ABC Delays End of Pushing Daisies, Eli and Dirty Sexy Money

ABC Delays End of Daisies, Eli and Dirty Sexy Money

Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies), Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone), Peter Krause (Dirty Sexy Money) ABC/Scott Garfield, ABC/Craig Sjodin, ABC/Scott Garfield

Dying to know where the Piemaker and his beloved Charlotte Charles will end up when Pushing Daisies comes to a close?

Join the club! But apparently ABC is in no hurry to give the fans closure.

Sources close to the Alphabet network tell me exclusively that the remaining episodes for Daisies will not air until—wait for it, ‘cause you’re gonna have to—this summer.

And that’s not all. It’s the same case for those two other much-loved but recently canceled ABC series: Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money.

Yes, word is Daisies’ final three episodes and Eli and DSM‘s final four won’t air until June at the earliest.

According to insiders, the original plan was for the final three episodes of Daisies to begin airing last Wednesday, but ABC decided to air reruns of Scrubs instead.

And what you really won’t want to hear is…

There’s actually a pretty solid reason—from a business standpoint, at least—for ABC to delay the airing of these final episodes.

Though we all know Daisies, Eli and DSM are three of the best-produced series currently on television, the sad truth is that the programming ABC has plugged into those three timeslots (Wednesdays at 8, Tuesdays at 10 and Wednesdays at 10, respectively) have fared as well or better in the ratings. Even lame specials and reruns.

While Eli‘s last-aired epside on Dec. 30 pulled in about 3.8 million viewers, a candid-camera special called “What Would You Do?” got an audience of about 7 million in the same time slot on Jan. 6 and Scrubs got  6.7 million on Tuesday…up against American Idol.

On Dec. 17, Daisies’ and DSM’s final airings pulled in 4.6 million and 5.1 million respectively. Last Wednesday, a Barbara Walters special scored an audience of more than 12 million. And last night, reruns of Lost got similar numbers with an average of 4.5 million.

So while it’s outrageous and (heartbreaking!) to have to wait six months to see the conclusion to these fan favorites, the question remains: Who is at fault? ABC or the American viewing public for not giving these shows a real shot in the first place? Personally, I’m just disappointed all the way around. Sound off below…

Pushing Daisies Spoilers & News “Chenoweth: Olive Should End Up with Ned”

Chenoweth: Pushing Daisies‘ Olive Should End Up with Ned

Source: TV Guide

Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies
We’re all bummed that ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies, and no magic finger is bringing it back to life. But perhaps none of us is as sad as Kristin Chenoweth, who plays the spunky, sing-songy Olive Snook on the romantic fantasy series. While speaking about her appearance on TNT’s Christmas in Washington (Wednesday, 8 pm/ET), Chenoweth lamented the way the show met its end, and how she imagined Olive’s future with her Pie Hole cohorts. (While three episodes of Daisies‘ final season have yet to air, ABC has not announced when or if they will.) Let’s listen in, shall we? Are you going to get a chance to wrap everything up?
Kristin Chenoweth: [Series creator] Bryan Fuller asked if he should write an episode that wrapped everything up, and ABC specifically said [not to].” We didn’t know until recently that we were canceled so we went ahead and shot an episode thinking that there was a possibility that we’d be coming back. I understand that the ratings weren’t what they’d hoped and that we were an expensive show to produce. I get it in my mind, but my heart has a harder time with it. Are you at least happy where Olive is by the end?
Chenoweth: In the remaining episodes, they do introduce David Arquette’s character [as a love interest], so you can see how Olive could move forward — not on, but forward — with somebody and find happiness. I also will be singing a little Lionel Richie. Do you have an epilogue in your head, an idea of where Olive’s story would take her in the future?
Chenoweth: I love you for asking this question. I’m just crazy enough to have planned the whole thing out. Of course, this is in my head and not Bryan’s. I have always envisioned that Ned eventually sees that he can have a real relationship with Olive. I have to believe that as an actress because I have to play her. I always played this character, which not a lot of people know, like there was something serious going on between Olive and Ned before Chuck came on the scene. I don’t know if Ned and Olive end up together, but in my mind the end of the series is Ned with [the reanimated bodies of] Olive, Chuck and Emerson all together.

