Friday Night Lights Season 4 Spoilers: Season 5 Show’s Last Season

Friday Night Lights – New Season 4 Promo

Friday Night Lights – First Look at Season 4

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Friday Night Lights – Season 4 – Promotional Photos

Friday Night Lights – 5th Season will be the last

The fifth season of Friday Night Lights will be its last, multiple sources confirm.

Although an NBC rep insists no official decision on FNL’s future has been made, I’m told the network has informed the show’s cast that they’re free to pursue other work after production on season 5 wraps in June. And while the news is sure to make you — and, more importantly, me — sad, this cloud is chockablock with silver linings. To wit:

* We won’t realize the show is gone for ages. While season 4 wraps tonight on DirecTV, it won’t even debut on NBC until April 30. And the fifth season? That may not hit the network until 2011.
* While there was always the possibility that the critical darling could continue for a sixth season, no one connected to the show really expected it to. In other words, though we may sniffle and sob, the cast and crew have already gotten that out of their system by now.
* For the show’s MVPs, the timing is great: Pilot season is just kicking off, so the actors are free to attach themselves to new fall shows with no availability issues. As I mentioned, production on season 5 is expected to wrap in June or July, right around the time most broadcast shows start up production. (My God, can you imagine the bidding wars that’ll ensue over the services of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton?)
* The timing of the announcement is also great for behind-the-scenes quarterback Jason Katims and his fellow producers. Now they can call their final plays knowing that they’ll be their final plays.
Having said that, it’s still sad to think of FNL coming to an end. Eulogies anyone?
Source: EW

Friday Night Lights – New Cast Member

When Friday Night Lights brings the character of Buddy Jr. back for its fifth season (premiering on DirecTV this fall), he’ll not only have a new face, he’ll also have a new, though hardly improved, attitude. I’m told that rookie actor Jeff Rosick’s version of Buddy’s son will be, let’s say, troubled.
Apparently, the now-16-year-old enjoyed his two years in California — so much so that his growing pains only really begin when he’s dragged home to Dillon. Translation: In spite of his sweet heart, the words “temper, temper” will likely be directed at him with some regularity.
Rosick will appear on a recurring basis throughout season 5
Source: EW

Numb3rs star David Krumholtz tapped for Fox pilot

David Krumholtz’ next gig will keep him in the numbers game. The actor has been cast as the lead in Fox’s Untitled Ron Howard IRS pilot, sources confirm to me exclusively. The multi-camera workplace comedy, penned by Office writer-director Brent Forrester, is set at an Internal Revenue Service district office. Howard is exec producing with Imagine’s Brian Grazer and David Nevins. For Krumholtz, the project is in second position to Numb3rs, which is not expected back next season.

In other pilot news, upcoming House guest David Strathairn has landed the lead in the ABC drama pilot Matadors, co-starring Friday Night Lights‘ Zach Gilford.
Source: EW

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.12 – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.11 – Injury List – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.09 – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.08 – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.07 – In the Bag – Synopsis

Despite some doubt, Coach makes Vince quarterback. Tami struggles to comfort Julie who’s grieving over Matt’s sudden departure. Tim has a confrontation with Becky’s dad. Luke is badly injured. Landry makes a play for Jess.

Friday Night Lights Taylor Kitsch Interview

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.06 – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.06 – Stay – Synopsis

Coach searches for a strategy to shut down their toughest opponent yet; Tim reconnects with Lyla; Vince discovers he has a gift for car theft; Julie and Matt attend a concert in Austin and reach a critical juncture in their relationship.
Air Date: December 9, 2009

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.05 – The Son – Synopsis

Julie, Landry, Coach, and Tami rally around Matt in a time of crisis; Vince endangers his rising star as a football player by engaging in criminal activity in order to support his family; Becky and Tim grow closer.

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.05 – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.04 – A Sort of Homecoming – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.04 – A Sort of Homecoming – Synopsis

Homecoming at the newly-reopened school prompts Coach to investigate East Dillon’s history; Tami feels the wrath of the boosters; Landry and Vince both like Jess; Julie accompanies Devin to a gay bar; Matt and Tim go hunting.

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.03 – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.03 – In the Skin of A Lion – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.03 – In the Skin of A Lion – Synopsis

Coach betrays Tami’s trust over a financial decision; tensions between Vince and Luke threaten the team’s chances on the field; Tim helps Coach condition his players; Julie doesn’t want to go to church.

