Scott Bakula) returns and learns that Chuck downloaded the Intersect 2.0. Luckily, Chuck’s father may be able to help his son. Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay and Mark Christopher Lawrence also star.
Source: NBC

Chuck – Fans plan rally support for series

“Chuck” fans have a plan to rally support for the NBC series, and this time it doesn’t involve sandwiches.
With the action-comedy on the bubble for a renewal, “Chuck” fans on Monday will stage themed flash mobs in at least four cities.
In Chicago, Seattle, San Diego and Philadelphia, “Chuck” fans plan to gather while dressed in the show’s Buy More-style clothing (short-sleeve work shirts, name tags and the like).
The idea is from fan site, one of those that spearheaded last year’s “Finale and a Footlong” campaign that made national headlines when fans bought sandwiches from “Chuck” sponsor Subway. While last year’s effort was about sending a message to NBC that fans will support the show’s advertisers, this year it’s about trying to market the show to potential viewers.
“Chuck fans are the most loyal, dedicated, imaginative and passionate fans any show could ever hope for,” “Chuck” co-creator Josh Schwartz said.
“Every season they offer more proof they should be licensed and professional fans teaching other fans how it’s done. This is yet another example of their awesomeness. We are, as always, grateful and inspired to deliver a show as good to them as they are to us.”
The College Hill/Wonderland/Warner Bros.-produced series has been on the bubble for a pickup at NBC, though indications suggest the network is bullish about a return. “Chuck” has been the most stable part of the network’s Monday night lineup in a year that companion series “Heroes” has dropped significantly.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Chuck – Episode 3.16 – Chuck Versus the Tooth – Press Release



05/10/2010 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Monday) : CHUCK THE SPY NEEDS A THERAPIST – CHRISTOPHER LLOYD (“BACK TO THE FUTURE”) GUEST STARS – Chuck (Zachary Levi) struggles with disturbing dreams and now he believes his most recent dream predicts danger for a visiting head of state. General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy), however, is unconvinced and assigns Chuck to meet with a CIA psychiatrist Dr. Leo Dreyfus (guest star Christopher Lloyd). Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) gets surprising news and Anna (guest star Julia Ling) returns to the Buy More to talk to Morgan (Joshua Gomez). Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay also star.
Source: NBC

Chuck Season 3 Spoilers

New spoilers added 1-7-10

In the first episode of the new season, a recurring character dies. (Michael Ausiello) As season three starts, we’ll learn something awful has happened between Chuck and Sarah since the second season, and eventually we’ll learn just what that is. We’ll also learn how crucial Sarah is to whether Chuck makes a good spy. Carina, Sarah’s old partner from season one, will be back. And Jeffster will perform again in a very special episode. (TV Guide)

In the second episode of the new season, Sarah’s spy buddy Carina returns. (Michael Ausiello) Carina returns in episode 3×02 and it’s awesome. Also in that episode, Casey gets to go undercover as someone other than a waiter, with amusing results. Episode 3×03 is a combined Devon/Casey episode, which gives insights into both their pasts. And we meet Shaw in episode 3×04. Also, Kreuk’s introduction is “more organic” than fans may have feared. (ChuckTV)

The third episode of the new season is a big episode for Ryan McPartlin’s Awesome. (Michael Ausiello)

Jeff and Lester are both back in action, both as individuals and in musician form. Show runner Josh Schwartz says: “The Buy More has a fight club storyline where Lester really goes bananas. And obviously, you can expect and look forward to the return of Jeffster.” In fact, probably more Lester than you’d ever want to know. “I promise this, we will see Lester’s bedroom,” says Josh. And Chris Fedak gives us the dirty deets: “You will see what Lester sleeps in, his pj’s—and it involves feet.” (Watch With Kristin)

There’s something going on beneath the Home Theater Room at the Buy More. (a new secret passage from inside there) Also, Chuck and Kristen Kreuk will be spotted making out like teenagers. Kristen’s character is not what she seems, so like Jill before her, she cannot be long for Chuck’s world. (Watch With Kristin)

Casey is going to have a lot to deal with this season — a secret from his past is going to come to light, and it’ll make his life complicated. Also, he’ll get more responsibilities at the Buy More, and will start to discover that Buy More may actually be his future. Meanwhile, Lester has a “Fight Club” episode where he goes nuts. And we’ll get to see Lester’s bedroom and his pajamas. (ChuckTV)

Captain Awesome won’t be the only person clued in to Chuck Bartowski’s secret identity this season. “Some people might find out,” Yvonne Strahovski says. “Somebody finds out from the family. Dramatic pause. Somebody else finds out. That’s all I can say.” (TV Guide)

According to show runner Chris Fedak, “Ellie and Awesome moved out. They found an apartment across the way, and Chuck and Morgan are getting their bachelor pad.” (Watch With Kristin)

Yvonne Strahovski says that Sarah’s role will change significantly this season. She’ll go from being Chuck’s caretaker to something akin to his boss as he gears up to be a real spy guy. Chuck’s training will bring to light new information about Sarah’s start in the biz, including her real name. (TV Guide)

In the seventh episode, Chuck and Hannah (KristenKreuk) share not only a kiss, but they then go on to treat the Buy More’s Home Theater Room like a no-tell motel. Meanwhile, Shaw (Brandon Routh) and Sarah have one of those, “Oh my god we’re gonna die, so I may as well tell you I love you” moments. Kristin’s character Hannah is not what she seems, and I don’t think she’s long for Chuck’s world. (Watch With Kristin)

In episode 10, Casey does something bad. REALLY bad. Could-cost-him-his-job bad. (Michael Ausiello)

Kristin Kreuk is joining Chuck for multiple episodes as Hannah, a girl Chuck meets on a flight to Paris. Chuck and Hannah definitely have feelings for each other. Laid off from her glamorous publishing job, Hannah ends up working at the Buy More. (Michael Ausiello)

Chuck won’t be the only Buy More employee crushing on the new girl [ Kristin Kreuk]. Morgan will develop semi-serious feelings for her, too. (Michael Ausiello)

When the new season picks up, it’s right after the end of the previous season, so Chuck is still new to his abilities. And Morgan is in Hawaii working on becoming a hibachi chef, so the Buy More is firmly in the grip of Emmett, and things aren’t going that well without Morgan and Chuck. (SciFi Wire)

NBC has confirmed that Jeffster will perform on the show next season. (Watch With Kristin)

There are no plans to reveal Sarah’s real name. (Watch With Kristin)

The show is casting the role of a dashing and suave dictator of a small, fictitious nation called Parador. (Michael Ausiello)

Chuck star Ryan McPartlin (Devon “Awesome” Woodcomb) says: “I don’t know if I’ll be made a spy, but I’m getting involved in the spy world. Chuck’s going to [be] in a pinch and call on me to help him out.” Makes sense, but we have an important question: Will this mean more or less clothes? “I don’t have to just be shirtless for no reason, but I’m sure my shirt will come off for random acts of God.” Whoo! As McPartlin says, “I feel like it’s amazing because it’s like the first season, when Chuck got to carry the weight of the secret. I get to bring that [spirit of the] first season back again, through Awesome’s eyes. And I’m just gonna lean on [Sarah and Chuck] for advice on how to do that.” (Watch With Kristin)

There’s a chance that Bryce Larkin isn’t really dead and that he could return to shake things up a little. Matthew Bomer says, “I’d love to go back, but it’s really going to depend on scheduling [with White Collar]. There is a possibility that I will be back on Chuck.” (Watch With Kristin)

The Classic ‘Chuck’ Poster at San Diego Comic Con

‘Chuck’ panel will include the revelation of its unique poster which has been released prior to the presentation.