Enlightening? Entertaining? Creepy? How do you think Pushing Daisies should end?

Watch full episodes of Pushing Daisies in our Online Video Guide

Pusing Daisies Episode Recap

Chimcbride2_pushingdaisies_240 So if this is the last Pushing Daisies we have for the foreseeable future, then at least we got an episode packed to the (Cod) gills with witty writing, emotional involvement for all the regulars, a mystery tied explicitly to the larger narrative and Norwegians.

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New Pushing Daisies Spoilers! Closure in the Series Finale!

This should do the trick: We’re getting closure, dammit! The series finale will no longer end on a cliffhanger, as I previously reported. Through the magic of post-production, Bryan Fuller and his team managed to tack on a completely new beginning and ending to the episode. “We’re doing a lot of work in post to shape it so that it is satisfying for the audience,” Fuller tells me. BTW, rumor has it ABC may burn off air Daisies‘ final three episodes on one night in early January. (Episode 9 airs tonight and 10 next week.) — Source: The Ausiello Files

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap!

Annafriel2_pushingdaisies_240 From the moment we first met Chuck on Pushing Daisies, we’ve known that she’s something of an adventurous soul, and that circumstances — her father’s death, her agoraphobic aunts and, you know, her death — prevented her from living those adventures.

Wednesday’s episode dealt directly with the life Chuck hasn’t lived, and while there was the usual amount of visual playfulness and verbal brilliance, it also went a little deeper. And was that much better for it.

These spoilers come wrapped in a kicky new raincoat.

Because the people Ned reanimates only stay alive for 60 seconds, and he and Emerson are usually peppering them with questions about how they died during that time, we don’t get much insight into how they feel about being alive again. (Chuck is the obvious exception, but she’s a special case in a lot of ways, not least for her perpetually sunny outlook on life.) The return of Chuck’s dad, however, has let the show explore that a little more, and Charles Charles’ salty reaction to his new life has been pretty cool to watch.

I would agree, at least a little bit, with Chuck’s assertion tonight that part of her father’s animosity toward Ned is a normal dad’s reaction to his little girl having a boyfriend. Ned’s more right, though, in noting that their circumstances make the stakes way higher — pitchfork-toting mob higher, should their secret get out.

Leepace2_pushingdaisies_240Emerson, insightful dude that he is, tells Ned that the elaborate stayin’-alive rules he and Chuck use aren’t going to suit a man like Charles Charles, world-traveling war veteran that he is. In fact, he lays down an ultimatum to the intimidated Ned: I’ll play by your rules, so long as you never see my daughter again. That, of course, doesn’t fly, and equally unsurprisingly, Mr. Charles catches them plastic wrap-kissing, which leads to a tussle (or more like a scuffle) between the two men and hurt feelings on all sides.

The way Charles Charles sees it, his daughter has a choice: pie or cake. Pie, he says, is just a simple pastry filled with something, whereas cake is layered and mysterious. The little girl he knew would have chosen cake and all its attendant adventures — so why doesn’t she do that now? he asks. We can go anywhere we want and do whatever we please. You would have to think that for Chuck — who died the first time when she was finally trying to have one of those adventures — such a prospect would be mighty tempting.

Fortunately for Ned, though, Chuck has found that her “lock-and-key” life is a different kind of adventure, and she realizes that her dad is still trying to be the parent she needed when she was 8 years old. So she chooses pie (yay!) — but her dad is still a cake man, and the last we see of him, he’s driving off to who knows where.

This feels like the start of a really interesting arc for Pushing Daisies. I hope, for our sake, that Bryan Fuller and Co. can bring this story around to some kind of conclusion in the little time we have left with the show….