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.02 – After the Fall – Promo

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.02 – After The Fall – Press Release



05/14/2010 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Friday) : A CONTROVERSY AT WEST DILLON PUTS TAMI IN THE MIDDLE – A controversy at West Dillon puts star player Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria) on the Lions’ roster. Elsewhere, Coach (Kyle Chandler) tries to reenergize his demoralized team and Tami (Connie Britton) takes an unpopular stand. Meanwhile, Matt (guest star Zach Gilford) meets an uncouth local artist and Tim (Taylor Kitsch) finds a new living situation in an unexpected place. Jesse Plemons, Aimee Teegarden, Michael B. Jordan and Jurnee Smollett also star.
Source: NBC

Friday Night Lights – Episode 4.01 – East of Dillon – Press Release



05/07/2010 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Friday) : NBC SEASON PREMIERE – THE TAYLORS DEAL WITH THE EAST AND WEST DILLON DIVIDE – Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) wonders how low his fortunes can sink as he struggles to pull the East Dillon Lions together while Tami (Connie Britton) navigates the new politics at West Dillon. Meanwhile, Matt (guest star Zach Gilford) gets a taste of life as a townie and Tim (Taylor Kitsch) is inspired by a college lecture on “the hero’s journey.” Jesse Plemons, Aimee Teegarden, Michael B. Jordan, Jurnee Smollett and Matt Lauria also star.
Source: NBC

Friday Night Lights – Taylor Kitsch Leaves

Friday Night Lights, which over the last season and a half has seen the departures of nearly all its original young cast, is about to endure another devastating blow. Popular heartthrob Taylor Kitsch, who plays bad boy Tim Riggins, will not be returning next season as a series regular, executive producer Jason Katims tells me exclusively.

Taylor found success on the big screen last year as Gambit alongside Hugh Jackman in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and later this year will appear with Ryan Phillippe in the apartheid drama, “The Bang Bang Club.” He is also attached to the sci-fi fantasy film “John Carter of Mars,” which is set to start shooting this month. “Because this was a big opportunity for him, we wanted to let him do that,” says Katims. “We’ll stay in close contact with production and try to get him for as many episodes as possible.”

But the show made similar promises about former cast member Adrianne Palicki, who left last the series last season to star in a string of upcoming films that have so far ruled out any return appearances.

While the show’s other young characters, including Tyra, Lyla (Minka Kelly), Smash (Gaius Charles) and most recently, Matt (Zach Gilford), all left to pursue higher education, it was explained at the start of the current season, that college was not in Riggins’ future.

Instead, he has joined his brother in an illegal chop shop endeavor to raise extra cash to buy land. He has also entered into a romance with an under-aged girl. Either one of these scenarios could conceivably land Tim in jail, possibly taking the fall for his older brother, Billy, who is about to become a first time father. But Katims resisted commenting on the possibility of sending Riggins to the slammer, saying instead, ‘You’ll just have to watch.'” He also wouldn’t say if Aimee Teegarden, whose character, Julie, is college hunting, would return next season, as she too is being courted by film producers.

The series is currently airing on DirecTV through February and will rerun on NBC later this year. The NBC/DirecTV partnership guaranteed a fifth season, which Katims says he expects will be its last.
Source: TV Guide Magazine

What’s up with Matt and Julie on Friday Night Lights?! And how’s Tim Riggins lookin’ in the episode?
You’d think after Matt (Zach Gilford) just books it to Chicago without so much as a good-bye text to Julie (Aimee Teegarden), she’d want nothing to do with him when he returns to Dillon for a visit. So much for that. Girl has no willpower. In the season-four finale of Friday Night Lights, they have a heart-to-heart sesh about their relationship that ends with Matt offering Julie a plane ticket to Chicago. As for our dear Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch), he ain’t looking so hot. Well, less hot than usual. Tim will be making a huge sacrifice for his brother, Billy (Derek Phillips), and the consequences that come with it are hardcore. Also, I’ll have you know that Taylor’s performance in the final scenes did in fact make me cry. Source: E!Online

Friday Night Lights Season 4 & 5 Spoilers: Show will end in 2011

In addition to Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, full-time returnees include Jesse Plemons, Taylor Kitsch, Aimee Teegarden, and Jeremy Sumpter. Adrianne Palicki, Minka Kelly, and Zach Gilford will likely be back for short-term farewell arcs. (Michael Ausiello) Zach Gilford will be back for around five episodes next season. (Michael Ausiello)

Taylor Kitsch recently said he’s coming back for season four, but Minka Kelly is only back for a few episodes, which Connie Britton teased is not good news for Lyla and Riggins fans: “Riggins is going to have to move on. The reality of the situation is he’s in Dillon; he’s never going to leave Dillon probably, and she is. She has a whole future, and I think it would be really interesting to see what that does to him. Maybe she’ll come back and do some episodes, and we’ll see where she’s gone off to and see the difference between the girl who gets out and the guy who doesn’t. Those old high school relationships where you think [you’re] going to be forever together and then you’ve got your whole life ahead of you and everything changes. ” (Watch With Kristin)

Rumor has it that Riggins does not stay faithful to Lyla while she’s away at college. (Watch With Kristin)

The show is casting three new series regulars and one recurring guest star.

