America’s Next Top Model: Interview with McKey

Top Model Winner Dishes on Her “Weirdo” Ways

by Gina DiNunno, TV Guide

The final runway was more of an obstacle course than a catwalk, but leggy McKey tackled it with style to become America’s Next Top Model. caught up with the Cycle 11 winner to find out everything from how she’s learned to embrace her “weirdo” ways, what she thinks Tyra is really like and where she came up with the pseudo name McKey. The finale runway was pretty intense. What was it like running up that hill in heels?
McKey: It was so scary! I was so nervous I was going to drop my train, slip on it and fall off the side creating some Top Model catastrophe. We did get some tips prior. Basically, you took a running start, picked up your skirt and hiked yourself up the hill with the momentum. I think it served as a good distraction where it became your task to get up that hill without falling as opposed to over focusing on who’s going win. What was one of the hardest things to deal with throughout the experience?
McKey: I had a really hard time letting the girls get to know me at first. I was guarded and very controlling as to what I showing to them. I guess I just shelled up because I was afraid they’d see what a weirdo I am and stay away from me! We started getting in sync with each other the second week, and the longer we were the there, the more comfortable everyone got with each other. That’s why the fights started, because everyone was more comfortable fighting with each other [laughs]. There were little disagreements over everything from what color looks better to who the president shouldn’t be. Why do you say you’re a weirdo?
McKey: I don’t know — I ate dog food when I was little. [laughs] I just have odd, quirky things about me that I don’t know from watching myself but from other people’s reactions of what I do. It’s kinda hilarious. I’ll be making a face and they’ll say “What are doing,”and I’m like “Impersonating a rabbit, why?” I’m just having a good time, lay off me guys! Tyra’s pretty quirky on the show as well.
McKey: Tyra was different than what I expected. She’s really goofy and not afraid to act completely ridiculous. She’s herself and she doesn’t care. And this experience [taught me] to most definitely to be myself. Even if what I say or do seems quirky or odd, I am who I am — people will love me about that or hate me about that. Either way it can end up helping me. Tyra had you change your name because there were competing Britneys on the show. How did you pick the name McKey?
McKey: McKey was what my mom was going to name me when I was born — well, McKenzie, actually. McKey is my way of shortening it. But my sister wanted Britney because she had a friend that had a sister named Britney and she wanted one too. I was like a Barbie doll on shelf, ‘I want one too!’ McKey was a penname of mine in high school — it was McKey Tay. I used to be very into writing in school, so anytime I was writing something funny or really out there, I’d use it as my alter alias. I’d picture myself in a black leather jacket and a little hood with those giant pink sun glasses sneaking around [laughs]. How did you get into modeling when you were younger?
McKey: I used to be a tomboy and play about every sport under the sun — and with that comes injury. I ended up having knee surgery that put me out for six months. I got pretty depressed, so I decided to try out for the Elite Model Look. I won regional, but not nationals and got a contract with Elite. But nothing every really took off so I went back to normal life. Eventually, I decided to give it just one last kick [with Top Model] so that when I’m a granny, I won’t regret anything. What are you hoping for with your upcoming career?
McKey: Ideally, what happens is they send me to Europe — hopefully Paris. I think that’s where my look fits in the best, and I’ve been told I have very European features. And my mother did the sweetest thing and bought me a Papillion dog, which is what I really wanted to travel with me. She’s going to come with me wherever I go so I can take a little bit of home with me. But, if I can work in New York, I’ll go to New York — wherever I can get work I’ll go!

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Mary McDonnell’s Secret Revealed!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exclusive: Mary McDonnell’s Secret Revealed!

Oct 30, 2008, by Michael Ausiello 
Marymcdonnell_l If you suspected there was a twist surrounding Mary McDonnell’s three-episode Grey’s Anatomy arc, congratulations, you were right. Turns out her character, a celebrated cardiac surgeon brought in to boost Seattle Grace’s national ranking beginning Nov. 13, is living with Asperger’s syndrome. “Shonda [Rhimes] thought it would be interesting to have an incredibly skilled surgeon who, socially, is initially misunderstood,” explains executive producer Betsy Beers of the autism-related disorder, which is characterized by eccentric behavior and a general social awkwardness. Eccentric behavior and social awkwardness? Sounds like she’ll fit right in! Or will she? Only time — and the following Q&A with the fraktabulous McDonnell — will tell.

AUSIELLO: How does everyone react to your character, Dr. Virginia Dixon?
In her first surgery she works primarily with Bailey and Karev, who are both sort of caught off guard by her difficulty in communication. They don’t really know until the end of the episode that she has Asperger’s. It’s challenging for them. On the one hand, you’re introducing a dramatic and comedic dynamic that people have to react to. On the other hand, you’re bringing on a very dignified real human being with a disability that can be very problematic for everyone.

What’s it like playing her?
It’s been a wonderful experience. Grey’s has to do with social nuance and behavior between people, and this is a character who can’t really relate to any of that. She comes in and brings a little bit of a different behavior to Seattle Grace.

How different are we talking? She’s still going to hook up with one of her colleagues, right?
[Laughs] So far, I have to tell you, I don’t see any romance. That just makes me giggle. But she’s just coming in for three episodes so far, so we’ll see. That’s the furthest thing from her mind.

Might your stay be extended beyond the three episodes?
There’s always a possibility. I think with this character, there’s a great collaboration to kind of experiment with her and with her situation and see the kind of effect it may have on the world of Grey’s, because she’s very atypical.

Did Shonda create the role with you in mind?
I don’t know if it was created with me in mind, but I was told that Shonda had me on her mind as soon as she started thinking about it. She’s put a great deal of trust in me, and it’s part of why I wanted to do it. Because when someone hands you something this compelling and complicated and gives you good writing and also says, “I’m trusting you to find the nuance here,” then you kind of go home and think, I’m lucky to be alive.

Supernatural Spoilers: Robert Wisdom’s One Devil of an Angel

Supernatural Preview: Robert Wisdom’s One Devil of an Angel

A witch. Halloween. The possible unleashing of Satan. Sounds like a case for the Winchester boys and their winged wingman. Tonight on Supernatural (9 pm/ET, the CW), even Castiel agrees that heavy artillery is called for. Cue guest-star Robert Wisdom, as an angel with ‘tude. The former Wire star shared a look at this hellish holiday outing. Plus: His take on “the greatest show that’s ever been on American television.” I’m guessing — purely guessing —  that this is the first angel you’ve played.
Robert Wisdom:
[Laughs] Well, there aren’t too many I’ve been offered, but this is the first one, yeah. What brings Uriel to the world of Supernatural? Is he there to ostensibly save Halloween?
Yes, that’s my job, and it’s a big one. It’s a real sweet role. They’ve written some really powerful stuff. I like the show. I’m thinking he doesn’t get a big ol’ hug from Castiel?
No, we are kind of a mix between characters from the Addams Family realm and The Odd Couple. [Laughs] We like each other but we aren’t real close. They have different approaches to the job, I understand.
Uriel basically uses power to get the job done. If that means smiting a whole city, he has to do it. Misha Collins told me that Uriei is a bit “trigger-happy.”
I wouldn’t say trigger-happy, but he’s “eager” to carry out God’s will. So, he’s closer to Prison Break‘s Lechero than The Wire‘s Bunny.
Oh, by far. By far. [Laughs] How did you like working with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki?
They’re both great guys, and they’re funny as all get out. Jared is a cut-up, and Jensen is a real fine man. In this episode, we have quite a bit of work together. Is the door left open for your character to return … or not so much?
Angels can always come and go. It’s a permeable wall between our worlds, so there’s a possibility he could show up again.