Source: Ace ShowbizThe Classic 'Chuck' Poster at San Diego Comic Con

See larger image” has generated buzz even before its panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con panel is held. The series about nerd spy has released a poster to be unveiled at the convention Saturday, July 25. It pays homage to the ’70s movies with the hand-drawn arts displaying the key characters and the Nerd Herd car smashing through glass. The panel for “Chuck” will be conducted in the coveted room, Ballroom 20, starting 10 A.M. Guests expected to come are the two lead actors, and as well as creator Josh Schwartz. They are expected to explain about the webseries plan which Schwartz spilled previously.

“Chuck”, which almost got canceled by NBC, is reserved for 13 episodes in 2010 midseason. Production according to star however, will start as early as this August. “We will be ready to come back whenever we’re asked to come back,” Sahay said in an interview with TVGuide. “And that’s good to know.”

The Orange Orange might morph into a Subway next season. (Michael Ausiello)

‘Chuck’ Production of Season 3 Starts in August

'Chuck' Production of Season 3 Starts in AugustSource: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image In the same tone to Chris Fedak’s statement that “” may be released earlier than scheduled, Lester’s depicter confirmed that despite being put in midseason 2010, the cast and the crew will be back working as early as this August. “We will be ready to come back whenever we’re asked to come back,” Sahay said in an interview with TVGuide. “And that’s good to know.” Not only that, Sahay also shared another good news when he said that the order NBC put may extend beyond 13 episodes if the third season continually shows a strong rating. “That’s the hope,” Sahay crossed his finger. “(NBC boss Ben Silverman) said he’ll push us into the summer with a back nine (order), so we’re planning on making the shows that good.” In the mean time, “Chuck” is still scheduled to enter every Mondays at 8/7c in March 2010 after the Winter Olympics. Fedak revealed a plan to do a webseries to keep fans craving for the geeky action. At the end of the second season, Chuck accidentally downloaded a new skill into his brain. “I know kung fu,” he said. About how it would translate on the third season, Sahay shared what he knows, saying “…(Chuck’s new ability) is going to make things hilarious… and wild.”

Chuck deserves a whole season, not just 13 episodes. Any chance of more? MATT: Actually, yes. NBC entertainment president Ben Silverman says that while the current plan is to deliver 13 midseason episodes, depending on the ratings, “we may extend it out and continue it through the summer,” where he thinks it could pair nicely with Friday Night Lights. “We’re looking to … keep [Chuck] incredibly viral and buzz-worthy until it returns, and then hopefully have it on our air for many years to come.” That’d be Awesome. And even more so? I chatted up Scott Bakula at TNT’s upfronts luncheon, and he’s game for more Chuck, if need be. Source: TV Guide Online

Exclusive ‘Chuck’ boss on who’s in, who’s out, and what’s next!

Source: The Ausiello Files

Checkjoshschwartz_l Will a tighter budget lead to a less awesome (and populated) show? Does the massive Subway deal mean an end to Sarah’s yogurt shop? Will the midseason launch kill the show’s momentum? Will Chuck and Sarah start dating for real? Will exec producer Josh Schwartz answer all of these and then some in the following exclusive Q&A? I can tackle that last one: Yes!

NBC said the show’s budget will remain unchanged from last season. I’m hearing different. What’s the deal?
I can tell you that [Warner Bros.] asked us to make budget cuts to meet a decrease in the NBC license fee. That’s how it was presented to me. That’s as far as I know. My job is to then be able to produce the show at the number the studio is able to deficit it for.

How will the cuts affect what we see?
Hopefully, you won’t be able to tell. I don’t think the look of the show is going to change. We might have certain episodes where Chuck’s mission is such that we don’t get the opportunity to go to the Buy More [as much]. We love our cast and, obviously, we want to use them as much as possible in as many episodes as possible.

I heard Julia Ling [Anna] might not return. True?
No. We have plans for Anna to return.

Has she been taken off contract?
We actually haven’t finalized all of our actor deals yet. It’s all being sorted out. But, like I said, we’re going to do whatever we can to try to keep the ensemble together.

Will the show’s central trio be in every episodes?
Yes. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are in all episodes.

Will Sarah be working at a Subway next season?
[Laughs] You know, I don’t know the full details of the Subway integration yet. I know it will be significant. Chuck is a show that happens to be well positioned for effortless product integration, especially because Chuck works at an electronics shop in a strip mall. If Sarah or someone worked at a Subway it would hopefully be no more intrusive or unrealistic than Liz Lemon working at NBC.

Are you concerned at all about the show being off the air for 10 months?
It was really a tough choice that the network faced: Put us on Friday or [hold us until] midseason. I really believe Chuck is the little show that could. Our fans are clearly passionate, clearly loyal, and hopefully all we’ll do is get them more and more [excited] for our return. And we’ll come up with fun ways of stoking the fans throughout the fall. We also have something very, very fun planned for Comic-Con this year.

How about a season 3 spoiler in honor of the show’s renewal?
The biggest thing, obviously, will be dealing with the ramifications of how we ended the season. What does it mean for Chuck [and] how will it manifest itself? And I think for anyone who is concerned that he’s no longer going to be the Everyman, or an accidental hero, fear not.

Will Chuck and Sarah start the season off as a full-fledged couple?
I don’t want to give anything away, but obviously, Chuck having the Intersect in his head will severely complicate their ability to be a couple. Chuck having the Intersect in his head will severely complicate their ability to be a couple … [And] look for a potential new love interest on the show.

Really? For who?
SCHWARTZ: Someone who could triangulate between a couple of characters.

Male or female?
Gosh, isn’t it more fun to tease?

I guess.
Teasing is what you’re good at.

NBC Fall Schedule

NBC’s Official Fall 2009 Schedule Listed

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
NBC decides to save ’30 Rock’ for midseason 2010 along with ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’.

NBC's Official Fall 2009 Schedule Listed
See larger image After the Fall schedule announcement by FOX, it is time for NBC to unveil theirs. In a bold move, the Peacock Network orders the 20th season of “” which is now tying “Gunsmoke” as primetime’s longest running drama. Also in a surprising move, “” is benched until midseason comes. The half-hour comedy starring is reserved for midseason 2010 and its Thursday slot is given to new series “” which is starring Chevy Chase and Joel McHale. Also coming only after the 2010 Olympics is “” which has been saved from cancellation by fans and its sponsor Subway. The order is currently for 13 episodes, and Sarah will be seen working on Subway.

New season of “” celebrity edition is set to premiere in the 2010 midseason along with ““, “The Marriage Ref” and ““. The network is expected to make more changes in March 2010 after the Winter Olympics winds down.

The 10 P.M. slots, as announced previously, will be filled by “The Jay Leno Show”. The canceled shows thus are among others ““, ““, “” and ““. The first two reportedly will be picked up by other networks.



  • 8 P.M. – “
  • 9 P.M .- “
  • 10 P.M. – “The Jay Leno Show”







  • 7 P.M. – “Football Night in America”
  • 8:20 P.M. – “NBC Sunday Night Football”

NBC’s 2009-2010 Lineup: ‘Chuck’ to Midseason, Jay Leno Everywhere

Source: BuddyTV

After its initial announcement last month about the shows it would pick up, today NBC revealed its official 2009-2010 schedule and also made several official cancellations. My Name is Earl and Medium are both gone, though there are possibilities that both shows could be picked up by rival networks.  For My Name is Earl, it’s especially difficult since the season ended with a cliffhanger.The schedule is clearly divided into Fall and Spring schedules, or pre and post Winter Olympics.  Chuck, which recently was renewed for 13 episodes, won’t show up until the Spring.  And as promised Jay Leno’s primetime talk show will fill the 10pm timeslot every night of the week. Friday Night Lights, which was renewed for two more seasons on DirecTV, will air sometime in Summer 2010 on NBC.