Vince: A charming yet dangerous East Dillon junior. He’s African-American and, when we first meet him, he’s running from the cops. Look for Coach Taylor to put his speed to better use as a member of the Lions. Series regular.

Luke: Vince’s classmate and arch nemesis. He’s Caucasian, cocky, and charming. Reminds some of a young Paul Newman. Dillon’s new geographical breakdown has him playing for the Lions, and he’s not happy about it. Series regular.

Jess: The super-energetic daughter of a onetime NFL hopeful, she knows the game inside and out. When she’s not busy coaching her younger brothers, this sophomore/junior is getting crushed on by every guy in Dillon, East and West. Series regular.

Becky: A freshman beauty queen whose family is purebred trailer trash. Think Blair Waldorf with lousy genes. She finds Riggins in bed with her mother and reacts by trying to seduce him herself. She is listed as recurring. (Michael Ausiello)

Scott Porter talks about his future on Friday Night Lights: “I may have a guest spot return to Dillon in season five. In the final episodes of the wrap-up season, we’ll put a bow on everybody. There are definitely some ways to bring Jason Street back. If Riggins gets in trouble, or if Riggins ends up getting married, then I’ll come back for that. [Street’s return] is probably going to be Riggins-related, although since I’m a football scout now, I could probably come down and look at some of the new kids at East Dillon.” (Watch With Kristin)

Exclusive – Friday Night Lights – Season 4 – New Characters

[VINCE] African-American, a Junior in high school, 16-17 years old, from a lower-class background. He is charming but dangerous and sometimes a little menacing. His father is in jail and Vince is involved in criminal activity on his behalf. We first meet him quickly fleeing the cops of East Dillon and it is that kind of speed Vince brings to the football field as well as a toughness we’ve never seen before. He has a dark side and occasionally he snaps. We see him at one point being mocked for a football loss and winds up pulling a gun on the guy making fun of him…SERIES REGULAR

[LUKE] Caucasian, a Junior in high school, 16-17 years old, a young Paul Newman type, cocky and charming. His family are ranchers, scraping to get by. Luke will initially be reluctant to become an integral part of the Lions. His enthusiasm for football has been stamped out by the politics that had him playing for Dillon and now for East Dillon. However, he is the strongest player on the team – except possibly for Vince – and he assumes a leadership role quickly which puts him at odds with Vince…SERIES REGULAR

[JESS] Female, African-American, a Sophomore or Junior in high school, 16-17 years old, Jess is the daughter of the smoker at a local BBQ joint who was himself a onetime NFL hopeful who never made it. Raised in a family steeped in football lore Jess knows the game inside and out. She has several younger brothers who she coaches/bosses around during youth football practices. Jess is a force of nature, super-energetic, and the type to make a big entrance and big exit. All of our male characters will be at least a little bit crazy about her sptv050769…SERIES REGULAR NOT ALL SHOWS PRODUCED

[BECKY] Caucasian Female, Texas Beauty Queen type, 18-20 years old to play high school freshman. A beauty pageant vet from a ‘trailer trash’ family, Becky is well aware that her good looks can get her just about everything she wants. She is surprised when, after meeting Tim Riggins when he wakes up in her mother’s bed, she can’t seem to convince him to hook up with her, too. Becky is the leader of the ‘Trash Bees’ a group of girls who discover that being in a new school means they can declare themselves the most important people in the social hierarchy…RECURRING GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Friday Night Lights – Connie Britton Interview

Source: TV Guide

A rather glorious thing happened in March, when TV’s acclaimed if undersampled Friday Night Lights was renewed for not one but two more seasons. Although the series’ NBC return is a small eternity away (summer 2010) and its DirecTV premiere is still “TBD,” we tackled the opportunity to speak with Connie Britton about Tami’s “roller coaster” past, and apparently finite future. I want you to know that my wife got hooked on Friday Night Lights this past season — and I think it’s largely due to the tactile and real performances given by you, Kyle Chandler, et al.
Connie Britton:
Aw, that’s so awesome! That’s what I’m talking about, that’s what we need to do. Hey, every head counts. What was your favorite thing about playing Tami last year?
For me, it felt like a roller coaster. The whole aspect of being principal was really interesting, because when I first heard about that, I was heady with power! I was like, “This is the be-all and end-all,” Kyle was jealous. … It was fantastic. And then they were like, “Yeah, but you’re going to have a huge head-to-head issue with Buddy, and ultimately you’ll lose.” [Laughs] I was like, “No fair!”