90210 Spoilers: BuddyTV’s exclusive interview with Dustin Milligan

BuddyTV‘s exclusive interview with Dustin Milligan of the new 90210.

90210 Spoilers: BuddyTV Interview with Shenae Grimes (90210)

More Smallville Spoilers: Tess Mercer interview!

TV Guide: Sexy Smallville Secrets from “Miss Tess Mercer!”

Might Tess Mercer and Oliver Queen start making a little more love and little less war? Last Thursday’s episode of Smallville (8 pm/ET, on the CW) offered a glimmer of hope. grabbed a few minutes with series newcomer Cassidy Freeman to discuss the LuthorCorp boss’ bad-ass behavior, Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex appeal and more. That was some “interesting” foreplay between Tess and Oliver last week….
Cassidy Freeman:
[Laughs] I know. I personally get all my dates by challenging them with sticks and such. Is that the technical term for those weapons — “sticks”?
Staffs, maybe? But I prefer “sticks.” How much rehearsal time went into that fight scene?
A lot. Justin [Hartley, Oliver] and I had a lot of off-camera rehearsals to choreograph all that. Any bumps or bruises to show for it?
Not from that scene. We got bumps and bruises form the boxing scene in the previous episode. [Laughs] Why do you think Tess is keeping Oliver at arm’s length? Is it because he hurt her that badly in the past, or because she’s afraid of hurting him in the future? Maybe he doesn’t quite realize what she has become?
I think she’s made her decisions born out of her hurt. Their relationship was not a normal one in that it wasn’t like they met at a party and dated for a while. They came out of grief together. When someone who has been through that with you hurts you, it’s very difficult to trust them again. Is it a bummer to be working for Lex Luthor but not acting opposite Michael Rosenbaum?
Absolutely. You can’t believe the wonderful stories I have heard about him. It’s a great role to take on, but it is a bit of a tease. Do you think we might see — or hear from — Lex at some point this season?
I hope so, but I honestly don’t know. If it was up to me, yes! Tess and Lois have had some fun face-offs. Do you and Erica Durance get a kick out of raising each other’s hackles?
Erica and I have a great time on set. We’re both the same height, which is odd for two actresses. [Laughs] We get to look each other in the eye! We have a wonderful rapport. How was it joining a show that’s been on the air for several years?
I was very excited to get to know how it all works. As long as you come in with a respect for the fact that they’ve been there for that time without you, and that you’re there to add onto something that’s already great, it’s an incredible opportunity to meet a “family.” They were very welcoming to me as the “new kid.” We all hang out outside of the set, so that’s nice. You’ve been schooled on all that Vancouver has to offer?
I’m learning! My odd hours sometimes leave me not able to, but it’s a beautiful city and I’m actually excited to be out of L.A. for a bit. I understand that, to put it lightly, you’re a “dog person”?
[Laughs] From who are you understanding this?! “Well-placed sources.”
I am a dog person, very much so. I have one on the couch with me right now. Her name is Shasta, and she’s a rare breed of Swiss Mountain Dog called Entlebucher Sennenhund. They were Alexander the Great’s dogs, “back in the day.” She’s the tricolored, 50-lb. love of my life. Are you going to get her a cameo on Smallville?
I’m trying! [Laughs] Tess has a black dog, so I don’t think it’d be too off for Shasta to be her lapdog. Care to share one last Tess tease?
She likes to get in fights — and there will be a few more in her future!

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Private Practice Spoilers: Kate Walsh Interviews!

Private Practice: Kate Walsh Dishes on What’s Ahead

Private Practice, Kate Walsh, David Sutcliffe ABC

Don’t look now but the Addy and Pete love triangle just became a bona fide square on Private Practice. (Which was just picked up for a full second season, FYI).

Sources tell me Pete (Tim Daly) has a new love interest who’s coming on board.

TV Guide: Kate Walsh: Aggressive and Fabulous Addison Is Back!

Is ABC’s Private Practice — which just had its back nine episodes picked up, for a full second season — more robust with romance and drama than ever? Kate Walsh sure thinks so. invited the actress to diagnose the show as it enters its second season, take a temperature reading on Addison’s latest romance, and reveal the Grey’s Anatomy character she’d love to see stop by and “cause some trouble.” Also, check out our new video Q&A with Chris Lowell (Dell). Did [Private Practice creator] Shonda Rhimes have any discussion with you at the end of Season 1 about what was working and what could be better?Kate Walsh: The great thing about Shonda is she has many, many gifts, and one of them is that even if she has a storyline arced out for the whole season for every character, she also watches the episodes and she’ll see organically what comes about. She’ll take note of things she might not have anticipated with characters or story, and start writing toward those things. Or, she’ll have epiphanies in the middle of the night and go, “A-ha, this is where we’re going to go!” In that sense, we never really know as actors where we’re going, but it keeps things very fresh. I, for one, definitely welcome the return of Addison, Headstrong Surgeon Extraordinaire.
Walsh: Yes! It’s funny because when I went back to Grey’s last year for that [crossover] episode, it was really fun to go back and be Addison — the archetype of a strong female attending surgeon. I was more easily identifiable on Grey’s because you have all these interns running around, like kids, and then you have the few attendings, the “parents.” It was a totally different dynamic on Private Practice when we first started. We were veering a little more toward comedy, because that’s one of my strengths and Shonda wanted to write toward that. But it was a conscious decision to bring Addison’s strength back. This season that vulnerability and fallibility will contrast with the professional, alpha, aggressive, hipper and fabulous Addison. [Laughs] To that end, I understand Charlotte will try to woo Addison to work at St. Ambrose, with the promise of more surgeries?
Walsh: Yeah. I kind of pitched that last year: Wouldn’t it be fun if Addison went on a surgery binge? So they wrote this great episode where Charlotte tries to woo her. And next week, Addison takes a stab at fixing the practice’s financial problem. Um, how does that go?
Walsh: Well, you’ll see! [Laughs] It takes a definite twist and some turns. The great thing about Shonda and her writers is she’s not afraid to move through story and pack a lot in each episode. It’s fun to see how that turns out. But it’s safe to say she’s a better surgeon than bookkeeper?
Walsh: Maybe! Although who knows? She is, after all, “double-board certified in neonatal” and she excels in other numerous areas, she bakes a mean soufflé…. How excited are you to flesh out Addison’s family with the casting of Grant Show (as her brother)?
Walsh: It’s thrilling. I love Grant, and we found a great dynamic between brother and sister. I look forward to seeing where that goes. [Thus far, Show is slated for two episodes, starting in late November.] It was just fun to play with someone whose work you’ve seen but you’ve never gotten to work with them. It’s always been a strength of Shonda’s that just when you think you know Bailey or Addison or Derek, some other little thing erupts and you’re like, “Oh!” This gives me a whole other side to play. Do Naomi, Violet or Charlotte take a particular shine to Grant’s character?
Walsh: Oh, I think everybody does — how can you not? He’s handsome and charming! [Laughs] Is what Addison has brewing with SWAT guy Kevin the “real deal,” or does she simply think it might be?
Walsh: That’s what were going to explore. It’s always hard to know if something is the real deal or just something you want badly. It’s a journey. Which character from Grey’s would you like to see pay a visit? Who would it be fun to play with in the new sandbox?
Walsh: Anybody. But I’d love to see [Eric Dane’s] Mark Sloan. I mean, he’s a plastic surgeon after all. Shouldn’t he be in L.A. for a little bit? [Laughs] It’d be fun to have him cause some trouble!