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Pushing Daisies Spoilers & Episode Recap “Robbing Hood”

Episode 2.08 – Comfort Food [Airing December 3]: We see a young Ned at boarding school, making and enjoying pies and a party with the other boys before getting in trouble with the headmaster. Chuck and Ned prepare to un-dead her father for a minute to learn about a mysterious, possibly dangerous man named Dwight. They argue about who should question him first. When it comes time for Ned to touch him and re-dead him, Chuck comes up with a deadly plan to keep him alive without Ned’s knowledge. Ned and Olive compete in a food cooking competition that they lost two years ago and one of the contestants is murdered. Source:

Episode 2.09 – The Legend of Merle McQuoddy [Airing December 10]: Olive and Emerson investigate the strange death of lighthouse keeper Nora McQuoddy. Ned finds out Chuck’s father is “alive” and they have to deal with the reprecussions. Source:

Episode Recap “Robbing Hood”

Ned was never the popular kid. At school, he was forced to play with an even more unpopular kid with an unfortunate jaw line. So, when Eugene’s pet snake choked on his pet bunny, Ned felt compelled to bring Eugene’s pets back to life. In exchange, two innocent woodland creatures had to pass the buck, but Ned decided that the act of charity outweighed the consequences.

Back to present day, Ned is taking out his stress on the pies. He’s rightfully worried about Dwight Dixon. Dwight is now dating Vivian and is bound to see a picture of Chuck somewhere around the house. The problem? Chuck served him a cappuccino at the Pie Hole. He’ll know her secret, thus exposing Ned’s secret. They need to find out what he wants… and quick.

Meanwhile, Emerson has taken on a new case, and this one’s cha-ching with a capital C. The facts are these: Daniel Hill is a well-paid lawyer who only had one client– Gustav Holst, an immigrant entrepreneur who struck it rich by living the American dream. Sadly, Gustav was murdered in a tragic chandelier incident, and Daniel wants to find the killer. Why? Just your typical “unrequited love for a client as old as your grandfather” case. Hill thinks Gustav’s gold-digging wife is the true culprit…. Continue reading »

‘Pushing Daisies’ to Be Canceled by ABC

It has been reported that ABC network has made a decision to cancel ‘Pushing Daisies’ production along with other two series, ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ and ‘Eli Stone’.

This fall season, yet another serial TV show has been canceled from its upcoming production. Bryan Fuller, “” co-executive producer in 2006-2007 period, has given a statement to E! Online that his drama comedy series, ““, has been canceled by ABC network.

To E! Online, Fuller gives a confirmation over the series’ axing saying that the decision comes directly from ABC network. He additionally mentions that ABC ‘s President of Entertainment, Steve McPherson, has personally called him about the matter.

In further explanation, he says that the cancellation comes after ABC decides not to order more episodes. “He (McPherson) never said we’re canceled but that was the gist of it. He said they’re proud of the show and not ordering episodes at this time,” Fuller says. “I could read between the lines and interpret that the door could be open in the future but I think that the gist of that is that we weren’t going to be moving forward on ABC.”

Fuller also states, “It’s very likely that Pushing Daisies will end after episode 13, which as you know, is a cliffhanger. But we are talking to DC Comics about doing comic books that will wrap up our storylines, and I already have a pitch for a movie ready to go.” Then he adds, “To be honest, I am so proud of the show. We put together 22 really good episodes. I’m sure I’ll be working with a lot of these people again, and I would love to do so.”

Fuller refuses to give any reasons over the cancellation, but the latest ratings show that “Pushing Daisies” episode entitled “Oh, Oh, Oh, It’s Magic”, has been watched by only 4.86 million viewers.

At the same time, the same unfortunate situation has also happened to ABC’s other series, “” and ““. Reliable sources have reported to E! Online that the two series have followed the footsteps of “Pushing Daisies” to be canceled. Still, the series’ representatives have refused to give any comment. —  Ace Showbiz

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap


Pushing Daisies proves yet again why this show is so magical. Putting aside the fact that it took place almost entirely at a magic show, the character development alone was enough to be put anyone under its spell.

