Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: The “Jim Death” Rumors Were True, So, Now What?

By Eclipse Magazine – Los Angeles, CA, USA

In last week’s episode of Ghost Whisperer [CBS, Fridays, 8/7C], the unthinkable happened: Jim Clancy [David Conrad] was killed, accidentally, when a police detective shot him thinking he was someone else. The episode concluded with Jim’s ghost appearing to his widow in his hospital room.

Tonight’s episode, Threshold, finds Melinda [Jennifer Love Hewitt] unable to see Jim’s ghost because her grief is so strong that it’s interfering with her ability. When the ghost of a teenage girl begins to haunt her – breaking and throwing things – she thinks it’s Jim. Only Jim knows that it isn’t, so he approaches Eli [Jamie Kennedy] to help him figure out why the girl is haunting his widow. Things are complicated by Jim’s brother, who has been waiting for him so that the two of them can crossover together and rejoin their father.

Written and directed by John Gray, Threshold walks a fine line between genuine sentiment and being maudlin. For the most part – and largely due to the cast’s performances – it succeeds. Especially good is Conrad’s work as the increasingly frustrated Jim, though Hewitt gives one of her best performances here. I also have to give full marks to Camryn Manheim, whose work on Whisperer hasn’t really worked for me. Delia finally works as Melinda’s supportive friend and employee.

Naturally, with the complications that arise in Threshold, there are loose ends that will be left for next week’s ep, Heart & Soul – in which Melinda has to deal with a step-in, a man with amnesia and a very angry ghost who seems connected to her life in a genuinely unexpected way. I can’t say anything more than that – except to say that this ep concludes a storyline for Melinda and Jim even as it signals the beginning of an intriguing new direction for her.

Heart & Soul has a bit more trouble avoiding being maudlin, but long time fans of the series will find it to be both and unsettling [in a good way] and satisfying conclusion to the three-episode arc.

Ghost Whisperer: Episode Preview of “Threshold,” Plus Spirit Guide Book on the Way — Buddy TV

Ghost WhispererAfter the traumatizing demise of her husband, what’s Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) going to do now?  Life – and death – goes on in the seventh episode of Ghost Whisperer‘s fourth season, as the series returns with “Threshold.”On tonight’s new installment, Melinda tries her best to get used to the changes brought about by Jim’s (David Conrad) death.  The dramatic effects of losing her loved one cause Melinda to lose her focus, even if she has decided to help yet another ghost.  However, the difficulty she’s having with the troubled teenage specter is no comparison to the pains of losing Jim.

Knowing that her husband has to “cross over,” Melinda does her best to encourage him in the clip below.  Meanwhile, he’s beginning to see how things work on the other side, as well as understanding what goes on in the mind of his wife.  He promises that he’ll always stay with Melinda, because they both know that she’s not ready to let him go.  The tragedy causes Melinda to develop deterring feelings about her identity, especially her powers as a medium.  She feels that being a Ghost Whisperer is no longer helpful, nor is it necessary.

Unhappy with tragedy on “Ghost Whisperer”? Executive producers urge you to hang on

Kill a beloved character, and fans will grumble — loudly and in big numbers. “Ghost Whisperer” learned how deeply the audience cares about Jim (David Conrad) after he died in last week’s episode.

Don’t be disheartened, say executive producers for the CBS drama.

“Jim did get killed,” Kim Moses said Friday. “He did get shot. But that’s not where the show lives and breathes, and that’s not what we’re dwelling on. ‘Ghost Whisperer’ is about hope.” She promised that the hope viewers are seeking will come in next week’s episode. (The drama continues at 8 tonight on WKMG-Channel 6.)

Conrad is not leaving the supernatural show, and he embraced the acting challenge of playing a dead man, Moses added.

“Everybody loves the chemistry that he and Jennifer Love Hewitt have,” Moses said. “We’ve realized we want to give their relationship more screen time.”

In fact, she said “Ghost Whisperer” will turn up the romance between Jim and his living wife, Melinda (Hewitt). “This is about hope. Very few people get a second chance at true love,” Moses said.

But what does the show say to fans unhappy that Jim is dead? Despite sci-fi and paranormal elements, the show is also a mystery, executive producer Ian Sander said. “All I can say to them is you must turn the page and see where this mystery is going if you want to be satisfied,” he said. “All you saw at the end of last week’s episode was a page in the mystery.” Sander said he hoped the mythology of the Jim-Melinda romance will keep viewers coming back.