Smallville Spoilers: Doomsday Interview!


By Korbi Ghosh at

Beating the life out of Tom Welling, stealing Aaron Ashmore‘s lady and getting naked on set… Smallville‘s Sam Witwer, who joined the series this season as Davis Bloome — alter ego: Doomsday, the dude who kills Superman — fills me in on what’s to come…

Tonight’s episode is big for you, yeah?
Sam Witwer: Yeah, it’s the episode called “Prey” and I figure pretty heavily in.

What’s going down?
Davis is having these blackouts. He’s losing a bunch of time and he doesn’t know what’s happening to him in those periods, so he’s naturally very curious about it and he starts to investigate what’s going on during the blackouts. And it’s potentially not very good.

Does he uncover the mystery in this episode?
He figures a few things out. But I think the way the episode goes is a bit surprising. I really like the way it ends. No matter what is resolved or what isn’t resolved, he still has a lot on his plate, this guy.

Is there a sort of cliffhanger at the end?
Maybe a little bit, yeah. A tiny bit. You can’t really help having things dangling with this character at the end of episodes considering the fact that he’s eventually going to kill Superman.

Tomwelling Is that a definite? I know it’s part of the Superman mythology, but you guys have sort of re-imagined Doomsday and created your own version of the character, so I wasn’t sure if killing Superman was definitely in the cards. Is it?
Are you asking if I’m going to beat up Tom Welling until he stops breathing?

Are you?
It’s very possible. To be honest, that much I don’t know. Am I pretty sure they’re going to throw down? Yes. But is he going to be successful and choke him out? He might be. In fact, it may even be likely. He is Doomsday after all.

Right. It’s in the name.

You could end the whole series.
[Laughs] That would be great. We throw down. I beat him up. He dies. Roll credits.

So, in tonight’s episode, Davis is trying to figure out what’s up during these blackouts, but how long will it take the other characters to realize there’s something sketchy going on with him?
Well, that depends very much on who he trusts and who he doesn’t and I’ll leave it at that.

Allisonmack_2 I think he trusts Chloe.
[Laughs] You don’t know that, you’re just making that up.

You guys definitely have chemistry. Sure, she’s engaged, but is there something more to come between Davis and Chloe?
You know, possibly. Allison [Mack] and I enjoy each other personally and we like hanging out on set and we get along well and I think that translates on-screen. As for where that goes plot-wise, you never know. But my thing is, I’m a big Jimmy Olsen fan, and I think Aaron Ashmore is a really good actor, so I actually shy away from any thought of taking his girl.

You don’t want to steal Jimmy Olsen’s girl?
No! Aaron Ashmore is just too cool of a guy.

What about Clark? I’m thinking the two of you are not going to have such a harmonious relationship. Is he the one who’ll try to convince Chloe that Davis is bad news?
Clark is concerned about a lot of things. It wouldn’t surprise me if he tries to mess up my friendship like that. It’s very possible that Clark [will act] with the intention of protecting his friend from a potential threat. As for the specifics of that, you’ll find out [tonight].

Because Davis doesn’t really know what’s going on, he is a really nice guy and he doesn’t seem to have any control over what’s happening, will the other characters have sympathy for him when the truth is revealed? Or will everyone turn on him?
It really depends. In later episodes, it gets complicated. Certainly I hope the audience has sympathy for him. As for other characters, I think the potential is absolutely there, yes, but I can’t spoil it for you.

Are most of Davis’ scenes with Chloe?
Generally Chloe, yeah. But I’ve worked with just about everyone at this point. As a matter of fact, I think I have worked with everyone except Cassidy [Freeman]. I haven’t worked with Tess, which is unfortunate because Cassidy is an amazing actress and she is also a fellow Chicago native, and our dads know each other. And I just really like her.

Oh, cool. Maybe there could be some interaction there in the future?
Yeah, I think there will be. I think [the producers] get a kick out of the fact that we have this connection aside from Smallville.

Do you know how many episodes you’ll be in? How often will we be seeing you?
You’ll be seeing me more and more as the season goes on.

Cool, can you clue me in on what’s to come for Doomsday? Maybe stunts or special effects?
Stunts or special effects… what can I talk about? I had to do a shower scene. Take that as a stunt.

Tell me more.
Oh God, shoot me in the face! No, in all seriousness on special effects, you’re going to see some stuff. I’d rather not give it away, but I very much enjoy doing the physical stuff. I really love it.

But not so much the shirtless shower scenes?
Bleh. I don’t know what it is with this show and naked, but every now and then, they like to throw that in.

When is that coming up?
You’re just going to have to keep your eyes peeled.

Haha, okay. Any last words regarding Davis Bloome?
Yeah, you know, we created the Davis Bloome character so we could eventually drag him through the mud and have this very psychologically intense journey with him. And eventually that’s going to bring us to the point where you see something very similar to what you would expect from the Doomsday character.

You mean from the original mythology?
Yes. Absolutely. This re-imagining might not be as far out as some people think.

Hmm, okay… So you are going to kill Clark!
[Laughs] You never know. You never know.