Here is NBC’s Fall Schedule:

8pm – Heroes
9pm – Trauma (NEW)
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

8[m – The Biggest Loser (two-hour episodes)
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

8pm – Parenthood (NEW)
9pm – Law and Order: SVU
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

8pm – SNL Weekend Update Thursday
8:30pm – Parks and Recreation
9pm – The Office
9:30pm – Community (NEW)
10pm – The Jay Leno Show
NOTE: After SNL Weekend Update Thursday runs its course, Community will move to 8pm and 30 Rock will take over at 9:30pm.

8pm – Law and Order
9pm – Southland
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

In addition, here is NBC’s Spring schedule, pre-empted for most of February due to the Winter Olympics.

8pm – Chuck
9pm – Day One (NEW)
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

8pm – The Biggest Loser (90-minute episodes)
9:30pm – 100 Questions (NEW)
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

8pm – Mercy(NEW)
9pm – Law and Order: SVU
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

8pm – Community
8:30pm – Parks and Recreation
9pm – The Office
9:30pm – 30 Rock
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

8pm – Law and Order
9pm – Southland
10pm – The Jay Leno Show

8pm – The Marriage Ref (NEW)
9pm – The Celebrity Apprentice (two-hour episodes)

Chuck Spoilers: Possible Season 3…

Josh Schwartz Has Prepared for ‘Chuck’ Season 3

Although NBC has not given their green light for another ‘Chuck’ season, creator Josh Schwartz has known how it would end.

Josh Schwartz Has Prepared for 'Chuck' Season 3Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image” may remain in bubble but the people behind the series are more than ready to develop the third season. Creator Josh Schwartz talked to TV Guide in an interview, revealing that they have in mind, a big story arc that involves also the chemistry of Chuck and Sarah should the show get renewed. “The most immediate way it impacts them is they can only be together if he is not the asset,” Schwartz explained the dynamic of Chuck and Sarah. “That’s why they were able to move their relationship forward in the penultimate episode, because the Intersect was out of his head, and she was no longer going to need to protect him.” He continued, “So that dynamic has changed, and it certainly puts their relationship back in jeopardy. But Chuck and Sarah’s relationship will be one of the major driving stories of next season – should we have one.” Schwartz shared also a bit of what he knows over at NBC, saying that the network has a very tight schedule this year and noting that “Chuck” is not exactly an expensive or cheap production. “Well, NBC has always really loved the show,” he added. “They have been very supportive of the show, and they really do love and support the show.”

“Chuck” had its finale on Monday, April 27 and absorbed 6.1 million viewers. The number is not exactly a guarantee to deliver a third season for it was down 1.7 million from last season’s finale and is one of the least-watched shows on Monday. Loyal “Chuck” fans even had attempted to save the show by a Subway campaign which reportedly gained mild support. Nevertheless, Schwartz has accumulated thoughts for a new season, even the ending. “We’re still formulating our thoughts for the new characters,” he said. “We know the larger arc for next season that we want to play out, we know the direction we want to take the show, and we know how next season would end.”

Chuck Decision Delayed for a Week or More

Chuck, Yvonne Strahovski, Zachary Levi

Chuck star Zachary Levi reveals to E! exclusively that NBC will not renew or cancel beloved spy dramedy Chuck for at least another week. Cast and crew had originally expected to hear before Monday’s planned NBC “infront” presentation to advertisers. When asked last night at an Eva Longoria-hosted charity event benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles about prospects for a third season of Chuck, Levi said, “I thought we were going to hear about it this Monday, because NBC’s announcing a bunch of its schedule, but I just got an email from [Chuck executive producer] Josh Schwartz, and he said stay positive, [but] we’re not going to find out on Monday. It could be another week or two. They’re making their final tallies and decisions.”

Chuck was the runner-up in E!’s 2009 Save One Show campaign and has been the focus of a vast Internet-based #savechuck campaign that has included Nerds candy mails-ins and a Subway “buy-in” demonstration. So what’s the holdup with the decision? Here’s what Levi said about the NBC schedule right now:

“Look, I mean, I don’t envy the job of anyone at NBC or any network to have to make those calls,” he told us. “It’s a very difficult thing to do, especially in television nowadays,  even trying to get a solid idea of how many people watch. It’s so difficult between live and DVR and videotapes and Internet streaming and downloading and all that. And really, the concept of television has always been ‘advertising money makes the shows’ and when people stop watching advertising because they’re just going blip-blip, blip-blip [through the commercials] or watching online, you can’t blame the companies for not wanting to put their money into it, you know? Because it’s like, what’s the point? Nobody’s watching the commercials.”

Reporting by Gretchen Putnam and Natalie Abrams

New Chuck Spoilers: Season Finale Scoop!

Finale & FOOTLONG Campaign to save CHUCK!

Fresh Clips From Season Finale of ‘Chuck’

‘Chuck’ which may not live until third season, has been given several sneak peeks including the threat against Ellie’s life on her wedding day.

Fresh Clips From Season Finale of 'Chuck'Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image” is drawing near to its season finale and the show’s third season is till hanging on a balance. Some scenes from “Chuck Versus the Ring”, which could as well be the last one of Chuck’s adventure should it get canceled by NBC, are available through the clips released below. When Ellie and Awesome’s wedding day finally arrives, Chuck must save Ellie’s life and her big day from being ruined by Ted Roark (guest star Chevy Chase) and Fulcrum. The clips give some momentum scenes including when Chuck quits Buy More, Chuck released from the government, Roark threatens Chuck, and the wedding reception itself. The episode will air Monday, April 27. Words are, there will be two weddings occurring in this episode apart from Ellie and Awesome’s. Josh Schwartz explained it, “Chuck throws it for someone he cares about.” There has not been an official confirmation from NBC regarding the renewal but fans of the show have been launching any kinds of supports to prolong the series. Fans site Zachary teams up with Subway to encourage people to write letters and watch the show live on Monday. Meanwhile, Schwartz himself admitted to not knowing the fate of the series. “The difference between being a hit show and being an on-the-bubble show is so small now,” he said. “The metrics have become so narrow that everything does help… Now, more than ever, that kind of fan support can really have an impact. The cost of launching a television series is as high as it’s ever been. And obviously the odds have never gotten any better.” Last week “Chuck” was still in the last place of NBC’s Monday line-up, gathering 6 millions after “” (6.4 million) and “” (7.4 million).

Chuck Season 2 Episode 22 – Chuck versus the Ring – Promo

Chuck Versus The Ring – New Sneak Peek

Chuck Versus The Ring – Sneak Peek #2

Chuck Versus The Ring – Sneak Peek #3

Chuck Versus The Ring – Sneak Peek #4

Chuck Versus The Ring – Sneak Peek #5

Question: Any good scoop on Chuck? — Andrew
Only one thing will stand in the way of Chuck and Sarah having sex next Monday. And that one thing looks like this. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Why didn’t you tell us there are two weddings in the season finale of Chuck? One is obviously Ellie and Awesome’s. What do you know about the other one?
.Per Josh Schwartz, “Chuck throws it for someone he cares about.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Does Jill Come Between Chuck and Sarah—Again?!

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Chuck, Zachary Levi, Jordana Brewster

Why, Chuck, why?! As if it’s not agonizing enough waiting here in limbo for a season-three pickup, season two of Chuck is about to end, and Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahofski) are still not together! And to make matters even worse, Chuck’s college girlfriend Jill (Jordana Brewster) is returning this Monday and bringing trouble with her, as always!

