One Tree Hill Season Finale Recap 6.24 ‘Remember Me As A Time Of Day’

‘One Tree Hill’ Finale: Blasts from the past

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One Tree Hill” wrapped up its sixth season tonight with an episode full of heartache, triumph, attempted redemption and a slew of very welcome old faces.

The show starts out with a montage of doom that picks up the events of the end of the last episode. It is perfectly set to a tune I do not know the title or artist of, but is quite awesome and perfectly sets the tone of the proceedings. I have to say, this show excels at the montage of doom, probably because no dialogue is involved. Pretty soon, though, dialogue must ensue, this time in the form of Lucas talking to Peyton’s post-surgery, unconscious body. Thankfully, the drama doesn’t last long because Peyton wakes up just in time to name their baby Sawyer. Sawyer Scott. That sort of sounds like an SEC quarterback, but they live in North Carolina. I’ll go with it. I am making fun, but it’s all quite happy and cute, especially when the whole gang (including KAREN!) greets Peyton in her hospital room. It’s good to see Karen again.

Julian stays in Tree Hill to take care of Brooke while Peyton is in the hospital and ends up “taking care of Brooke” if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Strangely, however, although Julian talks about wanting to be with Brooke so bad he leaves the next morning without saying anything. Victoria sees how much Brooke and Julian love each other and finally gives Brooke some sound advice to go after Julian if he is what she wants. Then she gives Brooke back her company and admits to being a horrible parent, and even apologizes and says she loves her! It’s like Bizarro World! Brooke tells Victoria she would like her to stay on and run the company from New York. Brooke ends up taking her mother’s advice and goes to Julian, tells him she loves him, and kisses him. Aw.

Peyton and Lucas aren’t the only ones getting great news this week, as Nathan learns he has just been called up to the NBA to play point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats. Good on ya, Nathan. And so conveniently close to Tree Hill!

After going AWOL for weeks, Dan shows up this week…to visit WHITEY! Man, I thought I was excited to see Karen until I saw Whitey. Whitey rocks, especially when his hospitality to Dan includes sandwich cookies and a revolver on the table to murder Dan with “in self defense.” Hee. Dan’s visit is apparently to clear his conscience, as he apologizes to Whitey for that day many years ago when he refused to play in the state championship, which is the day he figures everything in his life went wrong. He also actually apologizes to Whitey for killing Keith, although that apology would probably be better suited for Karen. Or Lucas. Or Nathan. Hell, or Lily. But whatever. Dan then begs Whitey to kill him, but instead Whitey hugs him and tells him Dan is still alive to gain redemption. Boo. I wanted bloodshed! Instead Dan goes to meet little Sawyer and Peyton lets him hold her.

Also in this episode: Millie decides to stay in Tree Hill to be with Mouth and Mia’s album is being released.

Random thoughts:

  • I still love Dan’s giant headstone. I especially love when Dan visits and stares at it longingly, like he did tonight.
  • Does anyone think it’s strange that Karen couldn’t show up for the wedding (which was yesterday) but has no problem getting to Tree Hill to be in the hospital? It’s like “I will only show up for an emergency, and Lucas’ second wedding totally doesn’t count.”
  • The moment when Jamie found out about Nathan’s promotion via Mouth’s news story was really, really cute.
  • Have Karen and Dan met face-to-face like that since Dan killed Keith? I know she went to see him in jail (and awesomely spit on the window), but I don’t remember if they’ve met in a casual setting until tonight.
  • They played a Kate York song! Kate’s a fellow Nashvillian and very, very talented. Check out her stuff, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Nathan’s Bobcats intro was awesome. Jumbotron!
  • The show ends with Lucas, Peyton and Sawyer driving off in the restored Comet. Seeing as Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton aren’t returning next year, this seems like kind of a lame goodbye.
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