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Chyler Leigh Spills on the new season and resolves “Reunion” mystery

Chyler Leigh: Lexie with McDreamy Would’ve Been a Nightmare! — TV Guide

Chyler Leigh may not be sure whether Grey’s Anatomy‘s Lexie and George will ever be on the same page romantically, but one thing she knows for certain: Mer’s sis setting her sights on Derek would have been a prescription for disaster. In this Q&A, Leigh lets loose on Lexie’s love life, the tease of being Ellen Pompeo’s “sister” and much more. Let’s start off talking about this week’s episode, where “Lexie goes to great lengths to have George notice her romantically,” says the ABC logline. What’s involved?
Chyler Leigh: Lexie’s just kind of throwing herself out there – obviously, in her mind, but he’s just not getting it. No, he’s not.
Leigh: He’s completely oblivious. [Laughs] Even little comments that she is making repeatedly…. Like, “Let’s go out and celebrate you passing the exam!”
Leigh: “Let’s go out and celebrate,” and then she’s left in the dust. Even so, she didn’t really take that too close to heart. She just keeps throwing herself under the bus. Do any of her tactics involve whipping out the Stuff Magazine cover you did a few years back with Mia Kirshner?
Leigh: Oh, lord…. Because that would raise George’s eyebrows.
Leigh: Yes, but that wouldn’t have been Lexie. [Laughs] And unfortunately it was me, many, many moons ago. George and Izzie certainly had their fans as a couple. Were you nervous to be his potential “rebound” girl?
Leigh: Nah! On paper, they’re a really good match, in the way that they get along and support one another. When I first learned about it, I was like, “Oh, that’s really cool!” And I love T.R. [Knight]. Plus, it’s better than coming in to bust up Meredith and Derek, which is where I thought they were going when Lexie first flirted with Derek at the bar.
Leigh: Oh, gosh, yeah. I got enough flack for that when I first came on! I’m really, really, really glad that didn’t happen, because I probably would have gotten slashed tires. The Lexie we saw in that scene with Derek seemed more sure of herself. Was the character purposely tweaked between then and when we first really got to know her?
Leigh: What was special and different and about that scene was that fact that 1), her mother had just died, so she wasn’t necessarily thinking the way she normally would, and 2), she was drunk. A lot of times, that brings out a lot more courage than we actually have. Even when she slipped and hooked up with Alex, it wasn’t out of her being a bad girl. In the midst of her having so much thrown at her at one time — all these negative feelings from work and from Meredith — that was her one ploy to get some sort of positive affirmation. Was it a tease to be cast as Ellen Pompeo’s sister and then get so few scenes with her — let alone any civil ones?
Leigh: No kidding! We kind of laugh about that. It’s something that, before the writers strike, they were going to bring up more. But because we lost time, [Grey’s creator] Shonda [Rhimes] didn’t want to just cram it all into the last couple of episodes. It will be explored further this season. I find myself screaming at the TV, “C’mon, can’t we just get along?!”
Leigh: [Laughs] We do that, too. When we do have scenes together, we have to ask, “We haven’t seen each other in two episodes. Are we cool yet?” I like your scenes with Eric Dane, where Sloan calls Lexie on her feelings for George, yet she resists being goaded.
Leigh: There’s something cool about their “friendship.” She finds in him somebody that she can be more of herself with, and that emboldens her. He’s a great talk-to for Lexie, if only because no one else wants to listen to her… or they’re George.
Leigh: Exactly. During a long day of shooting, who’s most likely to lighten the mood on the set?
Leigh: I would say Sandra Oh. No offense to anybody else – Katie Heigl is very funny, too – but Sandra really is one of the coolest people I have ever met. Back when Fox’s Reunion was abruptly cancelled, we were flooded with emails demanding resolution. Where were we going with Carla?
Leigh: Alexa Davalos’ Sam was the one who ended up dying, so everybody was trying to cover their tracks. [The shooter] was supposed to be her daughter, who later down the road would have come to work for me. I tried to get them reconciled, but someone breaks into the apartment of Sean Faris’ character, while Sam was there with her daughter. In a struggle with this intruder, Amy accidentally shot Sam. OK, one last tease about what’s coming up for Lexie….
Leigh: All I can say is this: There are really, really big, good and juicy things coming up for Lexie. One of them involves the other interns who Lexie starts to bond with. She becomes more assertive as they all try to get more hands-on training. It’s pretty cool.

Private Practice Spoilers: Dell to Woo a Baby Mama? Everwood Alum Sarah Drew!

Chris Lowell recently previewed to TV Guide what’s ahead for Private Practice‘s William “Dell” Parker. For one thing, look for Oceanside Wellness’ soon-to-return office manager/nurse to strike a spark with a mom-to-be played by Everwood alumna Sarah Drew.

Lowell also shares with us Dell’s latest take on the not-gonna-be-with-Naomi situation, and teases the big adventures in “midwifery” to come. Check it out at this link.

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Chuck Spoilers: ‘Chuck’ Finds ‘Lost’ Boy Monaghan

Charlie_l In what marks his first major TV gig since Lost, Dominic Monaghan has signed on to guest-star on NBC’s Chuck as — stop me if this sounds familiar — a free-spirited British rock star targeted for death by a shadowy group of evildoers. And the similarities to his Lost alter ego Charlie don’t end there. Well, actually, yes, they do. “This is a very, very different kind of character,” insists executive producer Josh Schwartz of Monaghan’s metalhead, who makes an in-store appearance at Buy More and ends up getting entangled in one of Chuck’s spy games. “He’s a lunatic in the best sense of the word. And there’s no heroin [addiction].” Monaghan’s participation is only half the Feb. 2 episode’s sell: It also will air partly in 3-D, piggybacking on NBC’s 3-D Super Bowl stunt. (The network will broadcast the big game the night before.) Aside from the cool factor of seeing himself in 3-D, what drew Monaghan to the role? Did he have any hesitation about channeling someone who, at least on paper, so closely resembles Charlie? And might his tube return be the precursor to another Lost comeback? Hmmm….Sounds like the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan. Scratch that. It is the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan…..READ FULL INTERVIEW AT EW’S AUSIELLO FILES