But don’t count out our favorite superagent couple just yet, because we have exclusive scoop on the future of Chuck (including on Monday’s Jill-centric “Chuck Versus the First Kill”) from show runner Chris Fedak, and it looks like things might be a’changin’! Whee!

Chuck, Yvonne Strahovski NBC/Trae Patton

Yes, we do have a glimmer of hope for those of you holding out for that Chuck and Sarah lovin’. When we begged and pleaded with Chris to let us know if Sarah will ever tell Chuck how she feels, he simply stated, “I would say that by the end of the season, Sarah will get her chance.” Yay!

But before we get there, let’s start with the more pressing question: Why the heck is Jill back? Because, as we’ve learned, “Fulcrum agents never talk,” but as Chris tells us, “Chuck does know one Fulcrum agent that they’ve captured, and that’s of course Jill. But he’s also confused by the fact that he now has Jill back in his life. He doesn’t know if she’s going to betray him and stab him in the back and leave him for dead, but she is the only person who can help him find his dad.”

So does Jill agree to help her ex? According to Chris, “Chuck, Jill, Sarah and Casey have to team up to find Chuck’s father. Chuck and Jill have to go undercover as Chuck and Jill from back in college, and they go to a family reunion to meet up with person who originally recruited her into Fulcrum, her Uncle Bernie. He’s hilarious.” And who plays Uncle Bernie? Ken Davitian—that’s right, Borat’s nudie-wrestling partner!

But it’s not all giggles this time around—there’s also going to be a big dramatic finale. Says Chris, “‘Chuck Versus the Final Kill’ is one of our comic episodes, but I’ve noticed that when we do a funny episode usually our endings are pretty epic. So at the end of the episode, Chuck is forced to make a decision that is going to have a real effect on not only the team, but also General Beckman’s perspective of the team.”

Chuck – Ryan McPartlin on Season Finale

Ryan McPartlin, who plays Captain Awesome on NBC’s spy dramedy Chuck, told SCI FI Wire that the remaining episodes of the season set up a new dynamic for a potential third season. Right now, Chuck is considered “on the bubble” for renewal.

“The last episodes of this season build up to a little bit [of a] new show for season three,” McPartlin said in an exclusive phone interview earlier this week while he was promoting the spoof film Super Capers. “So we’re all hoping we get to do season three, because it’ll be like a new show in the way it will evolve into something that very few shows get to evolve into.”

McPartlin plays the fiance of Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), sister of Chuck Bartwoski (Zachary Levi). Captain Awesome usually remains oblivious to Chuck’s adventures. But in the lead-up to the season finale, expect Awesome to see more action.

“Man, it’s going to be, no pun intended, awesome coming up in the last few episodes of the season,” McPartlin said. “I can’t really give away anything, but I get involved in many areas of Chuck’s life that I haven’t been involved in in the past. I start getting worried about Chuck to the point where I follow him a little bit. Let me put it that way. So fun, fun stuff, and some emotional stuff, too, which is good. Let’s cross our fingers and put it out there for season three. Season three I’d become a little bit more involved, too, in the storylines.”

Awesome’s motives are innocent enough, but he has no idea he’s delving into a world of government spies and evildoers. “Without giving much away, Awesome gets suspicious about what Chuck is doing in his life and wants to know more,” McPartlin said. “So I start asking some questions that shouldn’t be asked and poking my nose in places it probably shouldn’t be poked in. You’ll see by the end of this season if I get thrown into Chuck’s other life or maybe it’ll lead into next season, the potential of me getting thrown into his other life, but you won’t know. I can’t give any more than that. We’ll just say there’s some good stuff for Awesome on the way, including the wedding.”

The wedding between Awesome and Ellie is scheduled to happen by the season finale. “It’s set to happen,” he said. “Whether it all happens as planned, you’ve got to watch. You know, with any wedding in any show, something can always go wrong. In Chuck, it’s almost guaranteed to have something go wrong. That’s the whole point of the show. You’ve got to have that conflict.”

At least the Awesomes will be back in town for the wedding. “The Awesomes come back in town,” McPartlin said, referring to his character’s parents. “Morgan Fairchild comes back, and Bruce Boxleitner. They’re just fantastic to work with, and of course they stir the pot as well.”

McPartlin got to work with guest stars Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula as well. Chuck airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Source: SCI FI Wire

Chuck Versus the Dream Job – Airing April 6, 2009
Chuck’s life seems to be coming together: his long-absent father Steve (guest star Scott Bakula) has returned and he’s landed his dream job with his hero Ted Roark (guest star Chevy Chase). Unfortunately for Chuck, neither turns out to be quite what he expected. (NBC)

Chuck – Episode 2.19 – Chuck Versus the Dream Job – Promotional Photos

Source: Copyright NBC

Episode 2.19: Chuck Versus the Dream Job Airdate: April 6, 2009

  • Chuck’s life seems to be coming together: his long-absent father Steve (guest star Scott Bakula) has returned and he’s landed his dream job with his hero Ted Roark (guest star Chevy Chase). Unfortunately for Chuck, neither turns out to be quite what he expected. Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Lancaster, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay also star. Source: NBC

Episode 2.20: Chuck Versus the First Kill Airdate: April 13, 2009

  • After Chuck’s father Steve (guest star Scott Bakula) is kidnapped by Fulcrum, Chuck learns the only chance he has to find him is by putting his trust and life into the hands of the person he trusts the least-his ex-girlfriend Jill Roberts (guest star Jordana Brewster). Meanwhile, the Buy More team tries to sabotage Emmett’s (guest star Tony Hale) corporate evaluation. Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, Julia Ling and Mark Christopher Lawrence also star. Source: NBC

Chuck – Episode 2.21 – Chuck Versus The Colonel

CHUCK AND SARAH RISK EVERYTHING TO FIND CHUCK’S FATHER— TONY HALE (“ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT”), CHEVY CHASE AND SCOTT BAKULA (“QUANTUM LEAP”) GUEST STAR—When Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) go AWOL to rescue Chuck’s father Steve (guest star Scott Bakula), they discover that spending time together without any surveillance allows for unchartered chemistry. But as the two get closer, Casey (Adam Baldwin) zeroes in on their hidden location. Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) becomes the pariah of the Buy More after mistakenly getting Emmett (guest star Tony Hale) promoted. Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, Julia Ling and Mark Christopher Lawrence.

Show Cast: Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky, Julia Ling

Source: NBC

Preview of ‘Chuck’ 2.21: Chuck and Sarah Making Out

In ‘Chuck Versus the Colonel’, Chuck and Sarah feel the chemistry heating up when they spend time under no surveillance.

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Preview of 'Chuck' 2.21: Chuck and Sarah Making Out
See larger image

On April 20, “” will be back for its 21st episode in the second season and this could be the episode fans have been waiting for. Apart from his mission to save his dad, Chuck will have a make out session with Sarah as teased by its preview. In “Chuck Versus the Colonel”, Chuck and Sarah go AWOL to rescue Chuck’s father Steve and they discover spending time together without any surveillance allows for uncharted chemistry. As the two get closer, Casey zeroes in on their hidden location. Morgan becomes the pariah of the Buy More after mistakenly getting Emmett promoted. “For episode 221, we thought the episode is so big, has so many huge things in it,” co-creator Chris Fedak said to The Star-Ledger, “from an emotional as well as espionage in it, that we were worried people would thin it was the season finale. It’s a huge episode.” Meanwhile, on a bigger frame, there has been no words yet whether Chuck will be picked up for a third season now that it is nearing the end of the second season. But words are, should NBC decide to exclude the series from their fall list, then The CW will pick it up. No confirming report yet regarding this.