Ned used to love his dad’s magic tricks. That is, until he made himself disappear and never came back. Even though it wasn’t their fault, Ned always resented his long-lost half brothers for taking his father away. Now that they’re reunited as a family, Ned has to put aside his hatred for all things magic. Maurice and Ralston are illusionists and want their big bro and his friends to come see their double act and The Conjurer’s Castle. The main act is The Great Herrmonn (played by Fred Willard), who seems to have a problem keeping his assistants alive.

Herrmonn recruits Emerson to help solve the mystery, but it turns out to be more than Emerson bargained for. The “assistants” are actually animals—doves, a bunny, and a monkey. Pet detectives get paid big bucks, according to Emerson, but Herrmonn coughs it up with great fanfare. And this week’s case is off to a running start! Ned pulls Herrmonn aside to ask about his relationship with the twins. It turns out that their father abandoned the boys at one of his shows, and the twins were instantly enamored with magic. He thinks they were trying to hold on to their father’s memory….. Continue reading »

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap

Ned is generally a rather risk-averse guy, as you might be if you had killed your sweetheart’s father after reviving your dead mother and then lost the chocolates she made for you before her death in a boarding-school roulette game. In fact, the only things he’s gambled on since then have been opening a pie shop “in a time when carbohydrates had fallen out of fashion” and on the hope that Chuck could love him. Which really are a couple of pretty big things. Nonetheless, having won those two hands, he generally prefers a safe bet.

This week’s case, though, involves a rather unsafe bet. It seems the brilliant chef at the dim sum restaurant below Emerson’s office — his name is Bao — has died in a steamer explosion that the cops deem an accident but which his widow is sure was murder. The deceased, who has a pipe through his head, isn’t much help after being revivified, panicking that someone wants to kill him over a bet….Continue reading »

The Drive to Save Pushing Daisies from Cancellation!

Kristin has a list of ways to get involved and help save Pushing Daisies from being canceled.

Pushing Daisies Is in Danger! Can It Be Saved?


Pushing Daisies, Anna Friel, Lee Pace

The facts are these:

Pushing Daisies needs your help.

Production on episode 13 of season two begins Monday, and that is the last episode currently ordered by ABC for this series. So far the Alphabet network has given no indication to producers that a full-season pickup is coming.


Pushing Daisies, Chi McBride


So what can we, the fans, do to show our support and convince the powers that be at ABC to keep Daisies on the air?

  • SIGN UP: Sign the Save Daises online petition.
  • TUNE IN: Tonight, watch the show. Live. In your house. Look for the glowing box that receives pictures via bunny ears, a satellite or a coaxial cable coming out of the wall. (Everything else on TV at that time? Obama, Obama and then more Obama. So there’s no downside for you—you won’t miss any other show—and the upside is that the show’s prospects might perk up!) For that matter, email five of your friends right now and tell them to watch, especially if you happen to know anyone who has one of those magical Nielsen boxes.
  • TURN ON: Go to and play old episodes. If you have some spare change, download a few from iTunes. If Daisies brings in enough digital dime, that revenue might offset the on-air losses.
  • REACH OUT: Contact ABC online or use the quaint ol’ post office to send a letter explaining, in your own passionate but polite words, why and how Daisies is the birdhouse in your soul. The address for ABC is 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-4551.
  • PUSH THOSE DAISIES: There are 23,000 species in the daisy family of flowers, including marigolds, coneflowers, sunflowers, chamomile, chrysanthemums, dahlias and zinnias. Send a bunch of your faves to ABC, or better yet, send flower seeds. They’re light and therefore cheap to ship. Seeds last for years and won’t go bad or go to waste, and they could be planted to grow into something beautiful in the spring. Don’t forget to include a note explaining that this is for the love of Daisies!