By Jim Halterman, The Futon Critic
Major shake-ups are in store with tonight’s episode of CBS’s “Ghost Whisperer.” To the dismay of diehard fans, it has been rumored that actor David Conrad’s days might be numbered when it was revealed that his character of Jim may die. To clarify the new direction of the series as well as hint at what is to come for the Jim/Melinda relationship, executive producers Kim Moses and Ian Sander talked to Jim Halterman earlier today.

Moses started out by saying that “we are at a very important storytelling section of the season. When we started the series four years ago, the pilot opened up on Jim and Melinda’s wedding. In the four year journey what we’ve found is that audiences really love their relationship and because we have two immensely popular actors Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad who have amazing chemistry onscreen. And what we wanted to do was give the audience more of them because we’d been hearing from the audience how much they love them.” Though the producers didn’t go into exact detail as to what happens in tonight’s episode, they weren’t afraid to tease a little bit about the impact of the events. In tonight’s “Threshold” episode, “there’s a big surprise at the end of the episode,” Moses offered. She then added that next week’s “Heart and Soul” episode, can be considered, “the turning point for the season and for their relationship where we’re going to reboot Jim and Melinda’s love story so that the audience can experience them falling in love from the very beginning.”

Sander chimed in by adding, “We know from the audiences that they have really fallen in love with these two characters and that it’s obviously a very functional relationship with two people that are very supportive of each other, which in real life that’s somewhat unusual and certainly on television it’s been somewhat unusual and audiences seems to have attached themselves to that relationship. This was a way of going back and giving them a courtship, if you will, and a romance, if you will, in a way that we think is both very dramatic and very exciting.”

Changing the dynamic and journey for the main characters of any series is risky but Sander had his own take on why it’s a good thing to be risky. “Unless you stick it out there and try to do something that is brave,” Sander said, “you will never do anything great. It’s not as difficult to do something that is good and be very even down the line [but] if you want to ever do something great whether it’s an actor’s performance, whether it’s a director directing a show or whether it’s a painter painting, you have to try something bold and chancy and take those kinds of chances to do something great and this is our way of doing that.”

And how do Moses and Sander think the audience will react to the coming changes? Moses offered that the chemistry between the two leads is only going to become increasingly richer. “You always hope for that magic but you can never imagine that you could get something this powerful. And moving forward, what we’ve done is we want to give their relationship more screen time. And so we have to balance out the ghosts and the way to do it is to take the journey we’re takingvery few people get a second chance at true love and that’s what this journey is about.”

Mystery is an important element of the series that Sander feels will keep the audience invested in the upcoming twists and turns of the series. “All I can say to [the audience] is you must turn the page and see where this mystery is going if you want to be satisfied and all that we saw at the end of last week’s episode was a page in the mystery. We now encourage you to turn the page and we promise you you’ll both be surprised and satisfied with what’s on the next page and the mystery will be fulfilled. Then, of course, we will continue to be mysterious as we go forward otherwise why would you turn the page for the next episode? So we hope that this will just be the beginning to kick off what we call our mythology for season four.”

As with any drama, things are not destined to go smoothly as the characters that Hewitt and Conrad play go through this new chapter of their romance. “I think any time you start a new relationship there are many, many complications,” Moses explained. “People are not always on the same page so without giving a huge amount away, the idea that they have to reconnect and find common footing isit’s a great challenge in a relationship.”

One plot point that the producers gave away was that Conrad’s character has to work to regain his memory in the course of the coming episodes and there are many complications that will arise from this plot point. Sander explained, “As Jim is recovering his memory, there will be surprises in that memory that can create certain kinds of complications that have to be overcome by the relationship. As he’s finding out new things, there are things that both surprise him and he may also discover things in his memory that also surprise Melinda and those kinds of things could bring about complications that we will work to overcome and that will make the relationship stronger.”

Besides the Jim and Melinda character, the supporting characters will also have to adjust to the changes afoot, particularly the Delia character, played by Camryn Manheim. “Delia has a big surprise in [next week’s episode] and it’s how that information and how this new relationship lands with the other characters and that also effects Delia and Melinda’s relationship.”

With actors often being very protective of the journeys that their characters (and the series) takes, how did star/series producer Jennifer Love Hewitt respond when Moses and Sander laid out their thoughts on the storyline that is currently unfolding? “Her reaction was remarkably positive,” Sander shared. “She’s a very romantic woman herself and so it’s something that she was really positive about.” Moses added that it is the unfolding of the story that has everyone very excited about where the show is going. “We believe that [the story] is going to be delivered in a surprising way and a very special way and the audience will be able to take that journey with them instead of finding about their history later.”