Chuck – Episode 2.22 – Chuck Versus The Ring – Press Release

SEASON FINALE—CHUCK MUST SAVE HIS SISTER’S WEDDING AND HER LIFE—MORGAN FAIRCHILD (“Falcon Crest”), BRUCE BOXLEITNER (“Babylon 5”), TONY HALE (“Arrested Development”), SCOTT BAKULA (“Quantum Leap”) AND CHEVY CHASE (NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”) GUEST STAR—When Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome’s (Ryan McPartlin) wedding day finally arrives, Chuck (Zachary Levi) must save Ellie’s life and her big day from being ruined by Ted Roark (guest star Chevy Chase) and Fulcrum. Meanwhile, with the Intersect out of his head, Chuck is up against his most dangerous mission yet: figuring our what to do with the rest of his life.

Show Cast: Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky, Julia Ling

Source: NBC

Joshua Gomez: Chuck’s Finale Is “Epic”

Source: TV Guide Online

Joshua Gomez

Chuck‘s second-season finale is quickly approaching, and with no word on a third season pickup, this could be the last hour of the series. Joshua Gomez, who plays Chuck’s BFF, Morgan, spoke with about the “epic” finale, including how Morgan feels about leaving the Buy More, what he really thinks about his bromance with Chuck, and when (if ever) Morgan will find out about Chuck’s secret life. Chuck‘s season finale airs Monday at 8 pm/ET on NBC. Are you excited to see the finale?
Joshua Gomez:
I’m really curious to see what the fans think of it. I know everybody kind of felt that this past episode was sort of a finale-esque episode. There was a lot of stuff that went down.
I know, it was like, “Wait, another hour? What else can happen?” So, did Morgan really quit the Buy More? Or do you think he’ll chicken out?
Well, you saw him [quit] in all his chest-hairian glory! [Laughs] Yeah, he quit and I think it remains to be seen what’s going to happen there. But, it’s pretty cool. And, again, for a lot of people I think it was like, “Holy crap! Wait a minute. Morgan’s no longer at the Buy More, Chuck’s no longer got The Intersect. What the heck is going on here?” How could the Buy More possibly work without Morgan?
It’ll probably work better. No, I think there were a lot of changes going on with Chuck. And, I think the writers always do a good job of always sort of somehow paralleling Chuck and Morgan. You know what I mean? They’re always in sort of similar boats, just on completely different levels. Now it’s like, “What the hell do I do without The Intersect, and what the heck will I do without the Buy More.” They’re both kind of like, “Now what?” Was Morgan really serious about moving to Hawaii with Anna Wu — to become a Benihana chef? Will he be perfecting the art of flaming volcanoes made with onion rings?
Of course that’s the dream: to be a Benihana chef. Unbelievable! I love Morgan, but sometimes I’m like, “Really, dude? A Benihana chef? Really?” From the previews, we can see that a lot of crazy stuff goes down at Ellie’s wedding. So, will Morgan finally find out about Chuck’s secret life?
Um, I won’t say either way, but I think definitely the finale’s going to be — and rightly so — focused on the climax of this season with Chuck and his father and The Intersect. All of that stuff will really come to a head. It’s a big episode, so some of the Morgan stuff… he’s around and doing his thing, but I think because they’re away from the Buy More now, it sort of solely focuses on Chuck, his life, the wedding and what’s happening right now. … Season 3, we’ll see what happens [with Morgan], but it’ll make sense when you see the finale. If you do get a third season pickup, what would you like to see happen with Morgan moving forward?
I would love for Morgan to become closer again with Chuck … Season 2 was kind of rough! There was not a lot of interaction and there was definitely a strain on their friendship and bromance, but I’ve always said that Morgan would be the perfect Alfred to his Batman. Not necessarily go on missions or do anything like that, but be his buddy. And when he comes home to go, “Holy crap, that was a tough day,” and you know, bring him a cup of tea or something. What is your favorite part about the Chuck-Morgan bromance?
I think everybody has a friendship like that. No matter if sometimes you’re like, “Dude, you’re driving me up the wall,” or whatever it might be — that person is family. And that’s what I love more than anything; that their friendship is family. He is a part of his family and that they would do pretty much anything for each other.

Chuck Goes Out Guns-a-Blazin’

So with a season three pickup still in the works (fingers crossed!), did they approach the finale as a series wrap-up as well? Not at all, says Chris. “My favorite endings are those where you feel like the adventure is going to go on and there are more adventures to be had.” Example? “I love the ending of Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart walking off with Claude Rains talking about the beginning of a beautiful friendship. While Save One Show is still in full effect, and we will all be watching Chuck on Monday to make sure it sticks around (right?), Chris warns us that on the unlikely and horrific off chance the show does not return, fans may revolt! “If Chuck were not to come back, and people watched this finale, there would be chaos across America. I’m afraid the fans would burn their living rooms down and throw their television sets out windows.” You hear that NBC? Jeff Zucker? Please don’t put us through that torture! Ellie and Awesome are finally getting married, and Chevy Chase is evil and back for more.

Cast of ‘Chuck’ Speaking of the 2nd Season Finale

Stars of the show such as Sarah Lancaster and Yvonnne Strahovski hint a little on what happen during the ‘Chuck-Style Wedding’.

Cast of 'Chuck' Speaking of the 2nd Season Finale
See larger image On Monday, April 27, “” will close its second season with “Chuck Versus the Ring”. The episode which is surrounding the wedding of Chuck’s sister Ellie and Captain Awesome, has been given a behind-the-scene clip called ‘A Chuck-Style Wedding’. Speaking of what happen with the wedding, who plays Ellie said, “This is definitely Ellie’s dream wedding but not without a few bumps and hitches along the way, like most weddings right? It’s a Chuck-style wedding. Stuff happens.” aka Chuck added, “On top of that we have these incredible players to come and help us dive into all this new mystery and myths. In and Chevy Chase.” The official synopsis is read: “When Ellie and Awesome’s wedding day finally arrives, Chuck must save Ellie’s life and her big day from being ruined by Ted Roark and Fulcrum. The clips give some momentum scenes including when Chuck quits Buy More, Chuck released from the government, Roark threatens Chuck, and the wedding reception itself.” While there has no words yet on whether the show will be renewed for a third season, assures fans that the ending will be quite unexpected. “You know when I first read the script I actually quite shocked at what is revealed and how it ends,” the depicter of Sarah said.

Chuck Versus The Ring Interviews – Yvonne Strahovski

Chuck Versus The Ring Interviews – Zachary Levi

Chuck Versus The Ring Interviews – Ryan McPartlin

Chuck Versus The Ring Interviews – Sarah Lancaster

Chuck Versus The Ring Interviews – Joshua Gomez

New Chuck Spoilers: “Chuck Versus Broken Heart”

‘Chuck’ 2.18 Preview: Tricia Helfer Guest Stars as Sexy Agent

Tricia Helfer burns the screen with her cameo as a new agent that will take over Sarah’s place in ‘Chuck’.

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

See larger image

When love collides with work, it can be quite messy. In the next episode of ““, as Chuck is expressing his feelings about his complicated relationship with Sarah, a sexy but heartless female agent is brought in to replace Sarah. Alex Forrest, is sent to evaluate Sarah’s performance as Chuck’s handler. This has put Sarah’s job in jeopardy that causes the sudden departure of Sarah. Meanwhile, Morgan, Jeff and Lester try to weasel their way into getting invited to Awesome’s bachelor party. “Chuck Versus Broken Heart” is aired on March 30. Tricia Helfer who played Number Six in “” fills the role of Alex.
Nearing its end of run, “Chuck” has not been renewed by NBC. When asked on how confident he is on getting the series picked up for a third season, co-creator Josh Schwartz said “I’m optimistic. The network loves the show, but we’re in an unbelievably, the single most competitive time period on TV… But obviously the time slot is a challenge.”