Chuck Spoilers: Yvonne Strahovski Previews Sarah’s Surprising Past

Last week, Chuck’s future took a detour when he felt compelled to take one for Team USA and put the kibosh on his simmering romance with Sarah. This Monday at 8 pm/ET, NBC’s Chuck delves into the past, shedding light on how a decidedly awkward teen known as “Jenny Burton” came to be the sexy and savvy CIA agent we know today. Yvonne Strahovski gave us a look at the illuminating episode, which includes a literally kick-ass fight scene with guest star Nicole Richie. I have to be honest. You’re beautiful and sexy, Yvonne, but with the “Jenny Burton” wig and braces … not so much.
Yvonne Strahovski: Oh, you’ve seen it? I’m just walking over right now to the cast and crew screening. I loved doing that episode. The braces really brought me back to my childhood. Were you an “awkward” teen?
Strahovski: Yeah, yeah…. I was always the lanky kid with bad skin. I was a drama [student], though, so not exactly like Sarah. I was a tomboy and didn’t pay too much attention to my clothes. When did you first get wind of what Sarah’s back story would be?
Strahovski: I don’t get much information until about a week before we start shooting. I knew they were talking about delving into the characters’ histories, and I love finding out more about where we came from, and how Sarah became a CIA agent. We haven’t explored the aspect of Chuck’s parents, either. I love Sarah’s back story, especially the scene [at the very end of the episode]. Zachary Levi over the summer promised us double the action and double the laughs, but he failed to mention double the emotion. Last week’s break-up scene, I have to say, really packed a punch.
Strahovski: I agree. The episodes that stand out for me are the ones with more emotion in them. That’s what the audience loves as well. It makes them root for you. What Maxim editor wrote this week’s fight scene featuring you and Nicole Richie drenched in a high-school gym shower?
Strahovski: [Laughs] I had a really great time shooting that. Nicole was excellent and didn’t miss a beat at all. I was pleasantly surprised, as was the cast and crew, at how well she picked up the fight scene. Often we have guest stars who have never done a fight scene before, and they come to us with, well, different “ranges of skill.” But she was on top of her game. Especially in the shower, being all wet. Was a small part of you like, “There’s no way I’d ever get bested by this 5-foot-1 pixie”?
Strahovski: Oh yeah. [Laughs] That’s why I win in the end! What other guest stars have you had fun working with this season?
Strahovski: We had a lot of fun with John Laroquette [as a suave-and-soused former CIA agent]. And Michael Clark Duncan and I had a fight scene [in the season opener]…. Which was hilarious, as Sarah tried to wrestle his massive self to the ground.
Strahovski: He’s massive compared to me, so that was fun. The fight scenes are always my favorite parts. How will the arrival of Jordana Brewster’s character shake things up?
Strahovski: Ohhh, she shakes things up a lot. It’s a great thing for the storyline to turn like that, to have Chuck’s first love come back. Sarah of course gets very jealous, but doesn’t really want to admit that she is. It sounds like it will be Sarah pining now, where it used to be Chuck.
Strahovski: Exactly. I guess she’s always pining, though, in her special way. Who from the regular cast do you wish you worked with more?
Strahovski: I get to work sometimes with “Ellie” and “Captain Awesome,” so the ones I don’t really get to work with are the Nerd Herders, like Lester and Jeff. Though in Season 1 I did have a great scene with Lester in the Wienerlicious, where he asks me on a date. Speaking of the Wienerlicious, are you happier with Sarah’s new, Orange Orange uniform?
Strahovski: Oh, definitely! It’s less cheesy, and I really like the color scheme. And the pants are better to fight in. It’s a more … “convenient” outfit. Have you heard anything about the 3-D episode Chuck is doing at midseason?
Strahovski: In terms of storyline, no. I just know we’re taking an extra day to shoot it, and they’re bringing in a special 3-D camera team. Lastly, how has your life changed since Chuck hit primetime?
Strahovski: Dramatically. I came here with one suitcase and some clothes, so I had to buy a car and get some furniture and find a place to live, make some friends. It’s like starting school again. So, my life has pretty much done a 180.

Nicole Richie Previews Her Chuck Episode: Spoilers

From TV Guide: Nicole Richie no longer leads a simple life — and that’s just fine with her. In January, the former reality star entered the hectic world of motherhood when she and her boyfriend, Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden, welcomed a baby girl, Harlow. (Despite tabloid headlines to the contrary, Richie says she and Madden are together.) On the professional front, the 27-year-old Richie is attempting a bit of a career reinvention, designing a line of jewelry, reportedly working on an album and even returning to TV. On Oct. 20, she guest stars on NBC’s espionage comedy Chuck (8 pm/ET) as a former high-school nemesis of Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). We asked Richie about the surprisingly physical role. — Mary Murphy

TV Guide: How did you get the role on Chuck?
Nicole Richie:
I auditioned like every body else. I knew it was a really fun part and it seemed like a challenge. I get a lot of scripts to play blonde, bubbly cheerleader types. She was different than that. She has a dark side. She is a typical mean girl. I was a cheerleader in high school, but I was never in a clique and I never treated anyone like she does.

TV Guide: You have a delicious fight scene with Yvonne Strahovski. Did you do your own stunts?
I did them all except for the falling down part, where I might get hurt. I worked with a martial-arts trainer for a week. It was so freeing. The director was nervous about the scene. He wasn’t sure I could do it. They thought they would have to pull me through, but it was easy — except by the second or third day, I was really sore.


Smallville Spoilers: BuddyTV Interview with Cassidy Freeman

Cassidy FreemanBy now, we’ve all gotten a chance to watch Tess Mercer, Smallville‘s newest villain in action. She has been a welcome addition to the cast, bringing to the table a fresh new look and a new, complex villain to battle.

Today, for our final video interview from our visit to the set of Smallville, we find out all about the actress behind Tess, Cassidy Freeman. Buddy TV caught Cassidy Freeman, who plays Tess Mercer, after she finished shooting a scene with Tom Welling. In the scene, Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) had just come to her with a scoop about Metropolis’ Good Samaritan (who is Clark, of course), which she assigns Clark to write up for the Daily Planet. Clark, wanting to keep his secret identity secret, tries to dissuade Tess from running the story, claiming that Lex Luthor would have thought better of running a “tabloid” story. It’s a tense scene between Tess and Clark, each one trying to suss out the other’s weaknesses, and foreshadows many clashes they’ll have in the future….READ FULL ACTICLE

Heros Spoilers & Scoop! Plus Daphne Interview & Elle Returns

The Company is going to have some competition. Ever wonder whom the Speedster (Brea Grant) is working for? The rival company, Pinehearst, will be offering a few of our Heroes new jobs, and two of the Heroes’ dads run the show at Pinehearst….

Claire teams up with her surrogate mom (Sandra Bennet) to save her biological mom (Meredith Gordon) in an upcoming episode. Also, we learn that Meredith’s flame-on capability is very, very genetic—as in, she shares it with someone she’s related to. — Kristin @ E!Online

Heroes‘ Kristin Bell

Kristen Bell may have appeared on just one episode of Heroes so far this season,  but it wasn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Elle Bishop — nor the last of her confrontations with Sylar.

In her significant, single appearance, Elle managed to take down the show’s big baddie. “I felt really good!,” Bell said of her character’s bold move. She spoke with at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 5th annual Hollywood Style Awards on Sunday, where she was presenting her own stylist, Nicole Chavez, with an award.

Yet, the actress is even more excited about the intrigue and revelations to come. “I have a lot more interaction with him [Sylar], which is great for me, because Zach Quinto is a very dear friend,” she said. “This year’s storyline for me was so exciting, because they did a lot of flashbacks, and they interwove my storyline previously with other characters, so I realized that I’m a more important character than I anticipated.”

This new importance will also hinge on the jobless, fatherless Elle’s new agenda: Avenging her father. Asked if she’ll be back with a mission, Bell grinned: “Absolutely!”