With multi-platforms like webisodes and audience interaction on the Internet becoming just as vital to a show’s success as Nielsen ratings, “Ghost Whisperer” audiences will be able to participate in the way that Jim’s memory is restored. “We’re going to ask the audience online to help [Jim] remember,” Moses revealed. “What we’ve found with fans over the four years is that people watch the show, their devoted to the show, they pay attention to the details and they love the mythology of the journey and because they’re holding onto this information we want them to share it to help bring back Jim’s memory.”

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Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Great News “Jim” David Conrad will stay on GW into the Fifth Season!

Latest Updates: Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Alive? & Previews: “Heart & Soul” & “Threshold”

It’s been confirmed, Jim (David Conrad) will remain on Ghost Whisperer at least into the fifth season, but to everyone’s disappointment will play Jim as a earth bound spirit, ghost. With Jim refusing to go into the light, the show will take on an unprecedented new direction, because Melinda has never allowed a ghost remain on earth; she has always tried to persuade them to move on.

According to Conrad in this new interview Jim will have more screen time as a ghost with Melinda than he did before. If we can try to keep an open mind it might be interesting to see their bond grow, as its transcends life & death, and what it can mean for the broader Ghost Whisperer mythology.

Conrad character busier than ever after death on ‘Ghost Whisperer’

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Even in the first season of “Ghost Whisperer,” Pittsburgh native David Conrad expected his character to be killed off.

“It’s like a hotel. Every five years they have to tear out all the furniture and put new furniture in to sell it,” Conrad said in an October 2005 interview.

He said it makes sense that the series would “need a new guy” at some point. “You bring in somebody else, like they did with Sarah Jessica Parker [and her roster of boyfriends] on ‘Sex and the City.’ ”

So it wasn’t all that surprising when Conrad’s Jim Clancy, husband of the ghost whisperer herself, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), was killed in Friday’s episode. He died in a hospital from an embolism after being shot accidentally by a cop when police responded to a home where a depressed, dumped-at-the-altar groom was holed up.

What does Conrad think of Jim’s death and how will it affect his role on the series? Read on:

Rob Owen: Given your comments to me back during the first season, I assume you weren’t surprised by this turn of events.

David Conrad: They said early on that everybody but Jennifer is expendable. They didn’t say it that way, but they were like, “We’re not going to lie to you. It’s definitely in our plans to kill you off in an exciting way.” I was like, “Cool, it’s all good.” I figured I’d do a pilot, and the fact that we’re in our fourth season and I’ll make it to the end of this one and it seems like I’m sort of in the plans for a fifth season if there is one, it’s all gravy.

RO: What did you think of the approach to killing Jim?

DC: I liked the fact that it’s not super-connected to the plot. I thought it was smart that it came out of nowhere.

RO: In next week’s episode, your character does something we’ve never seen on “Ghost Whisperer.” Is that how they’ll keep you on the series?

DC: What happens next happens so quickly rather than happening slowly or piecemeal. I think it would be more fun to drag it out: Where is he going? When will he come back, and how will he manifest himself as someone else? … It just sort of loses the audience’s sense of how long do you wait before you give them the cake? The whole plot of the show changes. Things get a little more clouded by my issue. I wish that he’d visit her once in a while like Angel on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” … It’s strange how they rush things. My only thought is I would drag it out a little, more foreplay.

RO: Ironically, it seems like your character has more to do now that he’s dead.

DC: Yeah, that’s the crazy thing. When they kill you off, you work more! It’s kind of like in retirement when you’re busier than when you were at your job. … I do work more, which means I haven’t been back to Pittsburgh that much.

RO: Do you expect to be a series regular next season?

DC: They don’t have a definitive answer because the show hasn’t been picked up.

RO: But it seems likely the show will be renewed. The ratings are up.

DC: Best ever, actually.

RO: What are your future career plans?

DC: I don’t know. It’s a fluid time because there’s no official answer about the fifth season. My agents are like, “We need an answer, guys.” The documentaries I was working on are done and I don’t want to make another one at the moment. I do need to figure it out.

RO: The Wall Street Journal reported last week that your flat in the Strip is for sale. Are you planning to pull up stakes?