Pushing Daisies, Dim Sum Lose Some

New Pushing Daisies Spoilers & Petition to Save the Show!

Probably more important than what will happen on Pishing Daisies, is will the show get a full season pick-up.

Here’s how you can get involved and save Pushing Daisies: Make sure to sign the Petition to Save the Show

George Segal and Richard Benjamin have been cast as Olive’s childhood kidnappers. Since she has such fond memories of her abduction, when they escape from prison, they naturally go to her for help to get away. (Think of the eppy as sort of an unofficial Savannah Smiles sequel.) But wait, there’s more: Firefly badass Gina Torres has signed up to play Emerson’s ex-wife. –  Ausiello Files

Question: Has Pushing Daisies ended the storyline with Paul Ruebens? I was a little confused from where they left off last season to where they started this season. Did Chuck reveal her secret to him? Will Pee-wee be back for another adventure?
“Ended” is the wrong word. Maybe “delayed” is more like it. “I love Paul Reubens, and I love the character Oscar Vibenius,” EP Bryan Fuller tells me. “And I encourage you to write ABC and tell them how much you love him, too. We’ve tried a couple of times this season to bring Paul back and always ended up having to push the story off for various reasons. Right now Oscar is off in the wilds of olfactory science trying to decipher the mysterious scent he discovered specific to Chuck, and if/when he returns, he’ll have a lot to say on the matter.” See what I mean? “Ended” was totally the wrong word. –  Ausiello Files

Pushing Daisies Spoilers! Chuck’s Dad

Pushing Daisies: Ed and Lost Star Is Chuck’s Dad!

Thos Robinson/Getty Images, AP Photo/Matt Sayles, Joe Kohen/Getty images

Josh Randall, Anna Friel, Lee Pace

He’s aliiiiiiive! Chuck’s daddy, that is. And, well, perhaps “undead” is the more appropriate term.

Warner Brothers Studios and executive producer Bryan Fuller confirm to me exclusively that Josh Randall—who played Ed’s BFF Mike on Ed and Nathan on Lost (the tailie who was offed by Goodwin)—will play the long-awaited role of Chuck’s father, Charles Charles, on ABC’s fantastic dramedy Pushing Daisies. (Keep reading for an exclusive sneak peek of his “invisible” new look on the show.)

Josh first appears in episodes eight and nine, “Comfort Food” and “Lighthouse,” and that he may very well return for more episodes after that…..

Warner Bros. Television

Charles Charles, Pushing Daisies

Meanwhile, as you may remember, Ned’s (Lee Pace) power accidentally killed Chuck’s (Anna Friel) dad many years ago, so what the bejeezus is he doing back on the show?

According to sources, Ned undeads Charles to help Chuck solve some mysteries from her past, but Chuck doesn’t want just one measley minute with her late father, so she just might step in the way of Chuck redeading daddy dearest…

Now, alive though he will be, Chuck’s dad has been mouldering in the grave ever since the fine print of Ned’s power killed him. As such, what with the 20-plus years of decay under his belt, Charles Charles’ looks aren’t what they used to be. I’m told the character starts off bandaged up like a mummy—an homage to the Invisible Man (see photo above)—but once the wrap is removed, Josh Randall will appear!

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap: “Frescort”

Another Wednesday, another hour spent with the Pushing Daisies crew. This week’s episode is called “Frescorts”, and it took me more than a minute to figure out what the freak that means. About 10 minutes into the show, we find out the victim of this week’s case is a guy who was “best friends” with multiple people. … read more

Pushing Daisies Spoilers & Casting News

Pushing Daisies has extended David Arquette’s forthcoming stint as “freshcort” Randy Mann. Arquette, who debuts in next Wednesday’s episode, will return later this season “to have a nice little romance with Kristin Chenoweth,” reveals series creator Bryan Fuller. (BTW, a big shout-out to the half million of you who jumped on the Daises bandwagon last night. Much appreciated!) — Ausiello Files

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap

The week’s case takes Emerson, Ned and Chuck to the convent of the Sisters of the Divine Magnatum, where one of Olive’s fellow nuns takes a header off the convent’s bell tower and Olive, fearing that sweet Sister LaRue has committed suicide and therefore is hellbound, turns to Emerson to prove that she didn’t kill herself.