Should Elle seek revenge for her father’s death? How will her return affect Mama Petrelli’s Company coup? Do you think she’ll be able to take Sylar down again — this time, for good? — TV Guide

Heroes‘ Brea Grant

From TV Guide

Last week brought a major twist for Heroes‘ Daphne. Apparently, in the future she trades her track pants for some (gasp) mom jeans — and she’s also out for Peter’s head. Spunky series newcomer Brea Grant tried to make sense of it all and reveals a few things to watch for. (Hint: Keep an eye out for the Speedster’s most prized possession.) NBC’s Heroes airs Mondays at 9 pm/ET. — Sara Scott, TV Guide When you got the role, did you know that you were going to be this deeply involved in the story?
Brea Grant: I had an idea because when I screen tested, it was with Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg. So I did know that [Matt] was going to be my soul mate, but that’s about it. Will we see how Daphne and Parkman fall in love?
Grant: You’ll definitely see more of them [together]. The dream you saw in the last episode motivates him to search for her. They’re going to meet up in the near future, actually. Is it safe to assume that he does not find her by following a turtle through the desert?
Grant: You’d be surprised. The turtle may not lead him there, but it’s around for a long time. I will tell you, that turtle outlasts a lot of cast members. Future Daphne seems a lot more mellow than the thief Hiro has been chasing. Will there be friction when Parkman doesn’t find the Daphne he’s expecting?
Grant: He’s a little thrown. We definitely seem like opposites at this point in time. Daphne is very playful, but she has to make some hard decisions about where her life is going, so she may calm down a bit. She sees all these things happen involving the formula and she has to make decisions about who she ends up with – which may or may not be the future that you saw. Is the formula Mohinder created using Maya’s tears different than what’s on the papers Daphne’s been stealing?
Grant: There’s no way I can tell you that. It seems that the people we’ve come to know as heroes could turn out to be villains. Does that mean Daphne might actually be one of the good guys?
Grant: Daphne is a villain only in that she has a purpose and it’s hurting one of the people we know as a hero. She may be a little untrustworthy, but she’s not going around killing people. So when she held a knife to Ando’s throat, she wouldn’t have really hurt him?
Grant: [Laughs] Daphne is a girl who has a different set of rules than we have. She feels like she has to do what she has to do to get the life she wants. So while she wouldn’t have killed him, she would have put him in a lot of pain… in order to make sure that she got her way. And she would feel a little bad about it later. And by “getting her way,” you mean… money? She didn’t appear to be very emotion-driven at the time.
Grant: Actually, you’ll find out that she is emotionally invested in, as well as being paid for, what she’s doing. Is that why she was so hung up on the track medal? Wouldn’t winning a high school meet be boring for her?
Grant: That would reveal a secret I can’t tell you. But it will play a bigger part than people realize. Her motivations for what she’s doing are complicated, and some of the decisions she has to make involve who she’s working for. Because she’s working for… ?
Grant: I can’t tell you that! But it’s going be cool. You find out in [this week’s] episode. And of course, it’s complicated.

One Tree Hill’s Nathan Goes to Extremes, But at What Cost? Spoilers!

From TV Guide

Nathan Scott has always been a bit of a risk-taker, but how far would he go to make his basketball dreams a reality? One Tree Hill‘s James Lafferty checked in with to tell them about the character’s upcoming episode involving Slamball, an extreme sport that combines basketball, hockey and a bit of football. Plus: Will his villainous father Dan ever go away? I saw the preview for next week and Slamball looks pretty intense. Tell me about it and how your character gets involved?
James Lafferty:
Nathan is feeling held back and trying to play professional basketball again but people are a little reluctant to give him a second chance because of injuries that he sustained. They don’t know if he’s ready to take on the physicality of basketball and so this opportunity is presented to play Slamball, which is sort of a hybrid sport of football, hockey and basketball, and he takes the opportunity to showcase his athletic ability and to prove to people that he’s back on the top of his game. Is it Owen who introduces it to him?
Actually he gets a phone call from a coach and [then] he finds out that Owen is playing. So does that mean he’s not going to take the coaching gig?
Well, I don’t think I can give that away. I hear you’ve been really getting into Slamball outside of One Tree Hill.
Lafferty: It was here for about a month and a half and the character was supposed to be really good at the game. I didn’t want to be using a double, I wanted it to look convincing. The audience is pretty good at sniffing out imposters so I actually learned how to play. It took about a month and we shot it over the course of another half a month. We were done with it pretty quick. I think everyone was sad to see the court go, especially myself, but I definitely took to it. Is it going to be hard on Haley and Jamie, will it strain their relationship at all?
I think it’s gonna provide a little bit of drama because it’s a very physical sport. The last thing Haley and Jamie want to see is Nathan get hurt again, and the last thing Nathan wants to do is put his family in that position again. That definitely comes into play. Nathan and Haley have gone through tons of ups and downs. What kind of place are they in now and how do you think they’ve grown since the beginning of their relationship?
Well, Nathan and Haley have been married for five years now, they have a child, so they’re definitely a strong unit. They’ve been through ups and downs, as you said, they definitely learned a lot about each other. I think the relationship is really evolving into a rock-solid kind of thing. They’re portrayed as couple that can withstand really intense trauma, pretty much anything. The last few weeks we’ve seen Carrie torturing Dan and for the first time viewers have actually developed a soft spot for him. How do you see his and Nathan’s relationship going forward?
It’s been a pretty icy climate between Dan and Nathan and fans can probably expect that to continue. Nathan’s character is classically pretty stubborn and even though he has gone back and forth with Dan for most of his life, what Dan did [over the course of the show] is pretty much unforgivable for every character. No one is ever going to forgive him for that and at the same time he is a hard person to get rid of, as the audience has seen over the years. Nathan, as well as the other characters, will probably have to just deal with him being around the best they can. Do you enjoy shooting the more lighthearted scenes, or are the dramatic ones more fun?
I can’t remember the last time Dan and Nathan had a lighthearted scene but I do love shooting with Paul [Johansson]. He’s a lot of fun, he’s a professional and he’s an incredibly funny person. There’s always something new and exciting that’s going to happen whenever you work with Paul. You’re in your sixth season now. What have been some of the best moments for you?
There have been a lot of great moments. The four-year jump ahead was really rewarding for all of us. To be able to be part of something that had never been done before and then to execute it so well and see the audience really take to it, it was a success. It was sort of a gamble and it paid off, everybody worked really hard to make that happen. The new life that it gave the show has been a lot of fun for me and my character. [Also] being able to train like a Slamball player for a month and a half and have the courts here in Wilmington, it’s something that I’d never be able to do otherwise so things like that really stood out for me. Do you have any other side projects you’re working on?
Myself and couple of friends here from Wilmington produced a documentary that’s actually in the Wilmington film festival, so I’m gonna keep submitting that around, seeing what other festivals I can get it into. It’s a sports documentary, something that we worked really hard on for a year. So you have an interest in being behind the camera?
A little bit. I’m pretty young so I’m just dabbling in whatever I can get my hands in. I also did a movie in June, over the hiatus, called S. Darko [sequel to Donnie Darko]. I don’t know exactly when that’s going be coming out but I’m anxious to see how that turned out as well.