View photos from Friday Night dates gone by What are the odds that Tami and Eric will be working at rival Dillon high schools next season?
Knowing our writers, I bet that’s the way they’ll go, because that will be so interesting and challenging. And that’s how we do it at Friday Night Lights. Last season we said sad goodbyes to both Smash and Jason…
C’mon, admit it, you cried during those episodes. Maybe. Will Season 4 serve up anything similar for Matt (Zach Gilford), Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) or Lyla (Minka Kelly), all of whom could be heading off to college?
The writers just now are concocting their story ideas, but I would think they do a little arc for all those characters — or at least the ones they can. All these actors are going off and doing awesome movies and stuff. We are the farm team for Hollywood, with our actors, our writers, our director…. It’s crazy. Executive producers Jason Katims and Jeffrey Reiner have gone off to do other projects (NBC’s Parenthood and Trauma, respectively). How might their absences affect the mood on the set?
: I don’t think it will be different at all. We’ll have some different players on the team, but we also will have a lot of the same players. There’s Michael Waxman, who was our First [Assistant Director] for a long time before starting to direct some episodes, and we just love him. I think he’s going to be picking up some of the Jeff Reiner slack. Plus you’re going into this transition as one of the business’ best-oiled machines.
I really do think that’s true. We’ve always attributed the success and greatness of Friday Night Lights to its process, and that involves every single person, from every department.

Review NBC’s complete 2009-10 TV season plan What was the thinking behind a two-season pick-up? Was it financial?
I’m not involved in all those negotiations, but if I had to guess, the only reason somebody would do a two-season pick-up is if there’s a financial advantage. It impacts syndication, packaging…. So are you shooting Seasons 4 and 5 back-to-back? That’d be cost-effective.
No, I think there will be a little break between seasons, if for no other reason than to let the writers regroup. Did you have your hand slapped at all for telling that after these next two seasons, the show is done?
No! I don’t think I’m out of bounds in saying that. I think that is the intention. Hey, end dates are the new black — everybody is doing them.
Exactly, and we are all looking at it as an advantage. One of the things that’s so hard about TV is that time at the end of the season where it’s a guessing game of, “Will we ever see each other again?” That’s tough, man. So for us to have the luxury of knowing what we have in front of us and, frankly, knowing when we get to say goodbye, is great. Listen, if the show suddenly started making phenomenal amounts of money and gets phenomenal ratings and they’re like, “Let’s keep it going,” that would be great. But I have a feeling that this is a really good way to be really specific with stories.

Friday Night Lights Spoilers: Renewed for 2 more Seasons!

NBC-DirecTV Seals Deal on Two More Seasons of Friday Night Lights

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Aimee Teegarden, Friday Night Lights

Bill Records / NBC

Friday Night Lights is officially a go for two more 13-episode seasons, airing first on DirecTV and later on NBC, reports Variety‘s Cynthia Littleton. (Whee!)

Star Connie Britton recently told us about the possibility of a pickup for the perpetually on-the-bubble drama, “I am feeling optimistic about it and really hopeful. As much as you feel like, ‘OK, it’s time to move on,’ the reality is that to have the opportunity to create something new with [this show] every day is just the greatest gift. It would be great if we had another season.”

And Kyle Chandler spilled a little about the shape of the seasons to come (although you should skip this part if you haven’t finishing watching season three on NBC yet!):

Bill Records / NBC

Kyle says, “Coach has been moved into the poor part of town, and we have no pool to draw from for a football team. I think it opens up [the show] to be far more representative, Taylor Kitsch, Friday Night Lightshaving more Hispanics in the show, blacks in the show. And then also just being the underdogs going up against my old show where my wife is still principal.”

Any chance Tami Taylor will follow Coach to the wrong side of the tracks in seasons four and five? Connie Britton has her theories! “I think it would be interesting if she did, but it may be too difficult to depict in the show. It could also be interesting if I also go over there, and we’re both struggling at this school that is just falling apart.”

Mind you none of this is set in stone, as Connie is quick to point out, “We generally leave that stuff to the writers because their ideas are going to be 10 times better than anything I’d have an idea for!” Pshaw!

Sadly, most of the current castmembers, include Taylor Kitsch‘s Riggins, Minka Kelly‘s Lyla, Zach Gilford‘s Matt Saracen and Adrianne Palicki‘s Tyra, play graduating seniors who are likely to eventually exit and move on with their lives on and offscreen.

Says Kyle of the rotation, “They told us that that was going to be the case when we started the show—that people weren’t going to stay on the show for seven years and be freshmen. People who have gone off the show, they knew what was going on. It does give a chance for new people to come on and for the show to be far more organic in that way, although some of the folks who are leaving I really wish they weren’t, obviously.”

Tell us this isn’t the best news you’ve heard all day? No, seriously, tell us in the comments, and we expect you to prove, with facts and stuff, that something else better happened!