After Emerson stops laughing at the sight of Olive in her habit — it takes a little while, and rightfully so — he’s on the case. But, Olive tells him, he has to go incognito, and by the way leave Ned and Chuck at home. He follows the first part of her request, showing up at the Blue Nunnery as Father Dowling of the Vatican police….READ FULL RECAP

New Pushing Daisies Episode Spoilers!

Episode 2.05 – Dim Sum Lose Some [Airing October 29]

Episode 2.06 – Oh Oh Oh… It’s Magic [Airing November 19]: Ned’s twin half-brothers are visiting and Olive really likes them. The twins are into magic and enjoy making Olive and Chuck excited about it. Ned and Emerson on the other hand don’t like magic. They drag everyone, including Ned and Emerson, to a magic show and a magician dies when he supposedly couldn’t escape from one of his tricks. Emerson, Chuck and Ned believe it was murder and set out to prove it. Another magician, named the Geek, tells them the man’s assistant had reason to kill him. The Geek ends up holding Olive hostage. With the help of the twins, Ned figures out how the murderer sabotaged the trick. Source:

Episode 2.07 – Robbing Hood [Airing November 26]: Ned, Emerson and Chuck are working on a murder case and Ned has to follow a clue to find something. He follows one clue about a trophy and when he gets to it, he realizes it is a stuffed elephant head. Emerson tells Ned, Chuck and Olive that the simple murder just became a big case. Vivian is involved with a man that her sister doesn’t approve of and the gang wants to use the sisters’ house to set up a sting for the bad guys. Source:

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap

Chimcbride2_pushingdaisies_240In an episode brimming with both fantastic lines and a nice emotional tie-in to the week’s case, I have to single out the aforementioned line as my favorite, for both the way Chi McBride delivered it and the fantastic reaction shots from Anna Friel and Lee Pace. We’ll get to some of the others later, but we begin with….READ FULL RECAP


KorbiTV at

Best Looking: Pushing Daisies… the whole damn thing. Last night’s Circus Circus episode was so pretty to look at, it pretty much topped its pretty track record. Spending an hour in this delicious world can be likened to biting into a perfectly baked piece of your favorite pie. It is gourmet food for the eyes.

Kristinchenoweth Most Talented: Pushing Daisies‘ Olive Snook. Whether she’s singing like an angel or spouting stream of consciousness, when that lady’s lips part, you’re entertained. It’s no wonder Emerson Cod called her “Employee of The Mouth” last night.

Pushing Daisies Spoilers, Interviews & Scoop

Pushing Daisies: If by the end of the month ABC doesn’t place an order for additional episodes — beyond the 13 it initially ordered — then you can start worrying. In the meantime, I’ve got a little scoop that is sure to be music to your ears: Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) is going to sing “Eternal Flame” to Ned (Lee Pace)! Only, well, he won’t be there. (That’s so like Olive.) — Ausiello Files



Kristin at E!Online just talked to the fabulously good Lee Pace, and he had some interesting things to say about the show’s likely future…

Is Daisies Safe or In Danger? Despite last week’s less than optimal ratings, Lee said, “They have been nothing but great over at ABC, truly great and supportive. Pushing Daisies is not necessarily an obvious show to put on the air. They are smart people and creative people who really like it—they think it’s really fun.” Will it get picked up? “I have no idea, no idea. If the numbers are different than they were last week, it might be clearer right now, but I have no idea.” Did I mention please, please, please watch Pushing Daisies tonight?