DC: I’m a single guy living in a 3,600-square-foot warehouse. I’m embarrassed. What do I do with all this space? I can throw a baseball from one end to the other. I’ll just find a smaller place [in Pittsburgh]. A crash pad. And I’ll spend less money or direct it more toward things I feel are more valuable than paying a mortgage.

First published on November 9, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Ghost Whisperer Spoilers & More Reactions to Jim’s Death on Ghost Whisperer


Reactions to Ghost Whisperer’s big twist

by Isabelle Carreau, TV Squad

Ghost WhispererThere you have it people, Ghost Whisperer’s big twist was revealed in this week’s episode titled “Imaginary Friends & Enemies.” If you’ve been keeping up with spoilers about the show, you knew about this event since the end of August. When the info was released, fans strongly reacted to it which prompted the brains behind the show to address the upcoming death in interviews posted on the web. No matter what the creators said about the storyline being really interesting and opening new possibilities for the show, some fans were in denial and actually thought the creators would not go ahead with their plan. Sadly for them, the creators did not tweak their plan.

Now that the big death occurred, what do fans think about the twist?

My opinion about Jim’s death in this week’s episode hasn’t changed since I wrote my “Why I now embrace Ghost Whisperer and look forward to that big twist” post. I believe that his death could open up a lot of possibilities for the show if they have Jim not cross over. Due to Melinda’s reaction to his death, it wouldn’t surprise me that he sticks around until she accepts it. Thanks to Jim remaining a ghost, we could learn more about the ghost world from how does the world look like from a ghost point of view to how the dark side tries to recruit them. To fans who believe that this is the end of Jim and Melinda as a couple, should I remind you that this is a sci fi/fantasy show and that everything and anything can happen including The Powers That Be agreeing to resurrect Jim so that Melinda can properly continue her job?

What do other fans of the show think of the twist? Here are a few comments posted on the CBS’s Ghost Whisperer forums:

  • Without Jim there to support Melinda, the show will just be too heart-wrenching. I loved that show, but they’ve just lost me now. I’ll be back only if Jim’s somehow alive.
  • They killed the only part of Melinda that made her feel normal. What does she have left now. There’s no one left to talk things through with or to keep her grounded when things got crazy.
  • I don’t think it was a good thing. I hope this is just a dream. It would not work for him to be a ghost because Melinda would not be able to move on with her life.
Out of the 100+ comments I read on CBS’s forums, I haven’t read one that was supportive of Jim’s death. Of course, most of these posts were made immediately after the episode aired so people didn’t have time to sit back and look at the change under a different light. I’m not happy that a character had to die, especially Jim, but, if done right by the writers, Jim’s death can bring a breath of fresh air to the show. In interview with TV Guide, David Conrad says he’s enjoying his character’s fate as it allows him to do things he never did before on a TV series. If in the end Jim stays dead, I won’t be a happy GW fan and will probably need to vent like people did on CBS’s forum. Until then, I’m willing to enjoy the ride and see what the writers have in store.

What do you think of the Ghost Whisperer twist? Do you think the show jumped the shark or not? What did you think of the final scene in which Ghost Jim tells Melinda that he died? Let your voice be heard in our poll and in comments below.

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Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Update “Jim” David Conrad NOT Leaving & Preview “Imaginary Friends and Enemies”

MORE DETAILS: I was able to view some pages of the “Threshold” script, where Jim TRULY DIES. If you want to know more how Jim died, and who was involved in his death and how this IS not the last of Jim…. READ ON FOR MAJOR SPOILERS

The Ghost Whisperer Producers: Let’s Clear Up the Rumors — TV Guide

Read carefully: David Conrad is not, not, not leaving Ghost Whisperer. We love him – he is amazingly talented – we all have lots of fun together and he is an important part of the Ghost Whisperer family. But most of all, we here at Ghost Whisperer are very much aware of how all of you feel about him.  Again, David is not leaving Ghost Whisperer. Are we clear? We do, however, have some exciting and dramatic things in store for our beloved Jim and Melinda that we can’t wait to share with you- it’s all just around the corner. And, until then, please know you can always come here for the absolute truth.

Preview of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ 4.06: Imaginary Friends and Enemies

From Ace Showbiz

Things will change drastically in the new episode of ““. Something major will happen to Melinda, as the tag line from its preview is read “She was given a gift and one true love but nothing lasts forever…”.

Last month, a major spoiler to the show was let out, claiming that Melinda will lose her husband Jim (David Conrad). In the preview, it is also shown that Jim is shot and Melinda is looking devastated. Although the story may be true, it may not be the end of Jim’s appearance because true to the show’s nature, Melinda is able to see ghosts.