Season three of Friday Night Lights is now airing Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

—Additional reporting by Megan Masters

Is Friday Night Lights is going to be back! Any word on what the potential season four will bring?

As a matter of fact, we were just able to get some great insights into next season from the FNL castmembers themselves! Kyle Chandler tells us that his transfer across town may open up some new doors for the people of Dillon. “Coach has been moved into the poor part of town, and we have no pool to draw from for a football team. I think it opens up [the show] to be far more representative, having more Hispanics in the show, blacks in the show. And then also just being the underdogs going up against my old show where my wife is still principal.” Any chance Tami Taylor will follow Coach to the wrong side of the tracks? Connie Britton has her theories! “I think it would be interesting if she did, but it may be too difficult to depict in the show. It could also be interesting if I also go over there and we’re both struggling at this school that is just falling apart.” Mind you none of this is set in stone, as Connie is quick to point out, “We generally leave that stuff to the writers because their ideas are going to be 10 times better than anything I’d have an idea for!” Pshaw! Source: Kristin on E!Online

Friday Night Lights Episode Recaps

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “Tami Knows Best”

This week the Applebees hits the fan when Buddy basically declares war against Tami and her plans to allocate his precious Jumbotron money to academics. Tim tries to impress Buddy and the McCoys at a nice dinner but fails, causing some tension between him and Lyla, while Coach whips Smash into shape and Tyra sinks to a new low to get herself elected as student body president. In other news, we meet a very important person from Matt’s past…. read more

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “I Knew You When”

Lots of changes in Dillon, Texas! Jason and Smash have graduated, Tim has replaced Smash as tail back and there’s a new quarterback in town, J.D. McCoy. Tyra and Landry are taking a break and Lyla and Tim are back …hooking up. The biggest change? Tami is now the principal of Dillon High. Hold on to your footballs, y’all, because Tami as Principal Taylor against Coach Taylor (and Pushy McPushy, Buddy Garrity) promises to be a blow out of a season… read more

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “The Giving Tree”

Coach catches Julie and Matt in an awkward situation, Landry finally lays the smackdown on Tyra and Papa McCoy has a very bad meltdown… read more

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “Game of the Week”

Tyra gets in way over her head while on the road with Cash the cowboy, Coach tries to take Tami away for a romantic birthday evening, while Tim nearly blows an opportunity with the a college recruiter and the Panthers get to play on national television…. read more

New Friday Night Lights Spoilers & Scoop!

Ausiello: Don’t miss tonight’s penultimate season 3 ep, which features (skip to the last sentence of this answer, non DirecTV subscribers!) the long-awaited Tyra/Landry reunion, as well as a nail-biter of a station championship game.Programming note: FNL‘s NBC run kicks off on Friday, Jan. 16. — Source: Ausiello Files – EW

New Friday Night Lights Spoilers: Season Finale Scoop!

Can you please enlighten me on the future of Friday Night Lights? Please tell me this won’t be the last season!
No decisions have been made yet, but according to big-time FNL fan Chris Littmann of The Sporting News, the ratings trend on DirecTV is at least positive. BTW, how amazing was the birds-and-bees-talk episode where (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it) Coach walked in on Julie and Saracen? The Emmy voters should be throwing awards and rose petals at Connie Britton‘s feet, for crying out loud, and Kyle Chandler‘s, too. The new season of FNL starts on NBC next Friday, Jan. 16.

Gimme some Friday Night Lights scoop! This season has been so wonderful!
If Tyra’s college essay doesn’t make you cry, you have no soul. It’s like Aaron Sorkin was her ghost writer. Epic. Oh, and the Tyra-Landry lovin’? That might make you cry, too.

I adore Friday Night Lights! What’s in store for the season-ender?
We learn Joe McCoy’s endgame, and it’s as ugly as we originally suspected. (You’ll be left wishing that Mayberry Machiavelli Buddy Garrity were a little more Machiavelli and a little less Mayberry. He didn’t see this one coming at all.) That said, the resulting setup for season four (which we must have) is downright brilliant. Speaking of season four, Coach and Tami Taylor must come back. Right? If you’re in the Panther cheering section, holler in the comments below, won’t you? — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “New York, New York”

Grab your hankies, Panthers fans! “New York, New York” is one of the best and most emotional episodes of Friday Night Lights ever. Jason and Riggins head off to New York to make his dreams come true, Tami tries to convince Coach to buy her dream house, and Tyra makes a decision about college versus being with Cash the cowboy. read more

New Friday Night Lights Spoilers! Best (and Worst) Feet Forward on Tonight’s ‘Friday Night Lights’

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Kitsch_kelly Though there’s a state championship-qualifying football game and city politics relating to the team in tonight’s episode, these two story lines are merely the backdrop for what Friday Night Lights is really about: relationships and character…

With Lyla still living at the Riggins house, since Buddy blew all her college money away, papa Garrity will actually turn to Tim for advice on how to get his daughter back. And Tim — noticing a marked change in Lyla, who seems to be masking a lot of pain — is actually open to helping the poor guy out. But more importantly, Riggs is there for Lyla in a way that we’ve never quite seen before. I think we knew he had it in him, because there’s always seemed to be a quiet sensitivity behind all that endearing bravado, but to watch it bubble to the surface is a whole ‘nother thing.