Zombie Chuck Is Quite a Leap of Imagination: According to Lee, a lot of this year’s secrets lead back to Swoosie Kurtz and Ellen Greene, and that can only be good news for us fans. He said, “There are a lot of secrets in the land of Pushing Daisies, and Lily and Vivian have a lot of them. It’s tied them right into the center of the plot. We’re in episode 10 right now, and they still haven’t discovered Chuck (Anna Friel). It’s not like the show is about a world full of magic where it would even make sense that Ned can do what he can do. That’s why Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) is convinced that Chuck has faked her death; it would never even occur to her that Ned has touched her back to life.”

The Brains of the Operation: Look for one ep where the professionals abandon ship and the amateurs have to do a little detecting. Said Lee, “There’s an episode where just me and Olive solve the case, which is very funny because neither one of us know what we’re doing. Chuck and Emerson (Chi McBride) are the ones who are actually really good at solving cases. It’s funny, Ned’s methods for solving a case without Emerson basically involve going around saying ‘You’re the killer; no, you’re the killer; no, you’re the killer!’ ”

More Emerson! I love me some Cod—good news then that we’re going to learn more about the little baby Cod! According to Lee, Emerson Cod takes a missing persons case this week, and he said, “It kicks off this whole storyline about finding his daughter. This week is someone else’s missing daughter, but down the line—I know that the next episode we shoot, episode 12, has a lot to do with Emerson and tracking down the daughter.”

From TV Guide

Pushing Daisies‘ Lee Pace on Pieman Ned’s Special Touch “Poor Ned!” says Lee Pace, of the romantic piemaker he plays on ABC’s fantastical Pushing Daisies (Wednesdays, 8 pm/ET, ABC). You think you have problems with your love life? Ned’s current romantic entanglement is a doozy, boasting a very unusual obstacle. Because of his special gift (he can bring things back to life with just a touch, but if he touches them again, they die forever), his one true love, played by Anna Friel, is one big hands-off zone, owing to her having once been deceased. Can you imagine? Pace tells us how Season 2 will examine Ned’s sexual frustration, his dysfunctional families — both literal and figurative — and Chuck’s biggest secret of all. — Mickey O’Connor, TV Guide Pushing Daisies is so visually colorful, with a very specific, rich, saturated palette. So why is Ned always stuck wearing drab black or white all the time?
Lee Pace:
That was my idea. It makes sense for the character; he’s the center of this mad world. It is a mad world. Have you ever gotten any pressure, either from the inside or the outside, to tone down the show’s fairy-tale quality and make it more accessible, more real?
It’s all about [series creator] Bryan Fuller really. He has really, really good taste. The network supports him, and we all support him. I think the show combines comedy and heartbreak, and when it all comes together with the look of it, I don’t think there’s an answer for how that formula came to be. When you can watch Pushing Daisies or a movie on On Demand, we want to make the show as satisfying as a movie. Family seems to be a recurring theme this season – Emerson’s, Chuck’s… will we ever meet Ned’s family, whether they be alive or dead at the moment?
You’re absolutely right — family is a big issue this season, how what went on in their pasts has made them the people they are now. Later this season, Chuck and Olive take it upon themselves to find Ned’s twin half-brothers, and they make life very complicated for Ned. But it’s good for him. He’s got a lot of problems, a lot of hang-ups that he’s not particularly ready to confront. But… he does, and I think in every episode you see Ned take a step forward. It’s all about making life complicated for Ned. Poor Ned! Speaking of “poor Ned,” the show is very quaint, very old-fashioned and innocent. But since Ned can’t ever touch Chuck, will his sexual frustration ever become an issue?
Yes, I think so, for both of them. They’ve been together for over a year now, and it’s getting complicated. Is this going to be it for the rest of their lives — spooning through plastic? I like that Bryan Fuller is tackling these things with them because it makes them more grown-up, that they actually do have a sex life. Let’s talk about the “no touching” rule. Is there someone whose job it is to patrol that? Has there ever been a time that you’ve had to change the way something is filmed — say, an action scene — to ensure they don’t ever touch?
Oh yeah, when we’re standing together at the Pie Hole counter, we’ll always touch a little bit, and then we have to reshoot it. There’s a scene in the episode “Circus Circus” [which airs Wednesday] where Anna and I decided we were going to play “slap jack” [in which one player tries to yank their hands away before the other slaps them], which is basically Russian roulette for Chuck. And then [executive producer] Barry Sonnenfeld watched the dailies and said, “What were you thinking, and who let you get away with this?” Was that just something you improvised?
Yeah, we thought it would be funny. We didn’t want to just be sitting in a booth. But they couldn’t use the scene, because as an audience, you’re really invested in the idea that if she touches him, she’s dead. You don’t want Chuck to die. Has there ever been a time where a touching gaffe has made it to screen? I haven’t noticed any.
No, but there are times when, because of the way it’s filmed, I’ll be reaching across in front of her or something, and it might look like we’re touching; it’s a little too close for comfort. We have to be clean when we’re shooting. From the beginning, I’ve been sitting on my hands and shoving my hands in my pockets. Ned loves Chuck so much, it’s always on the front of his mind. It’s the psychology of the character. Will Chuck’s secret ever be discovered or is it the part of the DNA of the show that it never will?
Well, she hasn’t been found out in a big way yet. But, as I said, the show is about making life hard for Chuck and Ned, and that would certainly make life hard for them. I think it’s Ned’s deepest, darkest fear, because then he’d be found out, and then he turns into E.T.