Meanwhile, the official synopsis from CBS for the episode which is called “Imaginary Friends and Enemies” is: Melinda plays a game of hide-and-seek when a child’s make-believe friend causes havoc during a wedding party for Jim’s friend, and Melinda attempts to calm the ghosts running amok.

Photos From

imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer
imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer
imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer

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Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: “Threshold” How Jim Dies…. but lives on…

Latest Updates: Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Alive? & Previews: “Heart & Soul” & “Threshold”

UPDATE: It’s not an either or scenario that Jim will go into the light or stay on as a ghost! READ MORE: Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Fate! & Interview with David Conrad!

I was able to view some pages of the “Threshold” script, where Jim TRULY DIES.
Read ahead if you want to know more how Jim died, and who was involved in his death and how this is not the last of Jim, he will appear into February sweeps at least….


Jim is at Mercy Hospital, a man’s heart stopped beating, and a code blue team is trying to resuscitate him.  Even while they are working to save him, Jim sees his spirit getting up from his body and moving towards the light, which is the hospital wall. After the man is declared dead, Jim goes to the body, he tries to touch him, but his hand goes through.

The episode however, centers on a 17-year-old girl, Caitlin Mahoney, who from what it appears was a patient Jim was trying to save. Caitlin appears to Melinda and says she believes she was responsible for Jim’s death. Caitlin also died, and is the ghost Melinda crosses over in the episode. The episode’s theme is the true meaning of love and what it feels like to be truly loved.

As Caitlin first approaches Melinda, she asks if Jim is around.

Here’s an excerpt of their exchange:

Melinda: My husband. Jim. No, he’s not here.

Caitlin: He doesn’t want me to talk to you. He hates me.

Melinda: No he doesn’t. He just doesn’t understand you. Neither do I.

Caitlin: I remember things now….

Melinda, however is upset and doesn’t really want to get involved now to help Caitlin’s ghost. She’s far too emotional. Melinda starts to leave, but turns around asking if it is about Jim. Caitlin tells Melinda she hurt her step-dad, because she died. Melinda tells her she is a “mess” now and can’t help herself or Caitlin now.  Melinda tries to convince her to go into the light and not feel guilty, but then she tells Melinda:

Caitlin: Everything that’s happened…everything, it’s all my fault. It’s because of what I did.

Melinda: What did you?

Caitlin:  I think I helped kill your husband.

This enrages Melinda; she “lunges” towards the ghost, but it disappears.

The next scene I was able to read was the scene near the end of the episode where Melinda gets Caitlin and her step-father Neely together. Caitlin tries to explain through Melinda, her problem with anorexia. Caitlin was trying to make herself thin and starving herself, because she thought it would make her more loved.  As a ghost, she realizes how much her death has hurt her stepfather, Detective Neely (the one who shot Jim), who loved her unconditionally. Neely feels he should have noticed and tried to help Caitlin, but Caitlin explains that would have been impossible because she avoided him, so he shouldn’t see how she was loosing the weight.

Caitlin believes because Neely was so upset about her death that he was not he usual self and was distracted and that’s why he made a mistake and shot Jim instead of Hunter at the cabin.

Melinda to Neely: She (believes) what happened that day with you and Jim…was her fault because you were upset….

Cailtin realizes her stepfather father loved unconditionally, but she took it for “granted.” Jim is with Melinda, Neely and Caitlin. Melinda speaks about being loved to them and especially to Jim convincing him to move on saying “once you know that kind of love, it never goes away. It only gets stronger. It means she can move on… and so can you.”

Caitlin apologizes to Neely, who responds that he loved her, and Jim relays through Melinda that he “doesn’t blame” Caitlin.  With this Caitlin sees the light and moves towards it, but before she asks Jim, “You coming?” Jim replies, “not just yet.”

Jim decides to remain with Melinda. Apparently from the “Heart & Soul” episode, there is an amnesiac who named Sam Lucas played by (Kevin Mitchell), that Jim inhabits. This will last for a number of episodes, because in a summary for episode 4.13: “Body Of Water” it says: “When Nikki pays a prolonged visit, Melinda fears that Sam will never reconnect with his true nature. Meanwhile, Melinda discovers a mysterious and vengeful contingent of ghosts at a local lake, where a financially distressed mortician had been secretly dumping bodies scheduled for cremation.”

Threshold Screencaps


threshold  - ghost-whisperer

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