One Tree Hill: Interview with Lisa Goldstein “Millicent”

From TV Guide

After being MIA for a few episodes, everyone’s favorite quirky assistant, Millicent Huxtable, made a much-anticipated return to One Tree Hill two weeks ago to help out friend in need — but where was beau Mouth (Lee Norris)? Real-life alter ego Lisa Goldstein gave the lowdown on the a-dork-able twosome’s possibly “rocky” future, a surprising visit from a blast from the past and if there’s anything cooking in “the oven.” But Millicent’s back in Tree Hill helping Brooke (Sophia Bush) now that Victoria (Daphne Zuniga) has Clothes Over Bros. What’s this new project they’re working on?
Lisa Goldstein: Yeah, I come back to Tree Hill and I assume Brooke doesn’t have the company anymore, so I ask her if she wants to start a brand new company. That hasn’t really happened yet in the scripts that I’ve read, but there’s definitely been some alluding to that. I’m excited about that too. It should be a fun storyline. You’re not the only one back — word on the street is, so is Gigi, Mouth’s ex.
That is correct. She comes back in episode six. She’s working with Mouth and she’s kind of trying to get in on that, but I don’t know if she will or not. We’ll see. I don’t even know it right now! That’s exactly what we’re shooting right now, so I don’t know exactly what happens with it. We’re on — oh I lost count — the tenth episode. How will Millicient handle Gigi?
Goldstein: Millie, as good as she is at her job, and as smart as she is, she gets really frazzled when she’s under stressful situations, so I don’t know how she’ll handle it. But I think in the end, she’ll get a little more grown-up about it and deal with her job in confronting her and telling her to get lost! Go away! [Laughs] You came back at the end of the last episode by yourself, which begs the question: Where is Mouth? Is he still in Omaha?
Goldstein: Millicent came back, and I don’t know about Mouth yet. You’ll have to watch and see if he comes back or not, what’s going on with that. I don’t know! Well if they split, that’ll break a lot of fans’ hearts. It seems like everyone is cheering for you guys.
Yeah, of course they have their problems and issues that they have to deal with, but they’re so in love with each other that it doesn’t matter. I mean Millicent moved to Omaha for Mouth. It’s just so fresh and new and innocent and sweet. I think that’s what the fans like. I guess we’re the role models for the relationship they actually want because it’s so perfect. They’ve been immune to a lot of the drama so far. Are things going to get tough or will that innocence be preserved?
Goldstein: I don’t know. Even now, it looks like there might be some rocky terrain ahead, but I haven’t even read past the tenth episode, and that’s what we’re shooting right now. I don’t know if it’ll get as dramatic as a murder in a cornfield or anything like that. [Laughs] But I think they’re kind of like the calm storyline in the show. They’re kind of like an anchor, with all this other stuff going on, it’s much more refreshing to have a few scenes in between that are down-to-earth and normal and whatever. It’s the love relief. There’s a lot of speculation going on that Millie’s pregnant.
Goldstein: Oh, that is false! I heard all about that! It was just the dress that made me look like I had a bun in the oven, but I don’t. It’s so funny because I was like, “Oh my God, I look terrible in that dress!”… It’s so funny how people jump on that so fast. I would prefer not be waist-thin and to starve myself after hearing a comment like that. I saw the comments and was like, “Oh, whatever, I’m moving on.” You’re a regular this season. Congrats! Are you feeling part of the crew now?
Goldstein: Thank you! I definitely feel so much more comfortable and I’m having so much more fun on set. Because I feel so part of the family, I feel I can go in and have a good time instead of going in and being like, “Oh my God, I hope they ask me back for the next episode! What am I going to do?” It’s so nice that I’m here for the year so I can play around for a bit.

90210: Interview with Ryan Eggold Spoiler Alert!

Ryan Eggold, 90210After spending the first six episodes of the season trying to get closer to Kelly Taylor, Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold) is finally started branching out in 90210’s last episode. The hot, young teacher went on a date with a vapid actresses and flirted with Little Miss 21 Jump Street.

BuddyTV spoke to Ryan Eggold during their 90210 set visit. The star spoke about working with Jennie Garth, connections between 90210 and his previous series, FX’s tabloid drama Dirt, and the likelihood of a romantic liaison with a student, real or otherwise. Continue reading for the details and to watch our exclusive video interview….READ FULL ARTICLE FROM BUDDYTV

New Private Practice Spoilers & Scoop!

24 fans should be glad to “spy” Leslie Hope in the Oct. 22 episode.

Is Dell gone for good?: Depends on what you mean by “gone.” Gone from Oceanside Wellness? I now shall emulate a certain governor and ignore your question to instead tease my upcoming video of Chris Lowell talking all about Dell’s possible (and pregnant!) new love interest. — TV Guide

Paul Adelstein: Private Practice Prescribes Juicier Drama

TV Guide

With its Season 2 premiere, ABC’s Private Practice “grew up” a bit, eschewing flighty romances for bigger drama punctuated by ethical dilemmas. Paul Adelstein promises more of the same, while also previewing what’s ahead for Cooper and his strange romance. Plus: Is Prison Break‘s Kellerman alive? It’s so good to see the show back….
Paul Adelstein:
It’s nice to have it back. The gang was a little rough there on Naomi, at the end of the premiere.
Hey, man, she left us all high and dry! Although in her defense, we probably should have been paying a little more attention. [Laughs] Apparently one and only one partner had their eye on the ledger.
And the rest of us were in the kitchen snacking when we should have been seeing patients. Is that one of the themes this season, that we’ll get a bit more into the business of the practice, versus pretty people just flitting around and flirting?
That’s a major thing, that the practice itself is in trouble. We have a high-concept idea of what the practice should do, but that butts heads with the financial realities of keeping a business afloat. So there are some splits in the ranks about how we should proceed. On top of that, [series and Grey’s Anatomy creator] Shonda [Rhimes] has added a lot of issues of medical ethics that aren’t so black-and-white. In that one case from last week, is that the real deal, that an underage kid’s parents can keep him from knowing he has HIV?
That was based on a real case that a doctor brought to the writers. That is a case in which you would have doctor-patient confidentiality on both sides. There are more cases along those lines coming up. There’s an episode that deals with a lot of issues surrounding abortion, there’s euthanasia…. a lot of medical decisions that aren’t cut-and-dry, but are very important. On the lighter side, Cooper and Charlotte have been going to some very amorous places. Who has more trouble “going there” for those scenes, you or KaDee Strickland?
Well… I wouldn’t say either one of us has “trouble,” but you will see this week that KaDee has to don some rather… “interesting” outfits. She has to be a better sport than I, let’s put it that way. [Laughs] I’m in my jeans and T-shirt and she has to… well, you’ll see. Dare I say that things between the two of them might get more real?
Yes. Cooper has decided that he wants to give it a go and have an adult relationship for the first time in his life. But at what expense to his friendship with Violet?
That’s a good question. Again, him not having been in an adult relationship before, I don’t think he knows how to handle that exactly – and that comes to a head pretty quickly. Has Violet put two and two together to deduce that he’s seeing Charlotte?
She knows that he’s involved with somebody, given the changes in his behavior. But Cooper is unwilling to fess up to that.