Adriannepalicki As for the older Riggins brother, wedding plans for Billy and Tyra’s sister Mindy are underway, and little T is in charge of planning Mindy’s bridal shower tonight. She does run into a few problems in the process, but it’s nothing the lead singer of Crucifictorious can’t fix. Yes, Landry Clarke seems to have quickly forgiven Tyra for her bout of selfishness and she seems to have gained some additional respect for him. There are definitely romantic feelings resurfacing on her part… but those feelings are overshadowed this week by the college admission stress she’s battling. And for the first time, we will witness Tyra’s mother deliver a one-on-one pep talk that we didn’t know she had in her.

Elsewhere in Dillon, another once-irresponsible mommy steps up to the plate as well. With Grandma Saracen’s mental health deteriorating and Matt’s future looming, Shelby will stand by her son in a way he’s never before experienced. It’ll take him some getting used to, but it’s definitely a good thing.

Jeremysumpter Of course, with all these sometimes unstable characters putting their best foot forward, we will also see the other side of the coin when J.D. McCoy’s dad loses his mind over the kid’s saucy new girlfriend, Madison. Is she a distraction from football, showing up on the sidelines of his practice and daring him to disobey his pop? Sure. But J.D.’s always overly attentive father is going to cross a serious line between discipline and, uh, well, it’s about to get ugly…

Newest Friday Night Spoilers: The Season Finale!

When do we find out if Friday Night Lights gets picked up for a fourth season?
Word from NBC will come after the Peacock-network premiere on Jan. 16. Says Connie Britton about the remainder of season three: “I think we get a little twist with that at the end of the season. The end of the season is kind of the end of the football season as well, that’s what we like to do on our show. They made it so compelling. Whether this is the last season or not, some of these students are going to be graduating, they may or may not be on the show next season, so it was important that they do that right, and they really did.” — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Adriannepalicki Dillon Duo: DirecTV peeps, did you notice a gleam in Tyra’s eye as she watched Landry on stage with his band last week? Indeed, you did. Ms. Collette will soon confess that’s she’s falling for L. Clarke again. But will he be down with her this time? — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Expectations & Disappointments on Tonight’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Britton_chandler_teegarden If you caught last week’s scenes from the next Friday Night Lights, you know that Coach Taylor will walk in on Matt and Julie in bed together tonight. Mhmmm. And yeah, it’s awkward. The fuming angry father will handle the debacle just the way you’d expect him to… by telling Tami what he saw so she can have “the talk” with their daughter. But of course there’s still the matter of dealing with poor, sweet Matty Saracen who happens to be a player on his football team. Good thing Landry’s around to give the former quarterback his best advice on how to navigate the situation…

Kelly_kitsch_2 Unfortunately, the always-wise Landry — who is busy telling Tyra off for being a selfish, bad friend tonight! — was not available to lend his services to Buddy Garrity, who gets into a strip club brawl this evening that makes Coach T’s season two tussle with Tami’s ex-boyfriend look quite tame. Buddy’s beef with an irresponsible business partner will have serious ramifications: for him, for Lyla, even Tim Riggins is affected.

Jeremysumpter And down the road in Dillon, we’ll get another glimpse inside the McCoy household when young J.D. starts dating a cute Panther co-ed named Madison. Needless to say, Daddy McCoy doesn’t like the distraction from football. But Mommy McCoy — who is kind of awesome — seems quite excited about her kid having a lady. Of course, only one of them can win this battle. So who’s it gonna be? Watch tonight and you’ll see (hint: Tim Riggins gets a vote too)…

New Friday Night Lights Spoilers & Scoop!