Pushing Daisies Spoilers: New!

Daisies boss Bryan Fuller discussing a possible Paul Reubens return : “We would love for him to come back, and we would encourage anybody and everybody to write ABC and talk about how much they love him and would love for him to come back.”

Molly Shannon might eventually return according to Bryan Fuller: “We actually had a way to have an arc with her in the first part of the season, and then we were debating on if we should we kill her character off, and then we thought, no let’s wait and hopefully she’ll be available to do the show again, because she just fit right in with the cast.”

Emerson Cod gets some action in the ep “Dim Some Lose Some,” airing Oct. 29. Chi McBride said, “Emerson might get a little busy. The girl Simone from the ‘Bitches’ episode is going to come back.” — Kristin at E!Online

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap


Wednesday’s premiere did a deft job of bringing folks up to speed, with a tidy recap for new viewers or those who’ve forgotten what’s going on mixed in with a little bit of new information — the origins of Chuck’s bee fascination, the “ballet of avoidance” that is Ned and Chuck’s home life — for loyalists who have been anticipating this return, then launched into a main story that had the usual complement of quirks along with a nice thematic tie-in. I’ll say it again: TV is better for this show being on the air…. READ FULL RECAP

Fun Quotes

  • I really loved the two-level discussion about workplace romance. “We ruled out office romance,” Ned replies to Olive’s theory about the case. “Oh. I’ll just cross that off my list then,” she replies. “I haven’t ruled out office romance,” Chuck says, causing Ned to melt a little bit. “Romance does give us a motive,” Emerson chimes in, then adds with a pointed stare at Olive, “Someone’s always lovin’ someone they shouldn’t be lovin’.” They may not all have been talking about the same thing at the same time, but it was also apparent they were catching everyone else’s meaning.
  • Emerson’s dressing-down of Kentucky’s husband as he’s about to cry: “It is not OK for a grown-ass man to weep in public with a bunch of happy families around eating pie. If you can’t hold it, take your ass to the men’s room and cry in private on the toilet — like a man!”
  • The entirety of Kristin Chenoweth’s shotgun-of-secrets rant, including her ineffectual throwing of napkins and the long, broken scream — and then the Sound of Music spoof after she arrives at the convent.
  • Also at the convent, Mother Superior’s clear exasperation at Olive’s inability to get with the program: “Gawd … in His infinite wisdom brought you here.” —
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