Pushing Daisies Spoilers, Interviews & Scoop

Pushing Daisies: If by the end of the month ABC doesn’t place an order for additional episodes — beyond the 13 it initially ordered — then you can start worrying. In the meantime, I’ve got a little scoop that is sure to be music to your ears: Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) is going to sing “Eternal Flame” to Ned (Lee Pace)! Only, well, he won’t be there. (That’s so like Olive.) — Ausiello Files



Kristin at E!Online just talked to the fabulously good Lee Pace, and he had some interesting things to say about the show’s likely future…

Is Daisies Safe or In Danger? Despite last week’s less than optimal ratings, Lee said, “They have been nothing but great over at ABC, truly great and supportive. Pushing Daisies is not necessarily an obvious show to put on the air. They are smart people and creative people who really like it—they think it’s really fun.” Will it get picked up? “I have no idea, no idea. If the numbers are different than they were last week, it might be clearer right now, but I have no idea.” Did I mention please, please, please watch Pushing Daisies tonight?

Zombie Chuck Is Quite a Leap of Imagination: According to Lee, a lot of this year’s secrets lead back to Swoosie Kurtz and Ellen Greene, and that can only be good news for us fans. He said, “There are a lot of secrets in the land of Pushing Daisies, and Lily and Vivian have a lot of them. It’s tied them right into the center of the plot. We’re in episode 10 right now, and they still haven’t discovered Chuck (Anna Friel). It’s not like the show is about a world full of magic where it would even make sense that Ned can do what he can do. That’s why Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) is convinced that Chuck has faked her death; it would never even occur to her that Ned has touched her back to life.”

The Brains of the Operation: Look for one ep where the professionals abandon ship and the amateurs have to do a little detecting. Said Lee, “There’s an episode where just me and Olive solve the case, which is very funny because neither one of us know what we’re doing. Chuck and Emerson (Chi McBride) are the ones who are actually really good at solving cases. It’s funny, Ned’s methods for solving a case without Emerson basically involve going around saying ‘You’re the killer; no, you’re the killer; no, you’re the killer!’ ”

More Emerson! I love me some Cod—good news then that we’re going to learn more about the little baby Cod! According to Lee, Emerson Cod takes a missing persons case this week, and he said, “It kicks off this whole storyline about finding his daughter. This week is someone else’s missing daughter, but down the line—I know that the next episode we shoot, episode 12, has a lot to do with Emerson and tracking down the daughter.”

From TV Guide

Pushing Daisies‘ Lee Pace on Pieman Ned’s Special Touch “Poor Ned!” says Lee Pace, of the romantic piemaker he plays on ABC’s fantastical Pushing Daisies (Wednesdays, 8 pm/ET, ABC). You think you have problems with your love life? Ned’s current romantic entanglement is a doozy, boasting a very unusual obstacle. Because of his special gift (he can bring things back to life with just a touch, but if he touches them again, they die forever), his one true love, played by Anna Friel, is one big hands-off zone, owing to her having once been deceased. Can you imagine? Pace tells us how Season 2 will examine Ned’s sexual frustration, his dysfunctional families — both literal and figurative — and Chuck’s biggest secret of all. — Mickey O’Connor, TV Guide Pushing Daisies is so visually colorful, with a very specific, rich, saturated palette. So why is Ned always stuck wearing drab black or white all the time?
Lee Pace:
That was my idea. It makes sense for the character; he’s the center of this mad world. It is a mad world. Have you ever gotten any pressure, either from the inside or the outside, to tone down the show’s fairy-tale quality and make it more accessible, more real?
It’s all about [series creator] Bryan Fuller really. He has really, really good taste. The network supports him, and we all support him. I think the show combines comedy and heartbreak, and when it all comes together with the look of it, I don’t think there’s an answer for how that formula came to be. When you can watch Pushing Daisies or a movie on On Demand, we want to make the show as satisfying as a movie. Family seems to be a recurring theme this season – Emerson’s, Chuck’s… will we ever meet Ned’s family, whether they be alive or dead at the moment?
You’re absolutely right — family is a big issue this season, how what went on in their pasts has made them the people they are now. Later this season, Chuck and Olive take it upon themselves to find Ned’s twin half-brothers, and they make life very complicated for Ned. But it’s good for him. He’s got a lot of problems, a lot of hang-ups that he’s not particularly ready to confront. But… he does, and I think in every episode you see Ned take a step forward. It’s all about making life complicated for Ned. Poor Ned! Speaking of “poor Ned,” the show is very quaint, very old-fashioned and innocent. But since Ned can’t ever touch Chuck, will his sexual frustration ever become an issue?
Yes, I think so, for both of them. They’ve been together for over a year now, and it’s getting complicated. Is this going to be it for the rest of their lives — spooning through plastic? I like that Bryan Fuller is tackling these things with them because it makes them more grown-up, that they actually do have a sex life. Let’s talk about the “no touching” rule. Is there someone whose job it is to patrol that? Has there ever been a time that you’ve had to change the way something is filmed — say, an action scene — to ensure they don’t ever touch?
Oh yeah, when we’re standing together at the Pie Hole counter, we’ll always touch a little bit, and then we have to reshoot it. There’s a scene in the episode “Circus Circus” [which airs Wednesday] where Anna and I decided we were going to play “slap jack” [in which one player tries to yank their hands away before the other slaps them], which is basically Russian roulette for Chuck. And then [executive producer] Barry Sonnenfeld watched the dailies and said, “What were you thinking, and who let you get away with this?” Was that just something you improvised?
Yeah, we thought it would be funny. We didn’t want to just be sitting in a booth. But they couldn’t use the scene, because as an audience, you’re really invested in the idea that if she touches him, she’s dead. You don’t want Chuck to die. Has there ever been a time where a touching gaffe has made it to screen? I haven’t noticed any.
No, but there are times when, because of the way it’s filmed, I’ll be reaching across in front of her or something, and it might look like we’re touching; it’s a little too close for comfort. We have to be clean when we’re shooting. From the beginning, I’ve been sitting on my hands and shoving my hands in my pockets. Ned loves Chuck so much, it’s always on the front of his mind. It’s the psychology of the character. Will Chuck’s secret ever be discovered or is it the part of the DNA of the show that it never will?
Well, she hasn’t been found out in a big way yet. But, as I said, the show is about making life hard for Chuck and Ned, and that would certainly make life hard for them. I think it’s Ned’s deepest, darkest fear, because then he’d be found out, and then he turns into E.T.

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