By season’s end, Dillon will open a second high school, upending both the town’s storied football program and Coach Taylor’s tenure as Panthers coach. Also, the finale (airing Jan. 14 on DirecTV – NBC reruns the season starting January 16) will jump ahead five months to the end of the school year, at which point we’ll have a good idea who’ll be moving away to college and who’ll be sticking around for a possible fourth season. [Michael Ausiello]

Tyra finally discovers that Cash (Zach Roerig) has a dark side that involves gambling and mistreating women. [Watch With Kristin]

Grandma and Shelby fight viciously, leaving poor Matt in the middle, and someone with an agenda makes Riggins an offer he can’t refuse. [Watch With Kristin]

Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV


There have been many weepy Friday Night Lights moments over the last few weeks or so, but as all devoted fans know, FNL does lighthearted and funny just as well, if not better. Tonight’s hour will end on one of those high notes, courtesy of Tim Riggins, who’ll put a giddy smile on your face with his God-given wit and charm… although, I must warn, the Riggins charisma isn’t present throughout the entire episode. In fact, Timmy’s lady Lila will not be feeling the love, frustrated by her man’s lack of focus when it comes to his future. Turns out TR’s being recruited by a pretty decent college football program, but he doesn’t seem to care. And he’s not the only Riggins in the dog house. Tyra’s sister Mindy has called off her engagement to Billy and he’s all broken up about it. The upside? Mindy and Lyla — the most unlikely of pairs — get together to wreck on the brothers and form an anti-Riggins forcefield, lol. That’s right, FNL, you just forced me to type out “LOL”.


And I have but begun to scratch the surface of everything going on tonight. It’s Ms. Tami’s birthday… though she seems reluctant to celebrate it, Tyra’s finally seeing Cash’s true colors… and turns to the Taylor’s for help, the Dillon Panthers have been selected as high school team of the week… which means their game will be nationally televised, and Matty Saracen makes a return to the football field spotlight …which may just bring his feuding mom and granny together. It’s a good episode, my friends. As always with Friday Night Lights, highly recommended.

Tyra finally discovers that Cash (Zach Roerig) has a dark side that involves gambling and mistreating women. Landry, time for another murder to defend your girl! Also, Grandma and Shelby fight viciously, leaving poor Matt in the middle, and someone with an agenda makes Riggins an offer he can’t refuse. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

90210 Spoilers! ‘Friday Night Light’s’ Aimee Teegarden To Befriend Ethan on ‘90210

Aimeeteegarden Friday Night Lights fans, don’t fret! Though my friends over at E! Online have just reported that FNL‘s Aimee Teegarden has been cast on 90210, this does not mean we’re seeing the last of Dillon, Texas this season. Sources tell me exclusively that Teegarden’s character Rhonda is a West Beverly student who takesDustinmilligan center stage in just one particular episode when Annie’s boyfriend, Ethan, injures her in a freak car accident. Seems Rhonda is a sweet and quiet soul who Ethan hadn’t noticed before the incident, but the two will become friendly as she recovers in the hospital. No word on whether the friendship will extend past the hour, but if NBC and DirecTV decide to renew FNL for a fourth season, this 90210 role certainly won’t prevent Teegarden from being a part of it… — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Friday Night Lights Spoilers!


By Korbi Ghosh,

It’s a real bitch watching Friday Night Lights without a box full of tissues sometimes… and tonight will be one of those times. A few weeks back, the show said goodbye to Smash Williams with a few poignant, emotional scenes, and this evening’s episode will provide a similarly worthy farewell to our boy Jason Street (aka “6”).

It’s always hard to watch series regulars walk away from a favorite show, but I like the fact that FNL is letting these two characters move forward. Every invested Friday Night Lights fan wants to see Smash and Street succeed, and while it would be fairly realistic to watch J.S. just waste his life away in Dillon, Texas — working at Garrity Motors and making the most of a mediocre existence — FNL is writing him out in an inspiring, motivational way, giving the character the possibility of reaching its full potential as Jason travels to New York City to pin down that Sports Agency job and provide for his son.

Taylorkitsch Of course, the driving force behind Jason’s NYC dreams are the kid and his baby mama, but the inspiration behind Jason’s perseverance will be his best pal Tim Riggins, who accompanies Jason to the Big Apple and offers some much needed advice when things don’t turn out as planned. I’m telling you, Riggs has come a long way from the dude who was secretly bangin’ his paralyzed buddy’s girl back in season one. Just wait till you see his face in the last scene of tonight’s hour. You will lose it.

Aimeeteegarden But Riggs isn’t the only good friend you’ll be spying this evening. Ms. Julie Taylor will confront her father, Coach T, after he refuses to consider letting Julie’s back-on b.f. Matt Saracen switch positions on the team, and it is too adorable. I am so feeling the magic of Matt and Julie all over again. Is it just me or is Saracen somehow sexier when he’s with Jules? Think I’m going to make his face my screen saver this week…

Adriannepalicki What else? Tonight, Tyra will have second thoughts about going to college, knowing that Cash will be on the road without her. Tammy will fall in love with a beautiful, big house which she will try to gently bully her husband into buying. And Coach Taylor is bringing J.D. McCoy’s football trainer on to the team as a replacement for Coach Mac, who collapses on the field from an apparent heart attack.

M.I.A. from the hour are a few major players including Lila and Landry, but I can’t actually complain. The stories they have chosen to service tonight are well worth our time. I think I might actually watch the episode twice…

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy”

This Wednesday’s (Nov. 5) DirecTV episode, titled “It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy” put the show back on solid footing and included at least one massive plot development.