New Chuck Spoilers: A Game-Changing Season Finale!

Watch for an old pal of Casey’s to figure greatly in the “game-changing” finale. (TV Guide)

Here’s a recap of all the mind-blowing stuff coming up this spring on TV’s funniest comedy: Multiple weddings,a shocking death, Morgan departs the Buy More, Chuck and his father are reunited, Chuck and Sarah are going further than they ever have before, Chevy Chase, the return of Jeffster, the return of Bryce, the return of the Awesomes, a game-changing twist that will (hopefully) launch the show into season 3. Source: The Ausiello Files

Episode 2.17: Chuck Versus the Predator Airdate: March 23, 2009

After Chuck is contacted by the mastermind behind the Intersect Computer, he must decide who he can trust-Sarah and Casey or the mysterious scientist who might be able to erase the Intersect from his mind. Meanwhile, a conflict breaks out between the Burbank Buy More and the more prestigious Beverly Hills branch. Joshua Gomez, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay and Mike Christopher Lawrence also star. Source: NBC

Chuck Versus the Broken Heart – Airing March 30, 2009
When Chuck expresses his feelings about his complicated relationship with Sarah, a heartless female agent named Alex Forrest (guest star Tricia Helfer) is sent to evaluate Sarah’s performance as Chuck’s handler. Morgan, Jeff and Lester try to weasel their way into getting invited to Awesome’s bachelor party. (NBC)

Chuck Versus the Dream Job – Airing April 6, 2009
Chuck’s life seems to be coming together: his long-absent father Steve (guest star Scott Bakula) has returned and he’s landed his dream job with his hero Ted Roark (guest star Chevy Chase). Unfortunately for Chuck, neither turns out to be quite what he expected. (NBC)

New Chuck Spoilers: Season Finale Scoop!

Watch for an old pal of Casey’s to figure greatly in the “game-changing” finale. (TV Guide)

Here’s a recap of all the mind-blowing stuff coming up this spring on TV’s funniest comedy: Multiple weddings,a shocking death, Morgan departs the Buy More, Chuck and his father are reunited, Chuck and Sarah are going further than they ever have before, Chevy Chase, the return of Jeffster, the return of Bryce, the return of the Awesomes, a game-changing twist that will (hopefully) launch the show into season 3. Source: The Ausiello Files

Episode 2.17: Chuck Versus the Predator Airdate: March 23, 2009

After Chuck is contacted by the mastermind behind the Intersect Computer, he must decide who he can trust-Sarah and Casey or the mysterious scientist who might be able to erase the Intersect from his mind. Meanwhile, a conflict breaks out between the Burbank Buy More and the more prestigious Beverly Hills branch. Joshua Gomez, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay and Mike Christopher Lawrence also star. Source: NBC

Chuck Versus the Broken Heart – Airing March 30, 2009
When Chuck expresses his feelings about his complicated relationship with Sarah, a heartless female agent named Alex Forrest (guest star Tricia Helfer) is sent to evaluate Sarah’s performance as Chuck’s handler. Morgan, Jeff and Lester try to weasel their way into getting invited to Awesome’s bachelor party. (NBC)

Chuck Versus the Dream Job – Airing April 6, 2009
Chuck’s life seems to be coming together: his long-absent father Steve (guest star Scott Bakula) has returned and he’s landed his dream job with his hero Ted Roark (guest star Chevy Chase). Unfortunately for Chuck, neither turns out to be quite what he expected. (NBC)

Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck versus the Beefcake”

So the saga continues with the Fulcrum folks as Brad White (from “Chuck versus The Suburbs”) was grave robbed by a mysterious man for some secret info in his belt buckle. On the relationship front Chuck realizes Sarah and he won’t become a couple so he breaks up with her. The mission? To intercept the Fulcrum agent who stole the belt buckle. Oh and did I say the said Fulcrum agent is good looking? It looks like Sarah has will have to use her female persuasions to get the goods. It’s just another day in spy town and another chance to potentially see Sarah in her sexy undies. How will this affect Chuck? Is he really over the break-up?
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Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck Versus the Suburbs”

It’s time for Chuck to venture into the deep, dark, scary…suburbs!? How bad can that be? If we know Chuck and the missions, there are certainly going to be a few obstacles along the way. So jump in your minivan and let’s see what this California subdivision is all about….read more

New Chuck Spoilers!

Episode 2.13: Chuck Versus the Suburbs Airdate: February 16, 2009

  • It’s the moment you Chuck fans have been waiting for: Chuck and Sarah are getting married! […] Jenny McCarthy is totally trying to steal him away, the little trollop. It all goes down on this Monday’s episode and…OK, the Sarah-Chuck marriage is all a ruse for a mission. Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • 01/25 – Chuck and Sarah’s latest assignment forces them to pose as a happily married couple living in the suburbs. They meet some interesting characters including Brad (guest star Andy Richter), a cheerful next-door neighbor in the stationary business, and Sylvia (guest star Jenny McCarthy), a seductive and attractive woman who lives across the street and has her eye on Chuck. Meanwhile, Big Mike is on a work rampage after his wife files for divorce, so the Buy More gang sets him up on a dating website to keep him distracted. Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay also star. Source: NBC

Episode 2.14: Chuck Versus the Best Friend Airdate: February 23, 2009

  • Chuck helps a heartbroken Morgan spy on Anna. After he flashes on Anna’s new boyfriend, Chuck, along with Sarah and Casey, is sent to discover his connection to a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester try to convince Ellie and Awesome to hire their band Jeffster! for the wedding. Source: NBC

Episode 2.15: Chuck Versus the Beefcake Airdate: March 2, 2009

  • Chuck breaks up with Sarah after Ellie’s urging, but jealousy strikes when Sarah must seduce a handsome agent in order to retrieve Fulcrum intelligence. Morgan deals with his mother’s relationship with Big Mike by crashing at Chuck’s apartment much to Ellie and Awesome’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester talk their way into hiring the new Buy More employee but decide to search for the “Buy More Babe.” Adam Baldwin also stars. Source: NBC

Episode 2.16: Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon Airdate: March 9, 2009

  • Chuck, Sarah and Casey learn about a man called “Perseus” who is behind Fulcrum’s plans to build their own Intersect. While Sarah and Casey are sent to find Perseus, Chuck and Agent Cole Barker (guest star Jonathan Cake) are forced to stay in a safety bunker. When the mission takes a dangerous turn, their orders to stay out of harm’s way go out the window. Meanwhile, Morgan tries to convince Anna that moving in with him would be a bad idea. Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay also star. Source: NBC

According to cocreator Chris Fedak: “In upcoming episodes, we’ll see what Fulcrum thinks is going on at the Buy More, not necessarily that the Intersect is there or that Chuck is it. Arnold Vosloo plays a super-badass Fulcrum agent. We’ll get to see the inside of Fulcrum’s headquarters, and it’s like Tron.” (Watch With Kristin)

Chuck: Jenny McCarthy Is a Man-Stealing Beyotch

Source: Kristin @ E!Online

It’s the moment you Chuck fans have been waiting for: Chuck and Sarah are getting married! And as you can see in the sneak peek above, Jenny McCarthy is totally trying to steal him away, the little trollop. It all goes down on this Monday’s episode and…OK, the Sarah-Chuck marriage is all a ruse for a mission.

Still, we just interviewed Chuck boss Josh Schwartz himself at New York’s Comic Con, and he gave us some very promising news about the could-be couple’s future! (Did someone say cohabitation?) Jenny McCarthy may be putting the moves on Chuck, but that’s not the only action he’ll be getting this year, according to Schwartz. “This season Chuck will have his first kill and have his own move, a cool spy move.” Holler! Our dorkalicious hero is really stepping it up. But what about the sexy action between Chuck and Sarah? Once the Jonathan Cake debacleis over, that topic will definitely come up. Schwartz reveals: “There are natural obstacles to them getting together. For instance, if they fall in love it jeopardizes their job.” Bummer. Silver lining? “We’ve thought about Chuck and Sarah living together,” adds Schwartz. Ummmm…Yes, please!? With sister Ellie getting married, it only makes sense, right?

Guest Stars Galore:

  • Tricia Helfer: According to Schwartz, she plays a hot agent, Alex Forrest, who seduces Captain Awesome. (Warning: Avert your eyes cause it may be too much prettiness on one screen.)
  • Arnold Vossloo: He’s a Fulcrum agent who helps to identify Chuck as the intersect. Also, says executive producer Chris Fedak, “We’ll get to see the inside of Fulcrum’s headquarters; it’s like Tron.
  • Chevy Chase: Tech mogul Ted Roark is not a friend to Chuck, especially when he orders him killed.
  • Scott Bakula: Sarah is actually going to help Chuck find his father via the CIA, but “don’t assume Chuck’s dad is a spy,” says Schwartz.

Do you want Chuck and Sarah to end up together or do you think that’ll be the end of the show? How about the list of guest stars?

Oh, and we forgot one. Check out Andy Richter putting the moves on Sarah and the other sneak peeks below…

—Additional reporting by Breanne Heldman

Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck Versus The Third Dimension”

So it’s been over a month since we’ve seen any new Chuck episodes. That is a very long time to be without our beloved super computer geek. Many comments on the TV Guide website were wary that Chuck might not even come back. Thankfully, NBC has brought Chuck back – not with a regular episodic story but in no less than 3D!

So it was the holiday episode when we last left Chuck as he witnessed Sarah’s cold-blooded killing of an unarmed Fulcrum operative because said agent was planning to leak Chuck’s whereabouts, which would endanger him and his family. So we’re left wondering when and if Chuck will confront Sarah. Or is there something we didn’t see about that situation that would exonerate Sarah for her actions? And how will it all work in 3D? Welcome back as we dive into Chuck versus the Third Dimension!

We first see Chuck in bed having a beautiful dream. Sarah rises from the end of his bed scantily clad in some black lingerie. His dream slowly turns into a nightmare when he confronts Sarah about the holiday murder. She crawls across his bed and pulls out a sheath to stab him.

At Buy More, Emmett Milbarge’s best friend Tyler Martin, a famous rock-n-roller, is coming to sign autographs. Tyler may look familiar to those of you who have seen ABC’s Lost where Dominic Monaghan plays English rocker Charlie Pace. He plays rather than played Charlie because dead on Lost is never really dead. But that’s a whole other discussion. Anyway, it seems that Dominic has somewhat reprised that same role on Chuck….read more

New Chuck Spoilers! Preview: 2.12: “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension”

Jordana Brewster’s returning as Chuck’s ex Jill in the season finale! (Michael Ausiello)

Executive producer Josh Schwartz is hesitant to use the words “game changing” to describe this season’s final batch of episodes — even though it’s wholly appropriate. “Everyone uses that term,” he harrumphs. “Let’s call it show changing. Or Chuck changing…Let’s just say someone is going to start figuring out the truth in Chuck’s world.” Schwartz adds that he’s cramming “three seasons worth of stories into the next 10 episodes,” in part because there’s no guarantee the show will see a third season. “We’re leaving nothing on the table,” he says. “We’re taking nothing for granted. We’re going for it.” (Michael Ausiello)

Ellie and Awesome wedding is still in the works and planned for sometime during May sweeps. [Watch With Kristin]

Zach Levi talking about Chuck and Sarah. “Chuck and Sarah are one step forward, two steps back. We still love each other. I want to be with her, and she secretly wants to be with me—I think—but it just makes for a not very protected Chuck because emotions get in the way. So it’s on the back burner.” [Watch With Kristin]

Five Clips of ‘Chuck’ 2.12: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

A sneak peek to the guest starring role of Dominic Monaghan as the rock star with attitude in ‘Chuck’.

See larger image

Five clips for the next episode of “” is compiled to a single player. In “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension”, Chuck is on duty to protect an international rock star Tyler Martin (guest star ) from a kidnapping and death trap. An artist with an attitude, Tyler refuses to stay put and convinces Chuck to go out with him to the town that only leads to a night of trouble. Meanwhile, Morgan wins a pair of backstage passes to Tyler’s show and holds a contest among his fellow employees, including Big Mike’s old football friend Jimmy, to see who gets to be his lucky plus one. Speaking of his character as a rocker, Monaghan who also plays similar role named Charlie in ““, said “He is an English rock star, so obviously there are similarities [to Charlie]. But this is a comedic role. Charlie was not incredibly comedic on purpose. I think Charlie had funny moments, but Charlie was quite tortured and into meth. The guy that I play on Chuck is just an out-and-out lunatic. If you were to look up ‘definitive rock star’ in the dictionary, there would be a picture of him.” “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension” will air February 2.  —

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Chuck Episode Recap: Chuck versus the Santa Claus

When a crazed highway madman drives through the front doors of Buy More and takes everyone hostage, Chuck has to balance saving his friends and family and keeping his identity a secret. Is this going to be the merry Christmas they all hoped for?….read more

Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck and the Deloreon”

Yvonnestrahovski_chuck_s2_240 Chuck wonders what the hell Sarah could possibly see in Gary — he’s so old! But Sarah’s not dating Gary — he’s her father, dedicated con man. He used to use cherubic young Sarah in his schemes, but he’s been working on his own for a while. His latest score involves ripping of an Arab sheik for $750,000 by selling him a building he does not, in fact, own.

Small problem: The sheik in question has ties to terrorists. The CIA would love to get a crack as freezing his bank account, but they haven’t been able to find it. If they could get him to transfer money to the CIA’s account, they could trace it back and nab him. Therefore, they need Sarah, Chuck and Gary to step up the con.

Things get set in motion when Chuck poses as Mr. Liechtenstein, the fictitious owner of a not-actually-for-sale building in downtown L.A., which Gary has ostensibly sold to the sheik. Sheik Amad and his goons insist they want to meet with Liechtenstein in his offices, which leads to a quick con job — Sarah, Gary and Chuck pose as exterminators and clear out a floor; Casey (“Cop Face”) stands in as security; the team dresses up the empty office as Liechtenstein industries; and everyone holds their breath that nothing goes wrong. Things immediately go wrong — paint is still wet, a letter in the nameplate is falling off, Amad insists on using his own translator even though Chuck doesn’t actually speak German. They finesse; Amad makes the money transfer, and the team retreats to Sarah’s hotel room to celebrate a job well done. Gary offers to go get some ice, and Sarah stupidly lets him — OF COURSE he’s taken off with the money, the computer, and everything else. The cash never made it into the CIA account. So where is it?…. Continue reading »

Chuck Spoilers: Will Anna Wu Land Her Man?