Matt and Julie finally made sweet, sweet love!

Some people will probably feel like Julie and Matt (or “Mulie” if you’re one of those people who likes to combine couple names) rushed into the sexy-time, but they’d done the protracted build-up before. It yielded “I Think We Should Have Sex,” which ranks as either my second or third favorite Friday Night Lights episode ever. But in the context of this season, the impetuous decision made a lot of sense. With his grandma, his ma and his benching, Matt has been going through a lot lately, while for Julie it was a bit of over-obvious symmetry that last week she got flowered (on her ankle) and this week she was deflowered. And, honestly, thank heavens she didn’t sleep with The Swede or John From Cincinnati….Continue reading »

New Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Why is no one is talking about how perfect this season of Friday Night Lights is? My only quibble: The evil cowboy dude needs to leave so Tyra and Landry can be together.
I’m just getting caught up on all the episodes I missed, so that’s why I’ve been giving the show the silent treatment. But now I can join you in celebrating the beauty that is season 3. The stuff I’m loving the most: Matt reconnecting with his estranged mom (Deadwood MVP Kim Dickens, who I’m convinced was put on Earth just to make me cry); Jason’s heartbreaking (and still unfolding) farewell arc; the fact that producers are making J.D. McCoy a sympathetic figure and not some cliché-ridden spoiled rich brat (a lesser show would’ve gone there); getting Landry off the football field and into a garage band where he belongs; and, of course, any and every scene with Connie Britton. As far as the evil cowboy dude goes, he’s not bugging me as much as I thought he would. But a word of warning: He’s going to seem more evil than ever tonight when a skeleton tumbles out of his closet and right onto Tyra’s doorstep. — Michael Ausiello, Ausiello Files

Zach Roerig on Friday Night Lights is really hot! How long will he be on the show? Do he and Tyra have a future?
Possibly, possibly not, since a woman shows up on Tyra’s (Adrianne Palicki) door this week carrying what she says is Cash’s baby. Whoopsie! Did he forget to mention his baby-daddy status to Tyra? (Psst…hey, Landry, here’s your chance to get her back!) — Kristin at E!Online

Will we see some Matt and Julie action soon on Friday Night Lights?
Get ready to squee! This week, Mulie will share a smooch by the campfire. Hot! You’ll also see a lot more of J.D. McCoy (Jeremy Sumpter) as he’ll be hitting the field naked.  — Kristin at E!Online

Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Tattoos & Touchdowns on Tonight’s ‘Friday Night Lights’

By Korbi Ghosh

Zachgilford We’ll find out how Coach T’s new two-quarterback strategy is working out within the first few minutes tonight. And let’s just say, the bitter Matt Saracen we saw last season is back. There is, however, a silver lining: the situation leads to a serious emotional breakthrough between Matty and his mommy.

AimeeteegardenAnd speaking of mommy’s, Julie’s will go ape-sh!t when she spies some freshly inked artwork on her eldest daughter’s ankle this week. The silver lining here? A classic Taylor family meltdown, complete with crosstalk and screaming in their kitchen!!

Jesseplemons What else is on tap? A solid Landry-Saracen scene, which doesn’t include much audible dialogue, but will still make you giggle. And despite feeling Landry’s heartbreak, you will fall deeper in love with Tyra’s cowboy tonight. It’s unavoidable.

Also, Jason Street, Herc and the Riggins brothers are teaming up for a major project, and heads up, Riggins has a new mantra which’ll have you snort-laughing by the second or third time you hear it… — KTV: Korbi TV at

New Friday Night Lights Spoilers

Can you share anything on Friday Night Lights?
This is Smash’s last week in Dillon, and his goodbye will break your heart. Also heartbreaking? Landry’s (Jesse Plemons) goodbye to Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) after she starts seeing rodeo cowboy Cash (Zach Roerig) somewhat seriously. Of course, Tyra and Landry are officially not together, but it feels like a bad breakup just the same. — Ausiello Files

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “Tami Knows Best”

This week the Applebees hits the fan when Buddy basically declares war against Tami and her plans to allocate his precious Jumbotron money to academics. Tim tries to impress Buddy and the McCoy at a nice dinner but fails causing some tension between him and Lyla, Coach whips Smash into shape and Tyra sinks to a new low to get herself elected as student body president. In other news, we meet a very important person from Matt’s past….read more

Friday Night Lights Spoilers & Casting: FNL Loses an Original Castmember

Watch the VIDEO at Kristin at E!Online

Be there in Texas for the departure of Gaius Charles (aka Brian “Smash” Williams) from Friday Night Lights…Bring a hankerchief, because there will be tears.

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