Chuck’s slooow progress from superzero to superhero continues. Here, he taps into his fledgling spying skills to stake out none other than Sarah — watching from the shadows as she dates an older gentleman (Gary Cole), a mystery man who could prove perilous to her welfare. And Chuck always has chuckles, particularly with Morgan in the picture. The geeky boy-man finally wants to grow up, but his quest for maturity gets derailed, despite help from Captain Awesome. — Dean Maurer

What’s happening on Chuck? I love me some Morgan!
Anyone interested in seeing the little, bearded man in the buff? Good, glad I’m not alone! Joshua Gomez (Morgan) just gave me some scoop on the upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit model episode. “There is a scene where I had to be disrobed, and that’s a tough act to follow. I mean, they’re very pretty, but me naked is a whole other world of pain!” Hot stuff! It also looks like Morgan is going to be dragging his feet when Anna decides she wants to move in together. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Chuck Preview: Will Anna Wu Land Her Man?

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

Where in the world is Anna Wu? Chuck fans have asked where she’s been hiding, and we found her. Following a few conspicuous absences from the Buy More staff meetings, Julia Ling reveals where her sassy salesgirl has been, and what she’s up to in the coming weeks. (NBC’s Chuck airs Mondays at 8m pm/ET.) First off, I want to apologize. In last week’s Mega Buzz column, I said that you had been “Wu-fully underused” this season, prompting one reader to tell me that my comment was “very offensive” and full of “prejudice.”
Julia Ling:
That was you?! My publicist sent me that article, and I wrote her back to say that whoever wrote that was so funny! I even sent that along to one of my writer friends to say, “This is the kind of stuff that I love.” Does it make you feel glad to know that people notice when Anna goes “missing”?
It’s definitely nice for them to notice. I myself sometimes worry, “Where did Anna go?” But I have a certain number of episodes in which I’m contracted for this year; the rest of the time I’m busy working on other projects. I’d love to see them sometime explain what “happens” to Anna, or if she just disappears. In this week’s episode, “Anna wants to move in with Morgan, who then feels pressured to grow up. But Morgan’s quest for maturity is derailed.” Question No. 1: Are you surprised at all to see Anna initiate this bold move in the relationship?
Not really, no. Anna has a strong personality, especially when it comes to Morgan. She knows what she wants in the relationship — she’s really in love with this guy, seeing all the good in him — so she probably feels that if she doesn’t take the initiative, it’s never going to happen. Question No. 2: What derails Morgan’s “quest for maturity”?
Oh, I think everyone goes through a stage where you don’t want to grow up, where you still love, like, fantasy and sci-fi. For Morgan it’s all about videogames and being that geek, and not wanting to let go of those dreams. In next week’s Christmas episode, a thief raids the Buy More, taking Chuck and the gang hostage – Anna included?
Yes, I’m a part of that. I thought she is fearless and might have handled the situation differently, but deep down she’s a sweet girl and she gets scared. She doesn’t whip out any of the fierce moves she used on Michael Strahan?
No, no…. I was just dressed in this really sexy elf costume. A lot of your fans want Anna brought into spy fold – or suspect she already is a sleeper agent and we just don’t know it yet.
I read things like that, and I would love that. I think she’d be a great spy. But she’s also a part of this comedy world that is so fun. I don’t know what Chuck has in store for her, but every script I read is exciting to me. It’s a discovery every episode. What is your favorite thing about playing Anna?
I love the skirts, the boots — her outfits are so sexy. I like dressing all Goth, and I like the ass-kicking, like with Strahan. She’s feisty, and that’s really cool! Is this true, that you graduated second in your high school class with 4.0 GPA and perfect SAT scores?
Yeah. I’ve been a nerd my whole life. And the perfect SATs, was that on your first try?
No, actually it was my third try or something like that. Whatever the case, it makes my 1290 combined look pretty wimpy.
Hey, that’s pretty good! I think I was just lucky.

New Chuck Spoilers!

Anna is back in a huge way next week. [Michael Ausiello]

Josh Schwartz talking about the Dark Intersect storyline: “The Dark Intersect is the first sign that the bad guys (read: FULCRUM) are figuring out that if they can’t find the Intersect, why not rebuild it — which makes Chuck even more valuable. And yes, it is a trilogy.” [Michael Ausiello]

Brooklyn Decker and two other S.I. models head for Chuck in an upcoming episode, and Chuck (Zachary Levi) is in for a surprise when she slaps him. [Watch With Kristin]

  • Episode 2.10 – Chuck Versus the Delorean [Airing December 8]: Sarah’s dad is in town and helps Sarah, Chuck and Casey with a case. He tells Chuck that Chuck made him a believer that he and Sarah are a couple. We see a flashback to when Sarah was a preteen. Source:
  • Episode 2.11 – Chuck Versus Santa Claus [Airing December 15]: A gunman holds people, including Chuck, hostage in Buy More. Casey and Sarah freak out and are prepared to storm the store when a news reporter announces that another hostage has been released but they aren’t sure of the identity because his head is covered when he is led to an ambulance. Sarah and Casey realize the “released hostage” is Chuck and that Fulcrum now has him. Source:

Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck vs. the Sensei”

When Casey is confronted with a mentor from the past, he must contain his anger and use Chuck and Sarah to help thwart another spy plan. Will Casey find his calm center or just explode as usual? And what about the arrival of Awesome’s parents? Will it be AWesome or AWful?…..

Casey’s back-story comes into the forefront when we find out in 1994 Casey, just 23, was training with his sensei, Ty Bennett. A new mission has come to the team despite Chuck’s reluctance to jump right in. He wants to take a little break after just experiencing the problems with Jill.

Their new mission is to infiltrate the Global Launch Agency (GLA) that does work with the NSA. Casey and Sarah need to bring Chuck to the facility to see if he flashes on anything. As a bored Chuck sits in the surveillance van and Sarah and Casey walk the premises, a masked spy, dressed completely in scientific white (except for dark sunglasses), drops in and steals an unknown object from a locked case. He subdues Casey who abruptly stabs him with a Buy More pen. This gives Casey just enough time to unmask said spy who, as luck would have it, is his old sensei. What a small world, right?

Back at the home front we finally get to meet Awesome’s parent, Honey and Woody, played by Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxleitner. They surprise Ellie and Awesome by flying to red eye to meet them. In typical monster-in-law fashion, Honey has been planning their wedding and hands Ellie a book of cuts outs and clips of photos, lists, etc. We can certainly see where this may end up….. read more

Chuck Episode Recap

OK, so Jill’s a Fulcrum agent. At this point, you could be forgiven for thinking every third person in the United States is a spy. But before I can throw up my hands and rail against the plot device, Chuck does it for me — “Excuse me, I’m sorry, General, but who in my life isn’t a spy. My sister? My best friend? Should I just start asking people that when I first meet them? ‘Hi, I’d like the extra-value meal, and while we’re on the topic, do you covertly work for a government espionage faction?’” And bam, I’m laughing too hard at the lines and at Zachary Levi’s delivery to object too strenuously. They know it’s ridiculous, they know we know it’s ridiculous, they’re asking us to just go with it. Well done, Chuck!

The General wants Chuck to stay close to Jill in hopes that she will take him to her Leader — no, really, that’s her handler’s code name. Sarah and Casey object that Chuck’s not ready, but Chuck is fine with it — the woman betrayed him twice, and it’s about time he got to return the favor! That’s how they end up at a carnival, on top of a Ferris wheel, mirroring their first real date. It’s very sweet — until Jill pulls a gun on Chuck. She tells Chuck she has no choice. But when Leader tells Jill that she has to shoot Chuck, she turns the gun on Leader instead. Chuck flees and Leader follows. That leads to a fabulous horizontal chase in the Gravitron, and then pursuit through the hall of mirrors. But just as Leader is about to kill Chuck, Jill shoots Leader. Could she be good after all?…. Continue reading »

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